Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/26/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/26/11 -- Canada; Friday 5/27/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9660 ~ Nikki Suspects the Truth About Abby

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Caleb: D-did I say I hate Colin? Is that what I said? I hate him? No, I don't hate him. "Hate's" not a strong enough word for how I feel about that man all right? If he thinks I'm gonna obey him when it comes to Lily--hey, no, no, no. I know what you're thinking, all right? Don't worry. I'll play the hell out of this role for you. You got that? Okay?

(Twigs snapping)

Caleb: Someone's coming. Go. I'll meet you at the house.

Caleb: I, uh, thought you left, huh?

Colin: I get halfway back to the car. I get a call. Neil's at Lily's, and things are startin' to get intense.

Caleb: Oh, yeah, oh, well, you've come back to take the credit for it. Is that what this is?

Colin: I don't have time for this "Poor me" crap. Now you get back there-- now.

Caleb: Not a problem. I'm looking forward to finishing what I started for you, okay?

Neil: You want me to take the babies?

Lily: Yes, please, Dad, so that they'll be safe, okay? You have to do this for me. Please.

Neil: Honey, Honey, Honey, I want you to calm down, okay? Let's talk about it.

Lily: No. Dad--

Neil: You're a good mother. Your children need you, Lily.

Lily: No, I'm not.

Neil: Honey, why--why don't I move in here with you for a while? I'll help out with--

Lily: No. No, no, no. I cannot stay in this house anymore. There is just-- there's too many memories, and I see Cane everywhere that I look.

Neil: Okay, all right. Then you can all come back home with me. W-we'll get your stuff. We'll pack your things. We'll leave right now. Will that help you, Lily?

Lily: Yeah.

Neil: Oh, Sweetheart, it's gonna be okay. I love you.

Woman: Thank you for sharing, Valerie. Um, who would like to go next? Yes, in the back. The young lady. Go ahead, please

Abby: Hi. Uh, I'm Abby. I'm not an alcoholic, I-I don't think. But... I don't know what I am. I just know that, uh, right now, um, things are bad. They're really bad.

Kay: Uh, the P.R. firm will, um, flag down anything that requires our attention.

Victor: All right. Anything else on your end?

Kay: No, I think that should do it, and in case I haven't mentioned it, my friend, thank you for meeting me so late.

Victor: I'm just glad we had a chance to review our strategy for the I.P.O.

Kay: Well, I've learned the hard way what happens if you don't stay on top of every detail.

Victor: By the way, have you thought of, uh, our discussion in regard to Victoria?

Kay: No, I haven't.

Victor: You know, Jabot will not run itself indefinitely.

Kay: I know. I know. Right now, I am focused on dismantling Tucker's scheme to buy up all those shares of Newman.

Victor: I appreciate everything you have done. I want to pay you.

Kay: Oh, come on. Please. That's not necessary.

Victor: No, when, uh, Newman goes public, I want you on my board of directors.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: Get your washing all done?

Sharon: Yes, I did.

Sam: Good.

Sharon: That's one of the advantages of having a small wardrobe.

Sam: Good, then you'll be ready for Memorial Day. It's kind of a big deal around here.

Sharon: Oh, why? What happens Memorial Day?

Sam: Well, the town throws us a festival. You know, there's games, uh, contests. It goes on all day, and you're cordially invited. I figured it's time I showed you around, huh?

Sharon: Well, that sounds like fun. But, um, I can't. You go ahead, though. Um, I'm happy just hangin' out here.

Sam: (Sighs)

Nick: I didn't expect to hear from you again so soon after Cassie's anniversary day.

Doris: I'm afraid I've had some very bad news, and I just didn't know where else to turn.

Nick: What's wrong? What can I do to help?

Doris: The insurance company said it will not be sending a check after all since Sharon's death has been ruled a suicide.

Nick: They're voiding the policy?

Adam: They can't do that. Sharon's death was an accident.

Nick: Why don't you get lost? This doesn't concern you.

Doris: I invited him, Nick.

Nick: Why would you do that?

Doris: You are both clever and resourceful men, good at getting what you want. I am counting on that money to set up a scholarship in Sharon's name. It's--it's for teenage girls who can't afford to go to college.

Adam: Actually, I think that's a terrific idea.

Nick: No one asked you. A look, I will deal with this company. I will get you your money. You do not need him.

Doris: I need you both. I still blame you, Adam, for what happened to Sharon. But if... (Sighs) If we want something positive to come out of this tragedy, we will be much more effective if we work together.

Kay: I'd be honored to do that. You know that I respect and admire you. Well, your faith in me means a great deal. Uh, God knows I have so many regrets where Tucker's concerned, but, uh, helping you save, uh, your company from him... (Chuckles)

Victor: And you know it's reciprocal. Your friends are all here for you, especially now.

Kay: All of them? I haven't heard from or seen Nikki since the accident.

Victor: That's not like Nikki.

Abby: I was, um, upset about a lot of stuff, so I, uh, I partied more and more, and I, I broke up with my boyfriend, and I-I trashed my mom's wedding decorations. And then I-I passed out in the park, and I got arrested. I did all that while I was drunk. I have done things that I am incredibly ashamed of, and I don't even think that I remember the worst of it. (Sighs) Because I-I-I had a blackout. It sort of totally freaked me out, and I... my family is completely wrecked, I just want to know what really happened, and I-I-I-I can't-- all I can remember is just being so desperate to--to prove everyone wrong, you know? Just--e-especially Mom. I just wanted to prove her wrong, and... I really hope that you guys don't mind that I sat in on your meeting. I, uh, I haven't had a drink in a-a few days, and that feels good, but I-I don't think that it's something that I can’t control. I just really needed a place to go where people wouldn't judge me. So, uh, thank you, for, uh, thank you for listening to me.

Woman: Thank you, Abby. There's always a better place to go than the bottle. Let's all join hands and say the serenity prayer together.

Sam: Okay, so gold it is then, right?

Piper: Yeah. Do you like this color?

Sam: Yeah.

Piper: I think we should use this, too.

Sam: Okay.

Sharon: My goodness. What's all this?

Sam: This is for the 4-H competition.

Piper: Sam's gonna help me make a sash for Fanny to wear, with a great big bow.

Sharon: Oh, well, I'm a pro with a glitter stick.

Piper: Cool. You can help, too. Then tomorrow, you can see her wearing it during the judging.

Sharon: Oh, well, um, I'm--I'm actually not going to the festival, Piper.

Piper: What? How come? Everybody's going except my parents. I mean, they have to work, but you have to come with Sam and me. You have to come.

Sam: Look at these faces. How can you say no to them?

Doris: I tried to convince the life insurance company that Sharon would never do that to herself. But since the new death certificate says she did...

Nick: So that's their basis for not paying the claim?

Doris: I'm hoping the Newman name will carry some weight. (Sighs) Here's the, uh, paperwork, the policy numbers, and so forth and so on.

Nick: Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Adam: To our attention. Thank you.

Doris: Good luck, both of you. I imagine you'll need it.

Adam: Think we can set aside our mutual contempt?

Nick: The best way to deal with this is to divide and conquer. Why don't you get the insurance company on the phone, see how far you can get with them? I'll deal with the coroner, see if we can get this damn death certificate changed.

Adam: See that right there? Was that so hard?

Nick: Yeah, actually, it was.

Adam: I'm surprised you didn't tell Doris about Diane. You could have made me look even worse.

Nick: The woman's in enough pain as it is. Besides, she clearly knows what you are, just like the rest of the world does.

Neil: Okay, I've got the twins in the car. I really wish you'd come with us.

Lily: No, I-I still have to pack.

Neil: Honey, we can send for your things.

Lily: No, Dad, I'm fine. I'm--I'm feeling better now that you said that we can come and stay with you. So I'll just, you know, I'll meet you there.

Neil: actually, I have to go over to Katherine's. We need to go over some business, so can you meet us there instead?

Lily: Um, yeah, yeah. I think--I think it'll be good for me to be around Katherine and Jill right now, and the--for the twins, too.

Neil: Okay, listen. You call me if you need anything at all. I'll see you over there. Love you.

Lily: Cane?

Adam: Oh, trust me, I'll prove it. Yeah, you haven't heard the last of this. (Sighs) The insurance company won't budge without a new death certificate.

Nick: Here's the one the authorities revised. I just had it faxed over.

Adam: "Cause of death-- probable suicide."

Nick: That used to say "Undetermined." Someone in New Mexico obviously changed it, probably at the request of our D.A. here.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, and then the geniuses back there cremated her remains, and we can't use the body to challenge the findings.

Nick: That's a hell of a screw-up. Might be able to get some leverage there.

Adam: You know, I was thinking the same thing.

Nick: So let's challenge the coroner, set up a dual attack. We get some media going here. We’ll hire our own forensics team to reexamine the crash site.

Adam: Yeah, and if we need a lawyer, we can, uh...

Nick: Oh, we can get Michael. I'm sure he'll be on board.

Adam: Okay, I'll get a cameraman out here, and, uh, you can get the forensics guy. So, uh, we gonna do this together? For real?

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah. Yeah, we're doing this.

Sharon: Piper, I would love to go to the festival with you, and maybe even see Fanny win a prize, but I just wouldn't feel right taking the whole day off when there's so much work to do around here.

Piper: Yeah, I hear that a lot. My parents have to work all the time, too. Can I play on the computer?

Sharon: Sure.

Sam: Well, I guess I was wrong, wasn't I? You can say no.

Nikki: Honey...

Abby: (Sighs) Oh, God. (Vibrates lips)

Nikki: I'm so happy that you're here, that you found a place where you could feel safe.

Abby: (Sighs) What? The biggest show-off in the world, and I was terrified to talk to a room full of strangers.

Nikki: Hey, that's the beautiful thing about A.A., the minute you walk through the door, you're no longer a stranger. You're among people who understand what you're going through. They've been there.

Abby: I know how hard it's been for you getting sober. I just want you I know how much I admire your strength.

Nikki: Well, the things that you said to the group, I-I was so touched by what you said.

Abby: Thanks... (Sighs) I guess. (Chuckles)

Nikki: When you had your blackout, was that the night of the accident? It takes a lot of alcohol to get to that point.

Abby: (Sighs)

Nikki: Why do you think you drank so much?

Abby: 'Cause I was frustrated. I was pissed. I wanted to show Mom that she was wrong about Tucker, and she wouldn't listen to me. So I drink, and I drink, and I kept pushing, and I kept pushing, 'cause I needed her to see what a mistake she would be making if she married him.

Nikki: So what did you do?

Abby: (Sighs) I do remember. I just knew that I needed to get her to that cabin.

Nikki: You needed to get Ashley to the cabin. So that's why the two of you were on your way up there?

Abby: Sure. I-I don't remember, okay? I don't remember. That's--that's what's freaking me out about this. I'm sorry. I just--

Nikki: Oh, my God. Was Abby driving?

[Lily remembering]

(Door bangs open)

Lily: Aah! Don't! Wait, watch your step.

Cane: (Laughing)

Lily: (Laughs) Oh!

Cane: What are you afraid I'll drop you again?

Lily: No, I know that you'll never let go of me.

Cane: Mm.

Lily: (Giggles) (Sighs)

(Discordant music playing)

Cane: Today's been perfect, from start to finish. You know that?

Lily: Mm. It's our wedding night.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Can you believe it?

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lily: After everything that we have been through.

Cane: (Sighs) Let's not waste another second. Come here.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Cane: Mm.

Lily: (Sighs)

Caleb: Lily?

Lily: (Gasps) Aah! Where did you come from?

Caleb: I'm just here like I always am. I'm just really glad to be here with you, Baby.

Lily: No, don't touch me!

Neil: Hey.

Colin: (Chuckles) Neil. I didn't realize you'd be coming over.

Neil: Yeah, listen, uh, it's not every day I bring the kids over here, but I have a meeting with Katherine. Um, she squeezed it in tonight so she and chance have some more time to spend together before he leaves.

Colin: Well, she's not here at the moment, but, hey, I'm more than happy to spend, uh, time with you. And the little guys.

Neil: Great.

Colin: Come in.

Neil: Hey. Oh, here, if you can just help with that...

Colin: Yeah.

Neil: While I've got Charlie right here. Thank you so much. What's up, Buddy? I think he's almost about to nap.

Abby: Hey.

Nick: Hey, look at you out of the hospital. How you doin'?

Abby: Yeah, well, it helps having a thick skull. But other than that, uh, things aren't great.

Nick: There's a lot of heavy stuff going on right now.

Abby: Yeah... (Sighs) I-if you want to buy me dinner, I could have you depressed in, like, ten seconds flat.

Nick: (Sighs) I wish I could. Right now, Adam and I are tryin' to work in Sharon's estate.

Abby: I'm sorry. Adam? Wait, how does that happen?

Nick: Yeah, I'll fill you in later. Right now? I gotta go do this, but we'll have dinner soon, okay? Feel better?

Abby: All right, thanks.

Adam: Um, so we're gonna be streaming this live on all major national news web sites, also some, uh, some late-night network and cable channels.

Nick: Cool. Let's do this.

Man: Ready when you are.

Nick: Hi, I'm Nick Newman. This is my brother Adam Newman. Recently, our family suffered a terrible loss when my former wife Sharon...

Adam: (Sighs)

Nick: Was killed in an accident, and that is exactly what it was. It was an accident, despite the D.A.'s misleading and damaging theory to the contrary.

Adam: To set the record straight, we are officially challenging the coroner's report at Sharon's death was a suicide.

Sharon: That is dirty pool trying to use Piper to get me to go to the festival.

Sam: How do you know that's not the master plan-- to use me to get to you?

Sharon: Oh, somehow I doubt that.

Sam: Come on, Sheri. What are you worried about? What do you think is gonna happen if you go out in public, huh?

Victor: You give Chance my best. He'll be back safe and sound before you know it.

Kay: I shall do that.

Victor: Let me open that for you.

Kay: (Sighs)

Victor: Bye, Sweetheart.

Kay: Good night, my friend.

Nikki: Oh, hi.

Kay: Nikki? Oh, my God, it's good to see you, finally. I mean, when I didn't hear from you, I started to get worried.

Nikki: Oh, Katherine, I've been to the hospital several times. We must keep missing each other.

Kay: Billy told me that Lucy's back, uh, thanks to Daniel's creative thinking.

Nikki: Isn't it wonderful?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Victoria must feel very relieved.

Kay: Well, listen, I've got to run, Victor. Um, by the way, if you could, stop by the house on Memorial Day. Chance has reenlisted and he's off to--

Nikki: Oh, well-- I'll--I'll try. That's all that I can promise. I-I'm sorry, Katherine. I really need to talk to Victor right now.

Kay: All right, well, I'll be off then.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Bye, Sweetheart. Thank you for coming by, okay?

Kay: Take care.

Victor: Thank you, Katherine. Drive carefully. What has gotten into you to rush Katherine out of my house like this?

Nikki: All right, just save the scolding for later, please. I just talked to Abby, and some of the things she said just really set off a lot of warning signs in my head.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Nikki: I don't have any proof. This is just a theory. But have you ever considered the possibility that Abby was driving the night Tucker was hit?

Victor: What? Are you accusing Abby of driving drunk and then letting her mother take the fall for Tucker's injuries?

Nikki: No, that's not what I'm doing at all. I-I don't even think Abby knows what happened. She had a blackout that night.

Victor: Where the hell did you get your information?

Nikki: From Abby.

Victor: And you're suggesting she was behind the wheel? What gave you that idea?

Nikki: It's just a feeling.

Victor: What do you mean, "A feeling"?

Nikki: I don't know. Call it intuition.

Victor: Where did this so-called heart-to-heart take place?

Nikki: After a meeting.

Victor: What do you mean, after a meeting? An A.A. meeting?

Nikki: Now I don't think that Abby is an alcoholic. I think she just needed guidance. She needed a place to go where she--

Victor: Do you know how bad this is? You come to my doorstep uninvited, and then you betray the very essence of what your program is all about? And you're revealing to me something that was said to you in confidence.

Nikki: No, no, no. Abby told me afterward, not during a meeting.

Victor: You're twisting something Abby said to you into a fictional confession that she tried to kill Tuck McCall.

Nikki: Oh, my God, Victor, I am just doing this for Abby. This is my family, too.

Victor: You're not my family.

Nikki: What? (Scoffs)

Victor: Let's go.

Nikki: Fine. I'm not your family.

Victor: Don't you ever come back here again with that kind of an accusation, all right?

Nikki: Yeah.

Sam: Come on, Sheri. Give it a shot. If you're not up for meetin' folks, I tell you what I'll do. I'll run interference for you. I'll distract 'em with my incredible wit and charm. On the off-chance that doesn't work then you can always come back here, and you can muck out stalls. Something tells me a day out's gotta be good for you.

Sharon: Okay, the chores can wait. Let's all go to the fair together and see if we can't win a first prize for Piper's lamb.

Piper: Thanks, Sheri!

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Nick: Glaring errs were made in both states, worst of all being the change to the death certificate that was made with no basis in fact. It's sheer speculation on the part of our D.A.

Adam: To obtain our own real proof, we have retained the services of the institute for forensic sciences in Albuquerque. They will be taking unbiased look at the accident scene and cross-checking that with the coroner's redacted report. We will personally supervise this reexamination, and the record will be set straight.

Nick: If you have any information at all, please call the 800 number listed below and thank you for your time. ,

Nick: (Sighs) Okay. Thanks a lot, Guys.

Man: Hey, for what it's worth, uh, I hope you guys are successful.

Adam: Thank you. That's appreciated.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: It's our contact at the institute. Nick Newman. Yes. Did you have a chance to see the video? Great. When can we meet?

Neil: Okay. (Chuckles) Wow, you know, the--the kids, they're sleepin'. I wish I could sleep like that.

Colin: Uh, if you don't mind my asking, I mean, what are you doing out with the twins tonight?

Neil: Well, Lily and the kids are gonna come and live with me for a while.

Colin: You know, that's... a good idea. It gives her a chance to get her equilibrium back.

Neil: I gotta be honest with you, I-I know I didn't react well when you told me that Lily wasn't as together as she seemed, but, see, if you hadn't said something, I might not have realized just how serious the situation was, so I appreciate that. I owe you one.

Colin: Hey, I'm... glad I could be of help. I mean, - especially to poor Lily.

Caleb: I know you're hurting.

Lily: No, I cannot handle this anymore. This has to stop. These--these hauntings or whatever they are-- it has to stop. You have to move on from this world and just leave me alone!

Caleb: I thought you wanted me here, Baby.

Lily: Yeah, I did. At first, I did.

Caleb: Then what changed?

Lily: Because when I'm with you, I only want to be with you. I don't want to be here in reality. It's all I think about. It's all I care about.

Caleb: I feel the same way.

Lily: No, no, Caleb, this is wrong. This is not right. This is my life. This is my life! You--I don't know what you are! (Stammers) You're a wish or a dream or just a figment of my imagination, but you don't exist! And when I'm with you, I feel like I don't exist, either!

Caleb: (Sighs)

Lily: (Voice breaking) Please, I'm losing my mind because you won't let me go!

Caleb: Shh. Come here. Come here.

Lily: (Sobs) No!

Caleb: I-I didn't know that you felt this way, Baby.

Lily: (Sobs) Please, Cane. If you ever loved me, if you ever cared about me, then please just let me go.

Caleb: Shh. Shh. All right, listen, all I want to do--all--

Lily: No, stop. I don't-- I don't want to touch you. I don't want to hold you. I don't want to kiss you. I don't want any of that.

Caleb: Baby, all I want to do is take your pain away from you. Don't tell me what you want me to do. Just tell me what you want, and I'll do it.

Lily: I want you to go. Just go! Just--no! Leave me alone! No!

Caleb: Shh.

Lily: I beg not to see you again! I don't want this! I don't want this! (Sobbing hysterically)

Caleb: Shh.

Adam: Hey, Pops. I hope you're not, uh, I hope you're not here to celebrate. You may have driven me off the ranch, but I'll be back.

Victor: Don't bet on it, Son.

Nick: I got that map of New Mexico.

Victor: What map of New Mexico?

Adam: Nicholas and I are going to be headed out there.

Victor: Together?

Nick: Yeah, we're trying to prove that Sharon did not kill herself.

Victor: Want me to help you?

Adam: Yeah? No. The guy who had her stand trial in the first place? I think we have this under control, Dad.

Victor: Want me to, um, come along? I'll see to it that we take the jet.

Nick: Yeah, there's already enough tension, and this is too important, Dad.

Abby: Hey. Uh, it's just ginger ale.

Victor: Sit down.

Nikki: Vodka tonic, straight up with a twist. Never mind. Never mind.

Kay: Oh, Neil, Darling. I'm so sorry getting here late.

Neil: Oh. Katherine, don't worry about it. No problem. Mwah. I have all the files that we need, I think, so...

Kay: Matilda and Charlie, they're here?

Neil: Oh, yeah, the, uh, the stroller-- uh, they're napping upstairs. I hope you don't mind. I picked them up at Lily's. She and the kids are gonna come and live with me.

Kay: Is something wrong?

Neil: I'm afraid so. Katherine, I have never seen Lily in such dire straits before.

Lily: No, no, no! No! However you got in here, you have to get back out! And I don't want you to appear to me ever again!

Caleb: You don't mean that. You don't mean that. We can't live without each other, Baby. We need each other, Baby. It's gonna be okay.

Lily: No, Cane, I have to live without you! I can't keep pushing people away and living in this fantasy world with you!

Caleb: Do I look like a fantasy to you?! When I touch you, when I kiss you, do I look like a fantasy?

Lily: (Voice breaking) No, stop! Just stop. It's just a cruel trick that my mind is playing on me because... (Sobs) Oh, my God, I'm having a nervous breakdown. I'm losing my mind.

Caleb: I promise you. I promise you, you're not having a nervous breakdown. If you just listen to me, everything's gonna be okay. Just--just-- everything's gonna be --

Lily: No, no, no, no! Go away! Go away! Go away!

Caleb: All right, all right, just listen, I-I will explain. I--

Lily: No! I don't want to talk to you anymore! If you're not gonna leave, then I will!

Caleb: (Sighs)

Lily: (Sobs)

Piper: I can't wait to show Fanny off to everyone. I'm so glad you guys will both be there with us.

Sharon: Well, believe it or not, I'm really looking forward to this.

Sam: Oh, what's not to believe?

Nick: Okay, got it. See you there. All right, we're meeting the forensics guy at an office he rented near the accident site.

Adam: Whereabouts?

Nick: In a town called San Pueblo.

Victor: I want you to know that I'm very proud of you. All this turmoil could have driven you to drink again.

Abby: Yeah, I'm done with that. Better late than never, right?

Victor: Anything come to mind about that night that you want to talk about?

Abby: (Sighs) I don't-- I've already told you every single thing I remember. I...

Victor: If something does pop into your head, you call me, all right? You can talk to me about it.

Abby: Yeah.

Nikki: I don't need a bar... or Katherine...or even you, Victor. (Sighs) Especially you. (Sighs)

Neil: Do you know, Katherine, all in all, I'm pretty pleased with our revenue stream.

Kay: Well, you've done excellent work, Neil, just excellent.

Neil: Well, thank you very much.

Kay: In fact, you have gone above and beyond coming here so late tonight to go over these figure with me, so thank you. Thank you.

Neil: Katherine, I-I understand you wanting to clear the decks for family time. I do.

Kay: Yep.

Neil: And I'm sure you're being brave for Chance’s sake. But it can't be easy... knowing that he's gonna be in uniform again, going back to war.

Kay: Sheer hell. And, uh, Neil, I am frightened to death for that kid. But then I'm sure you can understand that, because you have the same kind of concerns for Lily.

Neil: Yeah, I do. Speaking of Lily, um, she was supposed to pack and follow me right over. She should be here by now. I-I'm a little worried. I wonder what's keeping her.

[Lily remembering]

Lily: Am I hallucinating this?

Caleb: Aren't you happy? We're together again.

Lily: I just--I-I can't-- I can't lose touch with reality. I mean, they-- they need their mother.

Woman: Excuse me, Miss. Are you alright? Can I help you with something?

Lily: Uh, yes, um, my name is, uh, Lily Ashby, and... I-I need to... have myself committed.

Colin: (Sighs) Lily moving in with Neil-- that's gonna screw up everything. Caleb, where the hell are you?

Caleb: (Breathing heavily) God. (Inhales sharply) We are losing control of the situation.

Woman: It will all go as planned.

Caleb: (Sighs)

Woman: Don't worry. Mother will take care of everything. Come on, Love. Have a cookie.

Caleb: (Breathing heavily)

Woman: Come on, Honey.

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