Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/16/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/16/11 -- Canada; Thursday 2/17/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9591 ~ Jack & Phyllis Find a Revealing Video

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Billy: What time are you gonna meet Leslie and Abby?

Victoria: (Muttering to self) Oh, jeez, it's later than I thought. They're probably already on their way over. Oh.

Billy: Well, I'm sorry to run out on you and little Lucy here, but I need to meet Ashley for breakfast.

Victoria: (Stammers) But what about later? I mean, the arbitration starts--

Billy: Don't--I know. Don't worry. Don't worry. I-I will get a sitter.

Victoria: Okay, but what if nobody's available?

Billy: Then I will pull Dad patrol. It's not a problem. I got this handled. Take it easy.

Victoria: Oh, okay. Okay. I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm so stressed out.

Billy: I know, Honey, and it'll be a lot easier once we get a nanny. I promise.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I can't exactly promise you that this is gonna go very quickly. I mean, the mediation was such a bust, I'm not really expecting to see a lot of smiling faces around that table.

Billy: Yeah, I know. But at least this way, all three of you have to abide to whatever the arbitrator says, so...

Victoria: Yes, you're right. And then we can finally put all of this behind us, and I will not have any more confrontations with my father... (Sighs) Thank you very much. Although it does seem a little strange that he would agree to this instead of a trial.

(Cell phone rings)

Billy: Well, Honey, that's-- that's my phone over there on the ottoman. She's gettin' a little colicky. Can you--

Victoria: Colicky? Okay, yeah.

Lucy: (Cries)

Billy: (Makes kissing sounds) It's okay. It's okay. Hi, you.

Victoria: Ace printing.

Billy: Oh, let it go to voice mail. I was hoping it was going to be Phyllis. I mean, she's gotta be back by now, right? Right? Don't you think?

Victoria: Mm.

Jack: It's like a loaded gun pointed straight at Newman’s head.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Yeah. It's not enough. It's useless. It's very frustrating.

Jack: We both know that is Victor. Only to the police--

Phyllis: And to the police, it's just a bunch of people taking a volcano hike.

Jack: (Sighs)

Phyllis: It's not enough to set Sharon free.

Jack: My money says that is Victor Newman, and he just saw Skye fall to her death.

Phyllis: Jack, unless we can prove it--

Jack: I know. I know. Damn it, I know.

Nick: Dad, got your message. What's up?

Victor: Today is the day I go into binding arbitration with your sisters. I want to talk to you about it.

Kyle: Hey, Nick! Oh, did your dad tell you? Mom and I are movin' in today.

Victor: You are, indeed, and I couldn't be more pleased about that.

Abby: Well, great. I look forward to reading it. Thank you so much. (Chuckles)

Tucker: (Laughs)

Ashley: (Laughs)

Abby: Are you two done making goo-goo eyes, or should I just come back later?

Ashley: (Laughs) No, please join us.

Abby: Oh.

Tucker: Please.

Ashley: Who were you talking to?

Abby: Oh, that.

Ashley: (Laughs) I saw that.

Abby: That was, um, that was a reporter for "As If."

Ashley: Oh.

Abby: She is doing a feature article for their online edition-- "Catching up with 'the Naked Heiress.'"

Ashley: Mm, nice.

Abby: Thanks.

Tucker: Abby, I thought you were done with all that stuff.

Abby: Um, "That stuff"...

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Abby: Happens to be my career, thank you very much. I've just--just kept my clothes on a little bit more than usual lately.

Ashley: Yes. You have, haven't you? Let's hope that's a trend that continues.

Abby: Well, a lot'll depend on how big of an award Victoria and I get from the arbitrator.

Ashley: You're not still going through with that, are you?

Abby: I-I'm sorry. I-I would think you would be happy. We're doing it behind closed doors. We're not having a trial.

Ashley: I'm not happy about any of this. I'm not happy about any of it.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Ashley: Do you remember how you felt when your father kicked you out of his house right before Christmas? I know he felt awful when he had to lay off all those employees because Newman's assets were frozen, a third of them. Did you ever think about what happened to those families? I mean, ever?

Abby: I have to go meet with the lawyer. I'll call you later.

Ashley: I'm so sorry. She didn't even say good-bye to you.

Tucker: Eh. Oh, your baby's just not happy about her mama gettin' engaged to the big bad wolf. That's all.

Ashley: My baby is rude.

Tucker: No.

Ashley: And she never used to be that way. I'm so embarrassed.

Tucker: I don't take it personally. Just let it roll off.

Ashley: (Sighs) You know what? That's the manager of Wiley’s. I should go say hi. Do you mind?

Tucker: No, no, no. Go.

Ashley: Thanks, Honey. I'll be right back.

Tucker: All right.

Ashley: Thanks.

Tucker: (Sighs) Jack, it's Tucker. I hear your protégé is goin' into arbitration with her daddy. Call me.

Gloria: And I believe this one's your favorite.

Adam: Perfect choice.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Sharon: Aw, you remembered.

Gloria: The table where Adam popped the big question-- what a moment. How could I possibly forget?

Ashley: Oh, God, no. Tell me it's not true. You're not actually marrying him again?

Phyllis: I can't watch it anymore. It makes me crazy.

Jack: Eh, just as well. We gotta keep it under wraps.

Phyllis: Oh, except for Billy, of cour--

Jack: No exceptions.

Phyllis: Jack, what? It's Billy.

Jack: But we don't know what we have here yet.

Phyllis: Like you can resist taking it to Victor and rubbing his nose in it?

Jack: Victor is the last person I would show this to-- not until we can play our cards the way we want to. Look, if we're sitting on proof that he was there the night Skye died, and he's been keeping this from everyone...

Phyllis: I won't go public. But Nick needs to know.

Jack: Yeah, you're right. Nick needs to know, but not right now. First, we have to determine beyond reasonable doubt that that is Victor. And then we can get Sharon out from these ridiculous charges, and then the man responsible for all this pain and heartache we can watch twisting in the wind.

Victor: I am looking forward to spending lots of time with you and your mother once you're settled.

Kyle: Me, too.

Victor: Good.

Kyle: This house is awesome.

Nick: It's a great place to grow up. I hope you'll be happy.

Diane: Kyle, why don't you go and get your terrarium, huh? You said you wanted to move that on your own.

Kyle: Oh, right.

Victor: Why don't you let the staff get everything else, all right?

Diane: Okay.

Victor: Thank you. Son, shall we get back to business?

Nick: Yeah, let's, uh, let's do that. So you said this is about the girls' lawsuit?

Victor: Having our assets tied up is gonna seriously undermine operations. I want to end all that. I need your help.

Nick: What do you want me to do?

Victor: Come to the hearing with me.

Nick: I can do that. Is that it? You want me to just, uh, sit there, or do you want me to do something else?

Victor: I want you to testify to the fact that I'm a good businessman, that I have not ever mishandled my children's trusts.

Nick: Okay. Anything else?

Victor: If you were to testify on my behalf, I have a feeling the assets would be released. It would help this company. You know, this thing is on the-- on the verge of being resolved. If it isn't, it's gonna hurt our company. Now you have not taken sides, so...

Nick: You don't have to say anymore.

Abby: (Sighs) Vance'll be there, right?

Leslie: No, I'm handling it.

Abby: I-I'm sorry. No offense. What the hell? This is our final showdown. How are we supposed to go in there without our big gun?

Victoria: Okay, okay, listen. Leslie is every bit as capable, all right? There's nothing to get worked up about.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Victoria: It's okay. It's all good.

Leslie: I assure you, I'll handle the arbitration exactly as Vance would.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: Okay, so, Leslie, what have you got for us?

Leslie: First off, your father's filed a motion to have the Newman funds released from escrow.

Victoria: Now?

Abby: (Scoffs)

Leslie: It's really not that surprising.

Victoria: I know my dad. I mean, for him to-- to file a motion before we even sit down... oh, he's up to something. It's not gonna be good.

Ashley: (Quietly) Married. I mean, how could Sharon even contemplate something like that?

Tucker: (Quietly) You had to know it was a possibility.

Ashley: You know, I guess I was just praying that it would never happen. I mean, the thought of that little girl Faith being with Adam in that house-- I just can't take this.

Tucker: Shh, shh. Come here. Come here, okay? Come here. Listen to me. I know how much you care about that child. But you're going to have to try to let this go.

Ashley: How am I supposed to let it go? I love that little girl just as much today as I did the first time I ever held her in my arms, Tucker.

Tucker: If there was anything I could do to fix this, you know I would. But Sharon--she's gotta do what she's gotta do, and none of us can change that.

Gloria: And these are on me. Sorry about before...

Sharon: (Gasps) Ooh!

Gloria: When Ashley got in your face like that. I assumed since it was in the paper, everybody knew that you got engaged right here.

Sharon: Oh, well, that's all right. It's not your fault. And besides, we're just-- we're getting used to it.

Gloria: And remember-- you two are always welcome at Gloworm.

Adam: Gloria, you're a sweetheart. Thank you. And thanks for the drinks.

Gloria: My pleasure, Kids.

Adam: I like her.

Sharon: Ew.

Adam: What's the matter?

Sharon: Whoever made those forgot the hot sauce.

Adam: You know, I did work here before. I know where it is. I'll get some at the bar.

Sharon: (Chuckles)

Ashley: So what do you got planned for Sharon? I'm just curious. How you gonna break her heart this time, Adam?

Leslie: That's everything I wanted to cover. Any questions?

Victoria: Look, I'm sorry, but I can't stop thinking about that motion. Dad didn't file it because he was hoping to catch the judge in a better mood.

Abby: If those assets are released, does that mean that Dad'll win the arbitration, too?

Leslie: That wouldn't be the best omen.

Abby: (Scoffs) I am really, really not liking this. If that judge tells Dad that he doesn't have to give us anything--

Leslie: All right, okay. Look, we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Abby: (Sighs)

Leslie: It's highly unlikely Judge Phelps will do them any favors before he makes his ruling.

Victoria: But I'm sure that Michael knows that. So what are he and my father expecting to accomplish?

Leslie: Well, I'll see what I can suss out about their motives so we aren't blindsided.

Victoria: (Sighs) Thank you. Thanks, Leslie. I appreciate it.

Leslie: All right, I'll be in touch.

Victoria: All right. (Sighs) What is Dad doing? Why is he doing this now when we were so close to being...? (Sighs) Done with this whole thing?

Abby: I'm sorry. Okay, Vicki, don't kill me. I think I want out.

Nick: This lawsuit has been a detriment to our company. I would be happy to put an end to it.

Victor: Then you'll walk in with me and Michael Baldwin and sit opposite your sisters and their lawyer.

Nick: If you think it'll help, I'll be there.

Victor: I appreciate that, okay?

Nick: So when and where?

(Telephone rings)

Victor: Oops, I need to take that call in the study. I'll text you the details, okay?

Nick: See you at the hearing.

Victor: Thank you, Son.

Diane: You're still here.

Nick: Yeah. Just leaving, though.

Diane: (Sighs) Nick! Wait.

Nick: I have nothing to say to you.

Diane: Can we at least be civil?

Nick: Diane, you're shackin' up with my dad now. You're set. Why would you need me for anything?

Diane: I tol--I told you. I did-- you know that I want-- you--you practically pushed me into it.

Nick: You should be grateful. I made it so you didn't have to turn him down, not that I care what you do anymore.

Diane: (Sighs)

(Front door closes)

Kyle: I'm going to put this under the skylight in my new bathroom. Have you seen how humungous it is?

Diane: It's nice here. We're very lucky.

Jack: (Sighs)

Sharon: Jack, what happened in Hawaii? Did you talk to Koa? Were you able to find anything out?

Jack: I can't go into any detail, but I think we have something that's very damning.

Sharon: (Sighs) About Victor? What is it?

Jack: As soon as I know more, I will tell you. Right now, just know there is hope.

Sharon: Okay, what does that mean? Do you--do you have proof that he took Skye to Hawaii, or--

Jack: I-I'm sorry. I've already said everything I should say.

Sharon: Jack, you can't do this. My entire future is riding on whatever it is you know.

Jack: Until I'm absolutely sure what it is I have, I--

Sharon: No, no, you and I have an agreement, and if you have evidence that can clear me, you can't just sit on it until you feel--

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. (Stammers) Wait a minute. Please tell me this is not what I think it is.

Sharon: Yes, Adam proposed, and I said yes.

Jack: (Sighs heavily) I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though I am constantly amazed how naive you are.

Sharon: Oh, I didn't expect you to understand.

Jack: Here I am trying to get you out of this mess, a mess you created because of Adam, and you're just digging yourself in deeper.

Billy: Hey.

Tucker: Hey, Billy.

Billy: You here by yourself?

Tucker: No. I'm here with Ashley.

Billy: Oh. Okay, where's she?

Tucker: She's right there.

Billy: Oh, great. Exactly what she needs. Maybe I should just go--

Tucker: No, no, no, no, no. Stay put. Your sister's fine. As soon as she's not, I'll be there. I'll step in. Come on. Sit down.

Billy: (Clears throat) (Sighs) what on earth could she be talking to that jerk for?

Tucker: Well, Ashley just found out that jerk is engaged to Sharon.

Billy: Oh, wow.

Tucker: She asked me to let her handle it on her own. And why not? More power to her. Considering what that creep put her through, I'm surprised he's still standin'.

Ashley: If you cared about either one of them, then you would walk away and never come back. But that's not who you are. You haven't changed a bit, Adam. You are as selfish now as you ever were.

Adam: Ashley, after what I did to you, you are entitled to your opinion, but in regards to Sharon, she cares about me. She loves me for who I am. She sees the good in me, and she knows I'd never hurt her or Faith.

Ashley: Sharon's an idiot, but she's an adult, and if she wants to throw away her life, then that's her business.

Adam: (Sighs)

Ashley: But I will not let you hurt that little girl, and that's why I'm gonna haunt you, just like you haunted me, just to make sure that she's safe. And if I ever find out that you've done anything to hurt her, I will hunt you down, Adam, and you will live to regret it.

(Door slams)

Nick: What are you doing here? I thought you were with Jack in Hawaii.

Phyllis: We got back last night.

Nick: What's going on? Why are you here?

Phyllis: (Sighs) Jack and I learned something. I think you have the right to know.

Gloria: So coffee. That's it?

Jack: You think you can handle that?

Gloria: (Chuckles) Well, I would comp you a real drink, like I did Sharon and Adam, but you haven't done anything lately to deserve it.

Jack: Am I supposed to have any idea what she's talking about?

Sharon: Adam proposed to me here at this table on Valentine’s Day, but I guess you didn't hear the news or get the paper since you were out of town.

Jack: Oh, fantastic. You made a public spectacle of yourselves.

Sharon: Jack, last time--

Jack: Great timing. Great timing. Give the jury pool something to chew on.

Sharon: Last time I checked, it wasn't illegal or immoral to be engaged.

Jack: Has it ever occurred to you Adam may have a reason for wanting to be so public about this proposal? It's a great opportunity for him to flip the bird at all of his detractors.

Sharon: Oh, I think Victor takes the cake in that department. He made an announcement to the crowd, which included Nikki, that he's back to seeing Diane again. Talk about a great, big "Screw you."

Jack: (Stammers) Back up. Victor and Diane?

Sharon: Guess the gossip pages don't make it all the way out to Hawaii.

Jack: I gotta go. I'll be in touch. Get my coat here. Thank you.

Tucker: Jack. Hey, hey, hey. I left you a message about the arbitration. I want to talk about our deal.

Jack: Later.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: Okay. (Sighs) Listen.

Abby: (Sighs)

Victoria: Every time we're about to go back to the table, you do this, you know? You--you panic a little bit, and then you take deep breaths, and it all works out fine.

Abby: Yeah, until the time that it doesn’t.

Victoria: (Sighs) You cannot let Dad intimidate you, all right?

Abby: Oh, God, it's not just that. This makes me sad. It makes me sad to fight with my own father. Doesn't this get to you even a little bit?

Victoria: This is business. Emotions should not enter into this, all right? When we go to that table, we are not Victor Newman's daughters. We are his opponents.

Abby: Yeah, I know that, and I hate it. Don't you? God. Man, sometimes I just wish I hadn't started all this. I just want everything to go back to the way it was.

Victoria: You want to go back to the way things were? The days where... where you had to listen to him ridicule your dreams? You like that? When he told you that the only way that you were ever gonna have a reality show was over his dead body? Look, I have spent my life doing everything that he wants me to do instead of what I wanted to do. And do you know what that's cost me? I used to believe that as long as I pleased him, then everything would be okay. And now I've learned the hard way that that's just not true. Look, no matter how hard you try, with Dad, it's not good enough.

Abby: I hear what you're saying. I do. It's just--

Victoria: Listen to me. I wish that Dad did not put us in this position in the first place, but he did, and we have to fight back. You know that's our only option, right?

Phyllis: Jack would kill me if he knew I was here.

Nick: Why would you bring this to me?

Phyllis: When Summer was sick, it took me a long time to stand the sight of your father. You know that. But I think after you see this, you'll realize that your father is never gonna change. Anyway, um...

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: So it's some footage that, um, one of the hikers took. She didn't know that the video camera was on, so... it's kind of rough.

Phyllis: That's your father.

Nick: You think my dad was there when Skye died?

Victor: I'm going to the office a bit. You let the staff know if you need anything.

Diane: Okay, wait. Not now, okay?

Victor: How do you know I was gonna really try to kiss you? Hmm?

Diane: Oh, all right. (Stammers) It's just that Kyle doesn't know about us yet.

Victor: Last night you said you would talk to him about it.

Diane: Well, I did. I-I told him about the change in living arrangements, nothing beyond that.

Victor: Why haven't you told him?

Diane: Uh, I just didn't want to hit him with too much at once, you know? But you're right. I will sit down and--and talk to him before he hears it from somebody else.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Diane: I just have to figure out the right way to handle it.

Victor: You worry too much, you know.

Diane: Yeah.

Victor: (Sighs) Bye-bye.

Diane: Bye.

(Doorbell rings)

Jack: You're welcome to screw up your own life. You're not taking my son down with you.

Abby: Thank you for being so patient with me.

Victoria: Look, I know that this is a really nerve-racking process, but just think about what we have to gain when this is all over.

Abby: I know.

(Cell phone rings)

Victoria: Oh, don't go. That might be Leslie.

Abby: Who is it?

Victoria: Tucker.

Abby: (Scoffs) Tucker? Why would he be calling you?

Victoria: Uh, hello, Tucker. What can I do for you?

Tucker: I understand you and Abby are taking your lawsuit to the next level.

Victoria: Uh, that is correct.

Tucker: Well, I'm callin' to discuss the deal, uh, we were talkin' about-- combining Jabot with Beauty of Nature, making you C.E.O. of the whole shebang, uh, provided you're awarded that division. Are you still comfortable with that scenario?

Victoria: Yeah, nothing has changed.

Tucker: I'm glad to hear it. I was just checkin'. So we'll talk soon then.

Victoria: All right, sounds good.

Abby: (Scoffs) Um... (Clears throat) What was that about?

Victoria: Uh, Tucker. He's been after me to come work for him. Obviously, I am not going to do that, but he's not someone that you can so easily dismiss.

Abby: Hmm.

Billy: And not a moment too soon.

Ashley: They're leaving. Let's change the subject.

Billy: Al right. (Clears throat)

Ashley: Abby told me that she and Victoria are starting arbitration with Victor today. Hi.

Billy: Well, since mediation didn't work, I think it's their only option.

Ashley: Oh, really?

Billy: Mm mm.

Ashley: They could just drop the suit, you know, and maybe mend fences with their father. Call me crazy.

Billy: Yeah, what are the odds we're gonna live that long, right? To see that happen? Not gonna happen. Come on. (Clears throat) Besides, with arbitration, they have a chance to make enough money to, uh, tell him to go to hell.

Ashley: So obviously, you're okay with this, right? I'm not.

Billy: Okay. Tucker, what do you think?

Tucker: Well, I try to keep my opinion to myself. I don't want to upset Ashley.

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Tucker: But I will say it takes a lot of guts too this many rounds with a man like Victor.

Ashley: You know what? I don't think I've ever known anyone that has gotten the best of him for long.  

Billy: Well, Guys, let's not underestimate my wife.

Ashley: Really?

Billy: Oh, really. She would slap me upside the head if she heard me say this, but she is her father's daughter.

Tucker: So you think Victor's met his match?

Billy: Oh, yeah, big-time.

Nick: (Sighs) That's a 2-second blur. I mean, there's absolutely no proof that that is my father. I mean, if it is, think about what you're saying right now. That would mean that if Dad was there for Skye's death, he didn't come forward to tell the police what he knew, and that means he might let Sharon go to prison. I mean, no way. He would not do that to her. He cares about her too much. This is his grandkids' mother. Dad went out of his way to frame Adam, but he wouldn't do that to Sharon. Why would he? I mean, that can't be him. Can it?

Jack: So when did you remind Victor how dazzling you are in bed? Before or after he gave you the job?

Diane: I don't have to take this from you.

Jack: He is using you! Every bit as much as you are using him.

Diane: Using me, how? To get at you? I'm surprised your head can still fit through a doorway.

Jack: So what, are you gonna move in with him now? Fine, be my guest. Our son will not be any part of that picture. You insist on flaunting this so-called relationship? Kyle will stay with me.

Diane: Fine. Now if you're through insulting me, I'm very busy.

Bonnie: Sorry to interrupt. These are the last of Kyle's things.

Jack: You can leave them at the foot of the stairs. Kyle won't be staying here after all.

Diane: Hold on a minute. You're not just gonna waltz out of here with him. I need some time to talk to him.

Jack: Fine. You have till. Tomorrow when I pick him up. Where is he now? I'd like to say hello before I leave.

Diane: I believe he's still in the carriage house.

Bonnie: Should I have Kyle's things sent to Mr. Abbott's house?

Diane: No need. I know my son. He'll be back from his dad's before we know it.

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Nothing like getting beaten up before breakfast. I can just imagine what Ashley said to you.

Adam: Nothing I didn't deserve. Nothing worth repeating.

Sharon: Well, while, uh, you two were talking, Jack came in. He and Phyllis came home from Hawaii last night.

Adam: And you're just now comin' around to tell me this. What happened?

Sharon: Notice I'm not jumping up and down.

Adam: So what, they didn't learn anything?

Sharon: He said that they weren't sure about this evidence, but as soon as they are, they're gonna let us in on it.

Adam: And that's all that he said o you?

Sharon: Well... (Sighs) The evidence, whatever it is, he said it has something to do with Victor. He wanted me to know that it was very damning and that there's hope.

Adam: Oh, he wanted to let you know there's--there's hope? And we're just supposed to take his word for it? Unh-unh. No. If there's evidence that leads to these charges being dropped, then he's damn well gonna let us know what it is.

Nick: I mean, if Dad really was there, it's so hard to believe.

Phyllis: Listen, Nick, you were the one who was convinced that your father was behind Skye's disappearance.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: I was there when you got off the elevator. You claimed you two barely spoke to each other. These pictures, obviously, do not support that.

Victor: Because of a remark I made to you-- an offhand remark I made to you months ago, you purely, on your own, decided to investigate what went on between me and a woman I hardly know? Is that about right?

Nick: (Sighs) You have to admit, you look very cozy.

Nick: Thanks a lot.

Sharon: So Victor was in Telluride?

Nick: Louis seems to think so.

Sharon: What does that mean? Did he see Victor or not?

Nick: No, Dad, uh, gave the whole staff time off, said he wanted to be alone, so nobody actually saw him there.

Sharon: Which means he could have been anywhere.

Phyllis: If Victor knew that Sharon was on her way to Hawaii and she was gonna mess up his plan to frame Adam, he would definitely go there himself to handle things. You know that.

Nick: There's someone I need to see. Thank you. Thank you for showing this to me.

Victor: Well, Michael, I talked to my son Nicholas. He will speak on my behalf at the arbitration. You always say that-- "No guarantees." Why? I think we have got this one in the bag.

Diane: Cut it out. Stop eating all the cookie dough chunks. You know, you should save some for your old mom here.

Kyle: Oh, I'm goin' for it. I'm goin'. Oh! Mmm!

Diane: (Laughs)

Kyle: Mine now.

Diane: Oh, this feels nice, doesn't it? Takin' a break. We've been workin' hard.

Kyle: You know, Mr. Newman said that the staff would move our things. Why'd we do most of it?

Diane: It's important that we remember how to do for ourselves and never get too used to having servants.

Kyle: I guess.

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Diane: So did you and your dad have a nice visit when he was here earlier?

Kyle: He couldn't stay long, which is cool, you know, since we have so much unpacking to do.

Diane: Hey, how would you feel about...? (Clears throat) Spending a little more time at his place?

Kyle: At Dad's? Why? We just moved in here.

Diane: No, I know. But he misses you. And it's no secret that, uh, he and Victor have their differences.

Kyle: Really? You're kidding.

Diane: (Chuckles) I just think it would make your dad happy if he had you close for the next little while.

Kyle: So you're saying I have to go live there?

Diane: No, I'm not. You can go wherever you want. I'm just saying it might be nice if you gave it a trial run.

Kyle: I guess I could do that. Can I keep some stuff here?

Diane: Yes, of course. It's--it's--it's not like we're not gonna see each other. I'll see you all the time. And--and you'll be spending nights here. It's just that...

Kyle: You want Dad to feel like I'm mostly living with him. Got it.

Diane: Yeah. Listen to me. If you're ever there and something makes you feel uncomfortable, or you don't want to be there for any reason, you just pick up the phone, and you call me, and I will come and get you any time, day or night. I swear. Deal?

Kyle: Sure.

Diane: (Chuckles)

Kyle: Love you, Mom.

Diane: Yeah, okay. You get the cookie chunks. (Laughs)

Kyle: Oh, I get the cookie chunks.

Sharon: I want to know what Jack's hiding, too, but we have to be very clever with the way we go about getting it out of him, especially given his motive.

Adam: (Scoffs) Annihilating victor?

Sharon: What else?

Adam: Some things never change.

Jack: Your favorite uncle is the last one to hear about it?

Abby: (Sighs) Hey, I'm sorry. I-I've just been really wound up about the whole thing.

Jack: Hey, everything's gonna be fine. You got a top-notch attorney, and your sister's gonna look out for you, right?

Abby: Yeah, I hope so.

Jack: Hey, you and Victoria still have the same objective-- to get out from under "Old moneybags." Think how nice it will be to chart your own destiny. Get some real money in your hands, you can launch your own TV show, if that's what you still want.

Abby: Well, I've got some ideas running around in my head. My mom keeps suggesting "The Fully Clothed Heiress."

Jack: (Chuckles) I'll bet she does.

Abby: (Laughs) It's great.

Jack: Listen, about not keeping me in the loop--

Abby: No, I'm sorry. Um, it won't happen again. I promise.

Jack: It's just as hard to look out for you. I can't keep calling Victoria asking for updates.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, when I-- when I was with her earlier, she got this really weird call.

Jack: From whom?

Abby: From Tucker.

Jack: From Tucker McCall? She say what it was about?

Abby: She claimed he wants to hire her, but I didn't really buy it. And it makes me wonder if she's keeping things from me.

Ashley: They're so precious at this age, aren't they?

Victoria: I know. They're so precious. Tell your auntie that you're gonna be precious at every age.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Victoria: Yes, you are.

Tucker: Of course she is.

Ashley: Let's hope so. (Laughs)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: When's Esther gonna come pick her up?

Victoria: Oh, uh, well, it should be any minute now.

Ashley: Esther's babysitting?

Victoria: Yeah.

Ashley: You're lucky. She's great with kids, isn't she?

Victoria: Yeah, she really is.

Ashley: You're gonna have fun with Esther.

Victoria: We're actually looking for a nanny right now. Hopefully soon. (Clears throat)

Ashley: Yeah? I might have some names for you.

Victoria: Oh, good. Okay. Well, Billy promised that he was gonna start interviewing soon.

Billy: I've--I've-- I've got some lined up for the next couple of days.

Victoria: All right, good.

Billy: All right?

Victoria: Yeah.

Tucker: What kind of person you lookin' to hire?

Victoria: I can tell you what we're not looking for. That's about all I can tell you.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Victoria: What?

Tucker: I think it's a good place to start.

Billy: Yeah. Oh, Phyllis is here. Excuse me for a second.

Victoria: Oh.

Ashley: She is just so cute. Oh, she's got a good grip, too.

Billy: Long-lost editor, you are back.

Phyllis: Hey. Ooh. Yeah.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Uh-huh. Uh, Margaret said that you had, um, the--the files to the summer layout. And--and I'm gonna meet Malcolm, so I-I need them. Do you--you have them?

Billy: Yeah, sure, in a minute. In a minute. In a minute. In a minute.

Phyllis: Yeah, huh?

Billy: Your trip to Hawaii-- what did you get?

Phyllis: Uh, nothing. No, uh, no, we came up empty-handed. (Sighs)

(Door opens)

Nick: You're a damn liar.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Tell me that you are lying to me, and that you let me down, and that you are not the father that I thought you were.

Jill: Did you know Cane? Why didn't you tell me this before?

Jack: Things seemed pretty intense between you and Tucker. I understand he has a job for you.

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