Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/28/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/28/11 -- Canada; Friday 4/29/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9640 ~ Sharon Makes a New Friend

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Victoria: How long have you been up?

Billy: Oh... (Chuckles) Hi. Long enough to feed Lucy, clean this place up a bit. And now we're gonna go pack up the rest of Janaís stuff, after which I am taking my two girls out on a picnic. Right?

Victoria: Do you really think that's a good idea? I mean, the press is in an uproar about Kevin and Jana, not to mention the bombshell that you dropped about Daniel and Lucy.

Billy: Oh, come on now. (Clears throat) We are not gonna hide in this house. It's gonna be a good day. You'll see.

Lucy: (Giggles)

Billy: Mwah. Right? Yeah. See? Good day.

Lily: Listen, are you sure this is a good idea? Because Abby was really upset that you were confiding in me instead of her.

Daniel: Yeah, but she's just too close to the situation, which is about to get a whole lot messier.

Lily: Okay.

Daniel: My mom found out that Lucy is Daisy's baby.

Lily: Okay, that is not good. What?

Daniel: No, it's not good. It's not good, because you know she's not gonna let this go.

Lily: Okay, well, still, I'm not the person that you should be talking to.

Daniel: I told you, I can't talk to Abby about this.

Lily: No, I'm not talking about Abby. I'm not even talking about her. I'm saying that you should talk to, like, a lawyer or something.

Michael: All right, I have got five minutes to spare. Lauren is climbing the walls, and I am still looking for Kevin, so whatever you have to do--

Phyllis: I found Danielís baby. It's Lucy Abbott. What are you doing?

Michael: I'm calling Lauren.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Michael: I'm calling Lauren. Put--

Phyllis: You're not calling Lauren. We need a game plan. Once this goes public, Michael, there's no turning back.

Sam: (Knocks on door) How's Fanny?

Sharon: Well, um, I gave her a bottle first thing, and she seems to be getting her appetite back.

Sam: Excellent. Uh, this is for you, by the way.

Sharon: Oh, what is it?

Sam: Uh, that is an old laptop. I thought about taking it to the recycling place. Then I thought about you. It doesn't have much oomph, and it tends to crash now and then, but if you can deal with that, it's yours to use while you're here.

Sharon: Do you have internet here?

Sam: I do. I am not a total luddite. It'll probably pick up on the wireless signal from the house, and then you can, uh, be connected with the outside world. You know, I mean, if that's what you'd like.

Leslie: Spencer won't even discuss a deal.

Adam: No sense of humor, eh? What about bail?

Leslie: Uh, you're quite the flight risk, wouldn't you say? You know, for a man who's facing some serious jail time, you--

Adam: Says who?

Leslie: Says the D.A.

Adam: I already have a plan in motion. I'll bet you a billable hour I'll be out in time for dinner.

Noah: I'm liking 17 better than 15.

Devon: Yeah.

Noah: And you see that shadow across my chin?

Devon: Mm-hmm, they can always retouch it, though. Just talk to Giselle when you get back to New York.

Noah: (Sighs) That should have been yesterday. I wish I wasn't holding them up.

Devon: Yeah, well, you had to watch after your aunt's baby. They can wait another day.

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: Hey, Devon.

Devon: Nick, how you doin'?

Nick: Good, good. How are you?

Devon: Good to see you. Mr. Newman.

Victor: Hello, Devon.

Devon: How are you?

Victor: Nice to see you.

Devon: Nice to see you, too. Um, I am really sorry to hear about Sharon.

Nick: Thank you.

Victor: All right.

Noah: Hey, um, thanks for coming by. It felt good talking about something else for a change.

Devon: Yeah, of course, Man. Take it easy.

Noah: Yeah, Man.

Devon: All right?

Nick: Good to see you, Bud.

Devon: Good to see you, too.

Victor: Nice to see you, Devon.

Devon: Have a good day.

Nick: Sorry to interrupt.

Noah: It's okay. What's up?

Victor: Adam claims to have in his possession two letters written by your mother-- one addressed to you, one addressed to Faith-- supposedly written just before she died.

Noah: Well, where are they? I want to see them.

Nick: Well, there's a catch. Adam won't let us see them unless we agree to drop the charges against him.

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: In other words, the decision is yours, Son.

Rafe: Daisy's baby is-- I-is Lucy?

Daniel: Yeah, and I want her to stay with Billy and Victoria, because they can give her everything that I canít.

Rafe: Great. So why do you feel you--you need a lawyer?

Daniel: My mom found out last night, and you know how she gets when she's after something. I don't want her ripping that family apart because of her own desire to raise the kid.

Lily: Yeah, so any advice?

Rafe: Legally, the most effective thing you can do is sign over your parental rights to the adoptive parents.

Michael: If you think I'm keeping this from my wife, you're out of your mind. You don't know my wife. She's crazy. You know that.

Phyllis: You're not gonna tell her on the phone. That's a bad idea. She flipped out yesterday when she heard the baby was born in Genoa City. Now knowing that it's right under her nose with Billy and Victoria, a-a beacon for her deranged mother? It's her worst nightmare realized. You're not gonna tell her yet.

Michael: She has an appointment with a contractor this morning. I'll wait till I can see her.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Billy and Victoria don't even know that I know this yet. Only Daniel.

Michael: Daniel knows Lucy is his?

Phyllis: Yeah, he's known for a long time.

Michael: I was right. I was right. He did let Daisy go in Canada. (Thumps finger on tabletop) You told me no, but I was right.

Phyllis: All right, okay, I know. I know. Yes, you were right.

Michael: I knew it!

Phyllis: It explains a lot. I know. I need help with this. What am I gonna do? This is my son's child. Michael, that baby belongs with my son and me, not with them. This--this adoption was obviously illegal. But then I think about that baby, and it's so happy... (Voice breaking) With Billy and Victoria. They're such great parents. They love her so much. She has such a great home.

Michael: Well, maybe that's your answer.

Phyllis: (Normal voice) Mnh-mnh. I need to know that you're in my corner as a friend and a lawyer.

Michael: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Because the way I'm feeling now, I may... I may need you as my lawyer.

Michael: Well, I... I can't agree to represent you without telling Lauren first. And aren't you, you know, ahead of the game? You haven't even talked to Victoria and Billy about this.

Phyllis: Well, I'm-- I'm on my way over there right now.

Michael: No, no. I don't--I--no. That's, um, I-I don't want you charging over there and making accusations and demanding to see the baby.

Phyllis: I'm not-- I'm not gonna charge over there and demand to see the--

Michael: You know how you can be...

Phyllis: How--

Michael: Yes.

Phyllis: Really? How can I be?

Michael: You need to be calm. You need--

Phyllis: I'm just gonna go talk to them. Besides, you're crazed, right?

Michael: Yeah, I'm crazed.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: I'm crazed.

Cell phone rings)

Michael: Hello, Victor. What's up?

Victor: Michael, I'm sorry to disturb. I know you're trying to find your brother, but this is about Sharon. I need to see you right away. Would you mind coming to the ranch?

Michael: Of course. Uh, yes, I'll be there.

Sam: So there you go. You've got a DVD player, word processing, the internet.

Sharon: This is so great. Thank you.

Sam: Well, wait to thank me before you see how slow it is. Molasses goes faster uphill than this.

Sharon: (Sighs) Okay. Uh, wait. I can't check my e-mail. Someone could track me here.

(Computer keys clicking)

Adam: So if you're Noah, the only way to get that letter is to drop the charges. Don't you think that trumps the joy of sticking it to me? Am I right?

Leslie: Emotional blackmail? Stay classy, Adam.

Adam: That family abandoned Sharon. They treated her like something on the bottom of their shoe. Her son all but told her to go to hell the last time he saw her. And now she's gone.

Leslie: I know this is a difficult time for you, all right? And I'm sure being in here doesn't help.

Adam: (Clears throat) Anyway, that's the plan. Just be ready to come down here when the D.A. releases me.

Nick: We cannot give in to him. These are a mother's last words to her children, and this punk wants to hold them hostage so he can get out of jail?

Noah: I agree. It sucks. But what about Faith? As much as I want my letter, if I never got it, I could deal. Like I said, I have a ton of good memories growing up with you guys. But when my sister gets older, she won't even recognize Mom's face.

Nick: That's not gonna happen. I won't let her forget her mother.

Noah: Mom should be more than a story or a picture. And whatever that letter says, it'll bet the only words Faith can hold on to.

Nick: Okay. Well, I'm gonna go down there then, and see if Adamís telling the truth for once.

Victor: Son? Make this your negotiation, and not Adamís. You don't give that bastard a thing until you know that these letters are real, all right? (Sighs)

Adam: Ahh, took you long enough.

Nick: You got a deal. Noah won't press charges, in exchange for Sharonís letters, if we confirm they're real. Then, and only then, will the D.A. get the call.

Adam: Come on now. Who do you think you're dealin' with here? I give you the letters, you're gone, and I'm screwed. You drop the charges. Then I'll get you the letters.

Sharon: (Reading) "I was Sharonís assistant at Beauty of Nature. She was so sweet to work for-- not a diva bone in her body." "All the kids loved it when Mrs. Newman chaperoned dances and field trips." "Most of our patients at Fairview sanitarium were off in their own worlds, but Sharon fought hard for her recovery, for her children. Nothing was more important to her than those kids." "A fitting end to a disgusting human being"?

Lily: That sounds pretty final.

Rafe: It is.

Lily: Is that his only option?

Rafe: Most effective weapon he has against Phyllis, should this end up in court. Once you sign your parental rights over, legally, the baby's new parents hold all the cards. I know this is a tough decision.

Daniel: Draw up the papers. I'll sign 'em.

Lily: W-wait. Hello? I mean, can we talk about this first?

Rafe: I, uh, I need to call the office.

Daniel: What?

Lily: Well, Daniel, I just--I want you to think about this first.

Billy: That is the last of Janaís stuff. (Clears throat)

Victoria: (Sighs) What are we gonna do with it?

Billy: Well, for right now, I'm just gonna leave it in the basement, which is where she belongs, 6 feet under.

Victoria: I-I really wish you wouldn't talk like that.

Billy: Why not? I mean, she kidnapped two innocent kids, snatched them right out of their house.

Victoria: Okay, look. I'm not defending Jana. I'm not. But we don't know the whole story, Billy. What if she's sick, or--or she has some problem?

Billy: Oh, she--she's sick. She's definitely sick, okay?

Victoria: Or she--

Billy: And I'm not gonna let her near my family again, or anybody else out to hurt us. (Makes silly noises)

(Doorbell rings)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Hi. Come on in. Um, is there any news yet? Anything about Kevin or-- or--or "Wack-job ex"?

Victoria: Oh, my God. You know.

Nick: No letters, no deal. Take it or leave it.

Adam: I guess the visit's over then.

Nick: Well, if you can't even substantiate your claim--

Adam: Doris has seen them. I told Dad about it. I'm surprised he didn't mention it.

Nick: He didnít.

Adam: Well, ask the woman. That should be all the proof you need. That is, of course, unless you despise me so much that you just can't bring yourself to do the right thing.

Nick: Look, Loser, this is not about you versus me. This is about two kids who deserve to hear their mother's last words, because I love them way more than I could ever hate you. That is the only reason I am giving in to your sick demands.

Michael: So this is about Sharonís will?

Victor: It's in probate. I would like things to be expedited, make sure this all gets finished before Adam gets out of jail, which I am afraid may happen sooner...

Michael: (Sighs)

Victor: Than any of us hoped, all right?

Michael: All right, I'm on it.

Noah: Good luck finding Kevin.

Michael: Thank you, Noah.

(Doorbell rings)

Victor: Would you mind answering that, Michael? Thank you.

Michael: You got it. (Clicks tongue)

Noah: (Sighs)

(Front door opens)

Michael: Spencer.

(Front door closes)

Victor: Hello, Mr. Walsh. Nice of you to come.

Spencer: What's going on?

Victor: Well, it seems that Noah here wants to drop charges against Adam.

Spencer: I go out of my way to get him locked up after that stunt at the church--

Victor: I understand your sentiment, Mr. Walsh. But Adam claims that he has certain letters in his possession.

Spencer: Letters?

Victor: Letters that he claims were written by Sharon before she died-- one to Noah, and one to his sister Faith-- and he claims to know where they're located.

Spencer: So if Noah here plays ball, then...

Victor: You got it. That's how despicable a man he is.

Spencer: Why give in? After everything Adamís pulled, I would think you'd want him locked up.

Noah: We do. Trust me. But right now, those words from my mom take priority. They're the only thing my sister and I have left of her.

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Yes, Nicholas? All right, I'll move things forward. Okay. A deal has been made.

Spencer: (Sighs) I'll make the call.

Victor: (Sighs)

Daniel: What is there to think about?

Lily: Uh, I don't know. The rest of your life, maybe? Daniel, you don't want to be a dad right now, but what about down the road?

Daniel: That day may never come.                                        

Lily: Okay, listen, I just-- I want you to think about this, okay? If you sign those papers, Billy and Victoria could take Lucy halfway around the world and not even tell you where they are. I mean, you don't want to be a dad right now, but wh-what about ten years from now? Or five years? Or even a year? Listen, don't do this. Don't sign away your only child.

Victoria: Did Daniel tell you?

Phyllis: No, I figured it out on my own.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: How long have you known?

Billy: Since Sharonís funeral. I didn't get a chance to tell Victoria until after we found the kids, so...

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Hey.

Phyllis: Victoria... (Sighs) I'm sure this is hard. I'm sure you're terrified that somebody's gonna find out, somebody else. I understand how you feel. Listen, I-I would understand if you said no, but do you mind if I hold her? Just for a second. Uh, you don't have to do it. I just...

Victoria: It's, uh, I-it's okay, yeah.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Victoria: It's--it's you. Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah. Okay. Hi, Sweetie. (Laughs) Hey. Oh, my goodness.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Hello.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Hi. Here. Here you go.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: (Chuckles) Hi.

Phyllis: Okay. We're adults. We're friends. We can figure this out, o-okay? It doesn't have to be dramatic. I think... I think you both... know that--that she needs to be with her family, and... that's the right thing to do.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you so much for understanding.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah.

Billy: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Um, I think you misunderstand me. I meant her real family.

Billy: Lucy is with her real family. Lucy's down for her nap. (Sighs) I think it's time you left.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm... not leaving. We have a lot to discuss.

Billy: No, we don't, and you are leaving.

Victoria: Listen to me, please.

Billy: I should have never let you through that door. It was a mistake.

Victoria: From the day that we adopted Lucy... (sighs) I knew that her biological parents were out there somewhere. I mean, I'm not stupid. I just... they weren't a threat, you know? They were just nameless, faceless people that-- they just wanted a better life for their daughter. So to find out that it's someone that we know, someone that might want her and might want to take her away from us, it's--

Phyllis: Right. I-it's awkward a-and hard. Listen, Victoria, um... my--my son was taken away from me when he was a toddler.

Billy: It's not something you get over, is it? I'm sure Daniel has his scars, too.

Victoria: We're the only parents that Lucy knows. We stay up with her all night long when she's sick, and, I mean, when we go into her room in the morning, she smiles at us, and we talk to her, and we read to her, and we--we sing to her, and we're not just her adoptive parents. We're her mom. We're her dad. We're--we're her family.

Phyllis: I really understand. I know. Listen, you guys, she's so young. She'll adapt quickly. She's so young.

Victoria: (Scoffs)

Billy: Okay, Phyllis, I have entertained this long enough. Go now. Get out of my house. I want you out.

Daniel: Right now, I have to think about what's best for Lucy, and if signing away my parental rights is the only way to keep my mom from screwing things up for her... look, I don't mean to sound harsh about it.

Lily: No, it's--it's fine. It's just... I'm just thinking about how hard Cane and I fought to have our babies. And then, you know...

Daniel: And then he died. He died protecting them, which is why I have to do this. I mean, I want parents that would do anything for Lucy. I want parents that would sacrifice anything the way you and Cane did for Matty and Charlie.

Rafe: If you, uh, if you need another minute...

Daniel: No. No, you know what? I'm cool. Let's--let's do it.

Leslie: Congratulations. Once again, you have played the system and won.

Adam: (Clears throat) Was there ever any doubt?

Leslie: You better know exactly where those letters are, Adam, because Spencer Walsh is escorting you personally to retrieve them.

Adam: I'm honored.

Sharon: (Reading) "Can you believe she was going to marry that monster? Maybe now that poor baby can grow up in peace." "Sharon Newman was the worst kind of trash." "Good riddance to a real wack-job"

Sam: Hi. Uh...

Sharon: (Sobs)

Sam: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Sharon: No, I just-- I-I mean, I-I didn't, um...

Sam: You--you were just up so early workin', I figured you might like a hot breakfast.

Sharon: I-I just-- I need some, um, time to myself right now, Sam, please?

Sam: Sure. Sure. I-I'm sorry again. Just, uh--

Sharon: No, thank you. Thank you. Can you just go? Thank you.

Sam: Of course.

Sharon: (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Noah: Look, when I talked to my mom in jail, it was bad, Devon. It was really bad. I mean, I-I said some terrible things to her. So what if these letters, like, I mean, what if they make it worse?

Devon: (Sighs) All I can tell you is when Dru died, n-none of us had a chance to say good-bye, and I'd have given anything to have a message from her. Look, you'll handle it, Man.

Noah: (Sighs)

Adam: The letters are right here.

Victor: What do you think?

Nick: This is definitely Sharonís handwriting.

Victor: (Sighs)

Nick: Now why don't you beat it? 'Cause I'm done with you, and you stay the hell away from my family.

Adam: And a cheery farewell to you, big brother. I think I'll stay a while, have a drink, celebrate my freedom.

Spencer: If you wouldn't mind, I'd like copies. If we could piece together Sharonís final moments, maybe I can close the case file.

Victor: We'll let you have them once we have read them, okay?

Sam: Hey.

(Knock on door)

Sharon: Yes?

Sam: I just wanted to say I'm sorry again about before.

Sharon: You know, I'm-- I'm really the one who should be apologizing. You were just trying to help.

Sam: Hey, it's-- it's not necessary, but I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, if that's all right. Come on in. Come on.

Sharon: Who's this?

Sam: This is Piper from next door, and she is here to visit her lamb.

Sharon: Fanny?

Sam: Her parents don't have a barn, so I offered to keep her little 4-h project right here.

Sharon: Well, nice to meet you, Piper. I'm Sheri.

Piper: Hi.

Noah: (Reading) "Dear Noah, I can't stop thinking about the last words we said to each other when you saw me in jail-- not because I was hurt by them, because you were right. The past couple years. I've let you down terribly, you and a lot of other people. I'm praying you won't let that stop you from living the life you were meant to live. Go back to New York. Follow your dreams. Be amazing, and whatever happens, I hope you won't ever feel you were responsible for any of this. When you find out what I have done, please don't blame yourself, Noah. You're a good person with an incredible soul, and it was a joy and a privilege to have you in my life. All my love forever, Mom." (Sighs)

Noah: (Sniffles)

Nick: "I fought so hard to bring you into this world as peacefully as possible, surrounded by calm..."

Faith: (Babbles)

Nick: "By love, but instead, there was..."

Faith: (Babbles)

Nick: "Heartache and terrible loss."

Faith: (Babbles)

Nick: "I wish I could go back and do things over. Sadly, I canít. I made my choices. I ruined my life all by myself. You're better off with your daddy now. He'll dry your tears and kiss your boo-boos, and bring you up to be the beautiful young woman I know you're gonna be. Just remember, Faith, no matter what happens or what people say, your mommy will always, always love you."

Faith: Mommy.

Nick: Yeah, she'll love you.

Faith: Mommy?

Nick: "You are my precious angel."

Faith: See mommy?

Nick: Yeah. "And I'll be yours, too."

Faith: Mommy. No, no, Mommy.

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: (Sighs)

Faith: (Babbles)

Noah: (Sighs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Billy, I-I can't believe the way you're acting.

Billy: The way I'm acting?

Phyllis: I would think that you, of all people, would understand after what happened to Ashley.

Billy: (Scoffs) Okay, you are not Lucyís mother. Daisy is a fugitive, and your son has no interest in raising a child.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I have interest.

Victoria: Really, do you? Is--is that what's gonna happen? Or are you gonna hire a full-time nanny to do that job while you run around chasing the latest, hottest story?

Phyllis: A-are you kidding me? Are--really? Uh, you just lost custody of your own son to your ex-husband, Victoria.

Victoria: Oh, we both did, okay? We both did. The only difference is you were officially declared an unfit mother. Do you really want to go there, Phyllis?

(Knock on door)

Phyllis: Sure. Let's go--

Daniel: Door's open. Mom? What are you doing here?

Nick: I know you were worried about what your letter might say.

Noah: Mom forgave me. She didn't hate me.

Nick: Oh, Son. Whatever you said to your mom that day, they were just words.

Faith: Uh-oh.

Nick: She knew that. She wouldn't hold it against you.

Noah: I guess you're right.

Nick: Your mom was so proud of you. And you got nothing to feel guilty about. You did nothing wrong.

Noah: (Scoffs) That's what she said in her letter. I know you hated letting Adam go, but it was so worth it, Dad.

Faith: Uh-oh.

Noah: Thank you.

Sharon: Would you like to feed her? It's okay. Don't be scared. Fanny was scared at first, too, but she gets better every day. You'd be surprised how strong she is. Here. Give it a try. Bottle? Go ahead, Fanny. Yeah, be a good girl. Take your bottle. Now be a good girl.

Piper: (Chuckles)

Sharon: (Laughs)

Adam: To you, Babe.

Victor: The only people who believed your lie that you're a good person are gone and dead, so I think it's time for you to leave town, don't you?

Adam: (Clicks tongue) You'd like that, wouldn't you? Which is exactly why I'm gonna stay around.

(Cell phone rings)

Adam: Adam Newman.

Michael: (Quietly) We have a problem.

Victor: What problem?

Michael: Sharon had Vance put a codicil in her will right after Valentineís Day.

Adam: A codicil? What codicil?

Michael: (Sighs) She wanted Adam provided for as the only Newman heir without a birthright. She left him her house on the ranch.

Adam: The house? Are you serious?

Victor: (Quietly) Are you sure?

Adam: And it stipulates I can never be evicted?

Victor: (Normal voice) How the hell did that happen?

Adam: Leslie, thank you. You just made my day.

Adam: (Sighs) Dad, well, I guess... things have changed. The worm has turned. Good news for once. I guess I'll see you back home.

Nick: I got those, uh, copies of the letter for you. I didn't want to just fax 'em to you.

Spencer: Understood.

Nick: What's wrong?

Spencer: I'm sorry to even say this. But these words--the-- the phrasing Sharonís using...

Nick: What about 'em?

Spencer: Have you ever considered the possibility that this wasn't an accident?

Nick: Sharon did not kill herself. Do you hear me?

Spencer: I'm sorry if I overstepped. All right, if I...

Nick: Yeah, they're yours. Just please, do not mention that to anyone ever again, please?

Spencer: (Sighs)

Devon: You know, I don't envy Noah for having to make a decision like that. But if it comes down to him getting his mom's letter, then...

Lily: Do you ever think about your dad?

Devon: Not really. Why?

Lily: I don't know. I'm just thinking about a friend of mine who wants to sign away his parental rights so that his baby daughter can be adopted by a loving family.

Devon: Well, speaking as someone who grew up in the system, uh, if your friend knows that his kid would be better off with the other family, then, you know, more power to him, especially if she's still that little, 'cause it's a lot better off than, you know, what I had to go through before meeting Dru and Neil.

Lily: Yeah, I just... (Sighs) I don't know. I just hope he's making the right decision.

Daniel: When I pulled in the driveway and I saw your car, I couldn't believe it. So why would you come here?

Phyllis: I wanted to see Lucy.

Victoria: Please. No. She wanted to take Lucy.

Phyllis: No, I wanted to talk.

Billy: Oh, yeah, you wanted to "Talk."

Daniel: Well, this conversation is over.

Phyllis: What is-- what are those, Da-- what is--what is that that you're signing? What is that?

Daniel: I am signing away my parental rights.

Phyllis: No. Oh, my God, Daniel, you are not doing-- no, my God, Daniel, you can't do that!

Daniel: I just did it. I just did it. It's over. Back off.

Phyllis: Let me tell you something, this is not over. This is not over, and I am never, ever backing off of this.

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