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Episode # 9706 ~ Diane's Actions Enrage Her Enemies

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Victor: Domestic abuse charges-- that is so utterly ridiculous. Diane Jenkins ought to be arrested, ought to be locked up for filing a false police report, for heaven's sake.

Michael: Shh. One can hope.

Victor: (Sighs)

Michael: But you were the one arrested, which is why I don't want waiters or patrons to overhear you gnashing your teeth about how much you loathe Diane. Don't see her. Don't talk about her. Don't think about her, if you can help it.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Michael: What?

Victor: It's Nikki's rehab center. Yes, this is Victor Newman. I beg your pardon? Thank you.

Victor: Nikki is missing.

Abby: Diane tried to blackmail Dad with my confession?

Tucker: Wait. Wait a minute. What confession?

Ashley: About your accident. A few weeks ago, Abby made a confession on video saying she was the one driving the car.

Abby: Yes, it was my brilliant idea to go public to clear Mom, but I-it--Dad stopped me. That video was destroyed.

Tucker: Well, it looks like I missed plenty during my extended nap.

Ashley: Diane can't hurt you, Abby, and I'm gonna make sure she knows it.

Jack: I know what I want, Diane, and it sure as hell isn't you. Tell me where my son is.

Diane: Your son? You were a sperm donor, Jack-- an unwitting, unwilling participant.

Jack: Where is he?

Diane: You want him? Then you take me, too. We're a set.

Jack: What school did you stuff him into? In what country? You're gonna tell me, or I'm gonna throttle it out of you.

Diane: You had your chance, Jack. You blew it. Now you'll never see your son again.

Jack: (Sighs)

Phyllis: What? Get back to work.

Nick: So we gonna talk about it? The, uh, "Diane smack down" in your office?

Phyllis: Diane, Diane, Diane. You mean "The bunny boiler" with vivid memories of the last time you had a romp in the hay. That Diane? Yeah, yeah. Well, I have a protective order against her. The next time she comes near me, she gets to wear an orange jumpsuit.

Nick: I should have warned you that she was very persistent.

Phyllis: Ohh. You act like I care. (Scoffs) I don't care that you slept with her.

Nick: I'm not saying you care, all right? I care.

Phyllis: Would you like a refill?

Nick: No, I don't want a refill.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Nick: Son of a... (Scoffs)

Victoria: Finally. I've been trying to track down you and Dad. (Sighs)

Nick: "Always a slut"? Dad is gonna lose his mind. We cannot let Mom see this.

Victoria: Well, I think she already has. She's missing from rehab.

Nick: They don't know where she is?

Victoria: No. The only reason I know is because I tried to call her. I've left messages for Dad on his cell. I called the office, the ranch.

Nick: All right, why don't you go and check the club?

Victoria: All right. (Sighs) You're not coming?

Nick: No. I'm gonna deal with the person who caused this.

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: Hey, Vick-- Vick? (Sighs)

Phyllis: Billy, don't be an idiot. Go after her.

Billy: Why aren't you home with Lucy instead of getting into my business here?

Diane: (Scoffs) Uhh! No money, no man. You bastards! You're all...   

(Cell phone rings)



Diane: Nicholas. Yeah. Yes. Yes, of course. I can be there right away.

Adam: Thanks for the indictment, Diane, old buddy, old pal. You keep screwin' people over, you're bound to get yourself killed...   

(Water splashes)

Adam: One can only hope.

(Water splashes)

Phyllis: You know, I'll tell you why I'm not home with Lucy. Because she's asleep, and the nanny is with her. You see, I do this sometimes. I work at night so I can spend the entire day with her when she's awake. I didn't fight this hard for Lucy just to hand her over to a babysitter.

Billy: (Tsks) Look at you all calm and pretend rational, sharing cozy and personal details about the daughter you stole from me and my wife.

Phyllis: Billy, some people like you. Some people, God help them, love you. And those people need you to get your head out of your a--issues and get through this without trashing your life.

Billy: Well, "Silly Philly," trashing my life is my favorite pastime. Why would I stop now? Are you done? Thanks.

Diane: Thank you for calling. I know this isn't a friendly get-together, but if you would give me a few minutes, I know I could help you understand.

Nick: An alienation of affection suit? Now this tabloid garbage? You leak pictures of my mom and dad in bed. What is the matter with you?

Diane: It's this town. It's these people. It's like I can feel it slipping through my fingers-- everything I could have been, everything I could have had... with you.

Nick: (Scoffs) Enough of this "With me." This is not about me. No one is buying that.

Diane: Why can't it be about you? You could help me, Nick. You could protect me... from myself. You've done it for other women, for Sharon. You saved her over and over again. Why does she deserve saving and I don't?

Nick: What do you think? That you're gonna attack my family like this and we're just gonna hop into bed? I told you, I'm not interested.

Diane: Right. Well, if you're so repulsed by me, make it easy on yourself. Pay me to go away in honor of what we had.

Phyllis: Did you... just ask Nick to pay you for having sex with him? Wow. That's growth. Congratulations. You finally admitted you're a whore.

Tucker: Diane isn't exactly the most trusted woman in town. No one'll believe a thing she says, so if that video turns up, we get an expert to say it was faked or altered.

Ashley: Don't you think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, planning a defense that we might not even need? I gotta get some air.

(Door closes)

Abby: You--you think she went to find Diane?

Tucker: She would have said so.

Abby: Oh, Man, this is bad. That video screams, "Hey, I'm a crazy drunk driver, and my mom is a liar." I'll get arrested. Mom will make herself nuts worrying about me. She'll probably get charged with obstruction, and your business is gonna be totally flattened, just when you're ready to take over again.

Tucker: Diane should have been dealt with long before now.

Victoria: Oh, Dad, thank God. I called the rehab center earlier, and I... (Sighs)

Victor: I know your mother is missing.

Victoria: How could they let this happen?

Victor: The director of the rehab center called and said that apparently there was a group of them that went into town, split up, and your mother ran into someone who had read a rather libelous headline about your mother and then called her all kinds of names.

Michael: Nikki never made it back to the group.

Victoria: You know what? This is all because of that bitch Diane!

Victor: Of course it is.

Victoria: I saw her after she filed that lawsuit. If I had done something before she trashed Mom to the tabloids--

Victor: She is responsible for it, and no one else, okay? She's like a rabid animal that needs to be--

Michael: All right, you've always been good to the animal groups, haven't you, Victor? Listen to me, both of you. I know the charges against you are baseless, but they are very real, Victor. So not another word about Diane, please, both of you.

Victor: Listen, I know that Diane Jenkins did this in order to punish me, all right? She's going after your mother. Anyone who threatens my family has to deal with me.

Victoria: White wine. No, you know what? Actually, make that an iced tea. Uh, y--no. Sorry. The wine is good. (Sighs) You know what? Actually, maybe you could just pour me a gallon of rum. (Chuckles) I'm kidding. Actually, I-I'm not really kidding. I--there's this rum in Jamaica that's--it's just, um... (Sighs) Actually, I-I'll just have the wine. Sorry. Thank you.

Billy: You know, uh, rum is a cure-all.

Victoria: Are you following me?

Billy: Well, yeah, kind of. But I gave you a really big head start, so that's something, right?

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: (Clears throat) All right, look, y-you ran out of the coffeehouse really fast, like something's really wrong, and if you want to talk about it, I can just sit here and not say anything stupid, starting now.

Victoria: You pretty much told me to go to hell the other day. And now you want me to spill my woes to you because you're willing to sit there and not act like a jerk for a minute. Wow. The offer alone must have exhausted you. Imagine following through with it. How would you-- how would you bear it?

Billy: Yeah, well, I'm just being polite. Actually, what I want to do is sit here and drink in peace, starting now. Hey, uh, could I get a scotch, please?

Billy: (Sighs)

Jack: What are you doin'?

Billy: Hey, brother Jack. (Sighs) (Taps on bar top) Let's get this party started.

Victor: I'm going to take the jet and find your mother, okay?

Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You were just released from jail. How is crossing state lines a good idea?

Victor: I am not concerned about that.

Victoria: I'll go.

Michael: No.

Victoria: Well, what if she's fallen off the wagon? What if she's hurt and ashamed and all alone and--I mean, she needs us. I'm not just gonna sit here and do nothing.

Michael: A-a-all right, fine. Fine. I will go. That way, you'll both be here in case she's on her way back to Genoa City.

Victoria: That does make sense.

Victor: Okay, I think that's a very good idea, all right?

Michael: All right, not so fast. But you've gotta swear to me you will not try to contact Diane, and there's no more talk about rabid animals or euthanasia.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Another half-dozen people, and we'll have ourselves a vigilante group lookin' for our next kangaroo court, huh? When can we expect to send an invitation to Diane?

Victor: Son, you went to bed with the wrong woman. You're beginning to pay for it.

Nick: Let's get out of here.

Phyllis: Well, look who violated her restraining order. Get ready for the police. (Sighs)

Diane: Oh, don't play the victim with me, Phyllis. You are a grasping, spoiled climber who pretends to be so independent, so empowered, when everything you have you've either scored on your back or stolen right out of someone else's hands. Go ahead. Call the cops. I'll call social services. I'm sure they'd love to hear you explain why an innocent child is left home alone while mommy is bed-hopping with her boss.

Phyllis: Really? Really? You want to do that?

Nick: Okay, okay, okay.

Phyllis: You want to do that? You want to threaten me and my family? Is that what you want to do, Diane? You want to go there?

Nick: Diane, back the hell off. If you're pissed at me, then you come after me. But no more coming after Phyllis or my mom or anyone else I care about.

Diane: Was I ever even in that group of people you care about? No. (Scoffs) Don't answer that. I know.

Phyllis: Yeah, go ahead and run Diane. Karma's on her way. She's gonna beat you senseless. Run! Quick! (Sighs)

[Elevator bell dings]

Jack: What kind of a person sends a kid off to another country alone? I don't know where he is. I don't know who he's with. She's lucky I didn't shake the truth out of her.

Billy: Well, Jack, that sounds like a party to me.

Jack: What the hell is wrong with you?

Billy: Well, my shoulder's still a little stiff, but, uh, I'm coping with it.

Jack: It's me you're talking to, your brother. I've seen you hit rock bottom. This is not it. What is this? Is this some kind of act? Some kind of game to get Victoria to feel sorry for you, to take you back? Don't be an ass, Billy. You love your wife. Be the bigger person. You reach out to her first. Go to Victoria.

Billy: You think that's gonna work? Just walk up to her and say, "Here I am. Let's talk"?

Jack: Yeah, I think that's gonna work, because I know she loves you every bit as much as you love her.

Billy: Oh, well, in that case, I will go to her on bended knee and--and profess my deep and abiding love. But I think I'm just gonna do this.

Abby: Hey.

Victoria: (Sighs) Thanks for coming.

Abby: Oh, God, no, I am so glad that you texted me. (Sighs)

Victoria: What's wrong?

Abby: It's Diane Jenkins. She is an evil, blonde plague who is torturing my mother.

Victoria: Mine, too. My mother, too, to--to punish Dad for getting rid of her. I'm telling you, she's evil. She--she gets a cheap thrill from watching people suffer.

Abby: She likes to dangle that blade right over your throat.

Victoria: If somebody doesn't stop her, how far is she gonna go?

Victor: Hello, Tucker. If this is about Diane, I told Ashley everything I know about the video and about Abbyís confession.

Tucker: Well, you must have left something out. If you had taken care of that video back when Abby made it, why is it haunting my wife now?

Victor: I took care of it then. I'll take care of it now, all right? Why don't you go on home and worry about your recovery?

Tucker: You screwed up, Newman. You know it, I know it, and Diane definitely knows it, and now my wife is sittin' on pins and needles waitin' to see if her daughter's gonna get carted off to jail. You can't handle Diane? Then I guess I'll have to.

Diane: My goodness. Your message was so urgent. Is anything wrong?

Ashley: This so-called video that you claim to have.

Diane: Oh, it's not just a claim. And as entertaining as that video is, I could be persuaded to part with it for a price.

Ashley: I think I'll just keep my checkbook closed.

Diane: That seems unwise.

Ashley: You know, you are so interesting to me. You have not changed a bit in all these years. You think that everybody in Genoa City is so intimidated by you. We don't find you intimidating, Diane. We find you simply disgusting.

Diane: Oh, God. Save your sanctimonious drivel, you frigid ice queen. You've made me sick for years-- how you tried to ruin things for Jack and me, how we got our children the exact same way, but your baby brother the drunk didn't trash you for it in print for your child to read. But mostly, Ashley, it disgusts me what a fool you are. You see, it was true all along. I did have sex with your man, Mr. Tucker McCall, and it was divine.

[Ashley slaps Diane]

Diane: You should have paid for the video. Big mistake.

Jack: Kyle? Kyle, can you hear me? Are you all right? You're sure? I know your mother didn't want you talking to me. That's--that's fine. You're not in any trouble at all. Where are you? Where in Switzerland? I-it's okay. Your mom doesn't need to know anything ab--Ky-- Kyle? Kyle? Kyle, can you hear me? Ky-- Diane, you sent my kid to Switzerland.

Victor: Make sure that Nikki knows I would have come if Diane hadn't filed those damn charges.

Michael: All right. Oh, no. No. Don't even look at her. I will deal with this.

Diane: Well, nice to see you, too.

Michael: Have you lost your mind?

Diane: If I get another lecture today, Michael, I swear to God, my head is going to explode.

Michael: Okay, fine, fine. Just--I'm begging you. Get out of town. Genoa City is not your home. It is your enemy. I warned you weeks ago that your being here is a mistake. And now that you have angered almost everybody in town, it's time for you to go tonight, before it's too late.

Diane: Don't you think I would if I could?

Michael: It's money? Money? I've got money. You've got it. It's yours.

Diane: No, n-no, I canít. I canít.

Michael: You can, and you will. I'll arrange it. Take it, Diane, and just... (Sighs) Go far, far away.

Diane: Thank you. This isn't how I wanted things to be.

Michael: As soon as you can.

Adam: So... (Sighs) Your ex Diane... seems like that hellcat got the best of you. Kind of looks like the old man might be slippin', hmm?

Victor: Seems to me she's getting the best of you. But, again, you're not man enough to deal with this head-on, so you're goading me into action, right? Do the work for you. Well, I got news for you. I'm not doing your bidding, all right? Clear?

Diane: What do you want?

Adam: Relax, Tiger. I'm not gonna jump all over you. Even though you basically got me indicted, shut my business down, the truth is, my hatred for my father far exceeds my annoyance with you. So what do you say? Let's bury the hatchet... in Victor Newmanís back. We'll put that old plan that shall remain nameless back into action.

Diane: You want to be a team again? Is this some kind of trick?

Adam: You mean, uh, "Let's frame Victor. Oh, wait, let's not. Wait, let's do and say we didnít. Psych." No, Diane. This is not a trick. But this offer won't last long. You'll have to act fast. So if you want some serious cash, and I know you do, because you're you, you'll say yes. And to show your sincerity, you're gonna do me a little favor.

Diane: Recant everything I said about you to the grand jury.

Adam: How did you know? Of course. I accept. Signed and dated, please.

Diane: I can do that.

Adam: And I can deposit a large sum of money into your empty Swiss bank account. This thing's going down tonight.

Diane: Fine. I'll go get started.

Adam: Bye-bye Diane. Bye-bye, Victor.

Michael: Diane and I came to an agreement.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: I don't think she's gonna be a problem after tonight.

Victor: Yeah.

Jack: The caller I.D. was blocked. All I know is he was calling from Switzerland. Right.

Abby: Hey, are you okay? You seem kinda weird.

Victoria: Uh, no, uh, it's just--you know, I'm just, um...

Billy: Yeah, well, tomorrow, I'm gonna be more lucky. I promise you that. Yeah.

Victor: Will you kindly stay away from me?

Michael: Victor. Victor.

Billy: (Grunts) (Sighs)

Diane: "I, Diane Jenkins..." blah-bitty-blah. All right, Adam. You're gonna get what you want. But first, you're gonna have to give me my money and let me get the hell out of this town. And now my message to Victor. "Meet me at the footbridge in the park." Why should Victor have all the fun? (Sighs) Mm-hmm. All right. "Send all." Thank God I'll never have to look at those drapes again.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Tucker: (Sighs)

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Tucker: Anything wrong?

Ashley: No. No.

Tucker: I left something in the car.

Ashley: Yeah, I gotta run an errand.

Tucker: I'll see you at home later.

Ashley: Okay.

Phyllis: Come on, delete. Delete! Delete!

Nick: Okay, okay, okay, okay. The office paid for that. I'm not gonna let you break it just 'cause you're wound up.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm not wound up. I'm not wound up. I'm not wound up. And you can't touch my computer.

Nick: Definitely not wound up. My mom is God knows where, and my phone's been turned off this whole time.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Phyllis: What? What is it?

Nick: It's a text from my dad. Michael's going to find my mom.

(Cell phone alerts chime)

Phyllis: Is there a problem?

Nick: No, it's just something I need to take care of.

Phyllis: Me, too. Um, I'm gonna check on... Lucy and the nanny.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah. See ya.

Jack: Okay, both of you, knock it off.

Michael: I saw a patrol car in the parking lot. Now is not the time for another assault charge, Victor.

Victor: Now you heard him, Boy. You go back to your barstool or your bookie. You stay out of my way, all right?

Billy: Ooh, you know, you dress real funny. Your mama teach you how to dress like that? Oh, I forgot. You don't have a mama.

Abby: Oh, my God, Dad, don't hurt him!

Michael: Victor, Victor, no, no, please! Victor!

Jack: Don't be an idiot, okay? Don't be an idiot.

Victor: He can't help being an idiot.

Billy: Oh, don't talk, you self-satisfied jerk. You just like watching my life go down the toilet, don't you?

Victor: I don't give a damn where you go-- where you go down the drain, you got it? As long as you don't take my daughter with you!

Billy: Oh, and she certainly ran back to her dad, didn't she? Look at her!

Victor: You drunken bastard! You drunken bastard!

Billy: Look at her. She's right back to being uptight and closed off and wound up because of you! That's what you do to her!

(Voices overlapping)

Victor: Are you kidding me?

Jack: I'll get him home. I'll get him home. Enough! Enough!

Michael: Victor.

Man: You have the right to remain silent.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, I like the drunk tank.

Jack: Enough! Enough!

Victor: You drunken bastard!

Billy: Oh, come on, old man.

Victor: Pain in the ass!

Jack: Enough!

Michael: Victor.

Victor: You're a punk!

Jack: (Breathing heavily)

Michael: Thank you. Thank you for stepping in.

Jack: You should have stopped that idiot as soon as Billy got to the bar.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Michael: What?

Jack: I gotta get out of here.

Michael: Wh-what?

Victor: You okay?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm fine. I-it's just... yeah. (Sighs) I'm fine.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Victor: Excuse me.

(Cell phone alerts chime)

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: I have to go. I-I have--

Abby: Uh, you know, I would go with you, but I, uh, there's a, um--

Victoria: No, I-it's fine. It's fine.

Victor: Are you going on the trip?

Michael: (Gasps) Oh! Oh, uh, yeah, yeah, I'll call you the--the second they find Nikki.

Victor: Good. Do that.

Michael: All right.

Diane: Come on, Adam. Ahh. There it is. All those pretty, little zeros in my bank account. (Sighs) Kyle, its Mom. Hopefully, by the time you get this message I'll be on my way to be with you. I love you, Mister.

Tucker: You're back.

Ashley: I needed... I'm gonna take a shower.

Nick: Ice cream.

Phyllis: Stale Danish.

Nick: Long night.

Phyllis: Mm.

Jack: They won't let me bail you out tonight.

Billy: Why is it that I'm the one who got arrested, and you look like death?

Jack: Not the best night.

Adam: Hey, little sister.

Abby: What are you doing here?

Adam: Making new friends.

Abby: Hi. Vodka, rocks. Leave the bottle.

Adam: Oof. Recipe for disaster, huh? Nothing worse than drinking and driving.

Abby: I'm sorry. Can you not see that this man is disgusting?

Woman: (Chuckles) He's got great hair.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Adam: Oh, you hear that. You want to, uh, go check out my hair products?

Woman: (Giggles)

Adam: They can't resist. See you later. Sweet dreams, little sister.

Victoria: Hi, Dad.

Victor: Sweetheart, I thought you had gone home after the scene that Billy made.

Victoria: Oh, uh, yeah, I will soon. (Sighs) I'm sure that Michael will call by tomorrow with news about Mom. I mean, if that's what you're worried about.

Victor: Sweetheart, are you okay? Why don't you go home and get some rest?

Victoria: (Sighs) Yeah.

Victor: All right?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah. I will.

(Rustling in trees)

(Brook babbling)

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Kay: You look like hell.

Jack: I had kind of a rough night.

Victor: What's the meaning of this?

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