Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/7/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/7/11 -- Canada; Wednesday 6/8/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9668 ~ Sharon Is Terrified by a Disturbing Visitor

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Billy: How about that?  Does that work for you?

Victoria: Huh? Mm, Lucy says a little more to the-- down to the left a little. Right, Delia? A little?

Billy: Lucy, too?

Victoria: Yep.

Billy: Okay, down? 'Cause, uh, earlier, you said, "Up and to the left."

Victoria: No.

Billy: Or the right. I can't remember. Will you help me out here, Buddy? I mean, these women, they're runnin' me ragged.

Reed: (Chuckles) Right there is good.

Billy: Right there? See? That's why I love this kid.

Reed: And I love parties.

Victoria: I love parties, too.

Billy: I love parties. Come here.

Victoria: You know what this party is about? It's about our family all being together, finally. Finally!

Billy: Yes, and let me explain something to you guys. Everybody in this room is who Mommy loves the most, which makes this a very special day for her. Who wants toys? (Silly voice) Let's go get toys.

(Doorbell rings)

Victoria: Oh, the door. I'll get the door. I'll get the door!

Billy: (Normal voice) Want some toys? Want to play? Come on. Delia, I thought you wanted to play with me. Come on.

Victoria: Hi.

Kay: Oh, Victoria, I'm sorry I stopped by unannounced. Hello, Sweetheart.

Victoria: No, it's all right. Come on in. Come on in.

Billy: Hey.

Kay: I heard from Mackenzie that, um, Reed is staying here while she gets closer to her due date, so, um... oh, heavens, I did--are you having a special party?

Victoria: Oh, yeah.

Kay: Well, I-I really would like to talk to you. It'll only take a moment, but if it's a bad time, I can certainly--

Billy: What are you talking about? Sit. Stay. Talk. (Deep voice) You, first of all, come here, Little Munchkin. (Makes silly sounds) (Normal voice) All right, me and these little hooligans, we're gonna go steal some cupcakes.

Victoria: Great, Babe. Make mine chocolate. Thank you.

Billy: Guys, cupcake time. Let's go.

Kay: Well, listen, I, um, may I sit down?

Billy: Dun, dun, dun.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, let's sit down. Please sit down.

Kay: I, uh, spoke to, uh, to Jack, and he told me that, uh, Lucy is yours officially.

Victoria: Yeah, she is. Mm-hmm.

Kay: But, uh...

Victoria: Well, but, um, there are some other issues going on right now, but you know what? Billy and I have just decided that we're gonna focus on now.

Kay: Well, that's a very wise choice.

Victoria: Thanks.

Kay: That's one of the reasons I wanted you to be Jabot's C.E.O. As I, uh, said before, I spoke to Jack. He said you're turning me down. Um, I held hope that--that he was wrong.

Victoria: He's not. I'm sorry, Katherine. You're gonna have to find Jabot's C.E.O. elsewhere.

Jack: No, no, no, no. Nothing official, it's just that Katherine Chancellor has given me good reason to think it's just a matter of time before I'm C.E.O. again, which means, my friend, lots more money for R & D. But our first point of attack has to be branding Ashley's new skin care line.

Noah: You ready? We can get you set up at the campus house.

Hunter: Yeah.

Victor: Noah.

Noah: Grandpa!

Victor: My boy.

Noah: (Chuckles) Hey.

Victor: Hey, what are you doing here, huh?

Noah: Oh, uh, actually, I'm moving back for a little while.

Victor: You are? Good.

Noah: Yeah, Devon and I are gonna finish up our music here.

Victor: Uh-huh. All right.

Noah: He had some family stuff to handle, but, hey, uh, Grandpa, this is my friend Hunter. Hunter, Victor Newman.

Victor: Hello there. Nice meeting you.

Hunter: Hi, it's-- it's nice to meet you. Um, Noah, I actually need some shampoo. I saw a store up the street, so you two can catch up.

Victor: Oh, that's very kind of you. Nice meeting you.

Hunter: Yeah, all right.

Victor: All right.

Hunter: Bye.

Victor: So...

Noah: All right, she's a friend, and she's young, and I'm concentrating on my music.

Victor: Listen, she's young and she's beautiful. You don't have to explain a damn thing...

Noah: (Chuckles)

Victor: Okay? So who's gonna keep on funding you now after Tucker's accident?

Noah: Well, you know, nobody shut us down, so we're just gonna keep doing what we do.

Victor: Oh.

Noah: But Dad told me about Grandma in rehab.

Victor: Mm. Yeah. She's in a very-- very good facility, okay? Don't worry.

Noah: Well, it sounds like we have a lot to talk about. You want a coffee? I'll buy.

Victor: What--you--what?

Noah: Yeah.

Victor: That's the first time, by the way, that someone is picking up my tab, okay?

Noah: (Laughs)

Jack: Well, hello, Victor.

Victor: Let me ask you something, Jack. Were you born with a smug smile?

Jack: Oh, gee, and I thought I was trying to hide it. Well, it looks like Katherine is going to be announcing that another Abbott will be running things at Jabot. That would be me. Ain't that a kick in the pants?

Victor: Huh.

Sharon: I never pegged you as a chicken guy.

Sam: (Chuckles) Well, I don't play favorites with the animals, you know. They--they wouldn't stand for it. This is, uh, this actually was my grandma's place.

Sharon: Well, it's homey.

Sam: Ouch.

Sharon: No, no. I meant-- I meant that in a good way. Actually, it reminds me of a place I used to live.

Sam: (Sniffles) Well, the sheep, they wanted to redecorate, but I told them to keep their paint swatches to themselves, you know?

Sharon: She's... pretty.

Sam: Yeah, she's got that whole California girl thing going, you know? It's, uh, it's my sister.

Sharon: Oh.

Sam: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh, I see. I thought maybe that was your ex or, you know, a girlfriend.

Sam: Ahh.

Sharon: Then, of course, you'd need a much bigger fridge... for all the girlfriend photos.

Sam: Well, I'm pretty sure you got a fridge full of photos somewhere in your past, huh?

Sharon: (Sighs) Yeah, there was someone... but that's over now.

[Adam remembering]

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Adam? You're working too hard.

Adam: For you...for us. If I pull this off, we'll be richer than ever.

Sharon: (Giggles) I don't need to be rich. I just need you.

Diane: Adam?

Adam: Huh?

Diane: You drifted away. Where to?

Adam: I'm just working on a plan that would bring my father to his knees. Guess I got a little distracted. My father is taking Newman public next week, and I have an extremely clever way...

Diane: If you do say so yourself.

Adam: Of kicking him where it hurts, all the while getting a little chunk of Daddy's empire.

Diane: I'm still waiting for my part in this extravaganza.

Adam: You, sweetheart, are going to help me kill Victor Newman.

Victor: So I assume it's not official, is it? I mean, Katherine has not offered you the job yet.

Jack: I am gonna pick up where Ashley left off, and then some.

Victor: Well, I'll believe it when I see it.

Jack: Oh, you'll see it. I just want to see your face when you do.

Noah: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Noah. You back for a little visit?

Victor: Thank you.

Noah: Uh, a little bit longer this time.

Jack: Well, Nick must be thrilled.

Victor: Staying with your dad?

Noah: Yeah, actually, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Man: Noah Newman?

Noah: Yeah?

Man: Your father said I'd find you here. The private forensics firm he hired discovered some additional items at your mother's crash site.

Sharon: Well, everything looks wonderful.

Sam: Well, thanks. Like I said, it's, uh, you know, my grandma's place, you know? She pretty much kept me in front of the stove and occasionally shoved a book in my hands. What really stuck was, uh, James Herriot's "All Things Wise and Wonderful," which is probably why I am a spaghetti-cookin' veterinarian.

Sharon: Then let's toast to Grandma.

Sam: Grandma.

(Glasses clink)

Sam: (Clears throat)

Sharon: Um, oh, my God.

Sam: That's--that's--that's-- that's not right. (Clears throat)

Sharon: (Laughs)

Sam: Yeah, uh, if you want to just open the fridge...

Sharon: Oh, okay. Let's see, um...

Sam: (Clears throat)

Sharon: Um, iced tea?

Sam: Uh, yeah, that'd be perfect. Thank you.

Sharon: (Chuckles) Okay.

Sam: (Coughs) (Clears throat) Whew.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

(Scratching at door)

Sharon: What's that noise?

Sam: (Coughs) (Clears throat) Okay, this is the man of the house. Now please, um, promise me you're not gonna be offended if he snubs you, all right? (Sighs) Okay, Buddy, come on.

Sharon: (Gasps)

Sam: Oh, hey. Hey.

Sharon: Oh, hey! How come I haven't seen him before? (Gasps)

Sam: Sheri, meet O'Keefe. He, uh, he likes to keep me all to himself, you know? So I pretty much keep him exclusively up here at the house.

Sharon: Oh, hey, you.

Sam: No, that's--seriously. He--he gets jealous if he sees me with livestock. I'm not kidding. Uh, just do me one favor and watch your hands, 'cause he--he happens to think the whole world's made out of beef jerky, and it's just waiting for him to eat it.

Sharon: (Laughs) Yeah, he's a real terror.

Sam: He's probably just waiting to see what part of you is gonna taste the best.

Sharon: (Laughs) You know, he's a sweetheart. (Laughs)

Sam: I'm not kidding you. I've never seen this. Normally, he doesn't give two hoots about anybody if they're not me.

Sharon: Guess I must be a-a special person.

Sam: Yeah, I guess you are.

Victoria: I guess I'm just being a little greedy, you know? I just want to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Kay: Well, I certainly can't blame you for that, can I?

Billy: (Exhales quickly)

Victoria: Oh, hey.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Did you get Lucy down?

Billy: Yes, she is cutting Z's, and the big ones are watching DVDs.

Kay: Well, uh, obviously, this is not a full Newman/Abbott event. Uh, I'm surprised that Nikki's not here, though.

Victoria: Oh, Katherine, I'm sorry. I just--I thought that-- I thought you knew. Dad took Mom to a clinic, a rehab.

Kay: Oh, my God. (Stammers) Why am I just now finding out about it?

Victoria: I guess he put off telling you.

Billy: You did have quite a bit on your plate with Tucker and the company and...

Victoria: Yeah.

Kay: Oh, Katherine, you are such a fool at times.

Billy: H-hold on.

Victoria: Oh, you didn't--

Billy: Come on. You know what? Nikki looked like she was in pretty good shape when she left. Really good shape, really. And--and Victor has a lot of faith in this facility, so we're gonna be all right.

Kay: All right, well, but evidently, she is-- well, no, I know, she is where she should be. But it's not easy. It's--it's very difficult.

Billy: Speaking of not easy, did my wife break the news to you?

Kay: Uh, she wants to spend more time with you...

Billy: (Laughs)

Kay: And your children.

Billy: Well, may I commend you on your taste in C.E.O.'s? She is fantastic.

Kay: I wish I could, uh, take credit for the idea, but-- but I did agree quickly.

Victoria: Wait. Hold on a second here. Whose idea was it?

Kay: Your father's.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Billy: Okay, Victor...

Victoria: (Stammers)

Billy: Recommended Victoria for a C.E.O. position?

Kay: And you find that shocking?

Billy: Uh, yeah.

Victoria: Well, yeah, kind of.

Kay: Well, children, he does love you and respect you.

Victoria: I mean, he did, you know, he came over to the house on Mom's birthday. That was...

Billy: Uh, yes, he did, to cart her off to rehab. It's not like he stopped by and said, "Hey, Honey, I love you. I'm your number one fan. Don't worry about that lawsuit. It's no biggie."

Victoria: If Dad recommended me for Jabot...

Billy: (Clears throat)

Victoria: Which is Beauty of Nature's direct competition, maybe it was a setup. Maybe he was trying to beat me in the beauty industry.

Kay: He suggested you as Jabot's C.E.O. because he knew I needed the best, and he believes you're it. I-I--your--your father is a very forgiving man, whether you like it or not.

Billy: (Coughing) That's bull. I mean... (Clears throat) Ooh, I had a tickle in my throat. (Clears throat)

Kay: All right. All--all right. All right, listen, uh, the two of you are smarter than this. Uh, I--oh, good example. Would you... turn your back, as much as you love them, on Reed and Lucy and Delia? I mean, write them off, turn your back on them?

Victoria: Of course not, Katherine. That's not possible, no.

Kay: (Sighs) Neither would your father. Think about it. And in the meantime, I will leave you to your... cupcakes. (Chuckles)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Kay: I really would like to see the children before I leave.

Billy: Uh, they're in the playroom.

Victoria: Yeah, uh, it's...

Kay: Very good. I, um, I know the way.

Victoria: Okay.

Kay: Think about it.

Victoria: Why would... Dad recommend me to Katherine?

Billy: (Sighs) I don't know. Maybe "Snidely" actually does have a sliver of a heart after all. Hmm.

Noah: You know, we were supposed to be past all of this. I picked up my mom's effects a while ago, and the court finally got it right and declared that it wasn't a suicide.

Victor: Want me to open it?

Noah: No, I got it. (Sighs)

Jack: A change purse?

Noah: Some coins and a gas receipt. (Scoffs) On the run from Genoa City with a guilty verdict, and this is what's left. It didn't have to be this way. You know, she thought her only option was to leave her old life behind. But the worst part is, she never got a new life to make up for the one that she lost.

Sam: That was the same day that I hung my shingle up here. He come crawlin' up to my door, no tags, mange...

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: Ribs stickin' out. And he looked at me with those eyes, you know? It was no quick fix, you know? Just time, love, and, well, a lot of beef jerky.

Sharon: And you had the patience to bring him back to himself. That's why he loves you so much.

(Knock on door)

Sharon: Oh.

Sam: Uh, fair warning. I do get patients at all hours.

Sharon: Oh, and you never say no, do you?

Sam: Well... evening.

Man: (Sighs)

Sam: What can I do for you?

Man: I'm looking for a woman. Have you seen her around?

Diane: I'm no delicate flower. Joking about murder isn't my thing, even if it is Victor we're talking about.

Adam: Picture the morning of the Newman I.P.O. The bell rings. Trading begins. Then suddenly... the media goes batty when they find out that Victor Newman has died.

Diane: I am not gonna kill the guy, Adam.

Adam: Diane, haven't you heard? Not everything you hear in the news is true blue. It's a plant, a fake. I'm going to tip off the media that my father has died. Suddenly, no one's gonna want Newman stock. The price is gonna go into the toilet. I'm gonna scoop up as many shares as I can. Then my father will make it to the press and give his retraction. Whoops, he's alive. The stock skyrockets up. Lo and behold, I'm a very wealthy man. But that's not all. If I acquire enough shares of Newman stock, more than any other Newman-- and by "If," I mean "I will"-- I will be sitting across the table from my father on the Newman board of directors.

Diane: Adam, it's gonna take Victor, like, a nanosecond to go to the press and tell them and show them that he is, in fact, alive. You will not have enough time to get enough stock.

Adam: You forget, you're in this, too. Until I want my father to rear his very ugly head, you will keep the old man on ice.

Victor: You know, your grandma's very strong and very determined. I'm sure when she's through with her rehab...

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: She'll be better than ever. And I'm also sure that she'd be very happy to see you, okay?

Noah: Is she in no-visitor lockdown?

Victor: Well, but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't...

Noah: (Scoffs)

Victor: Be happy about e-mails and phone calls.

Noah: Well, it sounds like it wasn't as bad as it could have been. That's something.

Victor: I'm very hopeful. So, uh...

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: You weren't sure if you were gonna stay at your dad's place?

Noah: Well, if it was just for a visit, sure. But I'm gonna be here for a while, so I should probably get my own place.

Victor: Move into your mother's house on the ranch.

Noah: She left it to Adam,

Victor: I know she left it to Adam, but it's my property. Adam has no access.

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: All right? You move in, you'll have all the privacy you need, play all the music you want. I'd be happy to have you.

Noah: I mean, that could work. Can I think about it?

Victor: You bet. Nice to see you, okay? I'm very happy you're here.

Noah: Thanks.

Victor: Okay?

Noah: Hunter. Yeah. Yeah, no, uh, hey, take your time shopping. There's something I need to do.

Jack: So is the Newman I.P.O. still happening next week?

Victor: As a matter of fact, it is, Jack, yes.

Jack: Well, if I'm not too busy at Jabot that day, I'll make sure to drop by and pick up a good chunk of stock.

Victor: If Katherine offers you the job as C.E.O. of Jabot, I'll buy you that stock myself.

Adam: It'll be up to you to keep my father out of commission-- no phone, no internet, no TV. As long as he can't find out that he is dead, then he can't alert the press otherwise.

Diane: What, do you expect me to stuff him in a closet?

Adam: Seduce him. Thump him on the head. Take him to a small village in Peru, as long as he's unavailable, unreachable.

Diane: Ohh. Oh, I see. So this is why you took me in, isn't it?

Adam: You have half a scruple to your name. As far as I'm concerned, that is prime roommate material.

Diane: Mm. Okay, well, you're leaving out an important piece of information that could make or break your plan. Exactly how rich will my efforts make me?

Sam: I'm sorry. Haven't seen her.

Man: (Sighs)

Sam: She been missin' long?

Man: Since April 15th. We were in separate cars, and I got a flat, and I lost her. That was the last time I saw her.

Sam: You spoke to the police yet?

Man: Well, it's slow-going, and I can't just do nothing, so I'm going door-to-door. Maybe the lady knows something?

Sam: Sheri, you know anything about this?

Victor: Hope I didn't keep you waiting.

Kay: Uh, listen, I, uh, I heard about Nikki.

Victor: (Sighs) Well, she wanted to tell you herself, but we had to get her into rehab as quickly as possible.

Kay: Mm.

Victor: And, quite frankly, she was a little concerned that you might be upset with her because she started drinking again.

Kay: Oh, come on. I-I mean... (Chuckles) She knows better than that. I am so proud of what she's done.

Victor: Well, you do me a favor-- you call her and you tell her yourself, all right?

Kay: Yes, I will do that.

Victor: Okay.

Kay: I will tell her that I'm very grateful that, um, uh, that you put her there in that clinic, and, uh, that Victoria's also grateful.

Victor: When did you see Victoria?

Kay: Earlier today.

Victor: Uh-huh. Did she bring up the C.E.O. job at Jabot?

Kay: Mm-hmm. Yes, she turned me down, and with good reason. I'm not sure if you're aware there's issues with Lucy's adoption.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Kay: And she wants to devote her time to her children now...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Kay: And I certainly can't fault her for that.

Victor: She would have made a damn good C.E.O. You know that.

Kay: I told her it was your idea, by the way, that you recommended her.

Victor: Ooh.

Kay: You know that?

Victor: I wish that hadn't come up.

Kay: Well, I, uh, I gather that, but it--it needed to--to be said. She needed to hear it, and--and--and so did your son-in-law. It made a difference. They're all together as a family for the first time, Victor, and you shouldn't miss that.

Victor: Well, we spent some time with them when we told them that Nikki had to go back into rehab.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Victor: It was rather civil.

Kay: Oh, come on. "Civil" is for board members. This is your family, Victor.

Victor: Sweetheart, that doesn't mean that I want a family reunion.

Kay: I shoved my son out of my life, and where is he now? He's in--in--in the hospital in a coma.

Victor: (Sighs)

Kay: Your daughter is holding her children very close because she fears they can slip away at any time, and, my God, she can't turn to Nikki now. It's up to you. I mean... (Scoffs) Just go to her. Tell her that you still love her.

Reed: Armadillo.

Billy: (Chuckles)

Reed: Hen. Goose!

Victoria: Oh, I'm gonna get--

Billy: Oh, you better-- can't run in high heels!

Victoria: I'm gonna win! I'm gonna win! No, no, no, no, no, no! I'm a loser. I'm a loser.

Reed: (Laughs)

Victoria: I lost again. I lost. I lost!

Billy: You did lose. All right, well, our winner-- he gets the first cupcake, and for our cutest toddler, she gets the second. Delia, Reed...

Victoria: (Laughs)

Billy: (Deep voice) Come on down, and claim your prize!

Victoria: Whoo!

Billy: (Normal voice) Go get that cupcake!

Reed: What kind did you want?

Billy: (Imitates airplane soaring)

Delia: That was Daddy!

Billy: (Laughs) Ahh, you all right, "Goose"?

Victoria: (Laughs)

Billy: Hmm?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm great.

Billy: Yeah?

Victoria: This is good, isn't it?

Billy: Yeah, it's good.

Victoria: Yeah?

Billy: So, uh, I mean, you know we're gonna have a lot of days like this, right?

Victoria: Yeah, I know that. I know that. And--and you know that. I just--I am completely and utterly amazed at how wonderful our children are.

Billy: That's not going to change, "Goose." Mwah.

Sam: Hey, Sheri, you want to take a look at this?

O'Keefe: (Barks)

Sam: Its--its--its--its-- its okay, Buddy. It's all right. Hey, I'm, uh, I'm sorry I can't help you. But, uh, good luck.

Sam: You see that? That's "Cujo" right there.

Sharon: Yeah, um, maybe O'Keefe didn't like something about him.

Sam: (Sighs) Yeah. Ahh, can you imagine not knowing what happened to somebody you love?

Adam: What makes you think you're getting a payday out of this?

Diane: Okay, well, you keep Victor away from the press all by your lonesome while simultaneously pulling a fast one with the stock market. (Chuckles) Oh, that's right, though. You can't do that, can you? And it's not like you have oodles of friends to call for a favor.

Adam: (Grunts) (Sighs) That hurt.

Diane: And I'm broke, so pay up, and I'll do whatever it takes.

(Knock on door)

Adam: I'll get that.

Diane: I'm not joking.

Adam: Noah.

Noah: (Sighs)

Adam: You're back.

Noah: I have something you might want.

Victoria: Okay, Reed and Delia, I want you guys to know that you both got gifts for baby Lucy. Maybe I helped just a little bit.

Reed: (Laughs)

Victoria: But you're gonna give these gifts to Lucy, and she's gonna know how excited you are to be at her party.

Billy: A party?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Billy: A party? What for? Well, thank you for asking. A little organ music, please? (Hums a silly tune) Last time, we had a party at a church.

Victoria: Yes, we did, and that was the christening, which both of you had, a christening, which is about beginnings and new life.

Billy: And about backing each other up. It's about all five of us, all five of us. About being together, and no matter what happens... (Makes kissing sounds) Nobody is gonna love you, you, or you, or you... more than we are.

Reed: We love you, too.

Billy: Thank you. (Gasps)

Adam: Um, I'm sorry. I don't, uh, I don't know--

Noah: Look, it was found at the crash site by that forensic team you and my dad hired.

Adam: This was your mom's. You, um, you already gave me the engagement ring.

Noah: (Sighs)

Adam: Are you sure you don't want to, um...

Noah: No, I'm holdin' on to a few things, stuff that reminds me of her.

Adam: Thanks, Noah.

Diane: That was very kind of you. I know Adam appreciates it.

Noah: (Scoffs) Yeah, maybe a little less in a second. (Sighs) Grandpa offered to let me stay at Mom's house. Look, I know you still own it, and I don't want to walk into some war.

Adam: Go. Stay there. Your mom would want you living in your home.

Noah: Okay. I will. Thanks.

Adam: (Sighs)

Diane: You did a good thing.

Adam: My father's an ass. He wants to rub it in my face that he has me locked out of my own house. But Sharon would want Noah safe and by his dad. And it's the right thing to do, and I'd do anything for Sharon.

Sharon: Well, I should head back to the barn. Dinner was wonderful. Thank you.

Sam: And the beer, right?

Sharon: Yeah, that was memorable, and so were you, O'Keefe.

Sam: I gotta tell you, it is bizarre how quickly he's taken to you. It really is.

Sharon: Well, he's just really smart. That's all.

Sam: Yeah. Well...

Sharon: Well, thanks again.

Sam: Yeah, good night.

Sharon: Um, night.

Sam: (Sighs) Oh, Buddy. (Sighs) I know. I know. She's special, huh? I know.

Victor: So now that Victoria has turned down the position of C.E.O. at Jabot...

Kay: Mm.

Victor: I have another idea.

Kay: Nicholas?

Victor: Sell Jabot to me. I'll join Jabot with Beauty of Nature and create the biggest cosmetics empire in the world.

Kay: You buy Jabot? You just said--

Victor: I know, that I would never insult you with an offer.

Kay: And now this?

Victor: Things have changed.

Kay: Mm.

Victor: After the I.P.O., I'm gonna have a lot of loose change, and you, my friend, have enough on your plate with Tucker's condition and overseeing McCall, Unlimited. You do not need to worry about Jabot.

Kay: Well, I am tired.

Victor: (Sighs)

Kay: More tired than I've admitted to anyone except Murph. (Sighs) You know, taking care of Tucker, running the business. If Jabot was no longer a Chancellor entity...

Victor: Mm-hmm?

Kay: The Abbotts would-- would back down.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Kay: And Tucker would no longer pursue Newman Enterprises for Beauty of Nature, right?

Victor: You got that right. Want me to make a formal proposal?

Kay: Yes. You know, send it to me. Let me look it over.

Victor: I gotta go. I'll send the proposal to you.

Kay: Thank you, my dear.

Victor: You take care, okay?

Jack: Have you been thinking of all the ways that Jabot will benefit if I'm put in charge? I know I have.

Kay: Sit down, Jack. Things have changed.

Noah: (Sighs)

Hunter: Everything okay?

Noah: Uh, well, my grandpa offered me my mom's house.

Hunter: Wow. (Sighs) Did you say yes? I mean, of course you did. It's your home. I-I just--I thought you'd be at the campus house with Devon and me until you found a place of your own, which you already have. (Chuckles) It's big, I bet.

Noah: Well, compared to my place in New York, it's huge.

Hunter: Will it be weird there alone?

Noah: I'll get used to it. So you ready? Let's head out.

Hunter: Yeah, can't wait.

Sharon: (Sighs) Please, God, please, make sure he didn't recognize me.

Adam: It must have been one of the last things that Sharon touched the night that, uh...

Diane: What is it?

Adam: It's a gas receipt from New Mexico, but... but it's dated a couple days before she went there. It doesn't make any sense.

Diane: M-maybe it's not Sharon's after all.

Kay: The reality is, I don't know when Tucker's going to be able to take charge of the company again. And, um, unloading Jabot, I think, would be the wisest thing to do.

Jack: You said you wouldn't sell Jabot.

Kay: In light of the situation, Jack, I've had to reevaluate. I-I can't give it the attention that it needs.

Jack: With me in charge, you wouldn't hear the name Jabot except on a profit sheet.

Kay: You resigned once, and Jabot took a long time in recovering from that debacle.

Jack: I told you, that situation was an anomaly. I have learned from my--

Kay: You have learned from your mistakes. Yes, yes, yes, I know. Darling, don't you understand? I cannot afford to take your word-- your word, Jack. Neither can Jabot.

Jack: Look, I-if you just-- if you could just hold off until--

Kay: Until you have the money to buy the company? Well, you won't.

Jack: You already have a-- a buyer in line? Someone who will take over my father's legacy?

Kay: Yes, in fact, I do. Victor.

Victoria: Dad, hi.

Victor: Hi.

Victoria: Uh, is Mom okay?

Victor: Uh, she's fine.

Victoria: Okay, good.

Victor: I understand that Reed is here.

Victoria: Yeah, he's here. He's--he's here.

Reed: Grandpa!

Victor: Hey! Come here.

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: (Grunts) How are you, huh? How nice to see you. How nice to see you. Let me see. And there's Delia. Look at Delia.

Reed: All right.

Victor: What a pretty dress you have on.

Delia: Thank you.

Victor: My goodness.

Billy: Thank you? Yeah, thank you.

Victor: So I understand you won custody of Lucy.

Victoria: Yes, we did.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: Uh, we're having some problems, though, with-- with Phyllis.

Billy: Hey, Honey, she's not gonna win.

Victor: No, she's not going to. You will fight, because anyone can see that she belongs to you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: Would you like to hold her?

Victor: Um, yeah. It would be nice. Hi, Sweetheart. Hello, little Lucy. Come here.

Billy: (Groans)

Victor: Whoa. Come here. There we go. There we go. Look at this. I'm your grandpa. I'm your grandpa. You want to play with Delia? You want to play with her? Yes.

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Jill: Why is this the first I'm hearing of this?

Cane: She didn't see me.

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