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Episode # 9728 ~ Lily Is Shocked When Cane Announces His Return to Australia

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Olivia: There's been no increase in the antibodies in Sofia's blood test.

Neil: Which means what?

Malcolm: Which means we don't know a damn thing.

Olivia: Either one of you could be this baby's father.

Lily: It's time to meet Uncle Malcolm, Dad, and Sofia.

Devon: This ought to be fun.

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Lily, can I-- can I speak with you?

Devon: Hey, no, forget it, Man.

Cane: Uh, it's important, or I wouldn't bother you.

Lily: Uh, you know, can you just take the twins back to my place? The sitter's there, and I'll just meet you at the club.

Cane: You know, I'd like it if they could stay. I'd like to talk with them.

Devon: No, Lily, I don't--

Lily: No, I'll be fine.

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: Okay.

Cane: There's the divorce papers. I signed them.

Lily: Oh, um, thank you.

Cane: And I, um, I wanted to say good-bye.

Lily: Wait, you're leaving?

Cane: Yeah. I'm moving back to Australia.

Jill: Katherine hired me!

Genevieve: Jack hired me as the head of--

Jack: Stop! Ladies, stop. This all can be remedied simply and civilly. Jill, you say that Katherine hired you, right?

Jill: Yes, she did.

Jack: Fine. You're fired.

Tucker: Answer me, Katherine.

Kay: Uh, Tucker, my meeting with that woman had nothing to do with you.

Tucker: You won't get away with not releasing the minutes from that last board meeting. You know, the one where you stole Jabot from me.

Kay: Oh, that is what this is all about? Jabot?

Tucker: If you think you can sneak around behind my back and pull this kind of crap, you're wrong, Lady. Not anymore you can't. You're trying to keep me from findin' out which board members turned against me and sided with you.

Kay: (Sighs) Tucker, you're beginning to sound a little paranoid. Perhaps that's, you know, a side effect of the head trauma.

Tucker: I'm back, 100%, and I'm ready to take on anybody, including you.

Kay: Don't you mean especially me?

Tucker: You started this war, and I'm gonna finish it. I'm gonna undo everything you did when you were in charge of my company, startin' with gettin' Jabot back.

Kay: (Laughs) Oh, God. Good luck.

Tucker: You have no idea what you're up against.

Kay: Neither do you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting... (Sighs) At Jabot.

Tucker: Sofia, call me as soon as you get this. We have work to do.

Jill: You can just take your pink slip and shove it, because Katherine hired me.

Jack: Security, could you please send a couple of people up to the director of marketing's office right away? Thank you.

Jill: Do you think I'm gonna be intimidated by a couple of wannabe cops?

Genevieve: (Chuckles) When you grew up in a neighborhood like you grew up in, I'm sure that not much scares you. Oh, except maybe a bad manicure.

Jill: Wow. At least in my neighborhood, we didn't have to worry about finding a horse's head in our bed.

Jack: Ladies, as much as I'd love to stand and listen to this all day long, I have a business to run, and Genevieve has a job to prepare for.

Jill: Oh, that's right, and she needs a lot of preparation, doesn't she? Luckily, I need no preparation for my new role here.

Jack: You have no role here, Jill.

Jill: Well, I have a signed contract that says otherwise, Jack. You have one of these, Darlin'? I didn't think so. (Knock on door) Ah, security can show you out.

Jack: Katherine, please come in.

Kay: Well, I came to see our new head of marketing.

Genevieve: You found her.

Jill: Here she is.

Kay: What on God's green earth is going on?

Jack: There's been a little misunderstanding.

Kay: Oh, I dare say. That woman will never work here, Jack.

Jack: I just finished saying the same thing to Jill.

Kay: Oh, arrived just in time. Good, good timing. Escort that lady out, Guards, please.

Jack: Katherine.

Kay: Uh, well, Jack--

Genevieve: Jack, that won't be necessary.

Jack: I will straighten this out.

Genevieve: I have no doubt.

Sofia: No antibodies? Well, that means it's more likely that Malcolm is the father, right?

Olivia: All it really means is that your body's not attacking the baby.

Malcolm: I mean, there's gotta be some other test you can run.

Olivia: Yeah, the amniocentesis.

Sofia: No. No amnio. I know the risk is small, but I don't want to take it.

Neil: No, I agree. None of us wants to take any chances with this baby.

Malcolm: No, we don't.

Olivia: Well, then we're gonna have to wait till this little guy is born to find out who the dad is.

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Lily: I know the divorce has been hard for you, not seeing the kids...

Cane: I know you want to move on with your life, and I want you to be able to do that. You know, I would have left weeks ago, but I couldn't with my father being here and doing what he was doing.

Lily: Yeah, but my family can look out for me.

Cane: Yeah, I know.

Lily: Cane, you don't have to leave.

Cane: Will you, um, will you tell them I love them every day and kiss them for me? You know, I want you to be happy. Will you promise me you'll be happy? I'll always love you.

(Keys rattle in lock)

(Front door closes)

Genevieve: Tramp! (Scoffs) Old witch. (Groans) They think they can push me around. They can't. They can't.

(Knock on door)

Genevieve: Jack. (Sighs) Ethan.

Cane: Can I come in?

Genevieve: Uh, yes, of course.

Cane: Thank you. (Sighs)

Genevieve: What can I do for you?

Cane: Well, my divorce from Lily is final, so I came to tell you, I'm leaving Genoa City. I'm going back to Australia.

Genevieve: I-I-I traveled halfway around the world to see you, and now you're leaving?

Cane: Oh, please. You came here to see Dad, be with him, get revenge or something. I don't know what you were doing, but the bottom line is, I got caught up in your game, and people I love got hurt.

Genevieve: Hmm, so now you're gonna let them run you out of town, even though what you really want is to stay here.

Cane: Well, I'm prepared to sacrifice what I want.

Genevieve: How noble, Ethan.

Cane: So, um, why don't you come with me?

Genevieve: I haven't been able to get you to spend five minutes with me here, but you want me to go back to Australia with you?

Cane: No one else wants you here, so why would you stay?

Genevieve: And by "No one else," would you mean Jill?

Cane: I mean Jill. I mean Katherine. I mean Colin. I mean Lily. I mean everybody. That's what I mean.

Genevieve: Lily? Lily? That's what this is really about, isn't it? Now aren't you just the tiniest bit worried about leaving her here alone unprotected?

Cane: She has her family.

Genevieve: But she's got me, too. I'll keep a very good--

Cane: I don't want you anywhere near her.

Genevieve: No one can contain your father like I can.

Cane: Let me say that again. I don't want either of you anywhere near her, okay?

(Knock on door)

Genevieve: Popular today, hmm? I'll get it, Myrna! Colin. Did someone call a family meeting?

Colin: Well, if they did, it'll be for the last time-- executed divorce documents. Ours. Fini.

Genevieve: Well, hmm. I guess today would be a day of endings for the Atkinson family. Ethan's divorce is also final.

Cane: Well, you know, today could be a day of beginnings if, uh, both of you want to come back to Australia with me.

Neil: So, unfortunately, we, uh, still don't know who the baby's father is.

Devon: And how's Malcolm handling that?

Neil: Like Malcolm.

Devon: Well, no offense, but I do hope the baby is his.

Neil: I don't think even that will help.

Lily: You can't let this come between you.

Devon: Um, just relax.

Lily: No, I-I can't lose any more people in my life.

Neil: Hey, Honey, um, what happened with Cane? Devon told me that you met with him.

Lily: Yeah, he signed the divorce papers, and now he's moving back to Australia.

Neil: (Sighs) I am so sorry. I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

Lily: No, we had to break up. We had to. I mean, after what he did, I... listen, Dad, I know that what's happening between you and Malcolm is a huge mess. But you can't let this tear our family apart.

Neil: Yeah.

Sofia: Malcolm, Honey, wait. The baby is healthy. Aren't you at least happy about that?

Malcolm: (Sighs) Sofia, I can't just forget about the rest.

Sofia: I'm not asking you to forget. I'm just asking you to keep an open mind. The odds are that it's yo--

Malcolm: Odds are nothin', Sofia, okay? Facts are all that matter. You tell me who the father of your child is, and then come talk to me.

Sofia: This could be your baby no matter what the tests say.

Olivia: Lookin' for this?

Malcolm: (Sighs) I'm lookin' for answers, Liv.

Olivia: I can't tell you if the baby Sofia's carrying is yours, Honey.

Malcolm: Can you tell me why the hell you didn't just come clean about all this from the jump? Liv, you know what Neil and I went through with Dru. You know.

Olivia: Yes, I do. I honestly just wanted to do everything in my power to stop this hurt from happening to the both of you.

Malcolm: Yeah, well, your plan sucked.

Olivia: I really am sorry.

Malcolm: You're sorry? You're sorry? Sofia's sorry. Neil. A hell of a lot of good that does me, Liv.

Jack: Genevieve is a cultured, sophisticated, well-traveled woman with great ideas and a natural sense for how to market Jabot products.

Jill: And you could tell all that just by sleeping with the woman?

Kay: You let your emotions rule your head, Jack.

Jill: And by "Emotions," she means, you know...

Kay: Jill, would you please take your first official coffee break?

Jill: Okay, but if you want help at Jabot, fix this.

Jack: When I took this job, you promised me total autonomy.

Kay: Read the small print in your contract.

Jack: I have exceeded every benchmark set for me, launched the most successful Jabot product line that we've ever seen, and you're questioning me about one hire?

Kay: Young man, you may have turned this company around, but I own it.

Jack: Wow, you are just like your son, aren't you? A total control freak, determined to interfere in everyone else's life. Uh oh!!

Kay: You know, ultimately, the success or failure of this company rests directly on my shoulders.

Jack: Then trust me to do what is best for you and for this company. Haven't I done that so far?

Kay: All right! We'll compromise. Genevieve works here. So does Jill.

Jack: (Scoffs) They'd be at each other's throats day and night.

Kay: Well, work it out, Jack. After all, you're the C.E.O. Problem solved.

Jill: Hey, Jack, could I be the one to tell "Crazy Pants" that her entire career as a cosmetics executive began and ended in one day?

Jack: No.

Jill: So when do I start?

Jack: Tomorrow.

Jill: (Singsong voice) I'll be here.

Jack: (Sighs) Well, tomorrow should be an interesting day. (Sighs)

Malcolm: I mean, you say you didn't want to see anybody get hurt, but you had to know the truth was gonna come out, Liv.

Olivia: Our family has been through so much. I mean, my cancer and Lily's, losing Dru. When Sofia found out that she was pregnant, we were going through Cane's death. I mean, that little baby was like a ray of hope-- not just for you and Sofia, but for the whole family. And I know. I know what I did was wrong. But I just-- I couldn't take it away.

Malcolm: (Sighs) Yeah, but it was all based on a lie. It was a lie. (Sighs) I just... I just don't know who to trust anymore.

Olivia: Well, you know you can trust the love that you and Sofia share, 'cause that hasn't changed.

Malcolm: (Sighs) I-if this baby is mine, Sofia and I... might... (Sighs) Might be able to work through this, but... but if it's Neil's...

Olivia: Look, I understand that you want to know this baby's paternity before you make any decisions. I get that. But try and understand what Sofia's feeling. She needs you.

Malcolm: Thanks for this.

Olivia: (Sighs)

Colin: You want us, your mother and I, to come back to Australia with you?

Cane: Well, isn't that what you always wanted? For us to be a family?

Genevieve: What you've been running from for years.

Colin: (Scoffs) The time has long passed on us being a family. Now my grandchildren and I, however--

Cane: You go anywhere near Lily or the grandchildren, I'll kill you.

Colin: From Australia?

Cane: You, uh, you really don't think that I couldn't have you killed from Australia?

Colin: Maybe you do have a spot of Atkinson in you.

Genevieve: And it gives me great pleasure to see him use it on you, Colin. Honey, look at me, Honey. Are you really going to Australia?

Cane: Yes.

Genevieve: Damn you. Thanks to you, I have lost the last child that I had left.

Lily: Hey, congratulations.

Sofia: Oh, thank you. It's a boy. (Chuckles)

Lily: Yeah, I heard.

Sofia: I guess you also heard that we don't know who the father is yet, either.

Lily: Yeah, I did.

Sofia: Having two dads is almost like having none.

Lily: You know, I can actually... (Sighs) Relate to not having a dad for your kids. Cane is moving back to Australia.

Sofia: Wow, Lily. H-how do you feel about that?

Lily: You know, I'm just trying not to let what he does affect me anymore, you know? I'm just--I'm focusing on myself and Charlie and Matty. And you have to do the same.

Sofia: (Scoffs) What do you mean?

Lily: Well, you're just... (Sighs) You're so worried about who the father is and what it's gonna do to your marriage.

Sofia: Well, if the baby is Neil's, your father's gonna step up, and that's gonna mean more trouble for Malcolm and me. And I might end up raising this baby all by myself.

Lily: Well, then you know what? That's exactly what you're gonna do. Because no matter what, Sofia, you are his mom, and that is not gonna change.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Lily: Listen, when I first met you, you were so strong and tough and--and in control. And, you know, you kind of actually reminded me of my mom, and I'm gonna be honest with you. You've lost some of that. You have.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Lily: And, Sofia, you have to get it back, not just for your sake, but for your son's.

Sofia: Wow. I can take that. Can I give you some advice, Lily?

Lily: (Sighs) Oh, goodness. Um, yeah, fair is fair. Lay it on me. (Sighs)

Sofia: Honey, you are an amazing mom, but I would think long and hard before cuttin' Cane out of your kids' lives. Look, I'm not saying you have to forgive him, and I know that you will never forget the pain he caused you. But, Lily, I lost my father.

Lily: I know. This is different.

Sofia: But it will feel exactly the same to little Charlie and Matty growing up without their dad.

(Footsteps approach)

Tucker: (Sighs) Sorry to interrupt. If you need a little more time, I can...

Lily: No, no, I, um, I have--I have to get the kids, so, um...

Sofia: We're good.

Lily: Yeah, that's okay.

Sofia: Hey, Boss.

Tucker: Hello, there.

Sofia: You know, Lil-- Lily said I haven't been myself lately.

Tucker: Hey, listen, if you've lost some of your Sofia sass, it's only temporary. It has to be, 'cause who else is gonna look out for me?

Colin: You want to blame me for Cane leaving?

Genevieve: (Scoffs) If you had just left him alone to build his new life with his family-- but you couldn't do that. You couldn't put his happiness ahead of your own. You never could.

Colin: Hey, I was the only one that ever gave a damn about Cane. Caleb, too, for that matter.

Genevieve: That's not true.

Colin: (Scoffs) Genevieve, all you ever cared about was Samantha.

Genevieve: I didn't have a chance with my boys. You were making them into your little soldiers from the time they could walk. And every time I looked at them, I just saw you.

Colin: So you abandoned them.

Genevieve: No! I--

Colin: Yes! You want someone to blame for screwing up your kids? Take a look in the mirror.

Genevieve: You-- (Gasps)

(Knock on door)

Genevieve: (Stammers) Hi. Come in.

Jack: Bad timing?

Genevieve: No, perfect timing. Colin's just on his way out. Thank you for dropping off the divorce papers, Colin.

Colin: My pleasure. She's all yours.

Jack: So?

Genevieve: Uh, so, uh, my divorce is final. (Laughs) And, um, Ethan is going to move back to Australia.

Jack: What can I do?

Genevieve: This.

Jill: It's so good to see you. What brings you by?

Cane: I, um, I just saw Colin.

Jill: (Chuckles) Talk about me?

Cane: He's a dangerous man, Jill.

Jill: Darlin', please don't worry about me. He can't hurt me any more than he already has. Besides, you have my back now, don't you? (Sighs)

Cane: Which is why I'm here, 'cause I want to try and convince you one last time. Please, please stay away from him. He's a bad man. I want to beg you, please stay away from him.

Jill: What do you mean, one last time? What's goin' on?

Cane: I'm moving back to Australia.

Jill: You bastard. I let you back into my heart, and you break it all over again? (Sighs)

Olivia: Peace offering? Do you think you'll ever forgive me for not telling you and Malcolm the truth?

Neil: I forgave Dru, didn't I? I bet that she'd have somethin' to say about all this.

Olivia: (Sighs) I bet she would. I'm giving this one to Malcolm.

Neil: Yeah? Wear protective gear.

Kay: Olivia. How are you, Dear?

Olivia: Good to see you.

Kay: Ahh, oh, wow, oh, wow, oh, wow.

Neil: Hi, Katherine.

Kay: What a day. What a day.

Neil: Yep. (Clears throat) One for the record books, that's for sure.

Kay: Uh, well, you first. What's going on?

Neil: Good news or bad news?

Kay: Um... well, let's--let's start with the--with the good news.

Neil: Yeah. Good news, um, Sofia's baby is a healthy boy.

Kay: Bad news is it's yours or it isn't?

Neil: The test they ran on Sofia was inconclusive. Um, we won't know who the father is until after the baby is born.

Kay: Well, at least you won't have to wait years to, uh, find out the truth.

Neil: Katherine, uh, if he is mine--

Kay: Neil, there's a million reasons why you walk away from a child knowing that it is yours. None of them are good enough. And maybe you won't have to deal with that.

Neil: That's just it. Part of me, uh, part of me hopes that I do.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Malcolm: Nice shot, but you're still shootin' off that back leg, huh?

Devon: Oh, well, when you gonna stop schoolin' me, huh?

Malcolm: When you can beat me.

Devon: When I can beat you?

Malcolm: Come on.

Devon: When I can beat you? You want to see the shot? Hey. Oh, right there. (Laughs) I, uh, heard about the, uh, no-call on the father of Sofia's baby.

Malcolm: Yeah, Man. Yeah, we're gonna have to wait till the final buzzer on that one.

Devon: Oh, yeah? (Grunts) There we go.

Malcolm: Nice shot.

Devon: Thank you. It's tough on me, 'cause there's, like, room for two teams that I really like, you know?

Malcolm: Hey, D., Look, Man, I don't want you to feel like you have to be caught in the middle of any of this, okay?

Devon: Well, it's not really me. It's that kid who, uh, stands to get hurt, you know? Hey, wait, you're guardin' me. (Laughs)

Malcolm: Ooh, nice move. Nice move. Well, man, the hardest thing about all of this is that, um, you know, I just feel like I was cheated out of a chance to-- to be a father to Lily. And now it's like Neil is gonna have the opportunity to raise two kids that should have been mine.

Devon: Well, Malcolm, growin' up, you know that I had no dad, and this baby has a chance to have two really great ones. So it's really your call how you want to look at it. Right? Who is that? Olivia.

Malcolm: Hey.

Devon: Would you like to play? Because Malcolm can use some help.

Malcolm: (Laughs)

Devon: Huh?

Olivia: No, I just wanted to, um, drop this off.

Malcolm: (Sighs) (Sighs heavily) Thanks.

Lily: Okay, what do we have for you, Charlie, in here? Oh, rugby ball. Yes? Yes? Oh, yeah, I knew you'd like that one. (Chuckles) I'm gonna have to teach you how to play that silly game now. Not that I even know how to play, but I'll learn, okay? We are gonna be just fine, all right? We're gonna get through this, and by the time we're through, I promise you guys that you will know everything that you need to know, okay? I promise.

Cane: You know, when I came here, I was completely and emotionally shut down, and I liked it that way. You know, I tried not to care. God, I tried not to care. And then I met you.

Jill: (Sighs)

Cane: And I met Lily, and I-I learned how to love, and I-I-I...

Jill: (Sighs)

Cane: You gave me so much love. You gave me everything I've always wanted, and that was a real family. And then Colin turned up.

Jill: (Sighs)

Cane: I've hurt you. I've caused you so much pain. I'm thinking maybe if I go away, I can take that pain and hurt with me. I want you to understand that.

Jill: No, 'cause then I'd have to accept that you're going.

Cane: You are the only woman I've ever considered to be my mom.

Jill: Don't make this harder than it already is. Don't.

Cane: (Sighs)

Jill: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Cane: Oh, thank you.

Woman: Flight 815 to Sydney?

Cane: Yeah, am I, uh, too late?

Woman: Uh, just about to board. Checking just the one bag?

Cane: Yeah, just one.

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