Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/31/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/31/11 -- Canada; Wednesday 6/1/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9663 ~ Nikki Drunkenly Berates Deacon

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Kevin: So what did Heather have to tell you about her replacement?

Chloe: Oh, not a word. She just announced that she was handing over my case and then hightailed it out of town.

Kevin: (Sighs) Babe, you sure you still want to suit up for a custody battle? I mean, things are finally quieting down now that Jana's gone.

Chloe: (Scoffs) Hardly. Kevin, they've gotten worse, like "Mud at the bottom of a lake" worse.

Kevin: Sludge?

Chloe: (Sighs) Billy is up to his neck in it with Lucy's adoption, and I swear, that entire blended family is just one ol' big hot mess.

(Cell phone rings)

Nikki: Hi, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Happy birthday, Mom!

Nikki: Thank you.

Victoria: You're still coming over later for lunch, right?

Nikki: Of course. I wouldn't miss it.

Victoria: What are you doing this morning?

Nikki: Oh, just, you know, mani/pedi, facial, shopping.

Victoria: Oh, that sounds relaxing.

Nikki: Yeah, just the kind of day I like. (Sighs)

Victoria: Well, have fun. I'll see you in a few hours.

Nikki: Okay, thanks.

Man: Hi, what can I get you?

Nikki: Ginger ale, please.

Man: I'm gonna have to see some I.D.

Nikki: Oh, well, that's very sweet, but let's not do that today, because then you're gonna see that it's my birthday, and I just don't want all that hoo-ha.

Man: One birthday ginger ale coming up.

Nikki: Thanks.

Victor: Nice to see you.

Daniel: Hey. I gotta run some errands. Are, uh, you okay watching Luce?

Victoria: Uh, yeah, I think I can handle it all right.

Daniel: Okay.

Victoria: Okay. Hey, have I thanked you today for, you know, for moving in here and letting us hang out with Lucy?

Daniel: It's all good.

Victoria: (Sighs) Thanks. But I know it's not all good, 'cause I know it caused a lot of friction between you and your mom, and--

Daniel: Hey, you know what? I see the way that Lucy lights up around you and Billy. So I was making the decision that was best for her. My mom's the last person I need to worry about right now.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: Hey. Oh, how did it go with the judge?

Billy: Well, um, it w-went well, I think. I mean, she was pretty hard to read, so maybe pretty well. I--Rafe, how'd it go?

Rafe: The meeting actually went really well. Billy did a-an amazing job explaining to the judge just how the--the gag order was violated.

Daniel: Oh, you mean how my mom was acting like a rogue agent when she posted that blog?

Rafe: And she was real impressed that Billy came over in person and, uh was making such an effort to smooth things over.

Billy: Well, yeah, that's because I, um, I pinky swore that, uh, the incident wouldn't happen again.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Think that's funny?

Phyllis: All right, sorry, Billy. I'm not about to go quietly into the blogosphere night. I will not do that for you. Getting my family back together is too important, so... to bait another hook. (Thinking) "Well, dear readers, it seems our time together has come to an end. In light of my last entry, I've been asked to leave 'Restless Style' effective immediately. But before I go, I want to be clear-- I stand by every word."

Chloe: So how long have you worked for Michael, exactly?

Man: A short while, but I'm confident I can help you. There are a few questions.

Chloe: Okay, shoot.

Man: Why do you think Cordelia's father is an unfit parent?

Chloe: Basically, he's selfish, and he's reckless.

Man: Details, please.

Chloe: Details, okay-- illegal adoption, black market baby broker. Look, really, really dangerous stuff, and I don't want my daughter exposed to any of it.

Phyllis: (Thinking) "No denying Daisy's actions were reprehensible. But could I have misjudged her? Did I condemn her without knowing all the facts? It happened to me. And besides, the person who brings such a precious little baby into the world must have some redeeming qualities, right? This is going to sound odd, but I find myself wanting to sit down with Daisy and hear her side of the story. She's out there somewhere on the run, so that's not going to happen. Probably for the best... although I can't imagine how a mother could stay away from her own child." Big finish. (Thinking) "When I look into Lucy's eyes and see what a miracle she is, I know I could never abandon that little girl." (Hits computer key) And send. Come out, come out, wherever you are, Daisy.

Billy: (Chuckles) Man, I cannot thank you enough for helping me with the judge.

Rafe: Well, I'm glad to help, Bud. And I'm going to do you another solid and pretend I didn't see Lucy here, though I've got to admit, it is a pretty wonderful sight.

Daniel: I second that. I'm gonna take off, Guys, all right?

Rafe: All right.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Daniel: Oh, hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey.

Daniel: Um, hey.

Billy: Oh, Man, what do you want?

Kevin: (Sighs) I came here to see my niece. Daniel told me he and Lucy were living above the garage for now. I thought I'd swing by and say hi. Look, it's just for a visit, all right? Pat me down. I'm not packing any custody papers.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: Its fine, Kevin.

Kevin: (Sighs) Thank you. Hey, there. Hey, Lucy.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Kevin: Can I hold her?

Lucy: (Fusses)

Billy: She gets fussy around strangers, see?

Kevin: I'm not a stranger, Billy. I'm her uncle.

Billy: Well, Honey, if you ever want any acorns...

Victoria: Hey. No.

Billy: You just ask Uncle Kevin.

Victoria: Just let him. It's--its okay.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Victoria: Come on. It's fine.

Billy: She's gonna cry. Here.

Victoria: So she cries.

Billy: Here.

Kevin: Nice. Hey, you. I know. I know.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Kevin: It's okay. It's okay.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Kevin: Its okay, you.

Billy: Oh, you gotta-- that redheaded... banshee!

Daniel: What's wrong? Is it my mom? What'd she do now?

Billy: What'd she do now?

Kevin: Shh.

Billy: Let's take a look at what she did now.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Kevin: It's okay. It's okay.

Victoria: She wrote another "Restless Style" blog?

Billy: Uh-huh.

Victoria: (Scoffs) How is that even possible?

Billy: She hacked into the web site.

Rafe: This isn't good. This isn't good at all.

Billy: (Sighs)

Nikki: Good morning.

Victor: Mm. I've spoken with Abby. Your speculation that she was driving the car that hit Tucker McCall is just that-- speculation. Abby is innocent. Ashley was driving that car. Now whatever thoughts you have about that, keep them to yourself, all right?

Nikki: For your information, Abby told me that she had to get Ashley up to that cabin because she wanted to prove to her that Tucker was having a rendezvous with your wife. Ashley didn't want to believe that her fiancé would cheat on her, but Ashley suddenly just gave in to the whims of her inebriated daughter and drove them up to the cabin? I would think that even you finds that a bit odd.

Victor: This is none of your business, so you just forget about it. Drop it.

Nikki: Well, I don't understand why you're angry with me. I-I'm not intentionally trying to hurt you, unlike Abby, who doesn't let a day go by without pulling some stunt to get under your skin, and yet here you are making demands of me and protecting her.

Victor: For years, you've badgered me to have more compassion for my children. When I do, you throw it back in my face. Or were you just talking about compassion for Nicholas and Victoria?

Nikki: Nicholas and Victoria are the ones who deserve compassion, because they had to grow up--

Man: Couldn't resist. (Sighs) Happy birthday.

Nikki: That's very kind of you, but, you know, I'll-- I'll make a wish later.

Nikki: Well, don't worry, Victor. You may not have remembered my birthday, but you did remember to treat me as a petulant child who will jump whenever you bark. But here I am not jumping, but walking away from you, and if you're struggling with some gift ideas for my birthday, it could be you going straight to hell.

Victor: You keep your speculations to yourself, all right?

Man: And this is your current address?

Chloe: The Chancellor mansion. Not too shabby, huh?

Man: For official court documents, we'll call it "A stable home environment."

Chloe: Catchy.

(Cell phone rings)

Man: Excuse me. I need to take this.

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Hey, Chloe. I guess you heard I was--

Chloe: Oh, okay, um, okay. I-if you want the layouts, I swear, I'll have them on your desk this afternoon. They're ready.

Phyllis: You didn't hear I was fired.

Chloe: I-I'm so sor--no. I didn't hear. I'm so sorry.

Phyllis: Yep, Billy fired me. He didn't like my blog entry.

Chloe: Well, who wouldn't like a story about "A face of an angel with a...

Both: Shriveled heart of a she-devil."

Phyllis: Yeah, it was pretty clever. Yeah, well, he didn't like it. So apparently, you read it, right?

Chloe: Yeah, yeah. I even hit "Thumbs up" in the comments.

Phyllis: Oh, great. Billy gave it another finger.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Phyllis: It doesn't matter to me. I'm doing what's best for my granddaughter.

Chloe: Well, it sucks, 'cause I'm rally gonna miss you at "Restless Style."

Phyllis: I know. I'm gonna miss you, too. I love that magazine. It's horrible. But it doesn't matter, you know? No job is more important than Lucy.

Billy: I thought you were a computer genius.

Kevin: Well, so is Phyllis. She password-protected the blog so it can't be instantaneously deleted.

Billy: Great.

Victoria: I just don't understand. How can she-- how can she do this?

Rafe: Billy, you gotta talk to the judge before she has a chance to see this on her own. Just explain that it was a, uh, it was a security breach.

Victoria: Who knew that Phyllis would go to these lengths?

Rafe: There is, um, there's something else.

Billy: I'm not gonna like the sound of this, am I?

Rafe: Daniel and Lucy should move off of the premises.

Victoria: What? That's not really necessary, is it?

Rafe: He is so close to getting full parental custody here. We don't want to do anything to blow this.

Victoria: Okay, fine. W-w-we'll be really-- w-we'll be discreet, right?

Rafe: Having Daniel and Lucy live here was a huge risk to begin with. I-if the judge thinks that we're trying to pull a fast one here--

Daniel: We all lose. Yeah, we all lose. You got it. Rafe's right. I should move back to the garret. (Clears throat)

Victoria: Do you even know what to do with--with her? I mean, can you take care of Lucy?

Daniel: Yeah, well, I mean, I was around Summer a lot when she was a baby, you know? I know my way around a diaper. I'm o--

Victoria: Oh, yeah, right. Right. Okay. Right.

Daniel: Look, how long are we talking exactly here?

Rafe: Well, until you get full custody, at which point, you'll be able to legally sign her over to--to Billy and Victoria for good.

Victoria: Does it have to be today? Really?

Rafe: The sooner, the better.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: Okay, Lucy.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: It's okay. Oh, my gosh. Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much. I'm gonna miss you, but I'm gonna be right here...

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: Waiting for you, and... (Sighs) I'll just be waiting for you until you get back, okay?

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: Yes, I will. Okay. Don't worry. I'm gonna get her diaper bag, all right?

Billy: Yeah, here. (Sighs) Come here. Oh, come here, you. Oh. All right, looky here, little one. Here's what's gonna happen. You-- you're gonna go stay with Daniel for a little while, okay? And, uh, it's not gonna be forever because, well, mom and dad, we're gonna fight real hard to get our entire family back under one roof. And when that happens, I'm gonna make sure that no one takes you again, okay? And I'm going to spoil you extremely rotten. All right, yeah.

Victoria: All right. Uh, here's the diaper bag. And it's got, um, plenty of diapers in it, and, um, formula and her favorite blanket and some baby snacks and everything that she needs, and do you still have the car seat in your car?

Daniel: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah? Okay.

Daniel: I'm sorry it has to be this way.

Billy: (Sniffles)

Daniel: Do you want to--

Lucy: (Fusses)

Billy: I know.

Daniel: Come on.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Daniel: Come on. Come on.

Billy: (Sighs)

Daniel: (Sighs) Okay. It's okay. All right. Come on. Come on. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Kevin: (Sighs) Well, I-I have some good news.

Rafe: About the blog?

Kevin: Yeah, about the blog. I got it deleted from the site.

Billy: I appreciate it.

Kevin: There were a couple thousand hits, though, before I took it down.

Billy: Well, let's hope the judge didn't see that.

Rafe: I'm gonna give, uh, Judge Welchert a call, see if we can schedule a meeting for this afternoon.

Kevin: I'm gonna take off. Thank you for letting me spend some time with Lucy. Victoria.

Victoria: What is wrong with you? Really, what is wrong with you?! You were supposed to keep this nightmare from happening for the second time! What is wrong with you?!

Nikki: (Sighs) (Sighs) Well, happy birthday to me.

Victor: I'll have my lawyer send over the paperwork, and meanwhile, I'm looking forward to our association, all right?

Man: Thank you.

Victor: Thank you.

Victor: Uh, the check, please. (Sighs)

[Victor remembering]

Nikki: Um...

Victor: What's that?

Nikki: Happy birthday.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. I forgot. Thank you.

Nikki: You're welcome.

Victor: (Sighs) Uh, wait. Wait one more moment. Please stay. Please stay. (Sighs)

Deacon: An alcoholic walks into a bar and says, uh, "Make me a bartender." (Scoffs) Ted Danson made it look so easy at that bar where everyone knows your name. Yeah, I-I don't know how the hell he did it, because for me, you know, trying to stay sober while y-you're slingin' drinks-- it's... it's just not that easy. I-I-I guess that's why I'm here. Um, I've been struggling a lot lately. It just feels good to say that. Um, I mean, I haven't taken a drink or anything. But, damn, I've been tempted.

Nikki: (Claps slowly) (Slurring) Bravo. Bravo! My God, people, we should be applauding this man. I mean, can you imagine what he just said? Being at work all day every day surrounded by bottles of booze. He serves glasses, glass by glass by glass to all of his customers, getting them bombed, but nothing passes his lips, not a drop. I mean, I think that's pretty commendable. I mean, that--that's worth a clap or two, don't you think?

Woman: Would you like to sit down?

Nikki: No, I would not. But I would... like to know if this... gentleman has stood here and shared the story about the wagon he was driving when I fell off. Actually, he pushed me off, to be more precise.

Deacon: Nikki, I don't think you need to talk about--

Nikki: Stop! I was sober for many years before this character slithered into my life. And you want to know how he did it? He spiked my drinks when I wasn't looking-- sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. He just gave me a little taste here, a little taste there, just enough to get the urge, so that I would have the craving for it. And it worked. Oh, boy howdy, did it work. It worked so well, I wanted to climb back into that bottle and ruin my life, and, yes, it did. But you... (Claps hands) (Stammers) There are no words to say how proud I am of you. For you to be able to resist that--amazing. I am so proud of you.

Deacon: Nikki, please. Don't do this.

Nikki: Don't come near me. I have every right to be here. I am allowed to be here. My name is Nikki, and I'm a drunk. Uh, sorry, pardon me. I'm an alcoholic. And I am here to tell you poor, poor people what a waste of time this is. I mean, why would you come here to try to get sober? My God, it's ridiculous. I mean, drinking has been the only thing that has helped me get through these past days or weeks or months or whatever the hell it is. I don't even know. But I do know that I've come to these insipid meetings long enough to know that there is protocol we must follow, so in that event, I will take a seat and let somebody else talk. Come on. Who's next? Let's keep this meeting rolling, people. Here we go.

Rafe: Judge Welchert is still in court, but I left word with her clerk to call us back as soon as she's available.

Billy: You know, ever since child protective services took Lucy, I've been playing it straight. And with a few keystrokes, Phyllis ruins it for all of us. And that blog has her name written all over it, but it's my family that gets hurt here, right? And Victoria, she's not doing too well right now.

Rafe: Billy, this is a short-term sacrifice now so that you can have her full-time later.

Billy: She needs--my daughter should be right here right now.

Rafe: Just--just keep on doing everything by the books so the judge won't have anything to use against you.

Billy: I'm still royally pissed.

Rafe: And that is not gonna help Victoria. It's not gonna help you, and it's certainly not gonna help Lucy, so you've gotta find some way to get this out of your system.

Billy: You're right, actually, and I know just the way.

(Cell phone rings)


(Ringing stops)

Phyllis: No thanks, Billy. No, thank you.

Phyllis: (Clears throat)

Nikki: I'm next.

Woman: Oh, you need to be sober to share at this meeting.

Nikki: Well, actually, I'm not sharing. I'm informing, so listen up, everybody, because this is the God's honest truth. Listen. Here's the deal-- everything having to do with these meetings is ridiculous. It's all a farce-- everything having to do with it. "The big book," the serenity prayer, the whining... sorry. The sharing of problems over stale doughnuts and coffee. Pointless. Completely pointless, because when you walk out those doors, then where are ya? Who's there to help you? Nobody. At the end of the day, you are on your own. And so what do we do? We go straight to the bottle or to food or sex or sometimes back to the same dysfunctional relationship that has just been on a continuous loop for years and years, anything to fill the void. But the problem, people, is, we can never get rid of the pain that is in our pitiful lives, your lives, my life.

Woman: Listen. This program--it works.

Nikki: Excuse me. Why do you continue to spoon-feed this gibberish to these poor people? I mean, do you actually think that coming down into this musty room is gonna give anybody the strength to stay sober? No, it is not. (Stomps foot) I mean, who-- who inspired you tonight? Whose story really made a difference to you? His? I don't think so. This man is an enabler. He makes his living pouring drinks, and if there were a big payday in it, he'd be pourin' drinks for every one of you, too, I promise you that. Some support system, huh?

Deacon: Nikki, please, I'm begging you, can we just talk?

Nikki: No, sit down! Don't come near me. Don't touch me. You have done quite enough.

Victoria: I don't think you realize the damage that you've caused by writing those blogs about Lucy.

Phyllis: Oh, please, Victoria, I took full responsibility in my last blog entry. Billy will not feel the heat, okay?

Victoria: Well, we weren't the only ones affected. Because you couldn't let this go, Daniel had to move back to the garret until he's granted custody.

Phyllis: Wait. Wait. Wait a second. He moved back to his own place?

Victoria: That's right. What, are you shocked that he didn't come running to you for help?

Phyllis: I'm sure I just missed his call. I mean, well, he'll-- he'll call me. He'll--he'll definitely call me.

Victoria: And then what are you gonna do? You gonna talk him into moving back into your house so you can have your little family all under one roof? Is that what you're gonna do? You should just keep dreaming, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, okay. All right, Victoria, I'm sorry.

Victoria: What? What do you want to say?

Phyllis: You have no say in what happens in Lucy's life. I'm sorry. You have no say.

Victoria: Neither do you. And you are delusional if you think that Daniel's gonna let you anywhere near Lucy now.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Please. Come on. Please.

Chloe: Whoa! Whoa.

Victoria: You're crazy.

Chloe: Inside voices, Ladies. We're in a public place.

Victoria: You back off.

Chloe: Wow. What made her claws come out?

Phyllis: I'm trying to get Lucy with her biological family, her real family.

Daniel: Wow, your mommy sure did fit a lot of stuff in this bag, didn't she? Yeah. How about we try not to use any more of those diapers, though, huh? At least not for today. Deal? Deal. Perfect. Perfect. You know what? I don't have a crib in here, huh? I don't think I have one of those bouncy things you like to jump around in, either. I don't really think I have anything for a kid your age to mess around in.

Lucy: (Coughs)

Daniel: You okay, huh? You okay? I guess me and you are gonna have to do some shopping. What do you think about that? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Ooh. Ooh, Luce. Oh, I thought we had a deal, huh? No more usin' those diapers. Ooh. Looks like we're gonna have to add a whole bunch more of those to the list, aren't we? Ooh. Ugh.

(Knock on door)

Victor: I'll get it, Bonnie.

Deacon: Victor, we need to talk. (Sighs) Look, I know I've got no right to ask you, but please, just give me a minute.

Victor: You're pressing your luck, son. Now get outta here.

Deacon: It's about Nikki.

Victor: What about Nikki?

Deacon: She's spiraling out of control.

Victor: How the hell do you know that?

Deacon: Look, I swear. I--this isn't a trick. I just--she needs your help, Victor, and she needs help from you.

Victor: She didn't give me that impression earlier.

Deacon: If you don't do something about it, if you turn your back on her, she might not make it.

Victor: Get out of here now.

Nikki: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Man: I'll be in touch.

Chloe: Great. Bye.

Kevin: That's your new lawyer?

Chloe: Landon Young, esquire.

Kevin: What did he have to say about your case?

Chloe: He is optimistic that I'm gonna get full custody of Delia. Isn't that super-great news?

Kevin: Super.

Chloe: Where have you been?

Kevin: Uh, I went to go see Lucy.

Chloe: At Billy's?

Kevin: Yeah.

Chloe: How was that?

Kevin: Well, seein' my niece was, uh, it was cool, and then some stuff went down. I'll tell you about that later, but I have to call Billy.

Chloe: No, whoa. (Chuckles) That's serious face. Spill.

Kevin: (Sighs) I think you're making a mistake trying to take Delia away from him.

Chloe: I'm sorry, what?

Kevin: Look, Billy--he's an idiot. I know. But--but he's a really good dad.

Chloe: Okay, wow. You're--you're defending my ex?

Kevin: I know. It's crazy, right? But I am serious.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm really serious, too. I'm not giving up on the custody case.

Kevin: Chloe, do you honestly think that's what's best for Delia? Or are you just trying to prove a point to Billy? In which case, I have to ask. You still have a thing for him, or what? 'Cause that's the only thing that makes sense.

Chloe: Is this about Billy's parenting skills, or is this about us?

Daniel: Okay, let's see. One of these pieces is supposed to go into...

Lucy: (Babbles)

Daniel: I don't know where the heck this thing's supposed to go into.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Daniel: You know, Luce, I think by the time I figure these directions out, you're gonna be jumpin' around on your own.

Lucy: (Squeals, laughs)

Daniel: Oh, you think that's funny, do you? Do you want to come over here and try readin' these? Then we'll see who's laughin'.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Daniel: Oh, good. Getting talked smack to from the pack 'n play. You know, I-I oughta get ya. Yeah! (Laughs)

(Knock on door)

Lucy: (Babbles)

Daniel: We'll put that together in a second.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: Hi.

Daniel: Hey.

Victoria: Uh, I'm really sorry to just drop in on you like this, but, um...

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: I just-- I just wanted to make sure that you had everything that you need for Lucy, and--and...

Daniel: Oh, yeah, you may have forgot something out of the diaper bag.

Victoria: Right. (Sighs)

Daniel: Yeah.

Victoria: Hi. Hey, baby girl. Hi. (Laughs) How are you?

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: I miss you, too.

Daniel: (Chuckles)

(Knock on door)

Daniel: (Sighs)

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Hello. An angry bird told me you were here.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Do you really think this is a good idea?

Chloe: Okay, why can't we just be a normal couple? You know, I would even settle for a boring, normal couple that just sits there on the sofa and stuffs their faces with junk food every night. But, no, that's not us. It's not us at all. We're like this windshield that's bombarded with bugs and large windshield wipers. Like, splat--Jana. Splat--Angelo. Splat--Billy. You know, why can't we just, I don't know, pull into a full-service station that, uh, squeegees away all the stress? (Sighs)

Kevin: You know you're blowing this way out of proportion, right? Couples disagree about stuff like this all the time. It's not like I want to trade you in for a different model with better windshield wipers, all right?

Chloe: This "Stuff" happens to be my daughter, okay? I am responsible for her well-being and her safety. And Billy-- I know he has his moments. He does, but believe me, they go away, and I know from experience, because I was in a 7-month marriage with him and a lot of dates before, and I know how easily he slips into bad-boy mode.

Kevin: Yeah, but maybe being a family man has changed him. Doesn't he at least deserve the opportunity to try and prove himself?

Chloe: Oh, yeah, okay, so he put on his big-boy pants when he married Victoria. But I know him, okay? I know him, and he makes really reckless and irresponsible decisions all the time.

Billy: Is there any feedback from Phyllis' blog? All right, well, I want to... (Sighs) Log into the main site. I.T. guy give me a new password? Oh, that is the last thing I need. Movin' on. No, I'm sorry. I wasn't talkin' to you. What's the-- what's the password here? (Sighs)

Phyllis: I guess this is a case of "Do as I say, not do as I do," right?

Daniel: Mom?

Phyllis: Well, it was Victoria who told me you had to move back here, that keeping Lucy around her place could mean trouble. I think you even snarled a warning at me. You told me to back off. But here you are, hovering over Lucy.

Victoria: I'm not doing this in front of Lucy. By the way, there's a crib and a changing table being delivered later.

Phyllis: Oh, you can cancel that. I've already ordered something. Thanks.

Daniel: Um, you know what? We--we appreciate both of you guys, but, um, the furniture that we picked out is gonna be here very soon. Right? Yeah. So maybe you guys should just go. You know, because Rafe thinks it's a bad idea and all, and, well, you, I-I just-- I can't really deal with you right now, so, uh, what do you say? You want some time alone? Yeah, we're gonna-- we're gonna have some time alone. (Clears throat)

(Front door opens)

Victoria: Okay. Bye, Luce.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: I'll see you later. Mommy loves you.

Phyllis: Bye, Sweetie.

Daniel: What a day, huh, Luce? I don't know about you, but I say we stop answering that freakin' door, huh? We don't know who's gonna show up at it next. Hmm. (Chuckles)

Daisy: (Sighs)

Nikki: (Sighs)

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Kay: Losing control...

Genevieve: And the way to save yourself--

Cane: No, I'm not. I will not use my kids as bait.

Colin: Ooh, do I have such plans for you.

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