Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/13/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/13/11 -- Canada; Thursday 7/14/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9694 ~ Noah Is Devastated by Adam's Lies

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Noah: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Adam: It's okay. I know you're busy with your mom being back in town.

Noah: Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?

Adam: The memory card-- the one that, uh, Malcolmís friend was workin' on for us.

Noah: Yeah, you said he was close to recovering the evidence we'll need to clear Mom. When will he have it?

Adam: He wonít.

Noah: What do you mean?

Adam: He couldn't pull anything usable off the card.

Noah: Well, you made it sound like it was a sure thing.

Adam: I thought it was. I wish things had turned out differently.

Noah: (Sighs) Look, if this was just about clearing Mom's name-- now that she's alive, this was gonna keep her going to prison.

Adam: I want justice for your mother, much like a lot other people.

Noah: (Sighs) Yeah, I-I know how hard you worked on this.

Adam: Too bad it was such a waste of time.

Noah: (Sighs) I, um, I gotta get some air.

[Adam remembering]

(Water rushing) (Water splashes)

(Cell phone rings)

Adam: What's up? Look, if you have some information from the D.A.'s office, great. But I don't have any time to waste.  Diane Jenkins did what?

Diane: (Sighs) What do you want?

Victor: I'm looking for Kyle.

Diane: He isn't here.

Victor: He called me thanking me for the baseball ticket I gave him, and, uh, I have some more.

Diane: Trying to ease your conscience?

Victor: Excuse me?

Diane: We had a deal. I tell the D.A. that Ashley didn't hit Tucker on purpose, and you get the S.E.C. to drop its charges against me. Spencer Walsh is furious with me for changing my testimony, and the S.E.C. is still after me. You think you can make up for that by giving him front row seats to a ball game?

Victor: These tickets are a gift for Kyle.

Diane: He doesn't want anything from you-- not your gifts, not your friendship, nothin'. In fact, I'm gonna make sure you never see him again.

Victor: That may not be your choice.

Jill: Well, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised to see you here since your grandchild's fate is being decided. Oh, wait. Delia is my granddaughter, too.

Esther: No one said she isnít.

Jill: And it didn't occur to your addled little brain when you were serving me my eggs this morning to tell me where you were going?

Esther: I assumed that Billy would have told you that the hearing had started.

Jill: Well, he didnít.

Esther: How'd you find out then?

Jill: Because the judge's wife is a friend of mine, okay, Esther? I've been trying to call Billy all morning, and he hasn't returned any of my calls. I thought I'd find him here.

Chloe: (Sighs) Okay, so what happens today?

Landon: We wait and see if Rafe has any more surprise witnesses.

Chloe: He seemed just shocked as we were when Victoria testified.

Kevin: Do you think her testimony is gonna sway the judge?

Landon: Well, it's pretty compelling. Combined with the fact that Billy and Victoria are estranged.. but something could work in our favor.

Chloe: What?

Landon: The hearing's about to start and daddy's nowhere to be found.

Chloe: (Sighs) Maybe he overslept. I bet you he's still at home.

Victoria: Billy? Are you here? (Sighs) (Whispers) Where are you?

Billy: Ahh. Rafe, all right, did you post my bail? Are they gonna let me outta here? I gotta get to court.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Just calm down.

Billy: I'm not gonna calm down, Man. I am late for my daughter's custody hearing, and they're holding me on a bogus charge. I didn't solicit a hooker.

Rafe: We'll sort it out then.

Billy: You better do it damn fast. I'm gonna lose my daughter because of this.

Diane: I won't have a say in Kyleís life, but you will? Oh, come on, Victor. You were his stepfather for-- for a few months. You barely had time to play catch, let alone make some kind of legal claim on him, which I would never allow anyway.

Victor: Mm-hmm. That's assuming that you'll be the one making decisions.

Diane: (Chuckles) Okay, I know that in your mind, Victor rules, right? But out here, in what we call "Reality," there are laws and courts that decide these things.

Victor: Mm-hmm. The same courts that will decide whether you and Jack will go to jail for S.E.C. violations. If that's the case, what will happen to Kyle then? What happens if he can only see you and Jack behind a glass wall? I think you'll be very happy to find out that I'll take care of him, all right?

Esther: We're wondering where Billy is. Do you have any idea?

Chloe: No, but if he doesn't get here soon, things are gonna get really ugly.

Jill: "Uglier," you mean?

Chloe: O-okay, look, don't blame me just because your son is once again showing how irresponsible he is.

Jill: No, no, no, no, I'm blaming you for starting this custody battle in the first place.

Chloe: Uh, no. Your son is the one who hired psychotic nanny...

Jill: Shh!

Chloe: And then went ahead and bought a baby on the black market.

Jill: Stop with these wild accusations!

Chloe: Oh, just read the news. Everybody knows.

Kevin: All right, all right, come on, Chloe, this isn't getting us anywhere.

Jill: God. Yeah, well, conversations with her rarely do, okay? You're badmouthing Billy, and he could be in a hospital. He could be in an accident.

Chloe: Yeah, he could be gambling. He could be drunk, passed out somewhere.

Jill: You vindictive little--

Esther: Okay, stop.

Jill: Shh!

Esther: Oh, both of you, just stop. This is not helping.

Jill: Good Lord.

Kevin: Esther's right. You know what? Both of you, back to your corners.

Chloe: (Scoffs)

Jill: Well, I'm gonna see if I can find Billy.

Kevin: You really think he's off doing something stupid?

Chloe: I--you know, I wouldn't be surprised. Come on. It's Billy. He was like this when we were in New York together.

Kevin: I thought you said he gave that life up.

Chloe: Yeah, and then he lost Victoria and Lucy, and ruined his entire world. He's just going back to his old ways.

Kevin: Kind of makes you feel bad for the guy.

Chloe: Well, then go have a pity party for him. Meanwhile, I'm focusing on what's best for my daughter.

Billy: I thought you posted my bail

Rafe: I did.

Billy: Well, why aren't they letting me out of here?

Rafe: Paperwork. This stuff takes time.

Billy: Don't they know I have to be in court?

Rafe: Well, then I guess they'll just have to forego the red tape for you.

Billy: This is gonna hurt my chances, isn't it? I mean, even though I didn't hire a hooker. This is ridiculous.

Rafe: So you've said a few hundred times, Billy.

Billy: And it's the truth, damn it.

Rafe: A know that. The trick is convincing everybody else.

Man: I've got Mr. Abbott's release papers.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Man: You'll just need to sign here.

Billy: Right here?

Man: Yep.

Billy: All right. This is mine right here? Okay, thank you. Appreciate it. Let's go. Come on!

Rafe: Right behind you.

Man: All rise. This hearing is in session. Judge Edward Stark presiding.

Judge Stark: Be seated. (Sighs) Anyone happen to know where Mr. Abbott and his attorney are?

Landon: No, your honor. We donít.

Judge stark: Find out. If the bailiff is unable to locate Mr. Abbott, we'll proceed without him.

Diane: So the seats are behind the Brewers' dugout, is that right? Oh, it's perfect. Thank you so much. My son's gonna love it. Thanks again.

(Knock on door)

Diane: If you came back to p-- Adam?

Adam: You look nervous, Diane.

Diane: I'm just not in the mood to have you go off on me again because you're mad at Sharon.

Adam: No misplaced aggression today.

Diane: So... then you're here to talk about our plan against Victor?

Adam: Actually, I'm here to talk about you.

Diane: I thought that was a topic that didn't interest you.

Adam: Oh, it does today.

Diane: Oh?

Adam: Got a call from a friend of mine in the D.A.'s office. He told me all about what you've been up to.

Eden: Michael, if you're busy, we can just meet another time. Yeah, there's really nothing more for me to tell you about Paris or rehab. No. O-okay, I'll wait. (Sighs) Noah, hey. I'm, um, meeting Michael.

Noah: I heard. Do you want to sit?

Eden: Sure.

Noah: So is Michael giving you hard time?

Eden: Yeah, my big brother likes playing big brother. No, he probably found out I decided to sublet Heather's apartment instead of moving in with him.

Noah: Did you change your mind about staying in town?

Eden: No, have you?

Noah: No. (Sighs)

Eden: You, uh, seem kind of down.

Noah: It's my mom.

Eden: I thought you guys worked things out.

Noah: We did. We did. It was just,.. (Sighs) Look, Adam thought he had the evidence needed to clear Mom, and it turns out that he doesnít. She's gonna go to prison, and, I mean, she could be there for a really long time.

Eden: What can I do?

Noah: Nothing (sighs)

Eden: I'm gonna get something to drink, okay? Be right back.

Hunter: Noah. I got your text. Are you okay?

Noah: Hey. Yeah. (Sighs heavily)

Victoria: I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming.

Victor: Well...

Victoria: Dad. What are you, uh...? (Sighs) Our breakfast meeting.

Victor: What am I what?

Victoria: Here. (Scoffs)

Victor: Did you forget?

Victoria: Uh, yes, but-- no, no, no, no, no. Come in. Come in, um, just, you know, I-- I'm running a little behind because I-I overslept.

Victor: Do you want to reschedule?

Victoria: No, no, no. That's no way for Newmanís new C.O.O. to start off.  So Beauty of Nature's response to Jabot's product launch today is really crucial.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: And I scheduled meetings with the heads of R & D and marketing and, um, and um... (Sniffles)

Victor: Whatís the matter, Sweetheart?

Victoria: Itís... its Billy.

Victor: (Sighs) What has he done now?

Victoria: (Sighs) It's what he-- it's what he didn't do.

Judge Stark: Well, it seems that neither Mr. Abbott nor Mr. Torres can be located.

Landon: Uh, your honor, you were very clear about the time you were rendering your decisions this morning we are ready to proceed.

Jill: Judge Stark, I am sure that my son wouldn't be late if he didn't have a very good reason.

Judge Stark: Unless it involves a hospital or a morgue, it's not good enough. Please, sit down. I'm ready to begin in the matter of Mitchell vs. Abbott regarding the custody of minor Cordelia Abbott--

(Door opens)

Billy: (Clears throat)

Judge stark: Mr. Abbott...

Billy: Yeah.

Judge Stark: Mr. Torres how nice of you to join us.

Rafe: Your honor, um, extenuating circumstances caused a delay in our arrival this morning. I beg the court's understanding in this matter.

Judge Stark: I have a very full docket today, Mr. Torres. I'm not in a very understanding mood. What are these "Extenuating circumstances"?

Rafe: They were... of a personal nature completely unrelated to today's proceedings. We're ready to hear your decision regarding custody of Delia Abbott.

Judge Stark: Sit down, both of you. Mr. Abbott, would you please stand? Is it true that you were arrested last night for solicitation?

Hunter: So... your mom's been in New Mexico this whole time?

Noah: Living on a ranch with some veterinarian.

Hunter: (Sighs) You must be...

Noah: Blown away? Yeah, petty much.

Hunter: (Chuckles) Yeah, you weren't kidding when you said your family was messed up.

Noah: (Chuckles)

Hunter: I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't-- I didn't mean that the way it came off.

Noah: It came off pretty accurate. (Chuckles)

Hunter: Well, your mom's back. That's good.

Noah: Yeah, it would be better if Adam came though with the proof that she didn't kill Skye.

Hunter: What can I do?

Noah: This.

Eden: Hey, who's your friend?

Noah: Um, Eden, this is Hunter. We met in New York, and she's gonna be hanging around Genoa City this summer.

Eden: Oh.

Hunter: It's nice to meet you.

Eden: Yeah, you, too.

Hunter: Yeah, Noah texted me bout his mom, and I came right away.

Eden: Oh, that was sweet of you.

Hunter: After everything he's done for me, I just wish he'd let me do something for him... besides hold your hand.

Noah: You know what? I'm done talkin' about this. Tell me what's gong on with you and Phyllis. Did she contact you about that "Restless Style" internship?

Hunter: Yeah, she did. She did. She wants me to come in and meet with her. I owe you big for this.

Noah: Nah, I can't take the credit.

Hunter: (Sighs) You never do. He's the best, don't you think?

Victoria: I went to Deliaís custody hearing yesterday.

Victor: To support Billy?

Victoria: To testify for him.

Victor: Mm-hmm. That's very generous of you.

Victoria: I think that Billy thought that, too. He showed up here to thank me, but I think that he was... hoping... (Sighs) So I-I sent him on his way. I think he was hurt, and I think he was disappointed. And after he left, Dad, I started thinking about all of the great things that we've done together, and how I'm not ready to give them up.

Victor: You called him.

Victoria: No. I-I went to his trailer, and... he wasn't there, so I fell asleep waiting for him. But when I woke up this morning, he didnít come home last night , Dad.

Victor: I'm sorry, Sweetheart.

Victoria: I mean, I-I just feel like an idiot thinking that he would show up. At first, I was really worried about him, but then I-I remembered that he's just doing the thing that Billy always does when things go wrong, which is gonna completely screw things up for him in court today.

Victor: Sweetheart, why don't I take these files and take them home with me and then we can meet later, okay?

Victoria: No, no, Dad, no.

Victor: (Sighs)

Victoria: I can't worry about Billy anymore. I have to to concentrate on my own life, and if he's gonna make a mess of things, than he can just-- he can handle it himself.

Judge Stark: Were you or were you not arrested for soliciting a prostitute, Mr. Abbott? A simple yes or no will do.

Billy: Yes, but I can explain--

Judge Stark: I have no doubt.

Billy: Oh, Man.

Rafe: Your honor, the incident that allegedly took place last night has nothing to do with these proceedings.

Landon: It absolutely does. It goes directly to Ms. Mitchell's claim that her ex-husband is an unfit parent.

Judge Stark: I've heard enough. I'm gonna review all the testimony, and then I'll render my decision.

Billy: (Sighs)

Chloe: (Sighs)

Kevin: Man, this changes everything.

Billy: Don't start with me, Mom.

Jill: Billy, this is my fault. I spoiled you, Honey. I let you get away with all your wild behavior and made excuses for you.

Billy: (Scoffs)

Jill: No, it's true. I mean, they--they say that you should give your kids wings and teach them to fly. You should teach them how to fall down so they know how to get up, and I never taught you that, and I'm so sorry, Billy.

Jill: I let you down.

Billy: Oh, come off of it. You mean I let you down, right, Mom?

Billy: (Clears throat)

Diane: Yes, of course they're playing the Cubs. Oh, I can't wait, either. Okay, you have fun with your dad, and I'll see you soon. (Chuckles)

Adam: No more calls.

Diane: Have you considered yoga? Meditation, maybe? Something, anything to relax you?

Adam: We agreed we'd work together, go after my father.

Diane: It's pretty tough to work with someone who won't meet with you, who won't return your calls, who won't even tell you what his plan is.

Adam: Is that why you went to the D.A.?

Diane: Who told you that?

Adam: It was on Spencerís calendar with a note-- "S.E.C. investigation."

Diane: Mm-hmm spies in the D.A.'s office. That must have cost you.

Adam: I notice that you're not denying anything.

Diane: Why should I?

Adam: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you're trying to pin the whole Victor-stroke scam on me.

Diane: (Chuckles) Yes, yes, I am. 'Cause Spence and I, we're like this. Especially after I screwed him over by changing my testimony about Ashley. Come on, Adam! The D.A. is not gonna make a deal with me.

Adam: So why did you go to the D.A. then?

Diane: (Sighs) He wanted to interrogate me again about the day of the I.P.O.

Adam: What'd you say?

Diane: Nothing, which endeared me to him even more.

Adam: And I'm supposed to trust you, why?

Diane: You shouldnít.

Adam: Honesty-- refreshing.

Diane: Mm. We don't like each other. But we hate Victor even more. Why don't we focus our energy on that?

Adam: By making sure he's the one that goes to jail, Diane, not us.

Diane: That is your plan, isn't it?

Adam: You know it is.

Diane: That's all I know. Why don't you fill me in on the rest?

Victoria: R & D is developing two new products to compete with Jabot's cactus line, but I really feel like we should focus our efforts on one, so here's my pick. Uh, its botanical, and I think that it has a lot of potential.

Victor: It looks good.

Victoria: Great, so we'll shelve the other one for now, and I'll get our team going on this one. It should be out by fall.

Victoria: What?

Victor: It seems to me as if you have never been away.

Victoria: Well, maybe if we werenít both so stubborn...

Victor: (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Victoria: (Chuckles)

Victor: I'm just glad, my darling, that you realize that this is where you belong-- at Newman, at my side.

Victoria: It feels right.

Victor: Because it is.

Victoria: (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Yeah? Mm-hmm. Thank you for calling. (Sighs)

Victoria: Daddy, what is it? What's wrong?

Victor: It's about Billy.

Judge: Custody cases are never easy, and this one is no exception. The welfare of the child must come first. With that in mind, I'm awarding complete and sole custody of the minor Cordelia Abbott to her mother Chloe Mitchell.

Rafe: Your honor, um, what about visitation rights for my client?

Judge Stark: Mr. Abbott will be allowed brief and supervised visits with his daughter. (Bangs gavel) This court is adjourned.

Billy: They just took my daughter away from me, Rafe.

Rafe: Don't flip out. We're gonna appeal this, Billy.

Billy: She's all I had left.

Rafe: I gotta go talk to Landon, all right? We can work something out. Just don't do anything crazy, all right?

Jill: Billy, don't worry. I'll talk to Lauren. Maybe Michael can help get you out of this mess that you've got yourself into.

Billy: Mom, I didn't get myself into anything, but thank you for your vote of confidence, as usual.

Jill: (Scoffs) I am trying to help you.

Billy: Don't help me, please.

Jill: What kind of a parent would I be if I didn't?

Billy: The same parent you've always been, I guess, Mom. (Sighs) Hey, you! We're not done.

Victoria: Dad, what happened to Billy? Was he in an accident? Is he hurt?

Victor: Billy was arrested last night, and he was in jail. He was arrested for solicitation.

Victoria: Um, okay. Listen, um, if you don't mind, I-I'd kind of like to be alone right now.

Victor: I understand. Um, you know, this whole thing may be a misunderstanding. I mean, let's wait until we hear his side of the story, all right? I'm sorry, Sweetheart.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Victor: Talk to you later.

Kevin: Back off, Billy.

Chloe: No, you know what? It's--its okay, Kevin. I want to talk to him.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Chloe: Yes. Yes.

Chloe: A hooker. Really?

Billy: No, not really.

Chloe: You know what? I don't even care. It just proves that I was right, that I should have filed for full custody.

Billy: I love our daughter.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I will tell her that when you don't show up to her recital and her graduation and her wedding, 'cause I'm pretty sure that you're never gonna show up to that, either.

Billy: (Hits railing) Today is not my fault.

Chloe: It never is, Billy. That's why you never change, you know? You can never look at the problem. So why bother fixing it?

Billy: I'm trying to get my life back together here.

Chloe: Great. You do that. I want you to do that. Meanwhile, why don't you just leave us alone?

Billy: You can't do this to me.

Chloe: (Sighs) It's not about you. It's about Delia, all right? You--you just don't get it. That's what the problem is.

Jill: I am so sorry it as to be this way.

Chloe: Yeah, me, too.

Esther: Oh, Sweetheart, Sweetheart.

Chloe: Mom, let's just talk about it at home, okay?

Esther: Sure, Baby.

Chloe: Okay.

Esther: I love you, Honey.

Chloe: Yeah, I love you, too.

Chloe: What?

Kevin: Now comes the hard part.

Hunter: Do you have any idea when your mom's going to be sentenced?

Noah: Nobody's told me anything yet.

Eden: I can, um, ask Michael to see if he knows anything.

Noah: I mean, I'll find out everything soon enough. (Sighs)

Hunter: There must be something we can do.

Noah: (Scoffs) You could beam me back to New York or Paris.

Hunter: Well, I could... buy you a croissant. Will that help?

Noah: I'm not sure anything would.

Hunter: Okay, well, we can just hang with you.

Noah: (Sighs) I think I just need some time alone. (Sighs)

Hunter: Noah, if you need anything...

Noah: Thanks.

Hunter: I wish he would just let us...

Eden: Yeah, it's kind of hard to help a serial loner.

Hunter: Yeah, but, I mean, we have to keep trying. We can't let him go through this alone.

Diane: You really think this'll work?

Adam: Well, Diane, I wouldn't propose it if I didnít.

Diane: It sounds a little risky to me... n-not to mention unsettling.

Adam: You're not thinking about backing out, are you?

Diane: No. I-I didn't say that. I just... I just want to be sure.

Adam: Well, as long as we work together, everything will be fine.

Diane: You and I will be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Isn't that right? And--and Victor will be in jail.

Adam: That is the plan.

Diane: (Sighs) Well, y-you sound confident.

Adam: If we're going to take down Victor Newman, we both have to be very confident. Diane, this can work. You can have enough money that you can leave Genoa City with Kyle. You won't worry about Victor. You won't have to worry about Jack or anyone taking him from you. So what do you say? You in or you out?

Diane: When do we start? When will you have all the details worked out?

Adam: Soon. Maybe even today. No more cold feet, Diane. No more double-crosses.

Diane: You have my word.

Adam: (Chuckles) I wish that made me feel a lot better.

Diane: (Laughs) Look... I want to take Victor down just as much as you do.

Adam: This is the way that you can get everything that you want.

Diane: And I look forward to it.

Adam: I'll be in touch.

Diane: (Clears throat) (Sniffles) (Humming nervously) (Clears throat)

Diane: Spencer, its Diane Jenkins. Adam knows I spoke to you. Somebody in your office told him that's how. So you better find out who that person is and get rid of them. Yes. Yes, okay, we're-- we're still on. If you can cut me a deal with the S.E.C., then I will give you all the proof you need to bust Adam.

Chloe: You know, I'm trying to figure out the best way to just explain all this to Delia.

Kevin: What have you come up with?

Chloe: (Sighs) That there's no best way.

Kevin: I hope having me with you helps.

Chloe: Are you... with me?

Kevin: There's only one thing worse than a kid being separated from their parent, and that's a kid forced to be with one they shouldnít.

Chloe: But do you think I did the right thing?

Kevin: After what I saw with Billy today? Absolutely yes.

Chloe: Yeah, but I'm taking her way from her father. (Sighs)

Kevin: No, no, Billy did that himself.

Chloe: (Sniffles) Yeah, but to DeeDee, it doesn't matter. I mean, there's no one to blame.

Kevin: One day, she's gonna know, and she's gonna be thankful. Chloe, you are a great, great mother.

Chloe: (Sighs) I just don't understand. I don't, you know? He loves her so much. You know, the drinking, gambling, whatever. But a hooker? Really?

Kevin: (Sighs) And you would think after he lost Lucy and his marriage fell apart, that he would do whatever he had to to hang on to Delia. This--this just doesn't make any sense.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Woman: I did exactly what you told me to-- followed Billy Abbott to the bar at Gloworm. He was drinking, just like you said he'd be. I tried to do things the old-fashioned way-- get him to pay for a night. (Sighs) I guess I've lost my touch. I had to make it look like he was a paying customer. Got the result you wanted. (Sighs) Abbott--busted. I'm here to collect for a job well done. (Chuckles) Pleasure doing business with you.

(Knock on door)

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