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Episode # 9705 ~ Diane's Accusations Land Victor in Jail

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Michael: Uh, I'll take a-- Michael Baldwin. Thank you.

Michael: Rough day?

Adam: As if some sorry-ass, bogus grand jury indictment could bring me down.

Michael: (Chuckles) Bogus? Not quite. Oh, and for a little added extra fun, you can expect some more bad news coming your way any time now.

Adam: Bring it.

Michael: Ooh, that was quick. Thank you. Well, I'm going home to my beautiful wife. You enjoy the rest of your miserable evening. Thank you.

Victoria: Uh, can we please, uh, focus here? I promised Dad that we would brainstorm on our new idea until he gets back.

Abby: Why are you getting so crabby? I just gave you five amazing ideas.

Victoria: Come on. You can do much better than that.

Abby: Uh, right, yeah. I actually don't think you heard a word I said. A-admit it. It's not gonna happen today. It's okay.

Victoria: (Sighs) Diane Jenkins has taken up enough of our time. You are right about that. Everything is just gonna be fine, and I'm sure that Dad will deal with Diane and make her realize that she can't go around attacking people and just expect them to take it.

Abby: I ran over Tucker McCall. I might have tried to kill him. I don't know. But my mother had nothing to do with it. She was covering for me. She lost her job because of it. She spent time in jail, and it's not fair.

Victor: Where'd you get that?

Diane: What difference does that make? I have it. And if you want it to disappear, you're gonna have to take out your checkbook.


Diane: Well, good thing I have copies in a safe place.

Victor: I'm not gonna pay you a cent. I will not be blackmailed.

Diane: You almost hit me with that!

Victor: Are you out of your mind, or what? I didn't even come close. What are you talking--?

Diane: You stay away from me! Don't hurt me, Victor! Please don't hurt me!

Victor: What are you doing? You stay away from Nikki. You drop that lawsuit against her, you got that? And you don't threaten my daughter. Anyone who threatens my family doesn't get away with it!

Diane: Get out of here, Victor, now!

Victor: You're nuts. You're bona fide crazy, aren't you?

Victor: Ashley, this is Victor. This is urgent. Um, something happened with Abby that you need to know about, all right?

Jack: Katherine, its Jack. Hold on for a second. I just got back from L.A. I'm sure you've heard by now about Tucker ambushing Lauren and me on "The Talk." He bobbled a question I sent his way. I'm not sure anyone else noticed. Uh, give me a call and tell me whether he passed the test that you were planning. See you.

Judge Kelsey: Mrs. Chancellor, nice of you to join us.

Kay: My apologies, your honor. I was unavoidably detained. But now that I'm here, I would like to contest my son's petition.

Tucker: The judge already decided to revoke your conservatorship over my company.

Kay: Your honor... (Sighs) Tucker has not fully recovered from the accident, and the injury to his brain, it certainly has not healed, and he's incapable, totally incapable, of managing McCall, Unlimited.

Ashley: You have absolutely no proof of that.

Kay: Au contraire. I do. Your honor, if you'll allow me to present my evidence, I think you'll understand why I'm speaking up.

Judge Kelsey: I'll hear it.

Kay: Thank you. When Tucker was released from the hospital, I watched the reporter question him, and he, you know, he seemed hesitant, confused. And there's been other incidents, as well. But I decided to put my concerns to the test.

Judge Kelsey: Tell me about that.

Kay: Uh, well, may I question Tucker?

Judge Kelsey: Of course.

Kay: Thank you. Uh, do you recognize these papers, Tucker?

Tucker: (Clears throat) They're the same papers you brought by earlier to go over.

Kay: Mm, well, is that your signature?

Tucker: You know it is.

Kay: Uh, uh, do you know what type these documents are? What are they?

Tucker: You said it was a lease.

Kay: Yes, that's right. I, uh, I did tell you that. But did you look it over before you signed it?

Tucker: I wouldn't sign anything I hadn't read.

Kay: Your honor... (Chuckles) This is not a lease at all. It's simply a copy of an agreement to sell one of McCall's subsidiaries. It's a contract that he signed months before the accident.

Tucker: As I told you at the time, I was in a hurry.

Kay: (Scoffs) To get here, apparently, when you and, um, Ashley and Sofia were trying to rush me out the door the entire time I was there. He made numerous errors throughout the meeting. I could see that he was straining to understand. Uh, for instance, when I asked him why the net income rose significantly in his industrial division the last part of May, he said he'd have to get back to me. Now any competent C.E.O. would have been able to explain the reasons for it, and in detail.

Ashley: Your honor, if I could please clarify--

Judge Kelsey: I want to hear what Mrs. Chancellor has to say.

Kay: Well, there were other things--other things-- small things, uh, enough to convince me that he-- that he was--he was struggling. He cannot even grasp, uh, complex financial concepts and/or information.

Tucker: Oh, so you're a neurologist now?

Kay: Enough to know that you're not capable of running a global empire, Tucker.

Judge Kelsey: What other proof do you have that Mr. McCall is incapacitated in a business sense?

Kay: Yes, well, you judge for yourself. This is, um, a P.F.E. -- project financial evaluation. Um, that's what I would like to have discussed with you earlier today, Tucker, but, uh, if you'd be so kind, just, uh, read the first paragraph, second page, aloud, if you would, please.

Tucker: (Clears throat) "Continued volatility in the music industry necessitates that cash reserves be doubled in any startup venture. In addition, the insurance requirements provide a formidable barrier to entry. In both these areas, McCall, Unlimited's entertainment division, with its deep pockets and vertically integrated indemnity arm has a distinct financial advantage over its competition."

Kay: Thank you. Now would you explain, uh, to the judge why this analyst believes that, uh, uh, McCall has a distinct advantage?

Tucker: It's a volatile business. It takes a lot of money.

Kay: Uh, you restated some of what you just read, but I'm asking for your expert evaluation on why you think this independent analyst had--

Tucker: I-I heard the question.

Judge Kelsey: Can you answer it?

Tucker: No.

Kay: Tucker, do you know what the phrase "Vertically integrated indemnity arm" refers to?

Tucker: None of this means that you should stay in control. I own McCall! I decide who runs it!

Kay: In my opinion, I am an experienced businesswoman, and you are not sound enough of mind to do that.

Ashley: Your honor--

Judge Kelsey: I've heard enough. Based on Mrs. Chancellor's undisputed testimony and what I have just witnessed, I will not revoke her conservatorship over McCall, Unlimited. When you can demonstrate that you are fully prepared to run the company again, we'll reconvene.

Abby: I'm sorry. We are in a meeting. You can't just barge in.

Adam: Well, I'm here in my capacity as a Newman board member. I have some issues that need to be addressed.

Victoria: Well, write a memo. We're busy.

Adam: Where's Dad? He should be here.

Victoria: He's not here.

Adam: Mm. Well, then pass this along, will you? When I learned that "Bubble-head blondie" here was going to be representing...

Abby: (Scoffs)

Adam: One of the premier divisions of this company, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or have my ears checked, because clearly, our father would not have gone along with this.

Victoria: He did.

Adam: Well, he's losing his mind then.

Abby: You can't stand that Vicki and I are working with Dad and you're still out in the cold.

Adam: (Shivers) Yeah. That's what it is. No, actually, I have a voice here, a rather large voice, according to the rather large amounts of stock that I own in this company. Hi, Dad.

Victor: Hey, Son. I didn't think that you wanted to see me again after I delivered that report from the grand jury.

Abby: Ooh, did he get indicted?

Victor: Stock manipulation, fraud, and other crimes.

Abby: (Chuckles) Hmm.

Victoria: Oh, that's fabulous. You just made my day.

Adam: Mm. Yes, party, party. Well, it's a lot of grandstanding, and it's not going to hold up. But it'll address this absurd announcement about Abby.

Victor: You're not gonna address a damn thing. Abby is the new face for Beauty of Nature.

Adam: Well, I guess I'll just have to take this up with the rest of the board. We'll see what they say.

Victor: And you will not take it up with anyone, because from now on, you're no longer a member of the Newman board of directors.

(Knock on door)

Diane: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs) Hello. Officers, thank you for coming so quickly.

Man: I understand you phoned in about a domestic incident?

Diane: Yes, um, my ex-husband was here right before I called you, and I'm--I'm actually really terrified he's gonna come back.

Man: Watch the corridor while I get her statement.

Diane: (Sighs)

Man: You want to tell me what happened?

Diane: Yes, well, uh, we had a-a ter-- terrible argument, and he threatened me.

Man: How?

Diane: He threw that camera right at my head, and I-I barely had time to duck. He said some vicious things to me.

Man: How long have you been divorced?

Diane: The marriage, uh, was annulled just a few weeks ago, and the way it ended was very, very ugly. My ex-husband, he committed adultery before he dumped me, and today, I told him that I had proof. I told--I told him that I had, uh, pictures. (Sighs)

Man: That's Nikki Newman and Victor Newman.

Diane: Yes. You have no idea the hell these two have created in my life. I filed a lawsuit against Nikki earlier today for alienation of affections. And--and that's what set Victor off. That's what made him come charging over here. (Sighs) I showed him the picture. That's when he grabbed the camera, and he threw it at me. I mean, there weren't even any pictures in the camera. I had already taken out the memory card, but he-- he was in such a rage. And I-I was afraid, you know? I really thought he-- I'm asking for your help, 'cause I'm scared he's gonna hurt me.

Tucker: Your honor, listen. With all due respect--

Judge Kelsey: I've ruled, Mr. McCall. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for a meeting.

Tucker: You enjoy that? You enjoy humiliating me? You vindictive, spiteful old woman.

Kay: Stop it, Tucker. Stop it. You're not ready to return as C.E.O., and you both know it.

Ashley: You're wrong! He is ready, and with the proper support, he would have been fine.

Kay: What proper support? He's the figurehead, and you make the decisions, Ashley?

Ashley: No, meaning, we could have worked together as a team. But instead, you chose to look out for yourself.

Kay: No, no, no, no, no, no. Mnh-mnh. I am putting the company first.

Tucker: You know, I didn't think it was possible, but I have more contempt for you now than when I first laid eyes on you.

Tucker: Have fun.

Jack: Katherine, there you are. How goes it?

Kay: Uh, Jack, we, uh, we need to talk. Where are you?

Jack: I'm at home.

Kay: Good. I'll be there shortly.

Diane: This is Diane Jenkins calling. Up until recently, I was Mrs. Victor Newman. Yes, that Victor Newman. I have an interesting tidbit for your web site-- something for the late-breaking gossip section, and for the right price, you could have it tonight.

Victor: When you signed on as a board member, you agreed not to embarrass the company. I think being charged by a federal grand jury for stock violations, securities violations, qualifies more than enough as an embarrassment, don't you think?

Victoria: Are you kidding me? I think it'll be front page news.

Adam: The accusations against me are lies Diane sold to the authorities to save her own tail. It'll never hold up.

Victor: You bet it will, because it's true, and everyone knows it's true. I suggest we call someone to escort you out of the building, and don't ever show your face here again, all right?

Victoria: Uh, well, I would be more than happy to call security.

Abby: Here, wait. Let me do it. Let me call them. I want to call them.

Victoria: All right.

Adam: Mm, yay.

Man: Victor Newman?

Victor: Yes?

Man: You're under arrest for domestic abuse.

Victor: Who the hell are you?

Ashley: I'm so sorry. I can't believe that Katherine could be so cruel. Making you interpret that report in front of the judge was-- it was disgusting.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: It was uncalled for and unnecessary, because she'd already made her point. I'm so sorry.

Tucker: You know, I remember this one time when I was about 8 years old. (Sighs) I was riding my bike home from school. It was a brand-new western flyer, red and white. It was beautiful. I'd just gotten it for my birthday. I was so proud of that thing. All of a sudden, these four junior high boys jumped out in front of me. These were big boys, mean. They're the ones everybody always told you to steer clear of. They said, "Get off the bike." It was theirs now. I said, "Hell, no." I tried to make a break for it, but they chased me down, pulled me off the bike, threw me down on the ground. Then they started beatin' on my bike, just wailin' on it. They kicked in the spokes. They beat on the frame with a tire iron every time I tried to get up to stop 'em, they'd throw me back down on the ground. But I didn't give up. I kept gettin' up. (Chuckles) Finally, it took two of 'em to hold me down, while the other two kept beatin' on the bike. When they were done, they threw it in a dumpster where they knew I couldn't get to it.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Tucker: I had to walk all the way home and tell my folks what happened to my brand-new bike.

Tucker: That's what today was like... only this time, the bully was my own mother.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Tucker: No, it's okay, Baby. Oh, come on.

Kay: I took no pleasure in embarrassing Tucker, but, uh-- thank you-- but I am not going to let him run an enterprise that he's not prepared to run.

Jack: Trust me, you made the right move.

Kay: And there's another thing I want to discuss. As I told the judge, every decision Tucker made since the accident c-can be called into question, including the marriage-- the decision he made to marry your sister from his hospital bed.

Jack: Whoa. Where are you going with this?

Kay: Well, if Tucker wasn't in his right mind-- if he wasn't up to his mental capacity, the marriage is invalid, and it should be annulled.

Man: I arrested Mr. Newman because I believe his ex-wife had reasonable grounds for her complaint.

Michael: While we appreciate that domestic abuse is a very serious--

Man: Let me guess, "My client didn't do it."

Victor: You bet I didn't. Diane Jenkins was lying to you.

Man: Are you denying you went to Ms. Jenkins' hotel suite to confront her about the lawsuit she filed against your other former wife Nikki?

Michael: My client has answered all the questions he's going to.

Victor: No, one second. Just for the record, let me tell you what happened, all right? I was married to Diane Jenkins, and the marriage ended in an annulment. She didn't get a settlement, and that made her very, very bitter.

Man: Sounds like the basis for a very heated argument.

Michael: And you're speculating.

Man: Did you throw this camera at Ms. Jenkins?

Victor: I threw this camera into the fireplace in frustration at no time did I aim at her, nor did I touch her, nor did I threaten her physically.

Michael: Does Diane claim that she was physically harmed in any way?

Man: In an abuse case, it doesn't matter. You know that, Counsel. Ms. Jenkins called 9-1-1 right after Mr. Newman left. She looked very shaken up when we arrived. He threatened, assaulted, and intimidated her.

Victor: Officer, she is trying to intimidate me by this accusation. Don't you understand what she's doing? Trying to get back at me. It's all theater. It's put on.

(Knock on door)

Diane: Just a sec.

(Knock on door)

Victoria: You went after my mother and my father, and now you're gonna have to deal with me.

Kay: And his ability to think and make appropriate decisions, um, well, that's been compromised. And something about the marriage just makes me feel very uneasy, and we also do not know the whole truth about... the night of the accident. Hmm?

Jack: And that's reason enough for them to end things?

Kay: Jack, can you look me in the eye and say Tucker McCall is the man you would like to see your sister married to for the rest of her life?

Jack: (Sighs) I-I won't deny I am not thrilled with Tucker being my brother-in-law, but I also have Ashley to think of.

Kay: Because of all the mental stress? Well, Ashley may not believe it, but, uh, putting an end to this impulsive commitment may be best for both of them.

Jack: You may be right. You may be right.

Man: Your arraignment's in a few minutes. You can wait in here if you want.

Michael: Thank you, Officer.

(Knock on door)

Michael: All right, what haven't you told me? There's more to it than this.

Victor: (Sighs) I went to her hotel suite to have it out with her, to confront her about this ridiculous lawsuit against Nikki. And then she turned the tables on me.

Michael: How?

Victor: Produced the tape on which Abby admits that she was driving the car the night that Tucker was hit.

Michael: How in God's name--

Victor: I have no clue. But she had it, played it for me, then tried to shake me own, intimating that if I paid her enough, she would make the whole thing go away. I tell you, that woman is only interested in cold, hard cash. I have never met anyone quite like that. She'll rain down hell on me from now on, I promise you. But I'm going to pay her back.

Diane: Want me to call the cops on you, too? It's really no trouble.

Victoria: I guess you didn't seem to get the message when my dad was here. Drop the lawsuit and this idiotic abuse charge. Do you know what? You're gonna be really sorry.

Diane: More threats-- you Newmans are so predictable. You turn to each other all the time, but the minute anybody else calls you on your crap, you gang up, and you go on the attack.

Victoria: Oh, I think you have that backwards. See, you're the one attacking us.

Diane: I am the victim here, Victoria. I'm the one who suffered. Your father treated me like garbage the whole time we were married, and Nikki is the tramp who slept with my husband. I've been wronged by all you people, and I'm gonna get what I deserve.

Victoria: You're right about that. My family and I will see to it.

Ashley: So we're just gonna have to work with the doctors and the therapists, and we're gonna get you back in top form in no time at all. Just watch.

Tucker: (Chuckles) What the hell was the matter with me that I didn't marry you the second I met you?

Ashley: I don't know. (Laughs)

Tucker: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Except I wouldn't have said yes, because my life was a mess. Remember?

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: But we're in this together. Come here. For keeps.

Tucker: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Right?

Tucker: Yeah.

(Knock on door)

Ashley: Oh, no. Somebody has really rotten timing.

Tucker: Get rid of 'em.

(Knock on door)

Ashley: That's what I'm gonna do.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: I'm gonna get rid of 'em.

Abby: (Sighs) Mom, oh, my God, you are not going to believe what Diane has done now.

Adam: Yeah, Diane's story about the day of the I.P.O. is one big lie. She sold me out just to cover her own tail. But I think we can... we can show she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Leslie: Okay, so what I'll do is I'll review everything, and then let's meet again.

Adam: Anything in the meantime I should do to, um, help my case?

Leslie: I'll give you my advice, but you're not gonna like it.

Ashley: What is wrong with Diane? How could she lie to the police about something so serious?

Abby: Because she is a slimy, messed-up hater, which I told Dad when he got involved with her again, but of course, he didn't listen.

Tucker: All this went down at Newman?

Abby: Yeah, Adam was there. He was trying to block me from being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature, right after Dad had totally just given it his blessing.

Ashley: He did?

Abby: All right, yeah, you're probably mad about that, huh?

Ashley: We'll talk about it later, okay?

Abby: Okay, anyway, anyway, Dad kicks Adam off the board. The police rush in and arrest Dad. It was like, bam, bam, bam! It was totally crazy. Look, I-I know I just dumped a lot on you guys. I'm sorry, but you're being kind of weird.

Ashley: We've had a very bad day, and it's difficult to believe it could get worse, but it just did.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Kay: Hall? As I recall, your firm specializes in marital law, correct? Oh, good, mm-hmm. Uh, well, I want you to, uh, help me out. I want to challenge the validity of my son's marriage.

Victor: I can't believe this. Only a few days ago, Diane Jenkins asked to take custody of Kyle, saying that she thought I was the only one that should take care of him, that she could trust me, in case anything happened to her. And now look what happened. That woman is insane.

Michael: Her life's a mess right now, Victor. She may not be facing prison time or criminal charges, but she's looking at a huge fine from the S.E.C. her back's against the wall. She's lashing out at you, at Abby, at Victoria. She even attacked Phyllis the other day. It's obvious that she's, mm, crashing and burning.

Victor: I don't give a damn what is happening to that woman. I couldn't care less. If she wants to burn every last bridge she ever had in this town, so be it. As far as I'm concerned, she can go straight to hell. She will not get a cent from me, not a cent.

Jack: Kyle is supposed to be with you.

Diane: I'm afraid that isn't possible.

Jack: Why not?

Diane: Many reasons. Some of them logistical.

Jack: You lied to me. He's not here. You sent him away? Where?

Diane: He's at boarding school.

Jack: Boarding school where?

Diane: In another country, but he's safe, and he's in very good hands.

Jack: Don't you play games with me, Diane. I want to know where my son is, and I want him brought home immediately.

Diane: Well, I'd be willing to consider that as a possibility, if you'd be willing to give me the support I need.

Leslie: Well, if you want to keep trading your own account, there's really nothing stopping you at the moment. But in terms of your outside investors...

Adam: I should return their money, tell them I'm innocent, and as the owner of Oak Alley, I wouldn't want their hard-earned cash adversely affected by these spurious accusations, blah, blah, blah, and hope that they come back to me when I'm found not guilty, right?

Leslie: Takin' the high road's always the best way to go.

Adam: Damage control. My fund is as good as dead then. There's not gonna be a person out there that'll trust me with their money after this.

Leslie: Anything else you'd like to discuss with me?

Adam: Not right now.

Leslie: Okay. I'll be in touch.

Adam: No hedge fund, no board seat. I've got the S.E.C. breathin' down my neck. Game on, Diane. Game on.

Michael: Victor, Victor, wait, wait, wait. This is a very bad idea. You need to stay away from Diane.

Victor: (Sighs)

Michael: Listen, what if the judge revokes your bail? How are you gonna protect anybody from behind bars?

Victor: (Sighs) You're probably right. I don't know what the hell I would do to that woman if she showed up here now.

Michael: Okay, okay, let's just take a deep breath. Let's get a drink. Come on.

Victor: One second. Ashley never returned my call.

Michael: (Sighs)

Victor: Yeah?

Ashley: Victor, are you okay? I just heard about your arrest.

Victor: I'm out on bail.

Ashley: He was released on bail.

Victor: Did you get the message?

Ashley: No, what message?

Victor: I left you a message about Abby. She's in trouble.

Ashley: Oh, my-- no, how can that be?

Tucker: What's going on?

Ashley: Hold on a second. Diane knows that you're the one that hit Tucker. She has the confession that you made on video.

Abby: Oh, my God.

Victoria: Thank you. (Whispers) Damn her. (Sighs) (Sighs) (Normal voice) Hi, uh, yeah, this is Victoria Newman. My mother's a patient there-- Nikki Newman. I-I need to speak with her, please. It's an emergency. (Scoffs) What do you mean, you don't know where she is?

Jack: You're willing to trade our son for cash?

Diane: I'm not just talkin' about money. I'm talking about real support, the kind you get from a family.

Jack: Whatever that means.

Diane: You're alone. I am alone. Maybe for the first time in Kyle's life, we could both really be there for him.

Jack: Are you on drugs?

Diane: We could be great together, Jack. We were before.

Jack: That was a long time ago, Diane. I don't want you or anything you have to offer.

Diane: Admit it, Jack. You've always wanted me. You slept with me the night before your first wedding because you could never resist... this.

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