Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/11/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/11/11 -- Canada; Wednesday 1/12/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9565 ~ Like Father, Like Daughter

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Michael: You look tense.

 Victor: (Groans) (Sighs heavily) I wouldn't mind going a few rounds on the heavy bag.

 Michael: (Chuckles) With Vance Abrams' face on it?

 Victor: Yeah. I can't stand that son of a bitch. There's no one more deserving of it. The problem is, Victoria is so deluded by her own self-righteousness that she doesn't realize that he's using her.

 Michael: Well, that being said, the court-ordered forensic accounting of Newman's books came in the other day. I had it reviewed by an independent firm.

 Victor: And?

 Michael: In spite of Abrams' posturing, there is nothing here that can be used against you. There has been no malfeasance, no misuse of funds.

 Victor: Well, I hate to say I told you so.

 Michael: Well, with a little luck, this could shift the mediation in--in your favor.

 Abby: So if there's nothing wrong with Dad's books, does that mean we'd lose the case?

 Vance: No. The, uh, forensic accounting was ordered to establish the value of your trusts as well as Beauty of Nature. It would have helped me do my job a lot easier if they found something incriminating, but we still have our ace in the pocket.

 Abby: We do?

 Victoria: Mr. Abrams feels that Dad wants to sell off a major subsidiary in Dubai.

 Abby: What does that have to do with us?

 Vance: Well, the old man might be breaking up Newman Enterprises.

 Abby: What, b-because he's selling one company?

 Vance: A company that is arguably the most successful. Victor is setting a precedent.

 Abby: Why would he tank everything he's worked for?

 Victoria: Well, that would be so that we can't come and get it.

 Vance: Victor's fire sale may cast a whole new light on Beauty of Nature, devalue your trusts.

 Abby: He wouldn’t.

 Victoria: (Scoffs)

 Abby: He wouldn’t.

 Victoria: Don't kid yourself, Abby. You know that Dad is capable of anything.

 Vance: His action speaks for itself. Let's just hope Judge Phelps sees it the same way.

 Abby: Don't you just want to settle this and move on?

 Victoria: Yes. Yes, of course. Yes.

 Vance: Don't back up now, Kiddo.

 Abby: (Scoffs)

 Vance: Your sister needs your solidarity. We're almost home.

 Victoria: That's right. And all that Dad needs to see is a crack between us.

 Vance: Victor knows divide and conquer. I do the same thing.

 Abby: Well, all I want is to live my life without our father trying to control us. That's it.

 Victoria: (Sighs) All right. The only way that you're going to be free of his manipulation is if you stand up to him. It's the only way that he's gonna respect you. You know his philosophy. If you push long enough and you push hard enough--

 Abby: Yeah, I know. I know. The other person will cave.

 Victoria: (Sighs) This time, we're the ones pushing. Look, I know that you have a lot of big dreams, and I want them to all happen for you. But ten years from now, I would hate to see you working for what's left of Newman Enterprises, wishing that you hadn't given up.

 Vance: Are we good, Ladies? Meet me at the courthouse. But remember, if your father approaches you and wants to discuss this case, walk away. I'll see myself out.

(Front door closes)

 Abby: You really think that Dad is selling off his company?

 Victoria: I think that Dad would chew off his right leg if it meant him winning.

 Abby: (Sighs)

 Victoria: We have to take advantage of this. God knows that he would do the same.

 Abby: And if it's not true, do you still think this is the right thing to do?

 Ronan: The wire recording taken the day of Chance's shooting.

 Spencer: Anyone else have a copy?

 Ronan: No, just you, me, and the defense attorney.

 Spencer: The judge wants to listen to it before ruling on a motion to exclude.

 Ronan: The jury has to hear what's on that CD. We can't let Pomerantz and his guys get away with what they did. There's nothing-- there's nothing that's more disgusting than a cop hiding behind their badge. Running a drug ring out of the former D.A.'s office?

 Spencer: We rooted out all the crooked cops from the G.C.P.D. between my team, the justice department, and the star witness, we'll get a conviction.

 Ronan: You know that as we get closer to trial, they're gonna get more desperate.

 Spencer: My staff's on the alert. They haven't forgotten the Heather Stevens car bomb. The last thing we want is to put anyone in jeopardy.

 Ronan: That's exactly why the prosecution's plan stays between us.

 Paul: (Sighs) Hey, I'm not gonna interrupt. I just wanted to say hi.

 Heather: Oh, hey. Hi.

 Paul: How are you?

 Heather: Ooh, good. (Chuckles)

 Paul: I see that Michael has you chained to the laptop. What are you workin' on?

 Heather: No, actually, this is personal.

 Paul: Anything I can help you with?

 Heather: I'm, uh, I'm looking into everything I can find about the drug cartel. You know, public records and--and my own files.

 Paul: Well, what do you care about that for? That's not your case anymore.

 Heather: Yeah, but I'm-- I'm being subpoenaed to testify. And I had a conversation with one of the ADAs. He said some things.

 Paul: What things?

 Heather: (Sighs) I don't know. M-maybe I'm just being overly cautious. But Owen was my boss, and I trusted him. And I stupidly reported every move we made to the inside man of the drug ring. And Chance is dead because of that.

 Paul: Yeah, well, you weren't the only one betrayed.

 Heather: I can't stop obsessing about it. And the minute I hear something off, I-I-I get suspicious.

 Paul: You're being kind of vague. Do you have any details?

 Heather: For one thing, the prosecution has a secret witness.

 Paul: You have any idea who it is?

 Heather: No. (Chuckles) I can't seem to find out, and you would think that I would have some inkling...

 Paul: Mm-hmm.

 Heather: Given the fact that I ran the investigation after Chance's death, but, no, I am completely in the dark. The only thing I know is that the feds are somehow involved.

 Paul: Well, maybe they had... (Clears throat) Another plant in the drug ring besides Ronan.

 Heather: What if this mystery witness takes the stand and it backfires?

 Paul: Well, you're just gonna have to trust the D.A.

 Heather: I don't trust anyone. I-if you want to help, help me figure out who this mystery witness is.

 Sharon: You want to bounce the ball? Or do you want to play patty-cake? (Gasps) Bounce the ball. (Gasps) (Cell phone rings) That-- oh, someone's calling Mommy. It's mommy's friend Adam. Push--push the button. Hello?

 Adam: It's me.

 Sharon: Hey, you.

 Adam: You're in a good mood.

 Sharon: Yeah, um, guess who's here with me?

 Adam: Who?

 Sharon: Faith. Nick let me take her for a visit for a little while, so we're here at my house.

 Adam: That's fantastic. I'm happy for you.

 Sharon: Yeah, so we're baking cookies and we're playing with the ball. We're having fun.

 Adam: Good. Good, good. Well, that sounds like you're having a great time, so let me go. I'll call you later.

 Sharon: Things are finally turning around for us.

 Adam: (Sighs) Let's hope so.

 Sharon: I have to believe it. I know that the truth about Skye's gonna come out soon.

 Jack: Hey, Chester. Chester.

 Chester: Man, how's it?

 Jack: Hey, I found that burned-out shack you told me about.

 Chester: Oh, yeah?

 Jack: Listen, you know the lady who was a squatter there? I think I know her.

 Chester: Ahh, you get history with her.

 Jack: (Sighs) Yeah. I actually came here to hook up with her. You ever seen this woman?

 Chester: (Exhales quickly) Uh, no, sorry, Bruddah, I haven't seen her, but I'll-- I'll keep my eye open for you, huh?

 Jack: Would you do that?

 Chester: Yeah.

 Jack: Yeah, a-and let me know if you see her or--or hear anything about her. I-I'll b--I'll be around. You'll find me.

 Chester: Shoots.

 Jack: Okay.

 Jack: Yes, I... (Sighs) There was an accidental death reported a few days ago, and, uh, I have new information that I think the police would be interested in.

 Spencer: I handed it to the judge personally. (Sighs) I waited till he was done listening.

 Ronan: Yeah? Did he make a ruling?

 Spencer: Not yet. (Sighs)

 Ronan: Not yet? Talk to me here. What's going on? Which way do you think this is gonna go?

 Spencer: I made the persuasive case... (Sighs) Especially since a big part of the defense argument to exclude is that Detective Chancellor's not here to be cross-examined.

 Ronan: (Sighs)

 Paul: Um, no, that's fine. Uh, just ask her to, uh, call me back when she has a minute. Thanks. Okay, she's in court all day. But, uh, Chris is gonna call in for her messages. And, uh, I tell you, if the feds are in on it, she will know who this witness is.

 Heather: Yeah, but she wouldn't tell Ronan. Why do you think she'll tell you?

 Paul: It doesn't hurt to ask.

 Heather: (Sighs) Well, I can't wait. I think, um, I'm gonna go see Spencer.

 Paul: You're gonna see Spencer?

 Heather: Yep.

 Paul: Look, the guy fired you. Uh, do you think it's a good idea to confront him?

 Heather: Couldn't hurt to ask.

 Paul: (Laughs)

 Heather: (Laughs) (Sighs)

 Paul: (Sighs) You want me to go with you?

 Heather: No, I should do this alone. But would you mind watching my stuff?

 Paul: You got it.

 Heather: (Chuckles) Okay, thanks. I mean, I shouldn't be long.

 Paul: Yeah.

 Nina: (Sighs) Hi. (Sighs)

 Paul: Hey. How'd it go?

 Nina: Uh... (Clears throat) We'll find out.

 Paul: You just missed Heather.

 Nina: Oh, I'm sorry about that. I can't thank her enough for t-- telling me about Ronan's illness. I can't imagine he's gonna be happy about it. She was very brave to risk their friendship.

 Paul: Well, she comes from good stock.

 Nina: (Chuckles)

 Paul: She has her priorities straight.

 Nina: I just wish he could have told me himself. He shouldn't have to go through this alone.

 Paul: Well, now that you know, he won't have to. He won't really have a choice, will he?

 Nina: He could still push me away.

 Paul: Yeah. Have you thought about what you're gonna say to him?

 Nina: (Scoffs) That's all I've been thinking about. I just... I don't know what's right.

 Paul: Well, you know what? When you see him, whatever comes out of your mouth is right.

 Nina: I hope so.

 Paul: I know so. Anything I can do?

 Nina: Yes. You can buy me a cup of chamomile tea and give me a pep talk.

 Paul: Done. And maybe a hug.

 Nina: (Groans)

 Paul: (Chuckles)

 Nina: (Sighs)

 Victoria: You know that losing is not an option with Dad. We are at war.

 Abby: Okay, I just have a really bad feeling about this whole Dubai thing.

 Victoria: Well, if he hadn't have treated us so unfairly, we wouldn't be here in the first place.

 Abby: (Scoffs) I know. I know, okay?

 Victoria: (Sighs) Look, I know that you're under a lot of pressure with this case and with Daniel being in the hospital.

 Abby: Phyllis called this morning. Daniel's awake.

 Victoria: Well, that's good. That's wonderful. You should be so relieved.

 Abby: She said he's really out of it.

 Victoria: Yeah, but, Abby, that's how it is with head injuries. You remember when I had mine, and, you know, Daniel just needs a little time to recover. He'll be fine. Can I give you some sisterly advice? I know that you're vulnerable right now, and I would hate to see Dad take advantage of that. You remember how he told me about how Mom was in rehab and--

 Abby: No, I know. Like, two seconds before mediation. Who could forget?

 Victoria: Okay, so listen. If you're not up to facing him today, then don’t. Go and be with Daniel at the hospital and... and Vance and I, we will handle the hearing.

 Victor: Michael, there's a business meeting I have to attend to before I go to the mediation. I'll see you there, all right?

 Michael: All right, well, let's hope with this report, Abby and Victoria finally begin to see reason.

 Victor: Thank you for your work. I appreciate it.

 Michael: All right.

(Cell phone rings) (Ring) (Ring) (Ring)

 Koa: Aloha.

 Victor: There's a saying on the islands-- "If you plan for a year, plant kalo. If you plan for ten years, plant koa."

 Koa: "If you plan for a hundred years, you teach the children." How you doin', Mr. Newman?

 Victor: The photo you sent me was of Jack Abbott. He still snooping around?

 Koa: Not since we talked. Maybe he just gave up, went home, like that pretty blonde wahine.

 Victor: Good.

(Cell phone rings) (Ring)

 Sharon: Hello?

 Jack: Sharon, its Jack. Do you remember the name of the police detective you talked to in Hawaii?

 Sharon: Why?

 Jack: Skye's rare perfume-- I found the bottle.

 Sharon: Wh-what are you talking about? Where are you?

 Jack: In Hawaii.

 Sharon: What?!

 Jack: I found the shack she's been living in.

 Sharon: How? Oh, my gosh. No one there would even talk to me.

 Jack: There's a bit of a problem.

 Sharon: Tell me.

 Jack: The shack burned down to the ground. It's just rubble now.

 Sharon: So there's still no evidence?

 Jack: Except for the bottle of Galibier perfume that I found among the ashes. Obviously, someone went to great lengths to cover her presence in Hawaii. This whole thing smacks of Victor's handiwork.

 Sharon: So you believe me now? I'm not crazy?

 Jack: I believe you. The police, though, are unimpressed. I tried to get through to them. They're not really listening to me. They never even had a death certificate for Skye.

 Sharon: Yeah, that's because there was no body.

 Jack: Which is why I need the name of this detective you spoke to.

 Sharon: Okay, his name was, um, Akana. Detective Akana. Jack, I can't thank you enough for your help.

 Jack: I'm doing this for Skye and to make sure "The Mustache" doesn't get away with this.

 Vance: (Sighs) Ladies.

 Abby: Is my dad here?

 Vance: Oh, yeah. He gave me the evil eye on his way in. You okay?

 Abby: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, fear is just a state of mind.

 Victoria: She's gonna be just fine.

 Vance: Let's do this.

 Judge Phelps: Good morning.

 Vance: Your honor.

 Judge Phelps: If everybody's ready, we will begin. Have both parties received copies of the findings from the forensic accountants?

 Michael: Yes, your honor.

 Vance: We have, your honor.

 Judge Phelps: Comments? Mr. Baldwin?

 Michael: Well, this report, uh, states what we've been saying all along. Mr. Newman has done nothing wrong. Every penny spent has been scrutinized and accounted for. Monies used to pay the department of justice fine were reimbursed. Cash and securities moved out of his daughters' trusts were returned with interest. Your honor, as owner and chairman of the board of a privately owned company that deals with mergers and acquisitions, it is Mr. Newman's prerogative to transfer funds whenever he deems necessary.

 Judge Phelps: I am inclined to agree.

 Heather: I'm offering my help.

 Spencer: Unless you're willing to go over your testimony with the A.D.A. and Detective Malloy, I don't want your help.

 Heather: Forget my testimony. I was involved in this case from the very beginning. You do want a conviction, don't you?

 Spencer: Just to be clear, you're suggesting while I'm prosecuting the corrupt ex-district attorney that I should consult his successor who I fired for her own questionable behavior?

 Heather: You don't have to like me. Just let me help you win this case.

 Spencer: I don't need your help.

 Heather: You're making a mistake.

 Spencer: Detective Malloy and I have it under control.

 Heather: Who is this secret witness?

 Spencer: That's on a need-to-know basis.

(Telephone rings)

 Spencer: Excuse me. Spencer Walsh. (Chuckles) Thanks for calling back. Uh, I've been up to my ears in this Pomerantz sting that-- but I haven't forgotten about you.

 Ronan: Hi. What are you doing here?

 Nina: Uh, waitin' for you.

 Ronan: How'd you know I was gonna be home?

 Nina: Uh, I didn’t. I was prepared to wait all day.

 Ronan: You should have called.

 Nina: Not about this. I wanted to talk to you in person.

 Ronan: I cannot talk about the trial or Chance. I'm sorry.

 Nina: That's not why I'm here. I'm donating part of my liver to you, and I'm not gonna take no for an answer.

 Ronan: Heather told you.

 Nina: It doesn't matter.

 Ronan: Yes, it does matter, 'cause I had my reasons for not telling you.

 Nina: Okay, fine. You had your reasons. I understand. You should know I-I contacted your doctor, and I was tested this morning to see if I'm compatible.

 Sharon: I appreciate this so much. I-it's very important. All right, thank you. (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

 Sharon: Hello?

 Adam: Still a bad time to talk?

 Sharon: Um, couldn't be better.

 Adam: You havin' fun with Faith?

 Sharon: Jack called. He's in Hawaii, and he found the shack where Skye was living.

 Adam: What is Jack doing in Hawaii?

 Sharon: I guess he believed you when you told him you thought Victor was setting you up, so he went to look for himself.

 Adam: Is this real?

 Sharon: Yes! I just got off the phone with him.

 Adam: Do the police know what he found?

 Sharon: He's speaking to the detective in Hawaii who took my statement. I phoned the D.A. I'm meeting with him.

 Adam: If he proves that Skye was in Hawaii, then I couldn't have killed her. Period.

 Sharon: It means you're getting out.

 Adam: Which means I'm getting out. I'm getting out, and we will be together.

 Sharon: It's the break we've been praying for.

 Jack: This perfume was discontinued a long time ago. Detective Akana, this proves that Skye Lockhart was here. Yeah. Yeah, I see. Of course. If I find anything else, I will be in touch. Thanks.

 Jack: (Sighs) Hello, again.

 Koa: What you need, Mr. Abbott?

 Ronan: If I'd wanted you to know about my illness, I would have told you myself. I knew I shouldn't have ever trusted Heather.

 Nina: No, of course not. Why trust people who care about you? Who are willing to do what's right regardless of the consequences?

 Ronan: How did you find my doctor?

 Nina: I'm a mother... (Sighs) With a boyfriend who's a P.I. I...

 Ronan: (Sighs) You should never have called him. You should never have done that. This is none of your business.

 Nina: Look, ever since I found out you were my son, I have really tried to be respectful. I haven't pushed. I've given you all the space that you need, but I'm not gonna stand by when giving you part of my liver could save your life. It’s... (Sighs) Look, I can't change the past.

 Ronan: No.

 Nina: But I can do everything I can to give you a future, even if you spend it pushing me away.

 Ronan: (Sighs)

 Heather: (Sighs)

 Paul: Hey, how'd it go?

 Heather: Well, Spencer's a jerk. He wouldn't tell me anything. (Sighs)

 Paul: At least you tried.

 Heather: Well, I-I did better than that. It's the recording from Chance's wire.

 Paul: That's official police evidence. How did you get that?

 Heather: (Sighs) I, um, "Accidentally," uh, picked it up as I was leaving Spencer's office.

 Paul: You're gonna have to return it.

 Heather: I know... after I hear it.

 Paul: Are you sure that's a good idea?

 Heather: I've heard it before, right after Chance’s... I was too emotional to really listen to it then. But maybe now I'll-- I'll be able to hear something, something that will explain who else is involved.

 Jack: The woman in this picture is dead. The man who brought her here is responsible. You and I both know who that was. How much is Victor paying you? I'll double it right now. Let's talk.

 Koa: I can't help you.

 Jack: Well, we can always do this another way. I can stand out front with this picture and a big pile of cash. Somebody had to have seen her. Want to give Mr. Newman a call right now? Warn him what's goin' on? Here, use my phone. I have him on speed dial.

 Judge Phelps: Mr. Abrams, is there anything you'd like to say on behalf of your clients?

 Vance: Victoria and Abby Newman were very pleased to read the accountants' report. It was of great comfort to know their trusts have not been mismanaged. However, unfortunately, new information has come to light that casts serious doubt on Victor Newman's future intentions.

 Judge Phelps: Well, what would that be, Mr. Abrams?

 Vance: Well, he's in the process of selling a major holding in Dubai. In doing so, he would be depleting the parent company of assets, thereby purposely devaluing it.

 Victor: I'm doing no such thing.

 Michael: My client has been and continues to be in total compliance with the court order.

 Vance: It's a calculated move on this man's part to undermine these proceedings. It is the court's obligation, your honor, to prevent any further devaluation until the resolution of this lawsuit.

 Judge Phelps: Thank you for reminding me of my duties, Mr. Abrams.

 Vance: Excuse me, your honor. What we're asking for is one-third of Newman assets be frozen in escrow to keep Victor Newman from dismantling the company.

 Victor: I have no intention of dismantling my company. And you, of all people, should know that.

 Ronan: (Scoffs) Look, I did not want you thinking that my illness is why I came to Genoa City.

 Nina: It never even crossed my mind.

 Ronan: (Sighs) I didn't--I don't expect your help or your liver.

 Nina: But you'll take it.

 Ronan: This is a huge operation.

 Nina: It's a liver transplant. They're done every day. Good Lord, you are as stubborn as me.

 Ronan: This must be our family trait.

 Nina: (Laughs) When I was younger, nobody could tell me anything. And then I had kids, and all that changed. It's not about you anymore, and you'll find that out when you're a father.

 Ronan: (Sighs) (Clears throat)

 Nina: By the way, I'll have Paul look for your father...

 Ronan: Yeah.

 Nina: To see if you can find another donor match.

 Ronan: All right, don't bother. I already tracked him down.

 Nina: How'd you find him?

 Ronan: Your book.

 Nina: I didn't use his name or anything.

 Ronan: (Chuckles) Well, you... you said he was in juvie while you were pregnant. With a little bit of digging, it wasn't that hard.

 Nina: (Sighs) So good. So you've got two possible donor matches now.

 Ronan: One. Just one. He's dead.

 Nina: Oh. I'm so sorry. (Sighs)

 Ronan: It's okay. Um, it would have been... nice to see where I come from. I mean, to, uh, to know if I look like him.

 Nina: Yeah, you do, actually, a little bit.

 Ronan: Yeah.

 Nina: The shape of your face and your eyes. Did he have other kids?

 Ronan: No. No, he, uh, he just had me. He died from this disease at the age that I am right now.

 Paul: You know, I was there the night Chance died. I can listen to this for you. There--there's no reason at all you have to relive this again.

 Heather: No, I have to do this. And I know the case. I know the players. Chance gave his life to bring these crooks to justice. And I owe him this much.

 Paul: Okay. You know, I thought we made a pretty good team when, um, I was consulting for the interim D.A. What do you say we listen to it together?

 Heather: All right. Sure.

 Paul: Okay?

 Paul: You sure?

 Heather: Yeah.

 Michael: The plaintiff's counsel knows these charges are without merit. If Mr. Newman were planning to sell his company, surely the accountants would have found some indication.

 Victor: Your honor, Dubai has nothing to do with this lawsuit. You were the lead on that project. You know that we always intended to sell it off.

 Vance: The Newman board of directors is mainly ceremonial. There's no system of checks and balances. In fact, Victor Newman runs his company not unlike a malevolent dictator.

 Judge Phelps: You can dispense with the commentary, Counselor.

 Vance: The only way to protect the assets to which my clients are rightfully obligated is to place in escrow a sum sufficient to cover judgment, court costs, fines, and penalties and to keep it there until the conclusion of these legal proceedings.

 Michael: There is nothing... (Hits table) In the accountants' report that indicates wrongdoing of any kind. Mr. Abrams is making a fairly obvious attempt to spin things to his advantage.

 Victor: There are several deals in play, your honor, Dubai being one of them. If indeed they were to freeze Newman Enterprises, the assets thereof, it would preclude me from doing business as usual.

 Judge Phelps: I will return shortly with a decision regarding Mr. Abrams' request to freeze assets.

 Victoria: Well, Dad didn't jump across the table and strangle anyone.

 Abby: I have to--

 Victoria: You okay?

 Abby: I have to go check on Daniel.

 Michael: Vance, you never cease to disappoint. Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower.

 Vance: You'd have done the same thing in my place.

 Victoria: (Clears throat)

 Victor: Why are you doing this?

 Victoria: You left me no choice.

 Victor: You laid the groundwork for the sale when you were in Dubai.

 Victoria: You know why I went to Dubai in the first place. It was so that the Savaneur stockholders wouldn't panic, and I misled them about your health. You trained me very well, Dad.

 Victor: So you justify your actions by telling a lie?

 Victoria: (Scoffs) You're accusing me of lying? Well, I have watched you justify yourself for years. You do and you say whatever to get what you want. And you just convince yourself that it's for me or for Abby or for Mom or for the best for Newman. The truth and the lies just start to blend together, and you don't even know what's real and what isn't anymore.

 Victor: You stop this right now, or you will destroy the very company that built this family.

 Sharon: Thank you so much for coming out here, Mr. Walsh. Just--my daughter's sleeping, and this couldn't wait.

 Spencer: So you said.

 Sharon: Um, can I get you something?

 Spencer: I'm a busy man. You can get to the point.

 Sharon: All right. You refused to believe me when I told you that I saw Skye Lockhart in Hawaii.

 Spencer: It wouldn't be the first time someone lied to get a friend out of jail.

 Sharon: Okay, well, Jack Abbott is in Hawaii right now. And he found the shack where Skye was living, and it's not far from the volcano.

 Spencer: You call him and you tell him not to touch anything. In fact, he should contact the Hawaiian P.D.

 Sharon: Well, someone burned the shack down.

 Spencer: Which means you have nothing.

 Sharon: No, um, he-- he did find a bottle of Skye's perfume in the ashes.

 Spencer: Someone in Hawaii could have liked the scent. If Skye Lockhart was living there, someone would have seen her. You haven't produced one witness, and you--you're wasting my time. Anybody could have put that bottle there. You could have put it there before you left. Keep this up. I'll rethink those obstruction charges.

 Sharon: (Sighs)

 Jack: Have you seen this woman?

 Chester: I'm just gonna go drop these keys off. Hey, how's it?

 Jack: Hey. Hey. Hey. Have you seen this woman?

 Chester: Hey, uh, Koa, I found these keys up on the volcano path. They got your postbox key on 'em.

 Koa: Put 'em in the box, Bruddah.

 Chester: Shoots.

 Nina: There's no reason to think that you and I won't be a match.

 Ronan: And if we're not? Right. That's why I didn't want to tell you. (Sighs) This--this disease could easily kill me. So why would I... why would I let you get close to me if I was just gonna end up hurting you?

 Nina: (Sighs) That's the risk you take when you care about someone. No one gets through life without getting hurt. Look, why don't you let me be the judge of what I can handle, okay? I want to be part of your life-- if that's for a week, if it's for a year, if it's for ten years. And if we're compatible, I am donating the liver.

 Ronan: You are not donating. You are not.

 Nina: Look, and if we're not, we'll just-- we'll find another way, because I'm not gonna let you die, and I'm not gonna let you walk through this alone. (Sobs) Please.

 Ronan: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs)


 Chance: (Grunts)

 Paul: Nina, no!

 Nina: No!

 Heather: God, that is hard to listen to over and over again. A-and I thought that I would hear something that I missed, but...

 Paul: I don't--play it one more time for me please.


 Chance: (Grunts)

 Paul: Nina, no!

 Nina: No!

 Paul: Okay, rewind it. I want to hear that shot one more time.

 Heather: Why? What are you hearing?

 Paul: It's what I'm not hearing. I'm pretty good at ballistics. I would swear to you that that--that shot was not loaded.

 Heather: What are you saying?

 Paul: I'm saying I-I-I think Ronan was shooting blanks.

 Judge Phelps: I've gone over the material, and I believe Mr. Abrams has raised a valid concern. Therefore, I am issuing an order to have one-third of Newman Enterprises' assets frozen in escrow.

 Michael: Let me handle this.

 Vance: Thank you, your honor.

 Victor: (Sighs) Do you realize what you have done? You and your sister are destroying this company. You think you have won this round? You prevent me from conducting business, and your trusts, both of your trusts, won't be worth a damn.

(Cell phone rings)

 Sharon: (Sighs) Hello.

 Adam: It's me again. Have you met with the D.A. yet?

 Sharon: Um... it's not good news. He said the bottle of Galibier doesn't prove that Skye was in Hawaii. He even accused me of maybe planting it there.

 Adam: How much you want to bet that Victor paid off this new D.A.? I tell you what, that's the thing about Owen Pomerantz. At least my dad couldn't control that guy.

 Sharon: Jack is still in Hawaii looking around. All he needs is to find one witness who says they saw Skye there.

 Adam: No, I bet dear old dad had every last person on that island paid off. This whole thing could be hopeless, Sharon.

 Sharon: Nothing's hopeless.

 Adam: You tell me. How are we supposed to prove that Skye was there? How?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"

Victoria: Who was that on the phone?

 Billy: That was just work.

 Victoria: What is going on?

 Ronan: Unless you want to face your own trial, leave me alone.

 Victor: No one threatens me and gets away with it.

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