Y&R Transcript Friday 7/8/11

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/8/11 -- Canada; Monday 7/11/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9691 ~ Sharon's Arrest Stuns Genoa City

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Lee: Sharon Newman, you're under arrest.

Piper: Dad, what are you doing?!

Sharon: No, it's okay. Its okay.

Beverly: C-come outside, Piper.

Piper: No! (Sobs)

Sam: Sharon Newman?

Sharon: That's my real come. Can we just get out of here, please?

Sam: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why are you arresting her? What--what--what exactly do you think she did?

Lee: Killed somebody.

Marco: She was convicted of murder.

Piper: That's not true! (Sobs)

Sam: Where? Where did this happen?

Marco: Genoa City, Wisconsin. She escaped custody before she could be sent to prison.

Lee: Law enforcement there thought she died in a car crash.

Marco: Trying to get away, which is why they stopped looking.

Piper: No, Sheri would never hurt anybody! It's a mistake! (Sobs) You have to tell them they have the wrong person. (Sobs)

Sharon: Sweetie, Sweetie, I can't do that. I'm so sorry.

Beverly: Get away from her. Come here.

Piper: No! (Sobs)

Marco: I always thought it was suspicious, the way she showed up, just--

Sam: So much of this didn't make sense. Now it does.

Sharon: Sam, there's a lot more to this than you know. It's--it's complicated.

Lee: Let's go.

Sharon: Sam, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry.

Lee: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Phyllis: Oh, I thought we said we weren't gonna do this.

Nick: We did.

(Cell phone rings) (Telephone rings)

Nick: We should probably get this.

Phyllis: It could be about the kids. Phyllis Newman.

Nick: Nick Newman.

Phyllis: Uh, okay, it's a scoop? (Sighs) This better be good.

Nick: Yeah, what do you need, Detective?

Ashley: Who's the cutest baby in the whole wide world? Who's the cutest baby? That's right. You are.

Noah: Careful, you'll turn her into a diva.

Ashley: (Laughs) I'm just stating the facts.

Noah: It's nice watching you with her. It's like when my mom, uh...

Ashley: Oh, it's okay, Noah. I like to think that she remembers me a little bit, you know?

Noah: Yeah.

Ashley: You know, if spending time with me helps her miss her mommy a little less, then I guess it's a good thing.

Noah: Yeah.

Ashley: So are you here to pick her up?

Noah: Uh, well, Dad's still at work, and I was on my way home. How was she?

Ashley: He was amazing. She's getting a little sleepy, though aren't you?

Noah: Yeah, it's been a long day with... with what we had to do.

Ashley: Noah, do you want to sit down and talk about it?

Noah: (Sighs)

Ashley: What is it?

Noah: What's my mom's picture doing on TV?

(Computer keys clicking)

Victor: I thought I'd find Ashley here.

Jack: Yeah, I doubt that.

Victor: I was certain that by now she would have taken control of Jabot again.

Jack: Oh, you have inside information?

Victor: I hear that Tucker asked Ashley to oust you.

Jack: Well, my sister and I talked about that, and that ain't gonna happen.

Victor: Mm.

Jack: I'm on a 3-month trial run. I got an amazing new line of products about to head to the stores, and I'm not worried at all about my future here.

Victor: Really? A 3-month trial run. I'll be damned. A long time.

Jack: Oh, my God.

[Video playing]

Sharon: We're gonna get you up on this ledge, back to Genoa City. You're gonna clear Adamís name.

Adam: (Sighs) What-- (Strikes computer key) (Gasps) Sharon. (Sighs) Baby, you're alive. (Sighs) (Laughs)

Adam: Leslie, I need to find out where Sharon is and if she's all right, okay? And I want you to get me in to see her as soon as possible. No, I don't care why she stayed away. She's back.

[Adam remembering]

We finally have a chance to make things right. You know, I look at you, and I just feel lucky. I feel happy, in love. And there is no way-- there is no way you should love me-- none, not a chance. And yet, you do. That, Sharon, is magical. That... (Sighs) That is a once-in-a-lifetime, makes-no-sense miracle. This day with you, Sharon, this day, Valentineís Day, it's here, and then it's gone. There's no gettin' it back. So I want today to be perfect. I want every day with you... to be perfect.

Sharon: It is so perfect.

Adam: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Nick: No comment. My God, where has she been?

Phyllis: New Mexico. I mean, that's where that supposed fatal car accident was. That's where they arrested her.

Nick: Something really awful must have happened to keep her from letting her kids know that she was alive.

Phyllis: Or maybe she was just being Sharon. May-- maybe she just cared about saving herself.

Nick: Do you think your contacts in the police department would give you more details?

Phyllis: No, not tonight.

Nick: Then let's call it a day.

Phyllis: She's selfish and weak.

Nick: No, don't do that.

Phyllis: Yes, she is. She's selfish and weak. I mean, she has taken "It's all about me" to a whole new level.

Nick: Before we start condemning her, let's hear her side of the story.

Phyllis: We've heard her side of the story. She let her kids think that she was dead for months. Who does that? She cared about self-preservation before her own children. How can you defend that?

Nick: I'm not defending her, but I'm also not going to rush to judgment.

Phyllis: Look, she was gone for months, right? She could have taken five minutes at any time in those months to, I don't know, uh, leave a message, uh, from a-a disposable cell phone, send an e-mail from the library, or maybe drop a postcard in the mail.

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah, but she didnít. I know.

Phyllis: No, she didn't do that. Right.

Nick: You seem to be forgetting that Sharon loves Noah and Faith very much.

Phyllis: Obviously not more than she loves herself. (Scoffs) Nick-- listen, I know she's not a slacker as a mother.

Nick: Why would I assume that she abandoned her children and would never come back?

Phyllis: I don't know. But when you ask her, you better get a damn good reason.

Nick: There has to be an explanation why she would run away and do this to all of us.

Noah: They'll take my mom back to jail, won't they?

Ashley: Probably.

Noah: (Sighs)

Ashley: Look, Noah, do you want to go out for a walk? I'll stay here while Faith is sleeping. Maybe it'll be good for you.

Noah: Why don't I feel anything, Ashley?

Ashley: It's just so abrupt, Honey.

Noah: (Sighs) But my mom's okay. I mean, she's not dead. All of these--these things that I've been feeling, they just kind of slammed into me, you know?

Ashley: I know.

Noah: But now... it still feels like a part of me is gone. I mean, where has she been?

Ashley: You're gonna talk to her. Then she'll explain.

Noah: I get to see my mom again. I mean, she gets to see Faith grow up, and-- I mean, I should be happy and-- and feel good about that, but I'm--I'm just--

Ashley: You know, they don't call it "Shock" for nothing.

Noah: (Sighs)

Ashley: And this was so unexpected.

Noah: (Sighs) I mean, what do you think about all this?

Ashley: I think I'm happy that Faith has you as a big brother and that she has her father.

Noah: And my mom. My mom is coming home.

(Cell phone rings) (Ring)

Noah: Dad, hey. Is it really true?

Jack: Well, you must be relieved, Victor. You no longer have Sharonís death on your conscience. You now only have her spending her life behind bars on it.

Victor: Well, that's wonderful news. And you're telling me that for what reason? To get a rise out of me?

Jack: Oh, just trying to get an honest reaction.

Victor: I'm sure that Sharon will be touched by your sensitivity.

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Excuse me. Yes, Michael? Keep me informed, all right? Okay.

Jack: Victor?

Victor: Yeah?

Jack: What did Michael learn?

Victor: Sharon is on her way back here. She's being transported to Genoa City, and she'll be here tomorrow morning.

Jack: (Sighs)

Michael: Well, sorry for the early-morning visit, Victor, but Sharon is due at the police station soon, and we need to talk strategy.

Victor: How is she?

Michael: Well, no requests for medical care.

Victor: And legally?

Michael: Oh, things are a lot messier now.

Victor: And obviously the escape didn't help.

Michael: Nor letting people presume that she was dead, but we'll handle that when I make the appeal.

Victor: So what's on the agenda today?

Michael: Well... (Sighs) Leslie will be with Sharon from the moment she arrives.

Victor: Good. What is it you're not telling me?

Michael: Well, I hate to bring this up, but, uh, Sharonís situation could have... an adverse affect on your family and your company.

Victor: It could have rather serious repercussions, couldn't it?

Noah: Thanks for not pushing me to talk last night.

Nick: You needed time. They flew in your mother from New Mexico this morning.

Noah: Already? (Sighs) Even yesterday, after we were scattering Mom's ashes, or what we thought were Mom's ashes, I couldn't accept the fact that she was gone. And I had to get past that. I knew I did. So then last night, I went back to the park, and I f-- I finally had a chance to say good-bye. But then I walked back in here, and then the news is on, and now all I have is questions.

Nick: You know what? Then let's go. Let's go talk to her.

Noah: No, no, I ca-- I can't see her right now. I'm not-- I'm not ready to hear what she has to say. I mean, what-- what can she say?

Nick: Okay. Okay. I'll go, all right? I'll go see her alone.

Noah: (Sighs)

Spencer: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hello, Mr. D.A. okay, as a member of the press, I have some que--

Spencer: Who's your snitch?

Phyllis: Mm, snitch. I like to refer to this person as "Informant," and I'm not telling you.

Spencer: (Scoffs) Go away.

Phyllis: Nope, nope, nope, not until I get my exclusive. So can you tell me about Sharonís hideout in New Mexico?

Spencer: No, I canít. Furthermore, you're not allowed to question anyone connected to this investigation until after I've interrogated Sharon.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. That's just no fun.

Spencer: Officer Carlisle? Can you escort this reporter out? (Sighs)

Phyllis: Officer Carlisle, I don't need an escort. I can find the exit on my own, thank you.

Spencer: Keep movin'. Out. Now.

Adam: (Sighs)

Phyllis: You just missed her.

Adam: Not for long.

Phyllis: So tell me, Adam, how was this supposed to play out?

Adam: To what are you referring?

Phyllis: You helped Sharon escape.

Adam: (Purses lips) Not true.

Phyllis: Not true? You built a nest egg. You acted like the grief-stricken lover.

Adam: Not an act.

Phyllis: So when were you gonna meet up? Six months? Six years? When?

Adam: You are creative. Who knew?

Phyllis: What was the plan?

Adam: Spin theories, Phyllis. Print whatever you'd like. All I care about is the fact that the woman that I love, she's back home.

Phyllis: Well, if you consider home a jail cell, yeah, she is home. So unless you can find something on that memory card you retrieved, the jail cell is the story.

Adam: There's always hope.

Spencer: Welcome home, Ms. Newman. I assume you believed this day would never come.

Sharon: Actually, I was afraid it would.  

Michael: This scandal could be very difficult for Sharonís children.

Victor: Nicholas and I will see to it that they're shielded from it.

Michael: Hmm. Well, on the business front...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Now that Newman Enterprises is a publicly traded company, any bad press could be damaging.

Victor: What's the worst-case scenario?

Michael: The board, worried that negative publicity will affect share prices, forces you to take a leave of absence.

Victor: Forces me?

Michael: How do you want me to proceed?

Victor: (Sighs) I want you to spin it with the media. Tell them that something traumatic happened to Sharon, that she couldn't be here.

Michael: You want me to imply that Sharon was ready to return to the bosom of her family, to face the charges against her, to fight for an appeal?

Victor: Right.

Michael: Is any of that true?

Victor: Is there a chance that they'll be lenient with her?

Michael: Slim to none. It doesn't matter what happened to Sharon after she left Genoa City. It doesn't change the fact that she took off right after she was found guilty. Now I assume that you would like to be there personally for Sharon.

Victor: And you advise against that?

Michael: I think your family and your company will be better served if you focus on maintaining the stability of Newman Enterprises.

Victor: In other words, what you're suggesting is that I leave Sharon alone to fight her fight. Hmm?

Ashley: I was kind of surprised you wanted to join us after the way you and I left things regarding Jabot yesterday.

Jack: I don't want to talk about Jabot.

Ashley: Well, that is a surprise, isn't it?

Jack: I can't-- I can't think of anything except Sharon right now.

Ashley: Have you heard anything?

Jack: No. I'm assuming you have--Nick. Or did she drive herself here today?

Ashley: Ha ha ha. I did check in with Nick this morning on the phone.

Jack: To ask for more time with Faith?

Ashley: No. To find out if he knew anything about Sharon. He's having ongoing issues with the babysitter, so I offered to help.

Jack: Do I need to worry here?

Ashley: Please, I can't keep having this conversation with you.

Jack: Just--just humor me, okay?

Ashley: I'm not getting over involved. I'm being supportive.

Jack: So what do you make of Sharon being gone so long?

Ashley: We could probably theorize till the cows come home, but inevitably, it's gonna be something we never thought of. But can you imagine willingly walking away from this little girl and Noah?

Jack: Wait, Sharon was facing life in prison.

Ashley: Are you kidding me, Jack?

Faith: (Babbles)

Ashley: Her children need her, and Sharon has to know that. And even if-- even if Faith and Noah can't live with Sharon, they can still see her, and that's important.

Jack: And now they're only gonna see her for years in visitation rooms, all thanks to Victor and Adam.

Ashley: Oh, so Sharon has no responsibility?

Jack: Victor set the plan in motion...

Faith: (Babbles)

Jack: That led to Sharon being on trial, though he'll never admit that.

Ashley: Uh-huh, and what did Adam do?

Jack: I'm convinced Adam is the one that planned the great escape.

Ashley: All right, well, Sharon didn't have to run.

Jack: I'm sure he swore up and down everything was gonna be fine.

Ashley: Mm-hmm, and Sharon believed him because she's just so blinded by love?

Jack: Adam manipulated her.

Ashley: She let him.

Jack: And now she's in more trouble than ever.

Spencer: Did Adam Newman help you to escape and evade arrest?

Leslie: Sharon, you don't have to answer that.

Sharon: I want to. I escaped on my own.

Spencer: It would have been impossible for you to execute that plan without a coconspirator.

Sharon: Nobody helped me.

Spencer: You adopted a new identity in New Mexico? You allowed everyone to believe that the woman that stole your car and died in the crash was you. Can you comment on that?

Leslie: No, no. She canít.

Spencer: New charges have been filed, which means you're lookin' at extra time now.

Leslie: Stop tryin' to intimidate my client, please. Just tell us what the additional charges are.

Spencer: Before her escapade, you were looking at 20 years to life. However, escaping custody after conviction is a felony. You're looking at an additional five years for that. You've blown any chance of parole.

Phyllis: So you really think that you and Sharon have a shot at a happy life together?

Adam: Why not?

Phyllis: Uh, because "She's going away to prison for the rest of her life," why not.

Adam: I'm bored with you. I don't care what the D.A. wants. I'm goin' in.

Phyllis: Sure you are.

Nick: I should have known you'd be here.

Adam: Well, of course I'm here, Nicholas. Sharon is my fiancťe. Why are you here?

Nick: Are you planning on staying?

Phyllis: I'm covering a story.

Nick: Phyllis, we got enough to deal with in there, okay? We don't need a scene.

Phyllis: I already saw her. There was no scene. I'm staying.

Nick: I'm asking you to leave.

Leslie: I don't think she should answer that.

(Door opens)

Noah: (Sighs)

Phyllis: (Sighs) Hey.

Noah: Hey. You look kinda ticked.

Phyllis: Oh. (Sighs) I'm fine. I'm fine. I'll get over it. How are you doing?

Noah: I'm still standing. (Chuckles)

Phyllis: I saw your dad at the police station. I was surprised you weren't with him.

Noah: Did you see my mom?

Phyllis: Yeah, I did for-- for a second.

Noah: And how was she?

Phyllis: Um, she looked fine. She seemed worried.

Noah: And she wasn't, like, hurt or anything?

Phyllis: Uh, injured? No, not that I saw.

Noah: And it didn't seem like she had a nervous breakdown or anything?

Phyllis: No, not that I noticed.

Noah: (Scoffs) So she's fine. And if she can walk and talk and think, that means she could have come home before the cops found her.

Phyllis: Listen, Noah, don't--don't blow up. We haven't heard what she has to say for herself. We don't know what happened between the time she disappeared and yesterday.

Noah: Wh-whatever happened, if she thinks she can come back a-and just say she's sorry, and all will be forgiven, it's not gonna be that easy, all right?

Phyllis: Okay, I know. I know.

Noah: (Sighs)

Phyllis: I can see that. I understand how you feel. You haven't talked to her yet, all right? I'm sorry this happened to you.

Spencer: Hey, you know the rules-- no physical contact. I want to talk to you.

Adam: I have nothing to say to you.

Spencer: Then we can end this visit right now. Officer Carlisle, can you escort Mr. Newman out?

Adam: What would you like to talk about, Spencer?

Spencer: Even though it hasn't been proven, there's still lingering suspicion that you helped Ms. Newman escape. I have questions about that.

Sharon: I told you, he had nothing to do with it.

Adam: I answered your question a few months ago. If you would like an update and official statement, here it is. Are you ready? I have nothing more to add.

Leslie: I believe we're done here. Yeah? In which case, I insist we go review the procedure and evidence of Sharonís arrest in New Mexico.

Spencer: (Sighs)

Leslie: Yeah?

Sharon: (Sighs) First of all, I-I need to know about the kids. How are they?

Nick: Physically, they're fine. Mentally, it's--it's been tough.

Sharon: I-I worried about them constantly.

Nick: Sharon, I'm so glad to see you.

Sharon: Thanks, Nick.

Nick: Look, I need to know what kept you away. I-I get why you took off. I do. But what then?

Sharon: (Sighs) My car was stolen.

Adam: And, uh, there was an accident.

Nick: Do you know what they've been saying about you? That you were dead.

Sharon: Yeah, I know.

Nick: Why didn't you contact us?

Adam: Just take it-- take it easy.

Nick: No, no, no, no. When you got carjacked, did you get injured?

Sharon: No.

Nick: Were you sick? Did you lose your memory?

Adam: You need to just stop comin' down on her, okay? She's upset.

Nick: I am trying to make sense of what happened here. Please, help me understand this.

Sharon: I wasn't injured, and I knew exactly what was going on. I decided. I decided to let you all think that I was gone for good.

Nick: Why would you do that?

Sharon: Because I knew the kids would suffer more with a mother convicted of murder and locked up for the rest of their lives.

Nick: How can you say that?

Sharon: Nick, I thought that you and the kids, Adam and my mom-- you would all be better off with me dead than living my life in a cell.

Adam: You were wrong, Sharon. You have no idea how wrong you were.

Nick: So that's it? That's your big explanation?

Sharon: Nick--

Nick: You chose to put us all through this. You intentionally did this to our children. Maybe the kids would have been better off if you were dead.

Adam: Hey, you're gonna say something like that to her?

Nick: Faith has wandered around the house calling for you. She cries for you every day. Our son is really struggling with this. He keeps beating himself up over things he said to you the last time he saw you. Now I get to go home and tell our children that you chose to stay away from them, that you forced them to grieve for you?

Sharon: Nick, I'm really sorry.

Nick: "Sorry" doesn't cut it!

Adam: Listen, she is stressed out. She's freaked out, okay? You can't attack her like this!

Carlisle: You can't be doing this in here.

Nick: You know what? You're right. I got all my questions answered.

Adam: I understand why you did it.

(Cell phone rings)

Ashley: Oh, it's Nick. Hi.

Nick: Hi, Ashley, uh, I was in such a hurry this morning, I wasn't sure if I remembered to thank you for watching Faith.

Ashley: Oh, you don't have to thank me. You know that.

Nick: (Sighs) Good. What's she doing right now?

Ashley: She's enjoying her breakfast. How's Sharon?

Nick: Um... Sharon is fine. She is trying to justify her decision to stay away and let us all think that she was dead.

Ashley: You mean she doesn't have a good reason?

Nick: I haven't heard one yet. Can you watch Faith a little while longer?

Ashley: Of course I can. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Jack: What did Nick tell you about Sharon?

Nick: Noah, it's me. I need you to call me as soon as you get this.

Victor: I didn't realize you'd already seen Sharon.

Nick: Yeah, first thing this morning.

Victor: I'm going to see her, as well, I think.

Michael: Well, all right, Victor, I've got a meeting to go to. I wish you would take my advice, you know? Keep your distance.

Nick: Wish I had done that.

Victor: "Wish you had done that"? Those are rather harsh words.

Nick: Do you have any idea what she said to me? She said she intended to live her life on the run and she wasn't gonna contact her children. It is insane.

Victor: She panicked.

Nick: I really thought she loved her kids, but clearly, her fear of prison outweighs any bond she has with her children.

Victor: I bet you she didn't think she had anything to give anymore other than heartaches and anguish and death.

Nick: She ran, Dad, and she kept running without a word to anyone who cared about her if she was safe.

Victor: (Exhales slowly) Son, Sharon is Sharon, and you know we all care about her.

Nick: No, not me. After this, I'm done caring about her.

Sharon: I can't believe you don't hate me.

Adam: I could never hate you. Sharon, I love you.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Adam: I wished... I wished that I could have just one more second with you, one--one more moment to share with you, and you're here, so there's gonna be so much more than that now.

Sharon: Um, there's a lot I have to tell you.

Adam: You don't have to explain anything. You had to lie low. You were running for your life. It was very smart not to contact anyone, even me.

Sharon: A lot happened.

Adam: It's okay. Sharon, I know you'd have contacted me eventually. I know you, and you know me. You know how much I love you, and even if I believed you were dead, I would never forget what we had. The charges-- the charges against you, I never stopped fighting to get them dropped.

Sharon: You never did know when to stop fighting.

Adam: Sharon, smile. Baby, it's okay. I'm here.

Sharon: (Sniffles) Adam, I, uh--

Adam: Sharon, shh. I'm here now. You're gonna be with your kids. It's okay. Sharon, I love you so much.

(Footsteps approach)

Sam: Sheri...

Sharon: Sam, what are you doing here?

Sam: They took you away so fast, I had to come. You know, I couldn't just let things end like that.

Sharon: Adam.

Adam: (Sighs) (Sighs) (Sighs)

Sharon: (Sniffles) Adam!

Jack: Sharon must have really hit bottom to leave for so long.

Ashley: You know, I don't care what kind of stress or tension or terror you have going on in your life. Your children come first.

Jack: Victor and Adam both took advantage of her.

Ashley: No, Victor and Adam did not make Sharon stay away. Sharon already lost this little girl one time, and she should be doing everything in her power...

Faith: (Fusses)

Ashley: To stay in her life, as well as Noahís. She abandoned them, pure and simple. I'm sorry. She's a horrible mother.

Noah: Yeah, right, and that one flies into J.F.K.? Good. It leaves in an hour and a half? Yeah, yeah, I can make it. Thanks. (Sighs)

Eden: I heard the news about your mom. Noah, please don't go.

Phyllis: (Thinking) "Once again, evil personified resides in a jail cell in Genoa City. Sharon Newman is back from the dead and already wreaking havoc on the people she supposedly loves."

Nick: (Clicks lips) Gee, I wonder what you're doing.

Phyllis: You want me to stop?

Nick: Do whatever you want.

Sam: Here. Well, that guy seemed pretty angry when he left.

Sharon: You're not the only one who's furious at me for what I did.

Sam: I'm not furious at you, Sheri.

Sharon: Sam, I need you to know something-- I didn't kill anyone.

Sam: I do know that, Sheri, because I know you.

(Water splashes)

(Water rushing)

Adam: (Sighs)

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