Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/6/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/6/11 -- Canada; Thursday 7/7/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9689 ~ Her Abandoned Family Holds a Memorial for Sharon

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Genevieve: All right, the confidentiality agreement is de rigueur. So if they won't sign it, don't even waste my time. Excuse me. Eating lunch alone, Colin? (Chuckles) No one wants to break bread with the town pariah?

Colin: (Sighs) Genevieve.

Genevieve: I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see you ostracized.

Colin: You've gotta have one first. What, no handler to feed you?

Genevieve: Actually, I've just had a lovely lunch with a lady from the domestic agency.

Colin: So you're still planning on staying in Genoa City?

Genevieve: Mm-hmm. As long as Ethan and our grandchildren are here, of course.

Colin: Why the sudden interest in Cane? You never once tried to contact him after he left the family. And as for Charlie and Matty, do you even know what they look like?

Genevieve: I have seen them. They're adorable.

Colin: Let's face it, the only reason you're sticking around is to piss me off.

Genevieve: Well, if that were true, it would seem to be working.

Jill: Okay, where is this customer you said wanted to see me? What are you doing here?

Cane: You won't return my phone calls.

Jill: Take a hint.

Cane: Yeah, I understand. I-I know you're angry at me.

Jill: Oh, my God, Cane. I am so much more than angry at you-- for what you did, for what you didn't do, not telling me that Colin was your father, that he was using me to get the kids.

Cane: I tried to tell you.

Jill: Oh, for God sake. You knew he was still married to your mother.

Cane: I called you the day of the wedding. I said, "Donít marry this man."

Jill: Yeah, and Katherine said, "Don't marry this man." And Murphy said, "Don't marry this man." And Esther and Lauren-- you were a voice in the crowd.

Cane: I tried to stop you. I tried to stop you.

Jill: Oh, my God, the truth would have stopped me.

Cane: I wanted to tell you the truth the day I came to Katherineís house to confess everything to you about my past.

Jill: Why didn't you tell me then?

Cane: Because Colin turned up, and he said if I tell you, he's going to kill you.

Jill: (Sighs) Are you listening to yourself? Letting me marry Colin was your way of keeping me safe from him? No. No, you were so busy holding on to your life with Lily and the babies, you didn't give a damn about me.

Cane: I love you. You know that. You are the world to me. You're the only mother I've ever had.

Jill: Oh, shut up! You have a mother. How could you do this to the people who love you? How could you lie to us this way and betray us this way? Cane, how could you have let me think you were dead? I didn't think you were that cruel. You saw how I suffered.

Cane: I'm sorry that you suffered. I'm so sorry. But this is the only way I can protect the people I love.

Jill: (Sighs) Honey, you don't know a thing about the word "Love," okay? I thought Colin was a monster. You are so much worse than Colin. You are the one that we need to be protected from. (Sighs)

Cane: You don't mean that.

Jill: Oh, I mean it. (Sighs)

Cane: Will--will you tell me what I can do?

Jill: Yeah, I can tell you what you can do. You can get the hell out of town and not come back, okay? 'Cause we're all so much better off without you.

Cane: Jill.

Lily: (Breathing heavily) Okay. (Laughs)

Daniel: (Breathing heavily) (Grunts)

Lily: Here.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Did you listen to that CD I gave you yet?

Lily: Yeah, I will tonight.

Daniel: (Sighs) It's hot! Oh, my God. We gotta do this next time in the morning when it's not so warm.

Lily: (Sighs) I canít. I have to wait until the twins go down for their nap.

Daniel: Oh, well, that's-- that's--that's good. Your sitter only watches them when they're asleep. I hope she gives you a discount for that.

Lily: Ha ha. No, it's just easier for them, you know? They just--they've been a little clingy since I checked myself into Fairview. I can't believe I thought I was seeing a ghost. It's, like, stupid. Okay, another lap? You ready?

Daniel: Oh, no, no, no.

Lily: Let's go.

Daniel: Come on. What, are you trying to kill me?

Lily: No, it's just when I run, I don't have to think. So let's run, please. Let's go.

Daniel: Maybe it's time you stopped running and started to think...

Lily: (Sighs)

Daniel: You know, about what happens next.

Lily: (Sighs) With?

Daniel: With Cane.

Lily: Cane. Well, he's doing what I asked him to. He's keeping his distance from me and the twins.

Daniel: What happens if he decides to show up at your front door, comes knockin', huh? What then?

Lily: Uh, I'll move?

Daniel: Not funny.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Daniel: Seriously.

Lily: (Sighs)

Daniel: I mean have you, uh, have you thought about a divorce?

Lily: (Sighs)

Kay: May I join you? I, uh, stopped by to see Tucker. He said, uh, I just missed you.

Ashley: Yeah, he tries to stay awake when I'm there. He needs to rest, so I left.

Kay: Ashley, now that, uh, you're married to my son, I really would like to clear things up between us.

Ashley: That would probably be good.

Kay: I know I came down very hard on you, but I hope you understand why I had to keep you away from him. It was never, ever anything personal.

Ashley: It was shocking for me to know that you-- you thought I could actually hurt him on purpose. I mean, you've known me such a long time, Katherine.

Kay: But given the information that I had, I-I just simply could not risk it. (Stammers) I had no choice.

Ashley: Well, I can understand going to extremes to protect your child. I do understand that. Well, hi.

Nick: Well, hi, Ladies.

Kay: Nicholas.

Ashley: Hello, you pretty girl. Aw.

(Cell phone rings)

Kay: Oh, excuse me.

Nick: Mm, she's havin' a tough day.

Kay: Uh, excuse me. I'll be right out here.

Ashley: She's getting so big.

Nick: Yeah.

Ashley: Nicholas, I'm sorry I wasn't around more after Sharon died to help out with her.

Nick: Well, that's all right. You had your own problems, and you're here now.

Ashley: Yeah.

Noah: Yo.

Adam: Hey.

Noah: I, um, I checked all the memory cards you gave me twice. Nothing looked like Hawaii or a volcano.

Adam: I may have found something.

Noah: What?

Adam: A frame that looked like lava.

Noah: Well, can I see it?

Adam: Not now. Malcolm's friend has it right now. He's trying to recover the-- the footage from it.

Noah: Well, will it prove that Mom was innocent?

Adam: Look, if-- if this is the video that I saw that was on your mom's camera, I mean, you can hear everything. Very clearly, it was an accident. Sharon was--she was trying to save Skyeís life.

Noah: I'd like Faith to know that.

Adam: I want to prove this for your sister, for you, and for Sharon. Your mother's name, her memory, it shouldn't be tarnished. That's all we have of her now.

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Hey.

Sam: Hey.

Sharon: You were up early this morning. (Laughs)

Sam: Mm, yes, I was. (Sighs) I had an appointment out at Liberty Hill. Gettin' out of bed with you there, that was-- that was tough. I did not want to leave you. But I do like comin' home to you.

Sharon: So you all done for the day?

Sam: Everybody's closin' up shop early.

Sharon: Oh, because...

Sam: The town dance. It's the biggest hoedown of the year. Grab your dancin' shoes, your best gal. And I would really like it if you would come with me.

Ashley: Where's Faith's nose? Is that it? That's very good. Yes, it is. What does "Lambie" say?

Faith: (Fusses)

Ashley: Oh, no.

Nick: (Sighs) Hi.

Ashley: I think she remembers me.

Nick: I'm sure she does.

Ashley: You know, she's such a happy girl. With everything that's happened, you've done a great job.

Nick: (Sighs) Thank you. I couldn't do it on my own. Noah and, uh, my dad, actually, have been helping quite a bit lately.

Ashley: Well, that's a lot of testosterone, isn't it? (Laughs)

Nick: (Laughs) Well, Mom's been out of town, you know, with rehab.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Nick: And Victoriaís dealing with her own stuff right now.

Ashley: She needs some serious girl time. Mm-hmm.

Nick: You know, Ashley, um, now that everything's calmed down...

Faith: (Fusses)

Ashley: Ohh.

Nick: I think I'd like you to become a bigger part of Faith's life, if you could handle that.

Faith: Mommy.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, I can handle it. I'd love that.

Sharon: A dance tonight? Um, well, I have nothing to wear. (Chuckles)

Sam: I brought a little something. Piper's mother helped me pick that out.

Sharon: Oh. Wow. Well, she has good taste.

Sam: Try it on.

Sharon: (Sighs) Sam, I-I love the dress, and I love that you want to take me to the dance, but... I canít. I just... I don't really feel like being around a crowd of people.

Sam: I figured you'd be okay with it, after we went to the San Pueblo festival on Memorial Day, and that--that worked out fine.

Sharon: I'm sorry.

Sam: So am I. That, uh, would have been fun.

Sharon: Well, I mean, we can always do something special here.

Sam: I can't actually. I, uh, I counted on us goin' to the dance, so I volunteered to help set up, you know? I actually need to get goin'.

Sharon: Oh, of course. Yeah, you have to honor your commitment.

Adam: (Sighs)

Noah: What did the recovery guy say?

Adam: Well, he's workin' with a new program, and he's pretty sure he can restore the memory card.

Noah: (Sighs) You know, I-I gotta give you props for what you've been doing.

Adam: Thank you. Your mother was an incredible woman, and she deserves to have her name cleared.

Noah: What time is it?

Adam: Um...

Noah: I, um, I gotta roll.

Adam: Okay.

Noah: We're spreading Mom's ashes today.

Adam: I-I didn't know.

Noah: Yeah, it's-- it's low-key-- just Grandma, Dad, Faith, and me. I'm sorry.

Adam: No, I, uh, I understand. You've gotta do this alone. You've gotta say good-bye. I-I-I don't want to bother you or your grandma on a difficult day like this.

Noah: Thanks. Later.

Kay: Well, you certainly have the gall to be walking around the streets of Genoa City after what you did.

Colin: You're right, Katherine. It is a beautiful day.

Kay: (Scoffs) What tragic miscarriage of justice after what you did-- set you free?

Colin: It's called diplomatic immunity.

Kay: A scam is what it is.

Colin: I've got the papers to prove it.

Kay: Oh, and I have all kinds of, uh, connections to expose you.

Colin: You know, this is what they say is-- I-its pot calling the kettle black. I mean, I find it tough that you're coming down on me for using money and power? Now I'm sure that if I researched your background--

Kay: Research away.

Colin: It's too bad you can't appreciate a person like me. I'm hoping that my Jill will think different.

Kay: Don't you dare go near her. Don't force me to use all my influences to make you stay away from her.

Cane: I know I screwed up, but I want you to know that my intentions were honorable.

Jill: Well, it's too late for good intentions.

Cane: You know I love you. I love the babies, and I love Lily.

Jill: Then let us all go.

Cane: I can't do that, 'cause as long as my mom and dad are in town, I don't know what they're gonna do. I have to stay. I can't go anywhere.

Genevieve: I've been meaning to check out Fenmoreís since I arrived. (Chuckles) Ohh, Jill. (Chuckles) How are you? Have you recovered?

Jill: You don't pretend to care about me, and I'll pretend that I don't want to throw you off a balcony.

Genevieve: You think I don't feel for you? We have so much in common. I mean, n-no one knows better than I do the hell that Colin put you through. My God, I put up with him for years.

Jill: Well, if it was so bad, Genevieve, why did you stay?

Genevieve: You know the answer to that one-- the man is a charming beast. But you should consider yourself lucky that your marriage was invalid, because divorce can be so messy.

Lily: (Sighs) I'm just not up for handling the big picture right now, especially a second divorce. I just want to make little decisions like, you know... (Sighs) What to make for dinner.

Daniel: Well, you gotta do what's best for you and the kids.

Lily: I know. I'll just-- I'll deal with the future as it comes, okay?

Daniel: As long as it doesn't include Cane. That idiot's hurt you too much.

Lily: Trust me, I know. I fell in love with somebody who doesn't even exist. Everything he said was a lie. I-I'll never trust him again.

Daniel: Well, you've said that before.

Lily: No. I mean it this time. I'm not gonna cave in.

Daniel: I had to learn the hard way, all right? You can't love someone if you don't trust them.

Sam: It's not too late to change your mind, you know? We could find a dark corner, get away from the riffraff, hear some good music.

Sharon: Sorry.

Sam: Me, too.

Sharon: Bye.

Noah: (Sighs) Dad?

Nick: Hey, Buddy.

Noah: Grandma.

Doris: Oh, it's so good to have my grandson home again.

Noah: Pretty little girl.

Doris: You know, this place never changes.

Noah: Oh, yeah? When's the last time you were in here?

Doris: Oh, a couple of years ago with your mother. I remember when you and Sharon bought Crimson Lights.

Nick: (Chuckles)

Noah: My parents owned the coffeehouse. I was the coolest kid in school.

Doris: (Chuckles)

Nick: Yeah, we got a lot of memories here. You know, this is where I met your mother.

Doris: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Yeah. She used to tell CassŪe and me that story.

Faith: Mommy?

Nick: Yeah. I proposed to her right over there.

Noah: In a coffeehouse?

Doris: (Chuckles)

Noah: Romantic.

Nick: It was very romantic for us, but that was a long time ago.

Noah: So let's do this thing.

Doris: Yes.

Nick: (Sighs) You want to take one car?

Noah: Is there gonna be enough room?

Nick: Oh, yeah, let's do it.

Colin: You have no idea what my feelings are for that woman. I care about her a great deal.

Kay: Well, do you know that I have never trusted you from the first day I met you?

Colin: I admit, I've done some bad things.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Colin: But she doesn't need protecting from me, so stay out of it, Katherine.

Jill: He's right.

Colin: Jill.

Jill: I'll take it from here.

Kay: Don't let him talk you into anything.

Jill: If I need reinforcements, I'll call. I'll be fine.

Colin: Thank you for that.

Jill: Oh, I didn't do it for you. I need to speak with you alone. There's some things I want to say to you.

Cane: Who do you think you are to walk in here and be rude to Jill like that?

Genevieve: I wasn't rude. Did you hear how she spoke to me? H-honestly, what is it about this woman that you and your father find so attractive? I don't get it.

Cane: All right, hey, hey, I know exactly what you are doing right now.

Genevieve: (Sighs) I am trying to reconnect with my son.

Cane: (Sighs)

Genevieve: I hope that you don't blame me for what went wrong with you and Lily.

Cane: No, I don't blame you. I blame myself, because I went along with your plan against my better judgment.

Genevieve: I'm sorry that things didn't go the way you wanted them to.

Cane: (Sighs)

Genevieve: And that-- I'm sure you feel desperate. But when two people have a bond together the way you and Lily do, when two people have children together, anything is possible. Come on, now. Why don't you come on back to the house? And I'll help you figure out your next move,

Cane: You know that you are the last person I would ever take advice from? Just step back and look at your life and see what a mess it is.

Genevieve: I want you to be happy, Ethan, and I am the only ally you have now.

Daniel: You know, watching you go through another breakup, it, uh, makes me feel like crap for what I put you through.

Lily: No offense, but you were lightweight compared to Cane. (Chuckles)

Daniel: Still, I'm sorry for hurting you.

Lily: Don't worry about it. Its fine, you know?

(Water splashes)

Lily: We were kids, and I was underage. My parents didn't want me to date you.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Lily: What better reason to get married, right? Right?

Daniel: Right. (Sighs) Doomed from the start.

Lily: No. It wasn't all that bad.

Daniel: No, it wasnít.

Lily: Besides, we're good friends. You're helping me get through this. We worked it out, you know?

Daniel: You've been helping me, too.

Lily: (Chuckles) So how about I race you to the car?

Daniel: Okay. Yeah, okay. How about, uh, loser buys drinks? (Sighs)

Lily: Oh, okay.

Daniel: Yeah. Oh, you! You! (Laughs)

Sam: (Sighs)

Lee: Oh, hey, Doc. Let me give you a hand.

Sam: Yeah, thanks. (Sighs) There we go.

Woman: I'm looking forward to meeting Sheri.

Lee: Yeah, where is she?

(Footsteps approach)

Sharon: Sam?

Piper: No, it's me.

Sharon: (Gasps) Oh! Look how pretty!

Piper: Mom said I had to wear it. Why aren't you ready? Don't you like the dress Mom and Sam picked out for you?

Sharon: I love it.

Piper: Then get dressed. I'm going to the dance with you.

Sharon: Oh, where are your parents?

Piper: They're at the hall setting up.

Sharon: So is Sam.

Piper: So we'll walk over together.

Sharon: Okay, wait. I'll walk you over there, but I'm not going to the dance.

Doris: Sharon found this place when we first moved to Genoa City. It's where she would go when she wanted to be alone and think. She thought it was peaceful. She spent a lot of time here when she first fell in love with you, Nick.

Noah: Mom used to bring me here when I was little. She told me the water here flows into the deepest part of the lake.

Nick: It is perfect for her ashes. It's time to say good-bye.

Doris: Yeah. I never knew what real love was until the first time I held you in my arms, my precious baby girl. I know we clashed, but it was only because I wanted what was best for you. And I my-- and I'm sorry if I never said how proud... how much I loved you.

Noah: (Pops lips) There are so many things I never got to say... like how awesome it was that you were my mom and how much I appreciated everything you did for me-- the Halloween costumes you helped with, the... (Sniffles) Schoolwork, "Mom's super-duper chicken soup" whenever I was sick. (Chuckles) (Sighs) I started keeping a journal for Faith, stories about you, things I remember. (Sighs) We miss you so much.

Noah: (Sighs)

Nick: You were my first love, my best friend. Even after our divorce, I knew that I could always count on you, like you'd be there. The thing I miss most about her is her kindness, her smile.

Noah: Mom had an awesome smile.

Nick: I wanted to read something special that I found by Kahlil Gibran. "When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see that is truth. You are weeping for that which has been your delight."

Noah: (Sniffles)

Nick: I will always carry a piece of you in my heart and in our children.

Noah: (Sighs)

Doris: Good-bye, my darling.

Noah: Love you, Mom.

Nick: I wish you peace.


Woman: Reinforcements have arrived.

Sam: Brenda, you're late.

Brenda: I've got a good excuse, Doc. I had to get a ride over.

Lee: Well, that clunker of yours give up the ghost?

Brenda: I was carjacked.

Woman: Just now?

Brenda: Last night after leaving the diner.

Marco: I heard there had been another carjacking. That was you?

Brenda: I worked my butt off to get that car. How dare some punk think he has the right to take it?

Lee: There's been a rash of, uh, car thefts the last few months.

Marco: Thankfully, no one's been hurt.

Piper: You can't stay home. It's the big dance.

Sharon: (Chuckles) Hey, remember when I told you that I wasn't really up for being around crowds of people, just you and Sam?

Piper: But this is different. Does Sam know?

Sharon: Yeah, I told him.

Piper: I heard Mom tell Dad the other night that this is the first time Samís gone back to the dance.

Sharon: Since when?

Piper: Since his wife left him there. You know, Dad says you're good for Sam.

Kay: Well, I, um, have to hand it to Jack. I mean, the-- the buzz on this is enormous. He said he'd deliver, and, by God, he delivered. By the way, you, uh, did an incredible job developing this new line.

Ashley: I have a tremendous amount of faith in these products.

Kay: It was a very difficult decision putting Jack back in charge, but I'm glad I did. I mean, I really-- I really have high hopes for Jabot.

Ashley: Yeah, well, time will tell, right? Excuse me.

Kay: (Sighs)

Genevieve: Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: Uh, yes?

Genevieve: Hi. I'm Genevieve Atkinson. I'm Ethanís mother.

Kay: Yes, I know who you are.

Genevieve: Oh, I've so been looking forward to meeting you.

Kay: Well, that makes one of us.

Jill: I want the gifts and the flowers and the calls to stop.

Colin: Look, there's a million reasons why I shouldn't have another chance. So let me have it.

Jill: What part of "We're over" don't you understand, Colin?

Colin: I made you happy.

Jill: You've made me miserable.

Colin: We were great together.

Jill: (Scoffs)

Colin: The first time we met-- the first time I met your sister-- I think we'd just set off... just set off the alarm in the boutique. She and Michael come blundering through the door and catch us both at it together. (Laughs) This-- great times. Why would you want to give any of that up?

Jill: God, are you insane? Do you really think I'm gonna give you another chance after what you've done?

Colin: If you think I'm gonna give this up, you got another thing coming. You're gonna surrender.

Cane: (Sighs)

Man: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Man: What can I get ya?

Cane: How about a job?

Man: Any experience?

Cane: Uh, frankly, yes, I do. I have plenty. I used to own this place. I sold it to Mac. Is she, uh, still the owner?

Man: (Chuckles) Sure is. How soon can you start?

Cane: Uh, how about right away?

Man: Let's fill out some paperwork.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: (Laughs) You cheated.

Daniel: (Laughs) No, I didnít.

Lily: You let me beat you on purpose.

Daniel: Well, you know, if you were buying the drinks, we'd probably be at a water bottle stand in the middle of the park.

Lily: Oh, that is so not true.

Daniel: Really?

Lily: Yes.

Daniel: Where then? Where would we be?

Lily: We would be... let's see. Having coffee at Crimson Lights.

Daniel: Aww. Jimmyís is much more fun.

Lily: No, Iím all dirty, sweaty and I look like a mess.

Daniel: You look beautiful.

Genevieve: You were very close friends with the McMillanís, werenít you?

Kay: Hm. Yes, they moved from Genoa City years ago.

Genevieve: Oh. Well, Iím living in their old estate. I would love it if you could come and visit and see what Iíve done with the place.

Kay: Well, I have a very busy schedule for the next six or seven months.

Genevieve: We have so many people in common, Katherine.

Kay: Letís be straight with one another. You and I wouldnít be friends. And we wonít. Nor would I tolerate you making any trouble with my friends, my family or my business associates.

Genevieve: Iím not the one you should be worried about. Itís not me. Itís Colin.

Kay: Stop with the snow job please. Iím not the sweet little old lady I assume you think I am. Because Iím not. And I know youíre type. You cause as much trouble, perhaps more than youíre entire degenerative family.

Jill: Why wonít you let this go?

Colin: Because I love you. Because what we had was real. Because deep down inside all the reasons youíre pushing me away, because you know Iím right.

Jill: Iím not falling for this again.

Colin: You know what I miss about you the most? Itís that deep, sexy, dirty laugh of yours. You can fake a lot of things but you canít fake a good laugh.

Jill: Get the hell out of my life.

Colin: And so I live to fight another day.

Lily: Whoa. Wait, wait hold on. Woo.

Daniel: There you go. You having fun.

Lily: Hmm. 

Daniel: Get out of here. Itís my turn. Whatís the score.

Lily: Iím up by four.

Daniel: Iíve got this its going to be so easy.

Lily: No pressure. No pressure. Lahalaaa.

Daniel: Shh I got this.

Lily: I win. I win. Whatcha going to do. Whatcha going to do. I win. Because Iím the best.

Daniel: You win. I hope you think this is a good idea.

Noah: It hard to believe weíll never see Mom again. I still have her number in my phone.

Nick: So do I.

Noah: Yeah. Iím suppose to go and chill with Hunter. You mind if I go?

Nick: Yeah of course. Iím meeting Faithís sitter here. And than I got to go in for a little while.

Noah: I can stick around if you need me.

Nick: Thatís all right, Son. Iíll just see you later.

Noah: Alright. Bye, Squeak.

Nick: Say bye.

Noah: See ya, Pops.

Nick: You bet.

Ashley: Hi.

Noah: Hi

Ashley: Hi.

Nick: Back again.

Ashley: Yeah. I forgot my sunglasses.

Nick: Oh.

Ashley: Thank you. Howíd it go.

Nick: It went well. It was a nice way to say goodbye to Sharon. Now its time to move on.

Adam: Itís beautiful here. Itís perfect for you. I watched your mom, Nicholas and Noah say their goodbyes. I canít. Not yet. Not till I know you can rest in peace. I wonít stop till I cleared your name. I promise I wonít let you down.

Sam: Okay. Who has the cashbox?

Man: Iíll go get it.

Sam: And the tickets?

Brenda: Oh no. They were in my car.

Woman: I brought another roll just in case.

Sam: Good thinking.

Piper: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Piper. Howíd you get here?

Piper: Sheri walked me over.

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