Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/6/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/6/11 -- Canada; Thursday 4/7/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9624 ~ Sharon Gets an Unexpected Visitor

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Kevin: Your usual?

Jana: Please. To go. But can I ask you a giant favor?

Kevin: Sure. What is it?

Jana: Could you maybe donate some of those coffee stirrers? You see, my pupils at--at Tiny Tots-- we're doing a spring art project, and those little wooden sticks, they're just the perfect size.

Kevin: How many do you need?

Jana: A box, if you can spare it.

Kevin: Well, never let it be said I'm not a patron of the arts.

Jana: We're gonna be making bunnies out of cotton balls. (Gasps) Oh, no.

Kevin: What? What's wrong?

Jana: I left the cotton at home and the construction paper, everything that I needed. My God.

Kevin: Hey.

Jana: How could I be so dim-witted?

Kevin: Hey, hey, it's okay. Don't cry.

Jana: You don't understand, Kevin. I cannot afford to mess up right now, not with your mom and Chloe trying to get me fired. I'm just trying to make a living here.

Kevin: Look, I told them both to back off, okay? And if they don't, you need to tell me about it. You don't deserve to be hassled like that.

Jana: Thank you. (Sighs) Thank you. Really, I-I don't-- I don't mean to fall apart. It's just... (Sighs) You don't know how hard this is to be persecuted when you've done nothing wrong.

Kevin: I know. It's okay. Come here.

Gloria: Okay, nobody's here, so we have lots of privacy.

Chloe: Well, what I want to talk about-- Jana’s little disguise.

Gloria: When you found this thing in her apartment, I kept thinking, what does she really think she can do with this thing?

Chloe: You know what-- she wants to make it look like she's pregnant.

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Chloe: You know what else I found?

Gloria: What?

Chloe: The other day at Crimson Lights, she was walking around with an ultrasound.

Gloria: An ultrasound?

Chloe: Yeah, and made up some crazy story that it was her friend’s. I mean, come on. Let's be honest. Who actually makes a copy of their ultrasound and hands it out to people?

Gloria: (Laughs)

Chloe: Kevin and Jana slept with each other back in December.

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Chloe: They did, and I think that, you know, she hit the jackpot and got preggers.

Gloria: Unh, unh, unh. No, no. No, no, no. We would have known about it long before now.

Chloe: Yeah, which is why it's her plan to make it look like they slept with each other again and then fake a pregnancy and trap him.

Gloria: That's original.

Chloe: Yeah. So what are we gonna do with this girl?

Phyllis: Look at you. You're up early.

Billy: Look who's talkin'.

Phyllis: Yeah, I had to get up at 6:00 to drop Summer off at the airport for her spring break trip. (Sighs) So I figured since I was up and out...

Billy: Jump on Sharon’s trial?

Phyllis: Yeah. You know, I was up half the night figuring out angles on this story depending on the verdict. Hey. Um, Billy, you don't have the inside scoop, do you?

Billy: That would be illegal.

Phyllis: Oh, God, yes, it would, wouldn't it? So you don't know anything is what you're saying, right?

Billy: No, nobody's talking to me, either. I mean, who knows how long this trial's gonna--

Michael: Hey, hey, Phyllis. Did you not get the 50 messages that I left you asking you to talk to me?

Phyllis: Excuse me. Relax. And I did not get 50 messages from you. I was in Thailand.

Michael: 56! All right, look, Thailand. My P.I. found Daisy in Canada a few days ago.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Really? Where is she? Where--where's the baby?

Lauren: Yeah, well, nobody knows.

Phyllis: You said you found Daisy, right?

Michael: Daniel and I went up there ourselves. We tracked Daisy down to a motel room in the middle of nowhere in Saskatoon.

Phyllis: And? And?

Michael: And he let her go.

Billy: I'm sorry. He did what?

Phyllis: W-wait. Wait a second. Wait a second. Why would he do that?

Lauren: Well, that's what we'd like to know.

Michael: Maybe you can get a straight answer out of him.

(Cell phone rings)

Abby: (Groans)

(Ringing stops)

Daniel: Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh. (Chuckles)

Abby: Mm, mm, I have to get in the shower.

Daniel: Don't you mean that we have to get in the shower? Mm.

Abby: (Laughs)

Daniel: Come on. No. (Whines) (Groans)

Abby: I'm starting the water.

Daniel: (Laughs)

(Doorbell rings)

Daniel: Hey, Abby, you want me to get that?


Daniel: Okay. (Clears throat)

Victoria: Good morning.

Daniel: Hey, Vick, what's up?

Victoria: Uh, well, Abby is always saying how she would love to watch her goddaughter at any time, and, uh, Billy had some, um, meetings this morning, and Jana, she's at the preschool. And actually, I have a few meetings, too, so, um, I'm taking her up on it. Her stuff's there.

Daniel: Is she expecting you?

Victoria: Well, I called her, but she didn't pick up, and, um, just tell her that as soon as I'm finished, I'll give her a call, and, uh, you guys take care. I-I'll be back.

Daniel: Okay.

Victoria: Oh, here. Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

(Door opens)

[Sharon dreaming]

Noah: Hi, Mom.

Sharon: Noah. Noah, oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. I can't believe it. Oh, I'm so happy to see you. (Sighs) How--how did you get in here? No, no, it doesn't matter. I just--you're here now. I-I'm so happy you're here. Oh, it's so early. (Stammers) H-have you even eaten breakfast?

Woman: Breakfast!

Sharon: (Gasps)

Woman: Breakfast.

(Knock on door)

Nick: Let's see who it is, huh?

Noah: How you doin'? Hey, I left my key in New York, so...

Nick: (Laughs) Dude, get in here. Oh, Man, good to see you.

Noah: Yeah.

Nick: It's your brother!

Noah: (Gasps) Hi, Baby.

Nick: Say hi.

Noah: Hi. Hi.

Nick: Oh.

Adam: What are you doing here? Where's Sharon?

Victor: She's a little late.

Adam: I'm amazed you'd show your face. Trying to, uh, ease your guilty conscience?

Victor: I think self-loathing is your specialty, Son.

Daniel: So here we are, Kid. (Clicks tongue) What are we gonna do now, huh? You got any ideas?

Abby: Hey, Babe, we're gonna run out of hot... water. What is she doing here? Hey!

Daniel: Victoria had to go to a meeting, and she said that you volunteered to babysit anytime. (Growls)

Abby: I did. I did. I did, because that's what godmothers do. I did not know she was gonna take me up on it.

Daniel: Well, she did.

Abby: Well, hello.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Abby: Uh, it's my mom. She wants to see me, says it's important. It's probably about her stupid wedding. Can you--can you just watch her?

Daniel: Ye--uh...

Abby: (Stammers) You'll be fine.

Daniel: Ye--

Abby: (Chuckles)

Daniel: How come no matter how hard I try and stay away from you, we keep winding up together, huh?

Noah: Uh, I thought I'd clean out your fridge.

Nick: That's what it's there for. Why didn't you tell me you were coming home? I would have picked you up.

Noah: I don't know. Just a last-minute thing. I figured you were busy.

Nick: Yeah, just a little bit.

Noah: (Clears throat) Hey, so, um, did Mom really try to leave the country using Faith's identity?

Nick: (Sighs) Afraid so.

Noah: Wow, she is, uh, really messed up.

Nick: Yeah. Well, you want something to eat? I can make you some eggs.

Noah: No, no, I think I'm just gonna crash.

Nick: All right, well, I'm gonna go finish gettin' dressed, and then I want to hear all about New York and your recording, okay?

Noah: All right, deal. (Sighs)

(Keys rattle in lock)

Sharon: I wasn't hungry.

Woman: Well, you want me to leave it?

Sharon: No, thanks.

Woman: I'll come back to get you after the morning census. You have some visitors waiting.

Sharon: Any idea who?

Woman: Mnh-mnh.

Victor: You talk about me letting Sharon down. What about you letting me down?

Adam: I made my statement to the arbitrator. I did everything I said I'd do.

Victor: But you conveniently disappeared when it was time for you to be deposed.

Adam: I found it decidedly inconvenient.

Victor: You'll be all right. Financially, you'll be all right, because I reinstated your trust. And when the I.P.O. happens, then you'll be a wealthy man.

Adam: I couldn't care less about the money, and I would spend every last penny trying to get Sharon out of this mess.

Victor: You couldn't care less? Then why did you make sure that the trust was irrevocable?

Adam: Let me say this to you again. I did my part. I did it well. It's not my fault that the judge didn't believe me, and now I am facing perjury charges.

Victor: You're my son. That is so damn hard to believe sometimes. You always were a damn good liar. What happened to that? Lost your touch?

Adam: (Sighs)

Michael: When Daisy's caught, she's gonna need a good lawyer. That's the only leverage I needed to get her to tell me where the baby is, but Daniel let her go anyway. My question is, why?

Phyllis: He told you why.

Lauren: I gave him the benefit of the doubt, too... at first. And then Michael said some stuff to me, and, you know, I started to think. All we've ever heard from Daniel is he doesn't want to be a father to this baby. Daisy escapes, and it goes away. But once she's found, there it is again.

Michael: Daniel panicked, told Daisy to run because he didn't want to deal with the baby being found.

Phyllis: Daniel didn't want to be a father. We all know that. But he always said that he wanted this baby to be in a good place, a safe home away from Daisy, okay? I refuse to believe that that's changed.

Daniel: (Making silly noises) Yeah, you like that, huh? Summer used to like that, too. Actually, you kind of remind me a lot of her.

(Cell phone rings)

Daniel: Hold that thought, huh?


Daniel: Let's see here. Hey, Mom, what's up?

Phyllis: Um, I'm at the office. I need to see you.

Daniel: Um, yeah, hey, you know, now's not really a good time.

Phyllis: Daniel, I need to see you right now.

(Phone hangs up)

Daniel: Well, I will give you three guesses what that was all about, huh? Yeah, the first two don't count. But our little secret is safe. Billy and Victoria are your mom and dad now.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Daniel: And I'm gonna make sure it stays that way, okay? Yeah.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Daniel: Yeah.

Victoria: This was a really good idea getting together before we meet with Vance.

Nick: Yes.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: I want to have our strategy in place so we're ready when Dad issues the I.P.O.

Victoria: You know, it still blows my mind that he would rather give up his entire conglomerate than give us the one division that we asked for.

Nick: I know. I always thought Newman would stay in the family forever.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nick: He'd pass it to us. Then we would give it to our children.

Victoria: Yeah. Oh, hey, by the way, was that Noah that I saw pulling out of the gate when I drove in?

Nick: He took off? Damn, his car is gone. I thought he was upstairs.

Victoria: I didn't even realize he was here... although it makes sense why he would be now.

Sharon: Oh, my God, Noah.

Gloria: Quick, boil some water. I feel a contraction coming on.

Chloe: So authentic, don't you think? I mean, it's really hard to tell it apart from the real thing.

Gloria: (Laughs)

Gloria: Look familiar?

Jana: Where did you get that?

Chloe: The real question is, why do you have it?

Jana: When you stopped by yesterday, you--you came in here, didn't you?

Chloe: Uh, the door-- the door was open.

Jana: No, it was not. That's why you were bloody stalling me-- so that you could come in here and burgle my place!

Gloria: The point is, we know what you're up to, and you're not gettin' away with it.

Chloe: Yeah, and you think that Kevin is such an idiot that he was actually gonna fall for a scam like that?

Gloria: Not to mention the fact that you're the last woman he'd ever breed with.

Jana: (Laughs)

Jana: Oh, God. Good Lord! That is-- that--that's why you-- you think that--oh, my God. That is hilarious. Truly, that's-- that's so funny. You--you--you got all worked up over an old Halloween costume? (Laughs)

Chloe: (Clears throat)

Gloria: Nice try.

Jana: Oh, can you prove that it isn't? Can you? No? Lovely. Right. Well, I have things to do, and, oh, I need to change the locks on my door now. So, um, off you go.

Chloe: Okay, you know what? You can make us leave, but this is not going away, okay?

Gloria: You're goin' down, little missy.

Jana: Oh, we'll see who's going down.

Nick: Noah's cell is going straight to voice mail.

Victoria: Are you sure he went to see Sharon?

Nick: He's pretty upset about things.

Victoria: Okay, well, I'll call Vance, and I'll postpone the meeting, and I'll stay with Faith until the nanny comes.

Nick: You sure?

Victoria: Yeah. Noah needs you. You should go.

Nick: Thanks, Vick.

Victoria: Okay.

Sharon: I never thought the next time I saw you I'd be in here.

Noah: Yeah, neither did I.

Sharon: Well, how's New York?

Noah: It's, uh, big... anonymous. Lately that's been a good thing.

Sharon: I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen.

Noah: How can you even say that?

Sharon: What do you mean?

Noah: We all told you. We warned you that being with Adam was a mistake, but you didn't listen. You did what you wanted. So don't stand here and claim that you're sorry and say this is all some big revelation for you.

Sharon: Noah, one day... when you really fall in love with someone, you're gonna understand.

Noah: Why... why--why you chose a man who took away your child? Who's responsible for the death of another? Why you would forge a passport and break the law for him? And God knows what else.

Sharon: Noah, I didn't do this. I didn't kill Skye.

Noah: I wish I could say I know you didn't and mean it. But, damn, Mom, it's like I'm looking at you in jail-- in jail-- and I don't even know who you are anymore. You know what the worst part is? The worst part is that Faith is never gonna know the mother that I grew up with, the one who was always there for me when anything went wrong, the one I used to make... the one I used to make stupid presents for in school, and I used to write cards for, and I meant every word I wrote in them. At least I have the memories of her to hold on to. You know, Faith won't even have that.

Sharon: Noah, please. (Sniffles) Don't leave!

Noah: I'm done.

Victor: By the way, you never said where you were when the arbitrator destroyed my company.

Adam: I never did, but I was in Thailand. I was hangin' out with a friend of yours, your boy Koa. Mm-hmm. I know everything, all the way down to the final detail where you rush to Sharon’s side, but then you get up on the stand, and you plead the fifth.

Victor: I plead the fifth on issues that didn't pertain to Sharon’s case.

Adam: That is rich, isn't it? And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a bicycle. You know what? None of this would have happened if you and Skye hadn't tried to frame me for murder. Maybe what you should have done is put your ass on the line instead of trying to make it look like you were trying to hide something.

Victor: You want to blame someone, Son? You blame yourself. You have done more damage than I ever could. And if you had even a flickering of a soul left in you, you would realize that Sharon is in this predicament because she sadly fell in love with you, and you are poison.

Jana: Hi, Liza. Um, you know what? I'm, um, I'm really too upset to come in today. (Sighs) Yeah, well... (Clears throat) Somebody broke into my room and robbed me. (Scoffs) Yeah. No, it's--it's all right. Could you just, um, could you just maybe tell the children that we'll do the spring art project tomorrow? Okay, yeah, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for all your support. All right.

Kevin: What the hell is this thing?

Chloe: That is a fake baby bump, and you wear it under your clothes.

Gloria: Yeah, and we found it in Jana’s room, which proves what we've been trying to warn you about all along.

Chloe: Now do you believe that we don't trust her?

Kevin: (Sighs) You broke in, didn't you?

Gloria: Well, considering what we found, I think we were justified.

Chloe: Yeah, and she was obviously planning on trying to trick you to think that you were the baby daddy. And then once she's got you suckered in, she's gonna fake a miscarriage and then, bam! "Ooh, look, I got a ring on my finger."

Kevin: I don't even know where to start with you two.

Gloria: You're not even a little upset that we brought you this thing?

Kevin: Did it occur to you even once that she's being a human being with feelings?

Chloe: Oh, my--

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Chloe: I cannot believe that you're going soft on her.

Kevin: Look, just because our marriage ended does not mean I want to see her being harassed. And I'm warning you, if you don't back off, you're asking for trouble.

Chloe: You know, I--

Woman: Are you Gloria Bardwell and Chloe Mitchell?

Chloe: Yes.

Woman: You're under arrest.

Chloe: (Scoffs)

Gloria: What for?

Woman: Breaking and entering, conspiracy to commit burglary, and misdemeanor theft.

Chloe: (Scoffs)

Woman: We need you to come down to the station for booking.

Chloe: Great, can you just get my purse for me then?

Gloria: (Laughs)

Kevin: Just be quiet. I will talk to Michael.

Gloria: No. No Michael. I'm in trouble with one son. Not Michael, too. You find another way to help us.

Chloe: (Scoffs)

Woman: You have the right to remain silent.

Abby: So what's the big emergency? And where's my mom?

Tucker: She's not here at the moment. I sent you that text.

Abby: From her phone? You tricked me into coming here?

Tucker: Well, there's something I wanted to talk to you about. It needs to stay just between us.

Abby: Well, if you're asking me to lie to my mother...

Tucker: Well, just about her wedding gift. You see, I'm trying to come up with the perfect thing, and I could use some womanly advice.

Abby: You know, I have a better idea. Why don't you tell me what this is really about, and don't lie. I'll know right away.

Tucker: I still want your input on Ashley’s gift.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Tucker: But I wanted to talk to you again about your Newman stock options.

Abby: I already told you--

Tucker: No, no, no. I've sweetened the pot considerably. I got the transfer papers right here. (Taps desk) Come, take a look.

Abby: (Sighs)

Tucker: No more waiting months for Newman to go public to cash in. Look at that. That's more than double my last offer. You won't see that kind of money anywhere else around.

Abby: What would my mom say if she knew you were waving that kind of cash in front of me?

Tucker: Your mother understands business.

Abby: Would she understand that you brought me here under false pretenses?

Tucker: Abby, come on. You don't want to deal with all that stock, do you? And after all, I'm gonna be your stepdaddy. We'll be family.

Abby: You want my stock options to screw over my father.

Tucker: You're the one who sued him, Darlin'.

Abby: My answer is no, and don't call me "Darlin'."

Tucker: Your loss.

Abby: We'll see. You know what? You might become my mother's husband, but you and I will never, ever be family.

Phyllis: Oh, oh, you've said all there is to say about the subject, okay?

Lauren: All right, Phyllis. Phyllis, would you just try and talk to Daniel? Try and get some answers?

Daniel: Answers about what? Or do I already know?

Billy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Man, how'd you get Lucy?

Daniel: Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, Victoria dropped her off with Abby, and Abby had to go, so...

Michael: I was filling your mother in about what happened in Canada.

Phyllis: You spoke to Daisy. You talked about the baby.

Daniel: Yeah, of course I talked about the baby. So did Michael. She wasn't gonna tell us anything, so I felt like I had to do something fast in order to get her to lead us to the baby, 'cause she wasn't gonna do that.

Michael: And now, thanks to you, we've lost track of both of them.

Lauren: Yeah, which is what you wanted all along, isn't it?

Daniel: Yeah, that's exactly--that's exactly what I wanted. You--you wouldn't know what I want, but it doesn't matter, because you've already made up your mind.

Victoria: Oh, hey, what-- what's Lucy doing here? She's supposed to be with Abby.

Billy: Yeah, it's a long story-- or two long stories, really.

Phyllis: Yeah, we're kind of in the middle of something.

Daniel: I'm not. I have already told you guys the truth over and over again. If that's not good enough for you, I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry. Whatever.

Michael: Whatever? "Whatever's" not gonna cut it.

Daniel: Michael, you-- you are all over me. I made a mistake. I admitted it. I thought that I could trick Daisy into leading us to the baby, and she outsmarted us.

Lauren: Oh, right. Right. It never occurred to you that you were giving her her freedom to come back here, right?

Daniel: She--she's not gonna come back to Genoa City, okay? She's not coming back here. It's not gonna happen, okay?

Lauren: Oh, sure.

Phyllis: All right, how do you know that? Answer me, how do you know that Daisy isn't coming back?

Daniel: Well, if there's one thing that I know about Daisy, it's that she doesn't want to go to jail, right? So, I mean, coming back to Genoa City would be the stupidest thing that she could do.

Lauren: It never stopped Sheila.

Michael: And since we know that Daisy takes after her mother...

Lauren: Or her equally vicious aunt...

Daniel: Okay, whoa. What do you people want from me? You want blood? Take it.

Michael: Listen to me. I know you to be a smart man. You would never have come up with something so lame brained.

Phyllis: Okay, listen. Unless he wanted Daisy to escape, because he didn't want to face being a father.

Lauren: Why don't you just admit it?

Daniel: Okay, even if that was true, which it's not, what good would it have done? I mean, Daisy and the baby would still be just as far gone.

Billy: He's got a good point. I'm just sayin', he's got a good point.

Daniel: You know what, Michael? If you want to go out and you want to look for Daisy again, you want to look for the baby again, be my guest. Just next time, just leave me out of it.

Abby: So when'd you get back?

Noah: Uh, crack of dawn. (Clears throat) I'm startin' to think that was a mistake.

Abby: What happened?

Noah: I just came from the jail.

Abby: Not the way you want to be reunited with your mom.

Noah: Seeing her locked up like that... (Sighs) Just listening to her excuses...

Abby: I'm so sorry.

Noah: Well, it's-- it's not your fault.

Abby: I had a really lousy morning, too. My mom is engaged to a complete slime, and my father is barely speaking to me.

Noah: Hey, I gotta tell you, New York--pretty awesome.

Abby: Really?

Noah: Yeah, you know? It feels great just to be starting over. There's just so much to do there. There are so many interesting people. (Sighs) You know, the best part is "Newman" is just another name there. Nobody cares who you are, where you came from. You ought to move there, too. We could go incognito together.

Abby: That's a joke, right? 'Cause that is the last thing that I want.

Adam: Rumor has it you're looking to buy stock options ahead of the Newman I.P.O.

Tucker: Rumors, huh?

Adam: Here's the deal-- I need cash, and I don't want to wait months for Newman to go public. Are you interested?

Tucker: Since when did you have any ownership stake in your father's company?

Adam: I have the options. They're legit. That's all you need to know. You want 'em? Make me an offer.

Tucker: Keep talkin'.

Adam: No need to talk. Yes, or no?

Tucker: I'm interested.

Adam: Make me an offer.

Tucker: Let's say double the projected price per share.

Adam: (Inhales deeply) Double, huh? That Newman I.P.O.-- it's gonna be a hot one. It could double in the first day, maybe triple in the first week.

Tucker: Yeah, well, you can walk out of here with a fat check or dicker with me.

Adam: No check. Wire transfer only. I need the funds available immediately.

Tucker: Well, you're in luck. I just happen to have the paperwork drawn up. A few small tweaks, we'll be good to go.

Nick: I came to see Noah. Have you seen him?

Victor: No.

Nick: That's weird. I thought he would... never mind.

Victor: Well, wait a minute. If he's in town, I'd love to see my grandson.

Nick: Yeah, call him. Set something up.

Victor: All right.

Nick: You here to see Sharon?

Victor: Yeah. I've been waiting for quite some time.

Nick: All right, well, if you see him, tell him to give me a call.

Victor: Okay. Son? I hope that we can put aside our differences, for Sharon’s sake and Noah’s.

Nick: Well, I guess we still do have one thing in common.

Victor: That's right.

Nick: What's wrong?

Sharon: Noah came to visit me. It was awful.

Victor: Please sit down. What happened?

Sharon: I actually had a dream that he and Faith came to visit me. So when I saw him, I was so excited. I've just... Noah... (Voice breaks) I've really failed him. I've really failed him. It's all my fault.

Nick: Look, I'll-- I'll talk to him.

Sharon: He's in so much pain right now. What if... what if Faith feels the same way 20 years from now-- that I've totally failed her? What if I'm in here for 20 years and I never get the chance to make it right?

Victor: That's not gonna happen, okay?

Tucker: You've got that routing number? All right, pull the trigger.

Adam: What'd your banker say? When will the funds be made available?

Tucker: Instantaneously.

Adam: That works for me.

Tucker: All right. You sign the last page. Pleasure doin' business with you, Adam.

Adam: Likewise. Have fun sticking it to Dad.

(Knock on door)

Kevin: I know about what happened.

Jana: (Sighs)

Kevin: Mom and Chloe were arrested.

Jana: Please don't be mad at me, okay? Come in.

Kevin: You have every right to be upset. But you don't have to press charges, do you? Maybe we can work this out without the cops.

Jana: (Scoffs) How? I've tried reasoning with them, you know. Nothing seems to stop them. First, Chloe maligns me with my employers trying to interfere with my livelihood, and when that didn't work, they both come in here. They violate my home! They steal my belongings! I mean, where does it stop?! Even you have to admit they crossed the bloody line. (Breathing heavily) They need to be taught a lesson.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, Guys, what's done is done, please? Let's just concentrate on finding Daisy.

Michael: Finding--you know what? That's gonna be a whole lot harder now, isn't it?

Phyllis: Oh, will you stop blaming my son for everything, Michael?

Michael: What's not to blame, Phyllis?

Lauren: Please. Come on. I gotta get back to work.

Phyllis: There is--

Lauren: I can't deal with this anymore.

Michael: I will walk you. Excuse me.

Lauren: It's pointless.

Phyllis: (Clears throat) You're lying, aren't you? You let that woman go on purpose, didn't you?

Daniel: You just said that--

Phyllis: Because you are my son and I was defending you. Let me make something very, very clear to you-- I will never stop looking for that baby.

Daniel: Okay. I'm gonna go, all right?

Billy: See you. (Clears throat) Never a dull moment.

Victoria: Huh, it's so hard to watch, you know? We're so happy with our baby.

Billy: Hmm. Yeah, well, it'll be many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years till our kids cause that much trouble, right? Right.

Victoria: No, she will never, ever cause any trouble. Will you?

Billy: Oh, yeah, right.

Victoria: Never.

Billy: Oh, no.

(Telephone rings)

Billy: Billy Abbott. Wait, what? Are you serious?

Victor: Sharon, the jury is deliberating right now, and I'm sure they'll find gaping holes in the prosecutor's case.

Sharon: Vance said that the longer the panel is out, the better the odds that someone believed me.

Victor: Yes.

Nick: I mean, hung jury? We'll take that, right? I mean, next time, your lawyer will know their strategy. The D.A. won’t stand a chance, Sharon.

(Door opens)

Adam: What-- what did you say? What did you do to get her so upset?

Sharon: It wasn't their fault. It's just--Noah came by, and it wasn't an easy visit.

Adam: I'm sorry to hear about that.

Sharon: Nick, would you please bring Faith here? I need to see my little girl.

(Cell phone rings)

Adam: Vance, what's goin' on? Okay, will do.

Adam: The jury's back. They have a verdict.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kay: You've just bought all of Adam Newman’s stock options. That's not cause for celebration.

Victor: You have no right to judge me, nor does anyone else.

Adam: I am going to help you escape.

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