Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/16/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/16/11 -- Canada; Friday 6/17/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9675 ~ Victor Handles Diane's Manipulation

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Victoria: Hey.

Nick: The social worker let you spend a few minutes with Lucy?

Victoria: Yeah.

Daniel: How's she doing?

Billy: She gave the thumbs-up.

Victoria: Yeah, it was sort of making its way into her mouth, so...  

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Nick: (Tsks)

Victoria: What's the matter?

Nick: Uh, it's just some business I need to deal with.

Victoria: Uh, well, you can go. I mean, we'll be fine, right?

Billy: Yeah.

Nick: Okay. Call me, all right? If you need me.

Victoria: Yeah, I will. I'll call you.

Daisy: Would you stop that? You're making me nervous.

Phyllis: You should be nervous. The tide has turned against us.

Daisy: Well, you can thank your son's testimony for that.

Leslie: I haven't had my shot at him yet. You're still on board with the strategy?

Phyllis: Just win the case.

Genevieve: That's quite a prediction-- the bottom dropping out of the Newman stock price.

Jack: What are you looking for?

Genevieve: Your crystal ball.

Jack: No crystal ball. I just felt a little, uh, tingle.

Genevieve: I get those, too.

(Computer alert chimes)

Jack: Ooh.

Woman: Unconfirmed sources report Victor Newman, founder of Newman Enterprises, which is going public at this very moment, has had a massive stroke.

Jack: (Inhales deeply) Poor Victor. (Sighs)

Woman: The source adds that Newman is en route to the hospital at this moment, and his prognosis is guarded.

Adam: Bummer, Dad. Get well soon. Yeah, we're on schedule. When the Newman stock price starts dropping, which should be right about... now... I will give you the word soon when to start buying up as many shares as possible.

(Knock on door)

Bonnie: Coming! Coming! Coming!

(Pounding on door)

Michael: Oh, what took you so long, Bonnie? What happened to Mr. Newman? What?

Bonnie: Nothing happened. Nothing at all.

Diane: (Sighs)

Victor: So how is she?

Diane: Something isn't right. You have to help us.

Woman: Her vitals, they all check out. Blood pressure and temp are normal. If she's in distress, the reading would indicate, uh--

Victor: It's all nor-- it's all normal?

Diane: (Gasps) Please. Please, I can't lose this baby. (Sighs) (Gasps) (Sighs)

Leslie: Mr. Romalotti, you stated that Miss Carter drugged you in order to get you into bed.

Daniel: Yeah, that's right.

Leslie: Do you have proof of that?

Daniel: No, but I mean--

Leslie: What about proof she attacked you the night she gave birth?

Daniel: Well, I had my back turned to her, but she was the only one who was--

Leslie: So it's just your word against hers, isn't it?

Daniel: I suppose.

Leslie: So it's also your word against hers that she isn't cut out to be a mother. Why should we trust you and not Daisy?

Daniel: 'Cause I'm more credible than she is.

Leslie: Because she's facing criminal charges? Because she's a fugitive from justice?

Daniel: Yeah, that's right. Yes.

Leslie: Weren't you a fugitive from justice? Weren't you facing criminal charges?

Daniel: (Clears throat)

Leslie: Five times, if I'm not mistaken.

Daniel: I don't know what that has to do with anything. I was never convicted.

Leslie: Daisy hasn't been, either. Recognize this?

Daniel: Um, yes. It's a picture that Daisy drew.

Leslie: Her depiction of what the baby she was carrying would look like, is it not?

Daniel: Yeah, it is. Yes. (Clears throat)

Leslie: Do you know she's had this with her all these months? It's never left her side.

Daniel: No, I-I didn't know that.

Leslie: Doesn't sound like the mindset of a woman who saw her baby merely, as you put it, as a means to an end, does it?

Daniel: Well, I think that--

Leslie: Does it, Mr. Romalotti?

Daniel: No, it doesn't.

Leslie: You're an artist. Ever sketch a picture of your child?

Daniel: No.

Leslie: Carried a photo of her?

Daniel: No.

Leslie: In fact, you never wanted anything to do with your daughter. Correct?

Daniel: I wasn't ready to be a father. I know--

Leslie: You relinquished your rights to Lucy, did you not?

Daniel: Yes, I did.

Leslie: Washed your hands of her.

Daniel: I didn't wash my hands, all right?

Leslie: You turned your back on your own flesh and blood, and yet you have the nerve to call Daisy Carter an unfit parent?

Daniel: You know, I don't know what you want from me here. What are you trying to get at?

Rafe: Objection!

Leslie: I'm through with this witness, your honor.

Woman: And Newman Enterprises' stock price continues to free-fall. No telling how low prices will go as we await word on Victor Newman's condition following his reported stroke.

Adam: Just a little longer, Diane. String the old man along.

Victor: Do you have some kind of a fetal monitor or something?

Diane: Just get me to the hospital. There's gotta be something they can do.

Woman: It might be something else--gallbladder? Let me just--

Diane: It hurts! Don't touch me! (Sighs)

Victor: Diane, you're not really pregnant, are you?

Diane: You didn't want this baby, just like you've never really wanted me.

Victor: You're pretending to have a miscarriage. What game are you playing?

Diane: Well, at least there'll be one less child to sue you for half a billion one day.

Victor: Stop the ambulance. There's nothing wrong with her.

Diane: It's uncanny. I suddenly feel quite fabulous.

Victor: That won't last, I assure you.

Daniel: Sorry. I think I blew that.

Rafe: You two up to facing her?

Victoria: Yeah, I guess we'd better be.

Judge Welchert: Ready, Mr. Torres?

Rafe: The defense would like to call Victoria Abbott to the stand.

Victoria: I know that having the same blood counts for a lot in these cases. I do. But does it... does it make you a better parent? Does having the same blood make you love her more? Or make you more responsible? Daisy's already changed her mind twice about keeping Lucy. How do we know she's not gonna do that again?

Leslie: You brought up the issue of responsibility. Just how responsible were you when it came to choosing nannies? How responsible were you when Lucy was kidnapped from right out under you? How responsible were you when your husband surprised you by bringing home a baby, and you didn't even question where she came from? And you thought buying a baby was okay?

Billy: I had a birth certificate.

Leslie: Ever make any attempt to find out how this child came to be in the baby broker's possession?

Billy: No.

Leslie: Tell me, Mr. Abbott, should we consider that ignorance on your part, or arrogance?

Billy: Look, my wife just had a miscarriage. They told her she'd never be able to have another child, and it was killing her.

Leslie: So you thought you'd bring home a child for her?

Billy: Yes, I did.

Leslie: Why not go through an adoption agency?

Billy: Because I didn't want to wait.

Leslie: Was that the reason? Or was it because you knew you and Victoria would never be approved as parents?

Billy: I think I just told you it was because I didn't want to wait.

Leslie: Isn't it true you have a history of gambling?

Billy: Yes, that's true, but I haven't done that in a very long time.

Leslie: Isn't it also true that your ex-wife Chloe Mitchell is suing you for custody of your biological daughter Cordelia?

Billy: Yes, but that's more about Chloe and less about me. She overreacted, not to mention she's got a--

Leslie: Your current wife lost custody of her son. You may now lose custody of your daughter. How is it that someone with such a pitiful record as a parent and human ever stand in judgment of Daisy Carter, ever think that he would be allowed to raise another child?

Billy: I don't care what you say, Ma'am. That little girl belongs with me and Victoria. Do you hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying to you?

Leslie: Your honor...

Billy: No, no, no, no, no. You listen to me. If you give that baby to that blatant psycho, you're gonna ruin her life. Do you want that on your hands?

(Gavel bangs)

Judge Welchert: I've heard enough. My decision is made.

Jack: No, the Newman stock is gonna go down to $25. Trust me. It's gonna happen, and when it does, we buy, buy, buy. Jus--Justin, hold on. One more. Place the order. Buy now.

Genevieve: Wow. You are fired up.

Jack: Exciting times.

Genevieve: (Laughs) Very. I had to resist the urge to pound on the table and yell, "Buy, buy, buy," and I'm not even playing the market today. That's an interesting term, don't you think? "Playing." Really, it can be deadly serious.

Jack: I normally do this kind of work in private.

Genevieve: I would call you a financial genius, but it seems to me that you had a little inside scoop.

Jack: If I did, would I lose my status as a genius?

Genevieve: You're a player, and as one to another, I would much rather hang out with a player than a genius. So much more interesting.

Adam: Yeah, it's taking a massive nosedive, but I'm not gonna buy Newman stock until it hits rock bottom. No, you know how to do that. So why don't you do it right now?

Nick: Hey, I got your text. I didn't want to tell Victoria about this 'cause she's got enough going on. Where's Dad?

Michael: Thank you. There's no report of him at Memorial.

Nick: Jerry down at the front gate just said an ambulance took off out of here.

Woman: We've just received an unconfirmed report that Victor Newman has died.

Victor: This is about the Newman public offering. You're trying to sabotage me, right?

Diane: Don't be so dramatic. Can we get this thing movin' again? (Pounds on wall) I'm feeling a distinct lack of oxygen.

Victor: You're doing this because I cut you off without a cent.

Diane: Did you? I hadn't noticed.

Victor: I called this ambulance. These people came out here because you pretended to have a miscarriage. What kind of a woman does that?

Diane: What kind of a man marries a woman just to keep her away from his son?

Victor: You listen to me. I don't give a damn who you sleep with. But now you're messing with my company, and no one does that.

Diane: Classic. Your company, your one true love, the only family you want or need. I was your wife!

Victor: You're a gold digger. At best, you're a fraud.

Diane: I wanted to be there for you-- your lover, your friend. The day you found out that Sharon died, I--

Victor: Don't you make me--

Diane: I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to comfort you, but you wouldn't have it.

Victor: You and I had an agreement. I ended it. And now you want to stick a knife in my back by going after my company, don't you? Now you tell me every detail.

Diane: You had it right the first time. I'm kicking you where it hurts, right in the company jewels, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Diane: (Gasps)

Judge Welchert: I am troubled by the fact that Miss Carter has been accused of several very serious criminal acts. Your future is uncertain, and to legally acknowledge you as Lucy's mother binds her to that uncertain future, as well. However, you haven't been convicted and the arguments presented on your behalf today have been persuasive. I hereby rule in your favor.

Leslie: Your honor, in light of your decision, we respectfully petition the court to overturn the Abbotts' adoption of Lucy.

Judge Welchert: So granted.

Billy: Just like that?

Victoria: Please. Please. You can't take Lucy from us. You--you can't--you can't--

Rafe: Your honor, Daisy Carter currently resides in jail facing multiple felony counts. If you do this, the baby will end up in the foster system when she has two loving, eager parents right here.

Leslie: I've taken the liberty of drawing up papers giving temporary custody of the baby to Phyllis Newman.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Billy: Of course you have.

Judge Welchert: Miss Carter, is this your wish? That Mrs. Newman raise your daughter while you're incarcerated?

Daisy: Yes, it is, your honor.

Judge Welchert: Very well. I hereby grant Phyllis Newman temporary physical custody of the child effective immediately. (Gavel bangs)

Gloria: Joselyn, Gloria Bardwell. Yeah, yeah, it has been a few months, but, Joselyn, you were the first person I thought about when I heard about this amazing investment opportunity. I am going to need to borrow about... $300,000. Joselyn? Rude.

Jack: We haven't met yet. I would know if we had. You're not from Genoa City. I would know that, too. So...

Genevieve: So?

Jack: So who are you and where are you from?

Genevieve: You know, that's not nearly as interesting as your stock coup. Do you always get so excited about dollar signs?

Jack: Not always. Occasionally.

Genevieve: But it's not just about the money, is it?

Jack: Is it ever just about the money? Power, ego, success... revenge.

Genevieve: That last one rings a bell for me. So which one was it for you this time?

Jack: Do we know each other well enough to have this conversation?

Genevieve: Would you like to?

Jack: We could start with your name.

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Oh. Yeah? Thank you.

Genevieve: Good news?

Jack: Excellent news. It's done.

Nick: Dad never checked in at Mercy or Twin Lakes General.

Michael: All right, listen to me. There is no sign, no word of him at any morgue.

Nick: Then what's with the news report? I mean, did dad have a stroke or not? Is he alive? Where is Dad?

(Front door closes)

Victor: Right here. (Sighs)

Nick: Dad, thank God you're okay.

Victor: Why wouldn't I be?

Michael: There was an ambulance.

Victor: It was a farce.

Michael: Well, the media don't know that. They think you've had a stroke. There's even a report that you're dead.

Victor: That was the intention. By the way, how is the, uh, Newman stock doing?

Michael: Victor, it's tanking.

Victor: That's what she wanted to happen-- to make the world think that Newman Enterprises was cut off at the knee. She wanted the I.P.O. to tank.

Nick: Who is "She"?

Victor: Diane Jenkins.

Adam: That's, uh, quite a look you've got going.

Diane: Getting thrown out of an ambulance wasn't part of the plan, was it?

Adam: Victor figure out you're full of it?

Diane: (Sighs) Well, nothing's broken, but thanks for asking.

Adam: You're in one piece. Smile. It increases your face value.

Diane: I can't smile. My face hurts. So did I buy you enough time, or what?

Adam: You did an excellent job. I bought loads of stock at the price I'd hoped for.

Diane: Good. Feel free to reward me handsomely as promised.

Adam: Relax. You're gonna get paid.

Diane: Once the Newman stock rebounds, your investment will go through the roof. You'll have more money than you could ever need. In fact, why don't you-- you tack on a bonus to my fee, huh? A nice fat one.

Adam: It's all about money for you, isn't it?

Diane: And I suppose it isn't for you?

Adam: Oh, no. It's about something far more valuable.

Genevieve: You must let me buy you a drink to celebrate.

Jack: No, no, not a chance. The booze is on me.

Genevieve: Even though you don't know me well enough?

Jack: I know you happened to walk in at the precise moment that the stock market started to, uh, make me a happy man.

Genevieve: The stock market? Not the newscaster who announced Victor Newman's stroke?

Jack: It's all kind of a blur now. So let me buy you that drink, and me toast my new good luck charm-- a lady with no name but one hell of a smile.

Genevieve: This may come as a shock to you, but not everybody considers me good luck.

Jack: Who are you?

Victoria: You did this. You did all of this. This is your fault. (Sobs)

Victoria: (Sobs)

Victoria: (Whispers) I love you. (Sobs) (Voice breaking) I love you, Lucy. (Sobs)

Billy: Vicki, I--

Judge Welchert: The child will be handed to her temporary guardian Phyllis Newman. Mrs. Newman, there are some forms for you to fill out.

Phyllis: Thank you, your honor. Thank you very much.

Rafe: Congratulations.

Leslie: Looks like you have another little girl to spoil and love.

Phyllis: I owe you. Thank you very much. I mean, we could have-- we could have done that without roughing up some people, and by "People," I mean my son.

Leslie: (Sighs) You gave me permission, Phyllis. Remember?

Phyllis: Yeah, I did, but to point out his faults, not to eviscerate him...

Leslie: You hired me for a reason-- to get the job done. And besides, you really don't have time for regrets, not now that you have another little girl to care for.

Daisy: What about me? I did what you wanted-- not so they could lock me up.

Michael: No, I cannot hold. I told you, I have new information about Victor Newman. Information like he's sitting right here in front of me alive, and he's ready to make a statement. Yes, I thought your boss might be interested. Now transfer me, please.

Victor: She wanted to make it look as if I were dead, to make the Newman stock worthless.

Michael: Look, Victor, Diane can be conniving and vindictive, but she's been on her best behavior since she's come back.

Victor: (Sighs heavily)

Michael: Well, um, better-- better behavior.

Victor: Right now, we have to save the Newman stock, all right? And then I will deal with those who betrayed me.

Diane: Of course it was about money. You just made yourself a fortune. That's "Take a flying fig" kind of money. You can go anywhere. You can do anything. It's freedom... a new life.

Adam: I have no urge to leave town, but if you'd like to go, I won't stop you.

Diane: If you don't want the money... (Chuckles) I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands. And for the life of me, I cannot figure out what all this drama's about if it's not about profit. The look on Victor's face... (Chuckles) It was priceless, but... you didn't even get to see it. So, Partner... what's in it for you?

(Knock on door)

Adam: Ahh, Brother. I am so sorry to hear about our dad.

Nick: What the hell were you thinking?

Leslie: Daisy, those felony charges didn't just go away because the court recognized your parental rights.

Phyllis: Right. I mean--

Daisy: So I'm going back to jail?

Phyllis: Listen, you have the best defense attorney in the world, and we're gonna work really hard to make sure all your problems are solved. Don't worry about it.

Daisy: Yeah, I'm so grateful to you, Phyllis. And I have total faith in you, because I know you want to be close to Lucy. (Sighs) And if things don't work out for me, I'll have to make some very painful decisions about my daughter's future.

Phyllis: Please, Daisy. I understand. I'm there for you. Whatever you need, please.

Daisy: I guess I'm ready to go back to my cell now. Please keep watch over Lucy for both of us.

Phyllis: (Gasps) Oh, my goodness. Hi, pretty. Oh, yeah. Well, look at this. Bye. We're together. Who you waving at? We're together? Yeah, we are. It's official.

Leslie: Can I see those documents the judge mentioned?

Mrs. Miller: Yeah, they're outside in my bag.

Leslie: Okay. You look happy, Phyllis. I'm glad.

Phyllis: It's a big day. It's a big day. You did great.

Daniel: (Applause)

Daniel: Congratulations. Complete and total destruction. But it was worth it, wasn't it? It's all worth it, because you got your way.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Honey, this isn't over. I mean, Daisy, she's a criminal. And Phyllis, she doesn't have any rights, not really. It was just one judge's decision. She--she overturned our adoption. That's not to say that another judge can't overturn her ruling. We just--we have to fight, and we can win.

Victoria: Okay, stop. Just stop!

Billy: Hey, no, look, I'm hurting, too, okay? But sometimes you have to fight just a little bit more.

Victoria: Daisy is Lucy's mom, not me.

Billy: No, she's not. No, she's not. All right, fine, yes, she is her biological mother. She's not her real mom. You're her real mom.

Victoria: If we go to court, if we fight, if they terminate Daisy's rights, if they revoke Phyllis' custody, if--

Billy: Would you just stop? Just stop saying "If." Will you please stop saying "if"? Say "When."

Victoria: Lucy will never be ours. Do you understand that? She will never be ours. No judge, no court is ever gonna give her back to us, because you bought her. You bought her, and that's all that anyone's ever gonna see when they look at us. That's all they're gonna see, and I will never have my baby back... ever.

Daniel: You paid someone to destroy Billy and Victoria. You paid someone to tear me apart while you got to sit there with your fingers crossed and just pray that it would work. And now you get to celebrate.

Phyllis: I did this for you. I did this for your daughter, for your future. That's why I did this. She is loved. She is loved. No lies, no stealing, no backstage dealings with brokers, Daniel. She is with family now.

Daniel: You didn't do this for her. You didn't do this for her. You did this for you. It's always, always about you. If-- if you did this for her, she would be with the parents that love her right now, not with you. Hey. Well, you won, so you get to take Lucy home. You, Lucy, and Summer are one big, happy family. And if I were you, I would hang on to that family. Hang on to them, because they're the only kids you have.

Victoria: It's just out there in the world that we bought a child. Black-market adoption. (Chuckles) And Chloe-- Chloe is suing for sole custody of Delia. You know, she might get it. She might. And Reed? Reed is always half a country away from me. If J.T. wanted to keep him from me now, he could.

Billy: He's not gonna do that. He won't do that.

Victoria: But he could. He could now because of this. And Lucy-- she's never gonna be our baby. No, she's never gonna be ours. We're never gonna race to see who gets her out of the crib first. We're not gonna videotape her first steps. We're not gonna do that, Billy. And her first word? Her first word might be "Mom," but she's not gonna be me.

Billy: I don't believe that. You shouldn't believe that e--

Victoria: Stop! Would you just stop?! Stop pretending that there's any hope when there's no hope. There's no hope. There was never even hope from the beginning. That's the truth. When you brought her here, and you convinced me to hold her, I told you that I didn't want to do it until you promised me.

Billy: Stop, look. We can-- we can work through this. We can work through--

Victoria: And you did, Billy. You promised me. (Voice cracks) You promised me.

Billy: (Sighs) I promised you that no one would be able to take her away from us.

Victoria: (Normal voice) You broke that promise. You broke everything.

Gloria: No, no. What it is is shortsighted and spiteful. We could have made millions, Celeste, if you'd only had a little more business savvy and generosity. But now the dream is gone, okay? (Sighs) So close.

Jack: Wait, the stock has gone up how much? And it's just gonna keep rising. This stock is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, Justin. Quite a day, and it's not over yet.

Genevieve: How much better could it get?

Jack: Why don't we find out?

Genevieve: I would love that, but I can't.

Jack: What? What? You have to leave?

Genevieve: Pressing engagement, but I'll be back for dinner. Maybe you'll still be here toasting your success.

Jack: Well, I'll try to pace myself. There's so much to toast, you know?

Genevieve: (Laughs)

Jack: So don't make me ask your name again. It's getting a little embarrassing.

Genevieve: You'll know it soon enough. I can promise you that.

Adam: My, how awkward. I'll just excuse myself.

Nick: You're not goin' anywhere. You know, this ambulance scam thing, that was probably her. But this "Victor's dead" crap, that reeks of you.

Adam: You know, it's just as big a relief for me as it is for you that Dad's okay. I mean big... relief. Huge.

Nick: So what was the play? Make Dad's I.P.O go in the tank, buy low, sell high? Then you make a fortune off Dad's business?

Adam: First of all, Nicholas, you made half a billion-- that's "Billion" with a "B"-- off of Dad's business, so righteous looks really stupid on you. Second of all, why does everyone assume this is about money? It's all about the Benjamins with you people around here. (Clicks lips) That's another thing you and Diane have in common. It's cute. Me? I love this stock. I love it with a deep passion. I don't ever want to sell with the massive amounts of stock that I own. I can demand a seat on the Newman board and sit directly across the table from dear, old Dad, and that, my dear friend, is worth more than gold. See ya.

Nick: Did you know about this? Did you know about Adam's plan?

Diane: Does it matter if I knew? You never give me the benefit of the doubt.

Nick: This is not about you and me.

Diane: Maybe it isn't for you.

Nick: Why do you always act like we had this huge romance?

Diane: Well, you have made it perfectly clear that you don't feel it was, so you can stop humiliating me with that now.

Nick: You were trying to hook up with my father the entire time we were together, Diane.

Diane: I'm a bitch. It's not exactly a secret. I opened my heart for Kyle and no one else... until you.

Nick: I'm guessing you were a lot more convincing when you told my dad that you were pregnant. You know something? I got lucky. I dodged a bullet with you. I thank God every day that whatever I had for you is now gone.

Victor: Well, the story today should have been about Newman Enterprises going public, not some erroneous reports about my supposed demise, all right? Thank you.

Michael: "The shot heard round the stock market."

Victor: (Sighs)

Michael: "Victor Newman lives."

Victor: Is the stock rebounding?

Michael: (Chuckles) Soaring.

Victor: Uh-huh. Wow. Meanwhile, a lot of people bought it at bottom price. That means some damage has been done that's irreversible now.

Michael: For Diane to go to such extremes...

Victor: She wasn't alone in this. She's not clever enough.

Michael: You know, she's currently cohabitating with Adam. This is exactly the kind of thing he lives for.

Victor: (Sighs) Let's repair a lot of the damage as soon as we can... (Tosses down glasses) And then I promise you, I will deal with those who did this to me. Ain't gonna be pretty.

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Nick: What'd you expect? She doesn't know who you are. She needs her mother.

Victoria: You're leaving?

Diane: How can you be so cavalier about this? We all know how Victor operates. (Singsong voice) He is not gonna let us get away with this.

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