Y&R Transcript Monday 8/22/11

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/22/11 -- Canada; Tuesday 8/23/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9722 ~ Ronan Challenges Nick and Ashley's Alibis

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Phyllis: (Gasps) Oh! Huh? You scared me.

Nick: Guess you didn't hear the elevator?

Phyllis: No, I didn't. I'm a little jumpy.

Nick: Well, hangin' out with Deacon Sharpe will do that to you. I had a little talk with him after you left the club. He told me you two have "Reconnected," whatever that means.

Phyllis: Yeah, it means he's living in a dream world is what that means.

Nick: Well, he didn't think so.

Phyllis: You can't possibly believe that I would be interested in that.

Nick: You said you weren't.

Phyllis: Yeah, I-I'm not. I'm not. Listen, I am using him for information. He's a source. He knows a lot of things.

Nick: Oh, so this is strictly professional.

Phyllis: Since we're on the subject of strange bedfellows, what about you and Ashley? I mean, it couldn't be that...

Nick: You're right. It couldn't.

Phyllis: Mm. That's interesting. So why is it that... you keep on slinking off for cocktails with her and then lying to me about it?

Tucker: Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah?

Tucker: You're never gonna believe this one.

Ashley: (Sighs) Now what? Sit down.

Tucker: My lawyer called.

Ashley: Yeah?

Tucker: He got word Katherine's makin' a play for Jabot.

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Tucker: She's buying it out from under me, or so she thinks.

Ashley: But how is that possible?

Tucker: Well, Chancellor's board approved the acquisition, and since Katherine has the authority to do whatever she wants with McCall's assets--

Ashley: You have to stop her. This is just not right.

Tucker: You're damn right it's not right.

(Cell phone rings)

Ashley: Sorry. I'll get rid of this call. Ashley Abbott. Um, actually, no. Now is not a good time. Okay, all right. I'll be there. I said I'd be there, okay? I will.

Tucker: What was that about?

Ashley: Oh, it was just a meeting I have to go to.

Tucker: Okay, so here's what's goin' on-- Nelson filed an emergency motion to challenge the competency ruling. If we can get Judge Kelsey to reverse himself, I can throw Katherine out and halt the sale. Can you come to the hearing?

Ashley: Um, well, when is it?

Tucker: I'm hopin' tonight. Maybe I don't have the right to ask you, but...

Ashley: That's okay. I-I'll--I'll come.

Tucker: I appreciate that. I might need you there to shore me up. Ashley?

Ashley: (Sighs) I'm sorry. Look, I'm really distracted. I have to, um, I have to go to this meeting, so just call me as soon as the hearing is scheduled, all right? And I will meet you at the courthouse.

Tucker: Great, thank you.

Ashley: Okay, bye.

Tucker: Bye.

(Cell phone rings)

Tucker: Yeah, Nelson? What's up? Any luck? When can we meet with the judge? Now? Hold on. I'll call you back. Ashley!

Tucker: (Sighs)

Kay: All right, thank you. Well, that was my lawyer. And guess what? Tucker has decided to file a petition to revisit his competency issue. (Chuckles)

Jack: Must have heard about Jabot.

Kay: Oh, I guess so.

Jack: You don't seem too worried.

Kay: (Sighs) Tucker is not stable enough to convince any judge that he can be handed back his company. That's, you know...

Jack: All this time, Tucker has been focused on one thing-- his recovery. You know that Ashley's gonna testify on his behalf, even if it means I get ousted from Jabot.

Kay: Jack, do you honestly believe that Tucker has a chance of winning?

Jack: Stranger things have happened.

Kay: You know, I might have shared your caution if I hadn't anticipated this is precisely the move that Tucker would make and had some insurance already in place.

Jack: Insurance?

(Cell phone rings)

Kay: Yes, Anne? Oh, I'll be there. All right, the judge has agreed that it is an urgent matter and, uh, would like to see Tucker and me immediately.

Jack: Could you use some moral support?

Kay: I'm counting on it.

Paul: Okay, so a lurid crime scene photo appears on your desk. You don't even know where it comes from, and you just print it? Right, and you've been an editor for how many years? Okay, well, wh-- whatever. Consider this fair warning, because the Genoa City Police Department are not going to be nearly as polite.

Deacon: What do you say, Paul? I hear you're workin' on Diane's case. How's it goin'?

Paul: Yeah, it's goin'.

Deacon: Oh, that doesn't really tell me much.

Paul: Why are you so interested?

Deacon: Diane was a friend of mine.

Paul: Really?

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Paul: A friend of yours? So where were you at the funeral? (Chuckles) Yeah. Listen, Deacon. Listen to me. If you know anything, and I mean anything at all, you better come forward now.

Ronan: This is a surprise.

Heather: Ronan. What are you doing here?

Ronan: Grabbing coffee.

Heather: In Genoa City.

Ronan: I'm back on the police force. I'm working the Diane Jenkins homicide.

Heather: You say that like it's nothing, like... "I think I'll wear a blue shirt today," or...

Ronan: I was asked to do a job.

Heather: And since all you care about is work, to hell with people, you thought, sure, why not?

Ronan: (Sighs)

Heather: What I can't figure out is how you have the nerve to show your face in this town after what you did.

Deacon: Hey, I don't know any more than the average guy. I'm just a concerned citizen.

Paul: You knew the victim.

Deacon: Casually. She'd come in for a drink every now and again.

Paul: Did she ever mention being afraid of anyone?

Deacon: Afraid? Uh, no, not really. I mean, you know, she was stressed out a lot.

Paul: About what?

Deacon: (Sighs) No clue.

Paul: Is there anything else you can tell me?

Deacon: (Quietly) She liked martinis, dirty.

Paul: I see.

Deacon: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Well, maybe we should just, uh, stroll on own to the station, and that might refresh your memory.

Deacon: (Normal voice) (Laughs) Did you rehearse that? That's good. Come on, man. I'm not a suspect. I mean, I was at the-- I was at the Gloworm all evening. You can check it out with my boss. Check out the time card.

Paul: Oh, the time card.

Deacon: Yeah.

Paul: That's a novel alibi.

Deacon: Look, if there was anything that I could do at all, anything to help this investigation, I would do it. I liked Diane.

Nick: How did I lie to you about being with Ashley?

Phyllis: How did you lie to me? Because you said you just "Happened" to run into her at the club.

Nick: I did.

Phyllis: Don't lie to me. Please don't insult my intelligence. I, of all people, know when you're fibbing. Believe me.

Nick: You need to just trust me then, because I swore to Ashley I wouldn't share with anyone what we talked about.

Phyllis: Including me?

Nick: Yeah, including you. And if I told you the whole story, you would understand why she needs to keep quiet.

Phyllis: I'm not so sure.

Nick: (Sighs) Are we gonna do this all evening?

Phyllis: Yes, we're gonna do it all evening, unless you're willing to tell me what's really going on.

Nick: It's nothing for you to worry about.

Phyllis: You forgot the part about my "Pretty little head."

Nick: Mm-hmm. You know what this feels like, right?

Phyllis: What? (Gasps) Oh, like we're married.

Nick: Yes, old habits.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. It does. You're right. My gosh, Nick, you're right. Okay, so it's none of my business what you do with Ashley, just like it's none of your business what I do with Deacon.

Nick: Um, I think we should have a double standard.

Phyllis: Oh, of course you do.

Nick: Truce?

Phyllis: Truce. Good.

Nick: Good.

Phyllis: Okay. So as long as there's peace and quiet, let's talk about, um, our next cover, and, uh, we'll get on wi--

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Oh, it's a conspiracy. Nick Newman.

Ronan: It's Detective Malloy. I'm at Gloworm. I need you to come down here right away.

Nick: Uh, I'm not sure that I can help you with that. Hello?

Phyllis: Who was that?

Nick: Wrong number. Hmm.

Ronan: That was official police business.

Heather: Oh, well, excuse me for thinking that this might be more important. I don't know how you can you just stand here and take work phone calls as if the last six months didn't happen.

Ronan: Because a woman's been murdered, and I have a job to do.

Heather: (Sighs) Still hiding behind that badge, I see. (Scoffs) Well, other people might fall for that, but not me. I know better. I mean, I-I-I didn't before when you were playing all of us, but now I can see exactly what kind of person you are.

Ronan: Heather, you have no idea--

Heather: You know, I was dying to know why you just disappeared like that, how you could walk out on the people that love you the most, but now that you're here... now that you're here, I realize that I-- I can't trust anything that you might have to say to me now.

Tucker: What? (Sighs) What's with the "No longer in service"? Oh, that's right. Ashley lost her phone. Oh, now what the hell is that new number? Well, you here for your comeuppance?

Kay: Hardly.

Tucker: You know, I'm not in a coma anymore. You can't just dismantle my company and expect me not to know about it.

Kay: Just, uh, restoring order to its proper place.

Tucker: Right. There'll be consequences for you, too, once I'm restored to my rightful position.

Jack: A contract's a contract.

Tucker: We'll see about that when I'm running things again.

Kay: Oh, for heaven sakes. It will never come to that. Now all of this silliness is going to end once we get in front of that judge.

Anne: Speaking of which, let's take our seats.

Jack: Good idea.

Tucker: Oh, come on, Ashley. What is that number? New phone.

Nelson: What are you doing out here?

Tucker: I'm trying to get a hold of my wife.

Nelson: There's no time. We're about to convene.

Nick: I like "The ski season cometh."

Phyllis: I know. I think it's very fresh for an October issue. I think it's good.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: (Sighs) Nick Newman.

Ronan: Sorry we got cut off before.

Nick: Um, yeah, let me just, uh, let me pull that file, and I'll, uh, I'll take a look at it for you.

Ronan: I need you at Gloworm now.

Nick: Uh, I can't do that for you.

Ronan: (Scoffs) Okay, here's how it works-- you're either gonna come down here on your own, or I'm gonna have a uniform escort you down here. Either way, this happens now.

Nick: It's 27,000, not 25,000.

Ronan: Is that a yes?

Nick: You got it.

Phyllis: Who was that?

Nick: The printer's shipping department.

Phyllis: At this hour?

Nick: You're right. It's a lie. It's, uh, Detective Malloy. He wants to see me.

Phyllis: And you didn't just say no because...

Nick: Because it's nothing. I didn't want you to worry.

Phyllis: Because you're really going to see Ashley.

Nick: Will you get off this Ashley kick?

Phyllis: Listen, it's not a big deal. We already talked about it we're not married, like you pointed out. I mean, you have nothing to hide from me.

Nick: I'm not.

Phyllis: We don't need to play these games with each other anymore, Nick.

Nick: (Scoffs)

Phyllis: We don't need to do it. Really. Right.

Nick: Right, right, we don't.

Phyllis: We're fine.

Nick: So, uh, you obviously want to hear that I'm gonna go see Ashley, so I'm gonna go see Ashley right now.

Phyllis: See? There. I knew you were, so it's all good. See how good it is?

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Tucker: 5-5-2? 3-3-5? I know there was a 2. (Sighs) Oh, God. Why didn't I put it in my phone?

Nelson: Tucker, get the hell in here. We're about to start.

Jack: I really thought Ashley would be here.

Kay: I thought so, too.

Jack: Those two must really be on the outs for her to let him deal with this alone.

Kay: (Sighs) I don't care how many high-power lawyers he brings in. He's never gonna be able to prove he's able to run this empire without his crutch.

Judge Kelsey: I see everyone's here. It's late, so let's get under way.

Ashley: Nicholas.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Ashley: I got a phone call.

Nick: So did I.

Ronan: Thank you both for being so prompt. So...

Nick: (Sighs)

Ronan: Nick, as you know, your phone records indicated that you called Ashley the night of Diane's murder. The cell tower's transmission data proves you both were in the vicinity of Town Park that night, which means your alibis are crap, along with Phyllis' and Tucker's.

Ashley: It doesn't mean we're guilty of anything.

Ronan: Nothing except lying to a police officer, and if you're not guilty, then the question would be, why did you do that? Now, see, the only answer I keep coming up with is the four of you conspired together to kill Diane, and now you're covering each other's butts.

Nick: You should probably talk to our lawyers.

Ronan: (Scoffs) I'm sure that I will. But first, I thought I'd give you the chance to alter your statement. Try something new. Tell me the truth.

Ashley: Well, I agree with Nicholas. We shouldn't answer any questions.

Ronan: You both had motive, and now opportunity, since I can prove you were near the park that night, which means you falsely denied being there, which means I'm very comfortable with throwing the two of you in a holding cell for a couple of days as I form a case against you.

Nick: Well, there is this little thing called the constitution.

Ronan: There is. And there's also this other, just little thing called obstruction of justice.

Ashley: Oh, come on. You're bluffing.

Ronan: Am I? Try me.

(Cell phone rings)

Ronan: This is Malloy. Hold on a second. When I come back, I expect the two of you to tell me what really happened that night. Otherwise, we're gonna go downtown, and you're gonna spend a few nights on a cot with bad springs.

Heather: So much for surprising you.

Paul: Well, I get how running into Ronan will derail your plans.

Heather: I mean, this is-- it was supposed to be happy. Happy reunion-- with you, not him. (Sighs)

Paul: Oh, I know. I don't know if it helps, but, um, you're not alone. He refuses to talk to anyone about why he left.

Heather: Well, it doesn't surprise me that I'm not special...

Paul: (Scoffs)

Heather: Considering how easy it was for him to leave.

Paul: Yeah.

Heather: And he claims that the only reason he's back is to work on Diane's murder.

Paul: Do you believe him?

Heather: (Scoffs) Can you imagine being partnered up with that guy? I mean, the only back he's got is his own, and just when you need him the most, he's gone.

Paul: (Sighs) Well...

Heather: What?

Paul: You might as well hear it from me now.

Heather: Hear what?

Paul: The D.A. asked me to consult on Diane's case, and Ronan and I are working together.

Nelson: Katherine Chancellor should not be allowed to poach on McCall, Unlimited's turf, scooping up its most prized assets for her own gain.

Anne: Poaching implies thievery, your honor.

Judge Kelsey: Objection sustained. Watch the inflammatory language.

Nelson: Mr. McCall had the misfortune to be injured in a terrible accident. That does not give the guardian of his business affairs the right to sell off pieces of his own company against his will.

Kay: I was doing McCall a favor, your honor, infusing it with much-needed cash. And I paid premium for that deal, so it would be worthwhile to Tucker.

Tucker: Of all my companies, Jabot Cosmetics is one that I would never sell, yet Katherine is grabbing at it anyway. She's not executing my wishes. She's following her own personal agenda.

Nelson: My client's frustration is righteous and genuine, your honor. He's suffered greatly, and now to add insult to injury--

Tucker: Nelson, please. Your honor, the real issue here is whether I'm competent to control my own empire. If I'm not, well, then Katherine here can continue to run amok, and there's nothing I can do about it. But if I am competent, and I plan to show this court that is the case, then the only proper ruling is to revoke her conservatorship and let me get back to work.

Kay: Son, I am sorry, but you're simply-- don't you understand you're not ready? I mean, I-I proved it in your honor's cambers recently, for heaven sakes. Tucker, don't you understand? You just need time. You need therapy.

Tucker: Judge, if you'll look at the court-appointed neurologist's report, you'll see that isn't true. Both my comprehension and my judgment have improved at a steady and rapid pace.

Judge Kelsey: I received the report this morning. I glanced at it briefly. But in light of this proceeding, I'll take a few minutes' recess to, uh, consider it more thoroughly.

Nelson: Thank you, your honor.

Tucker: Listen, um, would it be all right if I say one more thing? I have done everything this court has asked of me-- occupational therapy, physical therapy, tests, you name it. All the doctors agree the damage I suffered is not permanent. I respectfully submit that I am and have been more than competent to run the company that bears my name, and I trust that this court won't let an outsider destroy what I've spent a lifetime building.

Kay: Judge, if I may say something now?

Judge Kelsey: Before I hear any more arguments, I want to review the medical evidence.

Heather: You knew Ronan was back in town, and you're just now telling me?

Paul: Uh, I know. You were traveling. I didn't expect you back, and it's not really the kind of news you put in a text.

Heather: Well, why would you agree to work with him?

Paul: Well, believe me, I had a lot of reservations. But this way, I can keep an eye on him. I can, uh, try and keep him from hurting you and Nina. And maybe I can find out why he left last winter.

Heather: I need you to set up a meeting with Spencer... tonight. Can you do that?

Jack: Well, I was blown away by Tucker. He seemed like his old self again.

Kay: Well, a worthy performance.

Jack: What happens if the judge reverses his ruling and gives Tucker the reins again? There goes your deal. There goes my chair as C.E.O.

Kay: Jack, Jack, calm down. Take a deep breath. There's more to play out here.

Tucker: (Muttering) 2-5-5-3. (Normal voice) That's it. That's it.

(Cell phone rings)

Ashley: One second. Hi. Has a time been set for the hearing?

Tucker: Uh, we're about halfway through it.

Ashley: Oh, no. How come?

Tucker: No, I-I tried to call you, but I couldn't remember your new number.

Ashley: I'm so sorry. I know you were counting on me.

Tucker: Well, don't worry about it. I think I did okay. My only choice was to stand up on my own two feet, and that's what I did. It's all because of you, Beauty.

Ashley: Me?

Tucker: I let you down big-time. But you've been there for me through everything. I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. But I feel strong again. And I want to... I want to prove to you that I can be the man you thought I was.

Ashley: I'll be there as soon as I can. Good luck with the rest of your hearing.

Tucker: I love you.

Nick: You know, if you need to take off...

Ashley: No, I want to get this over with. Okay, we've gotta stay very, very calm and think this through.

Nick: You know, I'm more worried about Phyllis right now. I'm actually not sure where she was the night Diane was murdered.

Ashley: I'm not sure what Tucker was up to, either. I do think that he got that poison sumac from the park, and the cops know. So what are we gonna do?

Nick: We're gonna tell Malloy the truth, as much as we can.

Ashley: What's that? We were in the park passing through?

Nick: But we never saw Diane.

Ashley: (Exhales sharply) Because she was probably already dead.

Nick: And I called you for what reason?

Ashley: Um, you were trying to get a hold of Abby, and you wanted her number.

Nick: (Sighs) It's in my phone. He'll know that's a lie.

Ashley: (Sighs) Okay, then. How about... you needed to track her down, and you thought I might know where you could find her?

Nick: That could work.

Ashley: And I never got the call because I dropped my phone, and whoever picked it up must have been in the park still.

Nick: Okay, cool. Let's go with that.

Ashley: Okay, and we have to get word to Tucker and Phyllis, tell them that this is the story they have to go with now.

Nick: Yeah, Tucker was at home. Phyllis was at the magazine, and they both covered for us because they were worried.

Ronan: You two have anything to say to me? Or should I just call downtown and tell them to expect two new guests this evening?

Ashley: Nicholas and I have a confession to make.

Deacon: (Chuckles) Man, I-I swear sometimes, I'm--I'm psychic. I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking.

Phyllis: I mean, is this how Amber felt when you blackmailed her into sleeping with you? You should try a dating service.

Deacon: Come on. You know, don't-- don't let negative thoughts warp your attitude. I mean it. I-I really think that you and I could go places.

Phyllis: Like prison?

Deacon: Okay, I'll tell you what, um, let's start over. You--woman, me--man. Us--fireworks.

Phyllis: Really? Is that how it works?

Deacon: I think it could if you'd let it.

Phyllis: I'm vibrating.

Deacon: Really? (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Someone's texting me.

Deacon: Yeah, well, tell 'em to get their own girl.

Phyllis: I'll do that.

Nick: Phyllis was covering for me just like Tucker was covering for Ashley.

Ashley: And we should have told you sooner, but we were afraid you'd make too big a deal out of it.

Nick: So we were in the park that night. (Sighs) We just didn't see Diane.

Ashley: Yeah, then afterwards, I realized that I dropped my phone, and the whole thing just became this stupid mess. I hope you'll forgive us for not being more forthcoming, Detective. Sorry.

Ronan: (Chuckles) That's good. It's a good start. You're still on my list, though. So if anything else happens to occur to you, anything else--

Nick: Oh, we will absolutely give you a call.

Ashley: Definitely.

Ronan: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Bye-bye.

Nick: So that's it? He just bought our story, no questions asked?

Ashley: You think he's playing us?

Nick: I don't know.

Ashley: (Sighs) Oh, God. Don't you think we should hire a lawyer, just find out exactly how much trouble we are in?

Nick: He's got nothin' on us. He seemed to buy what we told him.

Ashley: Okay, so I guess I won't worry--for now, anyway.

Ronan: Ahh. (Chuckles) Can't forget this, can I? (Chuckles) Good night.

Ashley: Good night.

Nick: Good night.

Ashley: So before I go off to Tucker's hearing, did you ever hear back from the lab about the envelope the photo came in?

Nick: Yeah, I dropped it off, but it's gonna be a couple days before they can tell if there's any D.N.A. or fingerprints.

Ashley: Okay.

Nick: But in the meantime, Ashley, you've gotta stay calm.

Ashley: Okay, I'm trying. I'm trying.

Nick: All right. Once they figure out who killed Diane, this is all gonna work out.

Ashley: Well, I hope you're right.

Judge Kelsey: I've read Dr. Kenna's report, which was very favorable. In his opinion and in mine Mr. McCall is sufficiently recovered to run his empire once again.

Tucker: Thank you, your honor.

Nelson: We'd-- we'd also like a ruling on the pending sale of Jabot Cosmetics to Chancellor Industries.

Judge Kelsey: I take it you want me to void the deal.

Nelson: Until Mr. McCall can evaluate the transaction and make his own decision.

Kay: Your--your honor he has signed off on the deal already. I can't understand why he would want it reversed.

Heather: When I was with the D.A.'s office, I cultivated some high-level relationships. I know most of the suspects extremely well.

Spencer: You also know Detective Malloy extremely well. What type of working relationship would you two have?

Heather: Ronan Malloy is not my favorite person in the world. (Sighs) Nor is he the most meticulous cop I've ever seen. And that's where I would come in as your eyes and ears.

Paul: You need a case that's legally flawless. And with Heather focusing on the legal aspects, you'll have an even greater chance of getting a quick conviction.

Spencer: We need to win this one. Once you make an arrest, which I'd like to be yesterday.

Heather: So... does that mean I'm hired?

Spencer: We'll give it a try.

Ashley: What the hell are we gonna do?

Nick: We'll tell Malloy the truth, as much as we can anyway.

(Tape fast-forwards)

Nick: And I called you because...

Ashley: You were trying to get a hold of Abby, and you wanted her number?

Nick: It's in my phone. He'll know that's a lie.

Ashley: Okay, then how about you needed to track her down, and you thought I might know where you could find her?

Nick: Yeah, that works.

(Tape fast-forwards)

Ashley: We need to get word to Tucker and Phyllis, tell them they have to go along with the new story.

(Tape fast-forwards)

Ashley: Should we hire a lawyer, see how much trouble we're really in?

Nick: Malloy's got nothing on us, and he seemed to buy our story.

Ashley: Then I guess I won't worry-- for now, anyway.

Ronan: (Chuckles) (Clicks stop button) You might want to rethink that lawyer decision.

Deacon: Come on, Phyllis. I'm not talking about sex. Hell, I can have sex anytime, anywhere. Anyone can. It's not hard. I just--I want more from you.

Phyllis: Such as?

Deacon: I feel... I feel like we click. I feel like I click with you in a way that I haven't in a very long time.

Phyllis: What about Nikki?

Deacon: Nikki is very important to me, but when I'm with you, no other woman exists.

Phyllis: Oh, that's a fantastic line. Have you gotten that copyrighted?

Deacon: I mean it.

Phyllis: I believe you do.

Deacon: Yeah.

(Elevator door opens)

Nick: We need to talk about this murder investigat--

Deacon: (Sighs)

Ashley: Hi, it's me. I'm on my way to the courthouse. I'm sorry I'm late. I'll fill you in later, okay? I hope it's going all right.

Tucker: I never would have approved the sale of Jabot under any circumstances.

Kay: I have proof, your honor.

Judge Kelsey: Let's see it.

Kay: I have it right here in this folder. (Sighs) It's a sales agreement-- "Voluntary liquidation of McCall assets to Chancellor Industries in exchange for cash." And you will find his signature at the bottom-- August 18, 2011.

Judge Kelsey: Let Mr. McCall and his attorney have a look.

Judge Kelsey: Is that your signature? Mr. McCall, is that your signature, or isn't it? Either you are competent and have approved the sale of Jabot, or you're not, in which case, Mrs. Chancellor may approve it. Which is it?

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