Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/27/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/27/11 -- Canada; Thursday 7/28/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9704 ~ Tucker Surprises Lauren and Jack on "The Talk"

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Lauren: Okay, gift bags are all set.

Jack: Excellent.

Lauren: And here are the samples that Leah and Holly and I can play with.

Jack: Just great. Listen, I am gonna need your help in distracting these ladies if they decide they want to dish about Abby's big announcement.

Lauren: Do you really think that's gonna happen? I mean, The Naked Heiress as the Beauty of Nature spokesperson? Come on.

Jack: I guess we'll soon find out, though it's hard to believe that Ashley and Victor would go along with it.

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Oh. Oh. Katherine, great timing. We're backstage at "The Talk." We're about to go on.

Kay: How's L.A.?

Jack: L.A. is sunny, though we're not getting to enjoy any of it. We'll be right back on the jet as soon as "The Talk" is over. We're hoping this will give us a nice big ump in sales.

Kay: Mm, well, I'm recording it. Can't wait to see it. Right now, I'm headed over, uh, to see Tucker.

Jack: Oh?

Kay: Uh, well, he's going in front of a judge and, uh, claiming he's recovered enough to give me the boot. And I plan on putting him to a test to see if he's really recovered as he says he has.

Jack: And if you determine that he's not fit to run McCall, what do we do then?

Kay: Well, I'll have to find out if it's true first. And then we will take it from there.

Jack: Indeed, we will.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Ashley: There's no formal campaign. Nothing has been approved.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Sofia: So little Miss Abby got ahead of herself, huh?

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: So what else is new?

Ashley: Knowing how Victor feels about "The Naked Heiress," do you really think he's gonna be good with this?

Sofia: Good point.

Tucker: You know, right now, we have more important thing to focus on.

Sofia: Well, like the message you left? You said you had some kind of hearing?

Tucker: Yeah, this afternoon with Judge Kelsey to evoke Katherine’s conservatorship and put me back in charge.

Ashley: Oh, Honey, at least we hope so.

Tucker: He will, Honey. This is why I want to take this thing to the public. I want to reclaim what's mine, leave no doubt in anyone's mind that the court is making the right decision.

Sofia: Everything is all set up. The cameraman will be here shortly.

Ashley: I know I said I was in favor of this. Are you sure you're okay with it?

Tucker: It's all about perception, Darling. I need to show the world and Wall Street that Tucker McCall is back. I can't think of a more effective way to do it.

Holly: They're currently on a nationwide tour launching the new Jabot line after its fabulous premiere at Fenmore’s. Please welcome the stunning Lauren Fenmore and one colorful C.E.O. of Jabot Jack Abbott.

Audience: (Cheering)

Leah: Have a seat.

Lauren: Yeah, and we come bearing gifts.

Holly: Ooh.

Leah: Whoo!

Jack: Yes, Jabot's newest line of products for you from us.

Leah: Oh, we--yes.

Holly: We like gifts.

Lauren: Yes. And wait till you try this overnight sensation cream. It's fantastic.

Leah: Oh. You attribute this to your gorgeous looks?

Lauren: (Laughs)

Leah: And you're not so bad, either.

Jack: I have--I have it on very good authority that Lauren is a long-time devotee of Jabot Cosmetics.

Lauren: That's right.

Holly: Well, now before we talk more about this amazing breakthrough in skin care, I'd like to hear your reaction, Jack, to the announcement that your niece Abby Newman is about to become the new face of Beauty of Nature.

Jack: Abby is a very talented young woman who has a very bright future ahead of her.

Leah: Now isn't Newman, uh, cosmetics competitor? Uh, do we see, like, a warring family?

Jack: I wish my niece the very best in whatever she does, and she will probably make a great spokesperson. In the end, though, it's the product that matters.

Lauren: That's right. Sales are the ultimate barometer of success, and Jabot is flying off the shelves.

Jack: Jabot's got the goods. We don't need a gimmick.

Holly: Mm.

Leah: That's for damn sure with that face.

Lauren: (Chuckles) (Laughter)

Victoria: You see? That is what I am talking about. Jack wasn't even on the air for 30 seconds, and they were already discussing Beauty of Nature!

Abby: Ow! I just hope that a mention on a show as big as "The Talk" counts for something with Dad.

Victoria: I think it will.

Abby: Really? You think he's--he's gonna be okay with it?

Victoria: Uh... I called him last night. He didn't pick up. He just texted to meet him here this morning.

Abby: Me, too. What if the reason that we are here is so he can yell at us both more efficiently? What if it is a big fat no for The Naked Heiress as spokesperson?

Victoria: It's okay. It's okay.

Abby: Yeah.

Victoria: We'll just-- we'll be extra persuasive.

Abby: Well, and Dad always hated "The Naked Heiress" concept. Why would we think that he would be okay with it now?

Victoria: Okay. All right, listen, instead of speculating and worrying, why don't we just wait until he gets here?

Abby: Okay. You're gonna work your magic. (Sighs)

Victoria: Well, Dad put me in charge. He told me to run with it. We never agreed that I had to run every decision past him.

Abby: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's not like ordering an extra box of paper clips, but... yeah.

Victoria: Okay, listen, I know that, but we're generating buzz-- a lot of it. This is what Dad's always pushing for, right? Especially when people are talking about Newman instead of Jabot.

Abby: (Inhales sharply) If this could actually happen-- oh, my God, this is the break I have been waiting for. Maybe things are really starting to turn around for me. (Sighs)

Diane: (Sighs)

Abby: What's naked about the Heiress tonight is the truth, the naked truth.

Abby: I ran over Tucker McCall. I might have tried to kill him.

Diane: (Chuckles, hums) (Sighs) (Clears throat) Yes, hello, good morning. I'd like to add a mimosa to my breakfast order, please. Thank you so much.

Diane: (Sighs) Hitting a jackpot like this calls for a little bubbly. (Laughs)

Victor: Well, now it seems that someone else thinks as highly of you as I do.

Adam: You want to kiss it and make it better?

Victor: I brought you something, Son. It's the report from the grand jury about the day that my company went public. I think you'll find it very interesting reading.

Adam: This report is a joke.

Victor: This is no joke. You better take some of your ill-gotten gains and hire a very expensive lawyer. You're gonna need it. You get a summons, an indictment from the federal court, from the grand jury-- that's not a joke, Son. This is very serious business. (Door opens) (Door slams)

Lauren: So I never used to like to wear lip plumper’s, because they sting.

Holly: And this one doesn't sting?

Leah: Oh, it's a plumper? I didn't know that. I thought it was a gloss.

Lauren: Well, actually, it's a plumper lip gloss that hydrates. It--it calms and soothes your lips instead of irritating them

Jack: And it doesn't taste half bad, either.

Lauren: Uh, really?

Jack: So I'm told.

Lauren: (Laughs) Okay.

Leah: I was gonna get up right in it.

Jack: (Laughs)

Lauren: So the glamour lip gloss collection is incredible. It appeals to all the senses it has radiant color. It smells good. It tastes good, and it feels terrific going on.

Holly: And this is made from cactus pectin, too, right?

Lauren: That's right, yeah.

Jack: Yeah, every year, the cosmetics industry spends millions of dollars trying to come up with the breakaway formula.

Leah: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Jack: Every decade, maybe, we come up with something like this. I credit my sister Ashley with doing the research with developing the product line.

Holly: And for those of you who don't know, Jack's sister Ashley Abbott recently married one of the world's most eligible bachelors, Tucker McCall.

Leah: Yeah, and right before the wedding, uh, she tried to run him down... right? Right?

Lauren: Uh, well, that-- it was an accident.

Leah: Oh.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, one that Tucker and Ashley have already put behind them, obviously. Maybe we should, too.

Lauren: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Holly: Well, I'm sure our audience would like to hear more about this glamour couple.

Leah: Right?

Audience: (Cheering)

Holly: Well, I know I would.

Leah: And look, richest guy in the world marries a cosmetics beautiful genius girl. Who--she used to be married to the other richest guy in the world. I mean, apparent--not a great driver either, okay?

Holly: Yeah--

Leah: But, two, right?

Holly: Right. Victor Newman. Mm-hmm.

Leah: Victor--right, exactly. Two rich guys-- I can't find one!

Holly: (Laughs) We'll be right back after this.

Audience: (Cheering)

Sofia: So great. Let us know when you're ready, okay?

Man: Okay.

Ashley: Okay. That sounds fantastic. Thank you so much. All righty, that was the producer. You're only gonna be on long enough to talk about how pleased you are with the success of the line.

Tucker: Good, especially now that I'm taking over the day-to-day.

Sofia: Right, everything we've already gone over so you can reestablish yourself as the head of McCall, Unlimited.

Ashley: We're gonna be standing off, okay, off camera. If you have any problems at all, we're gonna be here to help you.

Tucker: No, it's okay. Thank you, but I'm sure I won't need it.

 [Kay remembering]

Kay: The company couldn't go on without strong leadership-- strong leadership, Tucker. And I had to act.

Tucker: Go now. I've heard enough.

Kay: Oh, this is the way you thank me for agonizing over every decision that I made for you? You just dismiss me?

Tucker: Yes, it's my company, my choice.

Kay: Well, forget it! Just forget it!

Tucker: I want you out!

Kay: No!

Tucker: Now!

Kay: (Clears throat)

Man: Mr. McCall, get ready to go live.

Sofia: Oh, great.

Tucker: This is it.

Sofia: Oh, yeah.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Tucker: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Ashley: I'll get it.

Ashley: Katherine.

Kay: Uh, well, I hope you don't mind my stopping by without calling first, but, uh...

Ashley: Actually--

Kay: I have some documents to go... what... what's going on here?

Abby: Okay, so if Dad says yes-- big if-- what happens next? Like, when would we get off the ground?

Victoria: All right, well, we would need to craft a formal campaign...

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Advertising in all media-- giveaways, promotionals, personal appearances.

Abby: Oh, wait. That's my specialty.

Victoria: So I will have our in-house P.R. and promotional agencies start working on some ideas while our outside ad agency puts together their pitch.

Abby: I would love to be involved in all that, since it is my persona.

Victoria: Of course, of course, of course. Dad. (Clears throat)

Victor: (Sighs) I'm not accustomed to hearing news about my company on television, especially if it's news to me.

Victoria: Uh, Dad--

Victor: And I will not get accustomed to these kind of surprises. I still run this company. It's still mine. Don't you ever forget it.

Victoria: (Sighs) Okay. Listen, Jabot's new launch has a lot of people talking. Their new line is breaking sales records, and we have to counteract that. And I can't think of anything that would work as well as hiring The Naked Heiress to be our new spokesperson. Did you know that Jack and Lauren were on national TV this morning, and do you know what the interview asked them about? Newman! Because of Abby’s news release. Now, Dad, how can you argue with buzz like that?

Adam: (Sighs) Damn her.

Diane: Brava, my dear. Mesmerizing performance. (Pounding on door) (Computer chimes) (Pounding continues) (Pounding continues) (Kicking on door)

Adam: What did you do?

Man: Ten seconds.

Kay: Does Jack know about this?

Tucker: He's about to.

Holly: Well have a little surprise for you. Although Tucker McCall is still recovering from his accident and couldn't be here today, he's joining us live via satellite.

Lauren: (Quietly) Did you know about this?

Holly: Welcome, Tucker.

Tucker: Hello, Holly, Leah. Pleasure to meet you both.

Leah: Thank you.

Lauren: Hi, Tucker.

Tucker: Hi.

Jack: Hey, what a surprise!

Tucker: Yeah, yeah, huh?

Leah: Now for someone who was in a terrible car accident recently, you look good!

Holly: Yeah.

Tucker: Well, thank you. I feel good.

Leah: How do we look? How we look?

Tucker: Oh, you look beautiful.

Leah: Thank you, Sir.

Holly: Thank you. Well, never having gone through anything remotely like what you experienced, I can only imagine how difficult I was for you, suffering a severe head wound. Doctors weren't even sure if you'd pull through.

Leah: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: Well, but here I am.

Holly: Are you dealing with any repercussions?

Leah: Yeah, like the fact that the car that hit you was driven by your fiancée? That's an uncomfortable discussion.

Tucker: Well, it was one of those... unfortunate mishaps. Ashley was my fiancée at the time of the accident, but I'm happy to say she's now my wife. She's been by my side every minute she's not only the most loving and beautiful woman I've ever known, but the brains of this outfit. This new product line is totally her baby, and we're really happy it's doing so well.

Lauren: That's right. We can’t keep the product on the shelves.

Tucker: Fenmore's was the perfect place to launch our new line. It's a well-respected family business just like Jabot.

Jack: And the Fenmores and the Abbotts go way back.

Tucker: And Jack has done a great job carrying out my vision while I was recuperating.

Jack: Thank you. Must be in the genes.

Holly: Now, Tucker, are you officially back at work?

Tucker: Yep, absolutely.

Leah: Now with all the success, uh, are there any plans to expand the line?

Jack: As a matter of fact, there are, but since this is Tucker's vision, I'll let him tell you what our future plans are.

Tucker: I'm sorry. I didn't get that. There must be some kind of satellite interference or something.

Jack: I said you'd answer their question.

Tucker: What was the question?

Holly: Uh, well, I'm afraid it's gonna have to keep, Guys. We're out of time. But thank you, Lauren, Jack, and Tucker. The new line of Jabot Cosmetics can be found at Fenmore’s department stores nationwide, and everyone here in our studio audience is getting a gift bag just like ours with samples of all the new products.

Lauren: Yay!

Holly: We'll be right back.

Leah: Whoo-hoo!

Audience: (Cheering)

Leah: Hey.

Abby: I never meant to upset you, Dad. I just got really excited about Vicki’s proposal.

Victoria: Okay, listen, we weren't trying to do anything behind your back. At this point, it--it's just an idea.

Victor: The idea might work.

Abby: Seriously?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Wait, I'm sorry. Are you saying that you are okay with this?

Victoria: Are you saying that we can run with this campaign?

Abby: (Gasps)

Victor: Under certain conditions-- I approve of everything.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. We can live with that. What else?

Abby: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Victoria: What else?

Victor: And we set some clear parameters for your involvement in this, all right?

Abby: Yep, let me guess. I can't take my clothes off. That kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Victoria: Well, we were never planning on any actual nudity. It will only be implied.

Abby: Okay. Oh, and we got this super cool suggestion from--

Victoria: We will present our ideas when they're fully developed.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: I think that the final proposal should be mid-August. I think that's doable. Of course, we can issue a formal press release as soon as possible.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Hmm. Well, I'm looking forward to reviewing all that stuff.

Abby: (Screams) Yeah! (Laughs) You are not gonna be sorry. Dad, this is gonna be so great, so great.

Victor: We'll see. But I certainly hope so. (Laughing)

Victoria: (Laughing)

Victor: Well, we have finally found a way to put your alter ego to work...

Abby: (Sighs)

Victor: After all the difficulties you've caused.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victor: Let's see what happens.

Adam: The grand jury indicted me, and only me, for fraud and stock manipulation, plus a bunch of other charges that'll just keep me locked away for the rest of my life.

Diane: (Sighs) How can that be?

Adam: Cut the crap, Woman. I read the indictment. There's stuff in there that only you would know, and surprisingly, you weren't the one indicted.

Diane: Well, Adam, I-I swear to you, I did not say a word to anybody.

Adam: You expect me to believe you didn't sell me out? Really, Diane?

Victoria: Oh.

Diane: Think what you want, but I did not betray you.

Adam: Go to hell.

Diane: Adam--

Adam: No more lies. We're through. I'm done with you. It's over.

Diane: No. Wh-what about the plan?

Adam: What about the plan? There is no plan. There's no help. There's no more money. There's nothing. We're through.

Diane: (Sighs)

Victoria: Oh. (Laughs)

Abby: (Laughs)

Victor: This makes me happy, very happy. I never thought the two of you would be working at my side again, not after all that happened last year. I didn't think it was possible.

Abby: Neither did we.

Victoria: (Sighs) Well, here we are.

Abby: (Laughs) I really hope that this means that all of the bad stuff is behind us, because it has been so hard for so long.

Victor: Yeah. I know.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: Okay, that's it. We're making a pact.

Victor: That's it.

Abby: (Laughs) Okay. Only good things are going to happen to this family.

Victor: You bet. You bet.

Abby: (Laughs) Okay.

Victoria: I'm in.

Victor: All right.

Abby: (Laughs) Yes!

Victoria: (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Victoria: Oh. Oh, hey, Mom. You have impeccable timing. I have the most incredible news for you. Dad and Abby and I were-- wait, w-wait, wait, wait, wait. What? How could she do something like that?

Victor: What's wrong?

Victoria: (Sighs) Diane.

Victor: What do you mean, Diane? What has she done?

Jack: He blindsided both of us.

Lauren: But why? What did Tucker have to prove?

Jack: I'll tell you what he had to prove. He wanted to show me at the same time he showed the rest of the world that he's the boss.

Lauren: I don't know. I don't know. I just don't--I don't get it.

Jack: Yeah, it would have been nice if Ashley had given me a heads-up that I was gonna be ambushed. So much for family loyalty.

Lauren: All right, you have to understand something. Tucker is her family now.

Jack: Don't remind me.

Lauren: All right, let's just relax, okay? It's over. We handled it, thank goodness.

Jack: Yeah, you and I did. I'm not so sure about Tucker.

Ashley: Thank you so much, Becky.

Becky: You're welcome.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: I'm sorry I couldn't help you with that question, but Katherine was standing right there.

Tucker: Yeah. Luckily, it turned out okay. Now as soon as the judge signs off on my taking the company back, problem solved.

Kay: Tucker, I have a stack of reports here needs going over.

Sofia: I was just telling Katherine she needs to come back some other time.

Ashley: Yeah, Tucker has a very full calendar today.

Tucker: And every day.

Kay: I did not come here for my health. There's issues here affecting McCall, Unlimited, ones that you should be aware of.

Sofia: Well, he has a very important meeting he needs to get to, so if you wouldn't mind rescheduling--

Kay: I do mind. (Drops folders on table) This can't wait.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Jack: I deserve to be C.E.O. I shouldn't have to prove it, but I will.

Lauren: You are one of the most determined men I know. You're gonna make it happen. I have the utmost faith in you. And look at this line. I mean, we're already exceeding expectations.

Jack: I can't guarantee that's gonna continue if Tucker decides to take control again. I imagine his first order of business is gonna be replacing me with Ashley.

Lauren: Do you really think that she would go for that? I mean, she knows what kind of asset you are to the company.

Jack: Well, he fired me before and gave Ashley the job. She didn't fight it then. I highly doubt that if the issue comes up again, she's gonna side with me instead of her new husband.

Kay: Now for the past five years, your consumer products division has been outperforming your industrial division. And then last May, that, uh, well, that pattern changed. So, uh, well, you can see it here in the graph. It's on page six, okay? And the industrial division's net income suddenly spiked in percent, overtaking that--that of the consumer division. That was also in May. So, uh, tell me what you think drove that change.

Tucker: Well, I'll find out and get back to you. (Sighs)

Kay: Well, that's fair enough. Um, uh, you know, I was just wondering if it, uh, wasn't due to that big new contract you signed with the department of energy in, what, was that past January? Yeah.

Sofia: Um, actually, it wasn't that.

Kay: I would like Tucker's point of view.

Tucker: Well, I think you're right about the contract with energy.

Kay: Hmm.

Tucker: That's probably why sales are up.

Ashley: Net income.

Tucker: That, too. (Sighs) Yeah. Uh, I'm sorry. I'm a little distracted. We really have to get going.

Kay: Oh, uh, one last thing-- um, this is your new lease on your Rockford facilities. Just look it over and--and--and sign it, if you would, please.

Tucker: (Sighs) I'm sure it's fine. (Sighs) Now if you don't mind, we really have to get going.

Diane: All right. Okay. I admit it. I-I made a deal with the D.A.

Adam: Keep talking. Tell me something I don't know.

Diane: I have Kyle to think about. I couldn't go to jail. I couldn't trust you to protect me. I had to protect myself.

Adam: Well, gee, now that you explained it like that, how could I possibly be upset with you?

Diane: Adam... the plan's already in motion. My son is on the other side of the planet. How am I supposed to get to him?

Adam: I'm sorry. You should have thought about that before you sold me down the river.

Diane: (Sighs) It's just an indictment, right? You--you're going to be fine. They have no case if I'm not here to testify. Just see the plan through. Help me disappear. You'll walk, I guarantee it.

Adam: You guarantee it, that's just rich. You expect me to trust you? What kind of a fool do you take me for, Diane?

Diane: Uh... (Sighs)

Victoria: Okay, Mom, just hang in there. We love you. Of all the mean and nasty things that woman has done.

Abby: What--now what?

Victoria: Mom was just served papers in rehab. Diane's suing her.

Victor: Diane is suing her, for what?

Victoria: Alienation of affection-- for causing the end of your marriage to her.

Victor: This is ridiculous. For heaven's sake, Diane caused the end of our marriage-- nothing to do with your mother.

Abby: What-- this is such a low blow. Rehab is about tuning out the world so that you can get well.

Victor: (Sighs)

Abby: How can Nikki do that with Diane pulling something like this?

Victor: I know. This is the last thing your mother needs.

Victoria: Mom sounded really upset, Dad. I hope this doesn't derail her recovery.

Victor: I'm gonna make sure it doesn't, okay? I'll take care of things... and Diane.

Jack: For you.

Lauren: Ah. Thank you. At least you grew up knowing the people you'd be in business with one day.

Jack: Yeah, how did Jill handle, uh, Victor asking you to be on the board and not approaching her?

Lauren: If she was slighted, she didn't say anything, which would definitely be a first.

Jack: So what are the great man's plans for Beauty of Nature?

Lauren: I can't tell you that.

Jack: Oh, I'm just making friendly conversation.

Lauren: Yeah, really? I'm not that friendly.

Jack: Victor's been making a lot of acquisitions in the last few years. Maybe it's time for him to do a little selling.

Lauren: I'm not involved with that.

Jack: Perhaps you should be. One of the responsibilities of a board is to guarantee the fiscal health of the company. Newman Cosmetics is an island. It is the only direct consumer division. The rest is tech, real estate.

Lauren: Are you still interested in taking Beauty of Nature and combining it with Jabot?

Jack: It's not necessary. Jabot's doing fine. But taking out the competition has a certain appeal.

Tucker: Well... (Sighs) I hope I've convinced the court that I'm ready to resume control of my company. I have the full support of my wife and a very competent executive team. So all I need is your signature, and I'll get back to business.

Judge Kelsey: Since Mrs. Chancellor hasn't appeared, I assume this is uncontested.

Tucker: Uh, Ashley and I met with Katherine earlier. She didn't bring it up. She seemed, uh, content with my answers.

Judge Kelsey: Was that also your impression?

Ashley: Absolutely.

Judge Kelsey: Very well. I hereby revoke the conservatorship of Katherine Chancellor over--

Kay: Just a moment, please, your honor. (Sighs)

Tucker: (Sighs)

Adam: What's going on?

Man: You Adam Newman?

Adam: Yes, I am. Who are you?

Tom: Tom Riley, S.E.C. We're seizing your computer equipment and all investment-related files.

Adam: I have a hedge fund to run. I can't do it without my computers.

Tom: Well, if you're convicted, you'll be out of the financial world for good.

Adam: No, don't go.

Victoria: There's nothing to worry about. Dad's gonna get this thing dismissed, so just call me when you get this so that I know you're okay. (Sighs)

Abby: Your mom's not answering?

Victoria: No. I'm really worried about her.

Abby: I know. I don't blame you.

Victoria: I hope Dad was right about being able to make this go away.

Abby: Yeah. You know, everything is gonna be fine, okay? You're gonna see. Dad is gonna take care of everything.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: Come here. I know he will.

Victoria: Yeah, I'm sure. (Clears throat)

(Knock on door)

Diane: Go away.

Victor: You open the damn door, or I'll kick it in.

Victor: What the hell were you thinking, suing Nikki in the precarious state she is in?

Diane: What about the precarious state I was in, watching my marriage fall apart? I walked in on you and Nikki twice. Did she give any thought to how devastating it was to me, seducing my beloved husband?

Victor: I have nothing but disdain for you. You know this is a bunch of bologna. You have no case. And once I have it thrown out, I'm gonna devote my time to destroy you.

Diane: (Clicks tongue) I have a better idea. Why don't you check this out instead?

(Camera alert chimes)

Abby: I ran over Tucker McCall. I might have tried to kill him. I don't know. But my mother had nothing to do with it. She was covering for me. She lost her job because of it. She spent time in jail, and it's not fair.

Victor: Where did you get this?

Diane: Oh, what difference does it make? I have it. And if you want it to go way, you're gonna have to take out your checkbook.

[Camera breaks]

Diane: Whew. Good thing I have copies in a safe place.

Next on "The Young and the Restless..

Victoria: You went after my mother and my father. And now you're gonna have to deal with me.

Tucker: I have more contempt for you now than when I first laid eyes on you.

Victor: From now on, you are no longer a member of the Newman board of directors.

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