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Episode # 9678 ~ Jill Is Surprised by Kay's Compassion

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Sharon: The cut's not that deep. It's not.  Look. See? (Straining) It doesn't even really hurt. (Normal voice) You can just go back to work.

Sam: (Sighs) So you think I should just leave you here in pain bleedin' all over my barn?

Sharon: Well, I'm not going to a hospital!

Sam: What's got you so scared that you're acting this way? Sheri, haven't you figured it out by now? You can talk to me. You can tell me absolutely anything.

Sharon: It hurts.

Man: You said it's front-page worthy?

Adam: There's a smashed window and a busted-up chair on the sidewalk just outside my father's office at Newman tower. See, I thought we were having a-a reasonable business discussion, and the next thing I know, my old man is hurling furniture out of a 22-story window. You get a photographer over there, they might not yet have cleaned it up.

Man: So--so what set him off?

Adam: The old man just lost it. That alone should be worth some serious ink.

Nick: Nothing you have to say is worth any ink.

Lily: Hey, pregnant lady.

Sofia: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Are you sure that you guys are up for watching the twins?

Malcolm: Yeah, we got this. I'll make sure she takes it easy.

Sofia: Yeah, you two just go have fun.

Lily: All right, yes, I am definitely excited to hit those sales.

Neil: Oh, yeah. Not half as excited as I am. Let's get to it. Come on.

Sofia: (Laughs)

Lily: Bye.

Neil: Catch you later.

Malcolm: All right. (Sighs) How's she look to you?

Sofia: Like she's pretending to be okay.

Malcolm: (Sighs) I hate that Cane did this to her.

Sofia: (Sighs) Lied to her, you mean?

Malcolm: He pretended it was out of love. Nothing's lower than that.

Colin: And so, "Officer Ratched," what do you think this x-ray's all about? It's to determine if... I... am fit enough to go to jail. Hmm. But you're a good cop, but you might let me make a run for it, draw your trusty gun, shoot me-- nowhere fatal, of course. What do you say? Uh, tough room.

(Elevator bell dings)

Genevieve: Colin's already been taken to the arraignment?

Cane: It's too early for that.

Genevieve: Maybe he threw a blood clot and died.

Cane: I think they would have taken his things away. He's gonna be back.

Genevieve: It would have been so much cleaner if the fall had just killed him. But I'll take what I can in terms of retribution. When he's behind bars, I'll celebrate.

Cane: And not really care about how many innocent people you hurt along the way?

Genevieve: Not my concern.

Cane: Well, it's my concern, isn't it? Lily, the kids, and my friends are my concern, and the longer you stay in town crowing around about how you've won, the more you damage all the people who trusted him.

Genevieve: You mean all the people who trusted you.

Kay: I thought you were supposed to be taking care of me. It's not enough that I have a son who is ill or I'm trying to run two global companies. But I've had to look all over town trying to find you, because you won't return my phone calls.

Jill: Katherine, this is not gonna work, 'cause I know you're not mad at me.

Kay: No, I'm not. I'm disgusted. You're like some addict who is desperate for that next fix.

Jill: Please, you are the alcoholic, not me.

Kay: I am talking about Colin. Now it's time for intervention.

Jill: Would you just go away please?

Kay: And I've started by throwing all of his trash from our home.

Jill: What?! (Quietly) You had no right to do that.

Kay: A simple "Thank you" would be fine.

Jill: No, I was the one who brought him there. I was looking forward to the pleasure of throwing his stuff on the lawn myself.

Kay: Oh, really? Well, how many drinks would it take for you to get around to that? Avoidance is not the answer.

Jill: Bartender, keep 'em comin'.

Adam: (Sighs) After Dad torpedoed my Newman fund purely out of spite, I grew it back. Yesterday, I acquired enough shares of Newman to claim a seat on his board of directors. And where's my... where's my brother in all of this? No doubt envious of my credentials. He's outside of Newman towers, dodging furniture, wanting his way back in.

Man: It's a satisfying coup. In addition to your recent personal success-- getting an amended ruling in your fiancée's death.

Adam: Sharon loved her kids. She never would have committed suicide, and I want it on the record that she did not commit murder. She was a remarkable woman. I still feel her with me, cheering me on with each success.

Man: Poignant ending to a great story. Thanks.

Adam: Absolutely. Thank you.

Nick: Exploiting Sharon's memory to get your name in print. Who's the desperate one now?

Adam: At least I haven't forgotten her.

Nick: Forgotten her? Sharon and I were married. We had three kids.

Adam: And Sharon loved me until the day she died.

Nick: She was used by you, taken advantage. But loved? I don't think so. You were just a blip, a mistake she would have corrected if she'd lived here long enough.

Noah: Look, seriously, you two are still fighting about Mom? (Sighs)

Sam: Listen, Sheri, the doctor in town is a friend of mine.

Sharon: (Winces) No. (Sighs) No. It's either you or no one.

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: Okay. Okay, you win. Have a seat.

Sharon: (Sighs) (Winces)

Sam: You're gonna need stitches.

Sharon: (Winces) Fine. Just do it.

Sam: Are you allergic to any medications?

Sharon: No. (Winces)

Sam: (Sighs) Any conditions I need to be aware of? Are you diabetic? High blood pressure?

Sharon: No. (Sighs)

Sam: (Sighs) What about a tetanus shot? When's the last time you had a tetanus shot?

Sharon: Um, I had a-a dtap last year.

Sam: I'm gonna numb you up before I start sewin' on you. You afraid of needles?

Sharon: Isn't everyone? (Sighs)

Sam: All right, listen, this antiseptic's gonna sting a little bit.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: So feel free to quack, moo, or whinny. Those are--those are the ones I'm used to, all right?

Sharon: Okay. Ow! Damn it!

Sam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sharon: (Sighs) Its okay. It's not your fault. I mean, you--you were gentle.

Sam: A couple months ago, I treated a filly who'd gone lame. The guy that shoed her did a ridiculous job, and she got an infection.

Sharon: (Sighs) Are you telling me my foot's gonna fall off if I don't take care of my stitches and keep 'em clean?

Sam: You gonna let me tell this?

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: Well, Galilea--

Sharon: Oh. That was her name?

Sam: And she just about tore the stall down trying to bolt. She couldn't come to grips with the fact that she was caged in, unable to run.

Sharon: Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Sharon: I... just fix me, please?

Sam: Yeah.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Malcolm: Here, Baby. Another pillow for your back.

Sofia: Oh, how sweet. You know, this is mind-boggling to me how we go from, "Baby, could you, uh, pick up my things from the dry cleaner's, and could you get my car washed for me?"

Malcolm: (Laughs)

Sofia: "And could you just swing by, you know, the bank later?"

Malcolm: I was not that bad.

Sofia: Oh, yes, you were.

Malcolm: (Laughs)

Sofia: But now you-- you've gone so far in the other direction. What's up with that?

Malcolm: I don't know. I guess maybe it was just hospitals and doctors, all those tests.

Sofia: Honey...

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Sofia: You should be enjoying this, not worrying about what terrible thing might happen next.

Malcolm: I know. I know how blessed I am to be able to share this with you, Baby, and being able to watch the baby grow together. (Sighs) I never had that with Lily.

Sofia: Hmm.

(Knock on door)

Sofia: Who could that be? (Sighs)

Olivia: Hey.

Malcolm: Hey, Liv, what are you doin' here?

Olivia: Well, Neil told me that you were babysitting, and I just thought I'd horn in.

Sofia: Hey.

Olivia: But I guess I should have called, just to see if, uh, you needed anything.

Malcolm: Yeah, I mean, I think that we're, uh, we're pretty well set.

Sofia: Um, actually, I noticed that Lily was running low on formula, so maybe you could, uh, go pick some up for us?

Malcolm: I can do that. Guess I'd better get used to it.

Olivia: (Chuckles)

Malcolm: (Laughs) Is there anything else you need, Baby?

Sofia: Mnh-mnh. Mm.

Malcolm: Mm.

Sofia: I love you.

Malcolm: I love you, too. All right.

Olivia: (Chuckles)

Malcolm: I'll be back.

Olivia: Bye. (Sighs)

Sofia: So, um, what did you find out?

Olivia: I had to go into Neil and Malcolm's medical files to find out their blood types.

Sofia: Well, I've been telling myself that since they're brothers that their RH factor could be the same.

Olivia: They're not. Neil is positive and Malcolm is negative.

Sofia: Wait, so if Malcolm's the father?

Olivia: Then your Rh factors are compatible, and there's no threat to the baby.

Sofia: But if it's Neil's?

Olivia: Well, then this kicks it up to a high-risk pregnancy.

Sofia: For me?

Olivia: No, for the baby. I mean, there could be anemia or diminished growth or it could be heart failure for the fetus.

Sofia: Oh, my God.

Olivia: Okay, look, I don't want you to panic, because if there is a risk, you'll be closely monitored.

Sofia: Well, wait. No, Olivia, this still could be Malcolm's baby. I'm gonna have a healthy child, and nobody is gonna have to know about this.

Olivia: If that's what you've decided.

Genevieve: Your father's in Radiology. Mystery solved. Ethan...stop sulking. Just go see her.

Cane: Oh, I'd be doing that for myself, not for Lily. She's right that she doesn't want me in her life.

Genevieve: When Samantha died, as much as I wanted to bury myself right along with her, I lived for this day-- justice for my daughter. Do you and Lily have that same kind of devotion?

Colin: Well, looky here-- me little family, come to wish daddy luck in court.

Genevieve: I would have thought your other wife might be here.

Colin: You've been to see Jill?

Genevieve: Would you like me to?

Cane: No. I'm gonna let the two of you go at it. Good-bye.

Genevieve: After today, Colin, you're toast.

Colin: It's just an arraignment. They'll set bail.

Genevieve: Oh, for minor criminals, yes, like murderers, but you? You tried to kidnap two innocent children.

Colin: My grandchildren.

Genevieve: Is that your defense? Oh, my, my, you poor thing. Guilty as sin and nary an official in your pocket, nor a crony to coerce.

Colin: Gee, maybe I'll have to go to jail after all.

Genevieve: (Chuckles) You know, I never thought that I would say this, but I hope you have a very long life. About a hundred years behind bars-- that sounds good to me.

Colin: But that would mean I couldn't see you. Hey, that might work after all. Huh, well, um, I've-- I gotta change, all right? Uh, you want to stick around? Your last chance to get a look at this, huh?

Genevieve: I think I'll go. But... first...

Colin: You bite me, and I'll bite you somewhere unmentionable.

Genevieve: But, Darling, you're going to be in jail so long, you won't have any teeth.

Kay: Did you confront Colin? Tell him to his face to go straight to hell?

Jill: Look. (Sighs) I agreed to eat something to make you leave me alone, all right? I didn't agree to discuss my personal life with you.

Kay: Oh, all right, well, then, let's just move on to show-and-tell. There we go.

Jill: A baby picture?

Kay: Mm-hmm, Dylan. That's Mackenzie's new baby. It's my great-grandson. There's a lot going on in this world besides your failed romance.

Jill: (Sighs) Oh, my God, why aren't I drunk yet?

Kay: Because I paid the bartender to water down your drinks. Uh, more pictures?

Jill: Katherine, I want you to go away and let me drink in peace, please.

Kay: You're not going to remember anything until you sober up. Then it's going to come-- regrets, embarrassment. Jill, Jill, Jill. Don't you understand? You cannot use liquor to wash Colin out of your life...because, frankly, it's up to you.

Neil: (Sighs)

Lily: I love what we got Mac's baby.

Neil: Right.

Lily: I'm sure her and J.T. are so happy.

Neil: Well, it seems only right. She helped give you a family. Now she's startin' one of her own, right?

Lily: (Sighs) Yeah. You know, I thought about that earlier, 'cause I was like, I hate that Cane used her. You know, that he gained her loyalty under false pretenses. (Sighs) What am I doing?

Neil: Hmm.

Lily: This is a happy occasion, and I'm using it as another excuse just to resent my husband--stupid.

Neil: Hey, Kiddo. Keep it up, all right? You can resent him for what? World hunger, global warming, tooth decay-- pick any of the three. (Chuckles)

Lily: (Chuckles)

Neil: Right?

Lily: Yeah. I mean, I am happy that I have my children. You know, I-I-I do cherish the happy moments that we had together. But I should have left him a dozen lies ago.

Nick: I was just gettin' some iced tea. (Sighs) Uh, you guys want to go to lunch? I'll take you to Gloworm.

Noah: No, Hunter wanted something sweet.

Adam: How do you like livin' in your mother's house? I assume, Nicholas, that you appreciate that I facilitated you being close to your son.

Nick: Let's go check out the bakery selection.

Noah: Yeah. Hey, I'll be right there. Look, I thought you were cool with me staying at my mom's place.

Adam: Well, I wouldn't have offered otherwise.

Noah: Well, then don't use that offer to take swipes at my dad. Look, I'm not getting in the middle of this.

Adam: Your mom would have wanted you there, so I want you there.

Noah: Then leave it alone.

Adam: How are you handling it?

Noah: What? Being at my mom's place?

Adam: Yeah, personally, I... find it kind of hard being surrounded by all her things. I don't know. I just...

Noah: (Sighs)

Adam: Look, if you ever, uh, if you ever want to talk about it...

Noah: Look, after what you did to my family, I'm not about to buddy up with you out of grief. Excuse me.

Sharon: Ow! (Sighs) (Grunts)

Sam: All right.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: You'll be numbed up in a bit, all right? All you'll feel is pressure while I'm doin' the stitches. If you feel any pain-- any pain at all-- you let me know, all right?

Sharon: I'm running from... mistakes that I can never fix. I had a life that didn't work anymore. People I loved kept getting hurt because of stupid, thoughtless things that I did.

Sam: What kind of things? Everybody has a past, Sheri, and it's never as pretty as we hope. Then again, it's never as ugly as we fear, either.

Sharon: Well, I-- I broke their trust... their faith in me and my decency.

Sam: I've watched you, you know, with me, Piper, the animals I keep in the barn, O'Keefe up at the house. And the only thing I see is a kind, decent, loving woman. So what would happen to her to make her thoughtless and untrustworthy?

Sharon: (Sighs) I'm responsible. There really was no when or why that changed anything. It--I'm responsible. But there was a decision... a bad decision.

Hunter: I mean, even though Devon is completely amped that this producer is into his music, what he really wants is to be back here, you know? Helping his sister, which I can't blame him, because it's a really nice town. I don't get it. Why don't they just leave?

Noah: (Scoffs) You see, Adam won't cave and take off before my dad does. And my dad won't leave us alone with Adam.

Hunter: Back in New York...

Noah: (Sighs)

Hunter: When you said that you left home for a bunch of reasons...

Noah: Them always fighting about my mom was a big part of it. And I'm pretty sure she hated it as much as I do.

Colin: Your mother got in her last lick. (Chuckles) (Sighs) You have something to say?

Cane: No, it's more like something I want to do.

Colin: What's that?

Cane: I want to watch it.

Colin: Well, it's just an arraignment. Not much to look at.

Cane: Well, it's just the beginning, isn't it?

Colin: (Chuckles) You'd really like to kill me, wouldn't you? I can see it in your eyes-- that look of beady hatred, reminiscent of your brother.

Colin: One other time, too, at the Chancellor house.

Cane: When you were messin' with Jill, huh? When you threatened my family? You mean the time I wanted you dead? The time I wanted to do it myself. You mean that time? Right, Dad? Huh?

Colin: I wonder... I wonder what you'd do if there was no guard on the door. (Chuckles) It's too bad you couldn't have developed this killer instinct back home in Oz. Then we wouldn't be in this mess, would we?

Jill: (Sighs) (Whispers) God! (Normal voice) You know, the maddening thing is that I have been here before. Right here, Katherine. How many times do I have to be wrong before I learn?

Kay: You have learned.

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: You've learned to be wary just as I have. But sometimes, a person comes a-alongside of you who is more driven to get past your defenses than you are to hold them firmly in place.

Jill: I believed he was such a good man. He was such a good man to me.

Kay: Jill, he came to claim his grandchildren.

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: Now had you managed to fend him off, he would have regrouped and found another way.

Jill: And every time I think about Cane and what he did to Lily and the kids, it just makes me want to burst into tears.

Kay: Well, then just stop thinking about it, and stop castigating yourself for not being able to see what wasn't anticipated.

Jill: You're being very, very nice to me. I think this is because you think I'll never recover from this.

Kay: Jill, what in the hell were you thinking? Even I could see that evil charlatan coming a mile away.

Jill: See, now that's better. (Sighs) How the hell am I gonna get over this, Katherine?

Kay: (Sighs) By turning your anger outwardly, not inwardly. You will survive this, damn it... because frankly, you don't have a choice.

Sofia: Why is God punishing the baby?

Olivia: He isn't.

Sofia: Well, you said there was no danger to me, but I was the one who slept with Neil. I was the one who didn't tell Malcolm about this before we got married.

Olivia: I don't believe God would hurt your baby to punish you.

Sofia: I love my husband. And we are so happy together, Olivia, but this secret is just...

Olivia: Well, look. You know what? It's eating me up, as well.

Sofia: I should have never involved you with this.

Olivia: No, no, I knew exactly what I was getting into when we adjusted the conception date. I just thought it was the best thing, you know? So that Neil and Malcolm could just hold on to that bond that they worked so hard to build.

Sofia: I can't tell him the truth. I can't hurt Malcolm like that.

Olivia: Look, I'll go along with whatever you decide. But the only person that knows if you can keep this secret is you.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Lily: Did you see the look in Jill's eyes?

Neil: Yeah, I did. She's sad.

Lily: (Scoffs) She's humiliated. I can relate. People must think I'm pathetic, saying that I'm seeing ghosts. It's stupid.

Neil: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, come on. Only a few people know about what Cane pulled. And the ones that do, they have nothing but admiration for the way you're handling things. I'm telling you. You were an innocent in all this.

Lily: An innocent? Not a victim?

Neil: No, no, you are nobody's victim. Now Cane, on the other hand, now that guy is dirt, all right? I wish he would have just leveled with us, told us what was going on, told us the truth, who Colin was, but instead, what did he do? He endangered you, all right? He endangered my grandchildren. I don't want you anywhere near him, Lily. I'm telling you.

Lily: Dad, come on. I mean, do you really think that I would go back to him?

Neil: I think that once you love, you know, you love forever. Lily, I admire that about you. It makes me want to stand between you and every bad thing.

Lily: Yeah, I get that. I mean, its parental instinct, you know? I feel the same way about the twins.

Neil: Yeah.

Lily: But... I did tell Cane that he is never coming near them again.

Neil: Oh, really?

Lily: Yeah.

Neil: Did you mean it?

Lily: Yes, I did.

Neil: Good.

Lily: I mean, I-I don't know how I'm gonna do it legally, but...

Neil: No, don't worry about that. We will handle it legally.

Lily: Yeah, I know, but what do I tell Charlie and Matty? Do I tell them that their dad was somebody who put us all in danger? Or that he was a-a good man who died? I mean, what do I say? Or do I someday let him back into their lives? No. No, no. There's no way I could do that ever. No way.

Neil: Honey, look, we'll handle--

Genevieve: Lily, how lovely to see you.

Colin: It's okay. I know the drill. You take me to prison transport, transport to the courthouse, and then the judge does his gavel thingy.

Cane: Yeah, I wouldn't be so pleased with yourself.

Colin: And why is that?

Cane: See, I don't think your fellow inmates are gonna be so happy when they meet you, you know? Had one of your kids killed, tried to kidnap your grandchildren.

Colin: Do you really feel a compelling need to stick around for the festivities?

Cane: I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Malcolm: See, Baby, we don't have to do the nursery exactly like, you know, like this. We just get ideas, you know?

Sofia: Yeah.

Malcolm: Like, see how, like, on this one how the curtains dapple in the light? I mean, like-- like, you know, we don't even have to do the--the pastels. We can do bold colors, you know? Oh.

Sofia: (Sighs) Malcolm?

Malcolm: Mm-hmm?

Sofia: I, uh...I was with someone.

Malcolm: What did you just say?

Sofia: I was with someone.

Malcolm: (Sighs) You mean... with "Someone" as in you slept with someone else? That's what you're saying?

Sofia: (Whimpers) Mm-hmm. (Sniffles)

Malcolm: When, Sofia? Hmm? When we first met? After we got engaged? When? Hmm?

Sofia: When we split up when I wa--because I was helping Cane.

Malcolm: Because you were helping Cane? Who was it, Sofia? Who were you with, huh?

Sofia: It was Neil.

Malcolm: (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Neil: What an intrusion this is. We're having some lunch. Why don't you, uh, respect that and leave us alone, all right?

Lily: Is Cane here?

Genevieve: Would you like to see him?

Lily: No. I don't want him anywhere near me.

Genevieve: Well, surely, that doesn't extend to me. I-I'd like to get to know you, Lily. We have so much in common.

Lily: I'm--I'm--I'm sorry. What--what could we possibly have in common? Your crazy husband and Cane? You are cruel and malicious, and I don't want to know anything about you.

Genevieve: Cane's family is your family now. You owe it to me, and we owe it to each other, to find some middle ground with Colin as the common enemy.

Jill: Back off, Bitch.

Noah: Hey, we're takin' off. You want to walk us out?

Nick: Um, you know what? Why don't we hook up later? Why don't you come by the house for dinner?

Noah: Okay.

Nick: Bye.

Hunter: Bye.

Nick: I wasn't going to get into this with my son around, but you better stay the hell away from Noah.

Adam: He's Sharon's son, as well.

Nick: If Sharon had never hooked up with you, she'd be here with her kids. There'd be no murder investigation, no fatal car crash, no fleeing from custody. There wouldn't be any of this, "I'm gonna let Noah live at that house." That is his home. I don't care what the hell that piece of paper says.

Adam: You can't stand this, can you? The fact that Noah and I have a connection you'll never have.

Nick: What connection?

Adam: Maybe you haven't forgotten about Sharon, but Noah and I seem to be the only ones grieving her death.

Sam: So what was your one bad decision?

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: Well, you have been an excellent patient.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: So I will offer you the same reward that I offer all the other critters.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: A sugar cube.

Sharon: (Laughs)

Sam: Okay.

Sharon: Okay.

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Ow! Oh!

Sam: You all right?

Sharon: Ow. (Winces) Yeah.

Sam: You okay?

Sharon: Yeah.

Sam: You sure?

Sharon: Uh-huh.

Nick: I don't need to parade my grief over Sharon. I've had to mourn her since she chose to be with the man who stole our child.

Adam: And you never let up on her from that day on. A father keeping a mother from her child is disgusting.

Nick: You're the reason that Sharon lost everything. You know, there's one small mercy. Sharon's finally free of you.

Adam: What Sharon and I have is forever.

Sam: You should sit down.

Sharon: Yeah.

Sharon: I think I, uh, I think I better get some rest.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah. Try not to put any weight on the leg. Um... this, uh, over-the-counter stuff should help with the pain. If you notice any bleeding or you feel like you're spiking a temperature, you, uh, you call me, all right?

Sam: Good night.

Malcolm: You slept with my brother? You slept with Neil?

Sofia: I'm so sorry.

Malcolm: But wh-why would you do that? How could you do that?

Sofia: I didn't set out for it to happen.

Malcolm: You... (Scoffs) What--what--what--what was it? Was this some type of revenge? Some kind of payback?

Sofia: No, I just felt like I'd let down the people that I love the most.

Malcolm: So that's your excuse?

Sofia: No excuse. I didn't set out to hurt you. I thought you left me.

Malcolm: You thought... (Sighs) How many times, Sofia? How many times were you with my brother? (Sighs)

Sofia: Once. It was just once.

Malcolm: So what? Was it some kind of game to you? Huh? He gets with my woman just like I got with his?

Sofia: No.

Malcolm: Is that baby even mine?

Sofia: (Voice breaking) I don't know.

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Jill: You get the hell outta here.

Genevieve: Who are you to tell me when to go?

Jill: Who are you to rub our noses in what your rotten husband has done? Now get the hell outta town now.

Kay: That's good advice. You'd do well to take it.

Genevieve: I was hoping that we could all share a moment of relief that Colin is finally paying for his crimes. I hardly wished to upset anyone.

Neil: Well... (Clears throat) You see, if that were true, you wouldn't have barged in on a very private conversation, would you?

Lily: Yeah, with people who don't care about ever knowing you.

Genevieve: Bartender, drinks for everyone to show that there are no hard feelings, and to celebrate Colin's incarceration. One day, you will all see that my work was for the greater good.

Colin: Happy hour.

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Victoria: (Sighs)

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