Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/4/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 5/4/11 -- Canada; Thursday 5/5/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9644 ~ Billy & Victoria Must Part With Lucy

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Michael: Is Gloria around?

Jeff: No, she got up early. She didn't get much sleep last night.

Michael: None of us did.

Jeff: Did you, uh, speak to our local friendly mobster about Kevin?

Michael: Is he here?

Jeff: Yeah, that big goon is down there at 5:00.

Angelo: Well, if it isn't my partner in crime. How goes it, "Mr. Hotshot Attorney"?

Michael: All right, all right, I would appreciate it if you didn't advertise our association.

Angelo: (Chuckles) I was just readin' about the girlfriend of...suspected kidnapper Kevin Fisher. She says he's innocent.

Michael: He is. Have your people heard anything?

Angelo: Not a peep.

(Front door closes)

Jana: Hello, my love. Did you sleep?

Kevin: No, I didn't sleep. It feels like the walls are closing in on me in here, and it's really stuffy, and I can't breathe. Let me out?

Jana: I can't. I'm sorry.

Kevin: (Pounds on walls) I've gotta get outta here! I've gotta get outta here! I've gotta get outta here! (Pounding continues)

Chloe: I mean, they buried the entire story about Kevin. Did you see what they wrote? They didn't even mention that he signaled me on the surveillance tape. And don't tell me "I told you so," okay? I had to do something.

Kay: Well, at one time, I probably would have done the same thing. Did you talk to the district attorney yet? Did you talk to him?

Chloe: No, no, but I spoke to a detective.

Kay: Oh.

Chloe: And according to the cops, well, they are just convinced that based on Kevin's history, that he is a fugitive, so... (Sighs) I don't know how we're gonna find him. What are we gonna do?

Kay: Sit tight. I have an idea.

(Cell phone rings)


Chloe: Hello?

Heather: It's Heather. Have you heard from Billy this morning?

Chloe: No. Why?

Heather: Strange. I-I filed the suit yesterday. I-I'll make sure his attorney has been notified.

Chloe: Uh, Heather, really, no rush. When Billy finds out that I filed for full custody of Delia, he... he is gonna lose it. (Sighs)

Billy: Ooh, you are strong. You're gonna be a power lifter, aren't you?

Victoria: Yes, she is.

Billy: Look at that.

Victoria: You should have seen her pushing herself up in the crib this morning.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: I think she's gonna be sittin' up on her own pretty soon.

Billy: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Delia was doin' the "Bum shuffle" at this age. The "Bum shuffle."

Victoria: The "Bum shuffle."

Billy: "Bum shuffle."

Victoria: Reed was a belly creeper.

Billy: Ooh, belly creeper.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: What type of crawler are you gonna be, huh? You gonna be a-a butt slider? Or are you gonna be, like, more traditional, huh?

Victoria: (Chuckles)

Billy: Hmm? Hmm? (Snorts)

(Doorbell rings)

Billy: I'll get it.

Billy: Come on in. (Clears throat)

Phyllis: Hello. Hey, pretty girl. There she is.

Daniel: Michael's on his way.

Victoria: Yeah, uh, Rafe should be here soon.

Daniel: Hey, look, about yesterday, um...

Billy: We said a lot of things yesterday we probably didn't mean, okay? It was kind of heated.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Billy: I think today, we should, um, aim for something a little bit more productive. You know what I mean? We don't want the authorities involved, do we?

Daniel: Exactly. We don't want the authorities involved. Right, Mom?

Phyllis: Right. We don't want the authorities involved. We want what's best for Lucy. That's all.

Victoria: You want what's best for Lucy. So then why are you trying to take her away from us?

Gloria: I have been up all night imagining the worst-case scenarios-- Kevin, cold and starving, Kevin, locked in Jana's trunk, Jana giving him drugs like Daisy did Daniel. And what if Jana forces him to give her a baby?

Chloe: Okay, Gloria, let's not even go there, okay?

Gloria: But I wouldn't put anything past her.

Kay: Oh, Gloria, good. You're here. (Sighs)

Chloe: Hey, what's-- what's in the box?

Kay: Uh, well, when I was missing, Kevin did everything he could to make sure that I was found. He passed out some T-shirts...

Chloe: Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Kay: And everybody in town was wearing them everywhere.

Gloria: And he made that web site where people could write in to give tips.

Kay: And we're gonna do the same-- start a grassroots campaign. Hmm? Right?

Chloe: Uh, yeah, okay. I think that's a good idea. You know what? How about I call the art department at "Restless Style," and they can print out a bunch of fliers?

Kay: Good idea. Good idea. We'll get the word out that, uh, he's being held as a hostage, and not a-as a criminal. (Laughs)

Gloria: Thank you, Katherine.

(Basketball hitting wall)

Kevin: (Exhales) There's not enough air in here. (Inhales sharply) I feel like I'm gonna pass out. Jana? Jana, I'm hungry.

(Newspaper rips)

Kevin: Are you there, Jana? Jana?

(Basketball hits wall)

Kevin: Jana?

Jana: I'm here. (Sighs) I'm here. Come on. Sit over there. Put those on. Come on.

Kevin: All right. (Exhales deeply) I promise I'll behave if you don't make me go back in there.

Jana: (Sighs) Come on.

Daniel: What's the word on Kevin? How's the search goin'?

Michael: Oh, well, he could be halfway around the world, for all I know.

Rafe: I'd hate to put this off, but if you need to reschedule--

Billy: I would rather not do that.

Michael: No, no, let's do this.

Billy: All right, Guys, um, everybody grab a seat. (Clears throat)

Victoria: Thanks.

Billy: (Sighs) So... after you guys left yesterday, Victoria and I talked quite a bit.

Victoria: I'm not giving up Lucy.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not changing my mind, either. How about that?

Michael: Okay, people, please, let's not go another ten rounds. We are here to reach an agreement, and that's not gonna happen if you say no.

Rafe: If we don't come to a resolution here, Billy and Victoria could face criminal charges. This whole thing will end up in court, and--and Lucy would go into the system.

Daniel: You don't want that to happen, right?

Phyllis: No, I don't. Listen, I'm not saying you can't have contact with her. I'm not saying that. Please acknowledge that we are her family, that she belongs with family.

Victoria: You think that D.N.A. makes a family? But, you see, I know that its love, and you couldn't possibly love Lucy more than Billy and I love her. I mean, you haven't given her bottles and her bath. You haven't watched her laugh and roll over for the first time or held her in your arms with the shower running when she was colicky. You haven't driven her around in the middle of the night so she can fall asleep in her car seat. You haven't done any of that. Daniel--he may be her biological father, but Billy and I, we're her family. So if anyone should compromise here, it should be you.

Angelo: Eh, this place just ain't the same without our charming hostess. She's a magnificent woman. I'm Gloria's number one fan. Too bad about her son.

Jeff: What do you know about her son's disappearance?

Angelo: Only what I read in the papers, like everyone else. Kevin was a good kid.

Jeff: What do you mean, "Was" a good kid?

Angelo: You don't think that I had anything to do with Kevin's disappearance, do you?

Jeff: Of course not. Is there anything else I can get you?

Angelo: There is. Now with Kevin outta commission, who's watchin' the books?

Jeff: Oh, I'm takin' care of that while Kevin's gone.

Angelo: (Laughs) You had your chance, Bardwell. You blew it. Now go get the books. Hand 'em over to me pronto.

Gloria: Have you seen this man? He's missing. Here. Here. You. You.

Chloe: Take a flier and tell your friends.

Gloria: Uh, my son is missing.

Chloe: Here. If you see him, please call this number.

Gloria: Hey, you! You, in the yellow! You didn't even look at it. How would you feel if this was your brother or your father? How would your mother feel? My son might be dead.

Man: Sorry.

Gloria: Take some.

Chloe: Hey, let's not scare away the customers, okay?

Gloria: Chloe, what's wrong with these people? They don't seem to care.

Chloe: Well, we will make them care. We will make noise, just not that kind of noise. So then people will listen, and we have a better chance of bringing him home.

Gloria: Yeah.

Jana: You remember the Halloween we went bobbing for apples?

Kevin: You were really good at that.

Jana: Our team won. I always loved the holidays with you. You made it so fun.

Kevin: So did you.

Jana: Remember our first Christmas together?

Kevin: (Sighs) (Chuckles) I gave you a book on serial killers.

Jana: (Laughs) The perfect present.

Kevin: And you... you put a bow on and you gave me you.

Jana: It hasn't changed, you know? Not once since that year. It's been you. It's always been you. You need to know that.

Kevin: Jana, you say that you want to keep me here so that I'll fall back in love with you, and I want that, too. I want to be close again. I want to have fun.

Jana: Oh, God. I really want to believe you. I do. But now you're just... oh, you've been so brainwashed against me. Your mind is so tainted now. (Sighs) You need to be deprogrammed.

Kevin: No, no, no, no, no.

Jana: Yes. Yes.

Kevin: Jana, don't put me back in there. You don't know what that's like for me.

Jana: No, I do. I just-- I-I have to be sure. I'm sorry. I have no choice.

Kevin: Okay, hold up. Before you do, just--just-- just hear me out, okay? Just hear me out, okay?

Phyllis: No, Victoria. I didn't get to see her first smile. I didn't get to rock her to sleep. I didn't get to, uh, what? Turn the shower on while she had colic. I didn't get to do all those things, but not because I didn't want to-- because I didn't have the opportunity.

Billy: No one's denied that you're not related to her by blood. We're her parents. That doesn't mean that you can't be a part of her life.

Phyllis: So what are we gonna do? Just pass her around like a football?

Billy: Oh, come on.

Victoria: You really want to do what's best for Lucy? You're gonna try to take her away from the only family that she knows?

Phyllis: I-I'm sorry. It's okay for you to take her away from her birth family? So that's okay? How are you going to tell her that you took her away from Daniel and me? What are you going to say to her?

Michael: Billy, did you just agree to let Phyllis be a part of Lucy's life?

Phyllis: Yeah, okay, sure. Um, explain that to us. How are we gonna fit into your lovely little scenario?

Daniel: I don't--I don't-- I don't want to fit in. I already signed over my parental rights.

Phyllis: It's not irrevocable. E-explain it, please.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Victoria: Daisy abandoned her, all right? Daniel would like for us to raise her. Our... (Scoffs) She belongs with us. I mean, we are Lucy's destiny.

Phyllis: I'm sorry, Victoria, but, you know, Lucy didn't just, um, beautifully land on your doorstep. Your husband bought her illegally on the black market. What do babies go for right now, Billy? I-I-I'd really love to know.

Michael: All right, all right, shh! All right, calm down!

Rafe: All right, Guys, let's take a 5-minute break.

Victoria: Whatever you say, whatever you want to tell yourself, taking Lucy away from us right now is gonna be traumatic for her, okay? This is her home. She knows us. She knows our--our faces and our smells, and when she wakes up in the morning, she knows she's gonna see her mom and her dad, and not some stranger.

Daniel: Mom, if you take Lucy away from them, then every time I look at her, I'm gonna feel guilty knowing that she doesn't have two parents to love her. Doesn't she deserve that?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: This isn't about what you want or what I want. It's about what's best for that little girl, and if I thought giving her up was what's best for her, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Michael: All right. Billy says he'd be willing to give you access to Lucy.

Victoria: Yeah.

Daniel: Don't fight this.

Phyllis: (Scoffs) Okay, if I agree to this, then I... I have to be assured of certain things.

Kevin: You don't know what it's like for me being locked up in there, the memories that it brings back.

Jana: No, that's how Clint broke you.

Kevin: You want to break me, Jana?

Jana: No, I want you to love me again so we can be together.

Kevin: My father locked me up and forced me to do things, and I hated him.

Jana: (Sighs) You'll leave me if I set you free.

Kevin: Jana, we could be good together again. We can, but you don't have to torture me for us to get there. I've never gotten over you at all. I remember everything about our time together-- our first date...

Jana: (Chuckles)

Kevin: Shootin' hoops. (Sighs) And you would do that cute little dance every time you made a basket. And we've been like "Mr. Toad's wild ride" ever since.

Jana: (Sighs)

Jeff: Look, this is a sweet deal for both of us. I mean, why ruin a good thing?

Angelo: I don't know. Maybe because you're not trustworthy.

Jeff: Oh, you don't trust that I'm not gonna cook the books? That's a good one.

Angelo: You skimmed off the top the last time.

Jeff: I didn't skim anything. Gloria found that money, and she spent it.

Angelo: I don't like when guys blame women for their problems.

Jeff: Hey, look, I paid you back with interest. You goofed up my profile. I lost a tooth.

Angelo: You're lucky it was only a tooth. Now I want those books.

Jeff: No!

Angelo: What'd you say?

Jeff: I said no.

Chloe: Kevin Fisher is a victim, not a criminal.

Gloria: Hey, if you've seen this man in the past 48 hours, please call this number.

Kay: Well, send a box to Crimson Lights. Yeah, well, I'm here now. Fine, okay. How's it going?

Gloria: We're not getting much of a response.

Chloe: Everybody here knows him, and no one seems to care.

Kay: All right, well, we need to wake 'em up, uh, give 'em a shake. Uh, uh, come on. Come with me.

Chloe: I'm coming.

Heather: Oh, Chloe. Hey, um, I-I know why Billy hasn't reacted to your custody suit. He doesn't know about it. The paperwork was pulled.

Chloe: Who pulled it?

Heather: The police.

Rafe: Just exactly what kind of demands are we talking here?

Phyllis: Um, I want Lucy growing up knowing that Daniel is her biological father.

Daniel: (Sighs) (Chuckles)

Phyllis: I-I want full access to her. I want her to stay with me one weekend a month. That's what I want.

Michael: That sounds reasonable.

Phyllis: I want to be, um, part of all the major milestones. I-I-I want to be a part of every major decision...

Daniel: (Sighs)

Phyllis: In Lucy's life.

Victoria: (Sighs) So if we agree to this, then you're not gonna try to take Lucy away?

Rafe: And you're willing to sign a document to that effect?

Phyllis: Yes.

Michael: Do we have an agreement?

Victoria: Uh... (Sighs) Give us a second. (Sighs) (Quietly) Okay, listen, I don't like it. It--it's just way too intrusive. I don't want Phyllis making decisions in Lucy's life. What if we disagree? I mean, who's gonna have the final say?

Rafe: (Quietly) As the parents, you should. Common sense has to prevail here.

Billy: (Quietly) I guess--fine. I mean, what's the alternative? Hash it out in court? Risk losing her? (Clears throat)

Victoria: (Sighs) All right.

Rafe: Okay.

Billy: (Clears throat) (Normal voice) We have a deal.

Daniel: You're doin' the right thing.

(Doorbell rings)

Billy: Now what? (Clears throat)

Woman: William Abbott?

Billy: Yes.

Claudia: Claudia Noels, child protective services. I'd like to talk to you and Mrs. Abbott about the adoption of your daughter Lucy.

Jana: Do you remember when we met?

Kevin: Yeah. Your job interview, the girl on the scooter.

Jana: (Chuckles) I was so shocked that you asked me out.

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Jana: (Chuckles) When did you know I was the one?

Kevin: It wasn't a lightning bolt or anything. I just remember one day thinking... I want to wake up next to her for the rest of my life.

Jana: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Laughs)

Kevin: What?

Jana: (Sighs) (Sniffles) Do you remember crashing my bachelorette party?

Kevin: Yeah. (Foreign accent) Chance Chutney, swami to the stars.

Jana: (Laughs)

Kevin: Let me tell you your fortune.

Jana: (Sighs) God, those were the best days of my life.

Kevin: (Normal voice) Mine, too. What are you doin'?

Jana: Oh, my God. (Sighs) Oh, my God, you're tricking me again.

Kevin: What?

Jana: You're bloody tricking me again!

Kevin: No. No, no, no, no.

Jana: I thought you meant all those things. You're lying, aren't you?

Kevin: Jana, no. No! No.

Jana: Get them off.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, what are you gonna do now? What are you gonna do?

Jana: Get them off. You need to--get in the closet. You need to take those off right now.

Kevin: Come on, Jana, no. Don't do this. Don't do this.

Jana: Do it now. Do it now. You need to go. Get in! Go!

Kevin: Look, Jana, I wasn't tricking you, all right?

Jana: Go, go, go.

Kevin: I wasn't tricking you. You just surprised me.

Jana: (Sings loudly)

Kevin: You just surprised me, Jana! (Pounds on door) Come on, Jana, don't do this!

Jana: (Sings louder)

Kevin: Jana! (Continues pounding) Jana! Come on! Come on, don't do this! Jana? (Radio plays loudly) (Train whistle blows) (Building shakes)

Kevin: Jana?

Kay: How many of you, um, realize that the missing young man is Kevin Fisher, the owner of this establishment? Well, I'm sure some of you remember, he put his life at risk to get me out of a very dangerous situation. He may have even helped one of you. You know, a free cup of coffee, a kind word, a... possibly even a job when you couldn't find one elsewhere. Well, that's the kind of man that--that Kevin is. It's his loyalty to his ex-wife that may have put him in jeopardy.

Chloe: And she is psychotic, and we're afraid that she may have hurt him.

Kay: I want you to take these shirts. Wear them. Tell everyone, anyone, just to keep an eye open for him, because believe me, he would do the same for you.

Claudia: I'll need to see Lucy's adoption papers.

Rafe: Rafe Torres, Mr. and Mrs. Abbott's attorney. Did something trigger this inquiry?

Claudia: A custody suit was filed against Mr. Abbott regarding his other daughter Cordelia.

Billy: Are you serious?

Rafe: Mr. Abbott hasn't received any papers.

Claudia: Yeah, they were flagged and sent to my office.

Rafe: She's calling Billy an unfit father for hiring Jana against her wishes as well as illegally adopting Lucy.

Victoria: What?

Billy: Look, my ex-wife and I, we had an argument over the nanny, and she was right. I was wrong, and she just can't seem to let that go.

Claudia: The paperwork, please?

Billy: Uh-huh. (Clears throat)

Lucy: (Fusses)

Victoria: Shh. Shh, shh, shh. (Whispering) Its okay. It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

Man: ...Clear skies, winds southeast at 3 miles per hour. Turning to local news, the search continues for the missing couple suspected of kidnapping two small children. Kevin and Jana Fisher were last seen boarding a train to Florida. Mr. Fisher's girlfriend Chloe Mitchell made a plea to the media yesterday for his safe return.

Chloe: The police seem to think that he was involved in the kidnapping of my daughter and Lucy Abbott. But we have proof that his ex-wife is holding him against his will. And as you can see in this security footage that he is signaling me. It's-- its "Rock, paper, scissors." I know that I sound silly, but--

Jeff: Hey, hey, hey. Come on. Come on. You're messin' up my suit.

Angelo: My business, my books. Now you hand them over, or the next appendage you lose will not be replaceable.

Jeff: All right, look. Look, you want to beat me to a pulp? Go ahead, but you're not gettin' the books. This place is a money pit, and I need the money.

Angelo: Oh, yeah?

Man: Angelo Veneziano?

Angelo: Oh. (Chuckles) How may I help you, Officer?

Man: You're wanted down at the station to answer questions about Kevin Fisher.

Angelo: You dropped the dime on me?

Jeff: Why would I do somethin' like that?

Man: Let's go.

Chloe: Why would the police pull my paperwork? I mean, it's just a custody case.

Heather: Well, I assume it has something to do with your charge that Billy adopted Lucy illegally.

Chloe: I was just trying to protect my daughter. I never thought that a custody suit would get flagged by the cops.

Heather: And I'm very sorry it happened, but focus on what's most important here, which is your daughter's safety.

Chloe: I'm not changing my mind, but this could get really bad. I mean, Billy could get in serious trouble, and that was never my intent.

Claudia: What agency did you use?

Billy: It was a private adoption.

Claudia: And did you meet with a social worker?

Victoria: Uh, no, we didn't.

Claudia: Uh, where did you file the paperwork?

Billy: You know, my assistant handled that.

Claudia: Well, it all looks legitimate, but there should have been a home study and a background check. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take the baby until we can investigate further.

Victoria: What? No. No, you can't do that.

Billy: For how long? No, you're not doing that.

Claudia: Until I'm satisfied that all the requirements have been met.

Daniel: I-I'm the biological father, and Billy and Victoria, they have my permission to keep the baby.

Phyllis: Right. Right.

Claudia: Unfortunately, I can't corroborate your claim.

Daniel: I took a D.N.A. test. I mean, I can get you a copy of it.

Claudia: The court is gonna want to conduct its own test.

Rafe: Can you set that up right away?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's do it right now.

Claudia: Well, if you give me your name and your phone number, I'll pass on the information.

Daniel: Pen. Pen.

Billy: Right on the desk.

Michael: All right, I'll see if the D.A. can intervene. I'll talk to Spencer. Excuse me.

Victoria: You can't do this. You can't take Lucy. You--you can't do that.

Phyllis: You can't take her. I'm--I'm sorry. You--you--she really needs to be with her family. You can't do this. Please?

Claudia: (Sighs)

Jeff: You're not gettin' these without a fight. Oh, hey, hey, Buttercup. It's me. Listen, everything's good on the home front. Uh, Manny's doin' a double shift, and the stuff from the Aladdin came in. I hope you get some good news about Kevin. Okay. I love you. Good-bye.

Gloria: So what now? A box of t-shirts, fliers to the Athletic Club?

Kay: Yeah, you know what? Send a box of those over to the, oh, Glow--Gloworm,

Gloria: Glow--Gloworm.

Kay: Right. Yeah, right.

Gloria: Katherine, you have no idea how much this means to me.

Kay: (Sighs) We never stop worrying about our children, do we?

Gloria: I keep telling myself he's strong. You'll get through this, and even in her sick, twisted way, maybe she loves him and she won't hurt him.

Kay: You know, Gloria, there's a lot of things about you that I have disapproved of. But one thing is very clear-- you love your son.

Gloria: Do you think we'll see him again?

Kay: Not a doubt in my mind.

Kevin: Jana? Jana! (Sighs)

(Front door opens)

(Front door closes)

Kevin: Hey, look, I get that you're angry, but if you just let me out of here, I promise I won't try to run.

(Closet door unlocks)

Jana: (Sighs) Surprised to see me again?

Kevin: Jana?

Jana: (Sighs) You thought you'd gotten rid of this Jana, didn't you? Well, this is who I really am. This is the woman that you fell in love with. This is the woman who collected scrapbooks about serial killers. She killed Carmen. She locked you up in that freezer with Colleen, and she set it on fire.

Kevin: That wasn't your fault, Jana.

Jana: (Sighs) Oh, it was the brain tumor? Yeah, it worked well for me, don't you think? This is the real Jana, and she's back, and she is hotter than ever! And, God, do I have plans for you. (Sighs) This is gonna be really fun.

Chloe: I was angry with Billy for hiring a wacko nanny. I mean, if someone took your child, wouldn't you do the same thing?

Spencer: If the adoption wasn't illegal, it'll work out. What do you know about it?

Heather: I know nothing. I-I'm--I'm representing her.

Michael: Spencer, I need to talk with you. Child Protective Services is trying to take Billy and Victoria's baby away from them.

Chloe: This is all my fault.

Michael: Yeah, you think? Listen, get down to the C.P.S. get any information you can. And by the way, all the details we never discussed about your business dealings with Chloe? We're gonna talk about every one of 'em.

Angelo: Nice to see some friendly faces.

Chloe: Have you been arrested?

Angelo: Nah. They just hauled me in for questioning about the disappearance of your boyfriend. I told him I don't know nothin', but they don't believe me. My lawyer will clear it up.

Spencer: Who's your attorney?

Angelo: Why, Mr. Baldwin, of course.

Victoria: Don't let her take Lucy. Please, don't let her take Lucy.

Billy: She's never been without us. She's not going to understand what's going on here.

Victoria: You don't know her routine. You don't know what song that she needs to go to sleep at night, and what if she wakes up in the middle of the night and we're not there? What then?

Daniel: It's absolutely ridiculous to take a kid away from its parents and think that that's gonna protect it.

Phyllis: Yeah, Billy and Victoria are from two very prominent families in this town. They're--they're not gonna disappear. Every-- everything is fine. They--nothing's gonna happen.

Claudia: I'm very sorry. I need to take her now.

Victoria: No.

Billy: You're not takin' my kid. Not today. Not--no.

Man: Sir, stand aside...

Billy: Back off.

Rafe: Billy--

Man: Or I'll be forced to restrain you.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Rafe: Billy, Billy, just do what they say. You're just gonna make matters worse.

Billy: Come on.

Victoria: N-no. (Sniffles) All right, Sweetheart. Okay, you can go with this lady. But it's just gonna be for a little while, okay? And then we'll figure everything out, and you'll be right back here with us... (Voice breaking) And everything's gonna be okay. I promise. (Sobs)

Claudia: All right.

Victoria: No. No!

Claudia: Okay, we're gonna take care of this quickly. Ma'am. Okay, you know what? We--

Victoria: (Sobs)

Billy: Honey.

Claudia: We will take care of this as quickly as possible, and the baby will be well taken care of.

Victoria: Her name is Lucy, okay? It's Lucy Abbott, and she's not just another case. She's our daughter.

Lucy: (Cries)

Claudia: It's okay. It's okay.

Victoria: Her blanket! Don't forget her blanket! She can't sleep without it.

Lucy: (Cries)

Claudia: No. She'll be fine.

Billy: Lucy, I'm sorry, Honey. I--you'll be back soon. I promise.

Victoria: Our daughter. (Sobs)

Billy: Honey, please don't.

Victoria: (Sobbing)

Daniel: Billy, you know they can't keep her, right? I'm gonna do everything I can to help.

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: We're getting her back.

Billy: It's my own fault anyway. My carelessness just cost me my two daughters and my wife. (Sighs) Can you guys do me a favor? I need, uh, I need my space here. Can you guys just leave me alone for a minute please?

Phyllis: Yeah, let's go.

Billy: Thank you, Rafe.

Billy: (Scoffs) (Inhales sharply)

Billy: (Voice breaking) I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. (Sniffles) (Sighs) (Sighs)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: You know, I miss the babies. I want to see 'em.

Jana: You need to commit a crime. You need to do something serious, something really big.

Kevin: No.

Victoria: I think you need to stay somewhere else tonight.

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