Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/2/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/2/11 -- Canada; Wednesday 8/3/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9708 ~ Ashley Learns the Truth About Tucker & Diane

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Victor: What are you doing about Kyle?

Spencer: What's he got to do with your kid?

Victor: What steps have you taken to locate that boy?

Jack: He was married to Kyle's mother.

Spencer: Who's now dead.

Victor: Are you accusing me, or what?

Spencer: Yeah, for jumping bail.

Victor: Really?

Spencer: That's why we're locking you up.

Victor: That was a family emergency, for your information, all right? What's with Nikki?

Michael: (Sighs) Nothing new. Why has--

Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What happened to Nikki?

Michael: Why has my client been rearrested?

Spencer: Because he ran.

Michael: Tell me you didn't do anything to get the D.A. to haul you in again.

Victor: We have bigger problems right now. Diane Jenkins is dead.

Michael: What? That--how did that happen?

Spencer: It's official. The M.E. has ruled Diane Jenkins' death a homicide.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Kay: You are the only man I know who has discovered a dead body and wants to go out for coffee. We have all of this at home.

Murphy: I-I-I didn't need quiet. (Clears throat) I just needed my wife. You know, seeing-- seeing Diane in the water that first moment, I-I thought about you and another riverbank.

Kay: (Chuckles) Fortunately, that had a happier ending.

Murphy: Mm. Um... so what were you planning when I pulled you away?

Kay: Well, nothing that can't be dealt with--

Murphy: Katherine, please, help me think about something else.

Kay: All right, then. I was, uh, moving forward with my petition to have Tucker and Ashley's marriage annulled.

Murphy: Katherine.

Kay: No, well, I-I've considered the points you made. Yes, Dear, I did. Tucker and Ashley were engaged before the accident, right? Yes, I know that. And, uh--

Murphy: So how could they--

Kay: They do--well, they do seem to be in love.

Murphy: All right, so how can you ignore all that?

Kay: I can't-- because I can't stand thinking what Tucker could lose. And yes... yes, it is worth starting another war with my son.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Ashley: By the time the police finish searching that suite, my daughter could end up arrested.

Tucker: You know, we're still not absolutely sure Diane made a copy of that videotape.

Ashley: Abby admitted that she's the one that hit you with the car, and Diane thinks she can make big money on it, so she definitely has a backup.

Tucker: Well, maybe we'll get lucky, and Diane will take Abby's secret to her grave, huh, Darling? Ashley.

Ashley: I met with Diane last night.

Tucker: You m--you met with her? Why?

Ashley: She said something.

Tucker: What, something about Abby?

Ashley: Diane told me... (Sighs) She said that you slept with her. Was she lying?

Tucker: No. No, she wasn't. (Sighs)

Jill: Oh, Lord. Even hotels require reservations. You can't just pop in here and... Nina, what's wrong?

Nina: It's Chance.

Adam: Hey. Solve the case already?

Phyllis: What case?

Adam: Well, aren't reporters always the first to find out when someone's dead?

Phyllis: Right after the killer. Would that be you?

Sharon: Ha ha ha. I win!

Sam: Okay, you gotta be cheating or something. This is...

Sharon: What, are you gonna have me arrested?

Sam: Well, it's about time the sense of humor showed back up.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: I was missing it. (Sniffs)

Sharon: What's wrong?

Sam: Nothing.

Sharon: Okay. Well, I can tell you're holding something back, so if you don't want to tell me, I'll make up all kinds of stories in my head.

Sam: Someone was killed in Genoa City yesterday, maybe... maybe murdered.

Sharon: Who?

Sam: Well, they're not releasing any names yet, but, uh, victim was found by Patrick Murphy. Isn't he...

Sharon: He's Katherine Chancellor's husband, yes.

Sam: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah, he's a friend. What, do you think--

Sam: I gotta imagine Victor would call if there's any reason to, right?

Avery: (Sighs)

Sharon: Ms. Clark.

Avery: I've read the transcripts of your trial.

Sam: Okay. And, uh, what did you decide?

Avery: I'm taking the case.

Sharon: (Gasps)

Avery: And call me Avery.

Sharon: Oh, my.

Sam: Sharon. That is--Ma'am, that's fantastic.

Sharon: Thank you so much.

Avery: Okay, well, don't thank me just yet. We may not be granted an appeal.

Sam: Okay, what, uh, what does that hinge on?

Avery: Well, new evidence would help.

Sam: What else can we do?

Avery: Exploit an error made during the first trial.

Sam: Okay, that'll work. One of the lawyers or the judge had to make at least one mistake, right?

Avery: (Scoffs) You would think. But Sharon's judge has never had a case overturned on appeal.

Michael: Diane was murdered, how?

Spencer: We won't be releasing those details at least for a while.

Michael: Ongoing investigation, of course.

Jack: My guess is she didn't die of natural causes.

Michael: Why?

Jack: They found her body in Town Park in the stream beneath the footbridge.

Victor: That woman has a lot of enemies, but who the hell would go that far?

Jack: Paul, hey, have you heard?

Paul: About Diane? Yeah.

Jack: The sooner we find Kyle, the better.

Michael: Kyle?

Jack: Diane sent Kyle out of the country.

Michael: By himself?

Victor: To a boarding school.

Paul: I was able to verify that the call that Kyle placed to you came from Switzerland. But it was made from a prepaid cell phone, and it hasn't been turned on since.

Jack: So there's no way of tracking him?

Michael: Have you run his passport?

Paul: There is no record of Kyle Jenkins...

Jack: (Sighs)

Paul: Or Kyle Abbott on any flight manifest.

Victor: In other words, the boy traveled on an alias that Diane gave him.

Jack: I'm going to Switzerland.

Victor: It's a waste of time, Jack.

Jack: I don't need your advice.

Paul: He's right, Jack. Switzerland could be a stopover. Right now, Kyle could be anywhere in the world.

Jack: What was she thinking? Damn her! Now she's gone, and my son is out there alone.

Kay: Tucker isn't anywhere normal, and if you see him, you would notice it.

Murphy: But he's been on a couple of news shows. He seemed fine.

Kay: Seemed-- I am positive that he-- he has certain residual damage from the accident.

Murphy: Okay. Even so--but why mess with his marriage?

Kay: Uh, because it isn't a true marriage, for heaven sakes. The man was mentally incompetent when he entered into it.

Murphy: Katherine.

Kay: (Sighs) You know, I-I still think that Ashley is hiding something, something about that night, because her story just doesn't add up.

Murphy: Well, I don't know her as well as you do, but she doesn't seem the type that would do a con job.

Kay: But she has psychological breaks. She's unpredictable. And she's capable of... well, strange behavior, to put it kindly. I'm sorry, but... I have a lot of reasons for pursuing this annulment.

Ashley: So why didn't you tell me that you had an affair with Diane?

Tucker: It wasn't an affair. It was one night. It was, uh... it was before we had gotten serious. It was long before we were engaged.

Ashley: (Voice breaking) I just don't understand.

Tucker: Well, it just happened. I mean, it was the night of that big storm, and we--we came up here to sign these papers--

Ashley: Oh, come on. I don't need you to give me a play-by-play. Diane already did that. She threw it in my face.

Tucker: Ashley, it didn't mean anything.

Ashley: It didn't mean anything. My daughter, my little girl told me that you slept with Diane. I asked you about it, and you told me that she lied.

Tucker: It was such a long time ago.

Ashley: No, it's right now. It's right now, Tucker.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: Because I chose to believe in you instead of my own daughter! And now she could go to jail.

Murphy: Nina.

Nina: Oh.

Murphy: Hey. Hey, what is it?

Jill: She hasn't been able to reach Chance.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Nina: I was hoping somebody here had heard something, but--

Jill: She tried calling the army.

Nina: (Sighs)

Jill: She didn't get anywhere.

Nina: I have done everything I can think of, short of storming the pentagon. I just--I have this horrible feeling.

Murphy: Oh, it's okay.

Paul: So why do you want me to consult on Diane's murder?

Spencer: High-profile case.

Paul: So it's coming from city hall?

Spencer: And the police commissioner. We're still recovering from that corruption scandal. Uh, you're respected in-- by the powers that be and the public.

Paul: How do you feel about it?

Spencer: You're exactly what I need-- a civilian watchdog who knows his way around an investigation. Will you do it?

Paul: Um, with the caveat I can continue to work on my other cases?

Spencer: Agreed.

Paul: Okay. I gotta touch base with Jack.

Spencer: I'll give you access to early reports from the scene, so you can start your work from here for now.

Paul: Okay, thanks.

Spencer: All right.

Jack: Great. Thank you. Thank you very much. Through a friend, I have a contact at the American consulate in Bern.

Paul: Okay, so we can check on arrivals.

Jack: Yeah, she said she would try.

Paul: All right. I've started digging into Diane's financials.

Jack: Sure--tuition fees, uh, plane tickets.

Paul: Right, but I can't access her computer or her phone until the police are through.

Jack: Okay, Spencer promised me he would keep us updated on any information they had about where Kyle was.

Paul: Okay. Um, I have just been asked to consult on this, as well. So I can monitor it from that end, too.

Jack: Okay, okay, okay. (Sighs)

Paul: Jack, Diane loved her son, so wherever she sent him, she would be sure that he is safe.

Jack: Kids get snatched from safe places all the time, Paul. Where is he? (Sighs)

Michael: What were you thinking? I told you two things-- don't leave town and stay away from Diane.

Victor: Wait a minute. And to hell with what's happening with Nikki?

Michael: I'm the one who went to check on her, remember? I called you. I kept you informed.

Victor: You came back with no news at all.

Michael: I've got the rehab facility on speed dial. I hired private detectives, local private detectives, well-recommended.

Victor: Listen, I know her better than anyone. Do you think I'm gonna sit here and do nothing?

Michael: Well, you could end up sitting here in a cell. Now please tell me at least you stayed away from Diane.

Sharon: I should have just stayed away from Skye. I should have called the authorities.

Avery: (Sighs) But you followed her. You confronted her.

Sharon: We argued, and she fell. I didn't kill her.

Sam: She didn't. She--she actually tried to save her.

Avery: What about this blog posting that Adam Newman has evidence to that effect?

Sharon: (Sighs) Phyllis' blog.

Avery: Why do you say it like that?

Sharon: Because she's in the business of selling lies, particularly when it comes to me or Adam.

Avery: So you think she made this up?

Sharon: (Sighs) No.

Avery: Okay, so then there's new evidence. What am I missing here?

Sharon: Adam and I have a complicated history, I... though it... (Sighs) It wasn't always that way. It--it used to be good, very good. Um, I was in love with him, and he was in love with me, so much so that he even followed a trail to Thailand and found this memory card that was in my camera, and it recorded Skye's fall.

Sam: Complete with audio-- Sharon trying to help her.

Avery: Where is this memory card now?

Sharon: Adam's decided to play dumb, and he won't admit that the card was ever even in his possession.

Avery: But you know that it was?

Sam: Well, Adam did hire a photographer to enhance the picture and the sound on the card. And I'm sure the photographer can confirm its existence.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Avery: Why would Adam go to the ends of the earth to prove your innocence, then leave you hanging?

Sam: (Sighs) Because of me.

Avery: You two have a thing?

Sam: We did. We did for a short time.

Avery: Adam got mad.

Sharon: And decided to get even.

Ashley: You gave me this whole song and dance about how promiscuous you'd been in your past...

Tucker: I was trying to be honest with you.

Ashley: To the extent that you don't even know who the hell gave birth to your son.

Tucker: Why are you bringing that up now?

Ashley: Because you said you'd changed.

Tucker: I have changed.

Ashley: Was that before or after you had the random sex with Diane?

Tucker: I think that what happened before we were engaged is irrelevant.

Ashley: (Sniffles) Oh, what... is not irrelevant is that you called my daughter a liar. You're the liar!

Tucker: I'll try to smooth things over with Abby.

Ashley: (Sobs) You know, it all makes-- it makes sense, 'cause she was right all along... (Scoffs) (Sniffles) She was so driven to prove to me that you couldn't be trusted, the way she drank so much that night and she ended up hitting you with the car.

Tucker: So I got what I deserved.

Ashley: (Inhales sharply) Tell me something. If she hadn't hit you, were you gonna sleep with Diane that night in the cabin?

Tucker: No. No! That never would have happened, never.

Ashley: (Sniffles)

Tucker: I was committed to you.

Ashley: You don't get it. My daughter's life could be ruined, Tucker. If that confession surfaces, if they find that tape, it could be ruined, and you know why? Because of your lie.

(Knock on door)

Tucker: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Tucker: (Sighs) Oh, I don't have time for you, Katherine.

Kay: It behooves you to make time, Tucker.

Tucker: If this is about business, we can talk about it another time.

Kay: It is, and only in part. That's why I'm not hiding behind a battery of lawyers. I want you to hear this from me.

Tucker: What is it?

Kay: (Throws purse) I'm going to challenge the validity of your marriage on the grounds that you were not mentally competent to enter into it.

Tucker: (Chuckles) What?

Ashley: Katherine, why are you doing this?

Kay: Ashley, I'm trying to give you fair warning.

Tucker: You have no rights regarding our marriage.

Kay: Oh, I think I do. So does the judge who extended my conservatorship.

Michael: You don't have to revoke Victor's bail. He never actually left Genoa City.

Spencer: Because we stopped him.

Michael: Oh, have some leniency here. While Victor's attempt to leave was ill-advised, yes, he was well-intentioned.

Victor: Mr. Walsh, I was concerned about my ex-wife, all right? It's not fleeing.

Michael: You checked his flight plan. He was on his way to Nikki Newman's rehab facility.

Spencer: Tell it to the judge.

Victor: Let me ask you something, Mr. Walsh. Are you seriously standing here and are gonna waste my time or yours with a bail violation?

Jack: No, thank you. Thank you. 11 boys around Kyle's age arrived unaccompanied in Switzerland.

Paul: Is there a list?

Jack: They're e-mailing it to me.

Paul: Okay, forward it to me.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?

Paul: The crime scene.

Jack: Okay, I-I will start making calls as soon as I get the information on the boys. Good luck catching Diane's killer.

Paul: Jack, there are a lot of solid leads, and we're gonna get more. You could be with Kyle by dinnertime.

Jack: (Sighs) Yeah, I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.

Adam: Mm. You should have let that dry.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Adam: Your manicure. I can smell your nail polish from down the hall. It makes you think.

Phyllis: You, think? That's rich.

Adam: Mm. While the latest crime of the century is going down, you're off getting your nails done. What kind of intrepid reporter are you?

Phyllis: Why write the obvious, Adam?

Adam: Which is?

Phyllis: Which is every woman that gets hooked up with you either gets in a lot of trouble or dies-- Ashley, Skye, Sharon, now Diane.

Sharon: He arranged for a jailhouse wedding.

Avery: You two actually exchanged vows?

Sharon: Well, I vowed, and then he, um, he humiliated me and said that he could never marry someone like me and that I had betrayed him.

Sam: So he retaliated by denying her the one thing that could prove that she didn't kill Skye.

Avery: Well, we've got to ascertain if this memory card still exists, and if it does, find it.

Sam: Okay. Well, Adam's not gonna help us.

Sharon: He's shut down everyone we know who's tried.

Avery: Well, he doesn't know me.

Murphy: Oh, Phillip knows about this?

Nina: Oh, yeah. He's--he's the one that suggested I come back here.

Jill: So Nina wouldn't be alone.

Murphy: Well, he was right. See, this is where you belong, your family.

Jill: No matter what's happening with Chance, we're gonna take this on together.

Murphy: Yeah. Look, don't think the worst. No news is good news.

Nina: You know, if it were anyone else, I would agree with you, but Chance knows how I worry. I can set my clock to his e-mails.

Murphy: Look, Honey, soldiers are busy. He's probably-- he's probably out on a mission.

Jill: Absolutely. Maybe he got suddenly assigned somewhere, and there's no access to communication.

Nina: Maybe.

Murphy: Yeah.

Jack: Kyle could be on this list if he's using an assumed name.

Spencer: How did you narrow it down?

Jack: Airline records. Two of these kids were picked up by authorized relatives, nine of them by boarding schools.

Spencer: Why did you get me here? You want permission to use our phones?

Michael: Privacy laws-- these schools aren't gonna be eager to answer questions about their incoming students.

Jack: Not from us, anyway. But from law enforcement...

Spencer: (Sighs) For this, you need the state department. I'll see what I can do.

Jack: Thank you. (Sighs)

Jack: (Tapping fingertips on table)

Paul: Detective Mauro.

Mauro: Hey.

Paul: Hi.

Mauro: Hi.

Paul: New jurisdiction?

Mauro: Well, the park is state land, so you have state patrol taking the load with G.C.P.D. I heard you were consulting.

Paul: You heard right. Cause of death?

Mauro: Well, it's a blunt force object to the back of the head.

Paul: So you started your canvas yet?

Mauro: Yep. We have no witnesses so far.

Paul: What have you bagged and tagged?

Mauro: We just started, so we have some cigarette butts and gum wrappers.

Paul: Yeah, well, this is a high-traffic area. It's gonna be hard to narrow down, uh, what's connected to the murder.

Mauro: You want to see what we have so far?

Paul: Yeah, sure.

Mauro: Watch your step.

Paul: Oh.

Phyllis: Hey, Detective. How did you get behind the yellow tape?

Paul: (Chuckles) Excuse me, will you? My natural charm? (Chuckles) So what are you doing, trying to get the scoop?

Phyllis: Well, you know... what have you found? Any suspects?

Jack: No, no tattoos, thank God. No. I appreciate it very much. Thanks.

Michael: So the only American child who showed up was an African-American one? All right, if any child arrives that matches the description, would you please give me a call back?

Jack: This is Jack Abbott.

Victor: 6'2"? No, that is not him.

Michael: Yes, thank you. Yes.

Jack: Anything new?

Victor: 6'2" you said, right?

Michael: Thank you. Okay.

Victor: No, that would not be Kyle. No. Thank you.

Jack: And that's all we know?

Tucker: So I'm having a little trouble understanding complex ideas.

Kay: (Sighs)

Tucker: That doesn't make me incompetent.

Kay: Uh, Tucker, when an entire corporation and stockholders are depending on you--

Tucker: This has nothing to do with my personal life. I know what I feel. I love this woman.

Kay: The doctors explained when one has a brain injury, one has a tendency to think and to feel things that aren't always true.

Tucker: That is of no consequence.

Kay: Oh, Tucker.

Tucker: I've wanted to make Ashley my wife from the day I met her. She's nurturing. She's forgiving. She's loving. And she loves me. Now why, in God's name, would I need to be protected from her?

Ashley: Katherine, you have no say. You have no say in what happens with Tucker and me! We're married.

Tucker: (Sighs) Yeah. Okay, so I have a brain injury. But I still know what's right and wrong. Do you?

Kay: Oh, yes. As a mother, I-I have a right, instinctive way of standing between you and harm.

Tucker: Ashley's not gonna hurt me.

Kay: Tucker, you do not have all of your faculties. Do you understand? You cannot be sure of that.

Sam: You still worried about the murder?

Sharon: Yeah. I just hope that it-- it isn't anyone I know.

Sam: That's not all that's on your mind, is it?

Sharon: (Sighs) Well, Avery... she's smart, and she seems... driven.

Sam: Yeah. You don't like that?

Sharon: Well... (Sighs) It makes me want to have hope, and that scares me.

Sam: Of course it does. The woman's got three names.

Sharon: (Laughs) What does that have to do with anything?

Sam: You're gonna get your appeal, Sharon, 'cause a jerk like Adam Newman is no match for somebody called Avery Bailey Clark, I assure you.

Adam: What's your name?

Avery: Some of my friends call me Bailey, but you're not a friend.

Adam: Not yet. (Sighs) I'm Adam Newman. Yes, those Newmans.

Avery: Ah.

Adam: I assume you've heard of me.

Avery: You know what they say happens when you assume?

Adam: What's that?

Avery: They say I should buy you a drink.

Adam: (Chuckles)

Tucker: I love this. I love how you want to be a mother only when it's convenient for you. Hmm? Is this how you parent? You come into your grown son's home and you tell me, even though I'm walking and talking and functioning, if I don't do things your way, I'm inept.

Kay: You're healing.

Tucker: You're full of crap. What's this really about, Katherine, huh? Spite, revenge, hatred, what?

Kay: Those are your motives, not mine.

Tucker: You know, its one thing to mess with my business. That's my fault, because I gave you control. But this is my life.

Ashley: Katherine, it just-- I just--what are you trying to accomplish?

Kay: Its preventative measures.

Ashley: What do you think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna steal his company? Steal his money? Break his heart?

Kay: You hit him with your car. And until he's fully recovered, I will not-- and I repeat-- I will not entrust him to you.

Tucker: I know you think I'm weak and incompetent. I'm gonna show you how wrong you are. Hey. This is war.

Sam: There we go.

Sharon: Mmm. You know, the only luck I've had in a long time was falling asleep in your barn.

Sam: I've treated animals in practically every barn in San Pueblo, and you could have done a lot worse. Of course, I could have, too, but...

Sharon: You still think that, after the way I've messed up your life?

Sam: You didn't mess up anything. I get to see new places, meet new people. Hell, I've never been on the inside of a prison before.

Sharon: (Sighs) What about your house, your patients?

Sam: I got a pal from vet school, needed to get away from the rat race, you know? So he spent a little time at my place, take over the practice for a bit.

Sharon: Sam, why are you still here?

Sam: Because you're my friend, Sharon. I don't have a lot of those. I'm not--not looking for anything deeper.

Sharon: That's what you've said.

Sam: What Adam did to you, that takes cruelty to a whole other level, and I'm not gonna let a good friend of mine take on that sorry-ass by herself.

Sharon: You may be the best friend I've ever had.

Adam: I live here in the club.

Avery: Is that an invitation? (Laughs)

Adam: That was a lead in to me asking where you might be staying.

Avery: Oh. Well, I guess you could say we're neighbors.

Adam: Well, let me be neighborly, and buy you another drink.

Avery: Mm. Next time.

Adam: Okay, let's make it soon.

Adam: Yep. I thought that was you. I'll be seeing you soon, Ms. Clark.

Nina: Yeah, I'm glad I'm here, too. Thank you, Phillip. Yeah, of course. I'll--I'll--I'll call you as soon as I hear anything.

Jill: I love you, Sweetheart.

Nina: Okay, I will. Bye. He says he loves you, too. (Sighs) I feel like I need to be doing something.

Murphy: Look, Katherine, uh, she'll be home very soon, and I'm sure she'll be able to just cut through the red tape.

Jill: Absolutely. And I'm sure she's friends with some old general somewhere. Oh, wait a second. Ulysses S. Grant is dead, isn't he?

Murphy: Oh. (Laughs)

Nina: (Laughs) It wouldn't stop me. I'd ask the devil himself if he could help me find my son. (Sighs)

Jack: I was so desperate, I even asked Adam where Diane set Kyle.

Michael: You really think she would have confided in him?

Victor: She probably tried to avoid him after what she did to him.

Michael: Hmm. Disappearing with Kyle could have been part of her plan.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. What did Diane do to Adam?

Michael: She finked him out to the S.E.C.

Victor: She got him indicted, Jack.

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Excuse me. Jack Abbott. 4'11", 80 pounds, light brown hair, blue eyes.

Victor: (Sighs)

Jack: Timothy Bilton. No, that doesn't sound familiar at all. Could you e-mail me a photograph of him? Perfect. I'll be waiting for it.

Victor: Could that have been Kyle?

Jack: (Sighs) We'll find out soon enough.

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: This is about Nikki. Hello. Michael Baldwin. Uh-huh. Yeah, she just walked back into the center.

Victor: Is she all right?

Michael: Yes.

Victor: Ask him if she's all right.

Michael: Uh, hold-- hold on one moment. She seems fine. She just said she needed some time alone. Yeah, uh, no. That's a big relief. Thank you very much for your phone call. Yes. Yeah. Thank you. They have a doctor looking her over just to make sure.

Victor: We should--

Jack: Well, I'm glad Nikki's okay.

Michael: Yeah. Well, Mr. Newman no longer has a reason to leave town. Will you release him?

Spencer: This time. It'll take a while to do the paperwork.

Michael: Well, we'll wait, gladly. Thank you. Thank you very much, Spencer.

(Cell phone rings)

Spencer: Yes, Mr. Mayor? What about the murder?

Man: Okay, everybody, let's break it up!

Mauro: There's nothing to see here, people. Let's go.

Phyllis: Um, listen, I'm part of the press. I--

Mauro: There's gonna be a media briefing back at the station house, but right now, we need this place cleared, so go. These people are like vultures.

Paul: Can you tell me where the body was found?

Mauro: Yeah. Right there.

Michael: It took everything in our arsenal to get the D.A. to drop his charges.

Victor: Mm.

Michael: If anyone has to leave the country to find Kyle, it can't be you.

Victor: Mm.

Jack: Do you mind telling us what that was about?

Spencer: This murder's big news, so the mayor and the commissioner have pulled in a hotshot detective to work the case.

Paul: So I thought you were the lead on this.

Mauro: Genoa City wants this collar so bad, they're bringing in some former FBI guy, but he's--he's not here yet.

Ronan: He's here now.

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