Y&R Transcript Friday 4/8/11

Y&R Transcript Friday 4/8/11 -- Canada; Monday 4/11/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9626 ~ Sharon Transforms Herself

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Nick: What dress do you want to wear? The one with the pink dots?

Faith: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah? How about the blue stripes? That one's pretty cool.

Faith: (Babbles)

Nick: You know, it won't matter what you wear, because when your mommy sees you, it's gonna make her smile. And right now, she needs you more than ever.

Faith: Mama! Mom!

Nick: Well, yeah, let's go get dressed. We'll go see mommy right now. Let's do it.

Lou: Yo, Newman, time's up!

Spencer: She's not out yet?

Lou: Daley, haul the prisoner out here.

Spencer: What are you waitin' for? It's locked. Keys, now! (Keys jingling)

Spencer: (Grunts)

Daley: (Groans)

Spencer: Damn it! Check the stalls.

Lou: Daley.

Daley: (Moans)

Spencer: Son of a... Sharon Newman’s escaped!

Adam: Sharon Newman is innocent, and we will never, ever give up the fight to clear her name. That's enough questions for now. I'm gonna go see my fian--

Man: Hey, we're on lockdown, People. Nobody leaves.

Adam: Wait, what's--what's-- what's going--what's going on?

Man: I-is there a security breach?

Man: A prisoner escaped, but we'll get her.

Adam: Pris--uh, her? What do you mean, "Her"?

Man: Do you think your girlfriend's on the run, Mr. Newman?

Adam: Do I-I-- no, of course not. She would not leave like this. There--there's no way it's her.

Billy: You know, this is making me nostalgic for your "Sharon equals evil" piece. I never saw a murder conviction in her future, did you?

Phyllis: Mm, well, she's no innocent. She didn't kill Skye, though. (Clears throat)

Billy: And you, my intrepid journalist...

Phyllis: Mm.

Billy: Might have the video proof.

Phyllis: Yes, I may have it. I am thinking that my dealing with a craps game in Thailand and the human mountain named Koa actually paid off.

Billy: Well, keep on it. There's a walking dollar sign coming in here to see our ad department.

Tucker: I gotta tell you, there's nothing more exciting than a good initial public offering, especially from a company that was supposed to stay private.

Victoria: Oh, you're already working an angle to amount a mass of Newman stock, aren't you?

Tucker: Well, I'd say it's the best way to force the sale of Beauty of Nature to us.

Victoria: Uh-huh.

Billy: Tucker, did my wife escort you here?

Victoria: Yes.

Tucker: (Laughs)

Victoria: Well, I mean, we shared an elevator.

Billy: Oh, you lucky man.

Tucker: Indeed. So what do you say, Billy? You want to see how much of my money your ad men can finagle?

Billy: Oh, you do know how to make my heart go aflutter. Right this way, Sir.

Tucker: See you later.

Victoria: Mm.

Billy: Mwah!

Victoria: Mwah!

Kay: Indeed, he can certainly charm snakes, can't he? I'm sorry, Darling. Did I startle you?

Victoria: Yes. I mean, no, uh, no. I knew that you were meeting me here, but I just didn't know you were here. Sorry.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Uh, Tucker just went into a meeting.

Kay: Yeah, well, small mercies. I've had enough of him for one day.

Victoria: Oh.

Kay: Um, how about we sit down and have a little chat?

Victoria: Sure. Yeah. Okay. (Sighs) This is nice.

Kay: You look very nice.

Victoria: Thank you. So do you.

Kay: Fair warning, my dear.

Victoria: Oh.

Kay: Uh, I'm going to be, um, butting into Newman family business. I make no apologies for it. I have and always will try to calm the waters.

Victoria: Well, that's good. But the suit was settled, and Dad made his choice.

Kay: Well, I would rather talk about, uh, Victor reinstating Adam’s trust and the Newman stock that entails.

Victoria: Dad gave Adam a payday? (Scoffs) I knew it! (Sighs)

Billy: This volcano video is just icing on our magazine cake. If we can produce this video, not only can we overturn Sharon’s conviction-- we'll be heroes-- but also, more importantly, we're gonna get the exclusive.

Phyllis: There are lots of "We's" in there. I don't recall you being in Thailand, as well.

Billy: (Scoffs)

Phyllis: I don't recall that, risking your life.

Billy: (Stammers) "Exclusive"--I like that. It sounds sort of smutty in a really good way.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: In a smutty way, yeah.

Billy: I like smutty.

Phyllis: And if we can get Adam to shut up, then we're all good.

Billy: I hear ya.

Phyllis: Yeah. Speak of the devil, look at this-- craziness. What's he doin'? What's he doin'?

Billy: Turn it up. Turn it up.

Adam: Look, just get the mics out of my face, please. I want to know what's going on.

Man: Hold--hold on. The D.A.'s office has confirmed that convicted killer Sharon Newman has assaulted a guard and escaped custody. No confirmation if Ms. Newman is armed or if she's still on courthouse premises.

Victor: Michael, it's me. Um, Sharon has escaped. Trust me, I wish it weren't so. It's a very foolish move. I know. Um, I'll get her. I'm gonna find her somewhere.

Sharon: Wow. You're good.

Sharon: (Sighs) Okay.

Sharon: Wow, you really thought of everything, Adam. (Sighs)

Nick: Okay, just play in your crib for one minute. Let me get you a jacket. We'll go see mommy.

Billy: That is what I'm asking you to find out. So what happened? Did Sharon sock the bailiff and make a run for it, or what? Well, did anybody see what happened in the courthouse? Okay, Gary, this is what you're gonna do--you're gonna ask around, and you're gonna find out, and then you're gonna call me? Okay, okay, okay. Gary's gonna ask around the courthouse and find out what happened.

Phyllis: How much is this gonna add to her sentence?

Billy: I don't know, but wow. They gotta catch her first, and she's got some guts, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, she does. Crazy, crazy. Her poor kids. They've been through so much.

Billy: Yeah, we need details.

Phyllis: Yeah, we do need details. You know what? I'm not gonna sit here and wait for what's--what--who--

Billy: Gary.

Phyllis: Gary to call us back. I'm gonna find Sharon on my own. How far could she go? Where'd she go, right? I can find her. Was it, uh, desperation, or was it panic?

Billy: What if it wasn't panic? What if it was premeditated?

Phyllis: If it was premeditated, then she had help. Let me tell you something, I'm gonna find "Team Sharon," and I'm gonna come back tonight with an exclusive.

Billy: Get 'em, Girl. (Chuckles)

Man: Where is the D.A.?

Man: Everybody back off.

(Camera shutters click)

Adam: Can you or somebody else explain to me what the hell happened? How did they lose Sharon? (Stammers) How will this affect the chances for her appeal?

Vance: Apart from the fact of her looking guilty as hell, adding felony assault and escape charges? If you had anything to do with this--

Spencer: When'd you plan it, Newman? When the jury was deliberating, or when you tanked on the stand?

Adam: What are you talkin' about? I had no idea that Sharon was gonna do anything like this.

Spencer: The matron was doused with chloroform. Your girlfriend didn't get that from the vending machine. I'm holding you for questioning.

Vance: Then you better get some evidence-- a witness, a reason to hold him. Otherwise, tough luck, Counselor.

Adam: Listen, Walsh, I want her back just as much as you do.

Spencer: Then you're gonna get on TV and convince her to turn herself in.

Victor: Not him. I will call Sharon. If I appeal to her, she might come back.

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: (Sighs)

Victoria: Abby had to sue for her trust, and Nick and I, we had to fight for everything that we earned, but Adam? That baby-stealing liar who framed his own father for murder gets his with a pretty little bow on it.

Kay: I'm sorry, uh, Victoria.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Kay: I-I just assumed you knew.

Victoria: I knew. I knew that he didn't claim that he forged the trusts out of the goodness of his heart, but Dad didn't just throw a couple of hundred thousand dollars at him. He gave him a piece of Newman. He gave him a trust. What is he trying to do? Is he trying to rub salt on the wound? Is that it? What, we're--we're all equal to Adam in Dad's eyes?

Kay: Oh, I doubt your father thinks you're interchangeable.

Victoria: (Sighs) This is just great. Great, great. Now we're gonna have to deal with Adam when Newman Enterprises opens up its stock for the public. Great.

Kay: Well, that's--that's-- that's--that's why I'm here.

Victoria: Hmm?

Kay: You won't be dealing with Adam. He's already sold his stock.

Victoria: Oh, to you. Please, Katherine, tell me that Adam sold his stock to you.

Kay: Oh, God, I wish I'd had the chance. No. He sold it to Tucker.

(Doorknob rattles)

Phyllis: Wha--

Nick: What are you doing?

Phyllis: Looking for Sharon.

Nick: Did you try her jail cell?

Phyllis: No, I did not, because she escaped.

Adam: You want to make a plea to Sharon now? You want to go on TV and play the part of the benevolent patriarch. Is that it? After everything you've done? Trying to frame me for murder, getting on the stand for Sharon and pleading the fifth? You try and help her now, she'll end up with a life sentence.

Victor: You want Sharon to stay on the run? She will come back when I call her.

Adam: Why is that? Because you're Victor Newman, and all must obey? She doesn't trust you anymore. You get on TV, you ask her to come back, she'll never come back then.

Spencer: You two think it's your call. You, get ready for your close-up. You're gonna get on TV, and you're gonna convince your fiancée that if she comes in now, everything's gonna be okay. You're gonna be convincing as hell.

Victor: What the hell are you doing? You know that he's behind all this. Once he's stopped playacting around here, he'll be right on her heels.

Spencer: I know he's a conniving S.O.B., and, yeah, I know he's behind Sharon taking off, but I gotta cover my bases.

Victor: I know several places where she could be hiding.

Spencer: Let's hear it.

Victor: You gotta promise me that you will not unduly punish her when she comes back.

Spencer: Why don't you talk to the detective? Mr. Newman has some information. Take it all down.

Man: Come with me, Sir.

Adam: I know you're scared, and you're probably panicked, but we can deal with this, Sharon. Please, just come back. I'm begging you. Come back.

(Camera shutters click)

Victoria: So Adam cashed out to Tucker? D-did Tucker tell you that himself?

Kay: (Chuckles) Well, I keep my ear to the ground. (Chuckles)

Victoria: I guess it makes sense. I mean, Tucker's always gunning for Newman in any way that he can. Well, I guess he could still throw in with me and Nick.

Kay: Do you think that's likely?

Victoria: Yeah, why not?

Kay: Well, you didn't know anything about Adam’s trust or Tucker's involvement.

Victoria: I asked him earlier if he was positioning himself to get Newman stock, and he never mentioned anything about Adam.

Kay: Well, I imagine, um, there are reasons he didn't fill you in.

Victoria: What reasons? What--I don't--I mean, unless there's more to the deal.

Kay: Well, Adam could have sold his stock to anyone, and, uh, Tucker might have added incentive.

Victoria: Tucker wouldn't hire Adam, would he?

Kay: Well, certainly not at a Chancellor entity. I would never allow that.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh. What if--what if he puts Adam in charge of Beauty of Nature? (Sighs)

Kay: Uh, I'm--I'm so sorry, Victoria, but Tucker always makes deals to his advantage, and that's why I want you to keep your eyes open where he's concerned. Now you know how I feel about you and your family. I will do everything I can to keep Tucker from taking advantage.

Victoria: I know that, Katherine. Well, thank you. I'm sure this couldn't be very easy for you.

Kay: Sometimes children just aren't the people we would like them to be.

Doris: Who are you? What--what are you-- what are you doing here? I'll call the police.

Sharon: Mom, it's me.

Doris: (Sighs) Oh, good Lord, Sharon. What--what are you thinking, escaping? I've had so many phone calls. It's all over the news. Is this how you did it? Colored your hair and dressed like a tramp?

Sharon: Look, I know this seems crazy.

Doris: You can't run away. They'll catch you, and it'll be worse than ever.

Sharon: Mom, they think I'm guilty.

Doris: Oh, and you take off like this, they'll think you're innocent? Oh, Sharon, use your head. Have some sense. Have--have you seen the news? Adam is--is begging you to come back.

Sharon: Adam said that on TV?

Doris: For once, he's trying to do the right thing. If you come back now, the D.A. says it won't necessarily affect your sentencing. Come on, Sharon, be smart. Don't make things worse. Let me call the police.

Sharon: No! Are you crazy? You can't turn me in.

Doris: We'll say you ran away because of me. You wanted to see me before you went to prison. I am a brokenhearted mother in a wheelchair, for goodness sakes. They'll listen to me. Come on, Sharon. Sit down. Stay. Let me make the call.

Nick: I know it's really late notice, uh, but if you could come-- thank you. Thank you, Amy. I am actually at Sharon’s place. Faith fell asleep in her crib playing, so if you could meet me here, that'd be great. Thank you. I'll see you soon.

Phyllis: Okay, well, Sharon didn't leave with just the clothes on her back. Somebody obviously packed her stuff in a hurry.

Nick: Since Sharon was in jail the whole time... (Grunts) Every stupid thing that Sharon has ever done is because of Adam.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I wouldn't go that far, not every stupid thing, but he does know how to rig a disappearance.

Nick: What was she thinking?

Phyllis: I-I don't know. That she doesn't want to do time.

Nick: No, this is all Adam. He has blown up every connection that she has in her life. Now she's alone and on the run and probably dependent on him. Adam is loving this.

Adam: What are you two doing in my home?

Nick: What do you mean, "Your home"? This is Sharon’s home, and what the hell did you talk her into?

Phyllis: You know, Adam, do you have a firm that you use? "Disappearances r us"? I mean, you must have a tab with them.

Adam: You think I wanted Sharon to take off like this? You want--you think I want her chased by the cops? You two--idiots.

Phyllis: Oh.

Nick: Were you supposed to meet her here? Did you pack her bags for her? Where are they? Did you hide 'em?

Adam: You know what, Nicholas? If her bags are packed, then she's the one who packed them. I don't know, may-- maybe she came home and-- maybe she actually came home and packed them while I was on TV doing the-- that interview where I was pleading for her to come home.

Phyllis: Oh, you were pleading? Oh, I'm sure you were so earnest.

Adam: Look, Walsh said that he might not press charges if we can bring her back by tonight.

Phyllis: I-I'm sorry. "We"?

Adam: Yeah, look. Sharon made a mistake, okay? She acted impulsively. You can point fingers. You can thump your chest. Or you can actually help me out, and we can try and bring her back and find her, maybe.

Sharon: I don't have time to argue with you. The police will look for me here.

Doris: Good. Good, I'll help them understand that you've made a terrible mistake, and you'll apologize, and you'll beg for mercy.

Sharon: Mom, I can't prove that I'm innocent if I'm locked up in a jail cell. Look, I just came here to ask you, please, look in on Faith while I'm gone.

Doris: That's your responsibility. That's your child.

Sharon: If I'm locked up in a prison, she'll never even know me, Mom. This is what I have to do to ensure that I can raise my daughter!

Doris: What if you never prove you didn't kill that woman? What if you never get paroled? That poor, sweet baby and Noah. Haven't they suffered enough for your mistakes?

Sharon: And if I roll over and let them lock me up for something I've never done, how does that help my children?

Doris: You're the adult, Sharon. You set the example. You face your consequences.

Sharon: What? What does that mean? I thought you told me you believed I was innocent.

Doris: Of murder, yes, but the choices you've made, and the chances you've thrown away, all because of him, that man Adam.

Sharon: Okay, look, I can't talk to you about Adam, all right? I just came here to tell you your granddaughter will need you. So please just say you'll be there for her.

Doris: Me? Why aren't you there for her?

Sharon: Mom, that is what I am trying to do. I am ensuring that Faith and I will have a future together. I'm being proactive. I am saving myself, for once!

Doris: (Sighs) Is that what you think? That this is some brave and wonderful thing you're doing? Oh, that poor baby girl-- to grow up with a mother who would rather be anywhere but with her child.

Sharon: What? That is not true. I love Faith, and she needs me.

Doris: No, Faith needs a mother. And what you are... oh, Sharon, I don't know anymore. When I held you in my arms when you were a baby, I never dreamed that this was the person you would become.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Ooh, Baby, Baby, Baby, I'm so sorry. This story just keeps snowballing.

Victoria: What? Sharon's guilty verdict story?

Billy: Yeah, well, that, and her prison break. Uh, well, actually, it's more of a courthouse break. Yeah.

Victoria: She ran?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: What, is she crazy? Is she out of her mind? (Stammers) I do not understand why people do the things that they do! (Scoffs)

Billy: Okay, yeah, I know that she was your sister-in-law, but take it--

Victoria: No, it's--it's not that, okay? It's not that. It's just, I... (Sighs) I need to talk to Tucker.

Billy: To hurt him? Because that is your "I want to hurt him" face.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: I kind of really need him to write a big check, so...

Victoria: Well, you'd better hurry. Just give me a second, okay? No, just give me a second.

Billy: Ooh, mnh-mnh. Wait, wait, wait. Do not hurt his face, and do not hurt his wallet...

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Okay? Okay.

Victoria: Okay.

Victoria: So... you bought Adam out of Newman Enterprises.

Tucker: Wow.

Victoria: "Wow," yes? Or "Wow," you deny it?

Tucker: Wow, news travels fast. And why would I deny it? It's just gonna make me richer and help us go after Beauty of Nature.

Victoria: Okay, well, so then since you're being so casual and up-front, why don't you tell me the rest? Why don't you tell me about the deal that you made with Adam to run Beauty of Nature?

Tucker: That never happened. He's never going to, and I'd like to know who's spreadin' that nasty lie.

Kay: Well, how are you, old friend?

Victor: Well, my darling, a lot on my mind.

Kay: Uh-huh.

Victor: How'd your meeting go with Victoria?

Kay: Exactly as we discussed. I never said that, uh, Tucker and Adam teamed up, per se.

Victor: But she jumped to the conclusion.

Kay: Oh, it's just a matter of time until Tucker and, uh, and Victoria’s alliance just falls to pieces.

Victor: (Chuckles)

Kay: (Chuckles) Ever seen anything like it? Me neither.

Victor: Any other time, the idea of your son and my daughter working together would have been welcomed by both of us.

Kay: Oh, I know that. In this instance, however, it sickens me. What Tucker has done and is still trying to do to the Newman family...

Victor: Yeah.

Kay: Come on. Uh, well, all right. All right, so what else can I do for you?

Victor: I think you have done enough, Sweetheart.

Kay: Oh, I've just started. I'd poison 100 wells to keep Tucker from doing to Newman what he did to Chancellor.

Victor: You know, the great thing is that everyone knows that you and I are friends.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Victor: But they have no clue that we are manipulating the situation.

Kay: (Laughs)

Victor: I think you're enjoying this, aren't you, hmm?

Kay: (Chuckles) It shows, doesn't it? No, you needed help.

Victor: (Laughs)

Kay: Tucker needs a spanking, and I needed to be reminded that I'm back in the game.

Victor: (Laughs)

Kay: (Chuckles)

Victor: (Laughs) You're not only back in the game. You invented it, I think.

Kay: (Laughs)

Victor: Huh?

Kay: Oh, God, I hope so.

Victor: (Laughs)

Kay: (Laughs)

Sharon: Well, I've already wasted too much time here if you can't agree about Faith...

Doris: Don't be stupid, Sharon.

Sharon: Mom, I'm not asking for your approval. I am fighting for my life here, for my life with Faith, and I have to prove that to the judge, to the jury, and to the entire world for my children's sake. It may not work, but can't you at least support me for once in my life?

Doris: I have supported you, but then the things you do and the choices you make-- I'm supposed to pretend that's all okay? You're wrong, Sharon. Everything about you, every decision you make... so, so wrong.

Sharon: I know exactly how you feel about me, Mom. Yeah, you've made that crystal clear time and again. My God, you couldn't even be there for me in that courtroom so I could at least turn around and see your face?! So I could at least feel like you were on my side for once in my life?! Now I'm begging you. I don't expect you to approve of what I'm doing, but can you at least support me? Can you at least just say that you believe in me?!

Doris: The police are probably already on their way.

Adam: (Sighs)

Adam: Phyllis, is there a reason that you're still here?

Phyllis: Oh, listen to you. Are you nervous? Somewhere you need to be?

Nick: All right, the nanny's here with Faith. Let's keep it down.

Adam: Look, as long as the two of you are in my home, why don't you just-- let's put our heads together and try and figure out how to find Sharon.

Nick: Why would you want to help bring her back when you are obviously the one that helped her get away?

Adam: What are you talking about? I had nothing to do with it. Maybe it was Dad, for all we know. I mean, he--he messed everything up on the stand when he pleaded the fifth. Maybe he's just trying to make up for it.

Phyllis: (Chuckles) You're a deranged freak. You can't tell the truth to save your life. But I'll tell you something, I spent time with him in Thailand, and I believe he loves Sharon, and I think that Sharon, in some odd way, is the only one to make him somewhat human.

Adam: Thank you.

Phyllis: So if we want to find her--you're welcome-- if we want to find her, I think we need him.

Nick: What are you saying? That we work with him?

Phyllis: She can't be on the run forever. She's a mom.

Nick: (Sighs) All right, fine. If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it fast and get out. Let's go.

Phyllis: Okay, um, let's take all the transportation hubs, the bus stations, train stations, airport? Airport.

Nick: I'll take the airport.

Adam: No, you know what? I-I, uh, I have a buddy in T.S.A., and I can try and see if I can get some security footage maybe from the airport.

Phyllis: Okay. Good. You do that. Um, you want to take the train station? I'll take the bus station.

Nick: Sure.

Adam: Good. Um, I'm gonna call my buddy now, uh, and you know what? If you guys happen to find Sharon before I do, please don't freak her out.

Nick: Man, shut up. I know how to talk to her.

Adam: Sure you do, Nick. Look, just--if you find her, like I said, don't freak her out. Let's just bring her back safe, okay? That's all I care about.

Nick: You are not suggesting that we trust him.

Phyllis: No, of course not. Did you see how freaked out he got when I mentioned the airport?

Nick: Yeah, so we forget the buses and the trains. We tail Adam. He'll take us to Sharon.

Phyllis: Exactly.

Nick: Let's go.

Victoria: It doesn't really matter where I heard about Adam, only that I didn't hear it from you.

Tucker: I bought his stake. It was a clean exchange-- no promises, and definitely nothin' about Beauty of Nature.

Victoria: Just like the deal that you never had with Jack for the exact same thing?

Tucker: Listen, I bought Adam out so that you and Nick and I could get enough control at Newman Enterprises to spin off Beauty of Nature. Adam already double-crossed me once. You think I trust him? I wouldn't trust him with my business card, much less an acquisition. Now hear this-- the agreement that we have, it still stands... unless you want out, but if you bolt and then realize that you screwed up...

Victoria: Oh, I-- I screwed up? (Scoffs)

Tucker: And you want back in, it'll be on my terms, okay?

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: No blood spatters. Wait, wait. Nope. No cuts, no bruises-- good signs.

Victoria: Wow, you know, he-- that--that man, he's a snake. He really is a snake, isn't he?

Billy: Oh, Baby, this isn't news.

Victoria: No, but I can't trust him. I can't--I can't trust him. How can I have an alliance with--with a partner that I can't trust?

Billy: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, repeat after me.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Okay? Let's forget Beauty of Nature. You and Nick-- you start a new company, something bigger, something better.

Victoria: And less snake-infested.

Billy: That's right. You're gonna think about it?

Victoria: (Sighs) I love Beauty of Nature. It's my heart. But I guess maybe it's time to just let go of that dream.

Billy: New dream, new company.

Victoria: (Sighs) Thank God Katherine came to me with this information when she did.

Kay: Victoria is extraordinarily savvy, but, uh...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Kay: The mention of Adam’s name--her buttons were pushed.

Victor: You're one of the craftiest women I know...

Kay: (Chuckles)

Victor: And I love you for it. Together, you and I will divide and conquer. And all those sharks circling my company-- we'll pit 'em one against the other. They'll take each other out.

Kay: You know I'll do whatever I can to help. In the meantime, there's an issue that, uh, you haven't mentioned-- Sharon’s conviction. Now I know... I know you tried to help.

Victor: (Sighs) You know that she escaped custody?

Kay: Oh, my God. What was she thinking?

Victor: I have no clue. I think someone put her up to it. This will have dreadful consequences for her. I was helping her out with her appeal. But now I don't know what's gonna happen. I mean, this is serious stuff.

Adam: Hey, um, I am looking to get on that, uh, Saint Martin flight, first class, uh, one-way ticket. I don't have any bags to check. So do you think I'll make the flight?

Woman: Uh, you should be fine.

Adam: Great.

(Keyboard keys clicking)

Adam: Thank you.

Woman: Enjoy your flight.

Adam: Thanks a lot.

Man: On his way to Saint Martin. Do I follow? Okay, tell the guys on the island he's wearing a brown jacket, black baseball hat.

Nick: Hi, uh, my name's Nick Newman. I believe I was supposed to meet my brother Adam Newman here. I think I just missed him, though.

Woman: Uh-oh. He--he was just here.

Nick: Oh, good, then I guess I'll, uh, take a seat.

Phyllis: Oh.

Woman: Uh, Saint Martin? Would you like to sit upstairs in first class near your brother?

Nick: Uh, were you gonna come, too?

Phyllis: Yes, yes, I would like to come too, yeah. Summer's with Lizzie's family, and I need this story.

Nick: All right.

Phyllis: Yeah, and he's a riot. Adam is a riot.

Woman: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Might want to spend time with him, right?

Nick: Yeah, so, I guess two seats, but we're gonna sit back in coach...

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: If you don't mind.

Phyllis: Not with him.

[Sharon remembering]

Spencer: This wasn't your first arrest, was it? Have you ever been admitted to a psychiatric hospital? Will you at least tell us how many times you've been married? How many men you've lived with? How many men were paternity-tested the last time you were pregnant? Is there anyone left who trusts you?

Sharon: (Sighs) (Gasps) Oh, God. Oh, no, please, please, please.

Sharon: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Woman: We find the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree.

Sharon: (Sniffles) Oh, no. All right.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Doris: Faith needs a mother. And what you are... oh, Sharon, I don't know anymore. When I held you in my arms when you were a baby, I never dreamed that this was the person you would become.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Woman: Ms. Fisher wants to press charges.

Chloe: You've gotta be kidding me.

Neil: Everything's gonna be all right.

Malcolm: That's real easy for you to say. You're not marrying the woman you love.

Neil: I'm not.

Lily: My dad could actually walk you down.

Sofia: Not your dad. That would be too awkward.

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