Y&R Transcript Monday 5/23/11

Y&R Transcript Monday 5/23/11 -- Canada; Tuesday 5/24/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9657 ~ Billy and Victoria Get a Surprise Visitor

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Jack: So have you talked to Ashley this morning?

Traci: Why do you want to know?

Jack: What kind of question is that? My sister has been accused of trying to kill her fiancé. I'm concerned.

Traci: Jack, do not talk to Ashley about business. She just got out of jail.

Jack: Oh, yes. Bail provided by "The Mustache." You know how I love being grateful to him.

Traci: No business conversations with Ashley.

Jack: I'm looking out for her. She's got enough on her plate without having to worry about the family business.

Traci: Jack, I'm going over to check on Billy and Victoria, and you are not gonna talk to Ashley about Jabot.

Jack: I am not gonna say a word to her unless she brings it up, okay?

Traci: (Scoffs)

Jack: So where is she? At home?

Traci: I think she's at the hospital.

Jack: She went to see Tucker? Alone? With the cops thinking that she tried to kill him?

Traci: (Sighs) Jack, she loves him. I don't think there's anything that would keep her away.

Jack: (Sighs)

Victor: Hello, Jack. I am very happy to hear that Ashley was released.

Jack: Yeah, I heard you put Michael on the case. Thanks.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You know, I'm very fond of Ashley.

Jack: Uh-huh. So it's all over the business news that Katherine will be running Tucker's empire. How'd that happen? I mean, the two of them aren't exactly close.

Victor: Unexpected, I guess.

Jack: Yeah.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Jack: A lot of change in the wind for McCall, for Chancellor, for Jabot.

Victor: Yeah, I presume so.

Jack: I know you've got your eye on Jabot. Don't get too excited, okay?

Victor: (Chuckles) That's right, old boy. And if I were you, I would, uh, make sure that I curbed my enthusiasm.

Ashley: Whatever happened in my past, I assure you that I have a firm grasp on reality, okay? It's steady and strong. You have to know in your heart that I would never hurt Tucker.

Kay: I did hear what you said to him yesterday.

Ashley: What did I say?

Kay: That you wished you had never doubted him. If you could go back, you would do things differently. You even begged for forgiveness.

Ashley: Oh, Katherine, that's because I had heard the truth-- that Abby had set up that whole meeting between Diane and Tucker at the cabin.

Kay: But before then, you had been humiliated by him. Uh, you know, uh, b-betrayed.

Ashley: I couldn't help it. I mean, that's just the way it looked.

Kay: Yes, but it disturbed you, and you did-- you did want Tucker out of your life.

Ashley: I did not want him dead!

Kay: Well... the police analyzing the crime scene...

Ashley: Oh, God.

Kay: Accused you of attempted murder.

Ashley: Just let me see him, please.

Kay: Ashley, I am his only living relative. Did you know that?

Ashley: (Sniffles)

Kay: And as his next of kin, I-I certainly can do what I'm doing, and I must protect him. Now regardless of your-- your guilt or your innocence...what I have to do to safeguard Tucker's companies, my dear, I'm doing. You are fired from Jabot.

Nina: Okay.

Chance: (Clears throat) Yes.

Nina: Before coffee...

Chance: Mm-hmm.

Nina: A surprise.

Chance: A surprise?

Nina: Yes.

Chance: Ahh, what is it?

Nina: Ta-da.

Chance: What is this?

Nina: That is a trip for the two of us.

Chance: To Los Angeles?

Nina: Yeah, we can see our old friends. You can dust off your surfboard.

Chance: I wish you had said something.

Nina: Well, then it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it? We leave June 1st. I've got the plane tickets already.

Chance: Um... (Sighs) Mom, I can't go to California with you.

Nina: I mean, we can change the dates if it's a problem.

Chance: I... am going back in the army.

Billy: Thank you.

Victoria: Was that Daniel?

Billy: It was work.

Victoria: (Sighs) How--h-how can it be taking him this long to get custody of Lucy? H-how? I don't--I don't understand.

Billy: He's gonna call, okay? He'll call.

Victoria: But did you see how mad he was at us yesterday when we had that fight with Phyllis? Did you hear him? Did you hear how frustrated he was with us? He was really frustrated with us.

Billy: Okay, yes, I know. I know. He also said he doesn't want to be a hands-on dad, and that he's gonna give Lucy back to us, so just hang on to that, okay?

Victoria: Okay.

(Cell phone rings)

Victoria: Is that-- is that Daniel?

Billy: Honey, just... (Sighs)

Victoria: What?

Billy: Hey, Rafe, what's up? Seriously? When? Okay, um...

Victoria: What happened?

Daniel: You stopped calling.

Phyllis: Um, well, I was trying the, um, "Back off and let you think about things" technique. It worked.

Daniel: Mm, it worked?

Phyllis: (Laughs) Yes. So what's going on? Did--did you get custody of Lucy? I mean, did they give you temporary custody? Do you need me to help with something?

Daniel: It's happening today. I get her today.

Phyllis: You get her today? Lucy's coming home today?

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Victor: So you think Ashley will remain C.E.O. of Jabot given what's happened?

Jack: Oh, she may have to step down with all this legal wrangling going on, but that shouldn't last too long. She is innocent, you know.

Victor: You know that the organizational aspects of Jabot are now in the hands of Katherine.

Jack: Works for me.

Victor: Yeah? (Chuckles) You don't think for a moment that she's gonna put you back in the position of C.E.O.?

Jack: Oh, yes, I do.

Victor: Really?

Jack: If she wants to be any part of the biggest thing to happen in the cosmetics industry in some time.

Victor: Well, now what's that?

Jack: Well, let's just say that Jabot is on the brink of greatness.

Victor: Wow.

Jack: And once Katherine finds out about it, she's not gonna want to sell Jabot to anyone, including you.

Victor: I'll be damned. Well, that's a challenge worth winning, isn't it?

Ashley: How could you fire me? I mean, how could you fire me right now?

Kay: It is a business decision.

Ashley: Yeah, well, the firing--I guess I could call that a business decision, but you not allowing me to see Tucker? That's definitely personal.

Kay: And necessary.

Ashley: Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty, Katherine?

Kay: You should go now. The order of protection will be in effect soon. I would hate to have you arrested.

Ashley: How are you gonna handle my firing in the press?

Kay: As quietly as possible.

Ashley: And you know that Jabot needs to be protected?

Kay: A great deal of money is going to exchange hands in the marketplace when Newman launches its I.P.O. Jabot cannot be left vulnerable.

Ashley: People are gonna think I'm guilty.

Kay: I'll let you resign if you prefer.

Ashley: (Scoffs) Wow. I wonder what Tucker's gonna say when he gets well and hears about this.

Kay: He will say it's the right thing to do. Ashley, focus on your defense, yourself...and your family.

Nina: You've already done three tours in Iraq. I'm not gonna let you put your life at risk again.

Chance: I already signed the enlistment papers.

Nina: (Sighs)

Chance: I did it a few weeks ago. I'm gonna be heading back to the Middle East, and I'm just waiting for the official orders right now.

Nina: Why didn't you say something before?

Chance: Because I wanted us to enjoy our time together without this hanging over our heads.

Nina: (Sighs)

Chance: Mom, I knew the minute that I said something to you that you were gonna--

Nina: Yeah, that I would get upset like I am right now. You should have said something.

Chance: Oh, like you said something about our vacation to California?

Nina: This is not like me surprising you with a trip. This is your life we're talking about.

Chance: Mom, that's right. It's my life. It's my choice. It's not yours.

Nina: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Okay, so let's go pick her up. We're picking her up, right?

Daniel: They're gonna drop her off here. And don't think too much into that, okay?

Phyllis: So you told them to drop her off here? That means that you've changed your mind about giving her away.

Daniel: Look, the only reason that I asked them to bring her here was because I figured you'd have everything she needed.

Phyllis: Well, I do. I've gone shopping. I have, you know, a bunch of baby paraphernalia. (Laughs)

Phyllis: There's plenty of room here for--for you and--and the baby and, um, Summer and me. Oh, gosh, Summer's gonna be excited.

Daniel: (Sighs) Don't give her any ideas, either. I mean, the baby may only be here for a couple of days.

Phyllis: She just got out of foster care. Don't do that to her.

Daniel: It was four nights, and I looked into it. The family that was taking care of her--apparently, they were really nice.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure they were lovely people. I'm sure they were lovely, but, you know, she-- she's a little baby. You should give her a chance to get settled and-- and feel comfortable.

Daniel: Oddly enough, it did bother me that no one that knew her could go and visit her.

Phyllis: Well, of course it bothered you. You're her dad. Give her some time to spend with you.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Right? At least-- at least a month, Daniel.

Daniel: You're pushing.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I know. But you--you haven't even given yourself a chance to get to know your own daughter.

Daniel: (Scoffs) Well, that's because she has a loose cannon for a mother. You know, if Daisy ever found out that I had custody of her, she'd come back here and ruin her life.

Phyllis: She's not coming back here. She doesn't care about her daughter. She only cares about herself. She's not gonna take a chance of coming here and getting arrested.

Daniel: She might.

Phyllis: Well, she's not going to. Do you think that Lucy is better off or safer at Billy and Victoria's?

Daniel: I don't know. I just know that I'm still not ready to be a dad.

Phyllis: Stop saying that. Daniel, this is your daughter, okay? After today, everything's gonna change.

(Cell phone rings) (Ring) (Ring)

(Ringing stops)

Victoria: Hey, Daniel, uh, this is Victoria. Um, we heard about Lucy being released from foster care, so, um, if you could just give us a call and let us know what's going on, that would be-- that would be great. Um, okay, so we'll hear from you soon. Thanks. Bye.

Traci: Well, that's just wonderful news about Lucy.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: We won't really know how wonderful it is until Daniel calls us back.

Victoria: Yeah, I've, uh, left five messages for him since yesterday.

Traci: Uh, I-I thought Daniel wanted Lucy to be with you.

Billy: Well, yeah, things might have changed since yesterday.

Victoria: Uh, we were talking to Daniel about his plans and everything like that, and Phyllis was there.

Billy: It got a little heated.

Traci: Wait, Phyllis still wants to raise that baby?

Victoria: Phyllis is, um, she's pressuring Daniel to retain custody.

Jack: Well, I'm glad you called me back. I've been a little worried about you.

Ashley: I wanted to see Tucker before I dealt with anything else.

Jack: (Sighs) You look wiped.

Ashley: (Scoffs) Yeah, a night in jail will do that to you, as well as the conversation I had with Katherine this morning.

Jack: She really fired you?

Ashley: She said I could resign. She left that part up to me.

Jack: Oh, did you try to reason with her?

Ashley: No, not really. I mean, I've got bigger things going on in my life right now besides my job.

Jack: (Sighs) How is Tucker? Did you talk to his doctor?

Ashley: Jackie, with Katherine’s order of protection hanging over me, I couldn’t. But I do know that he's still in intensive care.

Jack: You need something to eat. So did you, uh, tell Katherine about the new product you've developed?

Ashley: Nope. I didn't even think of it.

Jack: She needs to know about it. It could be the one thing that keeps you employed.

Ashley: Nothing's gonna change her mind about firing me, believe me.

Jack: Katherine giving you any idea on what her, uh, plans for Jabot are?

Ashley: You're gonna do this to me now? Really?

Jack: Well, you're the one who brought up Katherine. I'm trying to look out for you.

Ashley: If you want to fight for Jabot, you go for it. But please don't pretend that you're doing it for anybody other than yourself, please.

Jack: (Sighs)

Victor: I'm very glad to see you taking a break at home, Katherine.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Victor: You cannot look after your son if you don't look after yourself, you know.

Kay: Murphy has said that to me several times, Victor. Now did you see, uh, the article about, uh, McCall, Unlimited?

Victor: Oh, yeah. It was a nice article-- upbeat, positive, with a little bit of menace.

Kay: Well, I'm sure you did not just drop by to discuss my interview skills.

Victor: No. I came here to talk to you about Jabot.

Kay: Well, go on.

Victor: You know the company is very vulnerable right now.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Victor: So I presume you asked Ashley to... leave Jabot.

Kay: Oh, come on. That's--that's already done. It was difficult, but it's done.

Victor: Now you know that Jack Abbott will position himself as a viable alternative, and you and I both know that he has failed several times at Jabot. He cannot make an objective business decision without emotion and family sentiment.

Kay: Do you have somebody in mind for the job?

Victor: Victoria.

Victoria: Hey, uh, any word on Lucy or...

Rafe: I'm sorry, not yet.

Victoria: Not yet?

Rafe: No.

Billy: Hey, Rafe, sorry I didn't call you back.

Rafe: We need to talk.

Billy: Let's go outside.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Traci: Sweetie, can I get you anything?

Victoria: (Stammers) No, you can't--you--you can't get me anything, okay? I-I feel helpless, all right? I hate this! I-I-I really-- I hate this. I thought-- I thought that was Daniel at the door with Lucy. What if we don't get her back? What am I supposed to do?

Rafe: A couple of things-- the judge that's been assigned to Lucy's case has issued a gag order. You can't say or write anything about Lucy or anybody else involved in the case.

Billy: Okay, nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Just--no problem.

Rafe: He's serious about this, Billy.

Billy: Okay, consider me gagged when it comes to Lucy. Next problem. Come on.

Rafe: The D.A. feels like you've been blowing him off about the illegal adoption.

Billy: Things have been a little insane around here if you haven't noticed.

Rafe: No, and I get that, but the D.A. won’t be quite as sympathetic. They're fed up with your lack of cooperation. Billy, they are threatening to bring criminal charges against you.

Billy: (Sighs)

Daniel: You know, it's not like I haven't spent any time with Lucy. I've hung out with her a bunch.

Phyllis: Oh, "Hung out" with her. Come on. You've spent time with her from a distance. This is different. You're going to be caring for her, feeding her, watching her grow.

Daniel: Yeah, Billy and Victoria have been great parents to her.

Phyllis: Really? Are they great parents? Really?

Daniel: Yeah.

Phyllis: Billy bought her illegally from a baby broker.

Daniel: It doesn't matter. She's got a great home with them.

Phyllis: You could give her the same thing.

Daniel: I don't think I can give a kid that kind of time and attention.

Phyllis: Okay, I-I-- how do I explain this to you? We are her biological family. We live in the same town with the other family. We have the means to raise her, except we just gave her away. How is any child ever gonna understand that?

(Knock on door)

Phyllis: (Gasps) Oh, my goodness.

Claudia: Hi. Is Mr. Romalotti here?

Phyllis: Yes, right there.

Claudia: Oh.

Phyllis: Oh, hello, pretty. Hi! Come on.

Claudia: There you go.

Phyllis: Oh, Lucy.

Claudia: I know this has been an extremely difficult time for everyone who cares about Lucy.

Phyllis: Hi. Hi. I know. It is. It's--it's been very hard, but thank you. Thank you. Hi. I know.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Daniel: Hey.

Phyllis: This is your daddy. (Gasps) Oh, she stopped crying. This is your daddy.

Daniel: Hey.

Phyllis: That's right.

Daniel: Oh, there we go. Oh, come on. Hey.

Lucy: (Cries)

Daniel: Ohh. Hey.

Victor: You know that Victoria knows the cosmetics business. In fact, she is passionate about it.

Kay: Well, I'm well aware of her talent and expertise. Uh, I'm just surprised that you're acting as her agent.

Victor: I think it would serve the company very well if she ran it.

Kay: Well, I am-- I'm more than pleased that the two of you are improving your relationship since the lawsuit.

Victor: I wish we had really improved it. Haven't yet. As a matter of fact, she'll probably consider this meddling in her affairs if she found out, so kindly know that this is strictly business.

Kay: (Sighs)

Rafe: The D.A. is not messing around here. They will follow up on these charges if you don't start talking, Billy.

Billy: No, thank you, Rafe. I mean, there's gotta be a way around this.

Rafe: Around buying a baby on the black market?

Billy: I don't want to lose my kids.

Rafe: Then talk to the D.A. You are part of a criminal conspiracy here, okay? Do not make them come after you. You cannot win like that, Billy.

Billy: (Sighs)

Traci: Victoria, when I came over today, I knew that you and Billy were gonna be unhappy. (Sighs) Losing a child is... (Sighs)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Traci: What I didn't expect is the tension-- the fighting with Daniel and Phyllis, the phone calls...

Victoria: Yeah.

Traci: And a-attorneys showing up on your doorstep. Honey, when did this become a battle?

Victoria: (Sighs) When Phyllis got involved.

Traci: What if Daniel changes his mind?

Victoria: Well, I would hate that very much. I would hate that. I feel very foolish saying this to you, because you lost Colleen. You're not gonna see her again, right? I mean, she's gone, but I want Lucy back, Traci. I want my baby girl. I want her back.

Traci: Is that loving her, Victoria? That poor, precious baby was born into chaos, and now look. Here she is again being plunged back into chaos.

Victoria: Are you saying that I should let her go?

Traci: I'm saying that I know that you love her enough to make sure that she's never hurt again.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Daniel: (Grunts)

Phyllis: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Daniel: Oh, come on. Come on.

Phyllis: First picture together. (Gasps) Hi, pretty. Hi, Lucy. Hi.

Daniel: Come on. Come on.

Phyllis: Ohh, pretty girl.

Daniel: Smile?

Phyllis: What a pretty girl you are. I am so happy to have you here with your daddy.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Phyllis: I am so happy.

Chance: All right, I know how hard this is on you.

Nina: No, no, you can't even begin to imagine.

Chance: Would you stop worrying? Mom, I can take care of myself.

Nina: Three tours in Iraq. I've served every moment with you. Every news story about an explosion or a crash or a suicide bomber, I see you hurt, or bleeding, or dead. (Sighs) Look, I'm so proud that you were a soldier, but we've done our duty. We've served our country. Please, please, Baby. I'm begging you, don't do this. Don't put either of us through this again. Please.

Jack: Well, you just rushed right over here to make your pitch, didn't you?

Victor: I beat you yet again, didn't I, Jack? Go ahead. And by the way, I, um, seriously doubt anything you propose will beat my offer.

Kay: Is that you, Jack?

Jack: You were expecting me?

Kay: I assume you have spoken to Ashley.

Jack: I have.

Kay: My mind is made up, Jack.

Jack: Yes, she made that very clear. I was hoping that you and I could have a few minutes to talk about the future of Jabot, though.

Kay: All right. All right. Just say what you came to say.

Jack: I'll make it very simple, very clear.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Selling Jabot would be a terrible mistake, Katherine.

Kay: I'm not making that mistake, because I'm not selling.

Jack: Didn't Victor just make you an offer?

Kay: Victor came to offer advice, not a bid.

Jack: Well, then if Ashley is not working at--

Kay: You want to be the new C.E.O.

Jack: Yes.

Kay: Oh, Jack.

Jack: I know, Katherine, you have had issues in the past with how I have handled certain things at Jabot. That situation was an anomaly. It will not happen again, and I will not react that way again.

Kay: How can I be sure of that?

Jack: I have gained experience and wisdom since you and I worked together. I am the man to take Jabot into the future.

Kay: Mm-hmm. And how do you plan to do that?

Jack: With this-- an exclusive breakthrough product that is going to revolutionize Jabot.

Chance: I felt a sense of purpose when I was in Iraq.

Nina: (Sighs) Being a police detective can give you a sense of purpose.

Chance: (Sighs) No, after testifying against the guys that I brought down, I don't exactly fit in with the squad.

Nina: Why are you really reenlisting?

Chance: To get myself back. Here, I couldn't even make things work with Chloe or Heather. And then I ended up in WITSEC.

Nina: So you're running?

Chance: No, I am not running, Mom. I'm simply moving on to something better.

Nina: (Sighs)

Victoria: (Sighs) Okay, how was that message? Was that good?

Traci: Amazing.

Victoria: Amazing?

Traci: (Sighs)

Victoria: Thank you so much. You're so wonderful. (Sighs) I wonder what the boys are doing out there.

Traci: Uh, you know what? I'll send them in when I'm on my way to the car.

Victoria: Okay.

Traci: Honey?

Victoria: Yeah?

Traci: Get rid of the attorney...

Victoria: Uh-huh.

Traci: And spend some time with your husband. It will do you both good.

Victoria: Okay.

Traci: Okay.

Victoria: Thanks for everything, Traci.

Traci: (Chuckles) Okay.

Billy: Hey, bye. Love you.

Victoria: Hey.

Billy: Hey, you okay?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm--I'm great. What were you guys talking about out there?

Billy: (Clears throat) The D.A. is talking about bringing charges against me.

Victoria: What if--if-- if you're arrested, I mean, if that happens--

Billy: I'm not gonna let that happen. I'm not gonna let it happen. It's not gonna happen. (Sighs) I'll tell him anything he wants to know. I'll--I'll give up the baby broker's name. I'll tell him every detail about every meeting I had with her.

Victoria: If-- if you can cut a deal, I-I-- only if you can cut a deal.

Billy: Honey, just look. (Clears throat) I want the charges dropped, and I want the investigation into Lucy's illegal adoption closed.

Rafe: I'll see what I can do.

Victoria: See what he can do. (Scoffs) Oh, yeah. That's just great.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Well, now that Lucy is settled in...

Daniel: Oh, Mom, would you please just give it a rest?

Phyllis: Sorry. I'm done with the speeches. Sorry.

Daniel: Good.

Phyllis: I just want to enjoy this, Daniel. Just--I just want to enjoy every minute that we're together, that's all.

Daniel: That sounds like a speech.

Phyllis: I'll go get the, um, the diapers and the formula.

Daniel: Mom? Thanks for all this.

Victoria: Hey, Daniel. Uh, hopefully, um, you'll delete the rest of my...(Sighs) My gazillion messages, and you'll--and you'll just hear this. A funny thing happened while I was freaking out. I forgot who Lucy's birth father is. It's you, Daniel. And you are a good guy who's smart and loyal and kind--all of which makes you a great dad. And you know what? You've been actively fathering Lucy since you laid eyes on her. None of us--not me, not Billy, not Phyllis--none of us should be telling you what to do, because you would never do anything that wasn't in the best interest of your little girl. So you know what? I'm sorry that I forgot that. So...if you decide to keep Lucy... (Sighs) Whatever you decide, Billy and I will accept it. I promise.

Jack: It's a deeply hydrating moisturizer derived from cactus serum.

Kay: Well, why cactus?

Jack: A cactus remains moist even in the most arid environments. We've been able to transfer those properties to skin care.

Kay: Hmm. It's wonderful. It's cool, soothing.

Jack: Ashley has been working on this for months. In test after test, as you can see, the results have been through the roof. I know everything about this product, Katherine. I know how to sell it. I know how to stand behind it.

Kay: You want to revamp Jabot's logo.

Jack: New line, new look. I can get this product to marketplace on time and on budget, and you and I will see Jabot's stock and profits skyrocket.

Victor: (Sighs)

Victor: I'm glad Michael was able to get you released early.

Ashley: Thank you so much for that.

Victor: You can tell me anything, you know. Even things you don't say to your family.

Ashley: I'm scared. I'm scared that Tucker might die. I'm scared that I might go to prison because of the accident. It was an accident.

Victor: I believe you.

Ashley: The D.A. Doesn’t. Even Katherine’s having doubts. Did you know that she filed a restraining order against me? What if I can't make them change their minds?

Victor: Well, I can assure you that Michael Baldwin is working on this. And I think your charges will be dropped before it goes to trial.

Ashley: What if he can't make that happen?

Victor: Then you do what I do. You delete the word "Can't" from your vocabulary.

Billy: Would you really accept it if Daniel decided not to let us raise Lucy?

Victoria: I don't know. I'm just tired of... you know, the fighting and the arguing and the bickering and the back-and-forth and the hatefulness and... (Sighs) I don't know. I think Lucy deserves better than that. Don't you? Look at our families when they fight. We swore that we would be better than that, didn't we?

Billy: I don't know. I don't know what I'll do if I have to give up Lucy.

Victoria: Well...  

(Stuffed animal plays music)

Victoria: (Sighs) It's not in our hands. If Daniel wants to raise Lucy, then Daniel's gonna raise Lucy. If he wants Phyllis to do it, then Phyllis is gonna do it. We're just gonna have to live with it. Right?

Phyllis: Daniel? Daniel?

Phyllis: "Mom, I'm sorry." No.

Nina: I really don't feel like having coffee anymore. Can we just go?

Chance: Sure. I'm sorry.

Heather: Hi.

Chance: Hi. Hey.

Heather: Oh, you guys are obviously, uh, just leaving, so, um...

Nina: This is because of you.

Heather: What's because of me?

Chance: Mom, stop.

Nina: Chance is leaving, and it's your fault.

Kay: Well, I cannot deny the appeal of your presentation. But, uh, Jack, I'm gonna have to, uh, give this a great deal of consideration before I make my decision.

Jack: Can you share with me what your concerns are?

Kay: Well, I need a very strong leader, yet someone who would work with me and for me. Do you really think you could do that?

Jack: If I were doing this for myself, maybe not. But, Katherine, I can be anything you need me to be, because despite what you or anyone else thinks, I am doing this for my family.

Ashley: So you didn't seem very surprised when I told you that Katherine had doubts about me.

Victor: I've spoken to Katherine.

Ashley: So then you know that she fired me.

Victor: For business reasons.

Ashley: Oh, right, for business reasons. You must have your eye on Jabot.

Victor: I have a meeting. You stay strong, okay?

Ashley: I'll try. Thanks for everything.

Victor: Traci.

Ashley: Hi, Sister.

Traci: Hello. (Sighs) Katherine fired you?

Ashley: (Sighs) You know, I can't even comprehend everything I've lost in such a short time.

Traci: I don't know what is going to come along. But whatever does happen, I know that we will survive it.

Ashley: How can you be so sure?

Traci: It's what we do.

Billy: Hey. Hey.

Daniel: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: (Sighs) Hi.

Daniel: Hi. I, um, I still want the two of you to adopt Lucy.

Victoria: Oh, Daniel.

Billy: Oh, here. Come here.

Victoria: Thank you so much.

Daniel: Look, I'm going to, um, I'm gonna get the paperwork started. But, uh, you know, I-- I was thinking while I still have custody that maybe Lucy and I could move into the apartment, uh, above the garage. But, um, Lu-Lucy would stay in the main house with her parents.

Billy: Uh...

Victoria: That--that's great. That's--that's perfect. Hi! How are you?

Billy: Hey, look at you!

Victoria: Mommy's right here!

Billy: Look at you. You've gotten bigger. Look at you. You grew.

Victoria: You did. You got so big. (Laughs)

Billy: (Makes kissing sounds)

Victoria: Look at you.

Billy: Look at you!

Victoria: Your feet got bigger. (Chuckles) I know.

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Nina: If anything happens to him, it's on your head.

Paul: Hey, don't talk to her like that.

Sharon: Cassie's welcome to come by whenever she wants.

Sam: Who's Cassie?

Adam: I believe you've met.

Diane: Hello, Nick.

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