Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/3/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/3/11 -- Canada; Friday 2/4/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9582 ~ Ronan Collapses

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Paul: So do you want, uh, whipped cream on yours?

Nina: (Sighs)

Paul: Nina?

Nina: What?

Paul: Look, I thought we agreed to go ice-skating...

Nina: (Sighs)

Paul: So we could get our minds off Ronan, no?

Nina: I'm sorry. It's just the waiting is killing me. I haven't heard from him since we found him at the bus stop.

Paul: Mm.

Nina: I don't know if his condition is better or worse or the same.

Paul: We got him to stay in town. That's a good thing, yes?

Nina: Well, why haven't we heard from Cricket? How long does it take to get someone tested to see if they're a match?

Paul: Well, I'm sure the witness protection program is just being very cautious.

Nina: There's Heather. Maybe she knows something. Hey.

Heather: Oh, any word on--

Nina: Have you heard from Ronan? No.

Heather: (Sighs) N-no. I-I was just checking my voice mail.

Nina: Nothing from Cricket either.

Heather: (Sighs)

Paul: Hey, look, we're going to, uh, go ice-skating to get our mind off-- our collective minds off things.

Heather: (Sighs)

Paul: You want to come with us?

Heather: Uh, no, no. I don't--I don't know.

Paul: No, come on. It'll be fun. You can watch your dad fall on his "Gazingas."

Heather: (Laughs) Um, are you sure? I mean, come on.

Paul: I'm positive.

Heather: I-I-isn't three a crowd? Come on.

Paul: You're gonna have a good time. I promise. I'll get you a hot chocolate.

Heather: Okay.

Paul: If, uh...

Nina: Heather. Maybe you won't be a third wheel after all.

Daniel: Yeah, hey, I'm calling to check on some paternity results. Romalotti. Yeah, as soon as you guys know anything, please? Thank you.

Chloe: So... a horse walks into the bar, and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?"

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: Yeah. So okay. Uh, I guess they still have no word on Daisy or the baby.

Daniel: Nope. Nothing yet. How about you? How you doin'? Jana any closer to 2011?

Chloe: Oh, well, she thinks that she and Kevin are still married. It's awesome. He said he's gonna try and sneak away tonight and meet me here, but I guess that's not gonna happen.

Daniel: Oh, I would maybe guess again.

Kevin: Hey.

Chloe: (Gasps) Hi. Mm.

Daniel: And that is my cue to exit.

Chloe: Mm.

Kevin: I... I have some really great news.

Chloe: Really? Better than this?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Jana's therapist thinks it would do her some good to have some group work with other trauma victims. Her first session is tonight.

Chloe: So we finally get to be together, just the two of us.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. I already made dinner plans for us at the club.

Chloe: Dinner? Hmm.

Kevin: Room service.

Chloe: Did you order some champagne so we can finally ring in the New Year?

Kevin: Yeah, tonight we're finally gonna pop the cork.

Chloe: (Giggles) Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Hi. Um, I'm so sorry to hear about Cane.

Kay: Oh, thank you, Darling.

Victoria: Oh. Mwah.

Murphy: Oh, thank you for coming, Sweetheart.

Victoria: Hi, Murphy. It's good to see you.

Murphy: Hi.

Kay: Oh.

Murphy: Aw.

Victoria: She's so sweet.

Kay: Yes, of course. (Laughs)

Murphy: (Laughs) Oh, look it.

Victoria: Um, how's Jill?

Billy: She's not so good. Come on. (Makes silly noises) Oh. Oh. Hey, Mom. Victoria came to say hello. (Doorbell rings)

Jill: (Sighs)

Victoria: I hope its okay. I-I brought-- I brought her.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Jill: Oh, my God. Family is what I need right now.

Jill: (Sobbing)

Lauren: (Sighs)

Colin: This is too good for you. You need to be feeling the pain you've caused so many people today. Some way, somewhere, it'll happen. I know. I'm gonna make sure of it. I want you to feel the distress that I'm feeling right now. And I'm not gonna rest until I do it.

Man: Do you know who we could contact to claim this body?

Colin: He can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned.

Lily: (Gasps) You're so cold. You can't be gone. There's so much I want to say to you. I tried to tell you at the church, but... there wasn't enough time. (Sighs) All the time that we wasted. I would do anything if I could get those moments back to tell you that I forgive you and I understand why you didn't tell me about your past. But I need to know, Cane, that you heard me at the church. I need to know that you heard me. (Sobs) I need to know. I need to know.

Paul: Okay, so are we gonna do this or not?

Heather: (Chuckles)

Ronan: Do we have to? The fire's awfully nice.

Nina: (Laughs)

Heather: What's the matter?

Paul: That's funny.

Heather: Are you afraid you're gonna fall?

Ronan: Am I-- am I afraid I'm gonna fall?

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Ronan: I can do figure eights around all of you, okay?

Nina: Ooh.

Ronan: Just for the record.

Heather: Wow.

Nina: Oh, really?

Heather: You a figure skater?

Ronan: Yeah, really. No, no.

Nina: (Laughs)

Ronan: Not figure skate-- I'm--I was-- I was on the hockey team. And my mom used--

Nina: That's okay. You can talk about her. She's your mother. She loved you, and she took good care of you. I am very grateful to her for that.

Ronan: Okay, um, she used to, um, she was an amateur skater, and she would teach lessons at the local rink, and all of the cute girls would show up...

Nina: (Laughs) Uh-huh.

Ronan: And I hung around after school to see if I could pick up a few things.

Paul: (Laughs)

Heather: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mostly the girls, I'm guessing.

Nina: (Laughs)

Ronan: No, no, no, no, no. I was the only guy on the hockey team that could do a back-checking salchow.

Nina: Really?

Paul: Wow. (Laughs)

Heather: (Laughs)

Ronan: Yeah.

Nina: I would like to see that.

Paul: Yeah, I would, too.

Heather: Yeah.

Ronan: Well, you're not going to see it, because it's been years since I've been on skates, and I-I probably couldn't even stand up on 'em straight anymore.

Nina: Uh-huh.

Heather: No, wait. No. You can't tell us all your moves and then not show us.

Paul: Yeah.

Nina: (Laughs)

Heather: Oh, unless you really are a chicken.

Nina: (Makes clucking sound)

Paul: That's awful.

Heather: That's your mother.

Ronan: It's sad that that works on me. It's sad.

Paul: Yeah. She's throwin' it down. She's throwin' it down.

Ronan: You know what? You know what? Here it goes.

Nina: Where are you going?

Heather: Where are you going?

Ronan: Can't skate without skates, can you?

Nina: That's true.

Heather: Oh.

Nina: (Laughs)

Paul: (Bangs skates together)

Daniel: Get a room.

Kevin: Mm, we did.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Kevin: And... Itís ready.

Chloe: Good. I'm ready.

Kevin: All right, I'm ready. Later, Dan. Listen, if anyone asks, you have no idea where we are.

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Uh-huh.

Man: Breaking news-- there's been a fatal shooting outside First United Church. Confirmed dead is local man Cane Ashby.

Esther: Uh, I made fresh coffee, and-- oh. Oh. (Inhales sharply)

Kay: Oh, Dear. Oh, did you burn yourself?

Esther: Oh, jeez.

Kay: Are you all right, Dear? Oh, Esther.

Esther: (Stammers) I'm fine. I-I'm sorry, Mrs. Chancellor. I ju--I just feel so useless.

Kay: (Sighs)

Murphy: I know. We're all feeling that way.

Esther: I look at that little baby. Then I think of Matty and--and Charlie with no dad.

Kay: Oh, stop that.

Esther: There's gotta be something we can do.

Kay: I wish there was. Believe me. I wish there was.

Billy: Well, there is. I'm gonna go get my laptop and post a piece about Cane on "Restless Style" online. Excuse me.

Jill: Billy!

Lily: I won't let Charlie and Matty forget you. They will know that their dad was a brave man who loved them and died to protect them. And, you know, I'm gonna take them to all the places that we said we would. I'm gonna take 'em to Australia, to the Ayers Rock and... (Sniffles) To see kangaroos in the outback and to play rugby on the beach.

Lily: But you should be there with us... (Voice breaking) Because Charlie and Matty need you. And I need you.

Lily: (Sighs)

Neil: (Sighs) (Whispering) Hey, Honey.

Lily: Just wake me up. Please tell me this is a dream.

Neil: I'm so sorry. I wish I could do that, Lily. It's time. You have to say good-bye now.

Lily: I love you. (Sighs) I would give anything in the world to hear you say those words back to me.

Chloe: This can't be happening. Cane can't be dead.

Daniel: Okay, I gotta get a hold of Lily.

Chloe: And Jill... and Katherine...

Kevin: Okay, we have to get over to the house.

Chloe: Okay. Let's go.

Kevin: Okay. It's okay. It's okay. Its o--

Chloe: No, no, no, no. It's not okay. It's not okay, because it's happening all over again. (Voice breaking) It's just Chance happening all over again.

Kevin: Okay. It's okay.

Chloe: No. (Sobs)

Kevin: It's okay.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Victoria: Billy, how can you even think about writing an article on Cane at a time like this?

Jill: Can't you just forget the damn magazine for once?

Kay: What about Lily? I mean, come on. How can you do that to her?

Billy: Okay, Guys, everybody calm down just a little bit. I'm doin' this for Lily. I promised her that I'd print the truth about Cane. When I saw her earlier, she told me what happened outside the church. That, uh, Blake, whatever his name is, wasn't trying to shoot Cane. He had the gun pointed at Lily and the babies. Cane jumped in front of them. That's when he got shot. Cane died saving his wife and his kids. I'm not trying to boost my circulation. I want people to know that Cane died a hero. And I hope I never have to face what he did today, but, uh... if I do, I hope I can react the same way.

Kay: All right, let's, um, let's set up your computer.

Billy: Okay. (Clears throat)

Lily: I mean, life is just so much of a routine. Wake up. Make coffee. Read the paper. Cane comes in and says, "Hey, Honey. The world still going around?" And I say, "Yeah. Look at Charlie. Looks like he gained 2 pounds while he was sleeping." Then Cane says, "Thatís my boy." And you just repeat it every day. You wake up. You make coffee. You read the paper. You joke with your husband, and you end up just taking it for granted... thinking that you're just gonna wake up in the morning and everything is gonna be the same. But it's not. Not for me. But yet, everybody else is still getting up and making coffee.

Neil: Honey, you will, too, again one day. I promise you.

Lily: It won't be the same.

(Knock on door)

Neil: I'll get it. (Sighs) Hey.

Devon: Malcolm called me. Hey.

Neil: Sit down?

Lily: (Sighs)

Devon: (Sighs) Hey.

Heather: Okay.

Ronan: All right.

Heather: Let's do it.

Ronan: (Sighs)

Heather: Whoa. Whoa.

Ronan: Whoa. (Chuckles)

Heather: Back, uh, checking salchow, huh? You better practice standing first.

Ronan: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay, no, watch me.

Heather: Mm-hmm. Sure.

Ronan: Here we go.

Heather: We're watchin'.

Paul: There you go. Don't come to me. I'm a hazard.

Nina: Whoo-hoo! (Laughs)

Paul: (Laughs)

Nina: He's ready for the Olympics.

Paul: Yeah, well, I grab onto anything that doesn't move.

Heather: No, let's see this move he's been talkin' about before we start handing out medals.

Ronan: I think I'm gonna sit down for a minute. I think I'm done for the day, you guys. I'm feelin' a little--

Heather: Ooh, jeez. What do you call that one? A toe--Ronan?

Paul: Ronan?

Nina: Ronan?

Heather: Ronan?

Paul: Ronan.

Nina: Oh, my God, are you all right?

Paul: Ronan?

Heather: Ronan, can you hear me?

Paul: He's not kidding.

Nina: Call. Call.

Heather: Ronan, can you hear me?

Nina: Oh, Dear.

Heather: Ronan, come on.

Nina: Are you okay?

Paul: I need an ambulance. Right. I'm at the north side of Sweetwater Lake. You know, where they have it r-roped off for skating.

Nina: Ronan?

Lily: We were gonna go to Paris, you know? I wanted to take Cane to this little cafť on the Rue de Bourgogne. They have the best pastries in the world. So good, you don't have to eat-- even eat them. You could just sit there and inhale the aroma. And they have this little table that's on the street, and I thought that we could, you know, sit there and watch the sunrise... and then later rent bicycles that have little baby carriers on the back and just ride through the French countryside, have a picnic. Just make memories, you know? We just wanted to... do it all and... now we don't get to do any of it.

Devon: You guys... you--you and Cane, you--you did a lot. You shared a lot, more than most. You know, you guys-- you guys met and fell in love. You got married. You had those two amazing, beautiful kids. You guys had something that was very rare, and no one can ever take that away from you.

Lily: Yeah, you're right. They can't take away our past. But they stole our future.

Jill: I should call my brothers.

Lauren: Oh, I can help you with that.

Jill: Oh, would you? Thank you. Their numbers are in my phone. Here, my phone... isn't here.

Colin: Uh, you know, I almost forgot. You must have dropped it on the floor of the church. I mean, I found it there during the excitement of the wedding.

Jill: Oh, yeah.

Lauren: Wedding?

Jill: Oh, Lauren, in all the excitement, I forgot to tell you. Colin and I got married tonight.

Victoria: Married?

Billy: Uh, yeah, I-I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you about that.

Victoria: (Mouthing words)

Lauren: I mean, when you told us the other day that you got engaged, I... I did not think that you would do this so quickly.

Jill: Well, Colin and I love each other, okay? We wanted to start our life together.

Victoria: Was that why Cane and Lily were at the church?

Colin: I'll--I'll get your phone.

Jill: I don't know. I don't know why Cane was at the church. Okay I mean, I know he didn't want Colin and me to get married. But I was talking to Lily. She said Cane was on his way over. I thought he'd changed his mind, and now I'll never know. (Sighs)

Chloe: Jill. I just heard. I'm so sorry.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you. Thank all of you. Thank you for being here for me and for Katherine. When you have friends and family around, it's a lot easier to remember there's still some good in the world... (Sighs) Especially when I look at my little granddaughter.

Chloe: Granddaughter?

Billy: Yeah, um... (Whispers) Come over here.

Victoria: Oh, okay.

Billy: (Normal voice) Chloe, um, this is Lucy. This is our daughter.

Nina: (Sighs)

Heather: Dr. Ananda.

Nina: How is he?

Dr. Ananda: Well, we stabilized him, but we can't control the amyloidosis any longer with medication.

Heather: W-what does that mean?

Dr. Ananda: That means if he doesn't get a liver transplant, and soon, he's gonna die. Now I've sent Ronanís specialist in Boston the results of the tests we did this evening. We should hear from him soon.

Paul: So, uh, where is Ronan now?

Dr. Ananda: They're bringing him up from E.R. as soon as we get him settled in a room, you can see him.

Paul: Thank you, Doctor.

Nina: We've got to get a hold of Cricket.

Heather: Paul's on it.

Nina: We should have heard from her by now. I mean, I know that there's security protocol to follow, but it only took Paul and me a day to find out we werenít donor matches.

Heather: I know. Me, too.

Nina: (Whispers) Heather.

Heather: I-I-I had to know. But... I wasn't a match.

Nina: (Normal voice) Well, if this person isn't a match either, I don't know--

Heather: Nina, don't even go there, okay?

Paul: Voice mail. Yeah, Chris, it's-- I-I-it's me Paul. Listen, can you call me as soon as you can? It's urgent. We are, um, at Memorial with Ronan.

Neil: Well... (Sighs) They're finally asleep. Honey, you're almost out of diapers.

Lily: Yeah, Cane was supposed to pick...

Devon: I'll get some tomorrow. It's all right.

Lily: I remember what it felt like when Mom died. I didn't think that anything could hurt that much ever again. I was wrong. I was so... wrong.

Nina: Hi.

Ronan: Hi.

Nina: You're lookin' better.

Ronan: Yeah? Wouldn't take too much, would it?

Nina: How you feelin'?

Ronan: I'm feeling awesome.

Nina: (Chuckles)

Ronan: Like I could do a back-checking salchow.

Heather: Oh, please donít.

Ronan: Okay, I wonít. Not tonight.

Nina: Can I do anything for you? Get you anything?

Ronan: No, I'm good. You got a spare liver laying around?

Nina: Yeah, well, I'm workin' on it, okay?

Ronan: Yeah. So nothing from Christine yet?

Paul: No, not yet.

Ronan: It's okay. It's okay. She's, uh, she'll call when she has something.

Nina: Yeah.

Ronan: In the meantime, you guys, you-- you really don't have to stay. There's nothing that you can do for me when I'm in here. I'm just gonna catch up on a little telly here.

Nina: (Chuckles)

Man: Next, an update on the fatal shooting of Cane Ashby.

Nina: What?! Oh, my God. Lily and the babies.

Paul: Oh, Man, after everything they've been through.

Heather: Oh, poor Katherine.

Nina: I feel like...

Heather: And Jill.

Nina: I should go check up on them, but I don't want to leave you.

Ronan: No, no, no. Your friends need you. Go.

Nina: Well, so do you.

Paul: That's all right. Heather and I can stay.

Nina: Are you sure?

Ronan: I'm sure. Go.

Nina: Okay. Listen, call me, okay? If anything changes.

Paul: Yeah, I-I'll walk you out. Come on.

Nina: I won't be long, okay?

Ronan: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Heather: Neither am I.

Billy: And that's how we were able to adopt her so quickly.

Chloe: Well, after Jamaica, I don't know why anything the two of you do surprises me.

Billy: Okay, it's not like that.

Chloe: So you didn't leave the country, and then you didn't get plastered. You actually woke up this morning and realized that you actually adopted a baby?

Billy: (Sighs) Look, I understand that you're caught off guard. But Victoria and I, we love this baby.

Victoria: We do. We love her very much, and we take being parents very seriously.

Chloe: Not seriously enough to let me know about it. I am the mother of your other daughter.

Billy: I realize that. And it doesn't change the way I feel about Delia.

Chloe: Yeah, but it might change the way that she feels. And if you had told me, then I could have prepared her for having a little sister.

Billy: And you still can. We havenít told Delia about Lucy yet.

Chloe: Oh, okay, great. Well, a shocking display of good sense on your part.

Daniel: If it makes you feel any better, none of us have known for very long.

Chloe: What, you had time to tell Daniel but not me?

Daniel: Okay, I was just trying to help.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Victoria: Oh. Oh, it's okay.

Billy: Look, if you want to yell at me a little bit more, I'm good for that, but right now, I-I've gotta work, so... come on, let's--

Victoria: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Of course. Of course he went off and adopted a baby, because that's Billy. Why am I surprised?

Kevin: I'm sorry. I thought he would have said something to you by now.

Chloe: You... you knew about this?

Kevin: I didn't think it wa--

Chloe: No, no, no. Forget it. Forget this.

Lauren: Look, Jill, um, I-I didn't mean to sound critical about you and Colin getting married. It's just that you're very vulnerable.

Kay: Don't you understand? It's the perfect time for someone to take advantage of you.

Jill: That's why I'm glad I have Colin. He's been everything to me tonight.

Kay: Look, tonight--tonight-- tonight is only tonight. You don't know anything about this man.

Jill: I know I can count on him.

[Colin listens to Jillís voice mail]

Cane: Jill, it's me. I'm on my way to the church, okay? Look, if you get this message-- I'm gonna keep trying to reach you. Whatever you do, for the love of God, please do not go ahead with this wedding. I have something to tell you, and it's gonna change everything.

[Colin deletes message]

Nina: Katherine, Jill, I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner. Ronan collapsed, and we had to take him to the hospital.

Jill: My God, is he okay?

Kay: Oh, dear God. What else could happen tonight?

Nina: (Sighs)

Jill: Is he all right?

Nina: Yeah, Heather and Paul are with him. We're waiting to see about a possible liver donor, so...

Jill: (Sighs)

Nina: I'm--I'm so sorry.

Kay: Oh, that's all right.

Billy: Okay, I'd like everybody to hear what I wrote before I post it. I want to make sure I got it right. "The loss of life is sad. A life taken before its time is tragic. A tragedy struck tonight when Cane Ashbyís life was taken from him far too soon. Cane was a friend or family member to many people at 'Restless Style.' The circumstances surrounding his death are still under investigation. One thing is known for sure. He gave his life to save those of his wife and his children. It is the humble opinion of this writer that a man can leave no greater legacy than that."

Jill: You got it right.

Colin: That is a very touching tribute. But I'm wondering if there's anything left to investigate. I mean, Blakeís dead. What else do you want to know?

Jill: Why he killed Cane.

Murphy: Well, he was blackmailing Cane, but not for himself. He was working for some powerful people in Australia.

Kay: He told us so.

Jill: I want to know who they are, and I want to see them pay.

(Cell phone rings)

Nina: Excuse me for a second. Hello? Oh, my God.

Neil: Hey, listen. Family people, it's--it's gettin' kinda late. We should all try to get some rest, huh?

Lily: No, I can't sleep, but you guys go ahead. The guest room is set up. I'll be fine.

Neil: Maybe you should try to lie down in your bed.

Lily: No, I-I'd rather just stay out here. If I get tired, I'll-- I'll just sleep on the couch.

Devon: I'll stay with you.

Lily: No, I-I'd rather have some time alone.

Neil: All right. We understand. Devon, can you hand me the baby monitor, please?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: We're gonna take this, and if you need anything, all right? Sweetheart, anything at all, you just call me.

Lily: Okay.

Neil: Mm. I love you very much.

Lily: I love you.

Neil: Good night.

[Lily turns on her laptop]

Cane: Hey, Charlie. Hey, Matty. It's your daddy. Um, I gotta go away for a little while, and before I go, there's some things I want you to know. They, um... may not mean much to you now, but if I'm gone longer than... well, if I'm gone longer than I-I want to, um... you two have changed me more than I ever could have dreamed. You gave me a purpose, made me a better man, because, um... (Voice breaking) We all know how really important it is to have a really good father, because if you don't, it's gonna hurt you, and, um, I want to be the... the kind of dad that you would look up at, and you would say... (Normal voice) "I want to be like him. I want to respect him. I admire him." (Sniffles) You know, I haven't, uh... (Sighs) I haven't always succeeded, but you know what? I did my best. So, um, while... while I'm gone, you're gonna be doing the things that you used to do with me. You're gonna do them with your mommy. Like, uh, hey, Charlie, you're gonna read that book. You know that silly book you like? The book about, uh, the daddy koala, and... and how he, uh, stays home with the little babies, and, you know, he mucks up. (Sniffles) (Voice breaking) But the story's got a really happy ending, because... because at the end of it, the baby koala tells his daddy that he loves him, even though he knows he's not perfect. (Normal voice) And, Matty, I know that you know that daddy's not perfect, 'cause you've heard daddy sing. (Sniffles) You know that song that I sing? Now I don't know if your mommy's gonna know that song, so I need you to be able to teach her. Do you remember how it goes? Cane: Sleep my baby, sleep while the papa guards the sheep your mama shakes the dreamland tree upon your sweet head the dreams fell on thee sleep my baby, sleep

Lily: (Sobbing)

Cane: So... you two be good to your mommy while I'm away, and I want you to realize everything she went through so you could be here. Okay? 'Cause your mommy risked her life for you, and that's the greatest show of love that you can have. (Sighs heavily) Well, I hope I'm gonna be back soon. But, um... I don't know. I guess that's all. But I want you to know that if I'm not here, and even if you can't see me, I'm always gonna be with you. Cane: I love you.

Lily: (Sobs)

Esther: Excuse me, Nina. What about-- like one?

Nina: Oh, um, yeah. Thank you.

Kay: Was that phone call about Ronan?

Nina: No, it was something else. We, uh--oh!

Jill: Oh! What the hell?

Nina: Oh, I'm so sorry, Jill.

Jill: You've ruined my blouse.

Nina: It just slipped. Let's go upstairs. We can change. I can work on the stain.

Jill: No, I don't need your help. I don't need your help, all right, Nina?

Kay: Jill. It wasn't the wine.

Nina: I know. I'll go check on her.

Lauren: You know what? I think I'm gonna leave and let you and Jill rest, okay?

Kay: Oh, yes, Darling. Thank you.

Lauren: Bye. Love you.

Murphy: Come on. I'll walk you out.

Lauren: All right. Take care of them, will you?

Murphy: Oh, sure.

Billy: (Makes silly noises)

Chloe: (Scoffs)

Kevin: (Sighs) So I guess saying I'm sorry wouldn't help much.

Chloe: You know, I never thought I'd say it, but, um, I envy Jana, her being in a time warp right now.

(Cell phone rings)

Daniel: Hello?

Man: Yes, is this Daniel Romalotti?

Daniel: Yeah.

Man: I have the results of your paternity test. Your D.N.A. and the sample you brought in are a match. You're the child's father.

Victoria: Oh.

Billy: Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Victoria: Oh, oh, oh.

Paul: Well, if you do, give me a call back. All right, thanks.

Ronan: Nothing more on the news about Cane.

Paul: (Sighs) No, my, uh, buddy on the force didn't have any details either.

Ronan: Hell of a night.

Heather: I can't imagine it getting any worse.

Paul: Hey, Chris. We've been trying to get a hold of you.

Chris: I-I know. I have some news. Chance is a match.

Heather: (Sighs)

Ronan: (Sighs)

Jill: Oh, Nina, for God's sake, I told you. I don't need your help.

Nina: I know you did.

Jill: Well, then would you please go away? What the... who the hell are you?!

Jill: (Sighs)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chris: Chance is already here in Genoa City.

Heather: Chance is home?

Nina: The trial is just a few days away, and we can't risk anyone knowing that Chance is alive.

Kevin: We're divorced. We have been for quite some time now.

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