Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/8/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/8/11 -- Canada; Wednesday 3/9/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9605 ~ Tucker Threatens to Close Jabot

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Ashley: I left you a couple messages last night.

Abby: I, um, turned my phone off. I didn't really want to talk to anyone.

Ashley: Were you out celebrating your big victory over your father?

Abby: I wouldn't call it that exactly.

Ashley: $500 million-- quite a settlement.

Abby: I guess. I mean, don't get me wrong, okay? I'm obviously, uh, glad that we won. I just wish that Dad wasn't so angry.

Ashley: And how did you think he was gonna feel?

Abby: Did you know that yesterday was his birthday? Because I totally forgot.

Ashley: Oh, Boy, you're right, yeah.

Abby: Some birthday present we got him, huh? Look, I-I know that Dad is, like, super tough, but everyone has their breaking point.

Ashley: I-I just think he's gonna be okay.

Abby: It really wasn't supposed to go like this.

Nick: Well, yesterday was a game-changer, huh?

Victoria: It's just a shame that it had to happen on Dad's birthday, not that any of us remembered it was his birthday. (Sighs) Do you think we should give Dad a call?

Nick: Nah, give him a couple days. Let him cool off. I don't know about you, but I could use some serious "Brain in the jar" time. I'm thinkin', uh, yeah, "Three Stooges" marathon.

Victoria: I think I would settle for not talking or thinking about the judge's decision anymore today.

Nick: Well, you better turn off your computer and unplug your phone then.

(Doorbell rings)

Victoria: Oh, someone's at the door. So, uh, I'll talk to you later. Enjoy your marathon.

Tucker: Mornin'.

Victoria: Good morning. You shouldn't be here.

Tucker: Well, I saw Billy leave. The nanny took off with the baby. So we're alone, aren't we?

Victoria: Uh, we are.

Tucker: Well, I know it's, uh, it's kind of early, but congratulations are in order. We're one step closer to gettin' what we want.

(Champagne cork pops)

Billy: (Laughs)

Jack: At this hour, I think I'll stick to coffee.

Billy: Oh, come on, Jack. It's already midnight in Hong Kong, and this is a momentous occasion. It's not every day that the great Victor Newman loses, and you, Big Brother, deserve a lot of credit. I mean, it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't have talked Abby into suing for her trust. The empire is crumbling, thanks to you.

Jack: It does feel pretty damn good.

Billy: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. (Mugs clink)

Billy: (Sighs)

Victor: (Moans)

(Front door opens)

Michael: Hello? Anyone here?

Diane: (Clears throat)

Michael: Hey, you. I'm here to see Victor.

Diane: Uh, he's not here. He left early. I-I don't know where-- I don't know where he is.

Michael: Well, I saw him out riding as I was driving up. He's headed back to the stables. So... (Sighs) How's he doing? It must have been a rough night last night.

(Door opens)

Deacon: Hey, I was kinda hopin' you'd still be in bed.

Nikki: Uh...

Deacon: You, uh, you got in kind of late last night.

Nikki: Yeah. The kids won their lawsuit.

Deacon: Wow. Huh. Good for them. That's gotta be drivin' Victor nuts.

Nikki: I just hate what it's done to my family.

Deacon: I know you do, Honey. I'll tell you what, I'm gonna go, um, I'm gonna go jump in the shower, and then whatever you need, you tell me, okay?

Nikki: Okay.

Deacon: Okay.

[Nikki remembering]

Victor: Oh, my baby.

Nikki: (Sighs)

Victor: My baby.

Victor: (Sighs)

Michael: So the bottom line was the judge did not buy that Adam tampered with the trusts, so he ruled in favor of the kids.

(Front door opens)

Diane: That explains a lot.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

(Front door closes)

Victor: Oh, there you are.

Michael: Good morning, Victor.

Diane: How was your ride?

Victor: Fine, thank you. Any grounds for appeal?

Michael: Heather and I spent all night looking into it. But as I explained...

Victor: Uh-huh.

Michael: You agreed to binding arbitration. There's really not a lot of room for an appeal.

Victor: Keep searching.

Michael: Prolonging litigation serves no purpose except to make me a very rich man. My best advice to you, Victor, is to start healing your family.

Victor: Don't say that. You sound like Nikki right now, okay?

Michael: Victor.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Go for the settlement. Move on.

Victor: It'll never happen. The hell it will never happen. Listen to me. I want this tied up in litigation until we have exhausted every avenue, you got that? If my ungrateful children want $1.5 billion of my money, I want them to spend it on lawyers' fees trying to get it, you got it?

Michael: Oh, Victor, do you really think that's the wise thing to--

Victor: It's not up for discussion! I'm gonna get breakfast.

Michael: I'm going to Crimson Lights.

Diane: (Sighs) Duck and cover.

Michael: (Laughs)

Diane: Smart.

Michael: Why don't you join me? Give him a little space. It was a hard blow yesterday, even for someone as tough as Victor.

Victoria: (Clears throat)

Tucker: Roughly how long do you think before you get your hands on Beauty of Nature?

Victoria: Uh, you know, that's hard to say.

Tucker: Well, you know, as soon as you do, I merge it with Jabot, and you will be C.E.O. of the largest cosmetics empire in the world.

Victoria: So exactly how do you see yourself participating in this new company? How will you be involved?

Tucker: As a partner-- 50/50.

Victoria: Equal partners.

Tucker: Newman'll be a footnote in your history, Darlin'.

Victoria: What about Jack?

Tucker: Well, he wants it, too, naturally.

Victoria: Yes, of course he does. So what deal have you offered him?

Tucker: If he secures Beauty of Nature, the C.E.O. chair is his.

Victoria: You have absolutely no problem playing us against each other, do you?

Tucker: No, do you?

Victoria: No. And Jack is delusional if he thinks he can use Abby to get his hands on Beauty of Nature.

Tucker: Mm. So, uh, what does your husband know about our arrangement?

Victoria: That's really none of your business, and by the way, my marriage is off-limits.

Tucker: As it should be. I just thought I'd caution you. You may not be able to count on Billy’s support. I've noticed the Abbotts aren't always rational when it comes to Jabot.

Billy: Ah, what I wouldn't have given to have seen the look on Victor's face when ol' "Phelpsie" ruled against him.

Jack: (Laughs) Can't you just hear him now? (Imitating Victor) How dare they do this to me? I was raised in an orphanage. I built this company with my bare hands. They will rue the day they ever crossed Victor Newman!

Billy: (Chuckles)

Jack: (Chuckles)

Billy: Oh, Man. It's about time he got a beat-down after everything he's done to this family.

Jack: (Normal voice) Yeah, you're too young to remember when he first took Jabot from us.

Billy: Well, I certainly heard about it enough.

Jack: Yeah. I'm not sure Dad ever fully recovered from that. I've waited a long time for Victor to get his. To you, Dad.

Billy: Yeah, hear, hear. To Dad. (Mugs clink)

Billy: (Sighs)

Jack: You know, with any luck, Victor's loss could turn out to be, uh, a pretty great thing for Jabot and for the Abbotts.

Billy: What type of thing?

Jack: Once I have something concrete, you will be the first to know.

Billy: Oh, come on, Jack. You and "The Mustache" are like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s of high finance. If you got something going on, I want an exclusive.

Jack: Let me think about that, okay?

(Front door opens)

Ashley: Mm, still celebrating, huh?

Billy: Yes, we are. Champagne's right here if you'd like some.

Ashley: I'll pass. Thank you.

Billy: What do you mean, "You're gonna pass"? Aren't you the least bit happy that Victor has to pay out for once in his miserable life?

Ashley: I know he's done some horrible things to us in the past, but we are hardly blameless. Besides, I don't get any joy out of seeing a family torn apart.

Billy: Mm. Well, Abby must be happy. I mean, half a billion dollars is a lot of money, a lot more than she expected.

Ashley: She lost her father, Billy. Is all that money really worth that price?

Victor: What are you doing here?

Abby: I forgot your birthday yesterday, so I-I brought you a card.

Abby: Even when you were furious at me, you--you still showed up on my birthday.

Victor: (Sighs) It didn't turn out too well, did it?

Abby: It still meant a lot to me that you came. Look, you have always said that you could keep your personal life separate from business, and you have got to know that this isn't personal. You're still my dad, and I-I still love you. You still love me, right?

Victor: It's all my fault, you know? (Sighs) I spoiled you kids, gave you everything you ever wanted... imbued you with a sense of entitlement. (Sighs) I should have listened to your mother when she warned me when I gave you that horse Pericles.

Abby: I never asked you to buy me a million-dollar horse.

Victor: Yet you asked me to hand over your trust to you. You never earned a dime of that trust. It was my money that I put into that trust. (Sighs) And now you... want a billion and a half dollars from me. That's what you kids are demanding. You want to tear my company apart. You know, I built all this with my own hands. I never got a dime from my father. I had no father around. I built all this with my own hands. And you want to tear it apart. (Sighs) This was gonna be your legacy and your children's children's legacy. Are you all proud of yourself, you and your brother and your sister? Hmm?

Abby: I'm so sorry.

Victor: So am I.

Abby: There’s... there's got to be some way that we can... (Sniffles) We can work this out.

Victor: (Sighs heavily) You're my daughter, and I love you, but too much has happened.

Abby: What does that mean? What, you don't ever want to see me again? You don't want be my dad anymore?

Victor: It means that you should go now.

Abby: (Sniffles) (Sniffles)

Victor: (Sighs)

Deacon: You can't save your kids, Nikk.

Nikki: I know. I know.

Deacon: You know, you're a real inspiration.

Nikki: I am?

Deacon: Yeah, you are. I know from personal experience, when things get tough, it's very easy to slip back into bad habits, and you haven't done that. I'm proud of you.

 (Cell phone rings)

Deacon: (Sighs) Hello?

Meggie: It's your friendly felon here. You're running out of time. Where have you been?

Deacon: Um, you know what? I can't really talk right now.

Meggie: Are you in the room with Nikki?

Deacon: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Meggie: If you're not here in an hour, you can kiss that meal ticket good-bye.

Deacon: Ay, sheesh. Uh... (Sniffs) This is a mess. Um...

Nikki: What's wrong?

Deacon: Yeah, th-th-this new guy, I've been training him down at the bar, and, uh, it's his first shift alone, and I think he's having a tough time.

Nikki: Well, maybe you should go help him.

Deacon: Uh, y-you don't mind?

Nikki: No, no. I-I'm fine.

Deacon: 'Cause I'll just be a few minutes. I mean, it won't--okay.

Nikki: Go. It's fine.

Deacon: All right. Okay, thanks. All right. (Sighs)

Michael: How are things going with you and Victor?

Diane: You saw what he was like this morning.

Michael: Yeah. Well, forgetting all that, are things turning out the way you wanted?

Diane: Would I be there if they weren't?

Michael: (Chuckles) All right, glad to hear it. Glad to hear it.

Diane: So tell me more about the arbitration.

Michael: Uh, the judge awarded Nicholas, Victoria, and Abby $500 million each.

Diane: Oh, my God.

Michael: Yeah.

Diane: Well, it's no wonder that Victor was on such a tear last night. Thanks for the coffee, Michael. I should get back to the ranch.

Michael: Well, if you want my advice--

Diane: No, no. I know how to handle Victor, but thanks.

Michael: Yeah.

Victoria: (Sighs) Thank you.

Billy: Hello.

Victoria: Oh, hi.

Billy: Hi.

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Billy: I need some jet fuel after all this celebrating. Um, can I get a-- um, I need an espresso double-- too much champagne. Mm.

Victoria: Uh, celebrating? Hold on. You were celebrating without me?

Billy: Oh, Baby, I'm sorry. Come on.

Victoria: What?

Billy: I had to go by Jack’s. He was a little hyped-up over the, uh, ruling today, had some champagne. He said it's gonna be good for the Abbotts.

Victoria: Good for the Abbotts. How?

Billy: I don't know. I mean, I guess celebrating Victor's loss, I guess. What else could there be? Beyond that, I don't know what's going on in my brother's head.

Victoria: Well, I don't know. Don't look at me.

Billy: Hmm. Well, the one thing I know for sure is, he is never gonna stop until Jabot is back in the hands of the Abbotts. Ooh. Thank you.

Jack: We should have a little talk about reinstating me at Jabot.

Tucker: Have you locked down Beauty of Nature?

Jack: No, not yet, but, uh--

Tucker: Then there's nothing to talk about. I thought I made that clear.

Jack: Did you make that clear to Victoria, as well?

Tucker: (Chuckles) You asking if I made a deal with her, too?

Jack: Did you?

Tucker: Well, if that were the case, I'd think you'd want to step it up, be the first to bring me what I want.

Jack: I meant what I said the other day, Tucker-- you double-cross me, I will see to it that neither you nor Victoria ever get your hands on Beauty of Nature.

Tucker: Are you really willing to blow your chance to win it all? You know, if this thing goes south, the Abbotts could end up out of Jabot completely. Who knows? I might even decide to shut down the company.

Jack: You're not gonna shut down the company. Jabot's making you a tidy profit. And what about Ashley?

Tucker: She'll always have a place in my organization.

Jack: Don't kid yourself. She will never forgive you for destroying her father's company.

Tucker: Look, I don't want anything to happen to Jabot except to see it thrive and prosper.

Jack: With Victoria at the helm of the new combined company?

Tucker: You know, this lawsuit against Victor was a step in the right direction. But it's gonna take some maneuvering to pry Beauty of Nature away from Newman. You make this merger happen, Jack, and the seat at the head of the world's largest cosmetics corporation is yours.

Jack: That the same offer you made Victoria?

Tucker: Oh, Man, would you stop whining about Victoria? I never thought you'd be afraid of a little competition. I'll tell you what, I'll make you the same deal I offered her-- 50/50, equal partners.

Jack: Nothing like a good old-fashioned horse race, huh?

(Computer keys clicking)

Victor: (Hits computer keys) What do you want?

Victoria: I didn't wish you a happy birthday yesterday.

Victor: (Hits computer key) You gave me a present I'll never forget.

Victoria: Well, I'm sure you already have Michael working on an appeal.

(Computer keys clicking)

Victoria: We could end this now.

Victor: (Sighs) You, of all people, know what it will mean to Newman Enterprises if we pull out $1.5 billion.

Victoria: Dad, it was never my intention to ruin the company. There's another way.

Victor: You're talking about Beauty of Nature?

Victoria: Yes. You can spin it off as a settlement, and you can keep the rest of Newman Enterprises intact, and then we'll both have what we want.

Jack: Victoria is deluding herself if she thinks Victor's gonna hand her Beauty of Nature. $1.5 billion-- that's a lot of scratch.

Tucker: Yeah. It won't be easy, even for Victor, to raise that kind of cash.

Jack: Which means he's gonna have to put something pretty substantial on the block.

Tucker: Unless... Victoria convinces him to give her Beauty of Nature--

Jack: It's not gonna happen. He is not going to give her Beauty of Nature, if only out of spite.

Victor: I will never submit to extortion.

Victoria: The only reason you care about Beauty of Nature is because I want it.

Victor: You, of all my children, were closest to me. You betrayed me. Now get out.

Victoria: Fine. (Door slams)

(Knock on door)

Nick: Hi.

Diane: I hear congratulations are in order.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: I wondered if I'd see you today.

Nikki: I've been thinking about what happened between us last night.

Victor: So have I.

Nick: So why are you here?

Diane: Word is you and your sisters won the arbitration.

Nick: So you showed up today 'cause you found out I just banked $500 million?

Diane: Is that what you think of me? That I'm that shallow? I'm here as a friend.

Nick: We're not friends.

Diane: Just because we're not... with benefits anymore doesn't mean that we can't be there for each other.

Nick: If you want to be there for someone, you should probably go home.

Nikki: About last night... (Sighs) What happened between us, I don't want there to be any misunderstanding.

Victor: (Sighs)

Victor: Why would there be? It was wonderful.

Nikki: Yes, it was. It was a moment out of time. However--

Victor: Yeah. That's what it was, just a moment.

Nikki: Nothing has changed for either of us.

Victor: We can't go back.

Nikki: No.

Meggie: (Sighs) What is taking you so long? I am going frickin' crazy in here.

Deacon: Oh, I'm sorry. "How to stage a prison break" is all checked out of the library. I have an idea. Why don't you get yourself a spoon and start digging a tunnel?

Meggie: I have a better idea.

Nikki: This is Nikki Newman. Leave your message after the tone and I'll get back to you shortly.

Meggie: Hi, Nikki, it's Meggie McClaine. Listen, I think there's something important that you need to--

Deacon: I'll take care of it.

Meggie: Soon.

Deacon: (Sighs)

Billy: Hey. You rang?

Jack: Yeah. You got here quickly.

Billy: I was in the car when you called. What's going on?

Jack: You still interested in doing an article about the resurrection of the Abbotts at Jabot?

Billy: Hell, yeah!

Jack: Good. You can help make it happen.

Billy: Hmm.

Tucker: I called you.

Ashley: I e-mailed you back.

Tucker: It's been three days.

Ashley: Come in.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: You should have told me that you were using Jack and Abby to get Beauty of Nature.

Tucker: I kept you out of it so you wouldn't feel compromised.

Ashley: You involved my daughter, Tucker, my little girl.

Tucker: Well, in the future, I'll say something, starting now. You should know I've made deals with both Jack and Victoria, predicated on who brings me Beauty of Nature.

Ashley: Do they know that you're pitting them against each other?

Tucker: They do. And I gotta tell you, I don't care who wins.

Ashley: This is my brother's future that you're playing with, and my father's legacy.

Tucker: I'm being honest with you. This is me. This is what I do. It's how I built my company. If you can't go on the ride with me, I'll understand. No one else has been able to.

Nick: What are you doing here? I thought you were gonna stay in and just kick it all day.

Victoria: No, I know, but I wanted to talk to you about the settlement. Okay, you know that Dad is not gonna give us that money without a fight.

Nick: He has no grounds for an appeal.

Victoria: That doesn't mean that he's not gonna try to tie it up in courts for years. And I know that Dad would rather cut off his arm than to offer shares of Newman to get us the cash.

Nick: So let him do his worst.

Victoria: What if he'd settle with us?

Nick: So you're willing to take less just to make this go away?

Victoria: I want him to give us Beauty of Nature.

Nick: (Scoffs) Why? I mean, Beauty of Nature's going through the roof right now, but--

Victoria: I know, but the plan is to merge with Jabot and to create a megacorporation.

Nick: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop. What plan?

Nikki: Some things are simply not to be.

Victor: You know me better than anyone else. In many ways, we were a very good fit, weren't we?

Nikki: Yes, but in many other important ways, we weren’t. And there were times when we brought out the worst in each other.

Victor: I enjoyed making love to you. I really did. But that's all it can be. (Footsteps approaching)

Diane: Didn't you already give him his birthday present?

Victor: Uh, Diane, would you mind giving us some privacy?

Diane: (Sighs)

Nikki: It's just, um, we've hurt each other too many times over the years.

Victor: Yeah. (Sighs heavily) I don't think there's any sense in trying it again.

Nikki: Well, you know I love you. I always will. And I know that you love me.

Victor: I do, and I always will.

Nikki: You take care.

Victor: You, too.

(Door opens) (Door closes)

Ashley: It's not like I've never considered, you know, the possibility of a merger.

Tucker: Well, we'd be the largest cosmetics company on the planet.

Ashley: And what did you promise Jack and Victoria for delivering Beauty of Nature?

Tucker: An equal partnership with me-- 50/50.

Ashley: Do you think you can make that happen?

Tucker: I do. Like I said, this is who I am. This is what I do.

Ashley: And you're saying that I knew that when I fell in love with you?

Tucker: Didn't you?

Ashley: I did. I love you. I want to be with you.

Tucker: Together, we'll be unstoppable.

Ashley: Okay, but wait. I have to be really clear. (Sighs) I'm not gonna get involved in this race between Jack and Victoria, okay? And I'm gonna make sure that Abby’s interests are never exploited or abused, she's not taken advantage of, okay? Are we clear on that?

Tucker: Fair enough.

Ashley: Okay. Then I'm in.

Tucker: (Chuckles) Are you in?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Are you in?

Nick: Vick, you're crazy.

Victoria: No, lis--

Nick: You want to trade one megalomaniac control freak for another one?

Victoria: I know, but Tucker can't pull that same emotional crap on us like Dad did. It will be business, strictly business. It will be an equal partnership. Do you understand? Just--I mean, think about it.

Nick: I don't need to. I'm not interested.

Jack: (Sighs) When I think back on how many times Victor tried to take Jabot from me...

[Jack remembering]

Victor: You are no longer working here. I am. I was asked by your sister, a high officer of this company, to help us save this company from going bankrupt. I am here to do that job, whether you like it or not! And I'm going to sit in the chair that you're sitting in right now. I like it. I want you out of it, and I want me in it.

Jack: You like this chair? You want this chair? Have a seat, on me.

Jack: Well, this time, it's his company under attack, and I couldn't be any happier.

Billy: This time, karma finally came back and bit him.

Jack: Yeah, it's about damn time. You know what? (Sighs) By the time this article hits the stands, I'm gonna be back in charge.

Billy: Don't move. (Camera shutter clicks)

Deacon: Hey, Nikki, you here?

Nikki: Uh, I'll be right out.

Deacon: Okay, take your time.

Deacon: Let me see.

Meggie: Nikki, its Meggie McClaine. There's something important--

Deacon: (Hits erase button)

Deacon: (Sighs)

Nikki: Ahh.

Deacon: Hey.

Nikki: Did you get everything straightened out at work?

Deacon: Oh, I did. You know, the guy was just nervous. It was no big deal. So you--you went out?

Nikki: I-I just went for a walk.

Deacon: Good. You feelin' better?

Nikki: Much better.

Deacon: Good, 'cause I don't want anything upsetting you.

Victor: Diane? Diane!

Diane: I heard you the first time. Is everything all right?

Victor: Pack your bags.

Diane: Just like that?

Victor: No reason to waste any more time. You and I are going to elope.

Diane: What?

Victor: We're gonna get married today.

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Deacon: Convince this nice man to, uh, cut us a break. Honey, you and I are gonna have a conjugal visit.

Nikki: I know how upset Victor is because we made love.

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