Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/29/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/29/09 -- Canada; Friday 10/30/09 -- U.S.A.


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Sharon: Oh, my goodness, you're so cute! Look at you. What a cute kitty. I think I just ran out of kitty treats. Will candy be okay?

Girl: Uh-huh.

Sharon: Okay. Here's some chocolate.

Girl: Thank you.

Sharon: Ooh, you are a scary vampire. Here, I'm giving you some chocolate. And a beautiful girl and her puppy. Happy Halloween! (Laughs) Have fun.

[Sharon remembering]

Sharon: When did you put this together?

Victor: This afternoon, although I was indirectly prompted to do so by your husband.

Sharon: Oh, you were, huh?

Nick: So, uh, what do you think, Squirt?

Cassie: I love it.

Ashley: So you broke the news to Victoria and Nick?

Victor: Yes. They understand the situation. The cardiac rehabilitation place in Belgium is cutting-edge, and I won't be gone forever.

Ashley: Well, don't expect Abby to be quite as understanding. She's barely spoken to me since I told her about the divorce, and when she hears that you're leaving Genoa City--

Abby: You're leaving?

Victor: (Sighs) Yes, my sweetheart.

Victoria: You and Daddy running off... (Chuckles)

Nikki: To a medical clinic-- hardly a honeymoon.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I know, but it's still romantic, spontaneous. I'd always hoped that you guys--

Nikki: Well, I-- I figured-- I-I did, too, deep down. I couldn't even admit it to myself.

Victoria: I'm happy for you, Mom. (Sighs) And I'm jealous.

Nikki: What's going on? Is this about J.T. going to New York for that job interview, or is there something more?

Victoria: (Sighs) I cheated on him, Mom.

Nikki: Okay. Um, are--are you in love with this person?

Victoria: No. No, it was-- (Sighs) It was a horrible, awful-- oh, it was such a mistake.

Nikki: Oh, Sweetheart. Does J.T. know?

Victoria: He hit him. Deacon Sharpe--he hit him. He punched him in a stockholders' meeting, and the press was there. Eventually, someone is going to ask why he punched him, and they're gonna figure it out. (Scoffs) The whole world could find out that I broke my vows.

Phyllis: S.E.C. investigation... Deacon Sharpe... Victor Newman... oh, my. "Meanwhile, Victoria was getting a little too close to Deacon Sharpe, 'The white knight.' The shareholder gave a glowing endorsement of the Newman heiress during the S.E.C. scandal. J.T. Hellstrom gave him a beat-down for his efforts. 'Stay away from my wife.' Did Sharpe get special compensation-- wink, wink, nudge, nudge--" (Gasps) Ooh. "By Ms. Newman to come to her defense?" "Special compensation."

Nick: All right, Summer's dressed, but Daddy just doesn't have the magic makeup touch, so...

Phyllis: I think you should see this.

Nick: Pictures of you?

Phyllis: (Chuckles) Mm, not really.

Nick: Billy Abbott, you son of a-- (Groans)

Billy: Are you serious? Really? Highest-grossing issue of "Restless Style" ever.

Mac: I guess people really were interested in Victor. Congratulations.

Billy: Yes, thank you. Very nice try, but I-I appreciate the effort.

Mac: No, I'm-- I'm happy for you.

Billy: Mm-hmm. No, man, but-- but just wait till my online article goes viral. We're talking massive hits on the web site. It's gonna be superhot. Uh, let me-- let me call you back later. Hey, Jack. Couldn't stay away from the big bash?

Jack: You just spit in my face one too many times, little brother.

Billy: I know you're ticked that I put Patty in the Victor article.

Jack: I specifically told you to stay away from Patty, and what'd you do? You shined me on?

Billy: Come on, Jack. You're the one who didn't listen to your partners. Remember the Sabrina article? It got you in a lot of heat.

Jack: This time, it affects our family, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, it sure damn does, Jack, because there's an Abbott out there on his own making a success out of his new business. I've already sold more copies of "Restless Style" than any of you ever have. I'm going with my gut, and it's paying off.

Jack: And what? To hell with me?

Billy: Jack, why are you taking this so to heart? It's not about you.

Jack: I am the guy who covered your ass when you got into a world of gambling hurt. I'm the guy who covered your debts. I was your lifeline when you were in Hong Kong, remember?

Billy: Yeah.

Jack: I was the guy when you slept with my--

Billy: All right. All right.

Jack: And I forgave you. I forgave you for that because when I looked in your eye, I saw my little brother, and I knew it was my job to look out for you, and stupidly, I thought maybe you'd be grateful.

Billy: Why don't you check the ego, Jack? This is about Colleen. It's not about you. You might be going all warm and fuzzy because Victor may or may not have taken a bullet for you. That's your call. I don't give a damn. But he got CeeCee killed. He took her heart. I needed Patty in that article to show the world what a S.O.B. he was and what he did to our niece. And if you want to forget about it, fine. That's your business. I'm not going to.

Jack: You have the stones to get sanctimonious with me about family after what you just did to me? I warned you, Billy. You are walking a fine line between a charming good-for-nothing and a genuine good-for-nothing. Congratulations. You just crossed the line.

Billy: Because I'm making the magazine a success you couldn't?

Jack: Wow, you didn't hear a word I said, did you? You know what? I'm through.

Billy: Oh, you're through. You're done?

Jack: I am through with you. Enjoy your record sales. I hope they're worth it.

Billy: Jack, man, don't do this. Come—

(Door slams)

Billy: (Sighs)

Victor: I'm not abandoning you.

Abby: You're leaving.

Victor: But, Sweetheart, so I can come back stronger than ever. So I can watch you graduate from high school and from college and dance at your wedding and hold your first-born baby in my arms.

Abby: But you have a baby now, and if you go, she'll learn how to say "Mommy," but she won't have any reason to say "Dad."

Victor: I'll miss you both very much, and you know that I love you. And your mother loves you, too. But that doesn't mean that you can take advantage of that love. If you feel depressed or blue about something, don't take it out on Mom, okay? And you teach your sister Faith the most important thing is love and respect for family.

Abby: So this is it?

Victor: Come here. I'll be back before you know it. I promise.

Abby: I'm meeting friends at Crimson Lights. I-I don't want to be late.

Victor: Okay. You go, if that's all right with your mother.

Ashley: Yeah, it's fine. Honey, just make sure you call me if you go someplace else, okay?

Victor: Okay.

Abby: Bye.

Ashley: Well, I know it's not easy to be the scapegoat for all of life's traumas, but thank you for trying.

Victor: You two have each other.

Ashley: Yes. Um, given how strained our relationship has been, it was--it was, uh, it was nice of you.

Victor: Yeah. I know I've upset you a great deal.

Ashley: And now Billy has shown the world everything about Colleen and Patty Williams and you, and I just want you to know I-I did tell him that I was totally disgusted by that.

Victor: Well, he thinks he has the right to malign me, as does your brother Jack.

Ashley: Well, I guess you could put me on that list, too. I mean, I have blamed you for our marriage falling apart. (Sighs) But you know what? In truth, Victor, I'm responsible, too.

Nick: An affair.

Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, maybe Billy made it up.

Nick: (Sighs) I evict him from the office, and he comes after my family again.

Phyllis: You know, he's kind of like "Jack 2.0," except he's sleazier. Jack was never this sleazy. You know, he's gonna get a lot of traffic on restlessstyle.com.

Nick: Yeah, well, it won't last. He doesn't have an office space. He's in over his head. This whole thing may fold soon.

Phyllis: I want to hurt him.

Nick: What are you thinking?

Phyllis: Some really evil things.

(Knock on door)

Phyllis: I just need a phone number.

Nick: (Sighs) Adam, what do you need?

Adam: I have some papers. I need your signature. If you sign these now, I can have my driver take me back to the office tonight.

Nick: What are they for?

Adam: The Carnelli deal. Their attorney called to give us a heads-up. There is another interested party.

Nick: And you had some papers drawn up. I think there's something wrong with you. I tell you to back off, and you just keep pushing.

Adam: I'm protecting our family business, Nick.

Nick: You're pulling the same garbage you always do. What is it about following orders that you just don't get?

Adam: Do you want this deal to fall through?

Nick: Okay, Adam, listen. I'm gonna say this to you one last time. You don't take calls that are meant for me. You don't negotiate contracts, and you don't have papers drawn up. You are not gonna be able to weasel your way into my position. You will never have what's mine.

Victoria: I was upset with J.T., and I was jealous of Colleen, and-- I hate those words even coming out of my mouth. (Sighs) And here was a stranger--

Nikki: What has J.T. said?

Victoria: We really haven't talked about it that much.

Nikki: Why not?

Victoria: It's my fault. I feel like if I don't talk about it, then--then it-- then it won't be real.

Nikki: Sweetheart, you have to. I-I mean, I-if you--

Victoria: I know.

Nikki: If you don't give yourselves a chance to work this through together--

Victoria: J.T. will walk into a boardroom and punch someone? (Sighs) Mom, I hurt him. I hurt him so badly. You should have seen the pain in his eyes. And I know what he's thinking. He's thinking that this is how we got together. But if he thinks that I don't love him enough--

Nikki: But you do love him, and he loves you. Now you've gotta stop protecting yourself at his expense, Victoria. You've gotta face this head-on. All right, you made a mistake. A lot of people make mistakes. I mean, look at your father and me. But you two have to talk. You've got to start a conversation, and, Honey, you need to fight. Fight for your marriage. You can do it. It's worth it.

Billy: Well, the place looks great. The guest list is jammed.

Mac: Jammed minus Jack. I thought that there'd be fallout after the article, but this is--

Billy: (Stuttering) Jack's either gonna forgive me, or he's not. I can't help that. Right now, I have a hot magazine. I have an even hotter genie girlfriend who can grant me wishes. So should I get these wishes, like, alphabetically, hmm?

Mac: If you want.

Billy: Order of importance?

Chloe: Oh, look. The football player is trying to score a touchdown.

Mac: Hi, Chloe.

Chloe: Hi.

Billy: Hey, how's my little girl? (Growls)

Chloe: Good. She's good, you know. She's out at a late-night bar. Couldn't be better.

Billy: Oh, it's okay. I just need her here for a little while so I can show her off. Yeah. Ooh, hold on. I got her costume. (Laughs)

Chloe: A costume. Hey, you have a costume.

Billy: Look at this. My little girl is the game ball.

Chloe: (Gasps) (Laughs) Actually, that is really adorable. Good job.

Billy: Thank you.

Chloe: Here, do you want to put her in it?

Mac: I'll get the camera.

Billy: Mm, mm.

Chloe: Okay. Ooh, I can't move. Aah!

Billy: Here's your little nugget. Okay, hold on. Come here.

Chloe: So, um, guess what?

Billy: What?

Chloe: We are sold out at the Hoffman street newsstand.

Billy: I knew that was gonna happen. Daddy knew that was gonna happen. Let's put your feet in here.

Chloe: Okay. (Giggles)

Billy: Dun, dun, da, da you know what? Some people might be a little ticked at Daddy, but I'm okay with it. I'm keeping the faith...

Chloe: There we go. Ooh, watch her arm. (Chuckles)

Billy: Because this little baby is our future, yours and mine.

Cordelia: (Fusses)

Chloe: Ohh, I know.

Billy: Oh, I know, but you look so cute.

Chloe: But you look so cute.

Billy: You look cute.

Chloe: Okay, wait. Just turn around. Take a picture.

Billy: Take a picture.

Mac: Come on.

Chloe: Oh, look.

Mac: Okay, one, two, three.

Chloe: A genie--I was that in middle school--cute.

Billy: Cheese! Ahh. Mom's not nice. (Kissing Cordelia)

Mac: Kevin, hi. You're early.

Kevin: Hi.

Billy: Oh, well, I guess you left your, uh, mascot head at the dry cleaners'.

Kevin: I came to see you, not you.

Billy: Lucky Mac. Hey, go--go long.

Chloe: (Giggles)

Billy: Go long. Nah, nah! (Laughs)

Mac: Where's Jana?

Kevin: Jana's working. Neither of us wanted to come to a party thrown by your boyfriend, no offense. We just want you to know that any time you want to talk or hang out alone--

Mac: (Sighs) Please. Please go easy on him. He's had a rough time since the magazine came out.

Kevin: Like he goes easy on me with this whole chipmunk thing?

Mac: Kevin, I love him.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Ashley: And it just played out like the perfect fantasy. You know, after Sabrina died, and you went off to your... (Dramatic voice) Only my love could save you.

Victor: Hmm. It did. Our love for each other did.

Ashley: (Normal voice) Well, I've let the fantasy go. It's a little sad. It's also liberating.

Victor: Hmm.

Ashley: I want you to know that I only want what's best for you. I mean, your health, your happiness. My niece will always be a part of you.

Victor: As will you be a part of me. As you know, I've been through a few divorces, but I want this to be as painless as possible, especially considering what Abby has gone through.

Ashley: Well, I can hope that eventually, she will realize that she hasn't lost you.

Victor: The legal details will be handled by Michael Baldwin. Victoria and Nicholas will run Newman Enterprises. And, um, I want to give my son Adam a chance to redeem himself.

Ashley: I think he'll surprise you.

Victor: Yeah, I know you like him.

Ashley: I do.

Victor: That's why I'm giving him another chance, okay?

Ashley: Being close to death has changed you.

Victor: Changed in some ways. You know, I thought that your brother Jack and I had reached some kind of an understanding. But, uh, he and his brother Billy continue their relentless attack on me. So in that regard, I certainly haven't changed my feelings towards your brothers.

(Doorbell rings)

Ashley: Excuse me.

Victor: Yep.

Jack: Hey...

Ashley: (Groans)

Jack: We need to talk.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Jack: If you must know, I'm here to visit my sister...

Ashley: (Exhales)

Jack: Your ex. This is her house, as I remember.

Victor: I'm gonna be with Faith.

Ashley: Go ahead. And, Victor, take your time.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Jack: "Take your time"? What's with all the goodwill?

Phyllis: That's right. Billy Abbott offered us a solid price for the magazine, and we sold it to him. There's no more to it than that, but this Victor Newman thing is just sleazy tabloid mudslinging, and I'm not gonna be a part of it. You know, if--if the public is stupid enough to believe it, then I'm glad I'm out of the business, and that's my statement. Thank you very much. (Sighs)

Nick: Feel better?

Phyllis: Yeah, I do. I just want to kick Billy in the head, not the--you know.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: This punk attacks my sister--she probably doesn't even know it yet.

Phyllis: You haven't been able to get a hold of her?

Nick: It goes straight to voice mail. But the story's out there, and who knows how it's going to affect her or Newman? But I'll tell you this-- Adam's gonna get wind of this and gonna try to make it work for him.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I know this is all very, very important, but the most important thing right now is that our daughter needs some sugar.

Nick: You're right.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: I should be focusing on her, not this.

Phyllis: Yeah. It's Halloween. We're together. We're happy. She needs to go trick-or-treating. Forget about Adam. Forget about all of this. I mean, there's nothing Adam can do to you that can hurt you.

(Doorbell rings)

Sharon: (Gasps)

Adam: Trick or treat.

Sharon: I'm such a sucker for Halloween. I really used to love this time with Cassíe and Noah.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. My, uh, my mom loved it, too. Well, maybe she was just pretending for my sake, but, uh, thank you.

Sharon: Yeah.

Adam: She, uh, you know, we didn't really get to trick-or-treat because of all the land, but my mom and some of her church friends would decorate, and she'd do that thing with the grapes, uh, making the eyeballs, peel the--the grapes.

Sharon: Oh, yeah. And spaghetti for guts. I loved that.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And--and she would-- she would, uh, have me put a blindfold on and stick my hands in there, and, you know, as an 8 year old, it was a riot, but I realized that she was, um, she was teaching me to work with my other senses, you know? Not just sight.

Sharon: You miss her?

Adam: She was the best. But, hey, what kid wouldn't want to stick their hands in a bowl of eyeballs?

Sharon: Let's find out.

Billy: You are the cutest little football ever.

Chloe: Well, mm. Mom is gonna come pick up the little football.

Billy: Oh, why? It's not like we have guests to spare. (Growls)

Chloe: Oh, people are-- people are gonna come. Come on. You're the hottest guy in town these days.

Billy: Yeah, obviously. Hey, look, don't-- don't blow smoke. Do you think the Victor article was a mistake?

Chloe: I'm not blowing smoke. I think it was genius.

Billy: Well, you're the only one. You're the only one.

Chloe: (Chuckles) (Squeals) (Toy gun beeps)

Billy: (Growls)

Kevin: So I guess "I love him, Kevin," means that none of my brilliant words of advice have sunk in. You're not gonna dump Billy or any of his drama any time soon.

Mac: (Sighs) Yes, he makes me crazy, and, no, I don't agree with all of his decisions, but he tries. Okay, you may not believe it, but I do. And he promised me that next time, he's gonna do something really good with the magazine, and I have to trust him on that.

J.T.: Well, you have a safe trip, Nikki. Stay in touch, okay?

Nikki: Absolutely, yes. (Whispering) Now you be the fighter that you are. I'm only a phone call away, all right?

Victoria: I love you.

Nikki: I love you, too. (Normal voice) Bye-bye.

J.T.: So do you want to do this now, or will you use your mom as a reason to put off this conversation?

Victoria: No, let's talk about us and Deacon. Um, not that I'm excusing him, but what you walked in on before was Deacon defending me to the board, and nothing else.

J.T.: Oh, so I should thank him?

Victoria: No, I'm not saying that.

J.T.: No, the-- the guy has sex with you, and then he shows up to play hero? Why? Because he wants you.

Victoria: No. And I don't want him, and you know that.

J.T.: No, I don't know anything. (Scoffs) I don't know anything. You won't talk about it.

Victoria: Well, I'm sorry, okay? You're right. I-I-I haven't want-- we can talk about it now-- no more excuses.

J.T.: Okay. Then why'd you do it? Because I kissed Colleen? That was enough to send you to some other guy's bed?

Victoria: No, I-- I don't know. I'm still trying to figure it out. I just know that I love you, and I-I want you to w-work it out. I want you to want to work it out.

J.T.: I don't know.

Victoria: Please say that you at least want to try.

Deacon: I'm sorry, but this can't wait.

Jack: You and Victor are parting on good terms? You're losing half the fun of him going away.

Ashley: Jack, he's the father of my children. He is. And, yeah, I'm still upset about what happened with Colleen, but I'm not gonna pretend I never loved the man. I can't. I won't do that, for my girls' sake.

Jack: But you're not gonna get sucked into that black hole of codependency.

Ashley: Okay, look, it's over. Just relax. It's over. He's back with Nikki. Can you believe that? They're back together.

Jack: (Sighs)

Ashley: Besides, I have an infant and a teenager. Love and romance are way down on the list for me.

Jack: And Jabot?

Ashley: That's even further down there, Jack.

Jack: You know, I came out here with a whole new pitch to bring you back into the fold. I just got sidetracked by "Mumbles" there.

Ashley: Shh, shh! Shh, shh. I'm not--I'm not going back.

Victor: I found this in the nursery, by the way.

Ashley: That's Abby's cell phone. She left without it.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Oh, no.

Jack: Wait, y-you're leaving?

Ashley: Yes, I'm leaving. It's Halloween. She has no way of reaching me. And you two--

Jack: We're adults. We'll be fine.

Ashley: Have a safe trip.

Victor: Bye.

Ashley: Bye.

(Front door closes)

Victor: Now that your sister's gone, what do you want?

Jack: Well, I heard you were leaving town. Weren't you gonna say good-bye?

Victor: I've been waiting to say good-bye to you for years. 

Nikki: Oh, Ashley. How are you?

Ashley: Hi, Nikki. I'm well. How are you?

Nikki: I'm well.

Ashley: Good.

Nikki: I know Victor went to the ranch to see Abby and Faith.

Ashley: Yes, he did. I'm sure he's gonna tell you all about it himself, though.

Nikki: Well, yes. I suppose he will.

Ashley: Nikki, its okay to be happy that the two of you are back together.

Nikki: When I came back to town, all I knew was that Victor had been injured. I-I didn't have any expectations or--

Ashley: But you must have been hoping.

Nikki: You brought him back to Genoa City, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Ashley: I brought him back to you. I brought him back to you, and that's exactly what you wanted when you came to London and you asked me to help him.

Nikki: That is not true. I didn't have an agenda.

Ashley: Hey, Nikki, it doesn't matter really, does it? Yeah, Victor and I were happy for a very short period of time. (Sighs) And then the last few months have been hell. But I don't regret it. How can I? Abby has a relationship with her dad, and I have a beautiful baby girl. Honestly, what I don't-- what I don't understand is why you want him back after what he did-- I mean, Colleen, Summer, everyone else. I-- I will never understand that. Excuse me. I've gotta find my daughter.

Sharon: Oh, this is so gross. Aah! You have to try it. It's just--

Adam: Oh, okay. Okay. Oh, nice. Zombie brains. (Shudders)

Sharon: (Laughs) The kids are gonna love this.

Adam: (Chuckles)

Sharon: So they can't tell you when your sight is going to--

Adam: Uh, go away? Um, you know, it's not that bad, really. I, um, I watched my mother growing up, and she could do pretty much anything. There are nights, though, that I wake up in the middle of the night in the dark, and I think, that's it. It happened. I'm--I'm blind now. Then I reach for the light switch and flip on the lights, and I see whatever it is I see, and I feel like a big idiot.

Sharon: Wow. That's, uh, that's a hard way to live your life.

Adam: So what do you think? Next trick-or-treaters come to the door, I answer like this?

Sharon: (Laughs) Yeah, very attractive. Do you want some more wine?

Adam: Um, I'm not driving. That was bad, wasn't it?

Sharon: Yeah, kind of.

Adam: That was awful.

Sharon: I'll be right back.

Adam: Okay. (Sighs)

Nick: Say... (Silly voice) "Chocolatta."

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Nick: (Normal voice) Okay, say just "Cavities." Try that. Okay.

Phyllis: Uh, or "Cheese."

Nick: (Silly voice) Cheese! (Normal voice) All right, that's a winner.

Phyllis: All right.

Nick: Yeah, look at that one.

(Telephone rings)

Nick: Look at that one.

Phyllis: Let me see.

Nick: Hello?

Phyllis: Nice.

Nick: No comment.

Phyllis: The press saw the piece on Victoria?

Nick: Yeah, she needs to turn her cell on. Maybe she went back to the office.

Phyllis: Um, J.T. called. Uh, Reed has the sniffles, so he's not gonna go trick-or-treating. It's only you. Um, he's gonna go back to the office 'cause the nanny is on duty, so you can call there.

Nick: Ah, forget it. We have a beautiful princess who needs some candy.

Phyllis: Yes, we do.

Nick: But you can bet we're gonna have a big mess to clean up at Newman tomorrow. (Claps hands) Let's roll.

Jack: Then you're taking this trip for your heart? Good. I'm glad you're not taking the gift my niece gave you for granted.

Victor: I would never do that.

Jack: Bon voyage. Don't let me keep you.

Victor: What a change in attitude, isn't it? I recall in the hospital you had hoped that I'd live.

Jack: Meanwhile, Ashley was having your baby, while you were fixing things up with your ex.

Victor: That an excuse for you and your brother Billy continuing to defame me?

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. It's not defamation if it's true. No lies in that article.

Victor: So the Cayman Island speculation is you, is that it?

Jack: Yeah, that was my work. Glad you liked it.

Victor: So you're fearless now that I'm leaving town?

Jack: When was I ever afraid of you? You were always acting so smug and in control, but I owned you more than once.

Victor: Really? When did you?

Jack: When I set you and "Sonny boy" Adam up with that fake diary, I had you exactly where I wanted you.

(Front door closes)

Nikki: Victor?

Victor: In here.

Nikki: What's going on?

Victor: Jack Abbott is confessing his sins.

Jack: Confessing? Hell, I'll shout it from the rooftops. Setting you up was one of the greatest joys of my life.

Nikki: Victor, we have to go. We've gotta go now.

Victor: Not until he and I are finished with this.

Billy: Man, your mom just snatched her right out of my hands.

Chloe: Well, it is past her bedtime, Billy.

Billy: What about your bedtime?

Chloe: I'm here to support you, okay?

Billy: Yeah? Or is it just because, uh, "Mr. Detective" is on duty today, and, well, you have time on your hands?

Chloe: Mm. No. Stop fishing. Come on. I want to be here, all right?

Billy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're one of the few, the proud, the--

Mac: It's still early.

Kevin: No, it's not. It's not. She's just saying that because nobody wants to come to your party.

Billy: (Chuckles) That's cute. You--you--you can sit here and drink my booze and nibble on my food like the little chipmunk that you are, and--and-- and you still have the rocks to talk smack to me. Hmm.

Kevin: (Chuckles) I'm sorry, you just-- you took a solid magazine and you turned it into a trash-talking tabloid. Deal with it.

Billy: Oh, I get it. You and Newman are in the same club now. You both tried to kill Colleen.

Kevin: That--

Mac: Hey! Hey! You both need to back off.

Chloe: Yeah, okay.

Billy: Think that's a good idea? Huh?

Chloe: Settle down.

Mac: Stop. Stop. Take a breath.

Billy: (Sighs)

Mac: Yes, people are still riled up over the Victor story. But it's not gonna happen again. It's over, and all of that will fade away. So let it go, okay?

Deacon: Billy Abbott was sniffing around earlier.

Victoria: (Sighs) My God.

J.T.: You sold her out?

Deacon: Hey, listen, I didn't s-- I didn't say anything to that guy, all right? He put together what he had. He ran with it.

Victoria: (Sighs) I can't--

J.T.: Victoria. What, do you think she's just gonna run to you when this is all over? Is that what you think?

Deacon: J.T., I'm not after your wife, and I sure as hell don't want the Newman family as an enemy.

J.T.: Well, it's a little too late for that.

Deacon: Excuse me.

J.T.: (Sighs)

Jack: You've no idea the joy I had feeding into Victor Jr.'s ear every line of Victor Sr.'s diary. It was really one of my better performances-- channeling a sociopath who thinks he can control the world, and then watching him go off to jail, and you go off to jail-- I just get shivers thinking about it.

Victor: You enjoyed making my son betray me, didn't you?

Jack: Oh, it didn't take much convincing. I merely gave him the vehicle for expressing his utter disdain for you. And now you've got him back in your house, in your life, under your wing. Watch your back.

Nikki: Get out, Jack. Get out!

Jack: Why don't you come with me?

Nikki: I'm going to Belgium with Victor.

Jack: I'd heard that. I was hoping it wasn't true. You came that close to doing the right thing with Paul, a man who would have always put you first. Instead...

Victor: You can say that after what you just admitted?

Jack: The only regret I have is that I didn't do a better job on your diary. That way, you might still be in jail and Colleen would be alive.

Victor: You enjoyed betraying me? I knew you would. But listen carefully, because I'm about to tell you how I intend to get even with you.

Ashley: Hi, Miranda. It's Abby's mom. Is she with you by any chance? No, she forgot her phone. Do you have any idea where she is?

Girl: Uh, if you fidget, they'll know it's fake.

Abby: Uh, how did you--

Girl: My name's not really Ramona. It's Daisy. Okay, we'll go up together, act like we belong. It'll be totally fine.

Abby: Okay, but, uh, this is my uncle's party, so if he sees me, I'm totally busted.

Daisy: (Chuckles) Don't worry. It'll be crowded. We'll fit in.

Abby: (Chuckles) Okay.

Daisy: Okay? And the psych professor is a total perv.

Abby: (Chuckles) Aren't all college professors? (Laughs)

Daisy: (Laughs)

Sharon: I heard squealing. Which was it-- eyeballs or guts?

Adam: It was eyeballs.

Sharon: Ooh. (Chuckles)

(Doorbell rings)

Sharon: Oh.

Adam: Oh, I got it.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Adam.

J.T.: (Thinking) "This is a decision I'd hoped we could make together, but I'm accepting the job in New York, and I leave tonight. I love you as much as the day we married. But something's happened to us. I can't fix it on my own, and I'm not sure you want to try. I'm gonna kiss Reed good night, and then I'm gonna catch my plane. I really did think we'd be the ones who worked this out."

Mac: (Laughs)

Billy: Yeah, well, you're laughing, so ha.

Mac: I am laughing at you, not with you.

Billy: Yeah? You're laughing at me?

Abby: It's not that crowded.

Daisy: But your uncle's distracted. That's good, right?

Billy: Want to see this? Do the "Lawnmower." Na, na, na

Mac: I like the lawnmower.

Billy: Na, na, na hey--oh! (Grunts)

Woman: Whoa!

Victor: I'm leaving town, but I'll be back. And then you and Billy can wonder how and when I will repay you for the damage you have done to me and my family.

Jack: Oh, you've already doled out your sordid punishment. Her name is Patty.

Victor: This is not over, Jack.

Jack: Not for Patty, it isn't.

Nikki: Both of you, stop this right now. Jack, he took a bullet that was meant for you. And Jack's the one who told you about Traci's generosity. What is the matter with you two? Why can't you stop it?

Jack: I guess what the two of you have won't die. Neither will what we have.

Victor: You think what I have done to Patty is all? Just wait. You ain't seen nothin' yet. When I come back to town, you'll find out.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Abby: Hey, do I know you from somewhere?

Chance: Well, let me see some I.D., and I'll let you know.

Nick: You're leaving me in charge of the entire company?

Victor: You got that right.

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