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Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/12/09 -- Canada; Friday 11/13/09 -- U.S.A.


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Mac: All right, guys, we're closing up early tonight. I called you a cab.

Cane: All right, Billy, don't let this decision be about you, me and your ego, all right? Why don't you just think about Lily?

Billy: Oh, so now you're hiding behind Lily the same way you hid behind my mother, behind Katherine? Oh, boy, you sure are pathetic.

Cane: All right, listen, what Delia meant to you, all right, this baby will mean to Lily.

Billy: Delia?

Cane: Yeah.

Billy: You mean my daughter, that baby, the daughter you tried to take from me? I tell you what, Cane-- Lily can have her baby without using my girlfriend as an incubator, and, you, well, you can go straight to hell.

Mac: Cane? Cane, I'll handle this, okay?

Cane: (Sighs)

Mac: Come on.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Mac: You have completely crossed the line.

Paul: Hi.

Emily: Oh, hi.

Paul: How's Patty?

Emily: Um, much the same. It's safer in her mind to live in the past-- those few precious days when she and Jack were happily married. Yeah. I do get some glimpses of awareness, but they're few and far between.

Paul: Well, it's getting harder to hope that it's ever gonna change.

Emily: Okay, don't give up. You know, she needs reassurance that we're not gonna abandon her when she's honest with us and with herself.

(Cell phone vibrates)

Emily: Excuse me.

Paul: You can take that if you want.

Emily: No. No, it can wait. Come on.

Jack: Hi, Emily. It's Jack Abbott. Listen... (Sighs) I-I don't like the impression I left the last time we talked when I was defending Phyllis. I-I don't condone the use of threats or harsh tactics with Patty. I know she's a victim in this, too, but if you maybe changed your mind about me talking to her-- I mean, with--with you there mediating-- I just want you to know I'd--I'd be very sensitive to that. Uh, give--give me a call.

(Footsteps approaching)

Phyllis: Jack? Jack, can you help me, please? It's Daniel. Please help me.

Jack: What? Is he hurt?

Phyllis: Uh, no, no, no. Worse. He's engaged... to Amber. I've tried to make peace with it. I tried to. I tried to, but I can't. I can't!

Amber: (Laughs) So you really want to do this, huh, right here right now? And it's--

Daniel: It means, uh, no big ceremony, no deejay, no flying doves, no hang gliding.

Amber: I don't need any of that. (Sighs) I just need you. Come here. (Laughs) Mm!

Daniel: Mm. Mm. Mm. We need--we need witnesses. We need those.

Amber: Oh, yes, yes, yes. We need, uh, Jana, and--and--

Daniel: And Kevin.

Amber: Yeah, yeah. Oh, they're gonna freak out.

Daniel: And what else? What else do we need?

Amber: Um, we need someone to, you know, to--to--

Daniel: Officiate?

Amber: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Daniel: Okay. We need someone to officiate.

Kay: Oh. Gee! Well, am I intruding?

Jack: I don't understand why you're surprised. You knew Daniel was getting back together with Amber.

Phyllis: No, he's just scared. He's just scared. That's it, e-especially since they seem to be resurrecting those murder charges.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. They found they guy that did that.

Phyllis: Yeah, but--but he-- he--he confessed, but he lied. He had an alibi. And so the only other suspect is my son. Listen, he--he just needs something solid to hold on to. I-I think that's what he's thinking, as if--as if Amber were solid, given her history.

Jack: I don't really know her history.

Phyllis: Oh, ho. You don't? Oh, let me tell you. Um, criminality, scandal, lies, not to mention she had a baby that wasn't even her husband's. Ha. Don't look at me like that. We're nothing alike. My situation was entirely different, entirely different, not to mention that my son has, um, what? A penchant for impulsive marriages.

Jack: Well, wait a minute. Marriages?

Phyllis: You--whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (Stammers) Jack, it--one marriage. One marriage-- isn't that enough? He should be listening to me.

Jack: Okay, okay, okay. Stop. Stop. Breathe.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Jack: Breathe.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Jack: You know how I feel about Daniel.

Phyllis: I do. I do. That's why I came to you. That's why I wanted to seek you out because you could talk to him.

Jack: I'm not gonna get involved.

Phyllis: Why not?

Jack: Because I respect him. Because he's a grown man. Because he should be able to make his own mistakes, if indeed, this is a mistake.

Phyllis: If, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if!

Jack: Okay. Li-li-listen to me. Let's assume this marriage is a disaster.

Phyllis: Why, yes. Thank you.

Jack: Okay?

Phyllis: Yes!

Jack: Wouldn't you want to be the one he turns to when it all falls apart? You won't be if you don't support him now.

Phyllis: Ahh. (Laughs) Right.

Jack: What?

Phyllis: Okay, I get it. Because the wedding isn't until June. Hmm.

Jack: Yeah, there's a lot of time for him to change his mind.

Phyllis: Yeah. (Laughs) You're good, Jack. There's a lot of time for me to make him change his mind is what you're saying. Great. (Claps hands together)

Kay: Married? Tonight?

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Amber: I know, it's kind of crazy.

Kay: Yeah, well, that was what was going on before you-- you're pushing each other away. That's why I've been trying to find you, to knock some sense into you both.

Daniel: Well, well, well, we appreciate the thought, but we kind of figured it out for ourselves.

Amber: (Giggling) Yeah.

Kay: Really? Uh, well, all--all right. Um, mm, what can I do? Ah! You need a minister. Yes.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. We don't want a minister. We don't want the hassle.

Amber: No. Yeah.

Kay: Well, someone has to officiate.

Daniel: Well, we-- maybe you could do it.

Amber: Yeah.

Kay: I--me?

Daniel: Yeah--yeah, you. We'll get you ordained online. Look, a lot of my friends have done it before. (Snaps fingers) It's really easy on the internet.

Kay: (Stammering)

Amber: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, please, please say yes.

Kay: Yes, yes, yes.

Amber: Yes?

Kay: Well, why the hell not? Okay, yes, I'll do it.

Daniel: Yes!

Amber: Yay! Oh! That's great!

Daniel: I'm gonna go tell Kevin and Jana.

Amber: Oh, yes! Do it! Do it! Do it! Oh!

Kay: Okay. Go. Go, go, go, go, go.

Amber: (Squeals, giggles)

Kay: (Chuckles) Oh, what are you gonna wear?

Amber: Oh, who cares?

Kay: Yeah, well, you are in a state, aren't you, Sweetheart? An--ah! Aha! Aha! Uh, Lauren. Call Lauren. Call Lauren now.

Amber: Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good idea. She'll have something. Yeah.

Kay: Yeah. Of course.

Amber: Yeah, she will.

Kay: Of course. Oh, good. You've got your cell.

Amber: Yeah. I'm sure she could deliver, too, huh, yeah?

Kay: Huh. Huh.

(Cell phone rings)

Lauren: Hey, Amber.

Amber: Hi, Lauren. What are you doing right now?

Lauren: Well, I'm just at Trumble’s. I dropped Daisy off, and I'm looking for knock-knock jokes for my little comedian.

Amber: Um, I'm kind of having a fashion emergency. Um, I'm getting married, like, right this second.

Lauren: Are you serious?

Amber: (Squeals) Yes, but I don't have a thing to wear.

Lauren: Well, I have the perfect dress for you! Okay, so where's the wedding?

Amber: (Laughs) On the rooftop of our apartment.

Lauren: I-I will be there in an instant. That's great! Bye!

Daisy: Amber's getting married?

Lauren: Yeah, spur of the moment, you know, on their rooftop.

Daisy: So romantic.

Lauren: I know. I know. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

Daisy: Give Amber my best.

Lauren: I will.

Mac: Disagree with me, fine. But don't ever, ever speak for me. I have a right to my own voice and my own opinions.

Billy: We're not talking about opinions here. We're talking about a baby. This is a massive undertaking. It's a big decision.

Mac: Yeah, it's my decision.

Billy: Okay. So my feelings are irrelevant?

Mac: No, they're not irrelevant, but they're--

Billy: But they're what?

Mac: (Sighs) They're unforgiving. You can't let go of what Cane did to your family, no matter how sorry he is, no matter how much he's changed.

Billy: Oh, he's changed? He changed, really? Let's see. Let's see. Uh, first, he tries to take my place in my mother's life, and then he tries to take my place in my kid's life, and now he wants my girlfriend to be the mother of his child?

Mac: Lily will be the mother.

Billy: Honey, come on. You give your heart away to strangers. You're gonna tell me that you're gonna have a baby inside of you for nine months, and you're not gonna create a bond?

Mac: I'm sure that there will be a bond, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

Billy: That's a bad thing. That's a very bad thing. Having an unbreakable tie to Cane and his kid for the rest of our lives is a bad thing. You can't--it's not fair for you to force me into this.

Mac: Is it fair that Lily has cancer? Is it fair that she had to have a hysterectomy?

Billy: No, it's not, but you know what? She can--she can find another surrogate in an ever-shrinking pool of people that Cane hasn't screwed over.

Mac: Then I miss my chance to do something beautiful for people that I love. I was so excited for you and supportive when you bought "Restless Style."

Billy: All right, now I'm confused. What are you talking about?

Mac: This is my "Restless Style." This is my chance to do something that expresses who I am, what I believe in, what I think life is about.

Billy: Baby, that's a magazine.

Mac: (Sighs)

Billy: It's just a magazine. If--if I fail, if I get in trouble, I can walk away. It's a magazine. If you get in trouble, you--

Mac: I will be careful. There are safeguards built into the process to make sure that--that--

Billy: S-safeguards? I mean, you don't know what you're talking about, okay? I didn't know what I was talking about. Before I saw Delia, I thought--I honestly thought that I could just walk away and just hand her off, and I couldn't do it.

Mac: (Sighs) This is an entirely different situation. I will be giving the baby over to its parents. It's a miracle, and I'll be proud to be a part of it. And that moment will Lily holds her baby in her arms, whatever I had to go through will be worth it.

Billy: Yeah, well, what if that moment doesn't come? What if Lily dies and doesn't make it? And it's a real possibility that that could happen.

Mac: Well, that's something that Lily and Cane need to work out. They--they need to find provisions.

Billy: They have found provisions. They have you.

Mac: Billy.

Billy: A poor, motherless child and a grieving husband-- I can hear you right now. You're gonna tell me, "Billy, I can't walk away from these people." But you can call me unforgiving. You can call me selfish. You can say anything you want to about me, but I cannot sign up for this.

Mac: I'm not signing up for this. This isn't what we're even fighting about. We're so different. We have different goals, different values.

Billy: How can two people make a life together...?

Mac: Maybe they can't.

Billy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

Jana: (Sighs) No, no, no, no. Daniel, you cannot do this.

Daniel: What are you talking about? Amber's happy.

Jana: That's not what I mean. You cannot get married on Friday the 13th.

Kevin: (Groans)

Daniel: (Laughs)

Ryder: Married? Wow.

Daniel: You're not invited.

Kevin: Look, its Saturday the 14th somewhere.

Daniel: Yeah, exactly, so can we go, please?

Jana: (Sighs) You know what? We have to get changed first, don't we?

Daniel: Are you stalling right now?

Kevin: Okay, you know what? We'll meet you there, and we will be there.

Daniel: Okay.

Kevin: Wait, wait. Hold on. Where's there?

Daniel: Uh, the-- the rooftop garret!

Jana: Oh, my God. I don't like this, Kev. I don't like this one bit.

Kevin: Jana, it's gonna be great. Mwah! You're gonna be okay here?

Ryder: Yeah. Yeah. Go. Have fun.

Kevin: Okay, come on. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Jana: It's the 13th.

Kevin: It's gonna be-- it's gonna be fine. By the time we get there...

Gloria: Ooh. (Shivering) Where's Kevin?

Ryder: Oh, he, uh, he just left.

Gloria: Hmm.

Ryder: But I'm glad you're here. It gives us a-a chance to talk.

Gloria: About what?

Ryder: Well, I just-- I think it's weird that we haven't yet, given that I'm Tom's son.

Gloria: Hmm.

Lily: Hey. Good news. I get released tomorrow.

Cane: Oh! That is terrific. And after the doctor said-- mm-- they're gonna keep you for a couple more days.

Lily: Nope. The doctor is amazed at my powers of recuperation. But I couldn't tell him my secret, though, because Mac can't offer to carry a baby for all his patients.

Cane: Hey, you do know if this doesn't work out, we will find a way to make it happen. You know that, right?

Lily: Why wouldn't it work out? Did Mac say something to you?

Cane: Um, it's Billy. He's trying to talk her out of it.

Billy: We don't agree on this thing, that's it. It doesn't mean that we--

Mac: We don't agree on a lot of things, Billy, really important things.

Billy: Well, we're not the same person, okay, thank God, because there is not enough room for two Billy Abbotts in this world, you know? Come on.

Mac: You know, I actually tried to be more like you. I tried to be impulsive and reckless. I did things that I never thought I would. I slept with a married man. I broke up a family. I broke Raul's heart.

Billy: We couldn't stay with other people when we knew that we belonged together.

Mac: Did we know that? You have your doubts, too.

Billy: No, I don't have doubts.

Mac: Then why did you hesitate to sign the divorce papers?

Billy: Oh, come on. Why are we on this again? I already explained this to you.

Mac: Yeah, and I pretended to accept your explanation, because neither one of us is ready to face the fact that maybe this just isn't gonna work out.

Billy: Just stop, okay? Would you just stop, all right? You're overreacting. It--that's it.

Mac: We're always pulling each other in different directions.

Billy: We're not that far apart, okay? Except for Cane, it-- (Sighs) You're just too good-hearted to see what--

Mac: There! Right there!

Billy: There what?

Mac: "Too good-hearted"-- that's how you see me.

Billy: That's what I love about you.

Mac: Really?

Billy: Yeah.

Mac: You love my reaction to the "Restless Style" articles? And when Victor was in the hospital dying, and you didn't want him to have Colleen's heart?

Billy: But you understood.

Mac: I understood, but I saw it so differently.

Billy: But you still supported me.

Mac: And you're asking me to do it again with Lily and Cane. You're asking me to go against something that I believe in.

Billy: You're asking me to do that.

Mac: This is what I'm talking about. This keeps coming up, because the things that we believe in are so different.

Billy: I have a slightly more negative opinion of certain people-- Cane and Victor-- that's it. I mean, but it's not a big deal, okay, as long as we don't start having their children. I mean, all that really matters is that we love each other. You still love me, right?

Mac: I'll always love you.

Billy: Well, there. Boom. That's it. That's--that's all that matters.

Mac: I'm not sure it is.

Billy: You can't—

(Clears throat)

Paul: I brought something for you.

Patty: (Gasps) Oh, is that my wedding album?

Paul: No. (Sighs) It's from when we were kids. Come here. Remember that?

Patty: Oh, that's my birthday.

Paul: Yeah. The infamous green cake.

Patty: Huh. Why did Mom let me do that?

Paul: (Scoffs) Because you insisted.

Patty: Yeah, I know. But nobody ate it, because it was green.

Paul: Hey, I ate it.

Patty: Yes, you did. (Laughs) I'm gonna have to show Jack these when he gets home. (Sighs)

Paul: (Sighs)

Patty: Oh! This is when I almost drowned, remember?

Paul: What?

Patty: In the Sadowskys' pool. I went over to pet their cat, and I fell in and you saved me.

Paul: Oh, yeah. Hmm. I'd completely forgotten about that.

Patty: I didn't. You're always there to rescue me-- St. Jude's and in the woods. I haven't forgotten, Pauly. I haven't.

Paul: (Sighs)

Jack: You got my message.

Emily: Yes. I appreciate your offer to want to help Patty.

Jack: But you're turning me down.

Emily: Uh, I still think the best thing you can do to help her is to stay away.

Jack: (Sighs)

Emily: If you want to help me, though, perhaps you'll let me join you?

Jana: Hey, these are from last Christmas.

Amber: Feels like Christmas, doesn't it?

Jana: Um, no. It feels like Friday the 13th.

Kevin: Mm.

Kay: Aha!

Daniel: Okay, we got one marriage license and one certificate of ordination.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Murphy: Already?

Kay: Oh, I would have been twice as fast had I been able to use my initials, but, no! Use full name, Katherine.

Daniel: Well, that's because I'm old school. What is this? Who the hell did this?

Murphy: All right, don't look at me. I just took delivery. She ordered it.

Amber: Thank you, Mrs. C.

Lauren: Hi! Wow, this looks great.

Kay: Lauren.

Lauren: Really nice.

Daniel: Lauren, yes. Exactly who we were waiting for. Amber--dress.

Amber: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Thank you!

Lauren: Here you go. Come on, let's go downstairs.

Amber: Oh, I'm so excited.

Jana: Wait.

Lauren: Here you go.

Amber: I know. I'm getting married.

Murphy: Hey, it's great to see you happy again.

Daniel: Thank you.

Kay: Ah, especially since that nightmarish almost-wedding of Amber's to--

Daniel: Whoa. Whoa. No, no, no. You don't say that guy's name, not tonight.

Kevin: Come on, we got some more lights to take care of.

Daniel: All right.

Kay: (Sighs) I'm a minister. (Laughs) Oh, God.

Ryder: Kevin and I had the same father, but we sure had different mothers.

Gloria: Really? I thought you said you barely knew your mother.

Ryder: Yeah, I mean, but that's--that's what I mean. She took off, not like you. You were--you were really there for Kevin, at least, that's what he says. (Laughs)

Gloria: Hmm. He does, huh?

Ryder: It would have made all the difference, having somebody around I-I could have counted on. That's how I look at Kevin now.

Gloria: And how are we supposed to look at you, Ryder? You say yourself the only parenting you ever had was from Tom Fisher.

Ryder: I'm nothing like him. What I mean is, uh, I go out of my way to--to be his opposite. Look, I-I don't blame you for having your doubts. I know it takes time for people to trust an outsider, especially people who grew up with Tom.

Gloria: Hmm. (Sighs)

Ryder: Um, I got to do a refill. Daniel and Amber are getting married.

Deacon: (Scoffs) That's hardly news.

Ryder: Tonight-- his rooftop.

Phyllis: Oh.

Deacon: Congratulations.

Phyllis: For what?

Deacon: Your son's wedding. I just heard.

Phyllis: But n-- that's not happening for a while, if ever.

Deacon: Well, I guess I was misinformed. I heard it was happening right now on his rooftop.

Phyllis: Huh. I just--I-I left something out that's...

Emily: If you could tell me more about your relationship with Patty, details-- at the very least, it might help me tease out which of her memories are real and which of them are imagined.

Jack: Well, I can make that real easy for you. If they were bad, it was real.

Emily: Well, there must be some pleasant ones.

Jack: Well, if there were, I don't remember. I wasn't paying attention. As I told you, my main focus back then was myself. I wanted to be president of Jabot, and if that meant taking advantage of a sweet young woman like Patty and marrying her without any intention of following my vows, that's what I did, that and worse.

Emily: Yeah, she told me the horror stories.

Jack: And I don't have any excuses. I mean, no childhood is perfect, but I had a pretty good one, and my--my dad was a great role model.

Emily: Yeah, Patty spoke of him fondly.

Jack: Yeah, everybody does-- not about me, though, and certainly not about me back then.

Emily: So Patty wasn't the only one you mistreated?

Jack: Oh, no. I was an equal opportunity jerk. I treated everybody like their sole purpose on earth was to help me get what I wanted. You look surprised. Patty didn't tell you that?

Emily: Um, she did. Honestly, I didn't expect you to open up about it.

Jack: I don't have any time to polish up my past, not if I want to make my future better, and I do.

Emily: Mm. Do you mind me asking what changed for you?

Jack: I don't know if it was any one thing. My--my dad dying had a big impact on me. And Sh--

Emily: Hmm?

Jack: My last marriage, I learned quite a lot.

Emily: Well, at least you're willing to learn.

Jack: Funny-- the more I learn, the more I realize just how clueless I was back then. And I also see how clearly my brother is following in my footsteps.

Emily: Billy.

Jack: Boy, is he. Billy's got a long way to go.

Billy: All right, I admit that you're a better person than I'm ever gonna be.

Mac: (Sighs) That's not what I'm saying. I don't judge you.

Billy: Oh, yes, you do. You do. You certainly do. And--and fine. Okay. I will admit that I-- that I'm hotheaded, and I'm vindictive, and you know what? I'm a little sleazy. But I won't ever give up on you. I wouldn't give up on us.

Mac: Maybe you should.

Billy: The six years I spent without you, that was my own personal hell. There wasn't a day that I didn't ask God to undo what happened, and he did, okay? So don't ask me to let you go again. He gave us our second chance, and there's a reason why he did so, and it's because we belong together.

Lily: (Sighs) I should have realized. Of course Billy would have an issue with it.

Cane: Hey, listen, his issue is with me, 'cause I'm the guy who tried to take his daughter away from him.

Lily: Right, and now he wants to do the same thing to you, deny you the chance to have a baby.

Cane: All right, Sweetheart, listen. All right, if Mac changes her mind, we will still find a way to have this baby.

Lily: I know. There are professional surrogates. I mean, we'd have to start looking, but... (Sighs) Oh, just the way that Mac volunteered like that the same day we decided to try, it just--it felt like a sign, you know? Like things were working out the way they were meant to.

Cane: And they still will.

Billy: You can't just walk away from me.

Mac: We're just gonna start resenting each other.

Billy: That's not gonna happen.

Mac: We've been holding on to this idea of what we could have been for six years. It didn't happen. (Sniffles) We're not the same people we were when we got married. And even then, it might not have worked out.

Billy: It's working. It's working. Come on, we're happy. Y-you're right, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have given you the ultimatum. It was too much pressure. I apologize.

Mac: If it wasn't the surrogacy, it would have been something else.

Billy: Are you telling me, even if I support you in this, that you're gonna walk away, that you're done?

Gloria: It's true. We really haven't had a chance to get to know each other.

Ryder: I thought we'd be working together.

Gloria: Oh, ho ho. My ship already came in.

Ryder: (Laughs)

Gloria: Well, it's pulling into the dock, anyway. (Laughs) Ryder, I'm not doing this for the income. I'm just helping my son out in a pinch-- good mother.

Ryder: (Laughs) Well, he's lucky.

Gloria: You be sure and remind him of that.

Ryder: I'm--I'm sure he doesn't need reminding.

Gloria: (Laughs)

Ryder: Oh--oh, my God. Um, you know, I-I've got to go run an errand real fast. Do you mind just--just watching after the counter for just a minute? I promise. Just one--

Gloria: Ryder, Ryder, you can't leave!

Ryder: Thank you so much.

Gloria: Get-- I've got plans. (Sighs)

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Deacon: Is there something you'd like to say to me?

Gloria: Hmm. I'm just surprised you're still hanging around since your little scheme fell through.

Deacon: I think you'd be surprised how much this town still has to offer me.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Kevin: You ready?

Murphy: Yeah. Yeah. We're good.

Daniel: Mm.

Kevin: How about you? You ready?

Daniel: (Sighs)

Kay: (Clears throat)

Kevin: (Wolf whistles) Work it, girl.

Lauren: Oh, yeah! Whoo!

Kay: (Laughs)

Lauren: Beautiful!

Amber: (Sighs) (Giggles) (Sighs)

Daniel: (Clears throat)

Murphy: Now you treat her nice, you hear?

Daniel: (Laughs) I don't think you have to worry about that.

Murphy: Take it away.

Kay: Mm. All right.

Amber: (Sighs)

Kay: Ah, here we are. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this evening to give thanks and praise to this man and this woman"... who have finally come to their senses.

Phyllis: (Breathing heavily) Whew! Am I too late?

Kay: (Laughing)

Patty: (Laughs)

Paul: (Laughs) Yeah.

Patty: That's when, uh, you gave Todd your tooth fairy money.

Paul: Well, yeah, he was the one who knocked my tooth out. It seemed only fair.

Patty: (Laughs)

Paul: I was such a dope.

Patty: No, you weren't.

Paul: Mm.

Patty: You were my hero. Mm.

Paul: I don't feel like your hero. I feel like I let you down. You know, if I only had handled things differently at St. Jude's--

Patty: Shh. No, no, no. I saw a ship go sailing a-sailing on the sea and it was deeply laden with pretty things for me.

Both: There were raisins in the cabin and almonds in the hold the sails were made of silk and the mast was made of gold.

Patty: (Humming "I saw a ship a-sailing") I love you. (Humming)

Paul: I love you, too.

Patty: Ba dum a dum ba dum (Laughs)

Emily: (Clears throat)

Jack: You sure I can't buy you another drink?

Emily: Mm. No, thanks. One is my limit.

Jack: I'm sure you're also tired of hearing all my true confessions.

Emily: Well, Patty told me what you were like during your marriage, so it's no surprise. I take that back. I am surprised that you know who you were back then. That kind of self-awareness is rare.

Jack: Don't give me too much credit. Kind of hard to keep thinking you're God's gift when somebody like Patty is suffering because of you.

Emily: It's a heavy burden to carry. Most people wouldn't try.

Jack: Yeah. For better or for worse, I'm not most people.

Emily: For better, Jack, definitely better.

Phyllis: (Breathing heavily) June, June-- what happened to June? It's a lovely time for a wedding--June.

Daniel: What-- what are you doing? You gave us your blessing, remember?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I gave June my blessing.

Daniel: Sorry? (Laughs)

Amber: Yeah, I get it. I get it. It was just a-a date circled on a calendar before...

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Amber: And now it's staring you in the face.

Phyllis: Um, I-I-I-I want you to think about this.

Daniel: We're kind of past that point right now.

Phyllis: No, we're not. No, no. No, no, no. No, we're not. I-I really want you to think about this. I really can't let you do it.

Daniel: Oh, my God, Mom.

Phyllis: No, I can't. I can't.

Amber: You know what? No, you know what? You're scared. You're scared. I would be, too.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amber: Someone with my past is marrying your son. It's like a disaster waiting to happen, except it won't be.

Phyllis: Yeah, it will be.

Amber: No. No, it won't. He is my best friend, and I am his, and--and that--that was true before we fell in love. In fact, that's why we fell in love. And we're gonna have problems. Everyone has problems. But that won't be because I don't respect him and appreciate him and put him first. Because I will. That's my vow to you, hmm?

Lauren: Come on. You can do this. Come on.

Phyllis: Oh, for God sake. Oh, for God sake.

Lauren: Come on.

Daniel: You want to stay and cheer us on, hmm? Stay?

Lauren: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'll stay. I cannot go.

Daniel: You'll stay! You're gonna stay! (Laughs) Come on!

Lauren: I've got her. Come on. (Indistinct conversation)

Daniel: (Clears throat)

Amber: Okay.

Kay: Now I, uh... I assume you have the rings?

Amber: Oh! (Laughs) We--we forgot.

Kay: Oh.

Amber: Um, I-I have my engagement ring.

Kay: Oh, yeah, you do.

Daniel: I don't have one.

Kevin: Here. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Here, here, here. Here.

Kay: Oh. Oh. Oh, bless you.

Daniel: Oh, perfect. Uh, how's this? This do?

Amber: Yeah?

Kay: (Laughs) Uh, this is a wedding, uh, like no other, but isn't that perfect for Daniel and Amber? Uh, because they're such a unique couple. Now I have, um, witnessed, as I'm sure many of you have, their love story as it's unfolded. And though there's been many ups and down, I, uh, I have never once doubted-- not once-- that these two belong together.

Amber: Yeah, you and I may have been the only ones, Mrs. C.

Kay: Oh.

Amber: You know, even Dr. Drew and Stryker told us to call it quits. I wonder what they would say if they knew Herve and Marina actually got together?

Daniel: I'd say it's a safe bet that, uh, it wouldn't make it past the censors.

Amber: (Giggles)

Kay: (Laughs)

Amber: We have both gone through so much to get to this point. But we did it. We made it. I've always gotten so close to my dreams, but for some reason, they, um, they always came crashing down around me, and it--it was usually because of something stupid I did. I am so glad you hung in there.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Amber: 'Cause even when we were apart, you never really let go. Once you give your heart to something or someone, you're just in it all the way. It's like those sketches that you drew for me when you were on tour with your dad. You could have just sent me pictures of all of the great places that you'd been, but you wanted me to see it through your eyes. You wanted to share yourself with me. And after you've given me everything, I want to give all myself to you.

Daniel: (Laughs)

Amber: I'm just afraid all the crazy stuff I do kind of goes along with it. (Sniffles)

Daniel: Well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Amber: (Sighs) I love you so much. I can't believe in just a few minutes, I'm gonna be your wife! (Laughs)

Daniel: (Laughs)

Amber: Come here. (Sniffles) (Laughs)

Paul: And look, this was your first communion.

Patty: (Humming "I saw a ship a-sailing")

Paul: Look at Mom. She waited so long for a girl. Do you remember that girl's name?

Patty: (Humming)

Paul: Patty? Patty, do you remember who that is?

Patty: If Jack ever tried to leave me for someone else, I'd hurt him again. I can't help myself, Pauly. I just don't want to lose him again. (Humming)

Paul: (Sighs)

Jack: We should do this again sometime, not by accident.

Emily: (Clears throat)

Jack: Come out with me on a date.

Emily: (Inhales sharply) (Music playing) ("A smile like this" begins to play)

Billy: Huh. (Groans) (Laughs) Perfect. (Song continues playing) (Song continues playing)

Mac: Hi.

Cane: Hey.

Mac: Don't worry, "Operation Ashby" is still a go.

Lily: (Sighs) Oh, my gosh!

Cane: Come here.

Lily: (Laughs) Yes! Thank you!

Daniel: You know, words aren't really my thing. I think in images. So if you asked me to define "Love" for you, I don't know if I could do it. But I know that I could tell you what it looks like, and it looks like me and you. And that picture will always last. No matter what happens in the future, nothing can take that away from us, and nothing could ever change that. And even if we can't be together in the same place, I-I know that we will always be together, and that's forever.

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: (Laughs)

Kay: No, hey-- (Stammers)

Daniel: You-- you are my world. I'm not finished. You are my world.

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: And, you know, saying "To hell with it" tonight and asking you to marry me right here on this rooftop... (Laughs) Surrounded by all of our friends, well, I think that's probably the best damn idea I've ever had. (Laughs)

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: Yeah.

Amber: Now you kiss--

Kay: Oh, yeah, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on. I mean, this is the only part that I really know. I don't need this. Yes.

Daniel: (Laughs)

Kay: All right, now it goes like this-- by the power vested in me by, uh, who--whoever it was...

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: (Laughs)

Kay: Uh, I now pronounce this man and this woman be husband and wife, and, uh, Danny Romalotti, you marvelous human being, you may kiss your magnificent bride.

Amber: (Squeals) (Laughs) (Applause)

Amber: Mm.

Lauren: So great.

Daniel: Ho!

Kevin: Hey!

Daniel: Ho!

Amber: Hey! (Giggles)

Murphy: Congratulations.

Phyllis: (Mouthing words)

Amber: Yay!

Lauren: Yay! Come on! Come on!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

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Eden: What do you want?

Ryder: Inside scoop on the Baldwin/Fisher clan.

Jana: This present is addressed to Lauren.

Michael: Open, open, open.

Lauren: Okay.

Michael: Aah!

Lauren: Aah!

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