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Episode # 9701 ~ Sharon & Adam's Jailhouse Wedding Has a Shocking Outcome

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Jack: I'm here for Kyle, obviously.

Diane: Right. Just let me finish this phone call.

Kyle: Mom, Dad's waiting.

Diane: Kyle, you remember what we talked about, right? Nobody can know that you're going to Switzerland.

Kyle: Mom-- Mom, who's after you?

Diane: (Inhales sharply)

Kyle: Why do we have to run?

Diane: It's complicated. Just promise me you won't tell your father.

Jack: Oh, I'm glad to see you finished your phone call. Hey, I was thinking of, uh, take-out ribs and baseball on the big screen tonight. What do you say? You want to come home with me?

Phyllis: Oh, nice. Look at this. Our piece on Adam is trending nationwide. Nice.

Nick: Well, of course we're trending. I mean, that same guy who professed his undying love now is potentially sitting on some information that could clear her?

Phyllis: I know. People love this.

Nick: So did Adam get rid of the video or not?

Phyllis: I don't know. I'm not gonna pat him down and check-- blah--for that memory card.

Sam: So you think it's true, huh? You think Adam's the kind of guy to just sit on evidence and let Sharon go to prison?

Sharon: My engagement ring. How did you find it?

Adam: Carjacker had it on her when she died. They thought it was you, so they gave the ring to Noah.

Sharon: And he gave it to you?

Adam: It was my mother's ring. And it was your ring... the only two people I've ever really loved. This ring actually got me through some pretty tough nights. But you're back. You're alive. And this ring belongs on your finger.

Kay: I truly apologize for the misunderstanding.

Neil: Whoa. Excuse me. Hi.

Kay: Hi.

Neil: Um, I wasn't supposed to sit in on that, was I?

Kay: Oh, what, Sofia's meeting? I canceled it.

Neil: Oh.

Kay: I told her months ago I would not approve of the acquisition. Why, Sofia? Because they're being audited, Sofia.

Neil: Please, Katherine. We both know that you've made changes to McCall that Tucker won't be happy about. Undermining his right hand will only compound that.

Kay: Mm, but I assume you want me to humor Sofia to smooth the waters with, uh, Tucker.

Neil: Something like that. Yes. (Clears throat)

Sofia: I just saw my meeting in the parking lot. I'm back at McCall, but you are still finding ways to cut me off at the knees.

Tucker: Where did you hear I had a son?

Ashley: Katherine. She found out from your living will, and I found out from her.

Tucker: I don't know anything about him. I don't know his name, what he looks like. I don't know if he's safe, he's healthy.

Adam: You're not saying anything is this about... Sam?

Sharon: No. No. This has nothing to do with him.

Adam: Then is this about "Restless Style," that garbage that Phyllis printed about the evidence?

Sharon: Adam, there's just--there's so much going on right now. You know, the D.A. came to see me today. He wants me to testify against you. He--he wants me to claim that you helped me escape.

Adam: And what would you get in return?

Sharon: I could stay here while I'm waiting for my appeal.

Adam: You wouldn't have to go to the penitentiary?

Sharon: No.

Adam: Take the deal. Get the guard to bring the D.A. down here now.

Sharon: Adam, you could go to jail.

Adam: So what? You'd be closer to home, closer to your kids. Sharon... I've been to the penitentiary, unfortunately. You cease to exist when you're there. You're cut off from the outside world. You would be cut off from Genoa City and everyone who was dear to you. I mean, there's inmates there that would much rather beak your neck than say "Excuse me" to get a better seat in the TV room.

Sharon: Okay, so you--I-- you want me to save myself by hurting you?

Adam: Maybe if I could help in this little way, it would be something, because I wasn't able to prove that you were innocent. Take the deal, please. And do it as my wife.

Jack: Baseball on the big screen, surround sound, HD-- next best thing to being at the stadium. Ready to come home with me?

Kyle: Uh, no, I can't. I'm going to Hayden's tonight.

Diane: Well, I tried to tell you, but I guess I should be seen and not heard.

Jack: Well, I guess I'll have to take a rain check.

Kyle: (Inhales sharply)

Jack: Hey. (Laughs) What's this? A fella could get used to this.

Diane: Did you pack your toothbrush?

Kyle: Bye, Dad.

Jack: I'll see you later, Partner.

Diane: Are we done?

Jack: We'll be done when he's 18 years old, and I don't have to deal with you anymore. Until then, you better not be playing any more games where he's concerned.

Diane: Oh, Jack, I know what a meaningful presence you are in Kyle's life.

Jack: Be grateful that we are close. If this little joyride in the ambulance gets you thrown in jail, he'll be with me full-time.

Diane: Thank you for your concern. Get out.

(Door closes)

Diane: (Sighs)

Ashley: We were terrified you weren't gonna wake up. I came in here, and saw Katherine and Paul going through your desk. They were trying to find anything they could that would help them find your son.

Tucker: Oh. So she's ruining my business and going through my things.

Ashley: Well, yeah, but the--the good side of this is that it got Paul on the trail of your son.

Tucker: Hmm. He's not gonna find anything. An anonymous note telling me I had a kid-- that's not very much to go on.

Ashley: What are you talking about? What do you mean, anonymous?

Tucker: I don't know who it was, Ashley I got a woman pregnant. I don't even know her name. It kind of makes you wonder what kind of man you married, huh?

Ashley: I know exactly who I married. I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have brought this up right now. Is it too much for you to handle?

Tucker: Don't. Don't do that. I'm not an invalid. Don't pity me. (Sighs) I'm sorry, Baby. I'm sorry.

Ashley: That's okay.

Tucker: I've just... shoved all this to the back of my mind for so long. I, uh... (Sighs) I worked with rock stars, and I acted like one. Tour buses, private jet, a different city every night, a different woman. Then out of the blue, a note saying I would never know my son.

Ashley: Well, if it was a note, how do you know it's even true?

Tucker: Well, that was my initial thought. I thought it was just a first step in a shakedown... an invitation to pay her to go. But there was no follow-up. I guess I was so much of a jerk, she'd rather cut me out of the kid's life than have me or my money around.

Ashley: Tucker, you would have been a great dad.

Tucker: I grew up knowing there was someone out there who was supposed to care about me didn't give a damn if I was dead or alive. Now I've passed that gift on to my son. What do you know? Just like my mother after all.

Sofia: Just wait until Tucker finds out that Katherine killed his deal again. You know, he's still mad about putting me on leave from McCall, Unlimited.

Neil: Mm-hmm. Tucker's mad... or you are? Sofia, you need to find a way to deal with the resentment about Katherine suspending you.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Neil: McCall, Unlimited needs constant care and vigilance to stay on top right now, and we can't do that if you're sporting a chip on your shoulder about Katherine.

Sofia: (Whispers) Good thought.

Kay: (Sighs) Sofia, once again, I am so sorry. (Grunts) It was a complete misunderstanding about your meeting and, uh, the mistake was entirely mine.

Sofia: Mm.

Kay: I hope you realize that--how important you are to McCall, Unlimited. Now that you're back, it's a Godsend-- truly, it is, I mean, especially concerning Tucker not being able to, you know, assume control. And realistically, not one of us know when that time will ever be.

Sofia: Well, thank you. Tucker is a genius with common sense and street smarts. And he's better than any leader I have ever met. So you know what they say about dance with the one who brought you? So I'm dancing with Tucker. If you'll excuse me...

Sam: I apologize, not introducing myself. I'm Sam Gibson.

Nick: How's it going?

Phyllis: Oh, Sharon's friend, the veterinarian.

Sam: I am. I am. You must be Nicholas Newman. I met your father at Sharon's hearing. He--he told me about your magazine.

Nick: Yep. This is my editor in chief Phyllis Newman.

Phyllis: An ex-wife.

Sam: Well, it's nice to meet you, Ma'am. Look, I'm just, uh, trying to get to the bottom of this whole evidence-suppressing thing with Adam. I'm hoping y'all can help me. I know Sharon's pretty much been a mainstay around here, your bread and butter, alive and dead, but I do know there's somebody you've tore into even more, and that's Adam Newman, your brother.

Phyllis: That's right. Keep the tweets and page views coming.

Sam: Maybe you two think this is funny?

Nick: If you know anything about me, then you know that Sharon and I have some children together. There's not one thing about this that I find funny.

Sam: Good. Look, Adam, uh, he was at Sharon's sentencing. He's gone to visit her in jail quite a bit. He's carrying on like he gives a damn. I guess I just need to understand what would motivate him to do such a thing if he had evidence that would free her. Why would he do that?

Nick: Look, evidence is one thing, but this Sharon and Adam romance, you can count me out.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, this--this whole "Sharon loves a psycho" thing really--it's just not interesting anymore. We've played that one out. But, um, I am interested in Adam and proving that he's a snake, so if it has anything to do with that, count me in.

Sam: Well, I appreciate it, Ma'am, I do, any help I can get. `So what am I not seeing here? I mean, if he had something that would help, why would he suppress something that would prove she's not a killer? Why would he do that?

Phyllis: Uh, I have a theory. Uh, maybe he's interested in, um, whipping out some evidence at the trial and proving that she's Sharon's savior. Or maybe he just wants to see her suffer.

Adam: In my heart, we're still married. (Sniffles) (Sighs) And we can be married to the outside world again. I spoke to the chaplain. We could make arrangements and do this today.

Sharon: (Sighs) Adam, this just seems so unfair to you.

Adam: No, you can't look at it that way. I think that everyone deserves someone that they can count on no matter what. The love that we've had, it'll never happen again.

Sharon: My sentence is for 30 years. I... you know this is never gonna be a-a real marriage.

Adam: If there's love, then its real (sighs) Say yes.

Sharon: Yes. (Sniffles) Yes. (Sighs) But you have to promise me one thing-- you have to swear that you will never ask me to turn state's evidence against you, because I am not going to tell the D.A. that you helped me escape.

Adam: (Sighs) I don't deserve you. I never have.

Sharon: (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Adam: (Sighs) I'm gonna go make... (Sniffles) Some arrangements. I'll be back in a minute. (Sniffles) (Knocks on door) (Door closes)

Sharon: Sam, I need to see you.

Phyllis: So much for staying out of it, Nick.

Nick: You wanted a story. I'm gonna help you get it. Maybe that memory card's in here somewhere.

Phyllis: That's right. You don't want to save Sharon anymore, but you want to bury Adam. Things never change. I'm supposed to be the bad one.

Nick: You are the bad one.

Phyllis: Ooh, ooh, ooh. I'm working here-- my area. You can find your own.

Nick: You know, I'm having flashbacks of the last time we were in a hotel room together. In St. Bart's--remember that? "It's just so hot. These blankets--it's so hot. It's just so hot."

Phyllis: Oh, listen. Okay. All right, you were a joy to be with in St. Bart's. Not like that. I mean... I mean... oh, you know what I mean. (Gasps) You're in my light. Beat it.

Sam: So I just saw your ex-husband and Phyllis over at the "Restless Style" magazine. They're pretty certain that Adam had or has information that could clear you, so you've got to take this D.A.'s deal so you can stick around here until the appeal. We got a good shot at overturning this, I'm telling you. I just got to get the truth out of Adam, but I'm pretty certain that I can do that.

Sharon: Okay, Sam, stop. Adam was here, and... he asked me to marry him, and I said yes.

Ashley: You are not Katherine Chancellor. You are not your mother. You looked for your son. You provided for him in your will. Tucker, you were robbed of the chance to be with him. You didn't throw it away.

Tucker: You know what, Ashley? I don't even know how many women there were, much less their names. I'm a selfish bastard, and I'm paying for it by losing the only child I'll ever have.

Ashley: What you did for me and what you did for Abby, protecting my daughter for my sake, there's nothing selfish about you anymore.

Tucker: Oh, yeah? What if I did that, because I wanted you with me, I wanted to keep you with me? Isn't that selfish?

(Knock on door)

Sofia: Oh, my God. When are you going to boot your mother out of her job?

Kay: Sit down, jack. (Sighs) (Laughs) Oh, Jack, you're triumphant. You are triumphant. Now feel free to gloat.

Jack: Well, I'll do my gloating later, thanks, happily. Um, I've got something else on my mind. I saw Tucker and Ashley earlier, and for a guy whose empire is waiting for him to jump back in, he's something less than up to speed.

Kay: Oh. Well, is your concern, uh, for Tucker or, uh... for Jabot?

Jack: Both. Now do I want to remain C.E.O.? Absolutely. But when we're talking about Tucker now, we're also talking about Ashley, and if she's facing something that we don't know about, I want to know what she's up against.

Kay: Tucker seemed to hold his own at the Jabot launch. So you know as much as I do about his recovery. And in the foreseeable future, my dear, McCall, Unlimited is in more than capable hands.

Diane: Adam, it's so nice of you to finally answer your phone.

Adam: I'm a little busy here. What do you want?

Diane: My son just had to lie to his father, so if you happen to see Jack--

Adam: What, Diane, make small talk about you and Kyle? Yeah, that'll happen. Are we done?

Diane: Hey, this plan of yours helps you just as much as it helps me. But I'm the one who's got everything to lose. I'm not about to die in vain.

Tucker: These numbers don't mean anything to me.

Sofia: Well, I know the drop-off is slight, but it's important.

Ashley: Honey, I told you about your glasses. You need to check on the prescription.

Tucker: No, no. Don't do that. Don't do that. I can't play this game anymore, not with her.

Sofia: What's going on? What--what are you talking about?

Tucker: I don't understand those numbers. (Drops glasses on table) I don't understand contracts or spreadsheets. I can read the words and the figures, but for the life of me... (Sighs) I don't know what they mean!

Sofia: Tucker, what's going on?

Tucker: The accident, it just, uh... I have a problem. I have a problem.

Ashley: Um, do you remember when you thought he fumbled over the speech the other night?

Sofia: Yeah, the reporter, but--but that was no big deal, right?

Tucker: No, actually, it was. Ashley had to cover for me.

Ashley: Because we decided it was better just to keep the whole thing between us. Uh... but he's telling you now...

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: Because he loves you.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Tucker: Sof... (Chuckles)

Tucker: You and I have been through the wars together. You're my biggest defender besides Ashley. I appreciate everything you've done for me. But if you can't roll with this and you want to walk away, I'll understand.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Phyllis: There was nothing.

Nick: No flash drive.

Phyllis: No, no memory card, no nothing.

Nick: No safe-deposit key, no strongbox.

Phyllis: Yeah, no... staff in the office. Hello? Hey, Guys?

Nick: Uh, I called Dean. I told him to take some petty cash and go hit up happy hour.

Phyllis: Well, you should have told him to steal the staplers while you were at it.

Nick: We used to give the staff perks.

Phyllis: Yeah, we used to do a lot of things.

Nick: Yeah, we did.

Phyllis: Yeah, we did. Anyway, um... (Sighs) I'm gonna repeat what I said to Sam. I just... what if--what if Adam did get rid of that evidence?

Nick: Well, God knows he's capable of it. And God help Sharon when she figures it out.

Sam: Help me understand this, 'cause the whole world's reading how he could help you, but he won't, and you want to marry this guy?

Sharon: There is no evidence.

Sam: How can you be so sure about that?

Sharon: Because if Adam could prove that I was innocent, I wouldn't be in here right now. That's how I can be so sure. He was my husband once. He will be again.

Sam: Why? Why, because he proposed to you?

Sharon: Because he loves me enough to pretend that 30 years doesn't matter. He loves me enough to make sure that I know that I'm not alone.

Sam: You're not alone, Sheri. Look at me. I'm not going anywhere.

Sharon: This marriage is what I want-- a little bit of joy before I go to prison. And you should go, too, Sam,-back to New Mexico. They need you there.

Sam: Fine. You love him. Me? I'm in love with you. You marrying him like this is a mistake, and you damn well know it.

Adam: Sam. Hey, Partner. How you doing? Thanks for going in and checking in on Sharon, but, um, you have my word, you won't have to worry about anymore. I'll look after my wife.

Diane: Okay, so if anybody asks your name...

Kyle: I say the one on the passport. I know his.

Diane: (Sighs)

Kyle: I get it. Jeez.

Diane: (Chuckles) Hey, listen, I'm your mom. I love you. You can snap at me as much as you want. (Sniffles) But I gotta do what I gotta do.

Diane: I'm sorry that I involved you in my problems. But it's gonna be over soon. I'll be safe you'll be settled in at your new school. And we'll be together again very soon, I promise.

Kyle: I lied to Dad.

Diane: I know. But you also hugged him. I was very impressed, very proud of you that you found a way to say good-bye without using the words. Hey. I got you something. (Sighs) (Sniffles) Look at this. You see that? On the back, it's your name where no one can see it. And the front...

Kyle: (Scoffs) Something embarrassing.

Diane: (Laughs) Give me a little credit. "11 in '11," the amount of goals you scored in hockey this year.

Kyle: Mom, half of those goals were in 2010.

Diane: I stand corrected.

Kyle: (Sniffles)

Diane: (Sobs) Oh, God. (Sighs) There's your escort. There's something I need to do. (Sniffles)

Kyle: No, no, no. Seriously, Mom.

Diane: (Laughs)

Kyle: Mom!

Diane: There you go. (Sniffles) You are the only good thing that's ever happened to me. I love you more than anything in the world.

Kyle: I-I love you, too.

Diane: Hey, we're gonna be together soon. (Sniffles) (Whispers) I promise.

Sam: (Sighs)

Chaplain: Let's begin. (Sighs)

Kay: Neil, we have go to do something to, uh, offset this tax burden.

Neil: Yeah, well, I've got a team looking into options, Katherine, so I'll take care of it.

Jack: Listen, I'm on my way out, but I wanted to be clear. Uh, if Tucker is not ready to take over McCall, he's not ready to call the shots at Jabot, either.

Kay: Well, I thought I made myself clear on that, Jack. I-it is admirable that you are concerned about your sister, but, uh, while you do that, I will make sure I take care of him and his company.

Jack: Glad to hear it.

Neil: Katherine, what was that? What--why was Jack worried about Ashley?

Kay: Oh, just a smoke screen. He's concerned that, uh, Tucker's holding something back about his recovery.

Neil: Hmm.

Kay: And he wants me to continue leading McCall, Unlimited so he'll feel very secure in his post.

Neil: Jack noticed something off with Tucker. Might be time to look into this.

Kay: Uh, yeah, I want you to check into how deep Tucker's issues are.

Neil: And if it's bad?

Kay: Well, as I said before, I will protect my son and his company, even if it's from Tucker himself.

Sofia: Tucker, you know all you were saying before? Look, I'm not gonna go anywhere. I'm not gonna turn my back on you because you happen to be human. I never once mistook you for God even though you thought I did.

Ashley: Laughs)

Tucker: (Laughs) Got it.

Ashley: So we want to keep this situation private, obviously, okay? Nobody else needs to know about it. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where Tucker's there and there's some business that has to be dealt with, some documents or whatever--

Sofia: Well, then I handle it the way Tucker would have wanted me to. I know what you're thinking before you do, anyway, Honey.

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Tucker: (Scoffs) Well... I guess I can just kick back on some beach and let the two of you take over.

Ashley: I don't think so. You're not going anywhere.

Tucker: No?

Ashley: Neither are we. And we're not gonna let anyone, including your mother, get the jump on you, okay?

Sam: I know I said I'd be here a while, Piper, but it's, uh, it's time for me to come home. (Sighs) That's what Sheri wants.

Adam: We've been through this before-- you, me, Tahoe, and the vows. And it was beautiful. But it was a lie. We... still had secrets. I still had secrets. (Sighs) But now... we... truly know each other. And you've given me a glimpse into your heart, into your life. And, Sharon, it's a gift I can only ever try and repay.

Sharon: I-I should be terrified right now, because I'm going to prison tonight. But I'm not, because you're here with me. You are... understanding, your loyalty-- those are gifts that I'm never gonna be able to repay. And your love is going to keep me safe no matter what comes next.

Chaplain: Do you, Sharon, take Adam to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love, honor, support, and care for from this day forward?

Sharon: I do.

Chaplain: And do you, Adam, take Sharon to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love, honor, support, and car for from this day forward?

Sharon: (Laughs) Adam?

Adam: I'm sorry. I just--

Chaplain: Oh, let's try again. Do you, Adam, take Sharon to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love, honor, support, and care for from this day forward?

Adam: Do I? Actually, no, I don't. How the hell could I be married to you?

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