Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/2/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/2/11 -- Canada; Thursday 3/3/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9601 ~ Lily Sees Visions of Cane

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Gloria: Now how can someone so handsome be a technical genius, too?

Kevin: You're buttering me up because you need something. F.Y.I., it's that button right there that turns it on.

Gloria: Honey, my real estate well is running dry. My marketing brochure needs some pizzazz. Please, you're a creative talent. Come on. (Sighs)

Kevin: Maybe later. I'm here to talk to Jeff right now about an overdue notice from an anxious vendor.

Jeff: I didn't want to bother the lady with pesky details.

Kevin: How did you do that?

Jeff: Hauling produce into the walk-in.

Gloria: A separated shoulder due to tomatoes.

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: (Sighs) Well, at least he didn't bring his little dog. You remember Angelo, Hogan's friend? You want to seat him, or shall I?

Jeff: (Chuckles) You go ahead. I gotta make a call about that door-- damned hinge.

Gloria: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Hello, Angelo. (Laughs)

Kevin: Is he the door that separated your shoulder?

Jeff: Hogan looks cuddly next to this one.

Kevin: This one showed up at the coffeehouse demanding that I force you to pay your debt. There was an "Or else" attached to it that applied to pretty much everyone I know, so pay the guy now, before someone I care about gets hurt.

Jana: (Squeals) (Gasps) Ryder?!

Ryder: (Whispers) Jana, listen.

Jana: (Grunts) Oh, my God. Oh, God. (Sighs)

Lily: (Sighs)

[Lily dreaming]

Cane: I'm always gonna be with you.

Lily: Do you know how much I want that to be true?

Lily: (Sighs)

Neil: Well, well. Hey.

Jeff: (Laughs) Hey.

Neil: Good to see you. Hey, can I get a club soda?

Jeff: (Chuckles) Yeah, you bet. So, you, uh... (Laughs) You fighting the urge to come back here and, uh, fix it yourself? Here you go.

Neil: That's funny. That's real funny. Um, you know, it's kind of hard to believe that this was once Indigo, you know?

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Neil: How's it feel to be the man behind the bar now?

Jeff: Oh, tending bar's a piece of cake. It's the other details that... (Sighs) Bust my chops.

Victoria: Hi, you.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: And, uh, you. Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Mm. So, uh, did you guys, like, plan this, or...

Billy: No, total coincidence. I was cleverly trying to take my wife's mind off of legal issues.

Victoria: Right.

Nick: And with that, I will get out of here.

Victoria: Oh, wait. Did you-- did you talk to Michael? Sharon was wrong. She didn't get Adam to recant, and he's sticking to this insane story that he forged our trust documents.

Nick: Yeah, I already got the call from Leslie...

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nick: Giving me the really, really good news.

Victoria: Is that why you're here drinking alone?

Nick: (Sighs)

Billy: Hey, hey.

Nick: I was just trying to figure out a way to turn this thing with Adam around, and I may have come up with something.

Victoria: What?

Billy: Why ruin the surprise?

Nick: Let's just say it all starts with Sharon.

Faith: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah. What do you want to do? Any ideas?

Adam: Sorry. I know I'm just-- I'm just dwelling here. (Sighs) I don't know. You know, you give this to me as a symbol of how you believe in me, and believe in us, and then here I am lying and groveling and playing my father's game.

Sharon: Because he forced you to.

Adam: Yeah.

Faith: Mama.

Sharon: Yeah.

Adam: And I'm oh, so thrilled about that.

Faith: Mama.

Sharon: Yeah, Baby.

Adam: I don't know. My father just dangles the bait, and I bite. What if it's all for nothing, you know? What if--what if he's not gonna come forward for you? I mean, I have to make sure this man is gonna hold up his end of the deal.

Sharon: You have got to stop thinking there is some way you can control Victor, because we both know he will find a way to turn it on you.

Adam: Find a way? He's already found a way. He's blackmailing me for this whole situation where I made it look like Skye is still alive.

Sharon: Look, Faith's here. I just want to concentrate on her right now. And on compromising yourself to force Victor's hand-- if you resort to that, then the statue is just another lie.

Kevin: What is wrong with you?

Jeff: We did this before, remember? Walk-in, produce-- but thanks for your concern.

Kevin: I don't care about your arm. You owe people money-- you pay them. How hard is that?

Jeff: Oh, right. Silly me. I should just get a ferret mask and rob a bank.

Kevin: You are not broke, Jeffrey. I know that. So what are you doing? Are you just being an idiot? Or are you trying to dodge paying?

Jeff: Let me, um, ponder that in the back room.

Kevin: Hold on.

Kevin: (Sighs) First the coffeehouse, now here. I'm flattered.

Angelo: Let's talk.

Victoria: So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna talk to Sharon? Or...

Nick: (Sighs) Adam will recant. Let's just leave it at that.

Billy: (Sighs) Thank you.

Victoria: Okay, fine. Fine. (Sighs) Oh, gosh, have you-- have you spoken to Mom today?

Billy: Oh, mnh-mnh.

Victoria: What?

Billy: Mnh, mnh, mnh. Nikki still counts as a Newman, both by marriage and by motherhood, and we're not talking about the Newmans.

Victoria: Right.

Nick: Yeah, in fact, I'm gonna get out of here and let you two kids, uh, have some fun. No lawsuit talk tonight.

Victoria: Okay, good luck. All right, but keep me posted... but not tonight at all.

Billy: Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh

Victoria: No.

Billy: (Humming) Hi.

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: Look at us.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Out on the town, kids safe at home.

Victoria: (Clears throat) Yeah, mm-hmm.

Billy: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Not a care in the world.

Victoria: Nope.

Billy: Mnh-mnh. You know what I'm thinking?

Victoria: Hmm?

Billy: I'm thinkin' Jamaica. I'm thinkin' sand. I'm thinkin' steel drums.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Or if you're not into that, I could be thinking, I don't know, poodle miniskirts, malt shops, lookout point.

Victoria: Are you trying to get to first base?

Billy: Uh, hold that thought.

Victoria: Why?

Gloria: (Clears throat) I hate to interrupt.

Billy: Then just don't.

Victoria: (Groans)

Gloria: Billy, Victoria.

Victoria: Hi, Gloria.

Gloria: I'm working on a new brochure for my real estate business...

Victoria: Uh-huh.

Gloria: And I was hoping to use some photographs of your lovely home. Would you mind if I took some pictures?

Billy: Snap away.

Victoria: That's great, yeah. I mean, go right ahead, and, you know, if we're not there, then the nanny will let you in. Um, the house might be a little messy, though.

Gloria: No, no, no, no. Never messy, just lived-in, because a house reflects your life. Thank you, and carry on.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: So I think that maybe you were flirting with me.

Billy: Oh, yes, excuse me. Let me continue my flirtation.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Billy: (Laughs) And--I'm sorry. Hold that thought again.

Victoria: What? I--

Billy: I--Chloe. Chloe. Down here. Come down here.

Chloe: Hi.

Billy: Hi.

Chloe: Have you seen Kevin?

Billy: Have you seen Cordelia?

Chloe: Yes, her grandmother is showing her off at her friend's house. I'm not shirking Mom duty.

Kevin: I-- (sighs) All right.

Chloe: There he is. There he is. Go back--go back to whatever you guys were doing.

Billy: (Sighs) (Clears throat) That guy with Kevin, uh, do you know who he is?

Chloe: Why? Do you?

Billy: Yeah, from my gambling days. That is a 6'3" walking pile of trouble.

Sharon: Adam, we can do this, okay? We can beat these charges without plans and deals and lies. (Sighs) Yes, I would like it if Victor would just go to the court and tell them everything that happened, but you can't force him to do something he's unwilling to do. And if you try to, you're the one who's gonna end up being tied up in knots, not him.

Adam: So what am I supposed to do, Sharon? Am I supposed to just sit on my hands and watch you get railroaded? Huh? When I was in that jail cell accused of Skye's murder, you hauled off to Hawaii to prove it was all lies. Now it's my turn, and I'm gonna hold my father's feet to the fire.

Sharon: It kills me, okay? I-I-it kills me that I have spent years trusting and admiring Victor, and now this. But deals a-and blackmail? Please, please don't be like him.

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: I saw you when you came out of your deposition. You looked defeated and ashamed, and I don't want to see you look like that ever again.

Adam: I need to clear my head, Sharon.

Sharon: Adam.

Adam: I'm sorry. I've gotta get some air.

Jana: You stay away from us.

Ryder: Jana, please. I didn't mean to scare you. I just--I didn't want you to scream. I followed you.

Jana: What?

Ryder: You live here?

Lucy: (Coos)

Jana: (Sighs)

Ryder: This is your baby?

Jana: Yes, I live here. I'm a nanny, and if you don't want to live in a cell, you better run. You better run now. Get a head start from the police. I mean it.

Ryder: I only came because Daisy said she had the baby.

Jana: You have-- you've spoken to her?

Ryder: She checks in when she can. She said she left the baby in...

Jana: Shh. Shh.

Ryder: A church, St. Joseph's, she said.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Jana: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Ryder: I don't even know what town. Look, I need to find that girl.

Jana: (Sighs) You and Daisy can rot. You can rot. I'm phoning the police.

Ryder: Jana, don't.

Lucy: (Cries)

Ryder: Because you may hate me, but I don't want to hurt you.

Lucy: (Fusses)

Ryder: And if you call the police, I will tell them that you helped Daisy escape.

Jana: Shh.

Lucy: (Cries)

Jana: Shh. Get off. Shh. It's okay.

Lucy: (Cries)

Ryder: I heard the stories about how Daisy escaped. They said she knocked you out. I know the truth.

Lucy: (Coughs)

Jana: Shh.

Ryder: You helped her escape. Now if the cops come, I'll tell them.

Jana: (Scoffs)

Ryder: And then Kevin'll know the truth.

Jana: The last time I saw Daisy, she was pregnant. And I have even seen a photograph of her recently in Canada still pregnant.

Ryder: She's not--the baby--

Jana: You have no reason to be here, Ryder.

Ryder: The baby isn't in Canada. You wanted her, right? To raise with Kevin? That baby's still out there. And--and maybe she's with some-- some parents who will love her. And maybe not. Now I'd go out and I would look for her myself, but after I jumped bail, they would throw me right back in jail.

Jana: (Scoffs)

Ryder: But if you asked...

Jana: Asked? (Scoffs) What, you want me to help you? Are you bloody mad?

Ryder: Imagine that you're the one who gives that baby to Kevin.

Jana: (Sighs)

Lily: (Gasps) (Sighs) (Chuckles) You're here.

Cane: Well, you can't get rid of me that easily. That's what those wedding vows are for. So, uh, what do you want?

Lily: What?

Cane: What do you want? I want to make you something to eat. What would you like to have?

Lily: No, uh... (Sighs) That doesn't even matter. Cane, there is so much that we never got to say to each other. Do you remember when we were on the church steps and I was h-holding you? And when you left, and... I told you that I had forgiven you, did you hear me?

Cane: I'll be back in a flash, okay?

Lily: (Gasps)

(Window shutter bangs)

Lily: (Gasps)

Billy: So what is Kevin's deal with Angelo? Seriously.

Chloe: Angelo is a customer. They talk about sports and stuff, I guess.

Billy: Uh-huh. Sports and stuff? I don't know, like point spreads and vigs?

Billy: Is that why you two got arrested months ago? Money for a friend? I'm telling you right now, if your boyfriend right here has you wrapped up in something gambling with this guy right here, I'm telling you--

Chloe: Seriously. Seriously, this new baby has turned you into "Psycho daddy." There is nothing going on. Angelo does not know that I exist, and Kevin is not a gambler.

Billy: Oh, great. I'm not messing with you right now. If your new boyfriend has a gambling problem, I will make sure that he is not within 10 feet of my little girl, and if I have to get full custody to do it, I will do it.

Kevin: The guy's arm is already in a sling. If that didn't open up his wallet, what can I do?

Angelo: Pay his tab for him.

Kevin: (Scoffs)

Angelo: Then you collect from him on your own time. My people are happy. Nobody gets hurt. It's a win-win.

Kevin: Can we stop talking about hurting people? You'll get your money, and as for the rest of the business, running the books for you guys, that was Jeff's deal. I just got roped in.

Angelo: What's your point?

Kevin: I respectfully resign.

Angelo: You had a deal with Hogan.

Kevin: And I have two other jobs. This is getting to be too much for me.

Angelo: You're still in, Buddy. You're in but good.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Victoria: Hello, Mr. Winters.

Neil: Well, hey, you.

Victoria: Hey.

Neil: Hey. So how's the little one?

Victoria: Oh, God, she's perfect in every way.

Neil: Yeah?

Victoria: Yeah. How's Lily? I think about her.

Neil: Yeah, well, you know, Lily is, uh, she's hanging in there.

Victoria: Good.

Neil: Thanks for asking.

Victoria: Sure.

Neil: I, uh, I heard about the arbitration, Adam making noise about forging the trust papers.

Victoria: Yeah. (Sighs) He's such a slime ball.

Neil: Yeah.

Victoria: He lies under oath like it's no big deal. You know, you were working at Newman when he supposedly did it.

Neil: Yeah, it's funny how it never came up. Not that Adam would have kept me apprised, though.

Victoria: No, he treated you pretty badly.

Neil: Well, you know who he treated worse? Ashley, Sharon.

Victoria: True. You could discredit him, you know. You could tell the judge that you don't buy his story. You could file a friend of the court brief.

Neil: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Victoria: What?

Neil: (Whispers) Adam fired me, all right?

Victoria: Yeah.

Neil: (Normal voice) Now to the judge, it could look like sour grapes on my part.

Neil: I-I feel for you and Nick and Abby. I really do, but Katherine is fond of Victor. If I were to come forward, right? I'd be dragging Chancellor with me, whether I want to or not.

Victoria: Neil, listen. (Sighs) I would never want to put you in an awkward position.

Neil: (Sighs)

Victoria: But nobody knows better than you how my father operates. Nobody knows better than you how he can take for granted the people closest to him.

Neil: I made my peace with all that when I resigned.

Victoria: Yes, and you're an honorable man. But my dad and Adam are lying, and somebody needs to tell the truth.

Neil: Now, Vicki, you know--

Adam: (Sighs) Hey, uh, one scotch, please. You know what? Forget it.

Victoria: Oh, no, it's okay, really. You don't have to leave on my account. In fact, I would love to buy you a drink, and we can make chitchat about your perjury. That'd be fun.

Adam: Mm, yeah, as much as that sounds like a grand old time, I didn't come for talk.

Victoria: I'm curious. What exactly did Dad offer you for all of your lies? See, Nick seems to think that it's about Sharon, but there's always the possibility that it's just about money...

Adam: Another, please.

Victoria: And maybe power. Or maybe Dad just called you "Son," and you melted into a big puddle. But the weird thing is that you actually agreed to help him. You know, this is our father that we're talking about.

Jana: You have to go.

Ryder: I will, okay? I want to. But not until you agree to help me.

Jana: (Scoffs) Go traipsing with you to every St. Joseph's church from here to Canada?

Ryder: There's only a few St. Joe's in the area.

(Doorbell rings)

Jana: Oh, no. Um, oh, God. Just--

Ryder: Listen, I am not here, because if I am, I will tell them...

Jana: (Whimpers)

Ryder: That you helped Daisy escape.

Jana: Um, just... (Sighs) Oh. Gloria. Gloria, what are you do--

Gloria: Oh, my God. You're the new nanny.

Jana: (Sighs)

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Jana: Yes. Um, and, actually, the baby is, uh, sleeping. I'm--I'm--

Gloria: Yeah, save the sugar, Honey, and tell me what you're up to.

Chloe: It's not like "Johnny crapshoot" is gonna be babysitting our daughter.

Billy: You tell Kevin to cut ties with his gambling pals, or I'm gonna take Delia away. It's that simple-- no discussion.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Kevin: Everything okay over here?

Billy: I was clear with Chloe, so I might as well be clear with you. You're around my daughter, and you're around Angelo. So either cut ties with the wise guy, or I'll make sure that I get full custody of Delia so she's safe, okay? Okay.

Chloe: Can you believe what an ass he's being? I mean, really? He's acting all "Big daddy," and he's threatening to take away my child?

Kevin: Billy's absolutely right.

Victoria: You lied about Dad, and now you're lying for him. It's like you're still groveling for his love...

Adam: (Sighs)

Victoria: In your own repulsive little way.

Adam: You sure you're not projecting your life onto mine, Victoria? You're the one who took him to court to show him the error of his ways, and perhaps he might even call you his "Little Princess" again.

Victoria: (Scoffs) You know, I honestly forget that we're related, you and I.

Adam: Oh.

Victoria: I bet Dad does, too. He's a strong man. He's really a force of nature. And Nick and I, we're a lot like him, but you're just a pathetic, weaselly runner-up. You're second best, is what you are. Dad knows it. Sharon knows it. That's why Nick's the only man that she's ever really gonna love.

Adam: Back off.

Victoria: Back off.

Neil: Hey. Excuse me. Yo. You see, here's the thing-- Vicki has every right to question your motives on this "Confession" of yours.

Adam: (Sighs) And this involves you how?

Neil: Maybe you've forgotten, but I was working at Newman when you supposedly cooked up this trust scam. And considering you didn't have access to Victor's private files, then, well, you know...

Adam: (Sniffs) Well, here's the thing-- you wouldn't know about that, because all this happened after I fired your ass. Maybe I should have fired you even sooner than that.

Billy: Aw, come on. No, no, no, no, no. Take it easy. It's not worth it. Not worth it. Trust me. Look at him.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Oh, hi.

Nick: Hi.

Sharon: (Chuckles) Okay, can I have your other hand? Can I? Can I wipe this one? Thank you. You're such a good girl. (Laughs) She's such a helpful girl. (Chuckles)

Faith: More. More.

Sharon: What, you want more?

Faith: Ah.

Nick: You're a good mom, Sharon.

Sharon: Where'd that come from?

Nick: Well, it's the truth. (Sighs) You are, and I know you didn't kill anyone.

Sharon: I didn't.

Nick: Well, Dad knows it, too, and he's not gonna leave you hanging.

Lily: Is someone here? (Gasps)

Neil: Thank you.

Billy: Take it easy.

Adam: Oh, this is fun. Willy, William, you, peacemaker?

Billy: Now he calls me Willy.

Adam: You a peacemaker? That is--that is comedy gold. Look, if Neil has something that he has to say to me, he can say whatever he wants.

Neil: You know--

Billy: Whoa. You know what, Buddy? If you want your face rearranged, make it easy. Just go stand in front of a bus. He'll kill you.

Adam: (Sighs)

Billy: Otherwise--ooh, one more--one thing. Just one thing. Leave my wife alone, or I'll do it.

Adam: Okay, yeah, you're right. You're right. This--this shrinking flower here, she--she needs protection. (Sniffs) Haters, form a line to the left, please. You all--crazy. I came in for a drink. You came at me.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Sis, mwah. Have a good night. Thank you. Pardon me.

Jeff: That guy might be a nuisance if he, uh, didn't tip so well.

Billy: Imagine that.

Victoria: You know, Neil...

Neil: Hmm?

Victoria: You don't have to be there for Adam to get payback.

Neil: (Clears throat) Listen, um, I appreciate you for that one, and you two have a good night.

Victoria: Hey.

Neil: What?

Victoria: Please think about what I said, all right? Please.

Billy: (Groans)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Mm.

Lily: Cane?

Lily: Cane. Cane! (Sighs)

Lily: (Sighs)

Lily: Dad, um, can you come over here? Now. Yeah. Thank you.

Nick: Adam is so used to losing with Dad. He doesn't know how to do anything else, but he doesn't need to cave this time. Dad is gonna step up for you.

Sharon: So suddenly now the man you're suing is good and honest and compassionate? Nick, this is so twisted that you would try to convince me that Victor is decent. What, so that I'll convince Adam to back down, and then you can win your lawsuit?

Nick: No, no, you are wrong. You just don't have the whole picture yet.

Sharon: Nick, I am out on bail for a murder that I didn't commit, and Victor knows that. He's not done a thing to help me.

Nick: Dad was the anonymous person who paid your bail. So if Dad did that, do you really think he would let you fry for this?

Jana: (Clears throat)

Gloria: You know, that's quite a coup for you working here, Jana. How'd you manage it?

Jana: You know, um, it-- I think it'd really be better if you come back some other time.

Gloria: Oh, you know, and storage space-- always such a bonus in a house. And the, uh--

Jana: You know, there's no-- there's no light in that closet. You're just, um, you're just gonna be taking pictures of--of coats...

Gloria: Ah.

Jana: In the dark, that's all.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Jana: And, um, you know, the baby really ought to be sleeping, so why don't-- why don't you just... now?

Gloria: So protective, so kind...    

(Camera shutter clicks)

Gloria: And so up to somethin'. You know, Victoria and Billy may think you're "Nanny sweetness and light," but they're nice people. But you--boom. I think they need to know to keep any eye on you.

Jana: (Sighs) Go on, Gloria. You tell them that.

Gloria: (Whispers) I might just do that.

Ryder: Thank you.

Jana: (Sighs) Gloria hates me, and now she's suspicious. I swear to God if I lose my job--

Ryder: I wouldn't have come here if I had anywhere else to go.

Jana: You could--

Ryder: I just need to know that my niece is safe.

Jana: Ryder, you cost your brother everything, and now you come back to Genoa City to risk your life for your niece that you don't even know?

Ryder: Just help me find the baby...

Jana: (Sighs)

Ryder: And I'll leave. And you can tell Kevin... or not. You can have a family if that's what you want.

Jana: Lucy's parents are gonna be here. If they see you... you have to go now. (Sighs)

Ryder: (Sighs)

Neil: Hey, what's-- what's--what's wrong?

Lily: Look, I saw Cane outside. And I-I know I've said that before, but this time, it was different, okay? I-I saw him. He drew a heart on the window in the frost right there.

Neil: Sweetheart...

Lily: No, Dad. It was there, okay? And so was Cane. I saw him. Well, l-listen. I-I was sleeping, and something woke me up. I didn't even want to wake up because...

Neil: Because why? Because why?

Lily: Because I-I-- I was dreaming of Cane.

Neil: (Sighs) Lily, Lily, Honey, he's gone. I am so sorry. Cane is gone.

Lily: No, Dad. Do you think I'm crazy?

Neil: I think that your mind is trying to give you back what your heart lost. Oh, Baby girl. Come here.

Jeff: (Jamaican accent) Here you go, Man.

Billy: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Oh, God, what have you done?

Billy: Uh, what are you talking about? I'm--I'm--I'm daisy fresh-- baby fresh clean and--and completely innocent.

Jeff: (Normal voice) We're going island-style, my friends.

Victoria: What? We aren't.

Jeff: Come see how low you can go.

Victoria: No, really? Oh.

Jeff: Here we go.

Billy: Come on.

Victoria: God, you're a complete--you're an idiot.

Billy: I am adorable I'm cute. I am sexy.

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: Okay, you ready?

Victoria: I'm ready.

Billy: Ready to go?

Victoria: I think so.

Billy: (Jamaican accent) Let's go to it, man. (Normal voice) Oh, guys. Come on. Easy for her.

Victoria: Oh, that's really not that low.

Billy: Easy--that's really--

Victoria: This really could be lower.

Billy: My wife's got skills. (Making silly noises)

Victoria: (Laughs)


Chloe: Angelo wants money from Jeff. No rational person can connect you to me and Delia.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Angelo seems really rational. One look at Jeff's arm, and we know that the guy isn't making idle threats. He needs to think you're out of my life-- you and Delia.

Sharon: Victor was angry with me about Adam. He said over and over again that he would never help me. He thought that my thinking had been affected by Adam and that I would regret it.

Nick: I can't get into that. You know how I feel about the effect Adam has on you. But my dad told me he paid your bail. He really has no reason to lie about that.

Sharon: Did he say why he did it?

Nick: He believes you're innocent. Look, Dad hates Adam. I obviously do. But the last thing I would ever want for you is to pay for a crime that you didn't commit, and I know my dad feels the same way.

Sharon: Thank you. Nick, thank you so much for telling me. (Sighs)

(Front door opens)

Sharon: Adam.

Sharon: (Screams)

(Glass shatters)

Sharon: (Screams) Adam!

Nick: (Grunts)

Chloe: You're dumping me?

Kevin: No, I'm protecting you.

Chloe: I had to deal with Jana for weeks, and now I have to deal with stupid "Angie arm-breaker"?

Kevin: (Sighs) I just need some time to track down Hogan and deal with him directly.

Chloe: Yeah? How much time?

Kevin: A couple days tops.

Chloe: That's what you said about Jana.

Kevin: This is not the same as that.

Chloe: Yeah, damn straight, 'cause I'm not putting up with it again. I love my kid. I want her safe. So fine, dump me. But you better fix this fast.

Lily: Thank you for staying. I have some extra blankets.

Cane: And even if you can't see me, I'm always gonna be with you... with you... with you... with you. And even if you can't see me, I'm always gonna be with you... be with you... be with you.

Neil: Hey, Kiddo. Need me to grab those blankets?

Lily: Um, no, I got it. I'll--I'll, uh, be right there.

Neil: Okay.

Gloria: (Laughs)

Jeff: (Laughs)

Billy: (Laughs)

Jeff: That's my wife.

Gloria: Yeah.

Jeff: She's bendy. (Laughs)

Victoria: Okay!

Billy: She's what? That's--that's--whoa. Okay, okay, okay.

Victoria: Gloria wins! You win. You're the champion.

Gloria: All right, good! I just wish I'd gotten here earlier.

Victoria: Yeah, you missed it. Where were you?

Gloria: I was at your house taking pictures.

Billy: Um, already?

Victoria: Oh.

Gloria: Yeah, just like you said. The nanny let me in--Jana. I had no idea.

Victoria: Jana. Yeah, I know. Isn't she wonderful?

Gloria: Uh-huh.

Victoria: We like her.

Gloria: Well, you know, some of us have had our moments with Jana, so if your instincts ever tell you to keep an eye on her, that something's not quite right, trust 'em.

Billy: Well, that was helpful and specific.

Victoria: Okay, yeah, well, she's a protective mom, and--and Kevin's heart was broken so...

Billy: Mm-hmm. Want to go back over here?

Victoria: Whoo! (Laughs)

Billy: By the way, did you notice when I was doing, you know, this thing right here?

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I kind of noticed that.

Billy: Yeah? Yeah? Did that give you any unsavory thoughts? Hmm?

Victoria: It did manage to keep my mind off the arbitration a little bit.

Billy: I would believe you if you didn't mention the arbitration.

Victoria: Well, it's just kind of twisted fate that Adam came by, because I think that Neil might actually consider filing the brief about Adam's claim.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: But if he doesn't, then Nick's plan about Sharon better work.

Sharon: Nick came here to help us. What's the matter with you?

Adam: Sure you did, Nick.

Nick: I'm all right. I'm taking Faith home.

Sharon: Already?

Nick: Do you really want her here around this? Around that?

Sharon: All right, Baby, we had a really nice time. I'll see you later, okay, Sweet Pea?

Faith: Okay.

Nick: Say good-bye to mommy.

Sharon: How could you do that with Faith here?

Adam: I'm sorry, Sharon. I just saw Nick, and he was, uh...

Sharon: I was thanking him, Adam. Nick came here to tell me that Victor is the anonymous person who paid my bail. Victor didn't let me sit in jail, and Nick is convinced he's not gonna let me be convicted, either. Adam, that means that you can recant. You can take back everything that you said about changing those trusts and forging Victor's signature. Nick's--he-- he came here to help.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Okay, so I just back off, and he--he pockets millions. What a swell guy.

Sharon: Did you hear anything that I just said?

Adam: Okay, my dad posted bail. Mm, good for him. He grows a conscience for ten minutes. You think he's gonna put himself on the line for you if I recant my story? You think... nope. You know what he's gonna do? He's gonna--he's gonna put his boot on my neck and press down hard. He'll never stop coming after me, Sharon. He'll never stop, and he now knows how to get to me. He hurts the person I love.

Sharon: Nick came here with good news. Then you assaulted him, and now my daughter is somewhere other than here. I... I'm going to bed.

Adam: Sharon. Uh...

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Tucker: If you feel the need to speak out, I'm sure your reasons are sound.

Michael: You were in Hawaii on the same volcano as Sharon and Skye.

Victor: (Sighs) Yeah.

Nick: What do you want?

Adam: I have nowhere else to turn.

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