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Episode # 9387 ~ Lauren & Jana's Plan of Escape

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Phyllis: Sorry I couldn't come earlier. Thank you. (Sighs)

Nick: I wasn't sure you'd make it.

Phyllis: I thought Michael would have you sprung by now.

Nick: I haven't heard from him all day.

Phyllis: I saw him. He looks like hell. He's running himself kind of thin between you and your dad and, you know, his problems at home.

Nick: With Lauren?

Phyllis: Yeah, with Lauren. He doesn't know what to make with the way she's acting, and frankly, neither do I.

Sarah: So let's go over this one more time. Visiting hours are over at 7:30 at the jail. Phyllis will be home by 8:00.

Patty: I-I'll be at the station, 8:00 sharp.

Sarah: And you will have an airtight alibi. Then I will go visit my dear friend Phyllis and honor my end of the bargain.

Patty: And Phyllis will never interfere with my marriage again. (Sighs)

Sarah: She deserves to die.

Patty: (Laughs) Amen, sister.

Sarah: Any questions?

Patty: No. Jack will be very sad.

Sarah: You're not having second thoughts, are you, Patty?

Patty: No. No, I'll be there to hold Jack's hand... (Sighs) While he grieves. He's gonna be so grateful. He'll forget all about our separation.

Sarah: All right, all right. So before you break out the champagne, remember, you have a part to play.

Patty: Oh, I know. I know. Take care of Michael, Nurse Sarah. No worries. I, uh, straight to his place after I leave the station.

Sarah: Do you have the gun I gave you?

Patty: Mm-hmm, it's in my purse.

Sarah: All right. Both murders have to happen tonight.

Patty: If it will get me what I want, I'll kill Michael.

Sarah: It will.

Patty: All right, you can count on me. (Sighs)

 (Key turns in lock)

Sarah: Oh, uh, listen, I gotta go. Bye. Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Sarah: I didn't expect you home tonight.

Michael: Oh, Fenmore threw a fit. I forgot Iron Man.

Sarah: Hmm. He's in the bedroom.

Michael: Lauren, wait. Wait. Wait a minute. How do we fix this? What do we need to do to get back on track?

Sarah: You were the one who decided they needed to move out.

Michael: You sound like you've given up.

Sarah: You asked for space, and I'm giving it to you. Oh, I'm sorry. Was I supposed to be all clingy and crying?

Michael: If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were glad that Fenmore and I are gone. And what happened to the woman I talked to on the phone the other day?

Sarah: Did you ever think that maybe it wasn't me? That it's you?

Michael: Okay, fair enough. I'm a workaholic, and I'm sorry if I neglected your needs. I mean, I-is that the reason that things are so messed up between us? Maybe--maybe we can go to counseling together.

Sarah: I'm already seeing a shrink.

Michael: Well, um, don't think because I moved out that I've given up on us. I'm--I'm willing to fight for our marriage. But I still have to protect our son, and given what happened yesterday, I have... I have no other choice but to at least... consider... I have to consider a legal separation.

Sarah: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Michael: Really? Well, then let's find a way to get through this.

Sarah: I guess we can try. But, really, after tonight, it's gonna be a moot point anyway.

Michael: Why? Why? What's tonight?

Jack: You're home.

Patty: Actually, I was on my way out.

Jack: Patient?

Patty: Police station. After seeing everybody here, um, suspects during the murder case, I, uh, thought I needed to clear some-- my statement up.

Jack: You remember something?

Patty: Well, just some details I may have left out.

Jack: At some point, we have to talk about what I said yesterday about us separating.

Patty: It's been on my mind all day. Can we discuss it later?

Jack: I'm taking off later.

Patty: Can I ask where without sounding possessive?

Jack: To see Phyllis.

Patty: You can't do that.

[Lauren dreaming]

Michael: Steaks are in the broiler, and, uh, I was thinking once, uh, Fenmore is asleep, we can crack open that bottle of wine.

Lauren: Mm. Do you want a neck rub?

Michael: Mm. Just my neck?

Lauren: (Gasps)

Michael: (Chuckles) Oh, yeah?

Lauren: Yeah. (Laughs)

Fen: Mommy!

Lauren: (Gasps) Hey! There's my sweetheart!

Fen: Who are you? Where's Mommy?

Lauren: (Gasps) (Sobs) (Sighs)

Lauren: (Sobs quietly)

Ryder: (Sighs)

Sarah: (Sighs) I cannot believe that you've sprung this idea of a legal separation on me when I have someplace to go.

Michael: All right, well, you know what? If this were just about you and me, it'd be ver--

Sarah: You know what? I get it! I get it. You want to protect our son. And as hurtful as that is, you know, maybe you're right. Maybe I do need to look at my behavior.

Michael: Well, I'm glad to hear you say that.

Sarah: Can we meet back here later and talk about it?

Michael: Uh... uh, I have some business to take care of, and I promised Fenmore I'd tuck him in.

Sarah: 8:30?

Michael: Yeah, sure. I'll meet you here.

Sarah: Good.

Michael: All right. Well, I'd better go get Iron Man. You know he's not gonna go to sleep without him.

Sarah: Yeah.

Michael: Bye.

Sarah: It's been nice knowing you. (Sighs)

Phyllis: So we're filing a lawsuit against the D.A.'s office-- harassment, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

Nick: You and Sharon?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Nikki, Victoria, and Billy are on board with us, as well.

Nick: Wow, Billy Abbott’s crossing party lines?

Phyllis: I know. The more, the merrier. Apparently, Pomerantz has been all over Billy.

Nick: Well, what would really help is if Dad dropped this stupid confession. Then it would force the police to find the real killer.

Phyllis: Baby... (Sighs) Why are you so sure that your dad is innocent?

Nick: Look, my dad is not a saint. He has certainly done some questionable things in his life, but he is loyal to his family. He wouldn't harm Adam out of respect to Hope.

Phyllis: In the meantime, I'm gonna do whatever I can to get you out of here. I want you home.

Jana: (Sighs)

Jana: What time is it?

Lauren: (Clicks tongue) (Sighs) It's late, I think.

Ryder: How you holdin' up?

Jana: Actually, my headache is a bit better today. Thank you for untying us last night.

Lauren: Where are Daisy and Sarah?

Ryder: They don't keep me in the loop.

Lauren: I don't know why you put up with them.

Ryder: What choice do I have?

Lauren: I thought you were different from Daisy and Sarah. But, you know, the only difference is they're honest enough to admit they're monsters.

Ryder: I'm not a monster.

Lauren: Why are you afraid of Sarah?

Ryder: Kevin isn't the only one who had a rotten childhood. You know, at least he had Michael to support him.

Lauren: You know something? He's been trying to make that up to you for the last six months. There are really no more excuses.

Jana: Ryder, you have a choice, you know. Kevin had a choice, and he-- he turned his entire life around, and so can you.

Lauren: Are you really gonna throw your lot in with Sarah? Really think that she and Daisy are gonna have your back? Man up, Ryder. Stand up to them, and get us out of here before something really bad happens.

Sarah: Where have you been?

Daisy: I had to make sure no one was following me. What's up?

Sarah: Well, it's a big night tonight, and I want you to be part of it.

Daisy: Cool. What are we gonna do?

Sarah: How does a double homicide sound to you?

Daisy: (Sighs) Who's getting murdered?

Sarah: Michael, for starters.

Daisy: Why?

Sarah: You know, I really thought that taking over Lauren's life was, uh, was gonna be revenge enough. (Clicks tongue) Turns out, it's not.

Daisy: Her husband's pretty cute.

Sarah: And he's a total bore. Believe me, my life as Lauren Fenmore is gonna be a hell of a lot more fun without him.

Daisy: (Sighs) And, uh, and their bratty kid? You're offing him, too?

Sarah: No, no, no, no, no. I'm just gonna send him to boarding school, I think.

Daisy: So who else is getting killed?

Sarah: Lauren's good friend Phyllis. Every time I look at her, I think of your mother.

Daisy: Wait, won't the cops suspect you if anything happens to Michael?

Sarah: Well, I'm not killing Michael, so I have an airtight alibi.

Daisy: So you're killing Phyllis.

Sarah: No, you are.

Phyllis: And, um, Summer has been practicing karate in the mirror. She's getting really good at it. You should see her.

Nick: Ah, our own little "Karate kid." So who is watching our warrior ninja princess this evening?

Phyllis: Your mom. I don't know what I would do without her. (Sighs)

Nick: I'm really sorry you have to shoulder so much.

Phyllis: That's fine. It's fine. It'd be easier if I wasn't in this wheelchair, you know? But, um, it's good.

Nick: Does Summer know where I am?

Phyllis: No. I told her you were on a business trip, and she doesn't understand why she can't talk to you on the phone. She wants you home. So do I.

Owen: Oh, did your wife tell you they're thinking of filing a lawsuit?

Phyllis: Oh, hello.

Nick: You know what? Why don't you just be glad this isn't an election year?

Phyllis: Um, I didn't tell you about his idea. He wanted us to take a polygraph test. Everybody who was at the cabin with Adam needed to take a lie detector test.

Nick: Uh, hell, no.

Phyllis: That's what we told him. We weren't that polite, though.

Michael: Mr. Pomerantz.

Owen: (Clears throat)

Michael: Just the man I was looking for. You know, I don't get to do this very often, but I take great pleasure in saying this to your face. Mr. District attorney, consider yourself served. (Sighs)

Owen: (Sighs)

Jack: So now you're gonna tell me who I can and can't be friends with?

Patty: Okay, this has nothing to do with Phyllis, Jack. You dropped a bomb on me yesterday, separation, and we need to talk about that.

Jack: You just said you were leaving.

Patty: But nothing's more important than our marriage. I know you've been concerned that I haven't been acting like myself.

Jack: You haven't been behaving like the woman that I married, and I'm starting to think this is the real you.

Patty: Okay, no, I have been off-kilter since Adam's escape. I am more traumatized, Jack, than I realized.

Jack: This problem started long before Adam.

Patty: (Sighs)

Emily: You couldn't control your jealousy.

Jack: You remember how jealous you were of Ashley? The time I was spending with her after she lost a child?

Emily: (Laughs) I told you so. Let's see you wriggle your way out of this one, Patty. (Whispers) I'm gonna go down there and take some notes. (Sighs)

Patty: What?

Jack: Are you denying it?

Patty: No. I mean, yes. I mean... I have had this fantasy of what marriage is supposed to be like and... it is unrealistic.

Emily: (Normal voice) Oh, no, what was unrealistic is you thinking you could take my place.

Jack: Emily, you're a psychiatrist. You've studied human behavior. You know what a normal marriage is supposed to be like. What's going on? What happened to the self-confident, assured woman that I married?

Emily: Jack is spot-on. You're losing it, Patty. How long before you have a complete breakdown?

Patty: Even psychiatrists have to face their demons.

Emily: You mean kill them.

Jack: What demons?

Patty: You have your problems, and I have my problems. And if we just get the obstacle out of the way...

Emily: Like Phyllis?

Patty: We'll find that we are... as in love as--as we were the day we said "I do."

Emily: Oh, that was the same day you drugged me and tricked Jack into marrying you.

Patty: Please. Please, just give me another chance.

Jack: I've given you plenty of chances.

Emily: (Mouthing words)

Jack: Nothing ever changes.

(Front door opens)


Patty: No, this is gonna be fine. (Sniffles) It's gonna be fine when we get rid of Phyllis, and everything's gonna be good, 'cause Jack loves me. I know he does. And he's gonna come back. (Sighs)

Emily: (Giggles) (Singsong voice) Someone's losing their marbles.

Patty: (Sobs) Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! (Sobs)

Patty: (Sighs)

Patty: (Sighs heavily) (Exhales) (Sniffles)

Daisy: Why do I have to do the killing?

Sarah: Because I'm the decoy. Look, Lauren is gonna go visit her friend Phyllis tonight. I will sign in at the gate, and you will be in the trunk of the car. Then I will keep Phyllis occupied. You'll sneak in, and you'll do the deed.

Daisy: (Sighs) I-I don't know.

Sarah: I would never ask you to do anything I didn't think you were capable of. You are the only one I can rely on. Your brother's gone soft. And you... (Sighs) You remind me so much of your mother. You look just like her when she was your age.

Daisy: (Sighs) Really?

Sarah: She wouldn't take no for an answer, and you're just like that. Don't you want to make your mama proud?

Daisy: (Sniffles) Um, promise I can live with you?

Sarah: That's the plan. Maybe Lauren can adopt the two of you. And there is always Lauren's son Scotty.

Daisy: (Chuckles) I've seen pictures of him. He's so hot.

Sarah: Yes, and he's gonna be home for the funeral, and he's gonna be so sad. I can tell him how supportive and wonderful you've been to his mother.

Daisy: So how do you want me to kill her?

Sarah: (Clicks tongue) Hmm... maybe strangulation would be best.

Owen: I'm disappointed you decided to proceed with this.

Phyllis: Oh, I just-- I live for your approval. If anybody should be disappointed, it should be me in you. You're keeping my husband locked up for no good reason.

Owen: He's still a murder suspect. His father's confession doesn't change that. And neither does a threat of a lawsuit, though I admit it's a gutsy move.

Michael: Mm, gutsy. Gutsy is you're still charging the plaintiffs with conspiracy to commit murder. No, I can't wait to see what the taxpayers say about their district attorney wasting their money on the frivolous persecution...

Owen: (Chuckles)

Michael: Of the Newman family.

Owen: You're getting ahead of yourself, Counselor. As a matter of fact, I'm here to offer your client a deal. I'll reduce Nicholas' conspiracy charges and promise minimum jail time in exchange for a plea of "No contest."

Phyllis: Okay, jail time? Are you kidding me?

Michael: That's not a deal. That's a stall. What are you waiting for? New evidence to justify my client's arrest? If you're holding him on conspiracy charges, prove the conspiracy or let him go.

Owen: It's a "Yes" or "No." You want the deal or not?

Nick: I didn't do anything wrong. If you want a trial, then bring it on.

Owen: (Chuckles) So be it.

Phyllis: Can you believe that guy?

Nick: (Sighs) Michael, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I am adamant about this.

Michael: (Chuckles) Nicholas, you played it exactly right.

Jana: You were tough on Ryder.

Lauren: Well, I am through begging. I had this... this dream... that Fen didn't recognize me.

Jana: Hey, that would never happen.

Lauren: No, Jana, she looks like me, and she sounds like me, and he’s... he's so little. He's so... he's probably so confused. If she lays one had on Fen-

Jana: No, she won’t. She wouldn’t.

Lauren: No. No. No, you do not know what she's capable of. If he got in the way... (Sighs)

Jana: Look. Look, Michael will protect him, okay, Lauren?

Lauren: No, look, I have to get outta here. (Whispering) So when Ryder comes back, I want you to pass out...

Jana: Pass out?

Lauren: From your headache, okay? We have to get him inside the cage and us outside.

Jana: What are you gonna do? (Scoffs) Lauren, I... (Sighs) I-I feel like now, I-I can't-- I can't really hurt him now, you know?

Lauren: My son's life is in danger. I'm gonna do whatever it takes.

Sarah: You know, with all that security on the Newman ranch, I bet you they keep their windows and their doors unlocked, but just in case, I'm gonna leave the front door ajar for you. And when Phyllis' back is to the window, I'll give you a signal. And that's when you come in and you strangle her.

Daisy: What if she fights back?

Sarah: She's in a wheelchair. All right, I'm gonna pretend that I'm trying to save her life. But really, I'm gonna be helping you. Now when she's dead, you vanish, and I'll take care of the cops.

Daisy: But you're setting me up to take the fall. I'll be wanted for murder.

Sarah: And why on earth would I do that? If I am the only witness, I will tell them it was a bald-headed man with tattoos. We'll make it look like a home invasion robbery. And nobody... nobody will know you had anything to do with Phyllis' death.

Daisy: You sure they'll believe you?

Sarah: Oh, well, that's the great thing about Lauren. Everyone thinks she's so honest and forthright. No one's gonna question a word I say.

Daisy: What if someone sees me?

Sarah: Her husband is in jail. She's alone. Trust me. This is fine.

(Cell phone rings)

Sarah: (Scoffs) (Sighs) What do you want?

Patty: We have a problem.

Patty: Jack and I aren't seeing eye to eye. I-I'm trying to stall him.

Sarah: And what does this have to do with our plan?

Patty: He's going to see Phyllis later.

Sarah: What?! He'll ruin everything. You have to stop him!

Patty: Well, I'm trying. I'm trying.

Sarah: Well, you try harder. I can't dispose of Phyllis if your husband's in the room!

Patty: But that's why I'm calling you. What do I do?

Sarah: I don't know. Use your imagination. Tell him you're into bondage. Tie him up in bed. Come up with a way to keep him from interfering, or you can kiss this plan good-bye.

Patty: Okay, no, no, no, no. It has to happen tonight, because Jack is on the verge of leaving me.

Sarah: You know what you have to do.

Patty: Okay, I'll take care of it. I promise.

Sarah: I'm counting on you.

Patty: Okay.

Emily: Oh, you'll muck it up like you always do. I can't wait to see you blow it this time.

Patty: Shut up!

Emily: (Chuckles) Face it, Patty. You can't do anything right.

Patty: (Breathing heavily) You just leave me alone! Leave me alone! (Breathing heavily) Oh, my God. Oh, my God. (Sighs)

Jack: Hey. You okay?

Patty: I'm fine. (Sighs) Jack, I'm fine.

Daisy: Is everything okay?

Sarah: (Sighs) Peachy. (Sighs) I'll meet you at the carousel later?

Daisy: Yeah, you said Michael was getting murdered, too. Who's doing that? You?

Sarah: No. The less you know, the better. You focus on what you have to do.

Daisy: (Sighs)

Sarah: Oh, please don't tell me you're getting cold feet.

Daisy: What if-- what if I can't do it?

Sarah: Daisy, this is what we've been working toward all this time. These people murdered your mother. Phyllis was involved just as much as Lauren was. If they hadn't interfered, your mother would not be dead today. It is time to make them pay-- an eye for an eye. And it's not like you haven't done it before.

Daisy: I was just a kid when I lost it with Max. That wasn't planned. It just happened. This is... this is different.

Sarah: Not to me. You have a job to do, and you keep your eye on the prize. And who knows? You might become "Mrs. Scott Grainger Jr." Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Daisy: I'd like that.

Sarah: That's my girl.

Ryder: Daisy, don't do it.

Daisy: How long have you been listening?

Ryder: Long enough.

Daisy: Well, you'd better forget what you heard unless you want Mama Bear mad at you again.

Ryder: Screw her. If anything goes wrong, you're gonna be the first person she throws under the bus.

Daisy: She wouldn't do that.

Ryder: Yeah, you're right. You'd be the second. I'd be the first. I get blamed for everything.

Daisy: It's not a part of the plan.

Ryder: Why? W-why do we have to kill people?

Daisy: Come on. After this, we'll be rich. You can have whatever you want.

Ryder: What about Fen?

Daisy: (Scoffs) You like him so much, you take care of him.

Ryder: You're actually going through with this?

Daisy: (Sighs)

Michael: Ooh, it's almost 7:30. I'm gonna give you kids some alone time to say good-bye.

Nick: I appreciate you coming by. I hear things have been pretty rough for you.

Michael: Yeah, well, "Rough" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Phyllis: Hey, can we do something?

Michael: Like you don't have enough on your plate without taking on the Baldwin family drama?

Nick: Seriously, Mike.

Michael: I appreciate that you care. See you tomorrow.

Nick: Thanks again.

Phyllis: Oh, I hate that he's going through this. I want to do something for him. He goes around saving everybody else.

Nick: I've never seen him so low.

Phyllis: That is really sad. I thought they--they had the perfect marriage.

Nick: They'll work it out.

Phyllis: I hope so.

Nick: Are you okay with me turning down Pomerantz's deal?

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? You even have to ask me that? That's crazy. I mean, I want you home, but I don't want you to compromise your integrity.

Nick: Being in this cell gives me lots of time to reflect. You know, we get so caught up in the stuff in our lives, we forget about what's important. No matter how difficult things get, I thank God that you are in my life, and I love you.

Phyllis: I love you.

Nick: Tell Summer that I love her, too, okay? And that Daddy's gonna be home real soon.

Phyllis: I will.

Nick: I hate the thought of you two being on the ranch alone.

Phyllis: What are you talking about? That's crazy. There's so much security there. That's the least of your worries.

Nick: I always worry about you.

Phyllis: Oh, wait a second. I want--I want to talk to him. Thank you. Hey.

Michael: Hey.

Phyllis: Thanks, uh, for expediting that lawsuit and helping Nick out.

Michael: Well, I get paid handsomely to do that. I'm just sorry he had to spend another night behind bars.

Phyllis: Oh, me, too. I'm not looking forward to telling my daughter that her daddy's not gonna be home again tonight.

Michael: Well, at least you know it's temporary. I'm not so sure that's the case with Lauren anymore.

Phyllis: Is she still behaving strangely?

Michael: (Sighs) That doesn't begin to cover it. (Whispering) I don't understand what's going on with my wife.

Phyllis: What is she doing?

Michael: (Normal voice) Oh, well, for starters, she bought me a sports car.

Phyllis: (Laughs) She bought you a sports car?

Michael: Yeah. Can you imagine me tooling around in a red Ferrari?

Phyllis: (Laughs) Wow. What would your clients say?

Michael: Oh, and, uh, she wants to go on a road trip without Fenmore.

Phyllis: Ooh, without Fenmore? That doesn't sound like her.

Michael: Yeah. I don't know what to do anymore. I've moved out of the house for now. (Sighs)

Phyllis: Wait a second. I had no idea you moved out. I had no idea it'd gone that far.

Michael: (Quietly) I had to. Fenmore is freaking out. She scares her own son. I wish I knew what the problem was. I don’t.

Phyllis: Okay, do-- do you want me to talk to her?

Michael: Oh, like you don't have enough on your plate already.

Phyllis: Yeah, but sometimes you tell your girlfriends things you don't tell your husbands. I'd be happy to call her.

Michael: (Sighs) I'll take any help I can get.

Patty: You'll be here when I get back so we can talk?

Jack: Is there anything else we have to talk about? I can't help but wonder if the reason you want me to stick around here is you don't want me to see Phyllis.

Patty: I can't tell you who you can be friends with. But if there is some place in you that still loves me and wants to save this marriage, you will be here when I get home. Look, this ultimately has nothing to do with Phyllis or anyone else. It's between us. And I think it's only fair to keep it that way. I won't be long.

Jana: Who's there? Ryder, is that you?

Ryder: Yeah.

Jana: What's the matter?

Ryder: You don't want to know.

Lauren: Jana's headache is back, isn't it?

Jana: No, no. It's not that bad. What's wrong?

Ryder: I can't say.

Jana: Yes, you can.

Ryder: Someth-- Daisy and Mama Bear, they're, uh...

Lauren: Whatever it is, let us help you.

Ryder: It's something... bad, something horrible. Michael and Phyllis are gonna die tonight.

Lauren: What?

Nick: What do you want?

Owen: I wanted to talk to you one-on-one.

Nick: Well, without my attorney here, I got nothin' to say to you.

Owen: No, you don't have to talk. Just listen. Adam's blood was found on your jacket. Your wife tried to hide evidence that links you to the murder. So I can charge her with obstruction of justice and conspiracy. And then your kid will have two parents in jail. Think about it.

Michael: Okay, this is Nick's and Victor’s. All right, thank you, Sir. I appreciate it. Emily.

Patty: (Sighs) Uh, Michael, hi. This is a coincidence running into you.

Michael: Yeah, well, with all the so-called suspects I'm representing, they're gonna set a cot up for me in the corner.

Patty: (Sighs) Well, I was gonna call you, uh, later. I wanted to see if we could meet, talk. (Chuckles)

Michael: Uh, tonight?

Patty: Tonight, yeah. I just want to talk to you about Lauren.

Michael: Uh, won't that violate, uh, the doctor/patient covenant?

Patty: Well, no, I just-- I thought I could pick your brain, see if there was anything you could tell me that might help with my assessment of Lauren.

Michael: Sure. Sure, if you think it'll help. Um, I am finished here. I'm heading back to the apartment. Why don't you meet me there when you're finished?

Patty: Okay, great. Great. I'll, uh, see you in a bit then.

Michael: Okay, we'll see you in a bit.

Patty: Mm-hmm. Bye. (Exhales) (Sighs)

Patty: Hello?

Jack: Hey, it's me. Um, I've been thinking about what you said just before you left, and I'm gonna stay right here. I'll be here when you get back.

Patty: Thank you, Jack. You--you don't know how much this means to me.

Jack: We can talk when you get home.

Patty: Okay.

Patty: Thought you might like to know Jack won't be a problem. We're a go.

Owen: Dr. Abbott? What brings you down here?

Patty: I was looking for Detective Chancellor. I wanted to revise my statement about the night Adam Wilson died.

Ryder: Daisy's gonna strangle Phyllis, make it look like a break-in.

Lauren: (Gasps) What about Michael?

Ryder: I-I don't know what they're planning. All I know is that someone's gonna kill him.

Lauren: No! No! No! No! No! You have to stop them! You cannot let this happen! You cannot let it happen!

Ryder: It's too late. It's happening now.

Lauren: No! No, Ryder! You've gotta stop them! Stop them now!

Phyllis: (Gasps) Oh.

Sarah: Hello, old friend.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Sarah: You up for a visitor?

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