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Episode # 9681 ~ Abby Goes Public With Her Confession

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Abby: I ran over Tucker McCall. I might have tried to kill him. I don't know. But my mother had nothing to do with it. She was covering for me. She lost her job because of it. She spent time in jail, and it's not fair. So, Mr. District Attorney, and members of the Genoa City Police Department, you know where I live. I'll be waiting there for you to bring me to justice.

Kent: Whoa, is-- is this foal? Like, real real? Not reality TV real?

Abby: It's foal. Um, can you show me what we've got I want to make sure it looks good.

Kent: Post it online like usual?

Abby: Um, call the news outlets first, and, uh, upload it to their sites. I want to make sure the whole truth finally gets out there.

Kay: What is this about Abby?

Tucker: (Weakly) Why... did...

Tucker: Abby...

Ashley: Tucker--

Tucker: Try to kill me?

Ashley: She didn't. Abby would never do that.

Tucker: The car... (Breathes deeply) I... saw her.

Ashley: I was in the car, too. Do you remember seeing me?

Tucker: N-no.

Kay: Don't try to force anything, all right? Uh, what can get for you?

Kay: (Stammers) Can I get you some water?

Tucker: I... want... Ashley... a-alone.

Kay: I'll, um, be right outside.

Ashley: Okay. Now you can-- you can rest your voice, but please don't close your eyes. I've missed them too much.

Tucker: I saw her.

Ashley: Don't do this it's too much. Do you have any idea what you've been through? Do you?

Tucker: I... need to... to know.

Ashley: Okay. I'll do my best to help you understand what happened that night.

Victor: That is an invitation to appear.

Jack: You're suing me?

Victor: The grand jury is being assembled as we speak.

Jack: Regarding...

Victor: Stock fraud during the I.P.O. of Newman Enterprises.

Jack: I bought shares in a highly profitable company at a very low price, as any savvy investor would.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You try to convince the grand jury of that.

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Hold on for a minute.

Jack: Don't let me keep you.

Victor: The district attorney will tell you when to appear, all right? Yes?

Diane: So... are you still upset with me?

Kyle: You didn't even ask me if I wanted to leave town. You were just gonna make me go with you.

Diane: I'm sorry I sprang it on you like that, Kyle. I would have told you sooner, but things sort of happened suddenly.

Kyle: What kind of things?

Diane: Business things that didn't work out the way I planned, and I didn't know what to do.

Kyle: So you thought we should just take off?

Diane: No. I thought that maybe I'd have better opportunities someplace else, and then I realized that wasn't the case. I suppose I should have thought about it a little more. But hey, it turned out okay. (Chuckles) We're still here. Nothing's changed.

Kyle: Well, I guess.

Diane: Kyle, I made a mistake. Next time, I'll do better, okay? So why don't we just, um, put this behind us, all right?

(Knock on door)

Phyllis: Hey.

Nick: Hey. There you go. Where's Lucy?

Phyllis: Sleeping.

Nick: Did she spike a fever?

Phyllis: This is really great. You know, I got this stuff for Lucy, but I forgot the humidifier, of course--stupid. Is this, um, Summer's old one?

Nick: How sick is she?

Phyllis: Huh? I-I just, um, she's--she's sleeping right now. She's good.

Nick: She's sleeping?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: You made it sound like she couldn't breathe or sleep.

Phyllis: She had a runny nose.

Nick: So this is about sniffles?

Phyllis: No, I just want to be prepared. I wanted to be prepared.

Nick: What?

Phyllis: (Scoffs) What?

Nick: What--what's up? Why--why'd you drag me out here? What's the real reason?

Phyllis: When you have a new baby in the house, you know, everything's urgent. Everything, so... you know. What? You didn't have to come.

Nick: You said Lucy was sick, and that you were having a hard time adjusting.

Phyllis: I-I-it was hard. It was hard. She was crying a lot. Now we're fine. We're fine. Everything is good.

Nick: But you're sending out emergency humidifier calls. What's up with you?

Phyllis: Oh, come on. I'm not doing that. I'm fine. I'm ecstatic. I'm chill.

Nick: Yeah, you're definitely chill.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm definitely chill. You know, you don't need to stay. Thank you for the humidifier. Good-bye. Wait. I needed a friend. I don't have any more of those. You... you're the closest thing, even though you're not really my friend.

Tucker: It was dark out. Abby... (Sighs) Why was I-- was I at the Abbott cabin? We went there after,.. the ceremony?

Ashley: It happened the night before we were supposed to be married.

Tucker: (Sighs) We didn't have our wedding?

Ashley: (Sniffles) No. (Sighs)

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: It's okay.

Tucker: (Sighs) Why was, uh, I... (Clears throat) At the cabin? (Sighs)

Ashley: Honey, it's a long story. But the one thing you have to know is that nobody ever meant to hurt you. It was an accident, a horrible, tragic accident.

Tucker: How did it happen?

Ashley: (Sighs) We were so happy that night. Do you remember that? We had the rehearsal dinner. We were happy that night. (Sighs)

Tucker: It's like-- like I just... just left you. (Sighs) (Sighs)

Ashley: (Sniffles) Shh.

Tucker: How long has... how long has it b-been? (Sighs)

Ashley: You've been in a coma for a few weeks.

Tucker: (Sighs) Tell me... tell me... what happened.

Ashley: I-it was my fault. Abby and I...

Tucker: Yeah?

Ashley: Went up to the cabin to see you.

Tucker: Yeah, Abby.

Ashley: Yeah. I was driving... and I lost control of the car. And when you stepped out on the side of the road, I hit you.

Ashley: I'm so sorry. I just wish I'd been with you that night. You... (Sniffles) You had wanted to follow tradition. We should have just said, "To hell with tradition." 'Cause then if you'd been with me, then none of this would have happened. You wouldn't be lying in this hospital bed right now (sighs)

(Door opens)

Kay: Um, the nurse needs to, uh, check on Tucker.

Ashley: Okay. (Sighs)

Kay: Is everything all right?

Ashley: Yeah. I hope so.

Kent: This is the news desk, right? Right. I've got major news. You'll want to put this on the air A.S.A.P. it's about-- I'll call you back. Hey, where the hell is my camera?

Deacon: Excuse me?

Kent: Have you seen my bag? It was just here.

Deacon: Uh, no, I'm sorry. I didn't see it, Sir.

Abby: (Gasps)

Jack: What's this?

Diane: Dessert. It's a special occasion, isn't it? Congratulations, Jack.

Kyle: What occasion?

Jack: I'm back in charge of Jabot again. This is my office now.

Kyle: Wait, you're the boss of this whole place?

Jack: Pretty cool, huh?

Kyle: Hey, am I gonna be boss here, too?

Jack: If that's something you want to work toward, that'd be great, if not, that's fine, too. But... this place is very special to anyone with the name Abbott, and I would like nothing better than to share it with you.

Phyllis: Wow. I mean, she is out. She is completely out. She is a great sleeper.

Nick: Yeah, that's what Victoria always said.

Phyllis: Really? That's mean.

Nick: Just reminding you yet again whose side I'm on.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: I should probably get going.

Phyllis: I didn't think you were gonna stay.

Nick: I didn't think I was gonna stay, either.

Phyllis: That's your "Knight in shining armor" thing kickin' in. You can't resist a woman in need.

Nick: You really gonna go there?

Phyllis: What? Wait a second. Did you think it was a dig towards Sharon?

Nick: Wasn't it?

Phyllis: No, it was not. Give me a break here, okay? I don't have any friends left. I haven't had an adult conversation in a really long time.

Nick: Michael and Lauren still aren't speaking to you?

Phyllis: No, they're not, nor is my son.

Nick: Well, you started this.

Phyllis: Wow, I'm really glad I called you over.

Nick: Going after Lucy no matter who it hurt-- why are you surprised this is costing you?

Phyllis: I did this because I thought I was doing right by my son. (Sighs) Now I'm not so sure.

Kay: You probably should get some rest.

Ashley: I'll just stay for a while till Tucker falls asleep.

Kay: You'll wear him out.

(Door opens)

Tucker: I'm not that tired.

Spencer: Good to see you've returned to us, Mr. McCall. Ms. Abbott?

Ashley: I'm here with Katherine's permission.

Tucker: What? What do you want?

Kay: Um, the district attorney would like to ask you some questions.

Tucker: Why?

Spencer: Just fact-checking.

Kay: But can't you do that tomorrow? I mean, now is not the time to be bothering him.

Spencer: I checked with Mr. McCall's doctor on the way in. He said that we could speak briefly if you agreed.

Ashley: You don't have to do this.

Tucker: It's--it's all right. I can handle--handle it.

Spencer: If you ladies wouldn't mind stepping outside?

Kay: Uh, Ashley um, do you know what Tucker may say to Spencer?

Ashley: Whatever he remembers.

Abby: You're seriously kidnapping me?

Victor: I'm taking you on a trip.

Abby: Where? Wait, how did you even know that I was at glow-- you had me followed. (Gasps)

Victor: In case you didn't heed my advice.

Abby: (Scoffs) I heard what you said, and then I made my own decision, and now you need to take me back.

Victor: That's the problem-- you made your own decision and what you did was very dangerous, all right?

Abby: It was the right thing to do, and it's too late to stop me. My confession is already out on the air.

Victor: Mnh-mnh. It ain't.

Diane: I guess I'll find a cup of coffee. I'll be back.

Jack: So how's it goin', Bud? How's your day been?

Kyle: Are you gonna be really busy now that you have this new job?

Jack: If you're asking me, is it gonna cut into our time together? Absolutely not. The time we get to share together is as good as it gets for me.

Kyle: Yeah, I like it, too. I-I didn't want to leave.

Jack: Leave? What are you talking about? Kyle?

Kyle: I just meant that I never want to move away from here. Can we drop it?

Jack: No, no, we can't drop it. Hey, what's goin' on? What's bothering you? And why do you think you have to leave town?

Spencer: How much do you remember about the night you were injured?

Tucker: A c-car hit me.

Kay: Why, um, why did Tucker think Abby was driving?

Ashley: His memories are very confused, you know? They're all over the place.

Kay: Well, he sounded very certain to me.

Ashley: He probably has an image of Abby in his mind because of seeing her earlier in the night.

Kay: Mm. Well, surely you clarified things for him.

Ashley: Why wouldn't I?

Kay: You think we should tell him that we know he has a son?

Ashley: Um, I don't think it's the right time. There's too much going on. I mean, he doesn't even know that we know. I don't want to overwhelm him.

Kay: Ashley, um, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll talk to Tucker's doctor.

Ashley: Okay.

Victor: Yes?

Ashley: Hi, it's me. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I'm at the hospital. Tucker's awake.

Victor: How is he?

Ashley: Well, he's weak, but he knows Katherine and me, and he's talking.

Victor: What did he say?

Ashley: (Sighs) He said that he thought Abby tried to kill him.

Victor: Did anyone hear him say that?

Ashley: I told him I was driving, but I'm not sure I got through to him. The D.A.'s in there right now asking him questions.

Victor: Well, don't get ahead of yourself. Find out what Tucker said, and then we'll decide, all right?

Abby: Wait, Tucker is awake?

Ashley: Is that Abby?

Victor: She is with me now. She confessed. I know that she was behind the wheel on the night of the accident.

Ashley: (Whispering) Look, I couldn't tell you. I couldn't tell anyone.

Victor: I understand.

Abby: Let me talk to Mom.

Victor: Well, there's a bigger issue. Our daughter attempted to broadcast her story...

Abby: (Scoffs)

Victor: To the world.

Ashley: No.

Victor: But I've put a stop to it.

Abby: He stole my producer's camera, and now I'm on his jet. He's kidnapping me, Mom.

Victor: I will do what I need to contain the situation, all right?

Abby: (Scoffs)

Victor: So you call me as soon as you find out more.

Ashley: I will.

Abby: You know that if Tucker is awake and talking, he will tell the police that I am the one who ran him down.

Victor: Tucker suffered trauma to the head. His memory will be very fuzzy.

Abby: Well, mine isn't, and I will set him straight.

Victor: You will do no such thing.

Abby: You can't make me disappear like that camera you took.

Victor: I will and I can, all right? You do as I say.

Nick: So what about tonight has got you so upset?

Phyllis: I just-- I-I put Lucy to sleep. And I was just standing over her, and... (Sighs) You know, I just got this-- bam. This overwhelming wave... (Sighs) Of fear.

Nick: You? Scared? (Scoffs)

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. It's pretty crazy, isn't it? But I am. I mean, I fought so hard to get Lucy here. I mean, I was-- I was crazy about it. That was the goal. That was the goal-- get her here in this house.

Nick: Well, God forbid you ever, ever back down.

Phyllis: I know, and I don't. I don't back down. I just keep on going. I keep on going. I'm like a pit bull. I just--I-I can't let go. I... I just desperately held on.

Nick: And now you're questioning that.

Phyllis: Yeah. Don't tell anybody.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: (Voice breaking) What if getting Lucy here... what if it wasn't about Billy and Victoria? What if it wasn't about my son? What if it was just about winning?

Nick: Do you think it was wrong to fight for Lucy?

Phyllis: (Sniffles) I don't know. Everybody thinks it was wrong. The entire town thinks it was wrong. Everyone is against me. My--my best friends won't talk to me. My--my son won't talk to me. You kind of talk to me, if I make you. And my daughter... my daughter... I mean, wh-what kind of mother am I that I'm just like, "Hey, hi, well, there's a baby in the house, and we're gonna have fun, and you're gonna deal with it, and this is how it's gonna be"?

Nick: What can I do? What do you want from me?

Phyllis: Who am I? I want you to tell me who I am...because when I look in the mirror, I don't like who I see.

Kyle: Hey, is this where you sit when you fire people?

Jack: Almost always.

Kyle: Oh.

Jack: So tell me, what happened with your mom?

Kyle: She made it sound like we were leaving town.

Jack: Like on vacation? Kyle, like a vacation? Or as in moving to another place?

Kyle: Moving.

Jack: And when was this move supposed to take place?

Kyle: Well, sh-she made it sound like it was right away.

Jack: As in bags at the door, packed, ready to go?

Kyle: Yeah, but-- but Mom was just stressing over a business thing, and we didn't end up going, so I-I guess it wasn't a big deal.

Diane: So how's it going in here? You getting ready to help your dad conquer the business world

Spencer: You don't remember why you were at the Abbott cabin?

Tucker: No.

Spencer: But you do remember the accident.

Tucker: I can... picture the car.

Spencer: Coming toward you?

Tucker: (Sighs) Headlights.

Spencer: And the driver? Who's behind the wheel?

Victor: You're going to check yourself into a therapeutic retreat.

Abby: A retreat? What, like rehab? Like Nikki?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Abby: What, the place you have her holed up offer a family discount? You can't wait to use your coupon?

Victor: This is a different place in Connecticut, okay?

Abby: I'm not drunk, Dad.

Victor: You could have fooled me, Sweetheart. You've been partying and drinking a lot. You've made a fool of yourself. In fact, so many things have happened to you that you're emotionally exhausted. You're utterly irrational.

Abby: This is the most rational I think I've ever been in my entire life.

Victor: If that had been the case, you would have shut your mouth and not tried to tell the world about this story that just happened.

Abby: No, I love my mom too much to let her take the blame for this, okay? I am the one that should be punished.

Victor: Are you aware of the severity of the punishment that would come your way in case they convict you?

Abby: I am aware that this is a cover-up, and I will have no part in it.

Victor: You bet you will.

Diane: Where is Kyle?

Jack: He's in the media room watching a movie. He told me you're leaving town.

Diane: And yet, here we are, still in Genoa City.

Jack: Don't play games with me, okay?

Diane: I had a problem, and nobody, not even you, could help me solve it.

Jack: What problem?

Diane: The S.E.C. -- they're comin' after me.

Jack: How do you know that?

Diane: An agent tracked me down. He told me not to leave town, and then Victor served me with a subpoena, gloating that I'll have to face a grand jury.

Jack: I've been served with a subpoena. Do you see me acting like its Armageddon?

Diane: Well, you got inside information, Jack.

Jack: Says who?

Diane: If I tell the grand jury that I clued you in that Newman stock was gonna take a dive--

Jack: Oh, were you wearing a wire? Were we on camera? Do you have an eyewitness? You have no proof, Diane, none. If you can't play with the big boys and get away with it, that's your problem.

Diane: I am so sick of men saying that to me! I have a son to raise, and if I have to leave town to do it, so be it!

Jack: You hear me, and hear me real clearly. I have tried very hard to work with you. If you so much as think of taking my son away from me again, or trying to outrun me, you will lose.

Victor: Sit down, Sweetheart, okay? I know this is very tough for you to understand. But one day, when you have your own on or your own daughter, you will understand why I had to protect you, as your mother did, by assuming the responsibility. Now she says to the police that she was behind the wheel, all right?

Abby: No. (Sighs) I just wish more than anything I could go back, and I could--I could stop her from switching places with me.

Victor: S-sweetheart--

Abby: I-I can't sit here and watch her ruin her whole life.

Victor: Sweetheart, you're making it worse than it actually is.

Abby: I--

Victor: The case against your mother is full of holes. Diane Jenkins, one of the key witnesses, is a very unreliable person, and the police know.

Abby: What about Tucker? He looked me in the face before I ran him down.

Victor: Tucker had severe trauma to his head. He may not remember a damn thing. Don't you und--

Abby: (Scoffs) You are trying to make me think that confessing would be a waste of time, but it is the right thing to do. It's--it's the right thing to do.

Victor: Please step back for a moment. Take a look at the picture as a whole. Let us wait until we know what Tucker says, all right? Then you and your mother and I will decide what is best for you. Is that a deal?

Ashley: So what did Dr. Charles say?

Kay: He's in surgery. What's going on in there?

Ashley: Spencer hasn't come out yet.

Kay: Well, I'll certainly end that interview for him.

Spencer: As of now, there's no change in the investigation. You will remain out on bail.

Kay: What, um, did Tucker have to tell you?

Spencer: That he doesn't know who was driving the car that struck him, and that he isn't sure about his memories regarding the incident are correct. I'm hoping that will change in time. Good night.

Ashley: Good night.

Kay: (Clears throat)

Ashley: I wish he'd listened to you, hadn't tried to question Tucker. I'm gonna go see him.

Kay: Ashley, you've had your time with him. I haven't. I'd like to have my time now.

Phyllis: I'm a loser.

Nick: (Sighs) No, you're not.

Phyllis: I tricked you into coming here... (Chuckles) So I wouldn't be alone. I'm a loser.

Nick: All right, you're sort of a loser.

Phyllis: (Chuckles)

Nick: But you're not alone.

Phyllis: For now I'm not.

Nick: And I will always be your friend.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: Phyllis, you crossed the line with this Lucy situation. You did. And I get why you didn't stop.

Phyllis: You do?

Nick: Yeah. But I also get why everyone's turned their back on you. It's a tough situation all the way around.

Phyllis: I don't know what to do now. I don't know what to do with this. How do I fix this? What can I do?

Nick: (Sighs) I don't know how you're gonna fix it, but you'll handle it, all right?

Phyllis: You should probably go now, right?

Nick: Yeah, I do need to go.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: You know what? You're gonna be fine. Honestly, I'm not worried about you.

Phyllis: Thank you. This is when, um, a less self-sufficient woman would ask for a hug.

Nick: But not you.

Phyllis: No.

Nick: No.

Phyllis: No way. Um, I'll take a lean. That's good. Thanks.

Nick: Better?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I'm good.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

(Door opens)

Diane: Wow, that was one short movie.

Kyle: Uh, I got bored.

Jack: Well, your mom and I had a really good talk. This is your home, Kyle. You're not moving anywhere. I promise you that.

(Telephone rings)

Victor: Hello?

Abby: Is it Mom?

Victor: I'll put you on speaker.

Abby: Mom, what happened? What did Tucker say to the D.A.?

Ashley: He doesn't remember who was driving that night.

Victor: So then we'll stick to our plan.

Ashley: What exactly is that plan?

Victor: I will take Abby to a retreat so she can cool her jets and just lay low for a while.

Abby: You make it sound like I'm going to a spa. I'm not going.

Victor: Sweetheart, you will, all right? Let me handle your mother's situation.

Abby: Why can't I stay home while you handle things? You don't want me to go, right, Mom?

Ashley: I think it would be best if you did take a little breather for now.

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: Abby, would you please do this for me? I need you to.

Abby: Okay.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: Thank you, Ashley. (Sighs)

Victor: Don't you worry. I'll make it all go away, all right?

Kay: (Sighs) Well, I am so sorry you were bothered by all those questions from the district attorney. I hope it didn't take too much out of you.

Tucker: There wasn't much to--to tell. I barely remember anything about that night. (Sighs)

Kay: That's a shame, because we all need to know the truth, Tucker.

Tucker: I need to rest. (Clears throat) (Sighs)

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Kay: Tell me why Tucker's first memory was of Abby running him down.

Diane: How quickly do you think you can get me out of these charges?

Leslie: (Sighs) It doesn't look good.

Tucker: Marry me right now.

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