Y&R Transcript Friday 12/25/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 12/25/09 -- Canada; Monday 12/28/09 -- U.S.A.


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Kevin: Dude, come on. It's not brain surgery. The red goes into the red, yellow into the yellow, white into the white.

Jana: (Sighs) Maybe he's color-blind.

Kevin: Well, if he would just let the professional handle it--

Michael: Hey, you're starting to sound like a bunch of nudges.

Jana: Hey, so, Fen, presuming your dad over here figures out how the "On" button works before midnight--

Michael: I'm still in the room, thank you very much.

Jana: Who will you challenge first?

Kevin: Oh, me, me, me, Fen.

Jana: No, me. Me, right?

Kevin: No, me, Fen. Uncle Kevin. Come on. You know--

Jana: Hey, shh!

Fen: Daddy!

Michael: Ha. Ha!

Ryder: Two lattes.

Noah: Thanks.

Eden: So how was your Christmas?

Ryder: You're lookin' at it.

Noah: You worked all day?

Ryder: Yeah, well, there was nothin' else to do. Next in line.

Ashley: Hi. I ordered a fruit tart ahead. It's under "Ashley Abbott."

Ryder: Oh, yeah. It's just in the back. Give me a second.

Ashley: Okay, thanks.

Traci: Nowhere to go for Christmas.

Ashley: Yeah.

Traci: That's kind of sad.

Eden: Trust me, if anyone deserves to be alone, it's that guy.

Billy: (Protesting indistinctly) (Slurring) I don't want your help! I don't want your coffee.

Ashley: Wow.

Traci: Yeah.

Billy: I don't want your hands on me. I don't want you near me.

Chance: Billy--

Billy: I certainly don't want you to--don't--

Chance: Have a seat. Please.

Billy: Black, no sugar. Oh.

Ashley: Hi. I see our brother is his usual charming self.

Traci: Oh, Chance, this can't be doing much for your holiday spirit. (Laughs)

Chance: Yeah, well, a D.U.I. wouldn’t do much for his, either.

Ashley: Thank you so much. We can take it from here.

Chance: Are you sure?

Ashley: Yeah.

Traci: Yes, you go ahead. Enjoy yourself, and really, thank you so much for doing this.

Ashley: Thanks again.

Chance: Okay, happy holidays.

Traci: You, too.

Ashley: You, too.

Billy: Oh, I see two sisters... (Sighs) Which means I'm in trouble.

Traci: Honey, we're going over to Jack's. We're gonna surprise him with some dessert.

Ashley: And you're invited, if you think you can make it as far as the car, Billy.

Billy: So you would go visit old Jackie boy, life of the party, but to hell with me. Didn't even call to see if I was available. You didn't care. Nobody cares.

Traci: We tried several times. You didn't answer your phone.

Ashley: And you never returned our phone calls, Billy.

Billy: You lie like a rug. I never got a phone call from you, not one missed call from you. You got-- see? Look, Ashley, you didn't-- so I have three missed calls. (Laughs)

Ashley and Traci: Yeah.

Traci: Offer's still good.

Billy: I pass.

Traci: Okay, taxicab for you then. Come on.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Come on, "Grinch." Let's go. Come on.

Billy: No, I gotta make a phone call. I-I'm trying--

Ashley: Come on, come on.

Traci: Billy, let's go.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold--wait.

Traci: This way. Come on.

Ashley: Traci, I will pay, and I'll meet you out there.

Traci: Okay, I'll get a cab.

Billy: Shh. Pick up. Pick up.

Traci: Let's go. Let's go. Billy. Billy.

(Cell phone rings)

Mac: Oh, Billy.

(Front door rattles)

Jack: Ho ho ho ho!

Emily: (Laughs) Aah!

Jack: Ho ho ho ho ho!

Emily: (Sighs)

Jack: (Deep voice) Merry Christmas, little girl.

Emily: Merry Christmas, Santa. It's about time you got here. (Chuckles) Mm.

Jack: Mm.

Nikki: And you are?

Tucker: Tucker McCall. Nice to meet you, Ms. Newman. (Chuckles) And may I say that the photos don't do you justice?

Kay: You're telling me the baby I gave up years ago for adoption is--

Jill: Her name is in here. Now whether you want to open it or not, that's totally up to you, but I-I felt that you should have the choice.

Nina: Well, hello! Merry Christmas.

Murphy: Nikki!

Nina: (Chuckles)

Kay: Nik-Nikki! Oh, my--oh, my God! Oh, oh, you're back in town!

Nikki: Oh, I missed you so much.

Kay: You're back in town. Oh!

Nikki: (Laughs) You recognized me.

Kay: Oh, look at you, and so sultry.

Nikki: Well, yes, I'm a "Lady of mystery" now.

Kay: (Laughs)

Nikki: (Laughs)

Kay: Oh, it's so good to see you, so good to see you.

Nikki: Thank you!

Kay: So good to see you!

Nikki: I just--I just didn't want the holidays to go without me seeing you.

Kay: Well, are you all right?

Nikki: Yes, yes, I'm fine.

Nick: So you're sure about the name of the second passenger?

Phyllis: (Clears throat)

Nick: Okay, thanks for letting me know.

Phyllis: So where would Adam be taking the company jet on, uh, Christmas day?

Summer: Play, Daddy?

Nick: Uh, yeah. Yeah, that looks fun.

Phyllis: Hey, uh, Sweetie, why don't you set everything up? And after you set it up, we'll play with you. We'll all play one round. So, um, what's going on?

Adam: You like?

Sharon: It's amazing. It's so beautiful. It's like something out of a movie. (Chuckles)

Adam: Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Kelly: Uh, that's me. Are you the gentleman I spoke to on the phone?

Adam: I am, indeed. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Uh, let me introduce you to my lovely bride Sharon.

Mr. Kelly: How do you do?

Sharon: Wonderful.

Mr. Kelly: Uh, this is-- this is my wife Anne. She'll be our witness this evening.

Adam: Uh, thank you for meeting us out here.

Mr. Kelly: Well, it's a great spot for a wedding. Are you ready to get started?

Adam: Yeah, we are.

(Rap music playing)

Michael: No! Ha! Ha!

Kevin: (Laughs) Oh, my.

Jana: Oh, yeah.

Michael: Oh, wait!

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: There you go.

(Music stops)

Lauren: Fen--

Michael: (Laughs)

Lauren: Fen wins! Whoo!

Jana: (Cheers)

Kevin: Whoo-hoo!

Michael: Oh, no, no, no! Oh, he won!

Daisy: Yeah!

Lauren: Good job, Fen.

Eden: Oh.

Michael: High five. Ahh!

Eden: What did we miss?

Michael: Oh, hi!

Jana: You missed "Riverdance," the Fisher/Baldwin edition.

Michael: Oh, he's killing me.

Lauren: And now that you're here...

Michael: (Breathing heavily)

Lauren: We can give Michael those extra presents.

Eden: Ahh.

Michael: Extra presents? More loot, you say? I like that.

Lauren: Well--

Michael: You're going down next time.

Lauren: Well, you know, this has been quite a year.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: And we have gotten through because of you, my love. Sit down.

Michael: Really?

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: (Sighs)

Eden: We'll go first.

Lauren: Okay.

Eden: Okay, until you and Lauren took me in, I had no idea what it was like to have a normal life. Everything I owned fit into a backpack. You really taught me how to trust people.

Noah: (Chuckles) My parents were afraid of Eden, but you convinced them not to be, so we wouldn't have to sneak around anymore.

Eden: So since you're so good at giving people courage, Noah and I thought you might like this.

Michael: (Sighs) Oh, thanks. Oh, it-- Jim Morrison. (Chuckles)

Lauren: (Chuckles)

Michael: Wow, Jim Morrison. That's a-- that's a fascinating man.

Kevin: It's a-- it's a great book. It's all about him conquering his fears, and stuff like that. It's great.

Lauren: Just like you.

Noah: When Eden and I were in Paris at his grave, there was something about that place.

Eden: Yeah.

Jana: Oh, yes, I know. It's--it's this aura.

Noah: Kind of, yeah.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Eden: Well, whatever it was, it forced us to be real, be brave with each other and share our stories.

Daisy: Sounds cool.

Michael: (Chuckles) This is so unexpected, but, uh, so amazing. Thank you. Come here.

Eden: No, Michael. Thank you.

Jill: Paul searched for weeks, and he came up with a name.

Kay: Well, this is the last thing I ever expected.

Nina: Are you gonna open it?

Tucker: I know it's none of my business, but the suspense is killing me.

Nikki: You were right the first time.

Kay: You, um, have, uh, no idea what it means that you would do this. I mean, it's a terribly generous and unselfish gift. But I hope you won't be offended by my saying, no, I'm not going to pursue it.

Phyllis: I'll go now. So, uh, what's up with Adam taking the jet? Is he stepping on another one of your deals?

Nick: (Sighs) Adam took Sharon to Lake Tahoe with him.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, that's great. I think that's great. Sharon's a big girl, Sweetie. She can make her own decisions.

Mr. Kelly: Victor Newman Jr., do you take this woman to be your wedded wife, to love, comfort, honor and keep her, forsaking all others, keep only unto her as long as you both shall live?

Adam: I will.

Mr. Kelly: Sharon Abbott, do you take this man to be your wedded husband to love, comfort, honor and keep him, forsaking all others, keep only unto him, as long as you both shall live?

Sharon: I will.

Mr. Kelly: Will you be exchanging rings?

Adam: Uh, I have one for Sharon, but she--

Sharon: Yes, um, while you were setting all this up, I went out and I got you this.

Adam: This was, um, this was Mom's.

Mr. Kelly: Victor, Sharon, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

Adam: (Sighs)

Together: With this ring, I thee wed.

Mr. Kelly: Victor and Sharon, having consented to each other in marriage and witnessed the same before us, having given and pledged your faith to each other, I hereby by the authority vested in me by the state of Nevada pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.

Emily: I'm so overwhelmed. I-I-I've never received this many beautiful gifts before.

Jack: Music to Santa's ears. You know, you've given me back a lot in return. Abbott family holidays-- always lots of people around, and if it wasn't magical enough, or wha--didn't go exactly as I'd hoped, I was always crushed. You cured me, doctor... not that I wouldn't love seeing my family today.

Emily: Yeah.

Jack: I do miss my sisters and Billy. But you know what? If it wasn't meant to be-- (Doorbell rings)

Emily: Is that--

Jack: Hello?

Ashley: Hey, Jack, will you let me in?

Emily: (Laughs)

Ashley: My arms are full. I can't get to my keys.

Jack: You could always use the chimney, you know. Ho ho ho! Ho--

Ashley: (Laughs)

Traci: (Laughs)

Jack: Traci!

Traci: (Laughs) Merry Christmas.

Jack: Traci! Oh! Come on in. Come on in.

Ashley: Look at you...

Jack: Wow!

Ashley: All decked out as Santa.

Jack: Well, you g-- your ears had to be burning. I was just telling Emily how much I missed you.

Traci: I'm Traci. I've heard such wonderful things about you.

Emily: Oh, well, Jack speaks of you very fondly.

Traci: Oh, thank you.

Emily: It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

Traci: Thank you.

Ashley: Merry Christmas.

Emily: Oh, merry Christmas, Ashley. Oh!

Ashley: Oh! I tried to get Billy. We both tried to talk him into coming over here.

Jack: Oh, let me guess, he had a date with a barstool.

Traci: Well, let's just say that he won't remember this holiday as his finest.

Ashley: Well, if he remembers it at all.

Mac: How did you get here? I thought Chance was driving you home.

Billy: (Slurring words) Um... well, I was at the coffeehouse, and my sisters came, and they put me in a cab, and I went evers to tinker to Chance-- no, I-- I went to Chance to evers to Jimmy's. (Laughs)

Mac: Still feeling no pain, I see.

Billy: Give me a shot, Lady. Come on, bartender. Give me a drink.

Mac: Do you remember that karaoke CD we made at the carnival in high school?

Billy: (Laughs) "A smile like this."

Mac: Mm-hmm. Yeah, okay. So I was listening to that a while back, and I couldn't get over myself-- 17 years old and completely petrified to sing too loud or off-key. And I've been thinking about it a lot, and I realized all I want to do is sing as loud and obnoxious and off-key as possible.

Billy: (Quietly) I never had a smile like this before whenever you talk I just want to hear more I just--

Mac: Maybe you should go home and sleep it off. Everything will look better in the morning. What's wrong?

Billy: (Slurring words) Nothin', man. Nothing's wrong. Why should anything be wrong? My life is perfect.

Chloe: Oh, my God! I am really impressed. This is awesome. This is gonna go with everything.

Chance: I was hoping you would say that.

Chloe: Wow. You know me so well.

Chance: I'd like to think so.

Chloe: Well, I think you're gonna love my gift.

Chance: Oh.

Chloe: Nope.

Chance: It's light.

Chloe: Come on.

Chance: Oh, okay. (Velcro separates)

Chance: (Chuckles) All right. Let's see what we got here. Wow, it's...

Chloe: (Giggles)

Chance: Concert tickets.

Chloe: Yep!

Chance: To the Backstreet Boys.

Chloe: I know, and look! Look at the seats that I got.

Chance: Yeah.

Chloe: We are practically gonna be in Nick and A.J.'s laps.

Chance: Wow. Yeah.

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Chance: This is gonna be fun.

Chloe: You don't like my gift.

Chance: No, no, I-- no, I love your gift. It's a gift. I love it. I just...

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Chance: I know how you feel about them, and I-I have to ask, is this a-a gift for me, or is this more of a gift for you?

Chloe: Hey, n-- listen. When you are there, you're going to realize when you see them live how amazing they are, and how fabulous this gift is. Plus, you get to go with me.

Chance: Yeah.

Kay: I know you meant well, but I, um, I simply have no need, n-nor do I feel the need, to reach out to this person. Even if she did turn out to be my daughter, I mean, who's to say that she would want to know me? This family has been in such turmoil.

Jill: Yeah, yeah. No, no. There's no need to explain. It's just a gift. You know, you can do with it what you want. (Sighs) Mm.

Nikki: (Quietly) Did you know what Jill was up to?

Murphy: (Quietly) Well, I had a feeling that Katherine wouldn't go for it.

Nikki: I can't believe it. I mean, this is not something that you spring on somebody like this. She should have known better.

Jill: Nikki, Nikki, just relax, okay? You're still her favorite.

Nikki: (Normal voice) Excuse me?

Jill: No need to feel threatened.

Nikki: Oh, you must be talking about yourself, Dear heart. I'm so sorry.

Jill: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tucker: I know I don't have a dog in this fight, but imagine-- imagine what it's like to live your whole life knowing you have a mother out there... somewhere... wondering, what is she like? What is she doing? What--

Kay: You think I should pursue this.

Tucker: Well, I know what I would do. But then again, I'm the, uh, curious type. I like to look at everything from every angle. I think I'm going to get another drink.

Nina: Uh, I'd like a drink, too, yeah?

Tucker: Yeah.

Kay: Mm.

Murphy: Now don't tell me you're second-guessing yourself because of what Tucker McCall said.

Nikki: Really, Katherine, I mean, how well do you know that guy, anyway?

Kay: Oh, come on. Mr. McCall says what he thinks, which I, of all people, can truly appreciate.

Daisy: (Laughs)

Michael: (Laughs)

Lauren: Well, Fen is fast asleep, you know? All that dancing wore him out.

Michael: Uh-huh.

Lauren: Takes a lot out of you to win a dance contest.

Michael: Cheater.

Kevin: All right, well, I guess it's our turn.

Jana: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Am I gonna need a tissue? (Chuckles)

Kevin: Okay, well, you know, uh, I've been through hell and back this year. And, um, if it hadn't been for you fighting so hard to keep me out of prison, well, I wouldn't be here right now, spending the holidays with my family, all the people that I love. And, uh, as per usual, uh, you didn't give up on me, not even for a second. Any-who, this is from both of us.

Michael: Huh. All right.

Lauren: Would you like me to hold your--oh, I don't need to hold your cookie.

Michael: I don't know what I've got!

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Lauren: Hmm.

Michael: (Laughs)

Jana: (Laughs)

Michael: Um, is this what I think it is?

Jana: Silver plate. I saw it in the stationer's shop. I just couldn't resist.

Michael: Mm.

Lauren: That--that is the, um, most elegant chipmunk I've ever seen.

Jana: Yeah.

Kevin: Thank you.

Michael: Well done. Well done.

Kevin: It's, um, it's a paperweight.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Kevin: That way, next time, um, I'm acting out of line, you can just, you know, chuck it at my head.

Michael: Hmm. All right, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you. Both of you, thank you.

Daisy: I think it's so cool that you and Noah were in France together.

Eden: Yeah, it was great.

Daisy: (Sighs) You know, I really hope that you get past your issues with me, because we actually have a-- a lot in common.

Eden: We do?

Daisy: Yeah, I mean, we both came here for a fresh start. We both know what it's like to be all alone. And plus, uh, I lost my mom, too.

Eden: Stop. I don't want to bond with you, okay? I saw you hugging Ryder outside the boutique, and anybody who's friends with a guy who's messing with Lauren is no friend of mine.

Daisy: I saw him there. Yeah, I-- (Sighs) I totally lost it with the guy. I told him to leave Lauren alone, to get out, and he got all emotional out of nowhere. So I felt really bad for yelling at him. Yeah, I-I gave him a hug.

Lauren: Who are you two talking about?

Eden: Ryder. He and Daisy are big friends now.

Daisy: I barely know the guy.

Eden: Liar.

Daisy: (Voice cracks) You know what? I don't have to take this.

Eden: (Scoffs)

Lauren: Daisy? Don't go. You need-- you need to say that you're sorry.

Eden: I'm not sorry. I'm glad that she's gone.

(Front door slams)

Eden: Lauren, Daisy is not your friend.

Lauren: You know what? She's a guest in this home. I need you to go find her, apologize, and bring her back.

Eden: Fine. Here. (Sighs)

Jana: (Clears throat)

Michael: Well, that was festive.

Kevin: I love family time. Don't you?

Michael: Mm-hmm! The best.

Jana: Yes. They will be back, and we can smooth things over.

Lauren: But in the meantime...

Michael: (Gasps)

Lauren: This is for you, my love.

Michael: No speeches?

Lauren: (Chuckles) Open it first.

Michael: (Growls) (Chuckles) That's a puppet?

Kevin: Oh, my God, it's a r--

Jana: Wait! Shh, shh, shush! Let him figure it out.

Michael: Really?

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: I thought the "R" word was off-limits.

Lauren: Well, it's a symbol.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: You see, no matter how many rats cross my doorstep, I'm always safe because of you, and I love you for that. You always, always make me feel safe. (Sighs happily)

Mac: You know, liquor never solved anything.

Billy: That's not true. I'm sorry I blew your big news to the fam about you being... preggers. (Clears throat)

Mac: Well, they would have found out anyway, but I would have preferred to be in charge of the timing.

Billy: See? There you go again. You--you know, you--you just--- you're too nice. I mess up your big moment, and you just let me off the hook. You--you're just too damn nice.

Mac: Okay, so something's clearly bothering you. What is it?

Billy: It's all the do-gooders in the world.

Mac: Like me.

Billy: Chance-- he's the big hero trying to be Delia's father. He's not Delia's father. I'm Delia's father.

Mac: Well, maybe instead of talking about being a dad, you should do what it takes to actually be one.

Billy: What do you suggest, oh, wise one?

Mac: Well, for starters, not spending every night in a bar.

Billy: All right. Maybe you should take me home then.

Mac: I guess so, since you're clearly in no shape to get there yourself.

Billy: Well, come on. I don't have all day. Take me home.

Mac: (Chuckles) Come on.

Billy: Give me a kiss?

Mac: No.

Billy: Come on.

Mac: Come on.

Billy: A little kiss. Just a little kiss? I'm a good kisser. See, look, I'm saying, she's too nice. I mean, hey! Hey! Whoo-hoo!

Jack: It's just amazing that lily did all this.

Traci: Yeah, she was preparing it for Colleen's birthday that day that Colleen-- (Voice breaking) The day that she-- (Sniffles)

Jack: Hey, you okay?

Traci: Hell, no. (Laughs) Sorry. (Sniffles) (Sighs) Wow. (Normal voice) Sorry. (Clears throat) It helps to know that I'm not the only one who misses her.

Ashley: Traci stopped by the cemetery today, and Billy and Abby were both there.

Jack: Oh, I wish Billy and I were on firmer footing. (Sighs) You have Abby, Abby has you. Billy--Billy's alone. I keep thinking we'd be so much better off if we were all still at Jabot.

Emily: That must have been so rewarding having a common family goal.

Ashley: Yeah.

Traci: (Laughs)

Ashley: (Laughs) Oh, Jack remembers the good times, but they weren't always good.

Jack: No, no. No more ganging-- no fair ganging up on Santa.

Emily: Oh, I think its fine to focus on our positive history and achievements, unless it interferes with our appreciation of what we have right here and now.

Traci: (Sighs) I like how this woman thinks.

Emily: Thank you.

Jack: (Whispers) Join the club.

Traci: (Laughs)

Emily: Mm. (Sighs)

Phyllis: Summer's watching her video game. I said that she could stay up for 30 more minutes and then she has to go to sleep.

Nick: That sounds reasonable.

Phyllis: Yeah. So do you have any thoughts on what we were discussing earlier?

Nick: I don't like the idea of Noah's mother going off with this guy.

Phyllis: Mm. It's not your problem.

Nick: It's reckless, okay?

Phyllis: Mm.

Nick: It sets a bad example for my son. There are a million things wrong with her getting on a plane with Adam.

Phyllis: I only have a problem with one of the things-- that you have an issue that your ex-wife is moving on with somebody else. That's my problem. It shouldn't matter to you, but it does. I don't want to keep you here, Nick. Why don't you go, Baby? Go rescue your damsel in distress.

Nick: Phyllis, I have no intention of going after Sharon.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: You should know that.

Phyllis: I should know that? Really? Especially after your confession to me on Christmas Eve? You tell me why I shouldn't think that you would go racing after her. You tell me.

Nick: I need to go and think about some things.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sure you do. I'm sure you do.

Adam: Sure I can't tempt you? Sharon? You okay?

Sharon: Oh, yeah, sorry. It's just, um, this has just been so overwhelming.

Adam: Yeah, it happened, uh, a little fast, huh?

Sharon: (Sighs) Adam, I--

Man: This is Captain Martin. Please fasten your seat belts. We've encountered some unexpected weather. Afraid we could be in for a rough ride. We're gonna make an emergency landing, try to set us down before we hit the worst of it.

Adam: Here. Get your belt on.

Sharon: Okay.

Ashley: Bye.

Traci: Merry Christmas.

Emily: Oh, merry Christmas, Traci.

Traci: Oh! Bye-bye.

Emily: Bye.

Jack: Great surprise!

Emily: (Laughs) (Sighs)

Jack: Wow, how great was that?

Emily: Oh, they are both so lovely. It's easy to see why you're so close with them.

Jack: You know, the two of them have always been kind of rough when it comes to my love life. The fact that you have both of them stamping your approval-- wow.

Emily: Mm. Well, the only person's approval that I need is standing right in front of me in a big red Santa suit.

Billy: (Chuckles) (Groans) Come here.

Mac: (Giggles)

Billy: Come here.

Mac: Not tonight, "Romeo."

Billy: Mm, stay with... stay.

Chloe: Listen, Mister, I went with you to the harvest festival.

Chance: (Chuckles) Then I was right. This is payback, isn't it?

Chloe: No, it's not payback.

Chance: Oh.

Chloe: It's about-- it's about sharing new adventures together.

Chance: Sharing? Yeah. Right. "Adventures" are right.

Chloe: Yes.

Chance: Okay.

Ryder: Hey, do you guys, uh, want some more coffee?

Chloe: Uh, no, we were actually just taking off.

Chance: Uh, let me ask you something real quick. What do you think about the Backstreet Boys?

Ryder: Who?

Chance: I rest my case.

Chloe: Oh, please.

Chance: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Chloe: He looks like a Backstreet Boy.

Chance: (Scoffs)

Ryder: You can't be here.

Daisy: (Sighs) I know, but I'm pissed. Eden saw me hugging you.

Ryder: Damn.

Daisy: Now we need to get our story straight, so listen up. I was chewing you out for harassing Lauren, okay? You had a meltdown. I felt sorry for you. I gave you a hug. That's the end of it.

Ryder: Oh, great. So I'm the loser again-- "Rat boy," shunned by everyone. You know what, Daisy? It sucks.

Daisy: Stick to the plan, Ryder.

Ryder: Maybe I don't want to.

Daisy: (Scoffs) Excuse me?

Ryder: I like having a brother, Daisy. I like Kevin, and I don't want to screw this up.

Daisy: Well, that's nice, but don't forget you have a sister, too.

Ryder: (Scoffs) You won't let me forget.

Daisy: We need to stick together. We're family, which means you'd better do your part.

Ryder: (Sighs)

Tucker: If I'd known you'd be here, I'd have brought you a gift.

Nikki: You're a very presumptuous man, Mr. McCall.

Tucker: Oh, "Tucker," please. I don't go in for all that formal stuff.

Nikki: Yes, obviously. I see you've gotten very chummy with Katherine lately.

Tucker: I like to know who I'm dealing with. For instance, you, before you married Victor Newman, were an exotic dancer, and quite a good one, from all accounts. Oh, please. Please, don't get me wrong. I think it's fantastic. I have always been a supporter of the arts.

Nikki: How very classy of you to bring it up.

Jill: I hired Paul to dig up that name so you'd know that I accept things the way they are.

Kay: You didn't at first.

Jill: No, I know. I know. I admit that. I was not very gracious, was I?

Kay: Well...

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: You were upset because I wasn't really your mother, but, Jill, I have forgiven you of all that.

Jill: And I have forgiven you, and this gift was my way of proving it, Katherine. I personally happen to think that you deserve to know your daughter, okay? If you're not interested in that, that's fine. That's your call. But please, please, don't shy away from finding this woman 'cause you're afraid of hurting my feelings, because whatever you decide, I am behind you every step of the way.

Phyllis: Hi.

Summer: Daddy, come play?

Nick: (Sighs) Oh, Sweetheart, I, uh, I can't right now. I have to run out for a minute, okay? But I'll be back soon. Come here. You sleep good. Daddy loves you.

Nick: I'll see you later.

Phyllis: Yeah, see ya. Hey. All right, what are we gonna do? Want to color, or you want to read?

 (Wind roaring)

Sharon: (Whimpering)

Adam: (Breathing heavily)

Sharon: Aah!

Adam: Aah!

Sharon: (Screams) Oh, my God!

Adam: Hey, it's all right.

Sharon: Oh, my God. (Glass shatters)

Sharon: Aah! Aah!

Adam: It's all right.

Sharon: (Sobbing)

Adam: Hang on, Sharon. Hang on.

Sharon: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Adam: Here.

Sharon: (Whimpers)

Adam: (Muffled voice) You got it on?

Sharon: (Sobbing)

Lauren: Well, look who's here.

Michael: Came back on her own while you were out searching.

Daisy: It didn't feel right taking off without thanking your brother and Lauren.

Jana: We tried texting you.

Kevin: Were your phones turned off?

Eden: Guess they must have been.

Nikki: I'm sorry to make it such a short trip, but Victor does need me.

Murphy: Oh, we're thrilled you could come.

Tucker: Indeed.

Chance: The, uh, car's warming up as we speak.

Nikki: Oh.

Chloe: Yeah, and I don't think you'll hit too much traffic on the way to the airport.

Nikki: Okay, thank you.

Nina: Have a safe trip back, okay?

Jill: And wish Victor a merry Christmas for me.

Nikki: Yes. Yes.

Kay: (Stammers) But before we say our good-byes, I, uh, need to apologize to Jill.

Jill: Apologize for what, Katherine?

Kay: Do you know you gave me an incredible gift this evening?

Jill: (Sighs)

Kay: And I wasn't very gracious about it, but it did take me by surprise.

Jill: Well, that's understandable.

Kay: You listen to me, and you listen to me well. You are my daughter. No, D.N.A. be damned. But if there is another daughter out there wondering about me, then I want her found, because now I'm wondering about her. Thank you.

Jill: (Chuckles)

Woman: (Belches) Mmm. Hit me again. Mmm.

Phyllis: "...Manger, sweet the song. The steeple rises to the star."

Nick: (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Nick Newman. The jet's on its way back already? What?! A storm? How severe? How long have they been out of radio contact? Okay, I'm on my way.

(Wind roaring)

Adam: (Gasping)

Sharon: (Sobs)

Adam: Sharon.

Sharon: (Sobs)

Adam: (Loudly) Sharon! Listen! Can you hear me?

Sharon: (Gasping) (Sobbing)

Adam: (Breathing heavily)

Sharon: (Sobs)

Adam: (Breathing heavily)

Sharon: (Sobbing) (Breathing heavily) (Gasping) Aah! Aah!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: My gosh.

Neil: Malcolm.

Phyllis: How much of my life is gonna be spent waiting for my husband?

Man: We're getting reports there's smoke out near a wildlife reserve.

Nick: Smoke like f-from a plane crash?

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