Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/17/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 5/17/11 -- Canada; Wednesday 5/18/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9653 ~ Lily's Strange Behavior Troubles Colin

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Billy: Yeah, well, no sleep will do that to you.

Rafe: I, uh, I heard about your sister's accident. (Sighs) Poor Tucker.

Billy: Yeah, and if that wasn't enough drama... (Clears throat) Now I'm fighting for custody of both of my daughters.

Rafe: Well, uh, you know that I'll, uh, I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Billy: You know, after the scene in the hospital chapel this morning... (Scoffs) Well... I'm worried about Lucy, Man.

Rafe: From what you were saying on the phone earlier, I don't think Phyllis has any intention of honoring her agreement to let the baby stay with you and Victoria.

Billy: She acts like Lucy's hers, like she's not Daniel's. This is ridiculous.

Rafe: Until he comes up with some kind of a decision, and we see how this whole thing plays out legally, you're in a state of limbo, Bud.

Billy: Okay, so what do we do about Delia?

Rafe: Delia is safe now, and Jana being her nanny is obviously no longer an issue, so maybe you and Chloe can find a way to work things out.

Billy: Okay, I'll--I'll-- I'll go today. I'll do some groveling.

Rafe: Whatever it takes, shoot. I, uh, I gotta get to court.

Billy: I got it, Man. It's on me.

Rafe: All right, well, uh, good luck, and, uh, keep me in the loop, okay?

Billy: (Clears throat) Put this on my tab? Thanks.

Adam: The receptionist at the magazine told me you were here.

Billy: Well, no raise for her. What do you want?

Adam: An article in "Restless Style" dispelling any rumors that Sharon committed suicide.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sharon: You're lucky, Fanny. Your life's so simple. I don't care what the strangers think. But, I mean, my kids... you know, what if they believe this garbage about me killing myself? Noah... and Faith, my little girl, I just miss her so much.

Piper: Sheri?

Sharon: (Sniffles) Oh, hey. Hi, Piper.

Piper: Are you okay?

Sharon: Yeah, of course. I'm fine.

Piper: You don't look okay.

Sharon: I'm just a little sad.

Piper: About what?

Sharon: Well-- oh. Some people, they just, um, they think I did something that I didn't do.

Piper: Well, can't you just tell them the truth?

Sharon: I tried that, and, um, they didn't believe me.

Piper: Is Doc Sam here?

Sharon: Uh, no, but he'll be back soon. What's up?

Piper: My dad built a pen for Fanny. He said I could bring her home today.

Sam: Hey.

Sharon: (Gasps)

Sam: Look what I found out shivering by the side of the road.

Piper: (Gasps)

Sharon: Ohh.

Piper: It's so cute.

Sharon: Oh, is he okay?

(Fanny bleats)

Sam: I can't see any injuries. I think he's just scared, and from the way he just scarfed down the treat I just gave him, just really, really hungry.

Sharon: Well, you couldn't have picked a better place to recover from whatever it is you've been through.

Victor: I've asked the staff to pack your bags.

Diane: I'm calling a lawyer.

Victor: You can call a bevy of lawyers if you wish. It's gonna be useless, because they'll tell you the same thing. Our prenuptial agreement will take effect only after the first year of marriage.

Diane: What about all your promises to take care of me, huh?

Victor: You'll land on your feet. Now get your things and get out.

Kevin: Now go.

Chloe: It is so sad, isn't it?

Kevin: And on the night before his and Ashley's wedding.

Michael:  His accident seems to be all anyone is talking about this morning.

Kevin: It's just so random. One minute, you're about to say, "I do"...

Chloe: Then the next, you get mowed down in the street.

Michael: Oh, nice. I spoke with Victor earlier. He said Abby should be out of the hospital in a day or two.

Chloe: Well, that's good news.

Michael: There's more, if anything about Jana's death can be called good.

Kevin: What? What is it?

Michael: Well, the coroner and the private pathologist I hired to conduct an independent autopsy confirmed that Jana died of a brain aneurysm.

Chloe: So it was natural causes.

Kevin: I still wish I'd known.

Michael: All right, listen to me. These reports... they state that nobody-- nobody could have done anything. Look, and you'll be happy to know the case against you is closed.

Jill: Poor Ashley. Can you imagine the guilt she's gonna live with if, God forbid, Tucker doesn't make it?

Colin: Well, it'll be tough, but she'll survive.

Jill: Yeah, we both lost a child, and we got through it. Don't know if we'll ever get over it, but we got through it.

Colin: Well... no, I haven't, but, oh, I found the most adorable baby clothes. They just came into Fenmore's. Well, why don't we take them over then?

Jill: Great. Okay. Uh, I want to check in with Katherine, though, and see if there's anything I can do for her.

Colin: Oh, wait, wait, wait. You go to the hospital, and I'll take over the bag of goodies.

Lily: (Gasps) Cane. I can't believe that you're here in our home. H-how did you...

Cane: I'm learning as I go, just as you are.

Lily: Well, I brought the twins to the cemetery like you asked, but you never showed up.

Cane: Yeah. I, uh, I can't control how things work. I've missed you guys. You know that? Somehow, we can make this work.

Lily: Well, I mean, what--what if whatever it is keeps you from coming back again?

Cane: I'll always find a way to get to you, Baby.

Lily: (Sighs) I know this can't be real, but... I just need you so much.

Cane: (Sighs)

Billy: Why me?

Adam: Well, because, uh, it'll carry more weight coming from "Restless Style."

Billy: How do you figure?

Adam: You're always so quick to condemn her, so why would you make excuses for her now?

Billy: You got a point.

Adam: That editorial you did on Cane after he died-- that's the kind of piece I'm after.

Billy: I did that for Lily and her kids.

Adam: Mm-hmm. What about Sharon's kids? Don't you think they deserve to know that their mother wouldn't have taken her own life?

Sharon: (Laughs) Hey, who's takin' this bath? You or me?

Piper: (Chuckles)

Sam: You know, a nice meal, some soap, warm water...

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: The world doesn't seem so frightening anymore, does it, little guy?

Sharon: Yeah.

Piper: Let's name him.

Sam: Well, we may need to hold off on that for now. He possibly could already have a name. You want to finish up here? I guess I should find out if somebody's missin' this little scamp, huh?

Sharon: Sure.

Sam: All right.

Sharon: Good doggy. (Laughs)

Piper: If Doc Sam can't find his owner, maybe you can keep him so you won't be so lonely after Fanny leaves.

Sharon: Oh, that's sweet of you. You're very sweet.

Piper: It's hard to be by yourself.

Sharon: Well, sometimes that's the way things have to be.

Piper: Will you come and visit her?

Sharon: I'd like that. (Chuckles)

Diane: And what am I supposed to tell Kyle?

Victor: Tell him that he can stay if he wants.

Diane: Without me? Please, like that would ever happen.

Victor: What are you looking for?

Diane: My jewelry. It isn't here.

Victor: I know.

Diane: You took it back?

Victor: I want that engagement ring as well.

Diane: This was a gift. They were all gifts.

Victor: Gifts contingent upon the fulfillment of a business contract that is now null and void.

Diane: Because you wanted to end a marriage so you could be with your precious Nikki!

(Ring hits the floor)

Victor: You leave her out of it, Diane.

Diane: Why should I? You obviously couldn't, which actually surprises me, beca--because you practically begged me to marry you.

Victor: What you and I had was a business arrangement, Diane Jenkins, no more.

Diane: I actually tried to be a good wife to you.

Victor: (Chuckles) By arranging a tryst with Tucker McCall?

Diane: I agreed to meet Tucker only after you waved annulment papers in my face.

Victor: And now he's in a coma fighting for his life.

Diane: I told you. He invited me.

Victor: I don't give a damn who invited you. It could have been the devil himself.

Diane: Victor, please don't do this.

Victor: I'm going to call security.

Diane: And where am I supposed to go?

Victor: Who the hell cares? That's your problem. Let's go.

Diane: And just so you know, while you were cozying up to your ex, I paid a visit to mine.

Victor: Jack Abbott?

Diane: Do you remember that night last week when you found out that Abby sold Jack her shares of Newman? I tried to comfort you. And you pushed me away, so I went to Jack Abbot and he let me in.

Victor: After what you told the cops about his sister, he ain't gonna welcome you back.

Chloe: Well... (Sighs) That's a relief, huh?

Kevin: No--no prison jumpsuits for us, Babe.

Chloe: Well, I was worried, you know? Wrestling over the gun...

Kevin: It didn't do anything. (Sighs) Messed up. She may not have even known what she was doing.

Chloe: Here I thought that she was just the mayor of crazy town.

Kevin: I should have recognized this erratic behavior from when she had her brain tumor.

Chloe: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on. Michael told you there was nothing that you could have done.

Kevin: You know, Jana did a bunch of bad things, but she had a lot of good in her, too.

Chloe: Well, yeah. You wouldn't have married her if she hadn't. Hey, why don't-- why don't you have a memorial service for her?

Kevin: That's a great idea. It gives her friends a chance to say good-bye, and, uh, we can lay her to rest.

Chloe: Yeah.

Kevin: Okay.

Chloe: Who you gonna call?

Kevin: The medical examiner's office.

Kevin: Hi, uh, my name is Kevin Fisher. I'm, uh, Jana Fisher's ex-husband, and, I was calling to speak to somebody about picking up... her remains. What? What do you mean the body's gone?

Piper: Do you think someone abandoned him?

Sharon: Ohh, who could abandon this precious baby?

Piper: (Sighs) I bet he has a family, people who love him and miss him and who really want him back if they knew where he was. I'm glad Doc Sam rescued him before he got hurt.

Sharon: Mm. That seems to be his specialty, huh?

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Hey, what's that?

Sam: This is a microchip reader.

Sharon: Oh.

Sam: Let's see. Hey, Buddy.

(Microchip reader beeps)

Sharon: (Gasps)

Sam: Bingo. I'll go call his owners, see what we can do about getting you back home.

Sharon: Ohh.

Piper: 'Cause there's no place like home.

Sharon: (Laughs) I love that movie.

Billy: Sharon was a friend of mine, and I don't think for a second that she killed herself, so I am writing an article, but it's not for you. I'm gonna do it for her, okay?

Diane: (Sighs) Spare me the "I told you soís," Jack. You got what you wanted. We're out of Victor's. I don't know. So maybe-- maybe you could just let Kyle stay with you until I figure it out. Thank you.

Diane: (Sighs) What's the matter? You've never seen despair and desperation before?

Adam: This kind of despair and desperation can only be caused by my father.

Diane: He's having our marriage annulled, and he kicked me off the ranch without a cent.

Adam: Well, at least he didn't try and frame you for murder. There's always that.

Diane: (Chuckles) No, he almost drove me to it. (Laughs)

Adam: So what are you gonna do now?

Diane: I'm really embarrassed to say... I have nowhere to go.

Adam: Why don't you come home with me?

Michael: I'm glad Abby wasn't hurt seriously.

Victor: (Sighs) A car crash like that could have been much, much worse.

Michael: Uh, well, um... tell Ashley to call if she needs anything.

Victor: I will. Now I would like you to... draw up an amendment to my annulment agreement with Diane Jenkins, okay?

Michael: Oh. What would you like to amend?

Victor: The part that deals with the financial settlement.

Michael: Does Diane know about this?

Victor: She doesn't live here anymore. Will you draw up the papers?

Michael: Sure. Right away.

Victor: Another thing that bothers me that needs to be... dealt with legally, I guess-- how do I get that destructive, obnoxious son Adam out of Sharon's house?

Lily: What's it like when you're not with me?

Cane: It's kind of like a dream, you know, where you can remember little bits, but you don't remember everything.

Lily: Can you talk to anyone else?

Cane: No, Baby. Just you.

Lily: (Chuckles) Well, that's not very reassuring that I'm the only person in this town who sees ghosts.

Cane: I think maybe my love for you and the babies has... has brought me back.

(Knock on door)

Colin: Lily? You all right in there?

Lily: Um, I'm gonna try and get rid of him.

Lily: Hi, Colin.

Colin: Uh, Jill sent these gifts over for the children.

Lily: Oh, okay, um, thank you. Will you just tell her thank you for me?

Colin: Are they up? I'd love to see them.

Lily: No, no, no. They're--they're napping.

Colin: Then who are you talking to? There's nobody here.

Cane: He can't see me.

Lily: I, um, I was just--I was praying.

Colin: You seem a little out of it.

Lily: Yeah, I'm... (Sighs) I'm fine. I just-- I wasn't expecting company.

Woman: Whisper, come here, Baby. Ohh.

Sharon: There's your mom.

Woman: (Makes kissing noises) (Laughs)

Sharon: (Laughs)

Sam: You said on the phone a truck backfired or something?

Woman: Yeah, he got spooked and just slipped his collar and ran off.

Sharon: Oh, you must have been frantic.

Woman: Oh, you have no idea. I put up signs everywhere.

Sam: That chip's the only reason I knew where to call.

Woman: I'm really grateful.

Piper: Bye, Whisper. Bye.

Sam: Well, you might want to think about using a harness next time. A bit more difficult for them to sneak out of those. Well...

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Piper: Yeah, I should go, too. I have chores.

Sam: I'll give you a lift.

Piper: Can I bring Fanny with me?

Sam: You, uh, you think you're ready to take care of her?

Sharon: Her father built a pen.

Sam: Is that right?

Piper: My parents finally got a day off from work. We went to the feed store, and they got everything we needed for her. I saved up my allowance since Christmas to pay for it.

Sam: (Blows raspberry) Let me go get her.

Sharon: Wow, exciting.

Piper: Yeah.

Sharon: You finally get to take her home.

Piper: I'm so happy.

Sharon: (Gasps) She's gonna love her new home. I just know it.

Piper: Don't worry.

Sharon: You're gonna be a great mom for her.

Piper: Don't worry. I'll take really good care of her.

Sharon: I know.

Piper: I promise.

Sharon: And I'll come see her soon.

Piper: Okay, you better.

Sharon: I will. (Chuckles) (Gasps) Okay. You be a good lamb for Piper, okay? And you kick butt in that 4-H contest.

Piper: She will.

Sam: I won't be long.

Sharon: Okay. Bye, Fanny.

Piper: Bye. Thanks.

Victor: I gave that house to Nicholas and Sharon when they got married. Upon their divorce, Nicholas wanted to make sure that Sharon and Noah had a home.

Michael: Well, um, legally, Sharon could leave it to whomever she chooses.

Victor: Wait a minute. Does that mean that you think it's impossible to evict Adam from that place?

Michael: Well, it's not gonna be easy.

Victor: I don't care if it's easy. Find a way. Do it, all right?

Diane: You want me to live with you?

Adam: Strictly platonic.

Diane: Why would you do this for me?

Adam: That's a good question. I feel a sort of obligation to anyone my father has screwed over.

Diane: Then I'm your girl.

Adam: So what do you say? The black sheep son that he loathes, the trophy wife that he's thrown under the bus-- we'll be within shouting distance from him, and there ain't a damn thing he can do about it.

Sam: Well, good-byes are never fun.

Sharon: Well, she was a lamb.

Sam: (Chuckles) Doesn't mean you're not gonna miss her, you know?

Sharon: Piper was just so happy.

Sam: Yeah. Her parents work really long hours. I think it's gonna be good for both of them.

Sharon: I agree.

Sam: But you know what, "Nurse Sheri"? This place is never empty for very long.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: The sky's gettin' pretty dark.

Sharon: You think a storm's coming?

Sam: Eh, it's possible. Better get the horses in the barn just to be on the safe side, make sure the animals are secure.

Sharon: Okay, let's go.

Sam: Yeah.     

Kevin: So some relative from England had Jana's body shipped there.

Chloe: I thought her parents were dead.

Kevin: Yeah, they are.

Chloe: Well, I'm sure she has other relatives.

Kevin: But I think she would have told me about that, right?

Chloe: Yeah. did he give you any names?

Kevin: No, he said he couldn't because we're divorced.

Chloe: You know, maybe you should just drop the whole service idea.

Kevin: (Sighs) Yeah, maybe.

Chloe: I'm thinking about dropping something else.

Kevin: Oh? What's that?

Chloe: My custody suit against Billy. I already caused him to lose Lucy.

Kevin: Well, you had no idea that child protective services was gonna get involved.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I mean, he just defended Jana. He made me so furious, and I admit, I kind of overreacted. But Jana's gone now, and I really don't want him to lose Delia, too.

Kevin: That's good. You know, Billy may be an ass, but he's a great dad, and Delia is crazy about him.

Chloe: I know.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Chloe: I'm--I'm really sorry-to hear about Ashley and Abby.

Billy: Look, can we, uh, talk?

Kevin: Go ahead.

Chloe: Okay.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Colin: So how was Katherine, dear Katherine?

Jill: Never saw her.

Colin: Why is that?

Jill: Oh, Tucker's door was closed, you know? And she was in there with the doctors, and I didn't want to intrude.

Colin: What's really goin' on?

Jill: Nothin'. I just wasn't sure Katherine would want to see me. That's all.

Colin: Then maybe I should come back to the hospital with you.

Jill: Yeah, maybe.

Colin: Well, you're gonna be much happier once you've seen her.

Jill: Why don't you how your visit with Lily went?

Colin: Well, the kids were asleep.

Jill: So what?

Colin: I'm worried about her, Jill.

Jill: What, is she ill?

Colin: Not physically.

Jill: What do you mean, "Not physically"?

Colin: There's something going on with that girl.

Lily: Gosh, I thought Colin would never leave. And he couldn't even see you. I mean, that was so weird talking to him trying to pretend like you weren't even standing right there.

Baby: (Cries)

Cane: (Sighs) How I've missed that sound.

Lily: Um, I'll-- I'll be right back. You won't leave, right?

Cane: Um, not if I can help it.

Billy: Okay, I think we can both agree that uh, we want what's best for our daughter.

Chloe: And if either of us has concerns...

Billy: We can't just blow the other one off, yes.

Chloe: I was right about Jana. You know, there was something wrong with her. But I guess she wasn't as crazy as I thought, and it turns out that she just had a brain aneurysm.

Billy: And I, um, should have listened to you. Jana wasn't exactly the best choice as a nanny.

Chloe: (Sighs) More like the nanny from hell. (Chuckles)

Billy: And you haven't listened to me about Kevin. He's crazy.

Chloe: Are you kidding me? He is the one that persuaded Jana to bring Delia and Lucy back to the church.

Billy: I'm still not convinced it wasn't part of the kidnapping in the first place.

Chloe: Oh, I mean, really? Are you really gonna still stay on that whole trip?

Billy: All right, wait. don't--don't--don't--

Chloe: No, come on. Look. You? The one who buys babies?

Billy: Don't start that with me.

Chloe: No, you listen to me, Liam, "The king of the New York party circuit."

Billy: And I seem to remember you being right there with me, and you'd probably still be there if you hadn't gotten pregnant.

Chloe: Yeah, well, at least I don't have a gambling problem.

Billy: No, you have a lying problem. You convinced Cane that Delia was his, and how many times have you been arrested since hanging out with Kevin and his wack-job mother?

Chloe: You don't know Kevin like I do, and if you did, you would see that he is caring. He's loving. He is a good person.

Billy: Stop! He is a bad influence on my daughter.

Chloe: Our daughter, soon to be my daughter, once I get full custody.

Michael: Who pays the taxes on the land around Sharon's house?

Victor: Who the hell do you think? I do.

Michael: So it is as if it were an island in the middle of an ocean of your land.

Victor: If you're suggesting what I think you are, you're brilliant.

Michael: That's why I charge you so much.

Victor: (Chuckles) Yes.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Victor: Yes. Well, draw up the damn papers. We'll see what happens, okay?

Diane: As we drove through the gate, I had this incredible urge to shout, "I'm back!"

Adam: (Laughs)

Diane: (Laughs)

Adam: You know, it's gonna be pretty nice to have somebody around.

Diane: It can't be easy for you being around Sharon's things.

Adam: Yeah. Well, I haven't really been able to bring myself to pack any of it. In a strange way-- I know this sounds weird, but, uh, it's kind of comforting having 'em around. It's almost like she's not gone.

Sharon: Whoo! Wow, you weren't kidding...

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: About the weather changing.

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: (Scoffs)

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: Thanks very much for the help with the animals.

Sharon: Whew! Any time.

Sam: You never know how bad this is gonna get.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sam: When the rain comes down too fast for the hard ground to absorb, the flash flooding can be pretty severe. I mean, you're more than welcome to ride it out with me up at the house.

Chloe: I canít believe that jerk.

Kevin: Look, you can't let Billy get to you like this.

Chloe: He had no right to speak to me like that.

Kevin: What are you gonna do?

Chloe: There is no way in hell that I am actually gonna drop that custody suit now.

Kevin: Babe, look. I know you're angry, but this needs to be about Delia.

Chloe: He makes decisions without considering the consequences. He bought a baby on the black market. Who does that?

Kevin: (Sighs) Will you promise me that you'll at least calm down a little before you make a decision, yet?

Chloe: I already made up my mind. I'm suing him for full custody. Kevin, it's the only way that I can make sure that Delia is safe.

Billy: I mean, what a hypocrite-- callin' me a bad father? I mean, that girl's got so many skeletons in her closet, I swear that she could fill a graveyard.

Rafe: You two didn't smoke a peace pipe like I--

Billy: No, we didn't smoke a peace pipe. We didn't smoke anything. This was a disaster. It was a horrible idea, and she's acting like she's "Little miss prim and proper," and nothing could be further from the truth. She's a miserable little person. I mean, before she had DeeDee, all she did was party and bed-hop, and then she told Cane that he was the father, when she knew damn well that I was. And now what is she doing? She's dating this crazy chipmunk wack-job Kevin. Itís driving me nuts.

Rafe: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You don't have to convince me. I'm on your side, Man.

Billy: Well, look, I-I don't want it to get ugly, but it is ugly. And I swear if she tries to take my daughter away from me, we're gonna countersue for full custody, okay?

(Wind howls)

(Thunder crashes)

(Thunder crashes)

Sharon: (Gasps) Oh!

Sam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Hey. Wow. The storm we're having. It's pretty crazy out there.

Sam: Whew.

Sharon: What's all that stuff?

Sam: (Sighs) I got a battery-powered lantern, a radio, in case the power goes out. I have got water, crackers, peanut butter...

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Sam: Chocolate. If you're gonna stay out here and rough it, well, I'm gonna do it with ya.

Sharon: Oh, you don't have to do that.

Sam: Oh, yeah, I do. I'm not gonna leave you all alone with all the chocolate.

Sharon: (Laughs) A chess board?

Sam: Yeah, it helps pass the time. You play?

Sharon: Only to win.

Sam: Well, bring it on.

Sharon: (Laughs)

(Thunder crashes)

Sharon: All right. We'll see--

(Knock on door)

Sam: Hey, Piper.

(Thunder crashes)

Sharon: Piper, what are you doing out in this weather?

Sam: What's wrong?

Piper: (Voice breaking) Its Fanny. She got out of her pen. She's in the storm all by herself, and I can't find her.

Sam: It's okay. I'll go. I'll go.

Piper: (Sobs)

Sharon: Okay, I-I'll go with you.

Piper: Me, too.

Sharon: No, Sweetie, why don't you stay here, because Fanny might find her way back to the barn, okay?

Sam: Do me a favor. You gotta call your parents and let 'em know where you are so they don't worry when they get home, all right? I'll find her.

Sharon: Okay.

(Thunder crashes)

Adam: Guestroom okay?

Diane: Yeah, it's perfect. I owe you one.

Adam: Okay, I will remember that one day when I need a favor from you.

Diane: No, I'm serious. Really, I don't know what I would have done if you didn't invite me here.

Adam: Why don't you call your hubby and tell him what your new forwarding address is?

Diane: Um, I think maybe I could just use a breath before we go another round, okay?

Adam: You know what's gonna be especially rewarding about this? My father will never see this coming.

Victor: (Sighs) I've taken steps to put your plan into action.

Michael: It's a long shot, but it just might work.

Victor: Now we'll just sit back and wait... (Sighs) For the right time.

Michael: (Chuckles) Patience has never been one of your virtues, victor.

Victor: No, it hasn't. But I can hardly wait to see Adam's expression when he finds out what we have in store for him.

Jill: Maybe she was just praying like she said.

Colin: I'm walking up the path towards the door, and I see her through the window, and she's walking around and waving and gesturing and... (Sighs) I haven't prayed for a while, but I don't think that's the way you do it.

Jill: Oh. (Sighs) Okay, look, you and I both know that she talks to Cane. Remember at the funeral and then in the cemetery?

Colin: Jill, this was different.

Jill: Oh, Colin, I know she's been struggling. I mean, she saw her husband gunned down. He died in her arms. Still, she should be getting better, not worse, huh?

Colin: What if she loses it when the kids need her?

Jill: I just don't know what we can do. We've offered to stay there, to help with the twins. She keeps insisting that she can handle it.

Colin: I don't know. (Scoffs) I don't think we can let this one go.

Jill: Okay. Okay. I think that we should talk to Neil about what you saw.

Cane: I can't get over how big they've gotten.

Lily: Yeah, and they're heavy.

Cane: It must be hard for you.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, it is, but... it's worth it, you know? If I didn't have Charlie and Matty, I don't know...

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: How I would have gotten through after you...

Cane: I'm sorry. I am... I'm sorry that I'm not here to help you.

Lily: You were so great with them. You were the best dad. I mean, you could change a diaper with a hand tied behind your back.

Cane: (Chuckles) I just wanted to see them grow up.

Lily: I know. You were gonna teach Charlie to play rugby and take Matty...

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: To the ballet. Oh, my God.

Cane: What?

Lily: (Stammers) Walk--walk over there.

Cane: Why?

Lily: Just do it, please.

Lily: They can see you. They just followed you with their eyes. Did you see that?

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Neil: You wouldn't want to be responsible for costing me my grandkids.

Abby: You said you were driving?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I remember getting behind the wheel.

Kay: Oh, God, what happened?

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