Y&R Transcript Friday 4/15/11

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/15/11 -- Canada; Monday 4/18/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9631 ~ Shocking News Rocks Genoa City

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Phyllis: We're bad.

Nick: Well, not necessarily. Sometimes, bad isn't... bad.

Phyllis: No.

Nick: Sometimes, bad is good.

Phyllis: It is.

Nick: Damn good.

Abby: Hey, Uncle Jack. Have you seen Daniel? He said he was gonna be here.

Billy: I just saw him down in the gym. I think he's about 50 crunches ahead of you.

Abby: Great.

Ashley: Hey there.

Abby: Hey.

Ashley: Hi, Jack. Hi, Sweetie. How are you?

Jack: Hey.

Neil: Hey, Guys.

Abby: Hey, Mom. Hey, Neil.

Neil: Hi.

Jack: Here on Jabot business?

Ashley: Um, working on a new line. You know, initial stages. Nothing to report quite yet.

Jack: How are things with Lily?

Abby: I heard that Daniel's been over a couple times. Good days and bad?

Neil: Well, fortunately, the good days are starting to outnumber the bad.

Ashley: And that has a lot to do with you. She's lucky to have you.

Neil: Thanks. Oh, look, our-- our table's ready.

Ashley: Okay.

Neil: Excuse us, please.

Ashley: See you, Guys.

Neil: All right. All right.

Jack: See you, Guys. Dare I ask what is going through that pretty little head of yours?

Abby: Just how nice it would be if Mom got back together with Neil. Oh, bye, Uncle Jack. Hey, you.

Daniel: Hey.

Abby: I was just gonna come work out with ya.

Daniel: Well, you know, you can't sleep in if you want to work out with me.

Abby: (Laughs) (Gasps) Ooh, ooh, look who's here. She's wearing the outfit I bought her. Oh, my goodness.

Victoria: Hi. Yeah, look at.

Abby: She's the cutest.

Victoria: Isn't she cute?

Daniel: Cute.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: Guys-- they don't care. You could put 'em in a burlap sack, they wouldn't know the difference. (Laughs)

Abby: Look at these shoes.

Victoria: I know.

Billy: Hey, Man, I gotta-- I kinda gotta talk to you about something. Um, it's been drivin' me crazy all day. I-I think you're the only person that can help me out with this.

Daniel: Help you out with what?

Billy: Well, it's about Daisy and her baby. Oh! Hey, Man.

Ashley: What's the matter?

Billy: Yo, Jack, you okay?

Jack: That--that was-- that was someone I know from the police station. Sharon was in an accident when she was trying to escape. She's dead.

Ashley: (Gasps)

Victor: Good morning.

Diane: Good night, too.

Victor: (Chuckles)

Diane: (Chuckles)

Nikki: Victor, Bonnie said you were here.

Victor: What happened?

Nikki: (Stammers)

Victor: What happened?

Nikki: I'm so sorry to tell you this.

Victor: What?

Nikki: It's Sharon.

[Sharon remembering]

Sharon: I'm tired, and I'm scared, and I'm... I don't know. I don't know if I can do this.

Adam: Yes, you can. You can do this, because-- because I'll be there by your side soon. Do you hear me? We're gonna do this together. You can do this. You're almost home free, Baby. I will be right there with you, right next to you. We're still meeting in that same place, right? Sharon?

Sharon: (Sighs)

Adam: (Breathing heavily) No. No.


(Door opens)

Diane: Is there anything I can do? Can I call your family?

Victor: No, Diane, uh, Nikki and I will take care of it, so--

Diane: Let me know if I can help.

Victor: Thank you.

(Cell phone rings)

Nikki: (Gasps) Its Victoria. Sweetheart.

Victoria: Hi, Mom. No, I know. We just heard the news. It's awful. Poor Faith. (Sighs) And, uh, what about Noah? Do he and Nick know, too?

Nikki: Your father and I left messages for them. Where are you?

Victoria: We're at the Athletic Club. Billy and Abby and I are here, and we were just about to have breakfast when Jack gave us the news. Ashley and Daniel a-and Neil are here, too.

Nikki: I'm at the ranch. Why don't you come over here? I think we should all be together.

Victoria: (Sighs) All right, Mom. I'll see you soon.

Ashley: Jackie.

Jack: I turned my back on Sharon. When she was with Adam, I-I let her down. I-I-I-I told her I didn't care anymore. I didn't care what happened.

Victoria: Hey.

Billy: Hmm?

Victoria: Um, Mom wants us to come to the ranch.

Billy: Are you gonna be okay with that?

Victoria: (Sighs) What about you, Jack? I don't suppose you're up for seeing my dad.

Jack: What, and miss out on an opportunity to put him through a wall?

Ashley: Come on.

Jack: No, wouldn't miss it-- not on your life. He let Sharon come in the middle of his fight with Adam. She is dead now because of it.

Ashley: Shh...

Jack: Come on. Let's go.

Billy: Whoa, come on. Jack, come on. Listen to me, all right? He's over there with Faith. Noah's on his way, probably Summer. Think about them. What good is it gonna do them to see you fight Victor right now? Just come on. All right? You know what? Um, go on ahead. I'm gonna stick around with Jack.

Victoria: Okay.

Jack: Billy, go ahead. Be with your family. I'll be fine.

Billy: Jack, come on. Really?

Jack: No, I'll be fine.

Billy: All right.

Ashley: I'll call you later.

Jack: (Sighs) Oh, come on, Phyllis. Where are you? (Sighs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: This is wrong.

Nick: Did I miss one of your spots?

Phyllis: This is wrong.

Nick: (Laughs)

Phyllis: I mean, when you're away from home on a beautiful island, things like this happen.

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: You know? The beautiful of the island, the humidity.

Nick: It is hot here.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah. But it's a change of atmosphere, and we should get back to reality. Right?

Nick: Yeah. Adam.

Phyllis: Yeah. And Sharon. Adam has a head start on us. I'm sure he's hooked up with Sharon by this time.

Nick: (Sighs)

Man: You ready? I've gotta warn you, the body's badly burned. I'm not sure you'll be able to tell if it's your fiancée or not.

Adam: Just do it. Just do it. (Sighs)

Adam: (Retches) (Sighs) God. (Sniffles) Yeah, it's, uh, it's Sharon. It's her. (Shudders) Uh oh!!

Victoria: Hi.

Nikki: Oh, Honey.

Victoria: Hi, Mom. Have you reached Nick yet?

Nikki: Not yet. Your father has decided to fly to New York to get Noah.

Victoria: He must be devastated.

Victor: The, uh, pilot is getting the jet ready. Um, would you take care of things here?

Nikki: Oh, don't give it a second thought.

Victor: Okay. I'll let you know as soon as I have Noah, okay?

Victoria: Dad? Thank you for letting us gather here.

Abby: It is really important for us to a-all just be together.

Victor: Nicholas and the children need all of us now.

Neil: Victor, we came for you, too.

Victor: Okay, I'm ready to go.

Ashley: Nikki, I think she's ready for a nap.

Nikki: I'll see about the crib.

Victor: I-I can't do that right now. Yes. I'm on the way to New York. All right. Okay. Thank you.

Neil: Um, Victor? I just want you to know that Sharon and I-- we were close once. She was Dru's best friend. I, uh, unfortunately let things come between us. I wasn't there for her at the end. None of us were... except for you. You really came through for her at that trial. You stood up and told everyone how innocent she was. No matter what, I'm sure she knows how much you loved her.

Victor: Thank you.

Billy: You know, knowing what Faith is gonna go through-- it kinda makes you want to make sure your kid never gets hurt.

Daniel: I know what you mean.

Billy: I started asking you something earlier about Daisy and the baby.

Daniel: Yeah, um, I-I don't know that much, but I mean, if there's something I know that can help...

Billy: Jana's trying to find your baby.

Daniel: What are you talking about? I didn't know that.

Billy: Yeah, well, it has something to do with Kevin. But since Jana watches Lucy and she watches Delia... (Sighs) I'm kind of worried that it's gonna bring Daisy to the front door, you know?

Daniel: Well, you heard what I said to my mom the other day. I--Daisy's not gonna come within 100 miles of Genoa City.

Billy: I can think of one reason why she might-- if she left her kid behind. Did she? Did Daisy give birth near Genoa City?

Victor: I'm off to get Noah, okay?

Diane: Are you--are you sure you wouldn't like for me to come with you?

Victor: I'm fine, thank you.

Diane: Call me...

Victor: Yeah.

Diane: If you need anything.

Victor: I think for the sake of both Noah and Faith, we should put our family differences aside.

Faith: (Babbles)

Ashley: What do you want, Sweetheart?

Victor: They'll need, obviously, all of our support and love, okay?

Faith: Uh-oh.

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Adam: (Sighs shakily) (Sniffles)

Man: I'm sorry to have to put you through that. Are you sure about the I.D.?

Adam: It was, uh, it was her. She was wearing the engagement ring that I gave her that... (Sniffles) Um, was my mom's. I'm, uh... (Sighs) When I head back to Genoa City, I'll start making arrangements for her to be brought home.

Man: Mr. Newman, one more thing-- how did you happen to be here with Ms. Newman?

Adam: She, uh... I'm sorry. She, uh, she called me and, um, I came out because I wanted to talk her-- talk her back into, um, turning herself in. Um, obviously, I was too late. (Sighs)

Phyllis: I got us on the first flight to St. Martin. Um, we should leave.

Nick: Nice. Clean clothes.

Phyllis: Good.

Nick: (Sighs) You know, I bet Adam paid off every local there. No one's gonna tell us where he went or how long ago he left.

Phyllis: Right, probably.

Nick: We should forget about Adam, try and get on Sharon's trail.

Phyllis: Yeah, we should.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: You want a hand with that?

Phyllis: No, I got it.

Nick: I thought we'd put all this to bed.

Phyllis: I thought that I had, um, gotten past this kind of thing.

Nick: What, sex?

Phyllis: (Laughs) No. Cheating.

Nick: Don't beat yourself up. We did it. Who'd we hurt?

Phyllis: I think I hurt Jack.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Finally. I've been trying to reach you.

Phyllis: Yeah, sorry. I had my phone turned off. What's going on?

Jack: I, uh, I have some terrible news.

Phyllis: What is it?

Jack: It's about Sharon. Sharon was in an accident. She's dead.

Phyllis: What? Um, what? A-are you okay?

Jack: No, I'm not okay. This shouldn't have happened. This should never have happened.

Phyllis: Um, I-I don't-- I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say. Um, uh, I-I'll be-- I'll--I'll-- I'll just be home as soon as I can get there.

Jack: Will you tell Nick?

Phyllis: Yeah, I will. Okay, um, I-I'll call you... (Stammers) I'll see you soon.

Nick: What's wrong?

Phyllis: It's Sharon.

Nick: Did they-- did they find her? Is she back in custody?

Phyllis: She's dead.

Jack: Where is he?

Diane: Jack, calm down.

Jack: Don't tell me to calm down! Where the hell is he?

Nikki: Victor's not here.

Jack: So where is the son of a bitch? Is he off easing his conscience?

Nikki: He went to get Noah.

Jack: Oh, another casualty.

Nikki: Victor's hurting just as much as everybody.

Diane: Blaming him for Sharon's death is not gonna hel--

Jack: Oh, save it. I have heard this. I can almost understand her defending him. What's wrong with you? How many times does he have to hurt the people that you love before you give up on the jerk?

Nikki: He didn't want any of this to happen, Jack.

Jack: Oh, really? Tell that to Sharon.

Nikki: I have to go look after Faith.

Diane: Jack--

Jack: Don't. You make me sick.

Daniel: Hey, you know, Daisy told me that the baby was close to where we found her in Canada.

Billy: Yeah? Do you believe her?

Daniel: Well, she's not the poster child for honesty, but she does care about the kid. There's no way she'd leave her behind. I think that wherever Daisy is, the baby's close by and has been since the day she was born.

Billy: Well, that's, uh, that's good to hear. I've really been stressing out about this. I'm glad I don't have to.

Victoria: Stressed? What are you feeling stressed about?

Neil: Ashley?

Ashley: Hmm?

Neil: I know we lose people, but this is just overwhelming. You know, Lily is still trying to come to terms with Cane's death, and--and--and now--now Sharon? I mean, I-it seems like just the other day when she and Dru first met.

Ashley: Oh, God, you know, if only Sharon hadn't gotten involved with Adam. He cost her everything.

Neil: I know.

Jack: How can this be? "A sheriff in New Mexico has confirmed that the badly burned body of a woman in an accident on the highway has been con--identified as Sharon Newman."

Nikki: Yes, Jack. Have you heard something contradictory to that?

Jack: I would bet my last dollar that Adam helped Sharon escape and that they were meeting up. But Nicholas and Phyllis followed him to the Caribbean. How could she be in New Mexico?

Sharon: Oh, thank God. Thank God. Thank God.

Adam: (Sighs)

Doris: What are you doing here?

Adam: Uh, Mrs. Collins, I just came in from New Mexico.

Doris: I'm not discussing any of this with you.

Adam: It's not gonna make any of it go away.

Doris: You need to leave.

Adam: I saw the body. They... they asked me to identify it.

Doris: (Whimpers)

Adam: I didn't want to, but I had to find out for myself.

Doris: (Sobs) No. No, not Sharon. (Sobs) Not Sharon.

Adam: I'm-- I'm so very sorry.

Doris: (Sobs)

Victoria: So you never said. What's got you stressed?

Billy: Well, you know, I'm just thinking about my naked niece here. I'm trying to talk this guy into keeping her clothes on.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Victoria: Are you sure that's it?

Billy: Well, you know, this Sharon thing has got me thinking, you know, about the choices we make and the consequences. I just don't want anybody else to get hurt. That's all.

Nikki: Nicholas.

Nick: Mom, I just heard. I--do you have Faith with you, and--and--and have you talked to Noah? He's in New York. He's all by himself.

Nikki: Sweetheart, listen to me. Faith is fine. She's here. She's sleeping. Your father's gone to New York. Everything is fine. We're taking care of your children.

Nick: Mom, I don't know what to do.

Nikki: Just come home, Son.

Phyllis: Here. Hey, Nikki, it's--its Phyllis.

Nikki: Phyllis, take care of him.

Phyllis: I will. Don't worry. I will. Listen, can you do me a favor? Can you tell Jack that we lost Adam?

Nikki: All right, I'll do that. You tell Nicholas that we all love him and we're here waiting for him.

(Cell phone buzzes)

Victor: My grandson is on his way, so let's get ready for takeoff. Thank you.

Noah: Grandpa. Hey.

Victor: Sit down. Sit down.

Noah: I heard the news report, and I didn't believe it. These stupid paparazzi. They've been following Mom around for months and making things up.

Victor: Noah, please sit down.

Noah: Look, I tried to--to call Dad to see what was going on, but his phone must have...

Victor: (Sighs heavily)

Noah: Been off or something.

Victor: Listen. Listen for a moment.

Noah: Grandpa, tell me this isn't true.

Victor: I wish I could.

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: Noah.

Noah: No, uh, thank you for coming all this way. Really, I appreciate it.

Victor: Please sit down, okay?

Noah: No, I-I need to, um, look, I-I have this recording session.

Victor: Please sit down--now! And listen.

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: You gotta come back home with me. Your family needs you. Whether you like it or not, you need your family. So let's go back home.

Noah: (Sighs)

Abby: (Sighs)

Ashley: So you're takin' off?

Abby: Yeah.

Ashley: Okay, I love you.

Abby: Mm, I love you, too.

Ashley: Bye, Daniel.

Daniel: Bye.

Abby: Hey, thanks for looking out for Mom.

Neil: Anytime.

Abby: Bye, you little cutie.

Billy: See you, Guys.

Victoria: See you later.

Diane: Well, I'll see if, uh, Bonnie can make up some food for everybody.

Ashley: Thanks, Diane.

Billy: You know, you think you're in control, but then, um, somebody somewhere, somehow lets you know that you're not writing it at all. It's probably a good thing, you know, because I wasn't doing a very good job of presenting Sharon's story. I forgot the number one rule of journalism... (Clears throat) "Stay objective." I wanted to bring down Adam and Victor so bad, I lost sight of that. And this isn't the ending that I wanted. (Sighs) You know, if saying sorry would, um, change anything, I'd say it. If taking the blame would rewrite the story, then, you know, I would. Nothing's gonna change anything. You know, nothing really matters now, does it?

Jack: You're wrong, Billy. There's plenty of blame to be placed, not on you. Victor and Adam did this to Sharon. They're the ones who should answer for it. That's how this story is supposed to end.

Victor: What can I do to help?

Noah: Bring her back. Bring her back, so I can do that last conversation over.

Victor: (Sighs) I wish I could make that happen.

Noah: What the hell was I thinking telling her off the way that I did? Accusing her of being a bad mom?

Victor: Look, when someone you love disappoints you, you--you lash out at them. I mean, that's-- that's what happens within families. Look at me. Look at your dad and Victoria and Abby.

Noah: (Sighs) You guys have been pretty brutal to each other lately.

Victor: Yeah, but I love them in spite of all of that, and your mom loved you, no matter how many angry words were exchanged. That's what happens in families. That bond, that love can never be broken, no matter what happens.

Nick: I can't fix this.

Phyllis: Here, let-- let me do it. Let me do it. I'll do it. You know, throwing it against the wall doesn't-- doesn't make it work better.

Nick: (Scoffs) Not being able to speak to my son is driving me crazy.

Phyllis: Your-- your dad is with him.

Nick: Oh, so he stepped up for once? I still need to talk to Noah.

Phyllis: You know what? We're gonna get home really soon. I-I-I booked us to St. Martin, and then we have to go through Miami and Chicago.

Nick: I never should have come down here in the first place.

Phyllis: Nick, come on. We were following Adam. We were thinking that he was gonna lead us to Sharon.

Nick: You came down here chasing a story. I came here for Noah and Faith and her.

Phyllis: This isn't your fault.

Nick: She was so scared and vulnerable. If I had just been there... I should have been there.

Sharon: Hello? Hello? (Sighs) (Sighs)

Adam: She missed the turn. It was dark, and, um, she didn't know the roads, obviously. Her, uh, her... (Sighs) Her car... went over the cliff, and there was a fire.

Doris: This is all your fault. She was my only child, and you stole her away from me and from her children and from everyone who loved her.

Adam: I loved her, too.

Doris: You used her in some pathetic attempt to gain respectability for yourself, to get your family to accept you. You couldn't do it on your own. Somehow, you convinced my girl it was worth it to help you.

Adam: (Sighs) I never tricked her into wanting to be with me. She believed in me. She was the only one.

Doris: I'm sure at the end when she was on the run and scared and alone with no one and nothing, she realized what a mistake that was.

Adam: That's not true. This is, uh, a letter that she wrote to me... right before she got in her... (Sighs) In her car. She never lost faith in me.

Doris: She--she was out of her mind with worry. She wasn't thinking straight. You can't put any stock in this.

Adam: Well, uh... (Sniffles) (Clears throat) These are letters to Noah and Faith. So I guess we have to chalk that all up to Sharon being confused. Those are her words from her heart.

Doris: Oh, my God. (Gasps) Oh, my God.

Adam: Now do you believe me?

Doris: Is that all you ever think about--yourself? How could you read this and not realize?

Adam: That, uh, she was saying good-bye?

Doris: That she was gonna kill herself.

Adam: (Sighs) Hey! Sharon did not commit suicide.

Doris: No, of course not, because if she did, there'd have to be a reason.

Adam: (Sniffles) I made awful mistakes at the beginning of our relationship.

Doris: Ohh. That's what you call stealing her baby? Or sending her to Hawaii to clear you of murder? Or--or encouraging her to escape from jail?

Adam: Well, I didn't try to make her into someone that she wasn't and then turn my back on her when she didn't live up to those expectations. I was the only one who did not abandon her.

Doris: You killed her. You took my good, sweet girl, and you dragged her down in the mud with you, and now she's dead. I thank the good Lord she didn't marry you again, because now I have no tie to you.

Adam: You're upset. I'll let you go. (Sighs) We'll talk later about funeral arrangements.

Doris: No. You won't be making funeral arrangements. You are nothing to her now. You will not help plan the funeral, and you are not welcome to it. Now get outta my house, and don't ever come back.

Jack: Go ahead, Billy. Write it down. Tell the whole world how the great Victor Newman and his demon spawn took a good, decent woman and ruined her life.

Billy: Well, Jack, I-- I print the truth, and that's not the truth, at least not all of it. I mean, we know that, right? Did Adam take her down a dark road? Yes, absolutely, he did. Was she an innocent victim in Victor's plot to get revenge against Adam? Oh, yeah, there's no question there, is there? But we all watched it happen. I mean, hell, we had front row seats. And nobody here, not one of us, did anything to help her, including myself. So if you ask me, she deserved better from us.

Noah: I know you're right, Grandpa. Mom never stopped loving me, no matter how bad I treated her. I just hope she knew how much I loved her.

Victor: Of course, she did.

Noah: Even when I walked away, when she practically begged me to stay?

Victor: You bet.

Noah: I just dumped all that crap on her and left. "Have a nice life in jail, Mom. Maybe I'll take pity on you and visit in 15 years."

Victor: (Sighs heavily)

Noah: (Sighs)

Victor: You know, Noah, sometimes, we think we have all the time in the world to say and do the things we want to. But we don't. That's an illusion, and we have to learn that the hard way sometimes.

Noah: It's not fair. Mom died thinking she failed me, but it was the other way around. How am I supposed to deal with that?

Victor: You deal with that by becoming the man she wanted you to become. Make her proud of you. Whatever you do, make her proud of you, all right?

Noah: I just miss her already, Grandpa.

Victor: I know. I know. We do, too. All of us do.

Nick: I pushed her out of my life. I have no right to feel like this.

Phyllis: You have every right to feel like this. She was the mother of your children. You loved her.

Man: (Quietly) Hey.

Sharon: (Gasps)

Man: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

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