Y&R Transcript Friday 5/13/11

Y&R Transcript Friday 5/13/11 -- Canada; Monday 5/16/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9651 ~ Ashley Lies to Protect Abby

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Billy: Hey, uh, wait, wait, wait, wait. Um, look, w-we didn't mean to startle you, okay? Um, we're her parents.

Victoria: We're her parents.

Billy: You--you might-- you might have seen us in, uh, in--in the paper.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Look, I'm--I'm Billy Abbott. This is my wife Victoria.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: And you are obviously the person they, uh, they--they chose to help with our daughter.

Victoria: Listen, c-can we-- can we please see her? Can--would that be okay?

Billy: Um, we miss her like crazy.

Victoria: Yeah, we miss her so much, and we promise that we won't touch her, okay? I-I just--I want to look at her and--and see with my own eyes that she's okay. We've been really worried. I mean, I'm sure you can understand that, right?

Woman: If C.P.S. were to find out, we'd all be in big trouble. You know what? We--we can't do this, okay? We have to go.

Victoria: Wait.

Billy: (Sighs) (Clears throat)

Victor: Well, from the bank's point of view, what do they feel about Newman stock being publically traded? Uh-huh. Oh, what about the institutional investors? Really? Well, that's good news. How many inquiries have there been? Ah. Well, that's very good to hear. All right. Thanks for the info. Yep. Bye. What have you got there? Huh? What have you got there under your paw? You want to lift that up? Come on. Yes. Yes, you're so sweet. You're such a sweet dog. You're such a sweet dog, huh? Yes, you're always there. You're always loyal, aren't you? Hmm? That's right. That's right. (Sighs) (Exhales) You know something, Segundo? (Sighs) I've brought down empires, and I built one of my own. I'll be damned if I under-- ever understand women. I just don't understand them, hmm? (Sighs heavily)

Traci: Wasn't it great how Abby showed up to the rehearsal dinner?

Jack: Yeah, hopefully it'll make up for the damage she did to the wedding decorations last night.

Traci: Well, I guess she's decided to stop fighting her mother's marriage.

Jack: I wish I knew what turned it around for her.

Traci: Why? Do you need something to turn it around for you?

Jack: I just can't shake this feeling that Tucker is trouble. I mean, if this is the way he chooses to do business, what does that say about him as a person?

Traci: I think we're gonna have to accept that ruthless businessmen are Ashley's type.

Jack: Well, let's hope this ruthless businessman works out better than the last one did.

Traci: (Laughs) And let's hope that our sister finally finds her happily ever after. (Glasses clink)

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: (Moans) (Sighs) Abby? Abby, are you okay? Abby? Oh, God, Tucker. Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no, did you hit him? Abby? Abby, Honey, are you okay? Can you hear me, Abby? Abby, can you hear me?

Abby: (Moans)

Ashley: Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Abby!

Abby: (Moans)

Kay: I was not able to see Tucker tonight, however, what I have to tell him can wait till morning.

Murphy: Oh, no, no, no. You better call first thing before the groom's day gets a bit too hectic.

Kay: That is the second time this evening.

Murphy: What was the first?

Kay: Prodding his pigheaded wife into seeing the light about a few things. Well, I've not always approved of the way Tucker does business but he is my son, and it is his wedding day.

Murphy: Well, that conversation's gonna mean a lot to both of ya.

Kay: Mm. You realize this is a part of Tucker's life that will be a surprise to his mother?

(Truck door opens)

Man: Hey, Buddy, you okay? Can you hear me? This is Mike Phillips. I've got an 11-80 northbound on Route 12 in Twin Lakes just below Brier Lane, past mile marker 13. Need ambulance, paramedics, and W.S.P. It's a code ten. Over.

Diane: I'm parked down the road a bit. I-I was behind the car, and I saw the accid-- oh, my God.

Mike: You know this man?

Diane: It's Tucker McCall.

Mike: Don't touch him or move him. He may have neck or back injuries that we can't see. I've got an ambulance on the way. Stay with him while I go check on the driver of the car.

Diane: Yeah, of course. Hey.

Mike: Hello? Is anyone hurt?

Billy: I-I don't know what you might have heard, but this is not a case about neglect or abuse or anything like that.

Victoria: No, it's not. We love her so much. I-I just want to see that she's okay from--with my own eyes. You understand?

Woman: My husband and I are taking wonderful care of her.

Billy: No, I bet you are. There's no doubt at all in my mind, but it's just-- look at me. It's been really, really hard to not be around our daughter, even if it's temporarily, so if you could just help us out here...

Victoria: Please. I mean, is she eating and sleeping all right? I mean, we had her on a-a really good schedule and everything.

Billy: A-and you know what? She really likes to be carried around like a football. It's one of her favorite things.

Victoria: Yeah, and she also likes it when you tickle her on her feet and then you change her-- her diapers. She doesn't cry.

Billy: Yeah, that way she won't cry, and you know, she really also loves the raspberries on her tummy. She just--she'll laugh and have those big--

Victoria: She laughs and laughs. She really does.

Billy: Big belly laughs, you know?

(Speaking indistinctly)

Victoria: Please. Just for a second, please?

Woman: (Sighs) Okay, okay.

Victoria: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Billy: Thank you. Hey, hey, hey.

Victoria: Hi, Luce, hi. Hi. It's your mom and your daddy. Look at you. You look so good. You look so good.

Billy: You look so beautiful. It's so good to see you.

Victoria: It's so good.

Billy: Oh, oh, no, no, no.

Victoria: Ohh, are you being good for the nice lady?

Billy: Of course, you're being good. You're always good.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: You're the best little baby in the world.

Victoria: You're so good.

Billy: Don't cry. I can't take it.

Victoria: I love you so much, and I'm gonna miss you so much. You're gonna be home soon, though. You're gonna be there. I've got your favorite blanky, and--and your toys.

Billy: And your favorite toys, and everybody knows you're gonna come home soon. We all miss you, but we know you're comin' home soon, baby.

Victoria: Okay. You're comin' home.

Woman: I really have to go now.

Victoria: No, please, wait. Just give me one more second, okay? Just one more. Just please don't--

Woman: I am so sorry.

Victoria: No, wait, just one more.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Lucy: (Cries)

Victoria: She's crying. She needs me. Please just-- (Sighs) (Sighs) (Sobbing)

Ashley: Oh, I'm okay. I'm fine. Please just help my daughter. She's hurt. Please. Please.

Ashley: Oh, no, Tucker.

Mike: Ma'am. Ma'am. Stay back. Stay back. Let the E.M.T.s do their job.

Ashley: That's my fiancé. Tell me--oh, my God. Tell me they're gonna be okay.

Mike: What-- what caused the accident? Can you remember?

Ashley: I don't know. It happened so fast. I-I didn't see him until it was too late.

Mike: You struck Mr. McCall?

Ashley: I did. I did. God help me, I was driving. Oh, God.

Jack: Hey, you two.

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Hey, what's wrong? Did something happen?

Billy: (Sighs)

Traci: Honey, have you been crying?

Billy: On our way here, we, uh, took a shortcut through Gillson Park, and, um, well, the damndest thing happened. Um...

Victoria: We saw Lucy.

Traci: What?

Jack: You what?

Traci: How can that be? I don't--

Billy: Uh, the--the woman who has Lucy, she was taking her through the park in a stroller. I guess they were getting some air.

Jack: Oh, no, they must live in the area.

Billy: Yeah.

Traci: (Sighs)

Victoria: When I saw that little head of red hair, I just couldn't believe my eyes.

Billy: Yeah, uh, the lady saw us, and she got a little jumpy when she realized who we were. I mean, I can't really blame her, because once you're in the system, it's all about rules and regulations, right?

Victoria: Well, she let us talk to her for a few minutes, right? (Sniffles)

Billy: Yeah, she did.

Victoria: I just wanted to hold her so badly. (Sighs) But we were... (Sniffles) You know, we were happy, and we tried to act normal.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure you were just fine.

Victoria: I hope so.

Billy: Yeah, when that lady turned to leave, it took every ounce of strength I had not to grab the baby right out of that stroller and go running, uh--

Traci: Oh, Honey, I-I'm sure.

Jack: Oh, it's just amazing that you ran into your own child.

Billy: Yeah, what are the odds of that?

Victoria: (Sniffles)

Traci: Now listen. You've been so worried about Lucy and who's taking care of her and if she's all right. Now you've seen her, right? You know she's okay. That should be some comfort. Yes?

Victoria: Yes, it is.

Traci: Mm.

Victoria: Yeah, it's just that, you know, for us it is, but Lucy must think that we've abandoned her.

Traci: (Sighs)

Billy: Honey, I promise you--

Victoria: No.

Traci: No, no, please, don't say another negative thing. Just don't put those thoughts out there.

Victoria: All right.

Traci: All right.

Victoria: But what if--

Billy: No, no, no, no, no.

Traci: Shh.

Billy: Look, I promise you, when we get her back, we're gonna make it up to her anyway.

Victoria: Right. Right.

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: It's Diane. It's probably about Kyle. Excuse me just a sec. Hey, what's up?

Diane: Jack, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. There's been an accident.

Jack: An accident? Are you okay? Can you speak up. I can't hear you.

Diane: I-I said it's not me. It's Ashley, Abby, and Tucker. They're the ones who were hurt, and from what I can see, Jack, it's bad. It's very bad.

Victoria: Gosh, I wish Jack was able to get more information. This is crazy.

Billy: Well, what are you gonna do? It's bad service.

Traci: All right, I-I'm trying to figure this out. I never have cell reception trouble in--in the city. Where could Diane be that her call was breaking up?

Victoria: Or how long is it gonna take to get Tucker and Abby to the hospital?

Jack: Okay, Kyle is asleep. I just called Mr. Martinez. She's on her way here.

Billy: All right, great. We'll stay here.

Jack: No, I want you to go to the hospital. Be there for Ashley when the ambulance arrives. One of us should be there, okay?

Victoria: Okay, I'll drive.

Billy: No, no, Honey. I-I'll drive. Traci, just come with us.

Victoria: Yeah, come with us.

Traci: Oh, that sounds good.

Jack: Okay, call me on my cell if anything changes before I get there.

Traci: All right, Jack, do you think that Katherine knows about Tucker yet?

Jack: I'll call Katherine just in case Diane didn't reach her.

Traci: Great.

Jack: Go, go, go, go.

Billy: (Groans)

(Cell phone rings)

Kay: Mm. Oh, pardon me. Jack, how are you?

Jack: Uh, not so good, Katherine. Uh, look, there's no easy way to say this.

Kay: W-what's going on?

Jack: There's been a car accident. I don't know any of the details, but Tucker and Abby are involved. Ashley's with them right now. They're on their way to Memorial in an ambulance.

Kay: Oh, God. (Stammers) We'll meet-- we'll meet you there. Uh...

(Front door closes)

Victor: (Sighs) Time to go to bed. That's right.

(Telephone rings)


Victor: You have reached the Newman residence. Please leave a message after the tone.

Diane: Victor, its Diane. If you're there, you need to pick up. There's been an accident. Abby's hurt. It looks pretty serious. The paramedics are here now.

Victor: What happened?

Ashley: How is she?

Man: Vitals are stable. We're going to be transporting her to Memorial.

Ashley: Oh, I'm gonna go with you in the ambulance. Don't--don't even try to talk me out of it.

Mike: State patrol's on the way. They're gonna be investigating the accident scene. They're gonna want to talk to you, Ms. Abbott.

Ashley: Not right now, please.

Mike: Ma'am, I'm afraid--

Ashley: No, not now. They can talk to me at the hospital. I'm going with my daughter. Excuse me.

Diane: I started to tell you before. I was behind her car for several miles, at it was moving very fast, and--and weaving all over the road.

Mike: I'm ready to take your statement.

Man: I really hope they have a good neurosurgeon on call tonight. Mr. McCall? Mr. McCall, can you hear me?

Tucker: (Whispers) Ashley.

Mike: So just to clarify, you didn't specifically set out to follow these people?

Diane: No, uh, not at all. It was a sheer coincidence that I knew them.

Mike: You just happened to be on the same road driving in the same direction?

Diane: Correct.

Mike: Can you think of anything else you'd like to tell me?

Diane: No, I-I believe that's everything.

Mike: Thank you for your time.

Diane: So have you heard anything about Tucker or Abby's condition?

Mike: No, I'm sorry, I haven't but a detective will be meeting the ambulance at the hospital. I'm sure they'll want to talk to you too.

Diane: I'm headed there now.

Mike: I'll let the detective know to be expecting you. I advise you not to speak with anyone about the accident until you've spoken with the police.

Diane: No problem.

Kay: Has there been any word?

Jack: No, not yet. Just that the ambulances are on their way.

Murphy: Well, where are they coming from? Uh, does anyone know?

Victoria: No, we have no clue.

Billy: Diane's phone had bad reception when she was talkin' to Jack, and then it cut out, so we don't have any information really.

Traci: A-all we can hope is that Diane's wrong. She was mistaken, and that the injuries aren't as bad as she thought.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Doctor: This our level one head trauma?

Man: Yeah, he's got a stellate forehead laceration.

Doctor: Abdominal injuries?

Man: Negative. He was found unconscious on scene with agonal respirations. We intubated and stabilized his o2 at 98.

Doctor: Thank you. We will take it from here. Keep him on 100% oxygen. Repeat V.S. every five minutes. Let's get him to room 12. Order a C.T. of the head for a possible bleed and cervical spine A.S.A.P. normal trauma panel plus coags and type and crossmatch.

Kay: Uh, Doctor, I'm--I'm--I'm his mother.

Doctor: I'll give you an update as soon as I know anything. Let's move. All right, what do we got?

Man: Single car accident, airbags deployed. Probable concussion.

Doctor: How long has she been out?

Man: Since the accident. Vitals stable, no other sign of trauma, pulse 110, B.P. normal, B.A.C. . .10.

Doctor: Got it. Thanks, Fellas.

Man: Sure.

Doctor: All right, we need a C.T. and a usual blood panel plus a tox screen. Keep her on normal saline at, uh, 100ccs. Excuse us.

Ashley: Abby.

Victor: Ashley?

Ashley: Oh, God, Victor.

Victor: How's Abby?

Ashley: They just wheeled her in.

Victor: Is she conscious?

Ashley: Uh, no, but the ambulance-- they--they said that she's stable.

Jack: What the hell happened, Ash? Where were you?

Ashley: We were, um, Abby and I were driving up to the cabin.

Jack: The cabin? What for?

Victoria: Was Tucker-- was Tucker in the car with you?

Billy: Did you guys run into each other? What happened?

Traci: Okay, e-everybody, just don't bombard her. Give her a second to catch her breath.

Woman: Detective Harriet Mauro, Wisconsin state patrol. Which one of you is Ashley Abbott?

Ashley: I am.

Mauro: I'll be interviewing you, Ms. Abbott, but first, I need you to come with me so we can draw some blood to establish your blood alcohol content. I understand that you were driving the car that struck Mr. McCall.

Kay: Um... are you saying my son was hit directly as a pedestrian? He wasn't in the car?

Mauro: That's correct. Come with me, please.

Ashley: I don't want to go anywhere until I know how my daughter's doing.

Victor: Excuse me. Can't this wait?

Mauro: No, it can't. The officer's investigating the scene reported finding an empty liquor bottle inside the vehicle. An eyewitness account stated that that car was being driven erratically before the accident.

Kay: You were drinking and driving?

Ashley: No, absolutely not. I had one glass of champagne at my rehearsal dinner, and that was hours ago.

Jack: I can vouch for that.

Victor: Detective, she's as sober as any of us are now.

Traci: Can't you just take her word for it?

Mauro: No, that's not possible. There's no time to waste, Ms. Abbott. We need to establish your blood alcohol content as soon after the incident a possible. We can draw your blood right here. It'll only take a minute.

Ashley: And if I refuse?

Mauro: That's up to you, but I wouldn't advise it.

Billy: It's called implied consent, Ash.

Ashley: And what the hell does that mean, Billy?

Billy: It's like when I bartended in Florida. You agree in advance to a sobriety test, and even if you refuse, they can force blood drawn on you, so the court's won't even bat an eye. You have to do it.

Mauro: Refusal is an admission of guilt. I mean, its probable cause for an arrest.

Traci: (Sighs)

Mauro: Now you can submit voluntarily, which will only take a minute, or I can arrest you and take you to jail, in which case, you won't be here for your daughter either. And your refusal can be used against you in a trial, and as far as your driving record goes--

Ashley: Okay, okay, okay. I will go and prove that I was not drunk. I was driving my daughter's car because she was drinking. Would you all wait here, please?

Victor: Yes.

Ashley: If you hear something--and I'll be back as soon as I can. Thank you.

Kay: Oh, God, I can't believe it. Um, Ashley... ran down Tucker?

Jack: (Sighs)

Murphy: Why, uh... (Clears throat) Why don't we go see if there's any news?

Kay: Yeah. Yes.

Jack: This is a nightmare.

Victoria: I'll be back in a minute.

Billy: Okay.

Traci: (Sighs) Oh, Ashley must be feeling terrible.

Billy: Yeah, well, you know ash. She's probably blamin' herself.

Traci: Yeah.

Jack: How did--how did any of this happen? What were Tucker, Abby, and Ashley doing on their way up to the cabin? Never mind Diane.

Billy: Yeah, that's weird.

Traci: Did--I don't remember one of them mentioning a word about going to the cabin, do you? Isn't this strange?

Billy: It's weird.

Jack: (Sighs)

Victoria: Hey. (Sighs) Some night.

Victor: I was on the way to bed, and I heard the phone ring, and I almost didn't answer.

Victoria: Yeah, well, there's never really a good time for news like this. (Sighs) It's kind of been a rough night all around. I just pray that Abby wakes up and she's okay. I know they said that her injuries aren't that bad, but...

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: We just have to hope that she's gonna be all right.

Victor: (Sighs) I certainly hope so, too. There's nothing worse for a parent than to... see one... one of your children hurt or in pain without being able to do a damn thing about it.

(Monitor beeping)

Murphy: Doctor, what, uh, what kind of shape is he in? What--what are his chances?

Doctor: Not good. Mr. McCall's in extremely critical condition. He suffered a fractured skull and acute subdural hematoma.

Kay: Which means?

Doctor: Blood is pooling inside the skull and pressing against the brain. It requires immediate surgery to relieve that pressure, giving him a chance to avoid permanent injury or death.

Kay: I see.

Doctor: We'll need your consent for the surgery as Mr. McCall's next of kin.

Kay: Yes, but, please. Please, uh, by all means, do whatever you can for him.

Doctor: We're prepping an O.R. now. I'm going to scrub. The nurse will see to it that you get the necessary paperwork.

Kay: I was going to call you tomorrow and... and tell you that I was sorry, that I'd forgiven you, and... hoped you would forgive me. One always thinks there's a tomorrow, just wait for that perfect moment that never comes, b-because there's-- there's no such thing as a perfect moment in this life. Tucker, I know that we've had some very ugly... ugly arguments. But I'm so proud of you. So proud of what... what you have done and made of yourself. And I'm so proud that, uh, you're gonna marry the most remarkable young lady that I know. I'm just so very, very proud. Truly I am so proud to be your mother. And I know you're a fighter. That's how you got to be where you are today. You know that. And I need for-- for him to fight. Do you hear that, Tucker? I need you to fight... for me. (Whispering) Please. Please.

Jack: Dr. Charles is a topnotch surgeon, Katherine. Tucker's in very good hands.

Billy: Is there anything you need us to do? Anyone you want us to call?

Kay: Oh, uh, Murphy has called them already.

Murphy: Yeah, well, Nina's getting a hold of Jill and Brock and anyone else she can think of.

Kay: I'm just afraid all any of us can do right now is just pray.

Jack: Hey, sober as a judge, right?

Mauro: Yes, she is.

Ashley: Is there any news on Abby?

Victor: The doctor has not come out yet.

Ashley: Okay. (Sighs)

Traci: Um, Ashley, Tucker's in surgery.

Ashley: What?

Traci: There was some bleeding in his skull...

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Traci: And they need to relieve the pressure in his brain.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Victoria: So why don't we all go and sit down in the waiting rooms, Ashley?

Victor: I think that's a good idea, okay?

(Elevator bell dings)

Traci: Okay, here. Drink this, Honey. It's water.

Ashley: Oh, thank you.

Billy: Okay, um, all right, are you okay? You seem light-headed.

Mauro: Now that we've established your sobriety, I need you to answer a few questions.

Ashley: (Sighs) It was an accident. What do you need to know?

Mauro: The empty vodka bottle found in your daughter's car-- now who did that belong to?

Ashley: Abby. She'd been drinking, and that's why I was driving her car. I told you that.

Mauro: Why was the car being steered erratically?

Ashley: Because we got in an argument. I was distracted. I-I took my eyes off the road briefly. Look, I-I did what I could, okay? I tried to miss him.

Mauro: That's when you lost control of the vehicle?

Ashley: He came out of nowhere, all right? He just showed up out of nowhere.

Mauro: Now why were you and Abby on your way to the cabin, and why do you think Tucker was out of the car?

Doctor: (Clears throat)

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: So how's Abby?

Doctor: Well, the news is pretty good. Your daughter has a concussion, but no broken bones or other trauma.

Ashley: Is she awake?

Doctor: Not yet. Her tests are all normal except her blood alcohol content's above the legal limit. It's probably why she's still unconscious. We have her on an I.V. It's important to keep her hydrated.

Victor: But she will be all right?

Doctor: Well, when Abby wakes up, she'll be in a fair amount of pain, and she may be a bit confused. Other than that, she should be fine.

Victor: Can we see her?

Doctor: Now is fine.

Victor: Okay.

Doctor: Uh, parents only, please. Uh, room six, off to the left.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: Thank you.

Victor: Sweetheart, your mommy and daddy are here. You gave us quite a scare, you know. But you'll be all right. Can you open your eyes?

Ashley: Everything's gonna be okay, Abby. I'm gonna make sure of it.

Murphy: No, no, Esther. No one else needs to come down to the hospital just yet, and we're all praying that the operation will--will help Tucker, most of all, Katherine. (Sighs)

Kay: Oh, God. My heart goes out to Ashley. Both Abby and Tucker?

Billy: Yeah, it's gotta be hell. Not quite sure how she's holdin' it together.

Victoria: She's doin' a lot better if I would be if you and Lucy were ever in an accident.

Kay: Tomorrow's their wedding day.

Traci: Oh, Boy.

Jack: Wait. What?

Traci: Their wedding. Their wedding. We have to cancel their wedding.

Jack: Um...

Traci: And we have to call all the guests and tell them not to come, and the minister and--

Jack: Ashley hired a-a-- a wedding consultant, uh, Jenni something.

Traci: Powers.

Jack: Powers.

Traci: Jenni Powers. She was handling most of the arrangements.

Victoria: We should give her a call. Let's do that.

Traci: And, Jack, we can make some calls as well. Uh, maybe we should go down to the café. Do you two want to come with us? It would help with the waiting.

Kay: Uh, no, no, Dear.

Jack: Surgery may take a while.

Kay: Well, uh, Jack, I think I'll stay where Dr. Charles knows where to find us.

Billy: Can we get you anything?

Kay: Uh, no, that's very thoughtful. Thank you.

Jack: Okay, listen, call me on my cell if you hear anything about Tucker, okay?

Murphy: Yeah, I will.

Jack: Great. Come on. Let's go.

Traci: Okay. Okay.

Murphy: Yeah. (Sighs)

Murphy: (Sighs) Come here.

Mauro: Ms. Abbott? I'd like to pick up from where we left off as soon as you have a moment.

Ashley: I'm not trying to avoid you, Detective.

Victor: Sweetheart? It's your daddy.

Ashley: Can you hear me? Honey?

Victor: Detective, would you mind giving us some time? Thank you.

Mauro: I'll just grab a cup of coffee. Come find me when you're ready. I won't be far.

Ashley: Hello?

Nurse: I.C.U.

Ashley: Hi, this is Abby Newman's mother. We're in room six. Would you please call Dr. Berkseth? She's--she's awake. Thank you. Hi, Honey.

Victor: There you are.

Ashley: Hi, Sweetie.

Victor: You opened your eyes.

Abby: What happened?

Victor: Listen, Sweetheart, you had an accident. You're in the hospital right now. Your mommy and daddy are here. You'll be fine.

Abby: Accident?

Ashley: Don't try to talk, okay? Shh. It's enough that you're awake.

(Footsteps approach)

Kay: How is he?

Murphy: Did Tucker make it through surgery okay?

Dr. Charles: We were able to relieve some of the pressure on his brain.

Kay: Mm.

Dr. Charles: However, he also suffered a contrecoup injury, a bruise on the other side of the cerebrum. It's fairly typical when there's a violent impact like the one he suffered.

Murphy: Well, I'm-- I'm not sure that answers my question.

Kay: How is he now?

Dr. Charles: Your son's still in a coma and on a ventilator. He isn't breathing on his own.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Kay: Well, what are his chances?

Dr. Charles: Given the extent of his injuries, he may never wake up.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Diane: Excuse me, Detective. I o-overheard you interviewing Ashley. I'm the eyewitness.

Mauro: Oh, Diane Newman.

Diane: That's right.

Mauro: Oh, I-I got a call from the ranger that you spoke with at the scene. Um, is it--is it correct that you were driving behind the car involved in the accident?

Diane: Yes, and I'm certainly glad I was behind it and not in front of it.

Mauro: Why is that?

Diane: The car was speeding. It was drifting from one side of the road to the other.

Mauro: Well, could you see if the driver was doing anything, uh, else unusual?

Diane: I could see that it was a blonde woman behind the wheel. That's it. It's pretty dark out there on the road at night, even with the moon being almost full.

Mauro: But did you see brake lights or did the car swerve before it struck Mr. McCall?

Diane: I never saw brake lights, but I did see the car swerve... into Mr. McCall.

Mauro: What exactly are you saying?

Diane: From where I was, it looked like the driver hit Tucker on purpose.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Diane: I think you should consider the possibility this wasn't an accident.

Mauro: You can either answer my questions here or downtown. It's your choice, Ms. Abbott.

Victor: This whole thing happened because you are nothing but a tramp.

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