Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/27/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/27/11 -- Canada; Friday 1/28/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9577 ~ Cane Opens Up to Lily About His Past

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Jack: Come in. Hey, I see you got my call.

Adam: Yes. I almost didn't come.

Jack: Oh? Why is that?

Adam: Oh, let's state the obvious, Jack. The last time you and I conspired in a motel room, I ended up in prison.

Jack: Well, that's the beauty of your new plan, Junior. It's all legal.

Adam: So you've accepted my offer?

Jack: I decided it was too good to pass up on.

Adam: Okay. Let's just get this out there then. Yesterday, you weren't all that interested in partnering up with me.

Jack: Well, at the time, I told you I am in the process of recouping my financial losses by buying up what's left of the Newman fund for pennies on the dollar.

Adam: So why the sudden turnaround?

Jack: Well, as you said, I can make a lot more money in a lot shorter time by partnering with you.

Adam: So this has everything to do with profit and nothing to do with my dear old dad?

Jack: You know me better than that.

Adam: Well, Abbott, today is your lucky day, and your timing could not have been more auspicious.

Ashley: May I come in?

Sharon: Um, you know what? I'm--I'm really kind of busy right now.

Ashley: Where is he, Sharon? Where is he?

Sharon: Who?

Ashley: I know that Adam's living here with you, Sharon.

Sharon: So?

Ashley: How can you let him anywhere near her after what he did to you and me?

Sharon: Ashley, this is really none of your business.

Ashley: It's completely my business. When we found out that Adam had lied and that Faith was actually yours and Nicholas'...

Faith: (Babbles)

Ashley: I didn't fight you on it, Sharon, because I thought you'd always put her first. But you know how it ripped my heart out.

Sharon: That doesn't give you the right to dictate who I can see.

Ashley: I never would have given her to you if I had known for one second that you'd be living here with him. And now you've been accused of murdering Skye for him.

Sharon: Ashley, I didn't kill Skye.

Ashley: I heard the confrontation between the two of you, Sharon.

Sharon: What? How?

Ashley: Yeah, on "Restless Style," and you certainly sounded mad enough to kill.

Sharon: What? Wait. I knew that the police had those tapes, but how did "Restless--" or do I even have to ask?

Phyllis: Oh, well, don't ask me. I don't really know what it means, but y-you're just gonna have to let your viewers decide for themselves. Mm, thank you.

(Telephone rings)

Phyllis: "Restless Style." Um, I don't know. Yes, I-I do know about the-- uh, well, I-I don't know if Sharon's seen it herself. Well, you could try, but you're gonna have to get through--

Leslie: Read it.

Phyllis: I'm on the phone.

Leslie: This is a cease and desist order for the footage of my client.

Phyllis: I'll call you back.

Leslie: You need to remove the video from your web site immediately.

Phyllis: We'll see about that.

Neil: Well, you know something? I barely recognize you, 'cause it's been so long.

Malcolm: (Laughs) Hey, Man, can't help it if your little brother's the most sought-after photographer in the game.

Neil: (Chuckles)

Malcolm: (Chuckles)

Neil: You know something? You a funny dude, you know that?

Malcolm: (Laughs)

Neil: I don't know how Sofia stands it.

Malcolm: What? My ego?

Neil: (Chuckles) No, that's obvious. Um, you being out of town so much.

Malcolm: Oh, Man, you kiddin' me? That girl works so much, I'd be surprised if she even notices when I'm gone.

Neil: Mm. Things, uh, have been heatin' up on the Australian project, you know?

Malcolm: Yeah, and I hope they cool down soon. We got a weddin' to plan by Valentineís Day.

Neil: Oh, yeah? Yeah. That's--that's great. Yeah, I'm happy for you on that one.

Malcolm: (Chuckles) Remember that? (Laughs)

Neil: Yeah, I forgot almost. Uh-huh.

Malcolm: Hey, Neil, you know, Man, you and I have had our differences in the past, Bro.

Neil: Yes, we have.

Malcolm: Man. (Chuckles) Well, I'm gonna tell you.

Neil: Hmm?

Malcolm: I couldn't think of anybody else-- anybody else on the planet that I'd rather have as my best man.

Neil: Hey, I'd be honored.

Malcolm: Cool.

Neil: You know, yeah, Man. Um, I had some issues, as well you know, with Sofia in the beginning. But these past few months, I've come to realize that she's, uh, actually a terrific lady.

Malcolm: Man, don't I know it. She's a special girl. Not lettin' that one get away. Speaking of which, you just reminded me. She's supposed to be meeting me here...

Neil: Mm.

Malcolm: So we can get crackin' on these wedding plans.

Neil: Oh, yeah?

Malcolm: Yeah.

Neil: So what are you thinkin'?

Malcolm: I don't know, Man, you know? I mean, something loose, something fun.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Malcolm: Nothing stiff or formal, you know? And, God knows, this family needs a party. We got a whole lot to celebrate.

Neil: Yeah.

Malcolm: (Chuckles)

Neil: Yeah, we do.

Sofia: You can't fire me.

Tucker: I just did.

Sofia: What, for trying to help Cane out of a terrible mess?

Tucker: For deceiving me. For putting the welfare of my company at risk.

Sofia: Never, not once did I not have McCall's best interest at heart.

Tucker: No? You helped Cane pass off an untrained man as a bioengineer. You don't think that puts my company at risk?

Sofia: The work got done, and Cane and I worked our butts off to make sure you got what you needed.

Tucker: How often did it come in late? Or only half-finished? But that's beside the point. The fact is, our relationship was based on trust, and now that that's gone, we have nothing.

Sofia: Tucker, you don't mean that.

Tucker: I want your keys, your corporate I.D., and your credit cards.

Sofia: But, Tucker, look, I--

Tucker: Now.

Sofia: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

(Chair spins around)

Lily: Okay. You're scaring me.

Cane: For starters, Blake is not my friend.

Lily: Then who is he?

Cane: He was sent from Australia to blackmail me.

Lily: Blackmail you about what?

Cane: My past. There was a time in my life when I was a very different man to who I am today. You, um, you remember how I told you I left Australia?

Lily: Yes, because of the criminals you helped put in jail.

Cane: The truth is, I was one of them.

Lily: You were a criminal.

Cane: I was part of a very powerful and organized crime family, and we were involved in illegal activities.

Lily: (Sighs) Oh, my gosh.

Cane: It took the loss of-- it-- it took the loss of the person who was the dearest to me, my sister, that made me decide I'm gonna turn my back on this, and I'm gonna go to the authorities, and I'm going to bring these people to justice. So I-I-I-I do this, and then I move away as far as I can. And that's where I meet Phillip, and I-I-I say to myself, I'm not gonna tell him the story. I'm not gonna tell anyone. I'm just gonna stay under the radar. And then he gives me this opportunity-- this opportunity to put this life behind me, to be someone else. I was naive. I-I was--I was naive to think I could just walk away from that, but--but I... I did.

Lily: (Sighs) I don't believe this.

Cane: And then-- and then years passed by, and--and the family, the organization that I'm instrumental in putting behind bars, they--they get out, and they're more powerful than they were before, and they wanted payback. They--they--they--they want payback for what I cost them, so they sent Blake, and that is why Blake is here.

Lily: Yeah, th-that's what I was gonna tell you before is that I just remembered seeing Blake at the cabin during the night of the storm pretending to be a cop.

Cane: I know. I know. He's--he's--he's been here for a while. He's been observing us, and then he finally decided to make himself known.

Lily: So... you lied to me--again-- by not telling me who he really was?

Cane: Yes.

Lily: And what about when he came to town and just insinuated himself into our lives? Why didn't you just confess then?

Cane: Because I-I-I-I-I-- I convinced myself that if I pay these people off, they'll go away. 

Lily: He was in this house with our children!

Cane: I told you, stay away from him, and don't let him come around here. I said stay away from him.

Lily: Yeah, you-- you never told me why.

Cane: Because I was on top of things. You and the babies, you were never in-- ever, ever in any danger, 'cause everything I've done-- everything I've done-- is to keep you safe, 'cause you and Mattie and Charlie, you are the only things that matter to me!

Jack: To set the record straight, I still think you're a lowlife bastard.

Adam: Well, that's a relief, Jack. As long as we' re clearing the air, I still think you are a sanctimonious jackass.

Jack: Well, I guess it's a good thing that we hate each other just a little bit less than we hate Victor.

Adam: I don't think that guy's gonna like it too much when he realizes the Newman fund is a goldmine again, especially when he was the one who singlehandedly caused the thing to collapse.

Jack: You do realize to pull all this off, we're gonna need some serious ice. Any chance you've figured out where Skye stashed Victor's payoff money?

Adam: Skye, as brilliant as she was, she was a creature of habit. Case in point, she sent away to Monaco for that perfume that she liked, right?

Jack: Yes, which put Sharon on her track, and, uh, off to Hawaii.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Now I got to thinking. If she's a creature of pattern in regards to that, then...

Jack: She would probably follow the same patterns in where she hides her money.

Adam: My money now. If you remember, I said I was her next of kin, her only heir.

Jack: So where is it?

Adam: It was in an offshore account, one of her old passwords. As we speak right now, it's being transferred into an untraceable account of my own. So, Jack, the Newman fund is about to get a serious influx of cash, compliments of my father's blood money.

Phyllis: So you got the cease and desist order that I faxed to you? Okay, and? Are you sure? Okay, Rafe, thanks. My attorney has advised me to comply.

Leslie: Of course he did. You don't mess with a court order.

Phyllis: Giselle, please pull the footage of the volcano, please. (Sighs) You satisfied?

Leslie: Hardly. We both know once something's out in cyberspace, there's no takin' it back.

Phyllis: That is what is so great about this country-- freedom of speech, freedom of the press...

Leslie: Not when it compromises somebody's ability to get a fair trial, which that tape does to Sharon.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. We're not the only ones playing it, I'm sure.

Leslie: No. All sorts of media outlets have picked up the recording. Vance's legal team is working on C&D's for them, too, but we can't keep up.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, sorry. It's a hot lead. If we hadn't broken it, somebody else would have.

Leslie: You really. Don't get the damage this does.

Phyllis: Excuse me?

Leslie: You're subjecting Sharon to trial by tabloid. Because of you, she could actually be convicted of murder. So much for your freedom of the press.

Sharon: She went right down. Thank God she has no concept of what's going on. I can't believe that video got out on the web. It's definitely Phyllis' doing.

Ashley: This isn't about Phyllis, Sharon. It's about you killing Skye, isn't it?

Sharon: (Sighs) Ashley, that's not what happened. What you heard was taken out of context.

Ashley: Oh, okay, so you were just standing there threatening her, and she fell in?

Sharon: Yes.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: I tried to save her life. I grabbed on to her. I was holding her hand for as long as I could. I wasn't strong enough to pull her back up.

Ashley: Well, that's an interesting story.

Sharon: It's true. Why would I want Skye dead anyway? She was my only proof that Adam was innocent.

Ashley: Oh, Adam innocent-- that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Sharon: All right, Adam has done some really horrible things.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Sharon: You know, he's very sorry about that.

Ashley: Oh, he's sorry.

Sharon: You know he really regrets what happened.

Ashley: Does he really? Aw, gee, well, I guess all is forgiven then, isn't it?

Sharon: You don't have to be sarcastic.

Ashley: This is the man that took your baby, Sharon-- made me think that little girl was mine for half a year. How can you forgive him, let alone let him live here in this house with that little girl?

Jack: I heard about the video of Skye and Sharon, I'd say you're handling this cease and desist order quite well.

Phyllis: (Sighs) I'm sort of relieved. I think we acted hastily putting that up.

Jack: How so?

Phyllis: You know I'm not Sharon's biggest fan.

Jack: Oh, then that's why you called her a "Hair-chewing child bride."

Phyllis: (Chuckles) I don't want her and I to turn into you and Victor.

Jack: Meaning what, exactly?

Phyllis: Meaning...Jack, well, you know. I mean you two have been at each other's throats for years. You're obsessed with doing each other in. Sometimes you forget about the truth or the collateral damage it does.

Jack: I cannot believe I am going to live to see the day that you stick up for Sharon.

Phyllis: I'm not sticking up for Sharon. I mean, she's done some... horrible things. (Sighs) But killing Skye isn't one of them.

Sharon: Ashley, you know, I'm not gonna stand here and listen to your abuse, so why don't you just leave?

Ashley: I'm trying to get through to you, Sharon. Can't you see what you're doing? Don't you get this?

Adam: She asked you to leave, Ashley.

Ashley: God, look at you acting like you're lord of the manor.

Sharon: Oh, leave him alone, Ashley.

Adam: Would you please just go.

Ashley: Oh, I'm going. I can't stand to be in the same room with you. You know, Sharon, I feel sorry for you. I really do. It must be so frustrating when you're telling people stories, and they just-- they just don't believe you. You know, I went through something kind of similar to that myself, courtesy of your boyfriend here. Maybe it's karma.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Adam: Listen, don't-- don't let her get to you.

Sharon: No, you know what? It's not even Ashley. It's that everyone jumps to this conclusion that I killed someone.

Adam: Baby, I--

Sharon: And you know what else? You know the video that came out of me on the volcano? That's now on the web courtesy of Phyllis.

Adam: What?

(Knock on door)

Adam: I'll get it.

Adam: Oh, Leslie, come in.

Leslie: Thank you.

Adam: Um, Sharon was just telling me that some footage of some sort turned up on the internet?

Leslie: Yeah, I've been able to get cease and desist orders issued already, and "Restless Style" has pulled it.

Sharon: Good.

Leslie: Yeah, and my office is working overtime to get it taken off other sites or block anyone else from using it.

Sharon: Well, if this is really good news, why do you look so worried?

Leslie: It's like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. I'm afraid the jury pool has been tainted.

Sharon: The jury pool? You mean you think that I could actually go to trial for murdering Skye?

Adam: (Exhales)

Neil: So I got a message that you wanted to see me?

Tucker: We need to find someone to take over the Australian Biofuel project ASAP.

Neil: Take o-- I don't understand.

Tucker: I fired Cane and Sofia, effective immediately.

Neil: (Laughs) You fired... you're... you're not--you're not laugh-- wait a m-- I-is this some kind of joke?

Tucker: Unfortunately, Neil, this time, the joke's on us.

Sofia: (Sighs) Hey, Baby.

Malcolm: Hey, you. Mm.

Sofia: (Sighs) What are you doing?

Malcolm: Just editing some photos. What's up with you? You're never off work this early.

Sofia: I tried to call you, but your phone...

Malcolm: You did? You sure did, Baby. I'm sorry. I forgot to turn my ringer back on.

Sofia: Yeah.

Malcolm: (Sighs) What's wrong, Sofia?

Sofia: I got fired.

Malcolm: Now hold on now. How did that happen? Tucker said he'd be lost without you.

Sofia: It's a long story, but he is furious with me.

Malcolm: Baby, I don't care how pissed he is. I mean, there's no way he could run that company without you. You're his right hand.

Sofia: Yeah, but I messed up, Malcolm. I screwed up big-time.

Lily: So, what? Is everything a lie?

Cane: No. No. There is nothing about our lives together that's a lie. I promise you this. My love for you, the babies, and Charlie, it is real. It is real.

Lily: (Stammers) Am I even safe? Are the kids safe?

Cane: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Lily: How do you know that?

Cane: 'Cause I would never let anything happen to you.

Lily: How can I believe you? How can I even trust you?

Cane: Because that's what I do. I protect people. I protect the people I love. I do that, even if it means I have to make decisions I know will make them upset. I will protect you.

Lily: Upset? No, no, no. Up--upset is what happens to me when--when--when we're out of formula, and you don't get any on your way home from work. That makes me upset!

Cane: Lis--listen to me. Just listen to me.

Lily: No, Cane, I forgave you when you pretended to be Phillip. I told you the past didn't matter, but you've had so many chances to tell me the truth!

Cane: But I didn't know how! I didn't know how to tell you.

Lily: (Sighs) Cane, we promised each other. We made a promise that we would have no more secrets between us.

Cane: (Stammers) I-I'm sor-- I hate hurting you. I hate that I've hurt you like this. I'm sorry.

Lily: No, what hurts me the most is that you went out of your way to make me believe you. How could you do that to me when you knew that you were hiding a whole other life?

Tucker: He couldn't give me an answer. Sofia tried to cover for him. And that's when I got suspicious and started digging.

Neil: And found out that James Collier was a fake.

Tucker: Yeah, the real one's been dead for years. Cane stole his identity, pulled a replacement birth certificate right before he recommended him to us.

Neil: Well, the-- then who's Blake?

Tucker: Some guy pretending to be Collier.

Neil: Wow. This is absolutely insane.

Tucker: You seem genuinely surprised.

Neil: W-w-wait a minute. You don't--you don't think that I knew about this, do you?

Tucker: Well, Cane is your son-in-law. Sofia is engaged to your brother. If she knew...

Neil: Tucker, man-to-man, I had no idea any of this was going on.

Tucker: I believe you.

Neil: It's bad enough that Cane lied to you, but why would Sofia go along with this?

Tucker: She said she was protecting Cane.

Malcolm: Let me get this straight. You knew that Cane was in enough trouble that you perpetrated this fraud, lied to your boss--

Sofia: I didn't know what else to do.

Malcolm: You could have told me, Sofia.

Sofia: Well, I didn't want to drag you into it, too.

Malcolm: Drag me into it? I was dragged into it from the beginning. This is my family we're talking about.

Sofia: I was trying to do some good for your family.

Malcolm: (Sighs) This explains why you been workin' all them extra hours. You're doin' Blake's job.

Sofia: I didn't want to keep it from you, but you were always out of town. What difference would it have made?

Malcolm: That's no excuse, Sofia. Oh, I knew there was something about this Blake character that was off. I knew it. (Hits countertop) (Sighs) And Cane draggin' you down with him.

Sofia: Cane doesn't even know yet. This all just happened.

Malcolm: Yeah, well, Cane deserves a whole lot more than losin' his job. I think I'm gonna go over there and go kick his ass right now. That's what I'm gonna do.

Sofia: Malcolm, please don't make it worse than this already is.

Malcolm: (Sighs) Sofia, I just want to know-- how could you keep something so explosive, so--so important from me, the man you're about to marry? What does that say about us, Baby? Huh? What does that say about our relationship?

Sofia: (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

(Ringing stops)

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: You know, you looked me in the eye and you convinced me that you were being honest. How could you just lie to me like that?

Cane: I never meant to hurt you, Baby.

Lily: I mean, you knew that my marriage to Daniel broke up because he was keeping things from me. You know how much that scarred me. And then you just go out and do the exact same thing.

Cane: I was afraid if I laid it on the line I'd lose you. You would take the babies, and you would walk away from me.

Lily: (Scoffs) Oh, so--so that's it? That's your--your big excuse?

Cane: You... you went through cancer. You're in remission, and I was afraid if I stressed you out, you may have a relapse. I wanted to forget the man I was. I wanted to forget that he ever existed. I just wanted to be your husband. I wanted to be the babies' daddy. I was ashamed of him. I hated being that man. I wanted to leave him behind. That's what I wanted to do.

Lily: You know what's ironic? Is that I could have forgiven you for anything, even things that you couldn't forgive yourself... if only you had confided in me. But you didn't trust that I loved you enough.

Sharon: I just assumed that since I'm innocent, that, I don't know, all of this would go away, and the charges would be dropped.

Leslie: The district attorney feels confident he has enough to go to trial.

Adam: Leslie, she didn't even do it. It doesn't make any sense that this would go further.

Leslie: Nevertheless, that recording is pretty incriminating, and there's more.

Adam: Oh. The bomb drops.

Sharon: What?

Leslie: The D.A.'s pushing to get your case on the court calendar the moment a slot opens.

Adam: (Scoffs) Of course.

Sharon: Oh, my God.

Leslie: I-I need to get back to the office. I will call you as soon as I hear anything more.

Adam: (Sighs)

Adam: Hey, it's gonna be okay, all right?

Sharon: Okay?! Adam, you were behind bars for weeks, and you were innocent. Skye wasn't even dead.

Adam: I know. I just wish this damn recording hadn't surfaced, you know? It just-- it's always something, right?

Sharon: Adam, I'm scared. I don't know if being innocent is enough. I mean, people go to prison all the time for things they didn't do. You know that better than anyone.

Phyllis: Yeah, just, uh, put up a banner on the "Restless Style" web site saying that "Restless Style" will continue to follow "Skye versus the volcano," and--and we'll report on any new developments as they happen. Thanks, Ed.

Jack: Well, so much for ceasing and desisting.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no. I-I need to do this.

Jack: I know.

Phyllis: The--there's a lot of interest in this. The hits are mind-boggling.

Jack: I-I get it. It's your business.

Phyllis: Well, I have to put the facts out there.

Jack: I agree with you. Sharon is not a killer. The question is, what do you want to do about it?

Phyllis: Oh, I never thought I would say this. Help me... help Sharon.

Ashley: Hi, Honey.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Could you make it two, please?

Tucker: Sure, Darlin'.

Ashley: Do you have any chocolate?

Tucker: Want light or dark?

Ashley: Do you have both? I'll take both. (Sighs)

Tucker: Ooh, a little low on endorphins?

Ashley: (Sighs) Thanks. That's putting it mildly.

(Glasses clink)

Tucker: What's up?

Ashley: I got into it with Sharon.

Tucker: About Adam?

Ashley: Uh-huh. I couldn't help it. When I thought of that sick little dysfunctional family with Faith right in the middle of it, it makes me so crazy.

Tucker: You tell her so?

Ashley: Yeah, and then Adam saunters in, that smug son of a bitch.

Tucker: Looks like we both had a lousy day.

Ashley: Mm. I'm so sorry. Tucker, I didn't ask you. How was your day?

Tucker: Not good.

Ashley: Hmm?

Tucker: I had to fire Sofia. (Sighs)

Sofia: Thanks.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Sofia: I guess you heard, huh?

Neil: Well, I've been calling Cane, but he hasn't been answering. You know, I think he is avoiding me.

Sofia: (Sighs) I don't know. I-I haven't talked to him in a while.

Neil: I was just about to call Lily when you showed up.

Sofia: Go ahead and say it, Neil.

Neil: What the hell were you thinkin'?

Sofia: (Sighs)

Cane: Sweetheart--

Lily: Don't touch me.

Cane: I'll do anything. I'll do anything to take away the pain I caused you, Baby.

Lily: All you had to do was tell me truth.

(Knock on door)

Cane: I'll make whoever that is go away.

Cane: (Sighs)

Malcolm: Lily, are you okay?

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Um... Malcolm, I'd appreciate it if we could have this time. This is a private matter.

Malcolm: Okay, you should know its over, Cane, all right?

Cane: What--what's over?

Malcolm: The game, the whole scam. Tucker knows the truth, and by the way, you're fired. And he fired Sofia, too.

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: Wait. Wait. Wh-what did Tucker and Sofia have to do with any of this?

Cane: Blake demanded $5 million as payback for, um, testifying against the organization and the guys in prison.

Lily: $5 million?

Cane: Yeah. I couldn't make the money on my own so... I, um... I got Blake a job at McCall, and we passed him off as a...I (sighs) In-demand and extremely qualified person.

Malcolm: Figuring it would rate him a huge salary.

Cane: That's right. So he could take the money each week, and I'd be one step closer to having this just go away.

Lily: So that's why you haven't been around that much with me and the kids?

Cane: Sweetheart, I started doing my work. Then I was doing Blake's work, and it was just too much. And then Sofia found out. And--and she decided to pitch in. She wanted to help.

Lily: So it's not just me. You've been lying to my dad and Tucker and Sofia? (Sighs) This just keeps getting worse. (Scoffs)

Tucker: Yeah, you think you know somebody, and you find out they have this whole other side.

Ashley: I'll say. Look at Sharon-- letting that lunatic live with her and the baby. And Sofia misleading you?

Tucker: She was one of the only people I ever let get close to more than anyone in my life... till you.

Ashley: You must feel so betrayed. Iím sorry.

Tucker: Well, thank God I have you.

Ashley: You, too... always. A chocolate kiss?

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: Mm.

Sofia: Look, Neil, I only found out recently what Cane was doing.

Neil: Really? 'Cause Tucker said you were protecting him.

Sofia: Well, I know what it's like to be in that kind of trouble. Look, Iíve seen my share of it. And if somebody hadn't made a sacrifice for me, then I wouldn't be the woman I am today. So I was just trying to pay it forward.

Neil: But to put your career on the line?

Sofia: I care about Cane. He's a good guy in a difficult situation.

Neil: What kind of situation?

Sofia: (Sighs) He was being blackmailed.

Malcolm: So all this time, you've been hiding the truth-- the fact that you're some sort of gangster, rippin' people off, livin' with the sweetest woman on earth, and the babies, Man-- them precious babies. How could you? I got a real good mind to take you out of your misery.

Babies: (Cry)

Lily: Wait, uh, um, Uncle Malcolm, can you check on the twins for me, please?

Malcolm: (Sighs) Why don't you go do that and let me take care of this?

Lily: Please.

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Lily: Please.

Malcolm: All right, Lily, but I'll just be in the nursery. I'm right here.

Lily: Okay.

Cane: You know, if someone did to Mattie what I did to you, I'd want to kill 'em. And now I just want to fix this, Sweetheart.

Lily: Fix this? (Scoffs) You think it can be fixed like a--like a broken lamp?

Cane: I know it's not gonna happen overnight. I know you're angry at me. I know you're in shock. But I love you. I love you, Baby. I know you love me. Hell, love can overcome anything.

Adam: (Sighs) Ahh, let me guess. You're here to get more sordid details on Sharon's ordeal on the volcano.

Phyllis: That's part of it.

Adam: Mm. And why should we talk to you? Why should we give you any information? You're just gonna twist our words to sell your magazine.

Jack: Just hear us out.

Sharon: Okay, well, say it already. I've had a long day.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I still think you're a mess. Um, but... I don't think you killed Skye.

Sharon: You know, I really don't think much about you, either, Phyllis. You honestly think I'm innocent?

Phyllis: Yes, I do.

Sharon: And what about you, Jack?

Jack: We were married for quite some time. You never so much as jabbed me with a fork, though God knows I gave you plenty of reason.

Phyllis: Okay, so... (Sighs) That's why we're here. I am sorry about that, um, tape. I'm sorry about that, and I would like to make it up to you.

Adam: (Laughs) (Scoffs) How?

Phyllis: By proving your innocence.

Adam: So is it gonna be the-- the way you proved me innocent? You turned in those bloody clothes to the cops, had me thrown in jail, Phyllis?

Jack: Have you got a better offer? Come on.

Adam: Okay. (Sighs) So what now?

Phyllis: Okay, well, we write everything down, everything that's happened, everything that happened in Hawaii, all the details.

Sharon: The only reason why I'm gonna agree to do this is because I trust you, Jack. I'm just gonna get some paper.

Phyllis: Okay, I have copies of every single article that's been written about the case. It's in my file.

Jack: Let's keep any talk of hedge funds between the two of us, okay?

Adam: Agreed. We'll keep these projects separate. No need to blur the lines.

Phyllis: Okay. (Sighs) Here we go. All right, Guys. Let's do this thing.

Ashley: Mm, it's so comforting.

Tucker: What?

Ashley: No matter how bad a day I have, I always know that I have you waiting for me with open, loving arms. (Inhales) I love that. Mm.

Tucker: I feel the same way.

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Sofia: Once I found out that Cane had turned the tables on these guys and that they wanted retribution, I knew I had to step in. Neil, please believe me. I was just trying to help.

Neil: Sofia, Sofia. I understand that you thought you were doing the right thing. But I'm sorry. I can't deal with it right now. I have to go see my daughter. You can let yourself out.

Lily: So did you mean it when you said that you would do anything to take my pain away?

Cane: Absolutely. You tell me what you want, Baby. You've got it. Just tell me what you want.

Lily: I want you to leave.

Cane: Sweetheart--

Lily: No. I want you out of this house. Or--or was that a lie, too, when you said that you would do anything?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: Will you do something? Do what's best for her.

Jill: (Gasps)

Kay: Wake up.

Cane: I'm gonna give you a head start, so why don't you take your ass, put on a plane, and go back to Australia, huh?

Tucker: You will clean up this mess or go to jail.

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