Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/15/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/15/11 -- Canada; Thursday 6/16/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9674 ~ Diane's Scheme Tricks Victor

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Michael: So what's your day look like?

Lauren: Ah, busy, thank goodness, because it'll keep my mind off of Daisy's hearing. Oh.

Michael: Listen, if you try and call me, and I don't pick up, then--

Lauren: Leave a message at the beep, Baby. Thanks.

Michael: You do know you're my number one priority, don't you?

Lauren: Oh, sure. Except on the day that Newman Enterprises goes public.

Michael: Yeah, pretty much.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. Mm, our broker has our buy order, right?

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: Excellent. Boy, I never thought I would see Victor Newman give up control of his company.

Michael: (Laughs) You never will.

Lauren: And if that's the case, maybe I should rethink his offer.

Michael: Oh, a seat on the Newman board is very prestigious.

Lauren: I know. I know, but what if he thinks I'm gonna be his puppet?

Michael: (Chuckles) Well, he'll learn soon enough. Nobody orders my wife around. Mwah.

Lauren: That's right.

Phyllis: Hi, can I have some coffee? Hello. Oh, come on, you guys. You guys. You know I despise Daisy as much as you do. She tried to kill me, too, but you've got to understand I am doing this so my son... we don't even know if her rights will be reinstated.

Lauren: You know what, Phyllis? It doesn't even matter what happens in court. The damage is done.

Phyllis: Hey, listen. You have got to understand--

Michael: I understand. I understand. You did what you had to do, and we just had to accept it. So out of respect for the friendship we had, we'd like you to extend the same courtesy and... accept that we're through with you and just walk away.

Leslie: Very nice.

Daisy: (Scoffs) I look like a total dork.

Leslie: Would you prefer an orange jumpsuit?

Daisy: Hmm, it's a toss-up.

Leslie: Did Phyllis and I not tell you to lose the attitude? It's not enough to just dress like a lady.

Daisy: I have to act like one, too.

Leslie: Yes, and you'd better be convincing. The judge will see through you if you aren't.

Daniel: So you really think my mom's gonna pay for your legal fees or whatever it is she promised you, huh? I mean, you realize she's using you. Once she gets whatever it is that she wants, well, you're gonna be lucky if she remembers your name.

Daisy: (Sighs) I just want what's best for our daughter, Daniel.

Daniel: You know, if that was true, you'd turn around and you'd walk out of here right this minute, and you'd leave Lucy with Billy and Victoria where she belongs.

Victoria: Do we have enough formula in there?

Billy: If we had any more formula in here, we'd have to get wheels for this bag. (Sighs) We should probably get goin'.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Victoria: Um, okay. I'm just gonna spend a few more minutes here.

Gloria: Did you call in the liquor order?

Jeff: Uh, just now.

Gloria: Change the light bulbs in the storeroom?

Jeff: Check.

Gloria: And fix the, uh, lock on the freezer door?

Jeff: Jeez, you're a nag.

Gloria: Somebody's gotta make sure things get done around here, Jeffrey.

Jeff: Oh, "Your highness." So you're the brains and I'm just the muscle.

Gloria: Yeah, Baby, and don't you forget it.

Jeff: Welcome to the Gloworm. I'm Jeffrey Bardwell, uh, proprietor.

Genevieve: Nice to meet you.

Jeff: The pleasure is mine.

Genevieve: Well, this ought to do nicely.

Gloria: For what?

Genevieve: I'm throwing myself a party.

Gloria: Ooh.

Jeff: Ahh. When?

Genevieve: Now.

Gloria: And how many guests can we expect? You're lookin' at her. I'll take a bottle of your best champagne. I am celebrating.

Diane: Nick?

Nick: (Sighs) What do you want, Diane?

Diane: Can--can we talk?

Nick: We have nothing to say to each other.

Diane: There's something I want you to know.

Nick: What?

Diane: The t--the time that we spent together before I married your father, I really did... love you.

Nick: (Chuckles) Diane, if I believed you, which I don't, why on earth are you telling me this now?

Diane: I know that you said what happened between us after New Mexico was just sex.

Nick: It was.

Diane: But if you would just give me another chance--

Nick: I am not interested.

Diane: I know you had feelings for me.

Nick: Yes, I did, but when we were together, every time I turned around, you were scheming or manipulating someone. I'd never be able to trust you, and you can't have love without trust.

Diane: (Sighs) Nick, wait. What--what about lunch?

Nick: You need to get this through your head. There's nothing between us anymore. So you can bounce back and forth between my father and my slimy brother as much as you want. But this Newman right here is taking himself out of the equation permanently.

Woman: The New York stock exchange opening bell is just minutes away, and anticipation is in the air as investors eagerly await one of America's most successful privately held companies going public today.

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: Victor, I was just about to call you.

Victor: Yeah, what's the good word?

Michael: Well, Newman Enterprises stock is expected to open today in the $50 to $60 range, but buzz on the street is it's going to go much higher.

Victor: How much higher?

Michael: Uh, $80 or $90 a share, possibly more, by today's closing bell.

Victor: Well, let's hope there are no surprises.

Michael: No, nothing's gonna go wrong. I took care of that.

Victor: Hope you're right, old boy. (Sighs)

Adam: Where have you been? The stock market's about to open.

Diane: That's all you care about, isn't it? Your stupid plan to stick it to Victor.

Adam: So what happened? Has something changed?

Diane: (Sighs) I'm having a bad morning.

Adam: You thinking about backing out?

Diane: Not anymore.

Adam: Good.

Diane: Do you really think this plan is gonna work?

Adam: If you play your part, Diane.

Diane: And how much do you stand to gain if it does?

Adam: More money than I could spend in a lifetime-- several lifetimes.

Diane: Minus my cut. As much as I'll enjoy seeing Victor get what's coming to him, it's not gonna pay the bills.

Adam: You'll get your money, Diane. Now I need you to do your part. Go. I'm countin' on you. Do not mess this up.

Woman: Although many said it would never happen, Newman Enterprises' stock is now officially on the block. By the end of the day, we'll know if it's boon or bust for Victor Newman and his company.

Adam: Oh, it's gonna be a boon... not just for Victor.

Woman: We're only a minute or so in, and as expected, investors are clamoring to buy into the Newman Enterprises I.P.O., visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads.

Jack: Oh, come on. Not today. Oh, come on, damn it!

(Knock on door)

Jack: If you're here to see Kyle, he's at--

Diane: He's at camp, Jack. I know that. That's not why I'm here.

Jack: This isn't a good time. I just lost my cable and my internet.

Diane: Ooh. Well, you must be frantic not knowing what's going on with the Newman I.P.O.

Jack: What's it to you?

Diane: I happen to have some... inside information about that.

Jack: Oh, I'll bet you do.

Diane: Okay, fine. Blow me off. But you'll miss doing the thing in this world that brings you the most pleasure-- screwing with Victor.

Jack: What kind of inside information could you possibly have?

Diane: Well, Adam has come up with a way to make a fortune off of Victor's I.P.O., and I'm helping him.

Jack: Okay, I'll bite. What's Junior up to?

Diane: I'll share with you what I know for a price.

Jack: Why do you need me? I assume you're not helping Adam for free.

Diane: I'm covering my butt. If Adam pays up, I'll double my money, and if he doesn't, at least I won't end up with nothin'.

Jack: How do I know you're not playin' me?

Diane: Hmm. I'll tell you what, as a show of good faith, I will let you postdate the check for tomorrow, and if you're not completely satisfied, you can stop payment.

Phyllis: You look great. You look really great. I'm glad you're not fighting us anymore.

Daisy: Yeah, I'm holding up my end of the deal even though Daniel tried to convince me that you're not gonna hold up your end.

Phyllis: Okay, well, he's wrong. You help me, I help you.

Daisy: Even if your son ends up hating you?

Phyllis: One battle at a time. Excuse me a second. Hi. I didn't know you were coming.

Nick: I wanted to be here for Victoria.

Phyllis: Oh. I'm sorry that-- that Billy and Victoria are hurting.

Nick: Hurting? If they lose Lucy, they're gonna be devastated.

Phyllis: I'm doing this for my family.

Nick: I used to be your family.

Phyllis: You'll always be my family.

Nick: Not after this.

Mrs. Miller: Mr. and Mrs. Abbott?

Victoria: Yeah?

Billy: Yes?

Mrs. Miller: I'll be taking care of Lucy during the proceedings.

Victoria: Uh, can we keep her with us?

Rafe: This is, um, standard procedure during a hearing of this sort. It will be fine.

Billy: All right. Well, everything she needs is in that bag on the stroller.

Victoria: She has this little, uh, key ring toy that she likes to suck on a lot. You can--

Mrs. Miller: She'll be fine.

Victoria: Okay.

Mrs. Miller: Come here, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Bye-bye, Kitten.

Billy: Hey, hey, Baby, behave. Be good to the nice lady.

Victoria: We'll be-- we'll be here waiting.

Man: It's time.

Victoria: Okay.

Lauren: H-hold the door, please!

Man: Your name, please?

Lauren: Lauren Fenmore Baldwin.

Man: I'm afraid you can't go in.

Lauren: Well, wait, there are some things I need to tell the court about daisy carter.

Man: Ma'am, this is a closed hearing. Only preapproved parties are admitted.

Lauren: (Sighs)

Judge Welchert: Let's proceed. The purpose of this hearing is to determine if parental rights should be restored to Daisy Carter, biological mother of the minor child currently known as Lucy Abbott. Miss Michaelson, I'll hear your opening remarks.

Jeff: There... we go.

Genevieve: Oh.

Jeff: Try this.

Genevieve: Wow. Lots of bubbles in there.

Jeff: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: (Laughs)

Genevieve: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Is your Wi-Fi working?

Jeff: Absolutely.

Genevieve: Is this your best?

Jeff: Well, that's $200 a pop.

Genevieve: Well, I suppose it will do. But, uh, do me a favor-- order some Clos du Mesnil, 1995.

Gloria: Mm. And that's going to be about, um, a little over $700 a bottle.

Genevieve: Order a case.

Jeff: A case?

Genevieve: Yes. That way, whenever I come in, you'll have it for me.

Jeff: You have very expensive tastes.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Genevieve: (Chuckles) If you mean that I appreciate the finer things in life, you're right. Speaking of which, who is that man?

Gloria: That is Jack Abbott. If you want rich and important... (Clicks tongue) He's your guy.

Genevieve: Interesting.

Michael: Yeah, everything's lookin' good. Do you want to meet up? We can watch history being made together.

Victor: All right, meet me in my office in half an hour.

Adam: You all over the big I.P.O.?

Michael: (Scoffs) What do you care? You sold your stock options.

Adam: I care more than you think.

Woman: Experts predict that Newman Enterprises stock may go as high as--

(Mutes TV) (Telephone rings)

Victor: Yes?

Man: Diane Newman is here to see you, Sir.

Victor: Tell her I'm busy.

Man: She's upset. She says it's extremely urgent.

Victor: (Sighs) All right, let her in.

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: Yeah, Victor?

Victor: I'll be a little late, okay? Something came up.

Michael: No worries. Just call me when you're leaving the ranch.

Victor: All right, make it quick. There's somewhere I have to be.

Diane: It'll have to wait, because this won't.

Victor: What's so damn important?

Diane: I'm pregnant.

Victor: You're what?

Leslie: Miss Carter, you failed to appear before this court in the initial parental rights hearing. Will you describe the circumstances that led to your absence?

Daisy: Uh, I didn't know about the hearing. I was in Canada in hiding.

Leslie: Hiding from the Genoa City police, were you not?

Daisy: Yes. I had been roped into something terrible. My aunt and legal guardian Sarah Smythe, she, uh, forced me to hold two people hostage. She forced me to do things my--my whole life, things I, uh... (Sniffles) I never wanted to go along with her. I was just so afraid of what would happen if I didn't. I knew the punishment would be terrible. It always was.

Leslie: So you were under house arrest and pregnant with Daniel Romalotti's child, facing a very uncertain future.

Daisy: But it wasn't uncertain. I had no money, and everyone was against me. I knew I was gonna be convicted, so that's when I decided to escape for my baby's sake.

Billy: (Quietly) Really shoveling it, isn't she?

Gloria: Well, if it isn't Jack Abbott. What can I get you, Jack?

Jack: Just coffee.

Gloria: How about a nice cinnamon roll to go with that?

Jack: I said just coffee.

Gloria: You don't have to get huffy about it.

Jack: Sorry. I have to stay focused here.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? Something important?

Jack: Yeah, very. So you can get me my coffee and make yourself scarce, okay?

Gloria: Comin' right up, Jack.

Jack: Justin, Jack Abbott. (Sighs) No, not yet. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. This stock is gonna go lower. Just keep the order ready. You know, as a matter of fact, double the number of shares in my order. Yes, I'm serious. Don't do anything until you hear from me.

Genevieve: Sounds exciting.

Adam: Looks like dear old dad's on a roll. That's even higher than the last time I checked. Of course, it's still not as high as the price that Tucker paid me for those options, not that it would be doing him any good right now.

Michael: Well, it just goes to show you, money can't buy everything, certainly not health or happiness.

Adam: So very true. The stress of being rich, all the wheeling and dealing, could be detrimental to one's health.

Victor: Even if you are pregnant, it's not mine.

Diane: I haven't been with anybody else.

Victor: You're living with my son Adam.

Diane: Yeah, platonically. He only keeps me around because it annoys you and Nicholas.

Victor: You're a piece of work. You don't even mind admitting that, do you?

Diane: The point is, unlike you, I was faithful. Well--well, until I realized it was hopeless. But I happen to know this baby is yours.

Victor: Really? You don't expect me to believe that now, do you?

Diane: Of course not.

Victor: We've been down this road before, Diane Jenkins.

Diane: (Sighs) Once it's safe for the baby, we can do a paternity test. But until then... I have no job. I have no money. I have no health insurance, nothing.

Victor: (Sighs) All right.

Diane: All right, what?

Victor: Until we determine the paternity of the child, I'll keep you afloat.

Diane: And once you find out the baby's yours?

Victor: Then I will take full responsibility for it, okay? Now show yourself out. I'm busy.

Diane: That's it? That's all you've got to say?

Victor: What the hell did you expect? A declaration of love, or what?

Diane: You don't have to be sarcastic.

Victor: Show yourself out.

Diane: Might I have a glass of water before I go?

Victor: (Sighs)

(Water pours)

Victor: Here.

Diane: (Whimpers) Ow.

Victor: What's the matter?

Diane: I'm just, um, I'm having, uh, some cramping.

Victor: Something you ate?

Diane: Uh, no. No, I was spotting this morning, so...

Victor: Want me to call a doctor?

Diane: (Whimpers) I don't--I don't think I have time for that. I think something's really wrong. It hurts, you know?

Victor: Well, then let me take you to the hospital.

Diane: I'm feeling a little... (Whimpers) Ow, I think I might--

Victor: Okay, whoa, whoa. Sit down. Just sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down, sit down, sit down.

Diane: Ow. It's getting worse. Can you please help me?

Victor: Let me call an ambulance.

Diane: (Gasps) (Sighs) Ow.

Diane: (Sighs)

Victor: Breathe deeply, okay?

Diane: I've never felt pain so intense... (Gasps) Not even when I was having Kyle. It hurts.

Victor: Help--help is on the way. Just don't worry. Help is on the way now, okay? Just breathe deeply.

Diane: I-I'm so sorry. I know you were busy.

(Sirens approach)

Diane: (Wails)

Victor: I'll let--I'll let-- I'll let them in. Hold on. Breathe deep. Come on.

Diane: Okay, hurry up. (Groans)

Diane: (Sighs) (Groans)

Victor: Right here.

Diane: (Groans) (Sighs)

Woman: Show me where it hurts.

Diane: It's right here. Ow!

Woman: Is it more toward one side or the other?

Diane: No, it's just a-- a general cramping.

Woman: Could you be pregnant?

Diane: I am, yeah.

Woman: We'll get you to the hospital as soon as possible.

Victor: I'll follow in the car.

Diane: Please, please, wait, I'm--I'm scared. Promise you'll stay with me.

Victor: Okay, I promise.

Diane: Ow! Ow!

Lauren: So I went to the court to tell the judge the truth about Daisy, and--and they wouldn't even let me in.

Michael: You went to the court? You-- all right, listen to me. It is not unusual for a family court case to be closed to the public.

Lauren: I am one of her victims, and without my testimony, Daisy's parental rights could be reinstated.

Michael: She'll still go back to jail to await trial.

Lauren: Yeah, but then Phyllis gets Lucy, right?

Michael: It's--it's possible. Being the biological mother carries a lot of weight in court.

Lauren: She's a criminal. The woman did unspeakable things.

Michael: All right. Unfortunately, Billy and Victoria have strikes against them, too. The truth is, this could go either way. And before it does, I'm afraid it's going to get very ugly.

Rafe: You gave birth to Lucy and then ran. Is that correct? Because you "Didn't want to see her grow up in the foster system."

Daisy: I couldn't bear the thought of her living like I did-- with someone who didn't care about her, who thought of her as a burden.

Rafe: Which would be incredibly admirable, if you hadn't then gone and dumped the kid.

Leslie: Objection.

Judge Welchert: I don't need your editorializing, Counselor. I'm quite capable of reading between the lines. Go on.

Rafe: Did you or did you not abandon Lucy with nothing more than the clothes on her back?

Daisy: (Sniffles) Yes, I left her. But only because I realized that if she stayed with me, she would always be on the run with no permanent home or friends or school. She'd be looking over her shoulder constantly, always scared. And that's when I saw the church, and I took it as a sign. I knew that they would find a good home for her.

Rafe: Which is, in fact, what happened. She ended up with Billy and Victoria Abbott, exceptional parents.

Judge Welchert: Mr. Torres.

Rafe: Lucy had everything-- everything that you claim that you--you wanted for her. So I don't understand why you're back here now trying to take her away from her home, trying to take her away from the Abbotts.

Daisy: I already testified to that. I missed her so much. I thought of her every single day. And that's when it dawned on me. I made the worst mistake of my life by giving her up.

Rafe: And when did this revelation occur to you?

Daisy: When I read Phyllis Newman's blog.

Rafe: Uh, the blog that asked you to step up as Lucy's mother?

Daisy: Yes, so that's what I did. I stepped up.

Rafe: In return for what?

Daisy: I don't understand.

Rafe: Isn't it true that the only reason you're back here now petitioning for parental rights is because Phyllis Newman has promised to have the criminal charges against you dropped?

Leslie: Objection!

Judge Welchert: Sustained.

Rafe: I got no more questions.

Leslie: Mrs. Newman, let's set things straight right off the top. Did you make a deal with Miss Carter whereby she agreed to fight for her parental rights?

Phyllis: I told her that I would support her desire to be a mother to her child.

Leslie: And in exchange, did you promise her freedom from prosecution?

Phyllis: Um, no, that would be very presumptuous of me. I have no influence over the courts.

Leslie: Then you believe my client entered these proceedings for no other reason than to reestablish her claim to her baby?

Phyllis: She made a mistake. She realized that. She wanted a second chance.

Leslie: Do you feel she's worthy of it?

Phyllis: That woman sitting before me is very different from... the girl who left here months ago. Billy and Victoria Abbott... I believe they care for Lucy. And I'm very grateful... I'm very grateful that, um, they've been with her these last few months. I truly am. But--but this is the thing. That... this was a mistake. This was never an unwanted baby. This was never an unwanted baby. This baby never should have been adopted, ever. And I believe if Daisy's rights are reinstated, this baby would be in the best hands possible.

Rafe: Uh, to the best of your knowledge, approximately how long has Daisy been here in Genoa City?

Phyllis: Um... possibly a week? Give or take.

Rafe: And in that time, how long have you spent with her? Give or--give or take.

Phyllis: Uh, three hours? Four hours?

Rafe: Four hours. You believe you're qualified to make an expert determination of her character?

Phyllis: Yes, I do. I'm a mother. I see the look in her eyes. It's a look that only a mother can understand, and it's a look that says, "I love my child. My child is the most important thing in the world, and I would do anything for her."

Rafe: By "Anything," does that mean that you would sing the praises of a woman you despise in order to secure custody of your son's child? I mean, that is exactly what you want here, right? Custody.

Phyllis: I want justice to be served.

Rafe: No matter the consequences?

Phyllis: No matter what.

Gloria: Would you stop staring at her? You're drooling. It's embarrassing.

Jeff: Are you getting jealous?

Gloria: I'd just like to know who she is.

Jeff: Eh, who cares? As long as she's spending money.

Gloria: (Laughs) Didn't take her any time to zero in on Jack.

Jeff: What choice did she have? You've been hangin' on me like a cheap suit.

Gloria: I just wish I knew what they were talkin' about.

Genevieve: What are you doing?

Jack: I'm trying to take care of some business, which is none of yours.

Genevieve: Must be something big.

Jack: Huge. I'm about to make a bundle on this stock. I just need to know when to jump in.

Genevieve: The Newman I.P.O.?

Jack: That's right.

Genevieve: Any tips you'd like to share?

Jack: No.

Genevieve: (Chuckles) Are you sure?

Jack: How do I know you're not an S.E.C. agent?

Genevieve: Do I look like an S.E.C. agent to you?

Jack: (Sighs) Nevertheless, you are a stranger.

Genevieve: We could change that. Or I could go back to my table.

Jack: How do I know you're not wearing a wire?

Genevieve: Want to check?

Diane: (Voice breaking) Why is this happening to me? Its bad enough I lost you. (Sobs) Now I'm gonna lose your baby, too.

Victor: Try not to be agitated. It's not helping your situation at all.

Diane: (Sobs)

Adam: So you've got the footage? Great. Okay, send it to me. Yep.

(E-mail alert chimes)

Adam: Hello, could I speak to your editor, please? Hi, this is Adam Newman. I have a story for you that will absolutely blow your mind.

Rafe: So it's your contention that Daisy Carter drugged you, slept with you, and tried to get herself pregnant.

Daniel: Yeah. Um, yes, absolutely.

Rafe: And did she ever express her feelings on the pregnancy?

Daniel: All the time. But, um, for her, it was just a means to an end, th-the end being me, but there's no way that was gonna happen.

Rafe: Did you tell her this?

Daniel: Right up until the moment that she had the baby. And I wound up paying for it, too. She whacked me over the back of the head and left me on the side of the road to die.

Rafe: So do you believe the contention that Daisy Carter is a changed woman, ready to care for and build a nourishing life for Lucy?

Daniel: I think that... any person that would rip a child a-away from its parents--I-I mean, the only parents that--that she's ever known, parents who have loved her and cherished her from the moment she was first placed in their arms... I-I think that that person doesn't have the first idea about what it takes to be a mother. You know, and I-I am begging you. Do not sentence Lucy to a life of hell. I mean, especially when she already has everything that she could possibly need in this world.

Judge Welchert: At this point, I'd like to take a recess. We will reconvene in ten minutes. (Bangs gavel)

Daniel: (Clears throat)

Victoria: Thank you.

Daniel: Yeah.

Phyllis: (Quietly) Leslie, I don't care what you have to do. But salvage this.

Jeff: Well, if I'm gonna make payroll, I gotta get to the bank.

Gloria: Good idea. Go.

Jeff: So you keep an eye on Jack and that mystery woman.

Gloria: Better me than you, lover man.

Jeff: (Sighs) (Swats Gloria)

Genevieve: If you're going to buy, what are you waiting for? The numbers just keep going up.

Jack: Not for long.

Genevieve: How do you know that?

Jack: I trust my gut, and my gut tells me the bottom is about to drop out for Newman Enterprises' stock.

Adam: Oh, it's true. Well, I prefer you don't reveal the source of your tip. Yes, I just sent you the footage of the ambulance leaving the Newman ranch.

Diane: Are we almost there?

Woman: Won't be long.

Diane: (Sighs)

Victor: Just hang in there, okay? Just hang in there.

Diane: Thank you. (Sighs)

Victor: For what?

Diane: I'm just... I'm glad you're with me. (Gasps)

Woman: Early investors are likely doing cartwheels as Newman Enterprises' stock continues to climb with no end in sight.

Michael: Victor, Michael. Just calling to see how much longer you'll be delayed. Call me when you get this. Thank you.

Woman: We've just gotten word that Victor Newman, whose company Newman Enterprises went public this morning, has apparently suffered a stroke at his home in Genoa City. No information yet on the severity of his condition. Reports have yet to be confirmed by the family.

Michael: Come on. Pick up, Victor. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.

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Billy: If you give that baby to that blatant psycho, you're gonna ruin her life. Do you want that on your hands?

(Gavel bangs)

Judge Welchert: I've heard enough.

Woman: Victor Newman has died.

Jack: Place the order. Buy now.

Genevieve: You are fired up.

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