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Y&R Transcript Monday 8/1/11 -- Canada; Tuesday 8/2/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9707 ~ A Violent Death Rocks Genoa City

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Tucker: Well, you got up early.

Ashley: (Sighs) I didn't sleep that much last night.

Tucker: Is that because of me tossin' and turnin'?

Ashley: No, that wasn't it.

Tucker: It must be the situation with Diane then. It's been on my mind, too. (Sighs) Holdin' Abby's confession over her head, threatening to ruin her future and drag us all back into the spotlight-- it's disgusting.

Ashley: (Sighs) Oh, Boy. Mm, yeah, well, it's Diane.

Tucker: She's not gonna get away with it.

Ashley: You've got that right. Do you want some coffee?

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: It's black.

Tucker: That's the way I like it.

Ashley: You have something...

Tucker: Hmm?

Ashley: You have a-a leaf.

Tucker: Oh, that must have been from Crimson Lights when you left. You know, that low-hanging tree branch outside the front door?

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: What time you have? Oh, this is way off. Did it stop?

Ashley: I don't know. The batteries could be dead, I guess.

Tucker: Well, let me see. (Scoffs) It's got water in it. You know, it's not waterproof.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: Did you forget and wear it in the shower?

Ashley: Uh... I guess so.

Abby: (Groans)

Abby: (Scoffs) (Sighs)

Abby: (Sighs)

Abby: (Sighs)

Abby: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Oh, we did this.

Nick: (Laughs)

Phyllis: Even though we said we weren't going to, we did this.

Nick: Yeah, well, it's definitely the best all-nighter I've ever had at the office.

Phyllis: But we didn't get any work done.

Nick: Eh. Think of it as research for a future story.

Phyllis: Is that where you want to go with the magazine?

Nick: Uh...

Phyllis: I mean, it's interesting.

Nick: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Have you seen my phone?

Nick: Oh, it's actually right here.

Phyllis: Oh, good.

Nick: (Sighs) What are you doing?

Phyllis: I have to call the nanny.

Nick: No, bad idea.

Phyllis: Why? Why?

Nick: It's early. You're gonna wake everybody up.

Phyllis: I know. It would be really inconsiderate of me.

Nick: Yeah, it would.

Phyllis: So what should I do instead?

Nick: Hmm. I got a couple ideas.

Phyllis: Me, too.

Nick: Yeah?

Phyllis: What are they?

Nick: Mm. Um...

Phyllis: Oh, my God, what is this? This scratch-- you have a scratch.

Nick: Um...

Jack: And that's when Diane admitted she'd sent Kyle overseas to a boarding school. No, she wouldn't tell me which school. She wouldn't tell me which country. No, Paul, he doesn't have his own phone with him. He--he contacted me last night. We talked to each other for a few seconds before he got cut off. He said he was in Switzerland. No, nothing more specific than that. Paul, believe me, we're not gonna get anything more out of Diane. I don't care how you do it. Just help me find my son.

Victor: What's the delay? We should be in the air by now. All right, let's just take off.

Victor: (Sighs)

Murphy: (Gasps) (Breathing heavily) (Groans) Oh, God. (Breathing heavily) Yeah, hi, uh, this is Patrick Murphy. I'm at, uh, town park near the footbridge. There's a woman in the water. Dia--Diane Jenkins. Oh, she's dead. Yeah. Yeah, thank you.

Nick: Oh, it's nothin'.

Phyllis: It's nothing? Really? It looks painful.

Nick: Eh. (Sighs)

Phyllis: How did you get it?

Nick: Oh, you know, playing catch with our daughter. She has your arm, not mine, so she's always throwin' it into the bushes, and someone's gotta go get it.

Phyllis: Oh, but it looked like it just happened. Do you think I did it?

Nick: You might have.

Phyllis: Mm. I may have.

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: If I did, I could make it better.

Nick: Mm. Well, if you were to do that, it's gonna need more than just a kiss.

Phyllis: How much more? I thought you said it didn't hurt.

Nick: I lied.

Adam: Hey, Sis. Nice outfit. Same one from last night, right?

Abby: I am so not in the mood to deal with you.

Adam: OMG, totally. Yeah, I'm probably not the person you wanted to see as you made your little walk of shame, especially when you gave me such a hard time for making that new friend I did last night.

Abby: What? I don't know what you're talking about, Adam.

Adam: No, your hypocrisy. Can you spell that word?

Abby: And I don't care, okay? Go away.

Adam: Bye.

Kay: Good morning.

Jack: Morning.

Kay: Well, maybe not. Uh, what's the old expression? You look like hell? You--yes, you look like hell.

Jack: I had kind of a rough night. (Sighs)

Kay: Yes, I can see that. Is she anyone we know?

Jack: No, it wasn't anything like that.

Kay: All right, listen, um, we'll make this meeting very short and sweet and let you get on with the rest. Uh, before we start talking about Jabot, I should mention I contacted the lawyer about the matter we, uh, discussed-- challenging the validity of Ash-- of Ash--

Jack: Would you excuse me just one second? I'm sorry. I'll be right back. This can't wait.

Kay: Jack. Uh, J--   

(Cell phone rings)

Kay: Yes, Murphy, how's fishing?

Murphy: Is, uh, is Jack still with you?

Kay: He stepped away for a minute.

Murphy: Um, I've got some terrible news, and, uh, you're gonna have to break it to him.

Kay: Wait. What's happened?

Murphy: It's Diane.

Kay: Oh, dear God in heaven. What has she done now?

Murphy: She's dead.

Adam: It's not as if Diane and I are on speaking terms these days. I have no idea what she did with your kid.

Jack: I swear to God, Adam, if I find out you know where Kyle is, if I find out you had anything to do with him being rushed out of town--

Kay: Jack, Jack, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Jack: No, that's all right. I'm wastin' my time here.

Kay: Uh, I have some bad news. I-I don't know how else to say it. Diane is dead.

Jack: Dead? Where did you hear this?

Kay: Murphy.

Adam: Wait, M-Murphy?

Kay: Yes, uh, he, um, he went fishing in the park, and, uh, he ran across her body.

Jack: Wait, just now?

Kay: Uh, well, that's, uh, yes, what he said.

Jack: Do they know how it-- I-I mean--

Adam: Wh-wh-what was the, uh, what was the cause of death?

Kay: Murphy didn't say. Jack, uh...

Jack: Oh, dear God, I don't believe this.

Kay: I am so sorry.

Woman: Do you need help?

Victoria: Uh... (Sighs) I don't know. I think maybe coming here was a mistake.

Nick: We probably shouldn't leave this around.

Phyllis: Yeah, or this.

Nick: Yeah. It wasn't a good idea to have a secret rendezvous in a place where there's gonna be a bunch of curious reporters.

Phyllis: Yeah. Journalists are very nosy. Have you noticed that?

Nick: I'll get rid of the evidence.

Phyllis: And this. (Sighs) Hey, uh, this is Phyllis. Listen, um, uh, I need a favor. I know you don't open your salon this early, but it's sort of an emergency, and, as you know, I am a great customer. I-I need my nails cleaned up right away, A.S.A.P.

(Jet engines powering down)

Victor: What the hell is the problem? We were ready for takeoff. Who gave that order?

Man: (Sighs)

Victor: What's the meaning of this?

Man: Mr. Newman, there's charges pending against you.

Victor: Those charges are ridiculous. There's no truth.

Man: Regardless, Sir, the terms of your bail prohibit you from leaving town. I have no choice but to arrest you.

Victor: There is no truth to the accusation that Diane Jenkins made, I'm telling you.

(Handcuffs lock)

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hey.

Ashley: Oh, this is a nice surprise.

Abby: Oh, I hope its okay that I stopped by without calling. I was just in the neighborhood, and I, um...

Ashley: What's the matter?

Abby: (Sighs) I just have the worst frickin' headache.

Ashley: You're wearing the same clothes. Were you out all night?

Abby: No. I-I mean, I-I haven't gone home. I just--I-I stayed at a friend's.

Ashley: Abby, were you drinking?

Abby: (Sighs)

Tucker: Hey, your mom and I both know what you've been going through lately.

Ashley: And I know the stress involved with this-- Diane and the confession and everything. I don't want you turning to something to get you through it.

Abby: I'm okay, okay? I was brainstorming with Claire about "Naked Heiress" stuff, and before we knew it, it was 4:00 A.M. I crashed on her couch. It was no big deal.

Ashley: You know that you can always call me if you have one drink too many.

Abby: Yes, I will call you. I always will call you, I promise.

Ashley: Want some breakfast?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: I'll get you an aspirin for that headache, huh?

Abby: Thanks. Hey, what's the matter? Mom?

Ashley: I'm so sorry.

Abby: You're sorry about what? Come here.

Ashley: (Sighs) I-I'm so sorry that you have to go through this, Honey. I mean, I so wanted it to be behind us, and now with Diane and everything--

Abby: It's my own stupid fault, Mom, okay? I made that damn video admitting I was the one driving that night, okay? It's my fault.

Ashley: Honey, it just never had to go this far. I-I just wish I'd done a better job of protecting you.

Abby: Are you kidding me? You did everything you could. My God, Mom, you went to jail for me, okay?

Tucker: Yeah, that sacrifice will be for nothing if the truth comes out now because of Diane.

Abby: Thanks.

Ashley: That's not gonna happen.

(Telephone rings)

Ashley: Hello? Jack, could you call back, please? This isn't a good-- what?! Well, what do the police think happened? Do you want me to come over there? O-okay, well, listen, Jack. Please call me as soon as you know anything, anything at all.

Tucker: What?

Ashley: Diane's dead.

Abby: Dead? You mean, like-- like dead dead?

Ashley: Jack said they found her-- they found her in the park.

Ashley: She was facedown in a stream.

Abby: I guess she won't be telling anyone about my confession after all.

Jack: (Sighs)

Victoria: Jack, I'm so sorry. I was--I was gonna call you and tell you that you didn't need to come down here.

Jack: Oh, Billy.

Victoria: Yeah.

Jack: (Sighs)

Victoria: That's not why you're here?

Jack: The police haven't told you about Diane?

Victoria: No. Why?

Jack: She's dead.

Victoria: Oh, God.

Jack: They found her body in Town Park just a little while ago. (Sighs)

Victoria: That's horrible.

Jack: So I'm here trying to get help to find Kyle.

Victoria: Hold on a second. He's missing?

Jack: Diane sent him away to Switzerland, obviously to a school, only she never told me which.

Victoria: Well, Jack, he can't hear about this from strangers or on the news.

Jack: I know. But right now, I don't have any leads.

Billy: Thank you.

Billy: (Sighs) Hey, Man, thanks for bailing me out.

Jack: It wasn't me.

Mauro: So did you know her fairly well?

Murphy: Well, I just, uh, I just met her a couple of times.

Mauro: But she was married to your wife's best friend.

Murphy: Yeah, but not for very long. Uh, Victor and Diane didn't socialize much together.

Kay: I am no looky-loo, damn it.

Man: It's a crime scene, Ma'am.

Kay: I know that. My husband discovered the body. Now let me in!

Mauro: Brian, Brian, she's all right. You can let her through.

Kay: Thank you. Ridiculous. Detective.

Mauro: Mrs. Chancellor, be careful. Careful.

Kay: Uh, yeah. Oh, Darling, it had to be such a shock for you.

Murphy: Yeah, well, I wish I could have got here sooner. Maybe I could have done something.

Kay: Well--

Mauro: Oh, good, this is Cristina. She's a C.S.I. tech. She's gonna be taking imprints of your soles of your shoes for me.

Cristina: Both?

Mauro: No, just Mr. Murphy. He's the one who discovered the body.

Murphy: Okay.

Kay: All right, Darling. Well, um, what is the reason for the imprints?

Mauro: Well, we have to distinguish between your husband's footprints and anyone else who was here.

Kay: Anyone else? You think someone was... with Diane and perhaps caused her death?

Billy: Why can't you just not--not--just-- never mind. Hey, Jack, look, uh, I left my car at the club. Can you give me a ride?

Jack: Not right now.

Victoria: I could. Well, it's--it's on my way, okay?

Billy: You can't bail me out. You can't give me a ride. Why are you here?

Jack: Victoria will explain. I gotta find Spencer.

Billy: Are you serious? (Sighs) Are you gonna tell me what's going on with him?

Victoria: In the car, unless you'd rather walk.

Nick: So if you want to take her swimming after breakfast, I'm sure she'd like that.

Phyllis: No, no, I'll definitely, uh, be back before Lucy wakes up. I have an errand to run.

Nick: Okay, so if you're not at the house, I'll look down by the pool. Thanks a lot. Bye.

Phyllis: Great. Oh, thank you so much. Okay, thanks.

Nick: How about some breakfast with me?

Phyllis: I have an appointment.

Woman: You're here. Did you already hear what happened? They found a body in Town Park this morning. No name released yet, but I asked around. They're sayin' it's your dad's ex Diane.

Spencer: How'd you even find out about this?

Jack: I was in a business meeting with Katherine Chancellor when her husband called and said what he'd found.

Spencer: You know I can't tell you anything about this case.

Jack: No, I-I-I know this. I want you to know, though, Diane and I share an 11-year-old son. He doesn't know that his mother has died. I can't tell him, because I don't know were he is. Without my knowing, his mother shipped him off to Switzerland, and I don't know anything more than that. I wouldn't know that much if he hadn't called me.

Spencer: He couldn't tell you where he was?

Jack: No, no, we got cut off. And this was last night. I haven't heard from him since.

Spencer: I'll contact the detective on the scene. I'll let her know your situation.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you very much. (Sighs)

Jack: What? You did it? You killed her?

Victor: I killed who? What are you talking about? Did you say someone has been killed?

Jack: Diane. What, the police didn't tell you that when they arrested you?

Victor: They brought me in on an unrelated matter.

Jack: Having nothing to do with Diane?

Victor: She probably set it in motion, yeah.

Jack: And no one crosses the great Victor Newman and gets away with it, right?

Victor: If Diane Jenkins is dead, I had nothing to do with it.

Jack: Oh, there are no "Ifs." They found a body.

Victor: How did she die? How did she die?

Jack: They haven't said.

Victor: They bring you in for questioning, Jack?

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. I'm here to try to find Kyle. Diane, in her infinite wisdom, sent him off to Swi-- did she tell you anything about this?

Victor: What do you mean, she sent him off to Switzerland? By himself?

Abby: Oh, come on. I'm dying here. Okay, not the best choice of words. (Stammers) Did you find anything?

Ashley: I've done a pretty thorough check. I-I can't find anything about Diane in here.

Tucker: That's not gonna last long. That story will be everywhere you look.

Abby: Oh, God, I think I'm gonna be sick. (Sighs)

Ashley: Tucker's right. The media's gonna go crazy with this.

Tucker: You can't count on any of Diane's secrets stayin' that way.

Abby: Okay, I know that Dad destroyed the original. Do you think what Diane said is true? You think she made a copy of the video?

Ashley: Honey, she definitely made a copy.

Abby: (Sighs) Okay, that's not what I want to hear. I have to go home. I've gotta go take a shower.

Ashley: No, wait a second. You have to stay here. We've gotta figure out how we're gonna handle this.

Abby: We'll figure it out later, okay? No, Mom.

Ashley: But, Abby, wait a minute. Somebody else could--

Abby: I can't deal with this. I've gotta go.

(Door closes)

Tucker: If she can't deal, I guess we'll have to.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: You know I'd do anything for you, Beauty. You know that, don't you?

Ashley: So if you were Diane, where would you hide a video?

Mauro: So is this the correct number, just in case I need to contact you with further questions?

Murphy: Yep.

Mauro: Okay, great. Well, thank you for your assistance.

Kay: (Stammers) Hold on, please. I mean, we do have some questions. I mean, just please, uh, tell me what happened here.

Mauro: Mrs. Chancellor, I already told you, I can't comment on an ongoing investigation.

Kay: Well, at least you can tell us if it was, uh, foul play or an accident. I mean, we have to know what we're dealing with.

Mauro: I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Kay: It's not as though I asked her for some inside information, for heaven sakes.

Murphy: Now, now, Sweetheart. Sweetheart, she's just doin' her job. She probably doesn't want to upset you. I wish--I wish I hadn't have seen what I just saw.

Kay: So she... she didn't slip and fall?

Murphy: (Sighs) The back of her head was just bashed in.

Kay: Oh, God.

Murphy: Who--who could have done something like that?

Man: I assume she didn't die of natural causes, or you wouldn't be sealing up the room.

Woman: I can't get into details.

Man: Understood.

(Electronic lock beeps)

Man: This is it.

Woman: Thanks. Show the detectives up when they get here.

Billy: (Sighs) Well, looks like your dad got out of paying alimony.

Victoria: That's not funny, Billy.

Billy: Look, I'm just relieved. If there's one good thing about being in a drunk tank, it's that they can't blame me for this mess.

Victoria: Right, right, because it's all about you.

Billy: What, you want me to cry for Diane? Is anybody?

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Well, all right, Kyle. I guess that's why Jack was such a mess.

Victoria: Hey, listen, um, do you--do you really-- I mean, do you have to go now? Do you think maybe we could, I don't know, get some coffee?

Billy: You just snapped at me and now you want me to stay?

Victoria: I'm sorry. I'm--I'm sorry, okay? It's just that I-I didn't sleep at all, and I-I really need to talk to you about what happened last night.

Billy: Oh, that's kind of funny. You know, if you would have talked to me last night when I wanted to, maybe I wouldn't have ended up in jail, but right now is not good for me.

Victoria: Billy, please.

Billy: No, look, you know what? No, no, no. Come on. Look. Really, what's best for us is if you go your way, I go mine.

Victoria: Fine. Go.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Good-bye.

Billy: Bye.

Victor: Wait a minute. If you heard from Kyle last night, why didn't he call you back?

Jack: I'm not sure. He did say that Diane did not want him talking to me.

Victor: What the hell is that woman thinking? Did she think she could get away? Just flying away with him and then-- he would have told you that.

Jack: Well, who-- who knows what she told him was going to happen? I mean, if he thought she was in any kind of harm, uh, he would have done anything she said. He was very, very protective of her.

Victor: Well, you go find him, all right? You bring him back. Whatever help you need from me, I'll give it to you, all right?

Jack: Thank you.

Victor: Okay.

Jack: Though it seems like you have your hands pretty full.

Victor: Yeah.

Spencer: Mr. Newman, I'm sorry to inform you, your bail's been revoked. You're gonna be spending the night in jail.

Victor: Mr. Walsh, allow me to inform you that ain't gonna happen.

Ashley: (Quietly) Abby, come back here. I know exactly what you're up to.

Abby: (Quietly) I can find the copy of that tape.

Ashley: No, no, no, no. What you're doing is you're going home, 'cause Tucker and I are gonna handle this.

Abby: Oh, no. No, you have risked way too much for me already, Mom.

Ashley: Abby, shh! We do not have time to argue about this. Go. Abby!

Abby: (Scoffs)

Tucker: Ready?

Ashley: Yeah, let's do it.

Abby: Hey. (Sighs) You were, um... (Clears throat) You were working here last night, right?

Man: Yeah.

Abby: Yeah. Working overtime?

Man: No, I'm just fillin' in for somebody who's sick.

Abby: Right. (Sighs) (Clears throat)

Man: I still went home. (Chuckles)

Abby: (Chuckles) Uh, yeah, yeah. Uh, okay, um, this is gonna sound kind of weird, but, um, do you happen to remember who I was talking to or, um, what time I left the bar?

Man: Don't you?

Abby: No. No, I don't. I, uh, I blacked out.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: If that video's in that room, the police are gonna find it.

Tucker: Well, maybe Diane hid it someplace else. What if she never even made a copy? She could have been lying to Victor. She lied all the time.

[Ashley remembering]

Diane: What a fool you are. You see, it was true all along. I did have sex with your man, Mr. Tucker McCall, and it was divine.

Ashley: I don't think she lied about everything.

Phyllis: We have the inside track on this one.

Nick: You are gonna get a million hits on your blog when this word gets out.

Phyllis: It won't be long now.

Woman: So can I tell everyone to focus on this story?

Phyllis: Uh...

Nick: No, no.

Phyllis: No, I don't think it's a good idea.

Nick: No, I don't want to be a part of a media frenzy.

Phyllis: Right, that's what Billy would have done, but he's not Billy. He has more class. I just think it's, um, well, it's--it's a good id-- you know, we don't-- we don't want to just get the story. We want to get the story right, you know? So, um, we might go a completely different direction, right? We might not even cover it at all.

Nick: That's interesting.

Phyllis: Right, I mean, everybody will be covering it, and by us pulling away, that-- that might be an interesting direction, don't you think?

Nick: I'll tell you what, we're gonna talk about this, and then we'll let you know how we want to handle it, all right?

Woman: Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: So, you know, gossip, intrigue, it's always interesting, but I think that this is just--

Nick: It's tragic is what it is.

Phyllis: I wouldn't go that far. It's not tragic. Please. She had this coming. Nick, oh, my God. Don't look at me like that. You know I'm right.

Nick: There was another side to Diane, one that you didn't see.

Phyllis: (Stammers) Don't. Please don't go there. After everything she's done to me, please don't say that to me. She was a vicious, manipulative bitch. She got exactly... exactly what she deserved.

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Phyllis: Every woman that gets hooked up with you gets in a lot of trouble or dies.

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