Y&R Transcript Friday 1/7/11

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/7/11 -- Canada; Monday 1/10/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9563 ~ Sharon & Nick Battle Over Faith

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Chloe: Phyllis, are you okay?

Phyllis: Daniel--Dan-- oh, I need you! Uh, Doctor, Doctor. Daniel just woke up.

Chloe: (Sighs) Daniel is regaining consciousness. (Sighs)

Jana: Okay. Mmm, what do you think? Does it need more salt?

Kevin: I don't think we should be sharing a spoon. I've got that sore throat thing.

Jana: You're so sweet, caring about my health.

Kevin: I think I should sleep in the second bedroom tonight.

Jana: My God, don't be silly. (Chuckles) You know, catching your cold would be a small price to pay to get our marriage back on track.

(Cell phone rings)

Kevin: That could be about Daniel!


Jana: Hello?

Chloe: Hi, it's Chloe. Is Kevin there?

Jana: Yes, he is. But we're actually just sitting down to dinner, so we--

Kevin: Well, who-- who is that?

Jana: Chloe.

Kevin: Ah. Ah. Hey, "Chloe," what's up? He woke up?! (Sighs) That's so great. I'll be right there.

Jana: Th-that's wonderful. Dan--is he talking? Is he coherent?

Kevin: I-I don't know. I don't know. Um, do you know where my coat is?

Jana: (Sighs) Oh, God, please let Daisy have kept her mouth shut. If she told Daniel I let her go... (Sighs)

Doctor: Daniel, do you know where you are?

Daniel: (Whispering) Daisy. Daisy. Daisy...

Lauren: Did he just say "Daisy"? Is--is he trying to tell us something? What-- what are you doing?

Phyllis: Excuse me.

Lauren: What?

Phyllis: Please let the doctor examine my son.

Lauren: (Scoffs) Fine. (Stomps foot)

Daniel: (Quietly) Daisy. (Sighs)

Victoria: Here you go.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victoria: So how was your new year's eve, Mom?

Nikki: Oh, it was lovely. Yeah, I think it's good for me hanging around Katherine and Murphy. They keep me laughing. And Jill has not been around.

Victoria: Oh, that's a bonus, for sure.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. How about you and Billy? Did you enjoy the holiday?

Victoria: Uh, yeah. Yeah, we just, you know, we were... we were--we were low-key. We just sort of hung out here and... (Sighs)

Nikki: Well, after the year you've had, I'm sure you're looking for a little peace and quiet. Honey, what is it? There's something wrong. What--what is it?

Victoria: Mom, I... I went to go see my doctor to find out how likely it is that I would be able to have a baby, and... Mom, I can't. I can't have any more babies.

Nikki: Oh, Angel. Oh, my honey.

Billy: Okay, so how does this work exactly?

Prim: Before I answer any of your questions about the adoption, I'm going to need you to take off your shirt.

Billy: Excuse me?

Prim: You heard me.

Billy: This is a funny way to do business.

Prim: (Sighs) It's a family operation. We've kept it going for generations, and I want that to continue.

Billy: Good for you. But what the hell does that have to do with me taking off my shirt?

Prim: I know the business you are in. You run a magazine that exposes scandalous behavior, so prove to me you're not wearing a wire, or this conversation is over.

Michael: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't wake the girls.

Nick: Oh, no. They're out cold, trust me. I appreciate you stopping by. I know you've been busy.

Michael: (Scoffs) I would love to have a distraction right about now.

Nick: You may not be saying that after you hear what this is about.

Michael: Bring it, my friend.

Nick: This is about the last thing that I ever wanted to do, but it's time I faced reality. I need to file for sole custody of Faith.

Michael: That's a big step. (Sighs)

Nick: I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was absolutely necessary.

Michael: I understand your concern about Adam. Obviously, you don't want him anywhere near your daughter. But... breaking that little girl's tie with her mother the second time-- the second time-- that could be devastating. You need to be very sure before you move ahead with this.

Nick: (Sighs)

Adam: (Sighs) What have you heard from Jack?

Sharon: Nothing. He's not answering his phone.

Adam: (Sighs) Well, maybe it's just a dead end. Either that, or, I mean, even if he did believe that my father set me up, he'd probably just want to congratulate the guy on a job well done and be jealous he didn't think of it himself first. Any luck with any defense lawyers?

Sharon: I put in a lot of calls. I'm--I'm just-- I'm waiting to hear back.

Adam: They probably just don't want to get on my dad's bad side. (Sighs) Either that, or they don't want to take on a case that's doomed to fail.

Sharon: When did you decide it was doomed?

Adam: Since Vance decided it. A man with an ego as big as Vance's thinks that he can't win the case, how am I supposed to have faith in this, Sharon?

Sharon: Because you're innocent, and there has to be a way to prove you didn't murder Skye.

Man: There isn't. You'll be convicted, and you'll spend the rest of your life in prison.

Adam: So the D.A. is too busy to come do gloating himself? He has to delegate to an assistant D.A.? Is that it?

Man: I'm not here to gloat, Mr. Newman. I came to offer you a deal.

Nick: Michael, you know I don't take this lightly.

Michael: Yeah. And if I were in your position, I'd probably feel the same way. The thought of Faith's kidnapper having anything to do with her upbringing... it--it must make you sick.

Nick: So does the idea of having to have Sharon declared unfit to raise her daughter. But when Sharon is around Adam, she loses all sense of judgment. I mean, you saw the way she was acting in New Orleans.

Michael: I know. I know. I was there, yes.

Nick: To leave her daughter on this ranch where she lives to go to some sleazy motel with this accused murderer, and then the trip to Hawaii-- it's very clear what Sharon's priority is, and it is not Faith.

Michael: Okay. Agreed. Agreed. But you admit that's Adam's influence. And he's probably headed to prison for, what? Decades. Maybe, just maybe, away from him, Sharon could come to her senses. The situation could change.

Nick: Are you saying you won't help me?

Michael: No. Look, if you come to the conclusion that this is the best way, the only way, to protect your daughter, I'm with you.

Nick: Thank you.

Michael: (Sighs) Let's not kid ourselves, Nick. This is bound to get ugly. If I eviscerate Sharon on the stand, there's no way to undo that. And I don't think you'll ever be able to repair your relationship with her afterwards.

Adam: So what is this "Deal" you have for me?

Man: You plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter. We'll recommend a 12-year sentence.

Adam: No way.

Man: Good behavior, you could be out in eight.

Adam: Eight years? Thank you. For a crime I didn't commit.

Man: Eight years from now, you'd still be relatively young. Still have the opportunity to redeem yourself in the eyes of society.

Adam: I don't give two damns about society. The only person whose opinion matters to me is standing right next to you, and she knows I'm innocent. The rest of this town, all of G.C., they can go straight to hell.

Man: Well, I'm sure that one person's high esteem will give you great comfort while you're serving life without parole.

Adam: (Sighs) This is a mess. Should I have taken that deal?

Sharon: No, of course not. I'm gonna find a way to get you out of here.

Adam: (Sighs)

Kevin: Hi. W-what are you doin'?

Jana: Well, I'm coming with you.

Kevin: I don't think that's a good idea.

Jana: Well, Daniel's my friend, too.

Kevin: Right. Right. And, um, he'll understand that you need your rest. And he knows all about what Daisy did to you.

Jana: Oh, God, nonsense. If there's any sort of problem with me, what better place to be than at the hospital where there's gonna be lots of doctors everywhere? Now where are my gloves? I thought I had my gloves. One second, okay? I'm just gonna get my gloves.

Gloria: Angel.

Kevin: Mom, what the--

Gloria: Just stopped by to see how you and the ex are doing.

Kevin: Shh! She's in the other room.

Gloria: Whoopsie. Would it be so terrible if somebody accidentally jarred her memory?

Kevin: (Sighs)

Gloria: Where are you headed off to?

Kevin: Chloe just called...

Gloria: Oh, goody.

Kevin: To tell me that Daniel is regaining consciousness.

Gloria: I'm very glad to hear that.

Kevin: Yeah, so I--

Gloria: She's at the hospital?

Kevin: She's at the hospital. I just have to wait for her. She wants to come.

Gloria: Forget about it. You go to the hospital. I'll keep her busy.

Kevin: No shocking her with information about last year, okay?

Gloria: I'll try not to forget. I have memory problems, too. Whoopsie.

Kevin: Mom.

Gloria: Get out of here. I'll be good, I promise.

Kevin: Thank you.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Jana: All right, found them. Gloria?

Gloria: Jana.

Jana: Uh, wh-where's Kevin?

Gloria: Kevin went to the hospital.

Jana: Well, we were supposed to go together.

Gloria: Yeah, that's what he said. But, you know, it might be a little risky considering your condition. Doctor said you should have no stress at all, so I insisted you stay here with me. We can get all caught up.

Jana: (Sighs)

Lauren: Phyllis, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I am just anxious to track down Daisy.

Phyllis: That's gonna be a little hard for Daniel to help with, given the fact that he's been unconscious for 24 hours.

Lauren: I get that. We don't know what he knows until we ask him.

Phyllis: You know, Lauren, please, let's just let the police handle the investigation, please.

Lauren: (Scoffs) Wow. That is really ironic coming from you, because if we had let the police handle Daisy's incarceration, this wouldn't have happened.

Phyllis: Where-- where are you going with him? What--what is happening?

Doctor: I'm sending him to radiology for an M.R.I.

Phyllis: But why? You said the C.T. scan was--was clear.

Doctor: He seems a little disoriented. It's just a precaution.

Phyllis: I'm-- I'm not worried. I'm fine. I'm fine. (Sighs)

Lauren: He's-- he's gonna be fine.

Phyllis: (Stammers) You don't know that. It's just the thing with-- when it happened with Summer, it... the effects of brain damage-- it--I mean, you just don't-- you don't know. It's their motor skills, memory... what if he can't paint anymore?

Lauren: Phyllis, he's going to be all right. Okay? Whatever happens.

Nikki: I know a cup of hot cocoa isn't gonna make you feel better, but...

Victoria: (Sniffles) Thanks, Mom.

Nikki: (Sighs)

Victoria: It's just that, uh, you know, when I was pregnant, I thought that, you know, maybe she would be a little girl and--and that we would be close like you and me. I know. I know I have a nephew, and I have nieces, and I have a stepdaughter, and it's really nice, you know, it--when they're all here, and when Reed's here. But when they're gone, the-- the house is just so-- so quiet here, so... (Sighs) (Sniffles)

Nikki: Can you talk to Billy about it?

Victoria: (Sniffles) Yes, Mom. He's really sweet, and--and he's trying so hard to make me feel better. And I... I love that, but I know he's not telling me how he feels. And I know that he's gonna be disappointed, because he was really excited about experiencing a new baby. He missed all that with Delia. He--he just--he didn't get to--to be a part of that. And I know he's gonna miss that in his life, Mom.

Nikki: Well... (Sighs) You might not be ready to think about this yet, and that's fine.

Victoria: (Sniffles)

Nikki: But there are different routes to parenthood. You don't have to take the traditional path. I mean, you and Billy rarely do, right?

Victoria: (Sniffles)

Nikki: It's just something for you to think about.

Victoria: (Sighs) (Sniffles)

Billy: Are you happy now?

Prim: Now we can speak freely. I assume you have questions about documentation.

Billy: Yeah, let's start there.

Prim: We provide a birth certificate that looks identical to one you'd get from the state.

Billy: Whose names are on it?

Prim: Yours and your wife's. That's traditional with any adoption. Hmm.

Billy: Okay, uh, well, will there be a record anywhere of the real parents?

Prim: No.

Billy: Well, what if the birth parents change their mind?

Prim: I guarantee that won't happen.

Billy: (Chuckles) You guarantee? How could you guarantee? I mean, wh-what, are they-- they dead or something? Where are you getting these kids?

Prim: The women who seek us out come from all walks of life-- teenagers who want to go to college, women focused on their careers or are ending relationships. There's a whole host of reasons someone might not be ready to make a lifetime commitment to a child. The adoptive couples we work with are much like you and your wife-- take-charge people who are ready to love a baby now, who don't want to waste time dealing with red tape and who value their privacy.

Billy: We definitely value our privacy.

Prim: You can rely on us to be discreet.

Billy: Okay. Um... (Chuckles) I don't even know how you put this. Um, what do you charge?

Prim: It's a very unique service we provide. It doesn't come cheaply. Hmm?

Billy: Right. Okay, um, I'm gonna need to take a little time and think about this, and I'll be... I'm outta here.

Prim: What happened to you being in a hurry? I was under the impression you were serious about this!

Billy: Okay, la--relax. I am, okay? I was. Well, I am. But look. Hey, look. It's a big decision, right?

Prim: You're wasting my time.

Billy: I'm not wasting your time. It's a big decision. I just need to t-think about it. I will call you. I-- look, I'll call you.

Prim: I have other people waiting.

Billy: I'll call you, okay?

(Door closes)

Prim: (Sighs)

Kevin: Dude, you look like hell.

Daniel: (Quietly) Thanks.

Kevin: And I am really, really glad to have you back. (Sighs)

(Footsteps approach)

Michael: It's probably normal for Daniel to be acting a little out of it.

Phyllis: Yeah, that's what the doctor said.

Lauren: Where have you been?

Michael: Uh, I had a late meeting with a client, and then I stopped to check in with the feds about Daisy. Nothing yet. Oh, they did tell me that there were no reports of abandoned children at any of the local Canadian hospitals or churches.

Lauren: (Sighs) Hmm. You know, I hate to even think this, but didn't Daisy threaten the baby at some point?

Phyllis: Uh, she was just doing that to manipulate Daniel, but she wouldn't do something like that. It just goes against the nature of a mother to purposely want to hurt your child.

(Cell phone rings)

Sharon: It's Rafe.

Adam: Maybe he's calling with that referral for the family lawyer.

Sharon: Hi. What kind of bad news? Why would they notify you? Yes. I will. Bye.

Adam: What's up?

Sharon: Rafe was on record as my lawyer from before. He was notified today because Nick filed for sole custody of Faith...

Adam: (Sighs)

Sharon: Claiming I'm an unfit mother.

Adam: (Sighs)

Jana: There we are.

Gloria: Mmm, delicious.

Jana: Thank you.

Gloria: So, Jana, tell me, what's it like working with all those children?

Jana: Well, I know that the employees at Crimson Lights are young, but I wouldn't call them children.

Gloria: Hmm. You know who I think you should hire? Noah Newman. I saw him the other day, and he is so cute. He'd bring in lots of customers.

Jana: Oh, come on, Gloria. You know that Noah's in Paris with Eden. Will you pass the butter?

Gloria: Uh-huh.

Jana: Thanks.

Gloria: Mmm, these rolls are divine.

Jana: Yeah, they're, um, they're from the bakery on 7th.

Gloria: Really? Even better than the bread at, um, my favorite restaurant. You know the one I mean. Mm-hmm. Oh, come on, Jana. What's the name of that restaurant? Come on. I must be losing my mind. It's right on the tip of my tongue. Right there on Union Street. Come on, sounds like, uh...

Jana: Oh, come on, Gloria. How can you forget the name... Indigo? Mmm.

Gloria: Indigo. That's right.

Jana: I'm gonna have to recommend this bakery to Neil. (Sighs) You know what? I'm glad you came. This has turned out to be perfectly lovely. Mmm.

Chloe: So how's Daniel doing?

Kevin: You brought coffee. He's a little fuzzy.

Chloe: I know you like cream. Coffee?

Kevin: Thank you.

Chloe: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Kevin: Whoa. Whoa. Hey, now.

Chloe: Well... (Chuckles) It's okay.

Kevin: Okay.

Michael: Hey.

Kevin: Hey. Oh.

Michael: Mm. (Sighs) Have you talked to Daniel?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. He knew who I was, so I guess that's good.

Michael: Any of those for Phyllis?

Chloe: Oh, yes, actually. They're all for her.

Michael: Yes! Really? Oh. Okay.

Kevin: So we should, um, talk.

Together: Coffeehouse?

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Chloe: Okay.

Kevin: I'll meet you there.

Chloe: I'll see you there.

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Michael: Where's Lauren?

Lauren: (Whispering) Daniel, please. I need you to wake up. Daniel. Daniel, wake up. I need you to tell me what happened.


Nick: (Makes silly noises) No? You make silly faces?

Faith: (Babbles)

Nick: Yeah. No, try it like this. (Makes silly noises) Can you try that?

(Knock on door)

Nick: Who is it? (Gasps) Who's that? Who would come here so late? Let's go see.

Lauren: (Quietly) Daniel. Daniel, can you hear me? I need to know. Did you talk to Daisy?

Daniel: (Quietly) Daisy.

Lauren: Yes. Did she tell you her plans? Did she tell you where she was headed? Daniel, please. Please. I need to know where Daisy is hiding.

(Curtain slides open)

Phyllis: Oh, my God. What are you doing?

Billy: Well, hello, Ladies.

Nikki: Hi.

Billy: (Clears throat) Happy new year.

Nikki: Well, same to you.

Billy: Is anybody else hungry? I'm starving. Could you stay? I mean, we could put something together.

Nikki: Oh, no, I-I can't. I gotta go, but I could come back tomorrow. Is that good?

Victoria: Thanks, Mom. I love you.

Nikki: I love you, too.

Victoria: Ooh. (Sighs) All right.

Billy: Here, um, I'll help you with your coat. Nice coat.

Nikki: Thank you.

Billy: Ma'am, there you go. Bye.

Nikki: (Quietly) Thank you for taking care of her. (Normal voice) I'll show myself out.

Billy: Bye.

Victoria: Bye.

Billy: That's good you got a chance to visit.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I got the message you were gonna be late.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: Were you working?

Billy: No. Um, I-I met with Rafe. We caught up. He's in love again.

Victoria: Oh, that's good. Good. Good for him.

Billy: Yeah. Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Um, I really am hungry. Do we have any of that pizza left? I'm starving. Do you want a piece? I'll get you one.

Victoria: Sure.

Kevin: Well, there should be a little more privacy out here. Mm.

Chloe: That's better.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. Look, I am so sorry about all this craziness with Jana.

Chloe: Okay, you know what? I-I don't want to talk about her. I don't take--talk about Jana. She just consumes too much of your time, and we should be spending more time doing this.

Kevin: Mm, I know. I know. I agree. But... (Sighs) I just want to make sure that you know, in case you were wondering, there is nothing, nothing going on between Jana and me.

Chloe: Wait, is-- is that what you wanted to talk about when you said that you wanted to talk?

Kevin: No, no, no, no. I meant that I wanted to kiss the hell out of you. But I think it's important that we start off--

Chloe: No, no. The only thing that is important here and everywhere, except for your apartment, is that it's January of 2011, and you get to kiss whoever you want, because you're not married. So that person better be me. (Chuckles)

Kevin: (Laughs)

Chloe: And how much time do we have with each other until you have to go back?

Kevin: Uh, not much. I know. It's frustrating.

Chloe: Oh, you have no idea.

Kevin: No, no, I know. Believe me. But I promise you that this is just gonna be temporary, okay?

Chloe: Yeah.

Sharon: Hey, Baby girl. Do you miss your mama?

Faith: Mama.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Sharon: You know exactly what I'm doing here.

Nick: It shouldn't be a surprise to you that I filed for full custody. I told you I was gonna do that.

Sharon: You call me an unfit mother, and you think I shouldn't be surprised?

Nick: You knew this was coming.

Sharon: No. I never thought that you would stoop this low.

Nick: Well, I could say the same about you, couldn't I?

Sharon: So you're punishing me? Only you don't seem to realize or care that you're actually punishing your daughter, as well. Not that this is going to work. There are plenty of people in this town who will testify that I adore Faith, and I have been an excellent mother to her.

Nick: Yeah, until you got preoccupied... with Adam.

Sharon: Right, and that's exactly what this is about, isn't it? Adam. You can't stand the fact that I'm with him now. This is just about your ego.

Phyllis: Why are you badgering my son like that when he's regaining consciousness?

Lauren: Excuse me. We are all in danger, including Daniel, as long as Daisy is on the loose.

Phyllis: The only one endangering Daniel is you right now.

Lauren: I really--

Michael: What did you think he'd be able to tell you?

Lauren: Anything. Anything. If--if she told him anything as to where she was headed--

Phyllis: Oh, listen, listen, Lauren, everything that Daisy said was a lie-- everything. And the only thing you're accomplishing right now is not helping my son, it's just making me mad.

Lauren: (Sighs)

Phyllis: What happened to you? You used to have my back. When did that change?

Lauren: (Sighs) I'm sorry. I'm so scared. It just takes over.

Michael: Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Lauren: (Sighs)

Michael: Mm. It's okay.

Nick: Let's not do this now.

Sharon: If you think that I'm gonna just give up and go away...

Nick: I'm counting on you losing this fight. And you will, because nobody--nobody thinks that you can be trusted with Faith because you are so trusting of Adam. So if you think this is about my ego or you want to insult me, then go ahead and do it. I don't care. I'm gonna stand up for my daughter. Sharon, if you were a drug addict or an alcoholic, I'd be doing the exact same thing.

Sharon: Wow. Wow. Listen to you. You are so self-righteous. If you don't agree with my choices, it can't just be that we disagree. No. No. It has to be that Sharon is weak or she's been manipulated or hypnotized. Well, you're about to find out exactly how strong I am. I can stand up to you and your bullying and anyone else in this town for that matter.

Nick: How do you think Faith is gonna look at you when someday she understands that you chose Adam over her?

Sharon: She is going to respect me and be proud of me for fighting for her and winning. And she'll despise you. That's right. She will, for trying to come between us. Baby, Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you.

Faith: Yeah.

Sharon: Yeah. I'll see you later.

Chloe: Wasn't this whole part supposed to be easy? You know, 'cause we're past the hard part, you know? We're best friends. And that's what I thought. (Sighs)

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. This is, um, a speed bump.

Chloe: Yeah, well, 2010 was not easy. It was brutal, okay? So I was really looking forward to 2011, you know, just being the flip side. And I need that. My daughter needs that.

Kevin: So what are you saying? You're not gonna wait for me?

Chloe: No. No, no. I'm just-- I'm just listing the pros and the cons. And that's a con.

Kevin: Well, what about the pros? I want to hear about the pros.

Chloe: The pros are that you're really cute...

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Chloe: And you're a damn good kisser...

Kevin: Oh.

Chloe: And I just... I miss you like crazy when I'm not with you.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Chloe: How are we gonna do this?

Kevin: I have no idea.

(Cell phone rings)

Kevin: (Sighs) Of course. (Sighs) Jana. (Clears throat) Hi. Is everything okay?

Jana: (Sighs) Yep. Fine here. Just having a nice chat with your mum. How's Daniel?

Kevin: Uh, well, he's pretty out of it. He barely said two words to me the whole time I was there.

Jana: Oh, well, that's too bad. So does that mean that you've, uh, have you left the hospital?

Kevin: Uh, yeah. I had to go to the drug store for cough medication. Need anything?

Jana: Just for my husband to come home to me.

Kevin: Okay. I'll see you soon.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Kevin: I promise you, I am gonna fill her in on everything that happened in 2010 as soon as her doctor says it's okay.

Chloe: No, no, no, no, no, no. You're--you're being a good guy. That's a pro.

Kevin: Well, where does that rank compared to the kissing?

Chloe: Oh, I don't know. That I don't--

Chloe: Close second?

Kevin: Close second?

Chloe: (Laughs)

Victoria: Are you okay?

Billy: Yeah. Why?

Victoria: You're quiet. I know when something's bothering you. Things aren't really working out the way that we planned. No one would blame you if you were, you know... if you were disappointed.

Billy: (Scoffs) I'm not disappointed. Maybe a little dissatisfied.

Victoria: (Sighs) See? That's what I thought.

Billy: No, you misunderstand.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: That's me. I'm always dissatisfied. You know, I always want more and more fun... (Chuckles) More challenges, more everything.

Victoria: More children? And I can't give you that.

Billy: Yeah, well, it'll happen, okay? We'll be parents again.

Victoria: I can't promise you that.

Billy: I can. Hmm?

Billy: I want clarity on costs.

Prim: So you are interested?

Billy: That depends.

Prim: $2 million.

Billy: What?!

Prim: Cash.

Billy: This is ridiculous.

Prim: We are both business people, Mr. Abbott, familiar with the law of supply and demand. As I said, mine is a unique service, and I have other couples waiting.

Victoria: Hey, you coming to bed?

Billy: (Clears throat)

Prim: You have 24 hours to make your decision.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Victoria: Who was on the phone?

Billy: A wrong number.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Jana: Why, hello, Darling.

Gloria: Delicious dinner, Jana. (Chuckles) And... she's good. She's really, really good.

Kevin: Ever think maybe it's because she's not faking? It was confirmed by a doctor.

Gloria: He doesn't know her as well as I do. Just be careful, Angel. Jana?

Jana: Bye, Gloria.

Gloria: Hmm.

Jana: (Sighs) (Exhales) Oh, it must be really chilly out there, huh? You want me to... you want me to warm you up? Hmm?

Kevin: I'm kinda beat. I think I'm just gonna take some cold medicine and go to bed.

Jana: Okay. All right. (Sighs) Well, I've reheated dinner for you. It's on the stove.

Kevin: Thanks. Good night.

Jana: Night.

Kevin: (Sighs)

[Kevin remembering]

Crowd: ...One. Happy New Year!

(Party horns blowing, cheering)

Lauren: (Sighs) You know, I-I better go apologize to Phyllis.

Michael: Oh, no, no, no. Everybody's stressed out. Neither one of you got any sleep. Let's let things calm down. We'll talk to her tomorrow.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: Okay.

Phyllis: (Whispering) Hey. (Sighs) Just rest. Daniel, I have your back. Just rest. (Footsteps approach)

Phyllis: (Normal voice) Oh, Doctor. Do you have the M.R.I. results?

Doctor: You'll be glad to know his M.R.I. was perfectly normal.

Phyllis: Oh. (Sighs) Thank you. Hey. (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Nick: I really hope that someday Faith will understand why I had to do this.

Nikki: I know it was a painful decision for you. But you're doing the right thing.

Nick: Sharon just thinks I'm being vindictive.

Nikki: Well, that just shows how muddled her thinking is. I mean, if she can't step up and protect her own child, you have to do that. You have to make the decisions.

Nick: Adam cannot be a part of Faith's life.

Nikki: No, absolutely not. That is not an option.

Nick: It's a terrible she's having to pay, losing her mother.

Adam: Nick knows you're gonna have a hard time lawyering up because of me. He's just using this to his advantage.

Sharon: I won't need a lawyer if we can prove that Skye was alive in Hawaii. Then Nick's whole argument falls apart.

Adam: Okay, so how do we get the proof?

Koa: New to the island?

Jack: Just landed, Man. Lookin' forward to seeing what the surf brings in.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: As soon as Faith wakes up, I'm taking her with me, and I don't care what you say about it.

Victoria: Maybe if he hadn't harassed me and attacked me, I might still be pregnant now.

Baby: (Cries)

Prim: Can't you just hear her someday calling you Mommy and Daddy?

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