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Episode # 9715 ~ Kay Is Shocked by Ashley's Offer

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Chloe: Hi, uh, is Kevin in there?

Abby: Haven't seen him.

Chloe: I wonder where he is.

Abby: Maybe you drove him out of town, like you did Billy.

Ronan: You know what this reminds me of? One of those old logic puzzles that my dad used to do. You would get these-- these grids with all these clues, and you're supposed to figure out who did what when. Used to drive my old man crazy. (Sighs) Just like this case is doing to me. Come on. Let's take a walk, get some coffee.

Nick: Yeah, let's put this across from the Jabot eye cream ad. Thanks.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Nick Newman. Hello, this is Nick. Do you hear me? I'll kill you. (Quietly) All right, who the hell is this, and what do you want?

(Phone hangs up)

Nick: (Normal voice) Hey, it's me. We got a problem. I need to see you right now.

(Door closes)

Phyllis: Hey. What was that about?

Tucker: (Sighs)

Tucker: Ashley Abbott's suite, please. (Sighs) (Inhales sharply) (Sighs) Hey, it's me again. Listen, before you hit "Delete," will you hear me out? You--you're my wife, and I love you. How's that for statin' the obvious? Now what might not be so obvious is that I will do anything to make this up to you-- anything. You just name it, and I'll d, all right? You... are the one-and-only thing that matters to me, Ashley-- not the company, not the media, not Katherine-- just you. I love you.

Tucker: (Sighs) (Sighs) (Sighs)

Kay: Oh, Jack, I am so sorry dragging you all the way out here like this.

Jack: Oh, that's all right. Uh...

Kay: Here, sit down.

Jack: The mother of one of Kyle's schoolmates invited him to be part of a family celebration.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Jack: I hope that'll be a great distraction for him. I gotta tell you, everyone has been just terrific with Kyle.

Kay: That's good. He's gonna need all the support he can get from anyone. I'll try to make this short.

Jack: Yeah, this sounded important on the phone.

Kay: Indeed, it is. I'm selling Jabot.

Jack: What? How can you even think-- Katherine, this new line is a smash hit. This is no time to sell Jabot.

Kay: Oh, it's the perfect time.

Jack: Okay, I'm not sure I know what you're up to. How are you even going to find a buyer?

Kay: I already have-- Chancellor Industries.

Jack: Okay, now I'm completely lost.

Kay: (Chuckles) Well, as long as I'm in control of McCall, I'm going to buy jabot out from under Tucker at a premium price so he can't challenge it later on. Oh, I want my company back, and this is my chance to make it happen. Listen now. I'm gonna take you into my confidence because you did such a fantastic job with-- you know, when I hired you back as C.E.O., and I trust this will be between the two of us.

Jack: You have my word.

(Doorbell rings)

Kay: Esther, can you get that, please? Well, that's good, because, uh, it's only a matter of time until he resumes control of the company. And odds are, he's gonna throw your butt out right back onto the pavement.

Jack: Oh, yeah, yeah, and replace me with his wife. I've thought about that, believe me.

Kay: I don't know, for some reason, I don't trust the two of them.

(Footsteps approach)

Ashley: Hello?

Jack: Hey, Sis.

Kay: Oh, my gosh, Ashley, I wasn't expecting you.

Ashley: Yeah, I'm sorry. I must be interrupting. Um, I have a business proposition for you.

Jack: Well, must be the day for those. Katherine and I were just discussing one ourselves. I-if you need a moment alone with Katherine--

Ashley: No, not at all. You can stay. I just wanted to tell you that I won't fight the annulment. I'll sign off on it, if, in exchange, you give Tucker back his company-- his entire company, Jabot included.

Chloe: Yes, Billy is a saint, and I'm the one who poured booze down his throat and forced him to gamble, wreck his car, damn near kill himself. You're so right.

Abby: Billy lost everything, okay? He lost his family, his work--

Chloe: I'm sorry, whose fault is that?

Abby: Delia was all he had left. You took her away from him. He had no reason to stick around.

Chloe: I feel really bad for Billy. I do, but I have a daughter. And I know that putting someone before yourself is a very foreign concept to you--

Abby: (Scoffs) Oh, right, and you think not letting Delia see her own father--you think that is putting her first?

Chloe: You really think that I'm gonna take a lecture from a little girl who takes off her clothes in public for attention? It's pathetic.

(Cell phone rings)

Abby: (Sighs) Hello?

Tucker: Hey, Abby it's Tucker. Could you stop by the apartment?

Abby: When?

Tucker: Uh, right now, if it's not a problem.

Abby: Wh-why? What's going on?

Tucker: Well, I'd rather not discuss it over the phone.

Abby: Okay, yeah. I'm on my way. I have to go.

Chloe: (Scoffs) Best news I've heard all day. (Laughs)

Abby: (Sighs)

Jack: Wait, a-a-are you serious?

Kay: Ashley, is... is this some sort of a trick?

Ashley: No, it's not a trick. It's a legitimate business proposition. You see, I think that Tucker deserves to have his company back.

Kay: Why are you willing to give up your marriage, uh, to make this happen? I mean, wh-what's the catch? Come on.

Ashley: (Sighs) There's no catch, Katherine. I mean, you think I have some kind of an ulterior motive, that even if you do give Tucker back control of the company, I'm gonna end up running it, so I'm just taking myself out of the equation.

Jack: And what difference would that make?

Kay: Yes, of course. You know, um, annulment or no annulment, I mean, you would still be very close to him, and, uh, have, you know, that wouldn't lessen your influence on my son. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Ashley: You know what really gets me? You both know what it feels like to have a company you love ripped away from you, only it's much worse for Tucker, because our father started Jabot, and Phillip started Chancellor, so basically, you both took over family businesses. But Tucker built McCall from the ground up, and you do not have the right to take it away from him.

Kay: Ashley, now you listen to me. Whoever founded the company is immaterial to me.

Ashley: Oh, right.

Kay: What is material is the fact that Tucker is not able to take control yet. And when he can, I will gladly acknowledge that to the judge, and I will step down. But until that day arrives, I will continue to do what I think is the best for the company, regardless whether the two of you are legally married.

Chloe: Hey, excuse-- someone broke into my car, and they stole everything. Um, my cell phone is dead. Can someone please call the cops? Anyone?

Ronan: Don't--don't bother. I mean, I'm on it.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Ronan: The cops are here.

Chloe: (Scoffs) Kevin said that he didn't want your business.

Ronan: You called for police.

Chloe: A real cop, no liver-stealing user-- a person in uniform who actually serves and protects.

Ronan: Right. Well, you're lucky, 'cause we have one right here. Verona?

Chloe: (Sighs) My car got broken into.

Ronan: Call that in for me.

Verona: Yeah. This is Officer Verona. We got a vehicle break-in.

Ronan: Where is the boyfriend? Why isn't he here helping?

Chloe: Well, if he were here, you know he would have you eating pavement, so, uh, you're lucky that he isn't.

Ronan: Right. And now neither am I.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Nick: Have a good night.

Phyllis: Bye. See ya.

Nick: We got a lot accomplished today.

Phyllis: Yeah, we did. Um, listen.

Nick: (Exhales slowly) Uh, if this is about the back cover, I still don't have an answer for you.

Phyllis: No, it's not. It's about, uh, the phone call you were on when I walked in. What was that about?

Nick: It was nothing.

Phyllis: I heard you say you had a problem.

Nick: Yeah, it's just Wiley down in art. He missed his deadline again, so the printer needed a heads-up.

Phyllis: Do you need help?

Nick: (Clicks lips) No, got it covered. How was your afternoon with Lucy?

Phyllis: Good. There was this guy in the park. (Sighs)

Nick: What guy in the park?

Phyllis: (Sighs)

[Phyllis remembering]

Deacon: I saw what you did. I just thought you should know.

Phyllis: Um, he was just... creepy.

Nick: Then let's go over there together, see if we can find him. I'll have a little talk with him.

Phyllis: Thank you. You don't have to do that. I know how to handle this kind of thing.

Ashley: Tucker is not an idiot. He needs a little help with the day-to-day for a while. You don't want me to do it? Fine. Then why don't you do it? Why don't you give him back his company and work with him? Try helping him and not humiliating him. Maybe act like his mother. What a concept, huh?

Kay: Oh, well, Ashley, please. I have tried to be his mother.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Kay: And I've been rejected time and again, over and over and over, in--in spite of the fact that I do have his best interests at heart.

Ashley: Mm.

Kay: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a conference call with the hospital board. I trust you can find your way out. Jack, talk to you later.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Jack: Okay, about this business proposition...

Ashley: What about it?

Jack: You're willing to walk away from a marriage you waited that long for? That is not like you, Ash. What is going on?

Ashley: Just what I said, Jack.

Jack: Are you and Tucker having problems?

Ashley: Not here.

Abby: Where's my mom?

Tucker: She isn't here.

Abby: Okay...

Tucker: I thought, um... (Sighs) You and I should have a-- have a talk.

Abby: What happened to your hand?

Tucker: Uh, carpal tunnel.

Ashley: You know, they have exercises you can do for that. I was just reading about it online, actually.

Tucker: I want to talk about Diane.

Abby: What, about my confession?

Tucker: I want to talk about the night of the storm last year, the night you found us here together.

Chloe: Okay, well, what are the chances that I'm gonna get my stuff back? (Sighs) Uh, that-- that clothing is one-of-a-kind. I borrowed it for a shoot.

Verona: We'll do the best we can.

Chloe: (Sighs) Okay. Oh, this is not gonna be fun. (Sighs)

Chloe: Hi, Lucinda, it's me. Uh, so the clothing that you... (Sighs) Loaned to me, uh, from Dubai, um... call me.

Verona: Normally I wouldn't have called in a 504, but Detective Malloy said it was a priority. Look after Ms. Mitchell, and keep me posted, okay?

Ronan: Did you do that research I asked for? Well, I'll be... no, no, thank you. Thank you. (Scoffs) Paul, its Ronan. You're not gonna believe this. We have another Harvard grad, who, according to school records, also purchased a ring.

Ashley: (Sighs) Sorry. The lot in back was full.

Jack: Oh, sit.

Ashley: Okay. Aren't you gonna have anything?

Jack: No. I want to know what was going on at Katherine's.

Ashley: I know how much Tucker's company means to him.

Jack: Ash, don't. You would not walk away from your marriage unless you had damn good reason.

Ashley: Do you have any idea how humiliating it was for Tucker to have to sit before a judge and be told that he's not capable of deciding who runs his affairs? Now I just believe in my heart that Katherine has an agenda that has nothing to do with her looking out for her son.

Jack: What makes you think that?

Ashley: (Sighs) I just do. There's a lot of bad blood between them.

Jack: All right, since you obviously are not going to confide in me, I am gonna pass on coffee. I need to pick up Kyle, and you need to get back to Tucker and tell him that your offer to end your marriage didn't change Katherine's mind. What? What is it?

Ashley: He doesn't know.

Abby: What about that night?

Tucker: You, uh, you accused me of having sex with Diane. I denied it. I kept on denying it. But you were right.

Abby: (Sighs)

Tucker: I did it. I was a louse, and I thought you deserved to hear it from me.

Abby: (Scoffs) Oh, God, I freaking knew it! I knew it! Oh, my--oh, my God.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Abby: Are you gonna tell my mom?

Tucker: I already did.

Abby: (Scoffs) (Stammers) I'm sorry. I don't understand. Wh-why? Why now? You have been lying about this for months. You got away with it. Why the sudden urge to confess? I asked you point-blank. I gave you the perfect opportunity to tell the truth.

Tucker: Listen, I-I told you there was never anything between Diane and me, and that was the truth.

Abby: (Scoffs) Oh, God. What is with you men? Guess what? Sex--it's something between you. Okay, wait a minute. That's why my mom's not here. She left you, didn't she?

Kay: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what's--what's your hurry?

Chloe: Sorry, sorry. Delia, come on, Honey! Let's go!

Kay: She's not here.

Chloe: What do you mean, she's not her?

Kay: Well, uh, Esther drove her.

Chloe: But she has dance class. I-I told her that I would pick her up.

Kay: Well, uh, it was running late, and, uh, y-you didn't answer your phone.

Chloe: Well, I know. That's because my cell phone died. I was over at the stupid coffeehouse, and some idiot broke into my car, and then they jacked everything.

Kay: I am so sorry to hear that.

Chloe: (Sighs) I didn't want to disappoint her. I mean, she's been let down enough by her own father. Why does this always happen to me?

Kay: (Sighs) Uh, I have an idea-- let's, um...

Chloe: (Sighs)

Kay: Let's have some tea.

Chloe: No, no, you were on your way out.

Kay: Well, Tucker can wait. Uh, what is going on with you?

Chloe: Everything. (Chuckles) (Sniffles) Everything. Billy decides to just pick up and leave Genoa City and not tell anyone, and now all of a sudden, everyone wants to blame me, like I'm the one that kicked him out of town.

Kay: Oh, it's not the first time Billy has disappeared.

Chloe: (Sighs) You know, and the really sad thing is that I go ahead, and I tell Delia that her father may not be back for a little while, and she doesn't even get upset. You know, it's like now that she's used to it- Chance leaves, Billy leaves.

Kay: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, people-- people leave. That's just part of life.

Chloe: Yeah, but she's too young to have her father leave.

Kay: He'll be back.

Chloe: Oh, Katherine, I wish I had faith in him like you do. I don't. I don't, and now I don't-- I don't know what's going on with Chance, and if he's gonna come back, and God forbid something happens to him. I mean, she loves him so much, and I love him.

Kay: I--

Chloe: I mean, despite all of our problems.

Kay: Well, I know. We all have to stay very, very positive about that, especially for Nina's sake.

Chloe: (Sighs) Oh, God, and her other son... (Scoffs) I positively do not want that man around here anymore. I mean, he is just the most overbearing, egotistical--

Kay: You ran into Ronan?

Chloe: Uh, if there was anyone that I could kick out of this town, he's the first one I would get rid of.

Kay: All right, well, let's look at it this way-- um, you're so lucky to have a good shoulder to lean on, like I do Murphy. What? What? What? What? What is it, huh?

Chloe: (Sighs) Uh, Kevin dumped me. (Sighs)

Kay: Oh, my God. That surprises me. Um, I really thought the two of you were meant to be together.

Chloe: He's my best friend in the whole world, Katherine. I don't know what to do. I don't know if we should be together. You know, I don't want to hurt him, and I don't want to lose him. And oh, God, I mean, Delia loves him so much. If she has to go through this one more time, I swear...

Kay: Well, you know what?

Chloe: (Sighs)

Kay: There's only one thing to do.

Chloe: What? (Sighs)

Kay: Break out the chocolates.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Kay: (Chuckles) Ohh, Baby. Oh.

Nick: I think I'm gonna crank up the--

Phyllis: I'm, um--

Nick: (Sighs) (Chuckles) Go ahead.

Phyllis: Um, I, uh, am meeting, um, a graphic artist for coffee, the one I'm trying to hire. I just--I need to go do that. Uh, do you need me for anything?

Nick: No, I gotta wrap up some things here. Just, uh, let me know how it goes.

Phyllis: Yeah, I will.

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Bye.

Nick: Bye.

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: How was your time with Hayden's family?

Kyle: We all went swimming and then had a cookout. (Sniffles) Everyone was extra nice, and it just made me feel worse.

Jack: You know, a week after my dad died, someone told me a joke, and it was funny, and I laughed. It felt so weird, like-- I felt guilty, like I'd done something wrong. And then I remembered how many times my dad said to me all he really wanted in life was for me to be happy, just like your mom wanted you to be happy. Maybe the best way to honor her life is to do just that.

Kyle: It's kind of hard when everyone on TV is saying terrible things about the way she was killed and about the people that wanted her dead and...

Jack: Yeah, I told you your mom's death was gonna be big news. But news doesn't mean it's the truth. Sometimes they can... move things around, reshape a story so it's a little more dramatic to keep people watching. Police do that sometimes, too.

Kyle: Twist things around?

Jack: Well, their job is to solve crimes and to make sure that the people that committed them are punished, but sometimes the police have theories of their own, and they don't just let the evidence speak for itself. They use the evidence to support whatever theories they have, and it leads to some pretty big misunderstandings. You understand what I'm saying?

Kyle: Sort of.

Jack: No matter what the press says, no matter how the police interpret things, you gotta hang in there somehow. Chances are, they may even suggest at some point that I had something to do with your mother's death. Kyle, I didn't. Soon, everyone will know that. But right now... ri--   

(Doorbell rings)

Jack: I'll be-- I'll be right back, okay?

Jack: Uh, this is not a good time.

Ronan: It won't take long. Can we come in?

Kyle: Do you know who killed my mom?

Ronan: Um, no, I don't. Not yet. But I-I'm not gonna stop until I find out who, okay? There's a, uh, couple of things I need to ask your dad to help me understand some things. Do you mind if I talk to him?

Kyle: I guess.

Ronan: Okay.

Jack: Hey, Buddy, why don't you go upstairs and finish unpacking? I'll be right up in a little bit, okay?

Kyle: Okay. (Sniffles)

Ronan: After you. Do you know what that is?

Jack: No.

Ronan: It's a photo of an imprint found on Diane's arm. Now as I'm sure you know forensics do a lot of amazing things these days. And this imprint here was matched to a ring-- not just any normal ring. I understand that you went to Harvard.

Jack: Yeah, that's no secret.

Ronan: Do you own a class ring?

Jack: As do thousands of others, yes, including people in this town. One of them is Adam Newman.

Ronan: I know. I've checked Adam Newman's ring. It's not a match. Jack, I need to see your ring.

Jack: (Quietly) Look, this is kind of a tough time for my son. Police hanging out in his living room-- do you think maybe I could just bring the ring in a little bit later?

Ronan: No, you can't. Give me the ring, and we'll be on our way.

Jack: (Normal voice) Forget it.

Ronan: (Scoffs) Then we're gonna have to do it this way. This warrant gives me the right to search the premises for--

Jack: Okay, okay, okay. I'll get you the ring.

Ronan: No, no, no. It's too late, Jack. We're gonna find the ring now. Just tell me where it is, and we'll go get it.

Jack: (Sighs)

Tucker: Ashley and I are working things out.

Abby: (Scoffs) Translation--she dumped you. Good for her. Good for Mom.

Tucker: Abby, just listen. I want to fix this.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Tucker: I-- like I told your mom, I will do whatever I have to to make this right. Now that goes for both of you.

Abby: It's too late for that.

Tucker: I understand if you hate me.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Tucker: But I did forgive you for almost killing me.

Abby: I'm sorry. Is that supposed to make this better? Do you realize that if you hadn't been such a lying slime, there wouldn't have been an engagement, okay? My mom-- she could have found someone that she could actually trust, and I wouldn't have had anything to prove that night! There wouldn't have been any accident!

Tucker: You know, that-- that's--that's a whole lot of conjecture, Abby. That's what that is. Now we can only deal with what is. I kept what I saw and your confession secret... and I hope I can continue to do that.

Abby: (Scoffs)

(Elevator door opens)

Nick: It's okay. There's no one here but us.

Ashley: I just heard your message. What happened? What's wrong?

Nick: I want you to listen to something. Shut up! You shut up. I am sick of you threatening my family. I'm telling you right now, I'm not gonna let it happen anymore. I will kill you before I let you hurt them again. Do you hear me? I'll kill you. That was left on my voice mail just now when I didn't answer my phone.

Ashley: What is that?

Nick: It's what was recorded the night my phone accidentally called yours, the night Diane was killed. They keep calling and leaving this for me. They don't say anything. They just play this very incriminating part.

Ashley: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So if-- if they have this recording, then that means...

Nick: Someone has your phone. That's why we couldn't find it in the park.

Ashley: (Gasps) Do you think it could be the police? Maybe they're playing some kind of game with you. They want you to talk or something.

Nick: If Ronan had this evidence, we would be in an interrogation room right now.

Ashley: Right.

Nick: Ashley, someone has your phone, someone who was there that night. It could be Diane's killer.

Kyle: What does all this mean, Dad? What are the police looking for?

Jack: Well, they're just looking for information to help with their investigation. They'll be gone in a few minutes.

Kyle: You said before that you had nothing to do with what happened to Mom.

Jack: Kyle, your mom and I didn't always get along. But we had something in common that was greater than all of our differences-- you. I loved your mom for the way she loved you, for the great mom that she was. I never wanted anything bad to happen to her.

Ronan: You searched the entire second floor, and you still haven't found Abbott's ring?

Verona: No.

Ronan: (Sighs)

Chloe: Mmm. This is so good. (Laughs)

Kay: (Chuckles)

Chloe: Where did you get these? Oh, my goodness.

Kay: Belgium. I have a shop here in town that flies them in for me.

Chloe: Mm.

Kay: Oh, Boy. They were my mother's favorite. She'd save them for special occasions.

Chloe: Mm. Like "Breaking up with your boyfriend" occasions?

Kay: Mm, well, you have certainly had your ups and downs.

Chloe: Well, Kevin never agreed with me filing for full custody, or keeping Delia away from Billy, but you know what? She's my daughter.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: She's my responsibility.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: I know. I need a way to respect his opinion and include him in--in my life. But... I've made mistakes, okay? I get it. Like, epic, epic ones.

Kay: Well, who hasn't made mistakes? I mean, my God, you can't change the past. You know, um, the trick is not to let your mistakes trip you up in your future. It's very true. You just get out there and you fight.

Chloe: (Laughs)

Kay: And you make your future what you want it to be.

Jack: I'm gonna see what's taking so long. I'll be right back. Hey, excuse me. What is--what is this? The search warrant is for the ring.

Ronan: And that's exactly what we're looking for.

Jack: Well, I told you where it was-- in the master bedroom on my dresser. Stop! There are some keys there. There's some change there.

Ronan: I know what you told me, but it's not there.

Jack: What--what do you mean, it's not there? I distinctly remember--

Ronan: Jack, just tell us where it is.

Jack: I don't know. If it's not where I told you, I have no idea.

Ronan: (Scoffs)

Kyle: I already lost my mom. No one's gonna take my dad away.

Abby: Is that some kind of threat?

Tucker: I want to go on protecting you, Abby. But things happen. I don't know. It might not be up to me.

Abby: Mm, way to cover your own butt.

Tucker: Listen, I love your mother, Darlin'.

Abby: (Shudders) Don't you ever, ever call me that a-- I can't even stand the sight of you. I have to get out of here. I... (Scoffs) God, how dare you?! (Voice breaking) How dare you imply that I owe you something? Everything bad that's happened-- everything has been your fault.

Tucker: Abby, come here. Abby, wait.

Abby: Go to hell! You know what? I bet Diane'll be waiting there for you. You two can hit the sheets again.

Ashley: Why is this person tormenting you like this?

Nick: (Sighs) I have no clue, but I know what the police would think if they heard this recording.

Ashley: Or they knew that we were in the park that night. Of all times to lose a phone.

Nick: I wish I knew where this call was coming from, but it keeps coming up "Blocked number." I keep calling your cell phone, too, but there's nothing.

Ashley: Well, when I lost it and then I couldn't find it, I canceled the service.

Nick: Unfortunately, not before someone was able to retrieve the messages. Look, Ashley, you need to be prepared. Whoever has this phone knows it's yours. They might start contacting you, too.

Ashley: Do you think that's what this is? An extortion attempt?

Nick: (Sighs) I don't know. Are you sure that you didn't see anyone there that night at the park when you thought you'd dropped your phone?

Ashley: No one. No, it was just Diane.

Man: They're hopin' that the, uh, department's camera might show 'em something from the night that lady was murdered. Let's just set it up here. What the hell? It's gone.

Ashley: So what are we gonna do?

Nick: I don't know. If I knew that, I'd be doing it already. Look, Ashley, if you get any weird calls or messages--

Ashley: I'll call you right away. I'm not gonna lie. I-I'm scared.

Nick: I know.

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Nina: You're my best friend, and I-I need you.

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