Y&R Transcript Monday 1/17/11

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/17/11 -- Canada; Tuesday 1/18/11 -- USA


Episode # 9569 ~ Victor Vows to Get Revenge Against Adam

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Diane: (Sighs)

Nick: Well, hey. Did you come by for some "Dessert"?

Diane: (Laughs) (Sighs) Don't I wish? No, I haven't even had dinner with your father yet. There's been a delay.

Nick: Uh-oh. What's goin' on?

Diane: Well, just the normal stuff. Right when I started cooking, Kyle decided that he had a better offer. One of his hockey teammates has an uncle who owns a pizza parlor...

Nick: Ahh, say no more. I got it.

Diane: (Laughs) So I just dropped him off in town. I still have to feed Victor and talk a little business.

Nick: Sounds like a full evening.

Diane: Don't worry. I'll be back.

Nick: So you're saying we're still on for later?

Diane: That's a preview of how "On" we are.

Nick: Well, I guess that'll have to tide me over for now.

Phyllis: Yes, yes, I know that you hate it when people talk on their cell phones in restaurants, so...

Jack: It's okay. It's okay. Do what you gotta do.

Phyllis: All right.

Daniel: Didn't you just leave here, like, 30 seconds ago?

Phyllis: Yes, I did. I'm your mother. I'm allowed. Did you get the food that I ordered?

(Knock on door)

Daniel: Uh, that's probably them now. (Clears throat)

Abby: Your lasagna, Sire.

Daniel: What, are you moonlighting now?

Abby: I ran into the guy in the lobby. (Chuckles)

Daniel: I hope you helped him up.

Abby: Ha ha. You ring, I show up.

Daniel: I like how that works.

Abby: I like that you're actually home.

Phyllis: Daniel? Hello? Hello? Are you there?

Daniel: Hey, um, yeah, uh, sorry, uh, Abby's here. She, uh, brought the food up.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Good. Well, there's enough for both of you. Um, tell her thank you. I'm glad you're not alone.

Daniel: Yeah, I'll-- I'll do that. Um, enjoy your night.

Phyllis: You, too.

Jack: Feel better?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: You've been a real trooper these last few days.

Phyllis: (Sighs) He's my son. I would do anything for my son.

Jack: Uh-huh. And what about Phyllis? Who's been there for her? Yeah, I thought that might be your answer.

Phyllis: I could use a breather.

Jack: So take one. I'm here now.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Jack: You can let it all out.

Victoria: Look at you. You're such a beautiful little girl. Are you hungry? Yeah, I bet you're hungry. Your dinner's gonna be here real soon.

(Front door opens)

Billy: Hello, my babies.

Victoria: Oh, hey.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Did you buy out the whole store?

Billy: Well, close enough. I've got bottles and formulas and baby wipes and baby shampoo and baby diapers. I've got little outfits. I've got all sorts of stuff.

Victoria: Oh, thank God. I put her in the smallest thing of Delia's that I could find.

Billy: Yeah? Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Well, let's get our little angel all fixed up. What do you say, huh?

(Makes kissing sounds)

Victoria: What do you say? Oh, she's so pretty!

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: (Giggles)

Billy: (Makes silly sounds)

Nick: All right, I'm here. Is this about work?

Victor: (Sighs)

Victor: Adam is out of jail. The charges were dropped. That S.O.B. is not going to pay for this particular crime.

Nick: (Clears throat) Guess the cops believed... (Sighs) Sharon's story had some merit.

Victor: It's very disappointing. They're fools.

Nick: I know you said you had nothing to do with Skye's death. So we'll just have to see how this all plays out.

Victor: I thought you would have a different reaction.

Nick: I'm not happy Adam's walkin' around free, Dad, but there is not a whole lot I can do about that.

Victor: There's something else I gotta tell you. Adam is moving in with Sharon, moving into your old house.

Sharon: I put the rest of your things in our room.

Adam: "Our room."

Sharon: Mm.

Adam: That is gonna take me a minute to get used to.

Sharon: The past 24 hours...

Adam: Yeah, it's been like a dream, hasn't it? I mean, the whole way everything went down? Jack, uh, Jack being the one person, of all people, to be the one to discover proof that shows that I could not have killed Skye? That's just crazy.

Sharon: Well, he must have cared about her enough to want to set the record straight about her death.

Adam: Mm. Yeah. He also wants to make the person responsible pay, which Victor will do. Every time he looks out his window, he'll remember me, know that I'm here enjoying all the ranch has to offer. (Chuckles) That man seriously underestimates me.

Sharon: Well, after everything that he has done to you, I-I really can't blame you for feeling vindicated.

Adam: Sharon, I'm sorry.

Sharon: For what?

Adam: You've-- you have stood by me diligently through all this, and you're facing problems of your own. I mean, as soon as Nicholas finds out that I'm in this close proximity to--to Faith, there's gonna be a custody battle. Are you-- Sharon, are you sure you want to do this? I couldn't stand it if you lost your daughter again for a second time.

Abby: Mmm, an extra hour on the treadmill tomorrow. Do I care? Mnh-mnh. Mmm.

Daniel: It's good stuff.

Abby: (Chuckles) I've missed this.

Daniel: Gina's lasagna?

Abby: No, smart guy. This.

Daniel: Me, too.

Abby: Guess what?

Daniel: What?

Abby: Now we won't have to anymore. Mmm.

Jack: You've had a lot on your mind-- a lot. Certainly more than most people realized.

Phyllis: Yeah, Daniel tried to let me off the hook, but come on. Let's be honest. I'm the one who set this disaster in motion. I'm the one who did it.

Jack: By insisting that this unborn child have a chance at a really decent life, even if that meant adopting her yourself, on your own. I'd say that's pretty selfless.

Phyllis: You know, the idea of adopting this baby was the furthest thing from my mind, aside from it being Daisy's baby. Then when Daisy took off, I mean, I-I-I sort of got used to the idea of being a-- a mom again, you know? Well, now she's gone, right? We--we don't... we don't know what's gonna happen there. It wasn't even my baby. Why does this hurt?

Victoria: That was fun.

Billy: Hey, hey. How'd she like her bath? Is she all squeaky-clean?

Victoria: Yeah, I think she really liked her first bath here.

Billy: Nice. Well, it is chow time. I made a bottle from my own secret recipe. (Chuckles)

Victoria: Oh, Boy.

Billy: You want to do the honors here?

Victoria: Um, yeah, I do. I do want to do the honors. Um, okay. Here we go. Are you ready? Are you ready?

Billy: (Chuckles)

Baby: (Fusses)

Billy: Oh. Oh, no, Baby.

Victoria: Oh, no. Somebody is hungry.

Billy: Oh, there we go.

Victoria: Somebody's hungry, huh? It's a good thing your daddy is a good, uh, cook.

Billy: You think that's good? Wait till you try my cereal. I can do amazing things with cereal.

Victoria: (Chuckles) He sure can. Look at her. She's amazing. She's like this tiny, perfect, little human being, and she's all ours.

Billy: What do you think?

Victoria: I still can't believe that this is real.

Billy: I know.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: What do you say? Do you like being our little girl? Huh? Do you like it?

Victoria: What are we gonna call her? What's her name?

Billy: (Sighs) Hmm.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Sharon: Hey, when was the last time you ate? You want me to fix you something? But I'm not sure what I have in the house, but--

Adam: Sharon, I'm not even thinking about food right now. I'm just trying to take all this in, the fact that I'm actually here with you in this house. It's--it's crazy. I think we should enjoy it before the, uh, before the explosion hits.

Sharon: Adam--

Adam: No, look. Victor didn't blow when he found out, okay? But he will, and so will Nicholas.

Sharon: Okay, are people going to be thrilled that you're here? No. But I can handle them, and so can you.

Adam: I hope so, for your sake and for Faith's. I hope Nicholas learns to tolerate me being around, being part of your lives.

Victor: You know, the house belongs to Sharon. Legally, she can do what she wants.

Nick: I live on this ranch with my daughters. Now Diane lives here with Kyle. Adam is not the kind of guy we want to have any influence on our kids.

Diane: What guy? Should I be worried?

Nick: I'll let you fill her in. Right now, I need to go see Sharon and see what the hell she's thinking, unless you want to do this.

Victor: No, no. You deal with that on your own, all right?

Abby: Mm. Shh. If we lie really still, maybe magic elves will come and put the leftovers away.

Daniel: I doubt that.

Abby: (Chuckles) Okay, I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do your dishes. I'll take out your trash. I would water your plant, may it rest in peace.

Daniel: Hey, that's what happens when you're not home for a while.

Abby: I'll have you know, I do draw the line at scouring your bathroom... although the sorry state my nails are in, I could probably be talked into it. But if you ever tell anyone that I did housework, I'll deny it.

Daniel: You're incredible, you know that?

Abby: No. No. I will not clean your oven, okay? No. Okay, I'll do it.

Daniel: Shh, shh, shh. Stop. Stop. I'm serious. You've already done so much for me. How am I gonna thank you?

Abby: Well, you did say that you were gonna win me back. I didn't think it was gonna be like this. I could do with just a bit less drama.

Daniel: You? Really?

Abby: My drama is entertaining. Yours is... wow. (Sighs) I don't know when it happened, but, uh, I really care about you, Daniel, even though I promised myself never, ever, ever, with any guy. That's the problem. You aren't just any guy.

Jack: So I think I made a bit of an impression as the easygoing surfer dude, you know? Just hangin'.

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Jack: What? What's so funny?

Phyllis: (Laughs) "The easygoing surfer dude just hangin'." It's just funny to me that buttoned-down Jack Abbott...   

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: This would be your phone.

Phyllis: Would be in his flip-flops saying "Shaka, Brah." (Laughs) Hello? Oh, yeah? All right, leave 'em on my desk. I'll see what I can do. (Scoffs)

Jack: Duty calls?

Phyllis: Billy. He forgot to sign some checks that we need for the shoot tomorrow. So I have to track him down because apparently he's AWOL. Uh, or forge his signature-- either one. Anyway, I have to pick up Summer at a party and drop her off at Nick's.

Jack: Well, I-- why don't I pick Summer up, and you go take care of business?

Phyllis: You are, uh, a peach. (Giggles) A peach?

Jack: A peach?

Phyllis: (Laughs) Have I ever called you a peach before?

Jack: You have now. Peach, huh?

Billy: Okay, so we want retro but not old-fashioned. So how about... Mary?

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Betty?

Victoria: Mm...

Billy: Candy?

Victoria: Candice.

Billy: Candice.

Victoria: Hmm. No.

Billy: No Candice.

Victoria: No.

Billy: Trixie?

Victoria: Wow.

Billy: Okay. (Chuckles)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: You know, when you're pregnant this is easier, 'cause you have, like, a ton of time to figure this out. You buy baby books. You make lists. You call your friends. You tell 'em about the names that you're thinking about, and... I don't know. We're kind of in instant mode right now.

Victoria: (Sighs) Oh, my God. We're naming this baby. I mean, is this-- this actually happening? This can't be happening. It's too fast.

Billy: Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Diane: Bringing Adam here to live with her? That's just bizarre.

Victor: Yeah.

Diane: Sharon has never struck me as the vindictive type.

Victor: I won't pretend to understand what's going on, but that's the situation.

Diane: Well, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this on top of all your other worries.

Victor: Hmm. Let's not dwell on it. You were making dinner, weren't you?

Diane: Burgundy beef stew. It'll be ready any minute.

Victor: It sounds delicious.

Diane: And Kyle will not be joining us after all. So we can work while we're eating.

Victor: Then why don't you get set up for that?

Sharon: Okay, I've taken some bread out of the freezer, so at least we're gonna have toast in the morning, but then tomorrow, we have to go into town and do some big shopping.

Adam: Reminds me of that night after we got back from Tahoe. You wanted to cook for me.

Sharon: Yeah. Only then I suddenly realized that I had no idea what my new husband liked to eat.

Adam: But you can never go wrong with a good steak.

Sharon: And that's exactly what you said then.

Adam: (Chuckles)

(Knock on door)

Adam: Here we go.

Nick: I'm sure you were expecting me.

Sharon: Nick, it's late, so whatever you came to say, just say it.

Nick: So... I give you more time with Faith, unsupervised time, and this is what you decide to do next?

Sharon: I'm her mother. Legally, we both have a right to spend time with her.

Adam: Sharon tolerated your bullying while I was falsely accused. That's done, Nicholas. No more.

Sharon: Adam's name has been cleared. As far as Skye's disappearance and all the false evidence, that was all Victor's doing.

Nick: Yes, Adam was cleared of one crime. But I still don't want him anywhere near my kid.

Sharon: This is my property, and Adam has every right to be here.

Nick: So you refuse to even see this from my side?

Sharon: Have you seen this from mine?

Nick: All right, I'm done here. But thanks for making my custody case that much easier.

Abby: You sure you're okay with me stayin' the night tonight?

Daniel: Yeah, of course. Then again, I guess if wake up in the middle of the night and I ask you who you are, you should probably just ignore me.

Abby: Will do. Not that funny, huh?

Daniel: You know, it kind of freaks me out that I can't remember what happened that night I found Daisy-- I mean, what she was screamin' at me about, or where she is, or where the kid is.

Abby: You're thinkin' by now she's had the baby?

Daniel: Probably. Probably somewhere in Canada, and then gone into hiding, none of which are things that I wanted, which makes me wonder what else could possibly go wrong.

Abby: Like Daisy showing up someday when we least expect it? Wouldn't that be special?

Victoria: You went out, and you did this on your own. You had time to think about it and to plan it, and--and to get used to the idea, and then I walk in, and--and I'm like, "Whoa, there's a-a baby. Whose is she? What do you-- what do you mean, 'she's ours?’” And then suddenly, this is our life. I mean, we're this little baby girl's mom and dad, and that's crazy. I mean, you know how crazy that is, right?

Billy: Honey, it's not crazy.

Victoria: Yes. Of course it is.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: Look, you were so sad, and I started thinkin', okay, we can adopt, right? But who do I talk to, and then how do I even go about it? And then immediately, there was our answer-- this precious little girl. The stars aligned, and she came into our lives. It's a miracle, and all we have to do is be open to it.

Victoria: You told me that this is legitimate. So tell me again that this is real, and that this is forever, and she's ours, really and truly ours, and promise me that no one's gonna show up at the door one day and try to take her back.

Billy: I promise you.

Victoria: I need to hear it.

Billy: I--

Victoria: Please promise me that it's gonna be okay. Just tell me that it's gonna be okay, and I won't say anything.

Billy: I promise you she's ours, okay? I swear she's ours.

Victoria: She's ours.

Billy: She's ours.

(Doorbell rings)

Baby: (Fusses)

Billy: And the door. I'll be right back. (Sighs)

Phyllis: Hey.

Billy: Hey, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Um, uh, oh, I-I-I'm sorry. I don't want to bother you at home, but you have to sign these checks. You forgot, and if you don't, we're gonna have a mess tomorrow for the photo shoot.

Billy: Yeah, okay. Um, tell you what, I'm gonna get a pen. You can come on in.

Phyllis: Okay.

Billy: Okay?

Baby: (Fusses)

Victoria: Hi, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hi.

Victoria: Hi.

Phyllis: Who is this? Are you guys babysitting?

Billy: No, she's ours.

Diane: This was fun.

Victor: It was, indeed. So--

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Oops. Yes, Son? How'd it go with Sharon?

Nick: Not good.

Victor: Was Adam there?

Nick: Uh, yeah. Stood right next to her the whole time, looking like the smug piece of crap that he is. Sharon didn't say anything. She was like a wall-- totally under his influence. And the whole thing makes me absolutely sick.

Faith: (Babbles)

Victor: Mm, you're not alone in that feeling.

Nick: Well, the nanny just dropped off Faith, so I know she's safe. I'm gonna call Michael first thing in the morning.

Victor: You have my complete support, all right? Anything you need, you call me.

Nick: Will do. Thanks, Dad.

Victor: Good night, Son.

Diane: Nick confronted his ex, I take it?

Victor: Sharon's behavior is absolutely inexplicable. It's just abominable. Anyway, so be it. Um, let me get the budget projections from my office, okay?

Diane: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Be right back.

Diane: (Clears throat) (Quietly) Hey, it's me. Are you okay?

Nick: Well, other than the fact I want to put my fist through a wall right now, everything's fine.

Diane: Well, I was hoping that Victor and I would have wrapped this up by now, but no such luck. I keep hoping that I'll still be able to get over there tonight.

Nick: Yeah, well, it'll have to be after I put Faith down.

Diane: Yes, o-okay, 'cause I-it'll be late.

(Knock on door)

Nick: Uh, hold on. Somebody's at the door. Well, hey, there, Supergirl.

Jack: Sorry, a little change in plans.

Summer: I'm back!

Nick: Yeah, I can see that.

Jack: Uh, Phyllis had a work emergency. Go ahead and finish your phone call.

Nick: Yeah, okay, thanks. Sorry about that.

Diane: Is that Jack?

Nick: Um, yep, and Summer, too. I got a full house here.

Diane: Rain check?

Nick: Looks that way.

Diane: Sleep well.

Nick: You, too. Sorry. Hey, uh, thanks for helpin' out Phyllis and me.

Jack: Hey, I always like spending time with Summer.

Nick: Well, you got a few minutes, or you gotta take off?

Jack: I wouldn't say no to a beer.

Nick: Thank-you beer coming.

Abby: Nah, not really your color.

Daniel: (Sighs) It's Daisy's. Her stuff's all over the place. I just wish it could all be gone, like, now.

Abby: Make a pile. I'll take it to Goodwill tomorrow.

Abby: What's that?

Daniel: Just a picture Daisy drew.

Abby: Whoa. What are you gonna do with it?

Daniel: I don't know yet. Maybe I should hang on to it for a little while.

Phyllis: Wow. So this just happened?

Billy: Yeah, completely last-minute.

Victoria: Yeah, uh, the adoption was all arranged, but then there was some problem.

Billy: Yeah, some family crisis, although we don't know what it was, so...

Victoria: Yeah, um, the family had to back out, and then the baby became available.

Phyllis: Wow. So you were in the right place at the right time.

Billy: Pretty much, yeah.

Victoria: Yep. Yeah.

Phyllis: I didn't know you wanted to adopt. I...

Billy: Well, I mean, just because I tell you everything, it doesn't mean I tell you everything, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: Right.

Billy: Right.

Victoria: The way that it-- it worked out and... it just kind of came together so quickly.

Billy: The way it was meant to be.

Victoria: Yeah. Billy and I both feel really blessed.

Phyllis: Well, I-- I can see why. She's--she's beautiful. Congratulations.

Billy: Thank you.

Victoria: Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, this is great-- a new baby to raise. I'm really excited for you. Yeah, this is really great.

Billy: Yeah, it is. And, well-- and here are the, uh, checks with my autograph, so...

Phyllis: Okay. All right, so, uh, I'll deliver them. You have your hands full.

Victoria: Yeah, just a little. (Chuckles)

Billy: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Phyllis: I'll--I'll see you.

Billy: Bye.

Victoria: Okay, bye. Bye, Phyllis. Well, she seemed really happy for us.

Billy: Yeah, she did.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Told you it was going to be okay.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Nick: So it's a pretty crazy week for us.

Jack: Productive, though.

Nick: Yeah, about that.

Jack: Has something happened?

Nick: Yeah, we should talk, but after I put the girls down.

Jack: But there is something new in our joint venture?

Summer: Daddy, can you help me with my puzzle?

Nick: Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun. But you know what? It is past Faith's bedtime. I gotta put her in the bath and then throw her in bed.

Jack: Summer, I'll tell you what, why don't we see how far we can get with the puzzle while your dad's gettin' Faith all squared away?

Nick: Cool. Then it'll be your turn.

Summer: Can I use my bubble bath from Christmas?

Nick: Oh, we're definitely usin' the bubble bath.

Summer: (Giggles)

Nick: Sounds like a plan. Then we'll talk.

Jack: Done.

Nick: (Groans) So, uh, this is probably not the night that we envisioned for us, huh?

Jack: No, probably not.

Diane: I should have the new plat of survey by the end of the week.

Victor: Uh-huh. I want to break ground on this by May, okay?

Diane: 2012?

Victor: No, this year.

Diane: (Laughs) Well, that--that's ambitious, to say the least. The permit process in Japan can--

Victor: Can be expedited like everywhere else.

Diane: Okay.

Victor: I'll have my legal people talk to you, and they will clear any kind of red tape you might encounter in Tokyo, okay?

Diane: Uh-huh. You know, Victor, at the risk of incurring your considerable wrath...

Victor: Uh-huh.

Diane: I feel like I should tell you that I-I cannot guarantee that May is feasible.

Victor: But I know that-- I know that you will do your best.

Diane: Wow. You're--you're so...

Victor: What?

Diane: I don't know. What's the word I'm looking for? You're very... you're very Zen.

Victor: Mm. Never heard that before.

Diane: (Laughs)

Victor: Must be your cooking.

Diane: No, no. Even before that, the way you reacted to what Sharon's done-- I would have thought you would have gone ballistic.

Victor: Sharon chose her path with Adam, a man who has used and abused her. It's incomprehensible to me, but so be it. And, um... (Purses lips) It'll all come crashing down around her one day.

Sharon: Adam?

Adam: Hmm?

Sharon: You can't let Nick get to you like that.

Adam: You're so calm. After the way he just talked to you?

Sharon: Because I refuse to believe that Faith will be taken away from me simply because her father doesn't like who I'm with. I will hire a lawyer. We'll prepare, and I'll just face whatever I have to face.

Adam: You are so strong.

Sharon: Well, if I am, it's only because of you. You know, you're the only person in my life who's ever encouraged me to think for myself. When I was a little girl, my mom used to tell me, "Sharon, you have to learn to stand on your own two feet." But if she really felt that way, why was she always so worried that I couldn't face things? And then you've got these-- these people like Phyllis who insist that I can't. I mean, that--that cartoon of me on the cover of "Restless Style," weak, laying there, waiting to be rescued, I mean, it's ridiculous. I am so tired of being perceived like that. You're the only person in my entire life who's ever really believed in me, who has treated me like I'm a competent adult. People wonder what I see in you, why I'm such an idiot for loving you. But they are the idiots.

Abby: Would you like Daisy's stuff to go to Goodwill or a homeless shelter? Daniel? Daniel?

Daniel: Doesn't matter. Either one.

Abby: Hey. What are you thinkin' about?

Daniel: Daisy. The night that I found her. I can only remember bits and pieces. I feel like, you know, if I could just focus, but...

Abby: Then suddenly it might all come rushing back? I don't think it works that way. You may have to accept that you won't remember everything that happened.

Daniel: Well, if that's true, then... I guess I won't be needing this.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Billy: I remember when DeeDee was this tiny. I thought I was gonna break her.

Victoria: Yeah. It was the same with me and Reed. You get over that real quick, don't you?

Billy: Yeah? Yeah?

Victoria: Yes. (Gasps)

Billy: Is it just me? It's the light in here? Or does she have red in her hair? Look right there.

Victoria: Oh, she does.

Billy: She does.

Victoria: Oh, my God. I've got it.

Billy: Got what?

Victoria: Red hair, the '50s... how much we love her... (Gasps)

Billy: (Chuckles)

Together: Lucy!

Victoria: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Hey, Jack. Sorry. I just couldn't stop thinkin' about what it would be like to have a newborn at home. It made me sort of emotional. It's so stupid. Anyway... (Sighs) Thank you for holding my hand earlier. I really appreciate that. And, um, you know, call me when you get this. Oh, and--and by the way, I-I have some interesting news. You're never gonna guess who has their own little one.

Jack: I'm sorry about the whole Sharon thing. I don't know what to tell you.

Nick: There's nothing to tell. Sharon's completely lost it. The one who's really gonna suffer is Faith. Why Sharon can't see that...

Jack: Yeah, I feel the same way about Diane. She knows what Victor's about. She knows how much he hates me. And yet she moves Kyle into that house without sayin' a word to me. There's no way I can live with him being in that house.

Nick: Just like there's no way I'll ever feel good about Adam living near anyone I know.

(Glasses clink)

Adam: You know what? Put, um, put bananas and rum on your shopping list. I'm gonna make you bananas foster.

Sharon: Oh.

Adam: Correction-- I'm gonna attempt to make bananas foster.

Sharon: (Laughs) That will be the most delicious, decadent bananas foster ever.

Adam: You know, word is gonna get out.

Sharon: There's gonna be a knock at the door.

Adam: Mm, a trio of investors, begging us to open a restaurant.

Sharon: Yeah, and--and we'll call it...

Adam: The Quarter.

Sharon: Fine Creole food. There'll be a line around the block every night to get in.

Adam: Only we'll-- we'll turn them down.

Sharon: (Chuckles) We will?

Adam: Mm. Well... (Sniffs) (Sighs) If you think... that I'll share you... with anyone else... come here.

Adam: (Sighs)

Diane: You're gonna let Sharon learn her lesson? The Victor Newman I know likes to teach people lessons.

Victor: You don't think people can change?

Diane: This is Adam we're talking about, a person you despise, also one of the great disappointments of your life. I just can't see you letting this go.

Victor: Well, I assure you that where Adam is concerned, I do have something in mind for him.

Diane: Aha. I knew it. Exactly how worried should the poor man be?

Victor: Well, I would not exactly call him a "Poor man." Any sympathy on that creature is wasted. If you think otherwise, you're gonna live to regret it.

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Nina: You're giving up?

Ronan: I'm just sayin' that maybe it's time for you to start figuring out how to let me go.

Sofia: Save your sweet talk for someone who buys it. You're a fake and a bully.

Chloe: Is it all over?

Kevin: No, but not for long, okay? I have a plan.

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