Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/3/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/3/11 -- Canada; Friday 3/4/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9602 ~ Victor Has a Change of Heart

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Nick:  Hmm.  "I love my kids, I love my kids."

Victoria: Mm, maybe if Dad says it enough times in the press...

Nick: He'll actually start treating us like he means it?

Victoria: (Sighs) Well, the reporters seem to be eating it up.

Nick: Well, it doesn't hurt that it's a handpicked crew. I mean, these people all worship Victor Newman.

Victoria: That's true. Billy's working on his own piece, too, so I'm hoping that maybe it will counteract some of the fawning.

Nick: Well, that's cool it'd be nice to have someone on our side for a change, especially since my plan with Sharon didn't work out.

Victoria: (Sighs) I'm so sorry to hear that.

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah, I really thought I was makin' some headway, and then Adam walks in smellin' like he was tanked and punches me.

Victoria: What? He punched you?

Nick: Yeah.

Victoria: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah, I'm-

Victoria: He's such a loser.

Nick: Yeah, tell me about it. All right, I gotta get outta here. I told Sharon she could spend some time with Faith before the arbitration.

Victoria: (Sighs) Okay. I'll see you over there.

Nick: Yep.

Billy: Soup's on.

Nick: (Sighs)

Victoria: Oh, your editorial. It's on the web.

Billy: Yep. Here go.

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Victoria: (Sighs) "I have never been big on gate-crashing. You're either on the A-list, or why bother? But for Victor Newman's 'Great media spin tour,' I made an exception. Newman portrayed himself as victim of his children's unbridled greed, then he next insisted he held nothing but love in his heart for them. As I left, my mind was racing with all the ways I could expose his lies and hypocrisy. But as I sat down at my keyboard later, I found myself at a loss for words, utterly confounded about how a father, any father, could drive at the point that Victor has. That started me thinking about my own father, the late John Abbott, and the example that he set for me."

Victor: "John Abbott and Victor Newman had some striking similarities. Both were self-made men who loved their kids and groomed them to take their places one day. But John Abbott never used the word 'Love' as an excuse to meddle in custody agreements or have his daughter arrested on her wedding day. That's not the kind of love I knew growing up, nor what I would want to provide for my own two girls. The more I see how Victor Newman operates, the more I feel I have a road map of what not to do as a parent."

Kay: Well, I can certainly understand why you'd be upset. And while I-I wish it wasn't at your expense, it...

Victor: Say it.

Kay: Well, for Billy to honor his father like this, I can't help finding that rather touching.

Victor: In other words, you agree with it?

Kay: Well, uh, as little as you read to me, it seems accurate enough, Victor oh, come on. You know. (Sighs) I detest the way things in your family has deteriorated this far, but in these situations, you know and I know, lawyers are the only real winners.

Victor: I'm not worried about the arbitration, Katherine.

Kay: Well, then what is it?

Victor: Usually, Billy Abbott does a hatchet job where I'm concerned. In this case, he tried to shame me by comparing me to a man that I kind of respected.

Kay: Well, is that the way you feel when you read that article? I mean, ashamed of the way you've handled things?

Victor: I never wanted this to happen. Never. (Sighs) I guess we have to leave it at that.

Neil: Tucker?

Tucker: Hey, Neil. Pull up a chair. We'll get another cup for you.

Neil: Uh, no, I-I can't stay I tracked you down to let you know that I'm taking a personal day.

Tucker: Okay. Well, is Lily having a rough time?

Neil: Actually, it has to do with the Newman arbitration.

Tucker: Well, you're not lookin' forward to whatever it is.

Neil: That obvious, uh?

Tucker: I'm always happy to lend an ear.

Abby: The worst part-- just sitting across from Adam, 'cause I know he gets off on creeping me out

Ashley: Honey.

Abby: Ugh!

Ashley: (Sighs) Oh, God.

Michael: Hello, Ladies.

Abby: I need a refill.

Michael: Decaf. I have a gift.

Ashley: I know it's, you know, you're just doing your job, but do you think it's really smart to hang your entire case on somebody as devious as Adam?

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: How's your head?

Adam: Pounding.

Sharon: You need some aspirin?

Adam: I'll get it.

Sharon: Did you think about anything I said last night?

Adam: Yes, I have. (Sighs) I'm supposed to, uh, trust Victor and have--have faith in my father, put my life and yours in his hands. I won't take that risk. (Sighs)

Sharon: Look, I know that you're doing this for me--

Adam: Look, if I cross him, Sharon, he's not gonna help you out, no matter how arbitration goes. You know that, and I know it.

Sharon: Victor was the one who paid my bail. He was in Hawaii. He knows for a fact that I didn't kill Skye. There's no way he's gonna let me go to prison. End of story.

Adam: (Sighs) Well, he's left you twisting out in the wind. You're still twisting for first-degree murder. Sometimes you see good in people when there is none.

Sharon: Oh, are we talking about Victor now or you? Because you know how I feel about that subject, too. How many times have you told me that I make you want to be a better man?

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Adam, all I'm asking is that you be that man. And now you think that he's trapped you into perjuring yourself about forging these trusts. But after speaking to Nick last night, I really don't think Victor's gonna use that leverage.

Adam: So I'm just supposed to have faith? Faith in my father? I'm sorry, Sharon, I can't take that leap.

Sharon: Well, I have to meet Nick and Faith. Try to pull it together, okay? This is the last day of arbitration. Everyone's lives are about to be changed forever.

Ashley: Are you so desperate to win that you would team up with somebody like Adam? No, no, look at me. He stole a baby and didn't give it a second thought. I mean, have you forgotten who you're dealing with?

Michael: I was there. I was there with Phyllis...

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Michael: When she received the letter from Dr. Taylor. I know what I'm dealing with.

Ashley: Okay, well, then do you know that he-- he almost took everything from me? And I'm not gonna let Adam do the same thing to my daughter. Do you understand that?

Abby: You know, it's too bad we can't put truth serum in your coffee. (Sighs) Do you know how much I hate that you're my brother? And for Sharon to actually choose you over Nick-- I just hope she wises up before you ruin her life the way you do with anyone who comes in contact with you.

Ashley: Honey, don't even bother. He's nothing but a waste of time. Come on, Honey.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Michael: Really taking it on the chin, aren't you?

Adam: Hasn't been fun. (Sniffs)

Michael: Mm, well, I'm not in love with it, either, but just in case you were thinking of backing out... (Clears throat) I should advise you that would be a really bad move.

Victoria: "If you choose to follow your own path or do things differently than the way he would have, John Abbott didn't disinherit you or disrespect you or make damn sure that you were taught a lesson. My father would have considered that abusive and unloving. Can Victor Newman say the same?"

Billy: Mm, you okay?

Victoria: I'm really-- no, I'm just really-- I'm proud of you right now. What made you decide to take the high road?

Billy: (Clears throat) Don't pat me on the back just yet. Why don't you keep reading? Read the whole article.

Victoria: "I'm not looking at either of these titans of industry through rose-colored glasses. My father was far from perfect. He had his flaws, like all the rest of us."

Victor: (thinking) "John Abbott was stubborn about a lot of things. If he felt something was wrong or went against his moral code, he wasn't afraid to make that known. If he thought someone had threatened or harmed his family, he could be fiercely protective. The Abbott kids could always count on ad to rise to our defense, instead of hiring a defense team to beat us into submission. In fact, the only time I know of when my father resorted to using his fists was when Newman's shady business dealings inadvertently led to the death of my sister's unborn child."

[Victor remembering]

Victor: John.

John: Son of a bitch!

Victor: (Grunts)

John: Come on! Come on!

Victor: I let you hit me once. Don't try it again. You got that?

John: Oh, damn you. You killed him!

Victor: Killed who?

John: My grandson! He's dead because of you, you arrogant son of a bitch!

Victor: (Thinking) "A statement of love means nothing without the actions to back it up. Victor Newman may claim to love his children, but what actions has he taken to prove he would put their happiness over his own?

Sharon: This is Summer's favorite swing set.

Nick: Good memory.

Sharon: I can't wait to bring Faith here when the weather warms up. Thanks for letting me spend some time with her this morning.

Nick: I'm gonna go check and see if that bubbler works.

Sharon: Faith, I'm so sorry about all this, all the fighting last night. It's just that no one wants to see you grow up without a mommy. And your daddy and Adam, they... they just can't agree on how to help me. There's not much time left before my trial. (Voice breaking) Why can't I just stop time and be here with you forever?

Nick: We gotta go.

Victoria: "It's the example my dad set that pushes me to be a better businessman, a better husband, a better father, a better person. One of the greatest tragedies I've witnessed since settling down with Victor Newman's daughter-- while I work hard to live up to my dad, my wife is working just as hard to live down her own father."

Victoria: What are you trying to do? I mean, why don't you just punch me in the gut already?

Billy: Sorry.

Victoria: No, it's beautiful, and it's true.

Billy: Yeah, well... (Clears throat) I'm sure the bloggers are gonna think I went soft again. But, uh, there I was at 2:00 in the morning in front of a keyboard holding Lucy, staring at that blinking cursor. I don't know, the more I wanted to pummel Victor in print, the more I kept thinkin' about that baby in my arms, and how I guess not so long ago, you were a baby in his arms.

Victoria: Yeah. He used to call me "The apple of his eye. (Sighs) Now I'm just a huge disappointment to him.

Billy: You know how much I hate that guy. But right now, there's nothing more I'd like to do than give you back your daddy.

Victoria: Love you.

Billy: I love you, too.

Nick: I need to get to the arbitration.

Sharon: You can't leave her here with me?

Nick: After last night? The way Adam was?

Sharon: It's just... (Voice breaking) Every time we do this, it makes me think of what it will be like when I have to say good-bye and I'm sent away to prison.

Nick: I wish I could make this easier for you.

Sharon: (Sighs) (Normal voice) Baby, you be good for daddy, okay? I'll see you later.

Victor: (Sighs) Sharon? You'll be all right.

(Cell phone rings)


Michael: Hey, Victor, what's up?

Victor: Meet me at the ranch.

Michael: We're supposed to be at the courthouse in a few min--

Victor: No, Michael, now.

Michael: All right.

Tucker: This information you have sounds pretty significant.

Neil: It could affect the outcome of the arbitration.

Tucker: And piss who off in the process?

Neil: Victor, possibly Katherine.

Tucker: Well, you haven't given me the details, Neil, but... you're a man of integrity. Everyone knows that. If you feel the need to speak out, I'm sure your reasons are sound.

Nick: What do you want?

Adam: I come in peace. I have nowhere else to turn.

Billy: This is it.

Victoria: (Sighs) This is it.

Billy: Good luck.

Victoria: Thanks. Thank you. We're gonna need it. Mwah.

Billy: Bye-bye, Baby. Mwah. Bye.

Ashley: Bye, you guys.

Billy: (Sighs) You're not going, are you?

Ashley: Why? Did you want me to?

Billy: Well, n-no. I mean, it's just, you know, the baby's gonna be down for a while, and Jana was gonna come, and she's gonna take her to the-- (Stammers) Hey.

Ashley: Come here.

Billy: Whoa. What's wrong with you?

Ashley: Mm, Billy, why didn't you tell me you were gonna write about Daddy? I was practically in tears the whole way over here. It was a really lovely tribute. It really was.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, o-okay. Thanks.

Ashley: So sweet.

Billy: Well, don't get used to it, because the next time I write about Victor Newman, it's not gonna be all hearts and rainbows and flowers.

Ashley: I'm just so happy that you're finally maturing.

Billy: Yeah.

Ashley: Welcome to the wonderful world of being a grown-up...

Billy: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Finally.

Billy: Aah! (Laughs)

Ashley: (Laughs)

Billy: Mm.

Michael: Oh, Victor. Look, whatever you want to discuss, make it snappy. We're due at the courthouse in about 30 minutes. Oh, and by the way, I ran into Adam at Crimson Lights.

Victor: This is not about the arbitration. I have made a decision.

Michael: Am I gonna like it? (Sighs)

Victor: I want to go to the D.A. and tell him that I was in Hawaii the night Skye Lockhart died.

Sharon: Adam, you still here? Where are you? We need to talk about Victor.

Adam: You and the nanny get Faith settled?

Nick: Don't talk about my daughter. Say what you gotta say and then get out. I don't want to be late for the hearing.

Adam: You and Sharon want me to recant my deposition.

Nick: It shouldn't be too difficult for you since its all lies.

Adam: Well, I'm willing to do this on one condition.

Nick: (Scoffs) I knew there had to be a catch.

Adam: No, no, no. This isn't for me. This is for Sharon. Everything goes back to normal. She gets her full rights with Faith back, shared full custody.

Nick: So you want to use my daughter as a bargaining chip? Kind of like the way you used her to cover up the crime with Ashley's baby? I always wondered how low you'd go.

Adam: Every day that Sharon is away from that baby just eats away at her more and more. Regardless of what you think about me, Nicholas, she doesn't deserve this.

Nick: Sharon can be with Faith every day of her life if she wants. All you have to do is one thing-- one very simple, easy, selfless thing-- leave.

Adam: I came here to talk to you about--

Nick: No, no, no. You--you say you love Sharon so much. Here's your chance to prove it. Get on the first bus out of Genoa City and never come back.

Kay: That's quite an article, isn't it? (Chuckles)

Tucker: Hey. (Chuckles) Yeah, yeah, quite an article. It makes me wish I had met John Abbott when he was still alive.

Kay: Mm.

Tucker: You two were close. It must warm your heart to read this, huh?

Kay: Well, Victor's an old friend of mine, as well and, uh, Billy's opinion of him as a father-- it's, uh, just a tiny bit skewed.

Tucker: Yeah, understandable, though, don't you think?

Kay: Well, you're right, though. I was very touched by his thoughts on his father and parenthood in general. Uh, the kid has a good head on his shoulders in that particular realm. Well, listen, uh, you, uh, enjoy your meal.

Tucker: No, wait. You know what? Uh, I-I hate eatin' alone. Would you join me?

Kay: Mm... well, there are-- there are some contracts we should discuss.

Tucker: No, no, no. No contracts. I just want to take my mother to breakfast.

Kay: I'd like that.

Tucker: Okay.

Billy: Here you go.

Ashley: Thank you, Sweetie.

Billy: So what's up with the wedding? How are the plans going?

Ashley: Oh, well, Tucker and I haven't been speaking too much about that lately, and I'd rather, um, you know, not get into it right now if you don't mind.

Billy: Are, uh, things okay with you and Tucker? Are you--?

Ashley: Yes.

Billy: Okay, okay.

Ashley: You now, I mean, I'm fine. And Tucker is a really good man at heart. I know that, but... sometimes I get these glimpses of another side of him, you know? And it kind of reminds me of Victor...

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Which kind of freaks me out.

Billy: Yeah, I can see why that would freak you out.

Ashley: Yeah.

(Cell phone rings)

Ashley: Oh, excuse me.

Billy: (Sighs)

Ashley: Hey, Neil

Neil: Hi, Ashley, um, listen. I need to see you. It's about the arbitration.

Michael: You were in Hawaii on the same volcano...

Victor: (Sighs)

Michael: As Sharon and Skye?

Victor: Yeah.

Michael: Who else knows about this?

Victor: A number of people suspect it. (Sighs) But you're the only one I've admitted it to.

Michael: All right. All right.

Victor: (Sighs)

Michael: You need to tell me everything you saw out there-- all of it.

Victor: I didn't see much. It was very dark that night. But what I could hear very clearly is Skye and Sharon confronting each other.

Michael: What about the audio Phyllis posted online?

Victor: That only tells part of the story. Apparently when Skye slipped over the edge of that volcano, Sharon tried to help her-- must have held on to her hand and couldn't anymore... pleaded for Skye Lockhart to hang on. But then Skye must have slipped.

Michael: If it was as dark as you said it was...

Victor: I could hear them, trust me. This was no murder. I tried desperately to get to them. I tried to save the situation. I know that Sharon tried to save Skye Lockhart. When I got there, it was too late. Sharon was gone, and Skye Lockhart had been lost.

Michael: (Sighs)

Michael: All right, Victor, you need to listen to me carefully.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: We will sit down and address this after the arbitration hearing. For you to come forward with testimony that you have kept secret is the last thing we need.

Victor: I'm not asking for your advice. I'm determined to go to the D.A. today.

Sharon: Where have you been?

Adam: Out.

Sharon: I've been calling and calling you. I need to talk to you. Why don't you answer your cell?

Adam: (Slurring) You canít say anything lately without it sounding like nagging?

Sharon: Whoo, your breath-- are you drunk again?

Adam: See what I mean? Excuse me.

Sharon: Adam.

Adam: I can't do this, Sharon. I can't do it.

Sharon: You can't do what? What are you talking about?

Adam: I can't do-- I can't do it. I can't do this game where I try to be the person that you want me to be. It's not who I am. I'm not that guy.

Sharon: Look, hey, I know you're struggling right now, okay? But we're gonna get through this. We love each other.

Adam: Do we?

Sharon: Yes. Of course, I do. How could you even doubt that?

Adam: I know you do. But I... I don't know if I love you. I don't know if I ever have.

Victoria: Okay.

Abby: Adam just stared at me. He didn't even flinch, but I know it got to him, the part about ruining Sharon's life, 'cause you know that he's going to.

Victoria: Okay, well, Sharon's been on him to admit that he lied under oath, okay? And Nick's been working on his own angle, as well, but I'm not exactly sure if he's succeeded.

Abby: Well, I hope he does, but I doubt he will. Lying is the only thing that Adam knows how to do.

Victoria: Okay, but if we keep the pressure, maybe between the four of us, we'll be able to plant some doubt in Adam's mind.

Abby: Doubts about what?

Victoria: (Sighs) The wisdom of trusting Dad.

Sharon: You don't mean that.

Adam: (Slurring) I love the idea of... making you fall in love with me again. But I don't think I ever loved you.

Sharon: Stop this, all right? I know what you're doing. You're trying to push me away from you.

Adam: I'm trying to tell you the truth, okay? I can't be this man that you-- that you want me to be. I can't do that for you anymore, all right? It's done.

Sharon: You already are, whether you realize it or not.

Adam: I don't think I ever loved you, but I also don't know if I can love. Just... I think I was pissed that you found out the truth, and I just didn't want to lose that way. You walked away from me and... then you went to Nick, and I just didn't want him to win, so...

Sharon: This is the liquor talking. You don't mean that.

Adam: It's all true. It's all true.

Sharon: What about-- what about New Orleans? What about the first night that we spent here together? What about all the time we spent just the two of us?

Adam: I had to keep up appearances. Show's over, its done

Sharon: No, no. Adam, you don't mean this.

Adam: Would you just stop, okay? Just shut up. Stop being an idiot.

Sharon: (Gasps) These are not your words. This isn't you.

Adam: These are more my words than you'll know.

Sharon: I'm not gonna listen to this.

Adam: (Whispering) I'm so sorry, Sharon. I'm sorry.

Michael: Now is not the time for this, Victor.

Victor: If not now, when?

Michael: Oh, no, no don't you dare get philosophical with me. You think about the other questions this is gonna raise. What were you doing in Hawaii? Did you know Skye was there? Did you help Skye disappear? Did you do this to set up Adam?

Victor: Michael, if I don't testify now, it's gonna look as if I want to protect myself, okay? I mean, my testimony later will be worthless.

Michael: It still may be worthless in terms of saving Sharon, and you'll be opening yourself up to criminal charges. There's obstruction, conspiracy.

Victor: If I go to the D.A. now, my testimony will still be far more compelling.

Michael: This is not a strategy. This is suicide, Victor. You're confessing to the D.A. that you're involved in this Skye mess up to your eyeballs, and this--this before a multibillion-dollar ruling has yet to be made.

Victor: (Sighs) You know that my granddaughter may lose her mother? That'd break my heart. It would mean that I put my happiness before theirs.

Michael: This-- this is Billy's article. I read this over breakfast. He got to you, didn't he? Th-that's where all this is coming from.

Victor: No one tells me that I don't love my family.

Kay: Ahh, well, breakfast was delicious, and I thank you for the treat.

Tucker: It's my pleasure. Now... (Sighs) If you don't, uh, consider it too out of line, I'd like to discuss my wedding.

Kay: Um... well, yes. You haven't talked about that lately.

Tucker: No. Ashley's been a little sidetracked with the arbitration. I'm sure when things calm down with Abby, we'll be back in planning mode. Now you-- you offered us the mansion, right?

Kay: Yes, I believe I did.

Tucker: Well, I know I'm not your favorite guy, son or no son. So I thought I'd better check it out. So your offer's still good?

Kay: (Sighs) Well, I think old Murph and I would be very happy to host your wedding. (Chuckles) Who knows? There may be hope for, um, for the two of us. Who knows?

Neil: Well, listen, sorry to bother you with this.

Ashley: No, it's okay.

Neil: But after talking to Tucker, I wanted to run this by you.

Ashley: You spoke to Tucker about the arbitration?

Neil: Yeah, I-- I wasn't supposed to?

Ashley: Uh, n--its okay. Um, what did you want to ask me?

Neil: Well, listen, Ash. I might have information that proves Adam lied on his deposition. Now you weren't in favor of going forward with the lawsuit, but since it has--

Ashley: Wait a second. Did you speak to the judge?

Neil: No, no, mainly because it has nothing to do with me, and I don't want to jump in the middle of a family crisis, especially not that family. But Tucker--

Ashley: (Sighs) Neil. Neil.

Neil: What?

Ashley: If you have any information that can prevent Adam from having an influence on Abby's future, you have to come forward. You must.

Neil: (Sighs)

Ashley: You must right now.

Billy: Daddy's article was a big hit. Your mommy liked it. All three of your aunts liked it. I know. Maybe they'll say nice things more often. It'll scare people. They won't know what to think. They'll be like "Billy Abbott said something nice?" (Makes silly noises) "I can't deal with it. This is crazy. I don't understand. Why is he so nice to people? That's not Billy." (Chuckles) Eh, Man. Dad, I wish you could see her. She is gorgeous.

John: You were wrong, you know, in your editorial.

Billy: Yeah, well, I am your son. I must have screwed something up.

John: You know, you don't ever have to worry about what kind of father you're going to be. No, you're already doing a terrific job.

Victoria: Okay, great. See you soon. Okay, Leslie's on her way.

Abby: I wonder where Nick could be.

Michael: Yes, h-- excuse me. Hello? This is Michael, Heather. This is urgent. Call me immediately.

Victoria: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Are we the first ones here?

Abby: Do you see anyone else around?

Victoria: Where's Dad and Adam?

Michael: They'll be here.

Victor: Hi. I need to see the D.A. I have some information about the night that Skye Lockhart died.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Sharon: It's Adam.

Adam: Hi, um, I need a one-way ticket outta here. It doesn't matter where, just as long as itís leaving Genoa City.

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