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Episode # 9683 ~ Nick Tries to Convince Billy to Shape Up

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Diane: You can make my problems disappear? That's a laugh. You are my problem.

Michael: Diane, Victor took appropriate action when you tried to manipulate the I.P.O. Now he's offering you a way to avoid suffering the consequences.

Diane: I'm already suffering.

Michael: We'll go to the S.E.C. We'll spin things, back them away from investigating you.

Diane: And what do I have to do in return?

Victor: You just recant the story about the night Ashley hit Tucker.


Tucker: Mm.

Chaplain: May you be blessed with a long and happy marriage.

Tucker: (Laughs) Thanks, Padre.

Ashley: We really appreciate you performing the ceremony on such short notice.

Chaplain: Oh, it was my extreme pleasure.

Kay: Uh, Reverend, uh, could you, uh, leave us alone for a few moments, please? I'd like to talk to my son and his new bride.

Chaplain: Of course, Mrs. Chancellor. Congratulations again to you both.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: Thanks.

Ashley: Surprise.

Tucker: At least you were here for the best part.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Kay: Well, I'm usually first in line for congratulations, but... the timing of this wedding is so ill-advised, to say the least.

Jack: Hey, is everything all right? Has Tucker had a setback?

Woman: Not since he came out of his coma.

Jack: Oh, thank God. I saw the hospital chaplain and a crowd outside his room, and--

Chaplain: We're here for the happiest possible reason. Mr. McCall has just married his lovely fiancťe.

Nick: Thank you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: Dad did what?

Victoria: Yeah, um, well, he made me an offer to run the company with him, and he also offered me a seat on the board. Yeah, I know. That's amazing, right?

Nick: And you're considering this?

Victoria: Only if you'll join me there.

Nick: Vick, going back to work at Newman with Dad is not even on my radar right now. And wasn't the whole point of joining that lawsuit was so that we could get away from him?

Victoria: Yes, I know, okay? I know, but he was trying to control my entire life, and--and I had to break free.

Nick: What makes you think things have changed?

Victoria: Everything's changed. With Billy and Lucy gone, I need my family around me now while I try to put my life back together.

Man: Into the final stretch, it's on strike by a length and a half followed by Willie-B-Gone and Shut Up Donny.

Billy: Oh, all right, Donny. Let's go, Baby.

Man: Now Shut Up Donny is making his move, passing Willie-B-Gone on the far outside. It's on strike, Shut Up Donny.

Billy: Let's go, Donny, Baby. You got this. You can take Willie-B. Get him. Get him.

Man: And crossing the line, it's on strike by a nose.

Billy: Well... (Sighs) (Cracks neck) Glue factory for you.

Billy: (Sighs)

Nick: Don't make the mistake of thinking that it's gonna be different this time, because with Dad, it never is. Mom and Abby are both in rehab because of all the stress of having to deal with Dad.

Victoria: Okay, that is not why Mom started drinking again, and it's not why Abby felt like she had to check out of the world for a little while. And don't you forget...

Nick: (Sighs)

Victoria: Who scooped them up and helped them to get where they need to be right now.

Nick: I'm not saying that you won't do an amazing job at Newman, because I know you will. But just think about the timing of all this. Why did he come to you with it now? Do you think it's interesting?

Victoria: Because he just took Newman public and because he needs a strong right hand.

Nick: You also just broke up with Billy. Dad always warned you about him. He didn't like him. He feels like he can take you back now. He probably feels like he won.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nick: I'd hate to see Dad take advantage, drive that wedge in any deeper than it already is.

Victoria: Hmm.

Diane: Well, now there's an incentive.

Michael: To recant your story?

Diane: To stick to the first one, just to make Victor's life miserable.

Victor: Your... partners in crime may have told you there's nothing to worry about in regard to the S.E.C. investigation, but I'll tell you, there's plenty to worry about. Okay, but then I know you're their patsy.

Diane: Oh, you know that, d-do you? (Chuckles) Yes, according to you, I suppose I am.

Michael: Uh, the S.E.C. thinks you're the ringleader.

Diane: That's ridiculous.

Michael: You perpetuated the hoax in the ambulance. You're living with Adam. You have a child with Jack. What is ridiculous about you being in the center of the investigation? You have plenty of motive.

Diane: Oh, and like Jack and Adam didn't?

Michael: You want to go down with them? Go right ahead. But you're looking at some serious fines, possible jail time. What's your son gonna do when you're locked up?

Victor: Kyle should not suffer for what you have done.

Michael: Victor's offering you a way out.

Diane: I'll think about it.

Victor: Well, you better think very fast, okay?

Diane: But just an F.Y.I. to the both of you-- when I told the police what I saw, I told them the truth. I saw Ashley drive into Tucker intentionally.

Victor: Listen carefully. That is not what you will tell the police. That is not how it happened. Do yourself a favor-- you go to the cops and you change your story.

Ashley: We know that you weren't too thrilled about us getting married before the accident, but it sure would be great if you could give us your blessing now. I mean, especially considering everything that Tucker's been through.

Kay: Well, what Tucker has gone through shows just how this wedding is so reckless. You should have waited. Don't you understand that?

Tucker: Life's short, in case you hadn't noticed. This is what we both wanted.

(Door opens)

Jack: Am I interrupting?

Ashley: Hi!

Tucker: No, not at all. It's about time we changed the subject.

Jack: Hey, well, look at you. Welcome back to the land of the living.

Tucker: I wasn't dead, Jack.

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Jack: Well, obviously, the first order of business was making an honest woman of my sis.

Kay: We were having a private conversation, Jack.

Ashley: Yikes. Katherine's not too happy about our news.

Kay: Well, only because you've taken advantage of his condition.

Ashley: Excuse me. Our getting married was your son's idea.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Kay: Marrying a woman who's been accused by the authorities of attempting to murder you.

Tucker: Stop!

Ashley: Shh.

Tucker: You have no right. Now if you can't be happy for us, leave.

Kay: All right.

Ashley: Katherine, please. Just stay. Honey, you have to come to an understanding with your mother. I don't want our marriage to start out this way. Can you please try to talk to her?

Tucker: I'll do it for you.

Ashley: Stay calm.

Jack: Not exactly the reaction you were hoping for on your wedding day.

Ashley: Katherine's just gonna have to accept the fact that Tucker wants me by his side.

Jack: You two deserve a little happiness.

Ashley: Wow. You're really pleased for me?

Jack: Well, I mean, you two have been through quite an ordeal. If you're happy, I'm happy.

Ashley: You're a little panic-stricken, too, aren't you? Now that Tucker's awake, you're not sure what that means about Jabot or your new job.

Jack: If I admit that the thought has crossed my mind, will you admit that this little impromptu wedding was a bit impetuous?

Ashley: No, I will not. It was spontaneous, and a long time coming, and I'm not gonna let Katherine or anybody else ruin my happiness.

Kay: If I've upset you, I apologize. But, uh, I've been so busy protecting you and, uh, making business decisions on your behalf these past few weeks. (Sighs) You know, ever since you put me in charge, uh, I was surprised about that. I-I was even moved. The fact that you could put that much faith in me to give me that kind of responsibility...

Tucker: It would have been Ashley, if we'd been married as planned.

Kay: I see.

Tucker: Listen, I appreciate you looking after the business while I wasn't able. But I'm back. It's time for me to take over at...at McCall again.

Victoria: I'm not discounting your advice. We both know how Dad operates, but he did make me the offer before I-I told him that Billy moved out.

Nick: Is it possible he already knew?

Victoria: Yes, Nick, of course. With Dad, anything is possible. But he was right about one thing-- I can't count on Billy. I'm sitting here grieving over Lucy when I need him the most, and where is he? He's hiding and he's drinking in his trailer. I can't trust him.

Nick: Well, you can't always trust Dad, either.

Victoria: All right. So you're really not willing to come back to Newman?

Nick: On a personal level, I really hope Dad and I can get past this lawsuit, put all this strain behind us. But as long as he is in charge of that company, I will not go back to work there. I really think you should think twice about it, as well, 'cause, Sis, I don't want to see you get burned again.

Diane: How's it gonna look to the D.A. if I change my story at this late date?

Michael: (Chuckles) Look, uh, come here. Sit. I realize you think you told them the truth. But there are many ways to interpret what you saw.

Diane: There are?

Michael: Yes. I mean, were you inside Ashley's head that night? Do you know for certain what she was thinking, what she was feeling at the time of the impact?

Diane: No.

Michael: And yet you told the police it was intentional, something you could not possibly know for a fact.

Victor: Because you were on the way to seduce Tucker, and then you realized that Ashley knew about it. She came up there in order to kill Tucker. She was angry. But then later, you realized you're wrong about that. It was all a setup.

Michael: It was a windy road in the woods at night. What if the car didn't turn towards Tucker? What if it was veering out of control?

Diane: It wasnít.

Michael: You saw what you saw. But upon ample reflection, you have decided that you may have been a little too hasty in judging Ashley's intention, and it's something you're not quite comfortable with, certainly not enough to testify in front of a jury.

Victor: And that is what you will tell Mr. Walsh the district attorney, all right?

Diane: If... if I do this... (Clears throat) How do I know you'll keep your word?

Victor: Michael, why don't you call my inside man at the S.E.C.?

Diane: "Inside man"?

Victor: Someone who now works for the Securities and Exchange Commission used to work for me in my legal department. When I call him, I can tell him to shift the investigation off of you onto Adam. He'll do it. But I will not call him unless you go to the district attorney and, uh, tell him what we want you to tell him.

Diane: All right. You win... as always.

Victor: And you better go there and tell them the story we want them to hear. Don't think, even think, about crossing me, all right?

Michael: Meeting's all set.

Diane: I'm off.

Michael: The S.E.C.'s just not gonna let her walk because you asked them to.

Victor: I don't give a damn, as long as, because of her testimony, we protect Ashley and Abby.

Victor: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Nick: Billy, you here? Door's open. Comin' in. Billy. Hey!

Billy: Hey, Man!

Nick: If you're alive, get up. What the hell is the matter with you?

Victoria: I've been thinking a lot about your offer.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: But I was hoping that you could give me a few more details. What would my role be? Um, how do you envision us working together?

Victor: I want you to be my right hand, my chief operating officer.

Victoria: (Sighs) That's a lot of responsibility.

Victor: Which I know you will handle beautifully.

Victoria: But if I want autonomy?

Victor: Then I will give you plenty of latitude, all right?

Victoria: Well, Dad, that's not exactly autonomy.

Victor: Sweetheart, that'll come along with your role as a board member. You are then free to say what you want to say.

Victoria: Okay, but in the day-to-day, will I be making my own decisions, or will I mostly be carrying out orders? And if I do feel hamstrung, how will you and I resolve that? And will it be the same old, same old, or how do you envision us working through our differences, is what I'm asking.

Victor: In other words, can we trust one another? That is what I believe you're saying.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Jack: Well, I wish this could be champagne, but it's kind of hard to come by...

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Jack: In a hospital cafť.

Ashley: I wish it was champagne, too, but you know what? It's the thought that counts.

Jack: To you and Tucker. May you have a long and happy life together.

Ashley: Thank you, and I'm sorry I was so snarky before.

Jack: Eh, you're worried about Tucker. I know that.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Because, you know, anything could go wrong, and as Katherine so kindly pointed out, I'm still in a lot of legal trouble.

Jack: Yeah, you two have had a rough couple of months. Well, on your wedding day, I guess I can see clear to cutting you some slack.

Ashley: I'll do the same for you, considering it's your birthday.

Jack: You remembered. With everything you're going through, I'm amazed.

Ashley: (Chuckles) Come on. You're my brother. Of course I remembered.

Jack: How's it look in there?

Ashley: Hard to tell.

Jack: I'm sure Tucker's not too thrilled that I'm back in the mix.

Ashley: I'll make sure that he knows I support Katherineís decision to make you C.E.O.

Jack: Well, that is the best birthday gift you could possibly give me.

Ashley: As long as you meet your profit objectives, I don't know why anyone would want you out.

Kay: For you to even think about trying to go back to work--

Tucker: Mm, I heard you the first five times you said it now. (Sighs) I don't want to talk about that. You just-- tell me what's going on. Give me an update. What's going on with the business?

Kay: Well, for the past few weeks, I've been running things from here. That briefcase over there is-- is my desk. Uh, if you'd like to see some documentation, I will--

Tucker: No, I-I don't want that. Just give me a... (Sighs) A-a topline.

Kay: For the most part, uh, things have operated the way you mapped them out.

Tucker: For the most part? What changed?

Kay: I chose not to execute your plan for, um, taking advantage of Newman I.P.O.

Tucker: Ahh. No surprise there.

Kay: Well, come on, Tucker. Using, um, Chancellor's liquid resources to buy Newman stock and then turn-- sell it to McCall at a-- at a loss? I don't call that very good business on Chancellor's part.

Tucker: I thought I could trust you to carry out my wishes.

Kay: Well, I always do what I think is best.

Tucker: I guess I couldnít. Yeah? What else did you monkey with, huh?

Kay: Well, I... changed the leadership of Jabot. I am sure it's one you're not going to agree with. After Ashley was arrested, I had to relieve her of that position, whereupon Victor, uh, offered to--to buy the company at--at a mind-boggling sum of money, and I must admit, I was... I-I was thinking about it, but, uh, I decided to give Jack that responsibility.

Tucker: (Scoffs)

Kay: Uh, donít. Wait. That was only after Victoria Newman turned it down. (Sighs) Well, anyway, you know, Jack, uh, took his... his initiatives to a couple of key buyers. He lined up, uh, a bunch of lucrative contracts, contingent that he be named C.E.O. Tucker, he's on a-- a 3-month trial with options to continue based on him meeting a substantial benchmark in the quarterly revenues.

Tucker: So while I was layin' here, incapacitated, you undermined my judgment.

Kay: Well, the world didn't stop because you were in a coma.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Kay: I mean, I-- I-I knew you wouldn't like my hiring Jack, but it was the lesser of two evils.

Tucker: How so?

Kay: Well, would you have preferred that your biggest competition merged Jabot with Beauty of Nature? Because that was the only alternative, and Jabot Cosmetics would have been dead. The company couldn't go on without strong leadership. Strong leadership, Tucker, and I had to act.

Tucker: Go now. I've heard enough.

Kay: Oh, this is the way you thank me for agonizing over every decision that I made for you? You just dismiss me?

Tucker: Yes. It's my company, my choice.

Kay: Well, forget it! Just forget it!

Tucker: I want you out--now!

Kay: No! I will not have you make a-a-a control over-- you're hi-- you're in a hospital bed! You have no right to control anything!

Tucker: Well, then I'll get somebody else, because I don't want you.

Kay: We need to talk. Meet me at Jabot. That man in there-- you can have him.

Diane: So unfortunately, I-I cannot say for sure that I saw the car swerve into Tucker.

Spencer: You were very sure the night of the incident.

Diane: I was very emotional the night of the incident, wasn't I? And I-I was under duress.

Spencer: Witnesses do this all the time. They start second-guessing themselves.

Diane: (Sighs) The things that-- that I said about Ashley that night-- they've been weighing on my mind. And I think I-I-I finally admitted to myself what was really going on. I saw a man that I cared about lying on the side of the road, hurt--dying even. And, God help me, I wanted somebody to pay for that, you know? And I think that that probably colored what I told the detective.

Spencer: Damn it. You're destroying my entire case. I can't put you on the stand if you're gonna tell a story like that. You're my only witness.

Diane: I'm sorry. (Sighs) I'm so sorry that I can't help you. If I'd come to this realization sooner, I would have come to you and told you, I swear. I'm just--I'm just trying to do the right thing. And I don't think I could live with myself knowing that I-I was ruining an innocent woman's life.

Michael: Mr. Newman is concerned that, uh, his account of Diane's actions that day, uh, reads a bit vindictive.

Gus: Well, given their history... (Chuckles)

Michael: Which should be irrelevant here, don't you agree?

Gus: Actually, no. If things were as contentious as Victor described, then, well, she would have plenty of motive to want to get back at him, so...

Michael: Well, be that as it may, after having given it a great deal of thought, Mr. Newman would like to submit a more tempered account of what went on that day.

Gus: Oh. Will Victor be joining us to do that, or...

Michael: Oh, he has, um, prepared a written statement. After reading it, I'm sure you and your colleagues at the S.E.C. will agree that, uh, Ms. Jenkins should be excluded from the investigation.

Gus: Excluded?

Michael: The real architect of this scheme is Adam Newman. He realized millions in profits from having blatantly manipulated the share price.

Ashley: What was going on in here?

Tucker: Mm.

Ashley: Katherine and you-- you didn't get into her qualms about our marriage?

Tucker: We didn't talk about that.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: We talked about... (Sighs) Business... or rather, Katherine went on about the deals she made, and didn't make, when she was in charge.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: And I just sat here gettin' more and more upset.

Ashley: Why? What--what happened?

Tucker: (Sighs) I heard her words, but I couldn't understand what she was talking about. (Sighs) I mean, she was talking about business and shareholders and... I mean, it was my plan...

Ashley: It's okay.

Tucker: My plan, and I couldn't understand anything about it.

Ashley: Hey, you just woke up yesterday. You know, it's probably temporary.

Tucker: What if it isn't?

Ashley: Listen now. You give yourself some time, okay? And we're gonna see how it goes.

Tucker: What if the damage is permanent? How am I supposed to function? If I can't string two thoughts together, who am I?

Victoria: Well, as usual, you know what I'm thinking even before I do.

Victor: (Sighs) If we could go back, I doubt seriously either one of us would change our behavior. I'm a very stubborn man.

Victoria: Yeah, and I can be just as stubborn.

Victor: And I don't know if you and I can work together successfully. I guess time will tell. But I can assure you, there's no one I'd rather have at my side than my beloved daughter to guide Newman Enterprises into a totally new era. You know why? Because I know you will fight for what you think is right.

Nick: This place reeks.

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Nick: You look and smell like you fell off a garbage truck. I came over here to talk some sense into you.

Billy: (Sighs)

Nick: But seeing you like this-- this is how you cope when things get tough?

Billy: Hey, Man, first of all, I don't need you to talk any sense into me. Not about Vicki, okay? (Clears throat) I mean, I love her. She's the one that doesn't want anything to do with me.

Nick: Where'd you get that?

Billy: Would you want anything to do with me? I mean, I lost Lucy. Everything was perfect. We were doin' great, and I screwed up, and I lost the kid, and... I don't deserve a woman like your sister.

Nick: Well, seeing you like this, I kind of agree with that. I mean, when's the last time you went into work?

Billy: I don't give a damn about "Restless Style" right now, Man. Matter of fact-- hey, you--you want it? I mean, you're-- you're a rich kid. You could buy it. I'll give it to you cheap. Call it a fire sale if you want, whatever.

Jack: He fired you for hiring me?

Kay: Well, he, um, he'd like to see me kicked to the curb if he could, but there's just a problem. I'm not quitting. I refuse to leave Jabot with no leadership just because he had a temper tantrum.

Jack: But what-- I-if he's so upset with you for bringing me back on board, why didn't he just pay out my contract just to get rid of me?

Kay: Well, I highly doubt that he would go that far. I mean, who would he get? I mean, Victoria's not interested. Ashley's ready to go to trial. So, uh, if you prove yourself in the next 90 days, you've locked yourself into a 3-year deal.

Tucker: I sure hope Katherine didn't pick up on anything. All I need is for her to build a case I'm too brain-damaged to tie my own shoe.

Ashley: This is Jack's employment contract, all right? So I'm going to read to you the key elements, and we're just gonna see how you do, okay? Can I borrow your glasses? Okay, you ready? Okay, "Jack Abbott will be the acting chief executive officer for a trial period of three months."

Tucker: Got it. Three months, and he's out.

Ashley: Well, that depends on his performance, okay? All right, um, "A 3-year option will be exercised if revenues increase during the quarter under his stewardship as compared to the same period in the prior fiscal year."

Tucker: Jack has three years to raise revenues.

Ashley: The three years is how long you have to hire Jack Abbott for to run the company if he does a-a good job during the trial period.

Tucker: Let me see. Let me see.

Ashley: All right.

Tucker: I can't understand it.

Ashley: It's okay. It's okay. We'll try again later, all right?

Tucker: This can't be happening to me. It just canít.

Jack: You sat by his side day after day, fought a legion of lawyers to keep him alive, saw to it his company was run like a Swiss watch, and he has the temerity to make you feel like none of that matters.

Kay: You know, it's-- it's all my fault-- reading too much of him choosing me to stand in for him. He just trusted my business acumen. It wasn't--

Jack: It wasn't that he knew deep down no matter what happened, you'd have his back.

Kay: Yeah. Well, I guess it was silly of me to... think that there's any personal regard. I mean, it-- you know, to be factored in.

Jack: Katherine, I'm sorry you feel so let down. You deserve better. But what can I say? Tucker is Tucker. Surely you didn't think he was gonna wake up and be someone else.

Tucker: You know, I told Katherine I want her out. I told her I was taking over the reins again. How the hell can I? I can't even connect the dots.

Ashley: We're gonna talk to your neurologist, okay? We'll get some answers. That's what we're gonna do.

(Door opens)

Spencer: The nurse said you'd be in here.

Ashley: Did she also tell you that Tucker and I got married earlier?

Spencer: The restraining order's been lifted.

Ashley: It has?

Spencer: I'm not sure which Abbott or Newman puppeteer is responsible for this derailment of justice, but I'm droppin' the charges against you-- not by choice.

Ashley: Oh, my-- what? I-I can't believe it! I don't care. I'm just so thrilled I don't have this trial hanging over my head. And now I can concentrate all my time on making sure my husband is well.

Tucker: I need you to do something else.

Ashley: Hmm?

Tucker: I need you to run McCall, Unlimited. You're the only person I can trust, Ashley. You have to do it. And no one can know why.

Diane: Spencer was not a happy man by the time he left. Does that answer your question?

Michael: Good. You left his case in a shambles.

Diane: Mm.

Michael: Very good.

Diane: Okay, your turn. Were you as brilliant as I was with Spencer when you met with Victor's man from the S.E.C.?

Michael: Well, I made a very strong case on Victor's behalf. I gave them a statement indicating that you were another of Adamís innocent victims.

Diane: Mm-hmm. And?

Michael: And, um, sad to say, uh, Gus would not budge. The investigation is on-going, and you're at the center of it.

Diane: Oh, damn it. I knew I couldn't trust you.

Michael: I can show you the letter Victor wrote. Its ver--

Diane: Oh, screw the letter, and screw you! Victor betrayed me. What else is new? But I was stupid enough to think you were my friend.

Michael: I did everything humanly possible--

Diane: Oh, save it, Michael! I'm surrounded by vipers, and you're one of 'em.

Michael: Diane!

Nick: Billy, you're not sellin' the magazine.

Billy: I mean, I-I would if you'd buy it. I would definitely sell it to you. I'd give it to you cheap if you'd take it off my hands. Done.

Nick: Get your act together, and then we'll talk. As far as Victoria goes, she needs you, Dude, but not like this.

Billy: Yeah. Did she tell you to say that? I mean, were those her actual words? Or are you just...

Nick: That's all I'm gonna say for now. Shape up, or you're gonna lose her forever.

Victoria: Well, based on that very lovely vote of confidence, my answer is yes, I will take the job as C.O.O., and I will take the board seat.

Victor: (Chuckles) Come here.

Victoria: (Sighs) Oh, Dad.

Victor: Welcome back.

Victoria: Thank you. Boy, I never thought this day would come. Did you?

Victor: What's done is done, all right? From now on, let's just move forward, understand what went wrong in the past, and just move forward.

Victoria: Right. And even forgive.

Victor: Yeah, forgive, but not forget, because you and I don't want to repeat the same mistakes, okay?

Victoria: Right. Good. I love you. Mm.

Victor: I love you.

Victoria: (Laughs)

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