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Episode # 9703 ~ Sam Lashes Out at Adam

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Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: I am so excited to be here.

Woman: This is the hub of Newman Enterprises, and I happen to be with pop celeb Abby Newman, who has just a little dish for us. Abby?

Abby: I just landed an epic gig. I, The Naked Heiress, am the new spokesmodel for Beauty of Nature.

Woman: Beauty of Nature is your dad's company, right?

Abby: Yes, and my sister Victoria is the supreme diva in charge.

Woman: So this is a major bitch slap at Jabot.

Abby: Um, how so?

Woman: You're gonna be fronting for an opposing mega cosmetics brand, basically dissing your mom...

Abby: (Scoffs)

Woman: And your Uncle Jack Abbott.

Abby: Uh, I adore my family, both sides of it, so there is absolutely no diss involved. It's just a little healthy competition, and The Naked Heiress is all about fierce female empowerment.

Woman: Okay, how does that mesh with the oh-so-conservative Beauty of Nature?

Abby: Well, with my sister running things, that mesh makes for ginormous success.

Woman: And controversy.

Abby: (Scoffs) Well, I hope so, controversy is hot! (Giggles)

Genevieve: Sounds like my kind of people.

Diane: So the headmaster picked you up at the airport? Good. And is Switzerland just as beautiful as it is in the pictures? (Laughs) I miss you. Now just remember, don't make any phone calls, okay? Okay. I'll see you soon. Just a couple days. I love you, too. Bye.

Diane: Hello.

Leslie: Hi.

Diane: Thanks for meeting me.

Leslie: Yes. Did you give more thought to the lawsuit?

Diane: (Sighs) I want to go through with it.

Leslie: Even though you might be facing criminal charges?

Diane: This is important to me.

Leslie: But why? Why infuriate a very powerful man while you're trying to avoid prosecution?

Jack: Hey, I need a minute.

Diane: I'm in a meeting.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Leslie: You know what? Actually, I-I have to take this anyway, so it's fine.

Diane: What do you want, Jack?

Jack: Well, I was hoping you could tell me why I can't reach our son.

[Sharon remembering]

Victor: Come here.

Sharon: Victor, you shouldn't have come. I-I don't want you to see me like this. You know, I'm-- I'm trying to be strong.

Victor: I'm here to help you, okay?

(Door slams) (Footsteps approaching)

Sam: Sharon? (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Adam: (Sighs) (As Scooby Doo) Ruh-roh. (Normal voice) You're making that angry Dad face again.

Victor: You're going to deal with what you have done to Sharon.

Sharon: Sam, I thought that you were--

Sam: I was. I was on my way back, and I ran into Victor. How you doing?

Sharon: Well, I could lie and say that I'm fine, but...

Sam: Will you talk to me?

Sharon: About how Adam tricked me into saying yes to his phony proposal? That's too embarrassing.

Sam: Well, Victor said Phyllis called it right in that "Restless Style" magazine.

Sharon: Yeah. Um... Adam did find proof that I didn't kill Skye.

Sam: He admitted it?

Sharon: Hardly, but he toyed with me enough to let me know that he could help me if he wanted to.

Sam: Wh-wh-what-- what do you mean, "If"?

Sharon: (Inhales sharply) (Sighs) I think that Adam would be very happy if I spent the rest of my life behind bars.

Victor: Where's the evidence?

Adam: What evidence? Oh. You must have spoken to Sharon, and you believed her. I thought you were smarter than that, Dad.

Victor: This is your one chance. Take it.

Adam: (Sniffs) She's lying to you. This whole, uh, theory being kicked about me suppressing proof that she's innocent-- it ain't true, but everyone's out there to make me to be the bad guy.

Victor: Because, Son, I regret to say you are. You made Sharon believe that you were about to marry her, didn't you?

Adam: She lied to me. She humiliated me. She just jumped into bed with the next guy she found.

Victor: I'm not here to discuss Sharon's actions.

Adam: No, you're here to jump on me anytime you find an opportunity.

Victor: You think you have a plan? You think you have a plan, don't you? It's gonna backfire on you.

Leslie: Diane, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to run, okay, but it's clear you two have things you need to discuss, so...

Diane: I'll call you later.

Leslie: All right, I'll be in touch.

Jack: So where is Kyle?

Diane: What's so urgent?

Jack: Well, for starters, we have plans tonight.

Diane: Did you call him?

Jack: He's not answering his cell. Diane, where is he?

Diane: He... he's probably in class.

Jack: School's out.

Diane: Well, Kyle started a summer program to get a jump on next year-- algebra, honors English.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, why would-- why don't I know anything about this?

Diane: He didn't mention it to you?

Jack: You should have.

Diane: Oh, so I'm supposed to tell you about every little thing that Kyle does.

Jack: Uh, yeah. Yeah, particularly when I'm the guy that's paying for his education.

Diane: I'm footing the bill for this one, and I am so sick of you throwing that in my face.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. What are you talking about now?

Diane: I'm talking about how much you resent paying Kyle's tuition.

Jack: I never said anything like that.

Diane: And it ought to be more than okay with you, Jack, considering you were M.I.A. for the first ten years of his life.

Jack: Because you kept us apart. You are not going to undermine my relationship with my son, you hear me? Try, and you will regret it.

Abby: Okay, about the interview, I probably shouldn't have leaked anything without telling you first.

Victoria: (Sighs) Probably?

Abby: Okay, definitely. (Sighs) But come on. Victoria, merging "The Naked Heiress" with Beauty of Nature-- it's, like, genius.

Victoria: Thanks.

Abby: And I--look, I was just afraid that if we didn't hit the press fast, Dad was gonna squash everything without even giving us a chance, and I need this, because my life has been tanking for, like, ever, and this could completely drag me out of the depths of "Naked Heiress, who?" God, I just need you to forgive me, okay, please?

Victoria: Abby. Abigail, I think what you did was brilliant.

Abby: You do?

Victoria: Dad hired me back to run Beauty of Nature, and honestly, this is exactly how I want to run it.

Abby: Oh, okay. Well, I am gonna let you take that meeting alone.

Victoria: There is no way that Dad will squash this...

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: When he sees sales explode.

Woman: Ms. Newman, there's someone here to see you.

Genevieve: Hello. I'm Genevieve Atkinson.

Victoria: Oh. Victoria Newman.

Genevieve: Hello. Oh, and Abby-- what a pleasure to meet you.

Abby: (Laughs) I'm sorry. You know me?

Genevieve: Well, I think, after today, most of the nation knows you. You have a wonderful camera presence.

Abby: We are gonna need to sit down and talk.

Genevieve: (Laughs)

Abby: I would love to have you as a guest on "The Naked Heiress."

Genevieve: Oh.

Victoria: Ms. Atkinson, I'm sure that your time is valuable to you as ours is to us, so... how can we help you?

Genevieve: Well, I was hoping I could help you.

Victoria: What can we do for you, Mrs. Atkinson?

Genevieve: Oh, please, call me Genevieve. It's bad enough that my husband's reputation precedes mine. I prefer to ditch his last name when I'm among friends. (Laughs)

Victoria: Jill Abbott is my mother-in-law.

Genevieve: I won't hold that against you.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Genevieve: Shall we sit?

Victoria: Uh, why not?

Genevieve: I-I'll be quick.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: Of course.

Genevieve: Thank you.

Victoria: (Clears throat)

Genevieve: (Clears throat) Well, it's no secret that I plan to stay in town, and I'd like to be known for something, uh, a little more than... the wife of the Australian crime lord.

Abby: (Sighs) I can totally understand that. I--not "The wife of a crime lord part," but "The image makeover" part.

Genevieve: And I do have some experience in business, mostly in image consulting.

Victoria: Oh, at what company?

Genevieve: Uh-huh. I am married to the mob. So do you realize how many times I've had to spin my family's public perception? Anyway, as I was saying, I was watching Abby on television this morning, and her take on female empowerment and the complicated dynamics of family gave me an idea.

Abby: Wow, I am inspiring people already. (Giggles)

Genevieve: (Laughs) And all of these marketing ideas just kept flying into my head, and I don't know-- I just felt compelled to share them with you.

Victoria: So are you jockeying for a position at Newman?

Genevieve: No. No, no. Not at all. There's no agenda here. My ideas are my gift to you.

Diane: Keep your voice down.

Jack: Why don't I know that Kyle is in summer school?

Diane: Shoot me now. I forgot to tell you.

Jack: Why would you try to keep something like that from me?

Diane: (Sighs) Come on, Jack. It's not a conspiracy. I thought you knew. And I've been under a lot of stress with the annulment and the S.E.C. fiasco--

Jack: So, what, does he hate it?

Diane: No, why-- why would you even ask that?

Jack: I'm trying to figure out why he hasn't said a word about it to me.

Diane: What kid voluntarily talks about school?

Jack: (Sighs)

Diane: What-- give me my phone back. What are you doing?

Jack: Call him now.

Diane: This is ridiculous.

Jack: I want to talk to my son. Get him on the phone now.

Sam: So he lets you get halfway through a wedding ceremony, and then he just... (Sighs)

Sharon: Yeah, well, the way he sees it is, I left him. While he was here grieving for me, I found you.

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Why did you come back?

Sam: Because you needed help, Sharon. And I know if it was reversed, I know you'd be there for me.

Sharon: Absolutely.

Sam: Well, there you go. How do we get you out of this mess?

Sharon: Well, for starters, Victor promised to get me better legal representation.

Sam: For the appeal? 'Cause that could take a while.

Sharon: Yeah. Well... (Sighs) What other option do I have?

Sam: Well, did you consider the D.A.'s deal? You could tell him Adam helped you escape.

Sharon: That's not gonna happen.

Sam: That in itself would get you back to Genoa City. You could spend more time with your kids. Look, if you're still sticking up for Adam--

Sharon: Sam, it's not that I won't do it. I can't. Adam dumped me at the altar, which means anything I say against him now, it just sounds like sour grapes.

Sam: Well, we'll see about that.

Sharon: After the way that I've treated you, um, that you would help me... thank you.

Sam: Yeah. Just hold tight, all right? I'm gonna make a phone call.

Sam: (Knocks on door)

Victor: Do you realize what you have done?

Adam: I found out who Sharon truly is.

Victor: You have robbed her daughter Faith twice of her mother. You're gonna pay for that, Son.

Adam: Does this face look worried to you at all?

Victor: Boy, you're really sick, aren't you? You have no conscience, do you? You have a plan in mind? So have I.

Diane: I don't want to disturb Kyle during class.

Jack: Dial. Get my son on the phone now.

Diane: No. You know what? I'm not gonna get in the middle of this. I'm sure that Kyle will return your call when he's good and ready.

Jack: No, you are not walking out of here. I caught you trying to slip out of town with my son before.

Diane: Is that why you're overreacting? Kyle doesn't tell you he's taking summer classes, and somehow that means I'm sneaking him out of town?

Jack: I want to see my son.

Diane: Sorry. We're both tied up for the rest of the day.

Jack: I'm going to Los Angeles tomorrow on a business trip.

Diane: Too bad. Call us when you get back.

Jack: Well, that would be tomorrow night.

Diane: Hmm, let me see. No, that's no good. How about the weekend?

Jack: Tomorrow night!

Diane: Fine. Tomorrow night.

Jack: Kyle had better be there.

Genevieve: I get the sense that "The Naked Heiress" brand hasn't yet progressed beyond the internet and the tabloids. Am I right about that?

Abby: (Sighs) I am a self-made celeb. (Chuckles)

Genevieve: Well, have you thought about using that sort of wannabe element as part of your marketing campaign?

Abby: What do you mean?

Genevieve: Do you want to be taken more seriously?

Abby: Uh...

Victoria: Doesn't everybody?

Abby: (Laughs)

Genevieve: Yes! Yes! Exactly. That's it. Abby wants what everyone wants-- to evolve, to be thought of as classier, uh, more sophisticated, prettier.

Abby: Smarter, happier, yeah.

Genevieve: Right, so when the naked heiress becomes the spokesperson for the Beauty of Nature, you endow your product with that power.

Victoria: Yes, the power to elevate anyone who uses it.

Genevieve: Yes, that's right. Right. Like, you could have a slogan, something like, um... "Why go naked when you can go natural?"

Abby: (Gasps)

Victoria: (Gasps) (Sighs)

Abby: (Sighs) Uh, and--and, like, I-I used Beauty of Nature.

Genevieve: Uh-huh, and you had an epiphany about your own personal evolution.

Abby: I can totally sell that. I can.

Genevieve: (Laughs)

Abby: (Laughs)

Genevieve: I have no doubt that you can totally sell that with that flawless face and an innocent look and a mature attitude. You can be quite captivating.

Abby: Did--

Genevieve: You remind me of my own daughter.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: She knows what she's talking about. (Giggles)

Victoria: Well, uh, your suggestion is very intriguing.

Genevieve: Isn't it?

Victoria: And it's very generous of you to offer it. Are you sure there's nothing we can do for you?

Genevieve: You can accept my thanks for being willing to listen to me.

Abby: Anytime. (Laughs)

Genevieve: (Laughs) This was great fun.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Genevieve: (Laughs) Have a lovely day, Ladies.

Abby: Bye.

Victoria: Wow. That was weird.

Abby: Uh, and kind of amazing. (Giggles)

Victoria: Uh, now listen. Don't get too excited, all right, because we can't use any of her ideas.

Abby: Why not?

Victoria: Because she doesn't work here.

Abby: Maybe she should.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: What, are you telling me that you did not think she was smart?

Victoria: She was interesting.

Abby: Yeah, and then some.

Sharon: (Sighs) Did you talk to the D.A.?

Sam: I did, but he didn't want to hear it, because he already heard about the prison wedding that never happened.

Sharon: (Sighs) So he won't believe anything I say, not anymore.

Sam: Look, relax, okay? It's... it's not over.

Sharon: It's like Adam covered every angle. By humiliating me, he saved himself. I mean, he's incredible.

Sam: (Scoffs) I've got a few words for him, myself, but I assure you, "Incredible" ain't one of 'em. How does a man keep a mother from her kids just out of spite? Tell me that, who does that?

Sharon: Adam. Adam does that. And this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what he's capable of.

Sam: (Sighs) Okay, you know what?

Sharon: Wait, where are you going?

Sam: Just... (Sighs) Sit tight, all right? I'll be back.

Diane: This is Diane Jenkins. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Adam: Diane, this is more important than ever that this thing goes off without a hitch. If you don't do whatever it takes, you don't come through for me, then everything I ever promised you will be dead in the water.

Diane: Mm. (Sighs)

Deacon: That was, uh, quite a little blowout you had with "Jackie boy."

Diane: Mm. Have a kid with a guy, he thinks he can run you for the rest of your life.

Deacon: (Scoffs) Well, I guess it's nice to see that Victor Newman's not the only high-roller whose wrath you seem to incite.

Diane: (Chuckles) Call me an equal-opportunity provoker.

Deacon: (Chuckles) Look, Diane, uh, this may not be any of my business, but maybe you ought to just stay away from powerful men.

Diane: Mm. They think the rest of the world was put here to jump when they snap. If you do one little thing without their okay, they completely lose it.

Deacon: Yeah, but see, you just seem to keep on hooking up with them, don't you?

Diane: Well, I'm over them-- Victor, Jack... Tucker.

Deacon: Nick.

Diane: Him, too.

Deacon: (Sighs)

Diane: I've had it with everybody in this town.

Deacon: (Scoffs)

Diane: Which is why... never mind. (Sighs)

Deacon: What? Come on, tell me. Listen, Diane, I hate those bastards just as much as you do.

Diane: Between us?

Deacon: Yeah.

Diane: I'm getting out.

Deacon: What, are you-- you mean you're leaving Genoa City?

Diane: Soon. But before I go, I plan to inflict a world of pain on all those people who've wronged me. And trust me when I tell you, it's a long, long list.

Jack: Genevieve.

Genevieve: Hello.

Jack: What brings you here this fine day?

Genevieve: Well, I don't know. I was sort of hoping to find someone to sit with and enjoy the fresh air.

Jack: Well, what do you know? My schedule just opened up. Buy you a lemonade?

Genevieve: (Laughs) Sure, I'd love one. (Laughs)

Jack: What? What? What's so funny?

Genevieve: (Laughs) I don't know. It's just sort of old-fashioned.

Jack: Ooh, you caught me.

Genevieve: Don't tell me you're a throwback.

Jack: Well, in business and communications and technology, I'm fully 21st century. In romance, I'm a little bit retro.

Genevieve: Romance? And I thought we were just having a lemonade.

Woman: A coffee shop? I expected a high-class restaurant.

Victor: Would that have impressed you more?

Woman: Just the opposite, but you knew that.

Victor: Mm.

Woman: I should tell you, I rarely work outside of New York.

Victor: Well, then I'm glad we found you in Wisconsin.

Woman: Mm-hmm. Yes. I thought that was a coincidence, and now I'm not so sure. Mr. Newman--

Victor: Call me Victor, all right?

Avery: Call me Avery. This is about your former daughter-in-law.

Victor: You did your research.

Avery: Yeah, we have that in common. You think she was wrongfully convicted.

Victor: I not only think so, I know so. I also am certain that you will win her appeal.

Avery: Well, I'm not a miracle worker.

Victor: But you're a brilliant lawyer, aren't you?

Avery: Yes.

Victor: Good. Then I have a proposition for you.

Avery: I can't wait to hear it. (Sighs)

Victor: Drop all of your present cases and devote your entire time to Sharon's appeal.

Avery: And you'll give me a boatload of cash?

Victor: Two boatloads.

Avery: (Laughs) Look, I am flattered, but I--

Victor: You're not impressed.

Avery: No. I find other things more compelling.

Victor: Mm-hmm. So why don't you read the transcripts of her case and then meet Sharon?

Avery: She'll convince me?

Victor: Well, and once you've read the files, I think you'll be convinced. Mm-hmm.

Avery: I'll take a look, but I can't commit to handling the case, and certainly not at the exclusion of my other clients.

Victor: Shall we discuss this over a cup of coffee?

Avery: You won't change my mind, Victor.

Victor: Well, how about just one cup of coffee?

Avery: (Sighs)

Adam: Oh, looky here. Country doc came to give me a house call, huh? What--


Adam: (Grunts)

Diane: Mm, no, thanks. A girl's gotta be of sound mind when she's plotting to take down Genoa City's elite.

Deacon: Good girl.

Diane: (Chuckles)

Deacon: I can't tell you how many times I fantasized about doing that myself. But, uh, in my current situation, I just don't think I'd get away with it.

Diane: Yeah. It only works when you got nothing to lose.

Deacon: Is that where you are?

Diane: My kid's safe, so... that's where I am.

Deacon: So... who's at the top of the list?

Diane: Guess.

Deacon: Victor.

Diane: (Chuckles) I keep thinking about that story you told me about his daughter making a certain confession.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, on video, no less, talking about how she was driving drunk and mowed down Tucker McCall.

Diane: But Victor buried the tape.

Deacon: Mm. Yeah, I don't know. It was weird. The camera just seemed to disappear, and, uh, the confession never made it on the airwaves.

Diane: Mm. I would love to leak that story. (Laughs)

Deacon: (Laughs)

Diane: But I have nothing to back it up.

Deacon: Well, you know, Diane, its funny how things work sometimes. Um... as luck may have it, I-I just may be able to help you with that, you know, I mean, for a small price.

Diane: Mm, thanks, but I don't think anyone is gonna take just your word for it.

Deacon: Well, they wouldn't have to. You see, I followed the guy that lifted the camera, and, uh, he went out back, and he--he threw it in a mound of trash. I waited till he split, and then I did a little bit of dumpster diving.

Diane: You have the camera?

Deacon: I have every dramatic word of The Naked Heiress' shocking little confession.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: Okay, Abby, all of these calls came in right after your announcement-- "The Chronicle," "The Times."

Abby: Oh, all of the celebrity news shows.

Victoria: Yes, and we even got calls from the international press. Abby!

Abby: Aah! We're a hit!

Victoria: Yeah!

Abby: Dude, you saved my career!

Victoria: Oh, come on. Hardly. Hardly!

Abby: You did! You did! No, you did, okay? Look, after everything that I've been going through with Mom and Tucker and drinking, I--you know, I just got to this point where I just felt like I couldn't get out from under it. And then my sister...

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: My amazing sister goes into über-concept mode, and now I am gonna be a superstar! (Laughs)

Victoria: Well, um... (Sighs) I'm just really glad that I could help someone right now.

Abby: We need to avoid any potential dampers. (Sighs)

Victoria: Oh. Dad.

Abby: My mom, Uncle Jack. They're gonna freak out when they find out what I'm doing.

Jack: So tell me something.

Genevieve: (Clears throat)

Jack: You, uh, watch any daytime television?

Genevieve: Where did that come from?

Jack: Well, I'm flying to Los Angeles tomorrow to be a guest on "The Talk."

Genevieve: Ah... would that be to push Jabot’s new product line?

Jack: That's the plan.

Genevieve: Ahh. Well, now since you run Jabot, and you own all that Newman stock, can you tell me what you think about this morning's news?

Jack: What news?

Genevieve: Beauty of Nature? They just hired The Naked Heiress as their spokesmodel.

Jack: You're kidding.

Genevieve: No. I've never heard of The Naked Heiress before this morning, but I do recognize a controversial move when I see one.

Jack: This alter-ego of Abby's is not something Victor would want to promote or draw attention to, particularly with his most profitable product.

Genevieve: Hmm.

Jack: No, he has nothing to do with this. He's not behind it.

Genevieve: Well, maybe not, but it did manage to capture everyone's attention. I heard more about Beauty of Nature this morning than I have in my entire life. You know, um... oh, I'm sure you have teams of people who do this sort of thing for you, but can I just say that I do have some fun ideas about how Jabot might counter-- uh, I mean, if this publicity move of Newman's pays off in sales?

Jack: Really?

Genevieve: Hmm. Oh, you wouldn't have to pay me or anything. No, you could just... take it as a gift, you know, from a woman who has way too much time on her hands.

Jack: I'll remember that.

Sam: (Breathing heavily)

Adam: (Sighs) (Sniffs) Hope it was as good for you as it was for me! Sharon's still in jail. (Sniffs)

Genevieve: Thanks for the lemonade.

Jack: I'm glad we ran into each other.

Genevieve: (Laughs) Safe travels to L.A., and good luck on "The Talk."

Jack: Oh, don't feel obliged to watch me.

Genevieve: Are you kidding me? I love that show. I wouldn't miss it.

Jack: So you're watching because you're a fan of the show or because of me?

Genevieve: Why don't you give me some motivation to tune in for you?

Jack: Why don't we have dinner when I get back? I'll tell you all about my adventures in L.A. You can tell me how good I look on TV.

Genevieve: Mm. And once that two minutes has passed, we can talk about me. (Laughs)

Jack: For as many hours as you like.

Genevieve: Hmm.

Jack: Lydia, apparently my niece was in the news this morning. Can you send me a link to that interview? Yeah.

Victoria: I will in touch regarding photo shoots and publicity and all of that stuff.

Abby: I'm really glad we get to work together, by the way.

Victoria: Me, too.

Abby: I don't have a lot of friends. Actually, I don't have any. (Laughs) So the fact that you not only have my back, but you believe in me, it's cool.

Victoria: Well, this project will be good for both of us. Hard work is... it's a good distraction.

Abby: Come here. Mm!

Victoria: Ooh! Thank you.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: I ran over Tucker McCall. I might have tried to kill him.

Deacon: (Laughs)

Diane: Wow. There it is.

Deacon: There it is.

Diane: Are-- you're taking that back.

Deacon: Well, you know, Diane, I'm just--I'm just not sure that you're gonna keep this between us.

Diane: Convinced?

Deacon: 100 bucks, huh? Well, you know, Diane, a lot of guys would be, uh, very insulted by this. Fortunately, I don't happen to be one of them. Go get 'em, Tiger.

Diane: It's gonna be a bloodbath.

(Footsteps approaching)

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Hi.

Sam: Hey.

Sharon: Oh. What happened to your hand?

Sam: Uh... it's nothing. It's--it's--it's not important.

Sharon: You went to see Adam, didn't you?

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: You did, didn't you?

Sam: I just--can we... (Sighs)

(Door opens)

Sam: I'm sorry. (Sighs)

Victor: I would like you to meet your new attorney, Miss Avery Bailey Clark.

Sharon: Very nice to meet you. Uh, Victor, I-I-I can't believe this is who you hired to represent me. Miss Clark is a very famous attorney.

Victor: Yes, she is.

Sam: Are you, uh, are you here to help Sharon?

Avery: Well, I'm not sure that I'm taking the case yet, but Victor was quite persuasive. And this sort of case is why I got into law school in the first place, so... I'm eager to hear more.

Victor: If anyone can prove your innocence, it is Miss Clark, all right? She can get you out of here and back home to your children.

Sharon: That's not gonna be easy. I'm sure Adam has gone way out of his way to make sure there's no evidence that could save me.

(Cell phone rings)



Adam: (Sighs) What are you doing, calling me? I should call you only. No. Hey, I have sent you plenty of money. I'm not sending you any more 'cause you blow through it all. No, I don't-- listen to me. The most important thing is for you to stay under the radar. Last thing we need is somebody recognizing you.

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Tucker: Hello, Holly, Leah. Pleasure to meet you both.

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