Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/22/09

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/22/09 -- Canada; Friday 10/23/09 -- U.S.A.


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Traci: (Gasps) Look. She's amazing. Such a gift.

Ashley: A new, wonderful gift. Traci gave Faith Colleen's christening gown.

Adam: Mm. That, uh, that's incredibly generous and brave, too. I, uh, I can't imagine what--what I would do if I lost a child.

Traci: (Clears throat) (Sighs) You'd just try to find a way to honor them and to honor life, like this gorgeous girl.

[Adam remembering]

Dr. Taylor: What the hell are you doing? Hey!

Adam: Shh, shh, shh. I'm taking the baby, that's what I'm doing.

Dr. Taylor: Are you out of your mind? Stop it!

Adam: I told you everything would be all right. Here she is, your beautiful baby.

Ashley: Oh, Sweetheart. Hello, angel. Hello, my angel. I'm your mommy. I'm your mommy.

Dr. Taylor: And what am I supposed to say to the real mother Sharon? The one they carted away in an ambulance?

Adam: Just tell her her baby died.

Ashley: We should get going. Do you want to take one car?

Adam: Uh, you know what? I, um, I have one errand, and--and then I'll, uh, I'll have my driver take me to the chapel, if that's okay.

Ashley: Everything's fine today.

Traci: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Isn't that right?

Traci: Look at you-- so in love with her. And, you, little one... (Chuckles) Do you have any idea how many hopes and dreams we have for you? To love and be loved. To feel joy... (Voice breaking) And to be safe always. (Sniffles)

Jack: That's quite a quote she gave them. She's "Back where she belongs."

Kay: Well, it is succinct.

Jack: It is manipulative. She sends out her own press release saying she's back in control, regained control of the company, not a mention of me. I think I made my concerns known.

Kay: (Sighs) Yes. Yes, Jack. You told me so. Score one for you.

Jack: Two opposing forces guiding one company, Katherine, cannot work. It won't work.

Kay: Darling, no one knows better than I how overzealous and self-promoting, uh, Jill is. No one knows that better than I do. But the fact remains, the last two quarters at Jabot have been less than stellar.

Jack: Wait, wait. In this economic climate--

Kay: Economic-- come on, Darling, please. Please, please. This isn't the first recession that Jabot has seen. It's not going to be the last. I know we will survive this one, but with strong, and I repeat, strong leadership. And Jill does have a track record.

Jack: As do I, as does the Abbott family.

Kay: (Sighs) Jack, the truth is, Jabot is not the same company as it was under your father's hand, and you know it. You know it. And that's why you've tried so hard to rally your family around the cause. Now let's face it. Those glory days of Abbott control-- they're over.

Billy: My elevator, my coat rack, my lamps, my employee-- how are you? My desks, my, uh, world vision and my print domination right here.

Mac: How about you do your first issue first?

Billy: Details.

Chloe: Press release of you taking over. Gotta say its genius.

Billy: Just a sec. Just a sec.

Chloe: And, uh, I thought we were going for a young, hip vibe here, not Sunday at the country club.

Billy: It's a christening.

Chloe: Yeah. What's your excuse? Oh, right, you're going together. Right. (Clicks tongue)

Billy: Okay, well, this is-- yeah, it looks great. Perfect.

Chloe: Okay.

Mac: Nice work.

Chloe: I'll get it out right now.

Billy: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Come back. No, no. Um, there are a few people that need to know the news from me directly, so...

Chloe: All right. All right, well, then I'll just wait for your thumbs-up and, um, tell Ashley I said congratulations. We know that Abbott babies are the cutest. Um, meanwhile, I have the staff going over the proofs for the next issue, and the printer, well, they're just waiting for the go-ahead to run it.

Billy: All right. Ho--are you serious? This is how I'm supposed to take the publishing world by storm? With this? Really? Are you serious?

J.T.: I didn't see you before you left this morning.

Victoria: Yeah, well, the christening is just gonna take up a big chunk of my day. These projects...

J.T.: I thought you were avoiding me.

Victoria: No, no. I'm just swamped right now.

J.T.: Well, look, we've both got a lot going on, but I wanted to talk about this at home.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, of course. We can do that. Tonight, we'll do that.

J.T.: I'll be in New York for that job interview.

Victoria: Wait a second. We agreed.

J.T.: We haven't agreed on anything in a long time.

Victoria: Oh, my God. This isn't about the job interview in New York. It's about Deacon. This is how you want to punish me.

Sharon: Reverend Bennett.

Rev. Bennett: Sharon. Was the bereavement group rescheduled for today?

Sharon: Um, no. The group leader suggested a one-on-one, and this is one of the few places I feel almost normal.

Rev. Bennett: Healing will come. It may not feel like it, but it will.

Sharon: That's what I'm holding on to.

Traci: (Clears throat)

Ashley: Rev. Bennett.

Rev. Bennett: Good morning.

Traci: Hello. It's a beautiful day for a christening.

Rev. Bennett: Ahh, one of the most joyous of my duties-- the blessing of life.

Ashley: And she is such a blessing.

Rev. Bennett: Oh, yes.

Ashley: I can't believe she's mine. (Whispers) Sweetheart.

Phyllis: Did you see Summer's face when we drove away?

Nick: Yes.

Phyllis: She had that huge smile on her face again. I've never been that excited about school, not even preschool. You know that.

Nick: It's pretty impressive that the teacher thinks Summer is gonna be back on track next semester.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's really impressive. And it's thanks to that clinic in Switzerland, you know.

Nick: Mm. And to you.

Phyllis: No, to us. So with Summer set, and, um, no magazine looming, I can go house-hunting. Yeah.

Nick: (Inhales) Yeah. Yeah.

Phyllis: (Chuckles)

Nick: If you still want to move, then I'm with you.

Phyllis: I want your dad to get better. I really do. But, Nick, I just-- I can't forget what he did to Summer. I just can't forget. So--so I would like to move.

Nick: Well, I'm-- I'm not gonna forget, either. But we have some time. You know, Dad has some recovering to do. And as for today...you know, let's just-- let's get through the christening. Then we'll deal with the rest, okay?

J.T.: How can this interview be about Deacon? That doesn't even make sense.

Victoria: A job interview in New York City when our life is here. If that's not about Deacon, then I have no idea what is.

J.T.: Do you want to talk about him now? Because you've been avoiding it for weeks.

Victoria: My father almost died.

J.T.: Yeah, but he survived. And you've got time for work. You have time for Reed. But if I want to talk about our marriage, you can't be bothered.

Victoria: Well, what about you? You're the one running off for this job interview. What--why? For validation?

J.T.: No, I-I live on your father's land, and for years, he has signed my paycheck. And now there's a company that's interested in me for what I can bring to the table, and it might just be a good fit.

Victoria: How could New York City possibly be a good fit?

J.T.: Well, I'll find out today.

(Telephone rings)

Victoria: Hello? (Sighs) I'll be right there. Contracts. I have to.

J.T.: Of course you do. Of course you do.

Jack: Katherine, the Abbotts didn't fall apart. We lost a member.

Kay: Jack, this is not about Colleen, and you know you have my deepest sympathy. Problems started-- started with Jabot a long time before that. I mean, look at what happened with your P.R. hire Mary Jane Benson.

Jack: Yes, we were hoodwinked by your friend Victor Newman.

Kay: She was hired to fix an already substantial public relations problem. No, now listen to me. Instead, she increased it by a thousandfold, and now we have to take the time and the money for that instead of raising profit money.

Jack: It's my contention we can do both.

Kay: Can you? Was your father's vision to see his children carry Jabot on their shoulders? That may not be possible now.

Jack: Come on, Katherine. You know Jabot has Abbott blood running through it. We are the past, the present and the future of that company. Ashley will be coming back in full force soon, as will Billy. Once he realizes he can't raise millions of dollars to scratch an itch, he'll be back.

Billy: So are you a lady of leisure yet?

Phyllis: You know what you've gotten yourself into, don't you, Billy?

Mac: He's starting to.

Billy: Hey, could, uh, we keep this between us? Jack still has his visions of the Abbotts back in force at Jabot.

Nick: Whatever you want. It's your call.

Billy: Thanks, guys.

Ashley: (Chuckles) Would you like that?

Billy: There is the lady of the day.

Ashley: Hello.

Traci: She is.

Phyllis: So chewy. So beautiful. I love the dress.

Ashley: Thanks. It was Colleen's.

Mac: It's perfect.

Traci: Abby got her all dressed. She has four hairs, and Abby spent an hour on each one.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Traci: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Yeah, she's very sad she can't be here today. Poor Abby has placement tests.

Nick: Yeah, same with Noah. He is so far behind because of everything that's happened.

Adam: (Sighs) Sorry I'm late.

Billy: Will you guys excuse us? (Clears throat)

Ashley: Its okay, Adam. We would definitely wait for the Godfather.

Adam: Well, I-- I wanted to bring this.

Ashley: Aw, thank you. Would you mind, Traci?

Traci: Oh, sure.

Ashley: That was sweet.

Adam: That was, um, my mother's. Uh, it's probably not safe for Faith right now...

Traci: (Gasps)

Adam: But maybe when she's older.

Ashley: It's lovely.

Adam: My mom was a great lady. She had the ability to always see the good in everyone. You're gonna have the best life.

Ashley: First, solid food, then her own division.

Jack: Hey.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Hey. Your niece is precious.

Jack: Ah, my niece, your sister-in-law.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: Victor's potency spans the ages.

Phyllis: Oh... let's not talk about him. (Clears throat)

Jack: Let's not talk about him forever. How's he doing?

Phyllis: He's okay. I mean, how does he not think that this little baby, after looking at her, could have been his and Sharon's?

Jack: How are you doing?

Phyllis: All right. (Chuckles) I can love him. I can give him space. I can give him time. I can't fix it.

Jack: When did you become such a good wife?

Victoria: You have a P.I. business with Paul.

J.T.: But it's here near your father, near Newman.

Victoria: (Sighs) Near Deacon.

J.T.: Is it so wrong to want to get away from all that? Have a life of our own on our own?

Rev. Bennett: Are we ready to begin?

J.T.: Are we?

Rev. Bennett: And...

Ashley: Traci?

Rev. Bennett: Godmother here.

Traci: Okay. (Gasps) Ooh.

Ashley: Ooh, ooh, ooh. Sleepy time. Here, Sweetheart.

Rev. Bennett: Godfather...

Ashley: Look how cute she is.

Rev. Bennett: And mother here.

Ashley: Okay.

Rev. Bennett: And, of course, the father was unable to make it today.

Ashley: That's right.

Victor: I am right here. Where would you like me to be?

Ashley: Um, beside me, Reverend?

Rev. Bennett: That would be perfect.

Victor: All right. Go sit down, all right?

Nikki: Hi, Sweetheart.

Victor: May I hold the baby?

Traci: Here. Isn't she marvelous?

Victor: Come here, my sweetheart. Look at this.

Traci: (Chuckles)

Victor: Look at this. You're so beautiful. Look at you.

Rev. Bennett: We are honored to witness and support the christening of...

Ashley: Faith... Colleen Newman.

Rev. Bennett: Family and friends, you are here to witness Faith Colleen's entrance into the family of God. She is God's gift to you all, a balm for the suffering you have had recently. Colleen lives on in her cousin and the father of her cousin. In her, we can see the purity we have lost and can strive to regain. As Godparents, you are not passive observers. You are stewards and guides. By standing here today, you promise to watch over this child. Show her by word and deed how to stay on the path that God desires for all of us.

Victor: (Mouthing words)

Rev. Bennett: I baptize you in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. Let us rejoice in Faith Colleen's place in God's family, the community and in our hearts.

Rev. Bennett: Godfather.

Traci: (Chuckles)

Ashley: How does your Goddaughter feel?

Faith: (Fusses)

Adam: She's so tiny.

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Rev. Bennett: (Chuckles)

Ashley: Aw.

Adam: There we are.

Traci: They're stronger than you think.

Faith: (Cries)

Traci: Oh, come here. Come here. Ooh.

Rev. Bennett: Ashley...

Ashley: Yes?

Rev. Bennett: Victor, Traci and Adam...

Traci: Sweetie.

Rev. Bennett: I'll need you to sign the church record now.

Ashley: Do you want to give her her pacifier?

Traci: There, baby. Aw. Uh, um, (chuckles) Do you think you'd mind holding the baby while I sign?

Nick: Oh, yeah, sure.

Traci: Thank you. There.

Nick: Come here, pretty girl.

Traci: Aw.

Faith: (Coos)

Nick: Oh, hello.

Traci: There.

Faith: (Fusses)

Nick: Yeah. Yeah.

Faith: (Squeals)

Nick: Oh, it's a big day, huh? Yes. Oh, yes.

Phyllis: She's so pretty. She has Newman eyes.

Faith: (Fusses)

Nick: Yes, I think she does.

Faith: (Cries)

Nick: I know.

Faith: (Cries)

Nick: I know. There you go. Yeah. That's a good girl.

Faith: (Fusses) (Cries)

Nick: Ooh. Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Faith: (Fusses)

Nick: Yeah, you're okay. Yeah, you're okay.

Faith: (Cries)

Nick: Shh. Shh, shh, shh.

Faith: (Fusses)

Traci: I wanted to thank you for being so accommodating about the christening. I just couldn't miss it, but I really do need to get back to New York.

Victor: It's a special day that no one should have to miss.

Traci: You know, you stood up for us all those years ago as Colleen's Godfather, and now here I am today, standing up for your daughter. You know, life is so full of surprises. (Laughs)

Victor: Faith is very lucky to have you in her life.

Traci: Oh, thank you. And I want you to know I'm going to keep every promise I made today. I'm going to help guide her. I'm going to be there for her... (Voice breaking) and I will always, always love her.

Victor: I know you will. I know you will.

Traci: (Sobs)

Traci: (Sniffles) She's gone. (Sobs) My girl is gone, but you take care of your daughter, okay? (Sobs) (Sniffles)

Kay: Well...

Victor: (Sighs)

Kay: Being upright agrees with you. Is it, uh, too soon for you to be up and about? (Chuckles)

Victor: She's a beautiful girl, isn't she?

Kay: Oh, yes, she is.

Victor: Yeah.

Kay: She's lovely, and you're blessed. You're really blessed. I, um, I noticed you came with Nikki.

Victor: Yes, I did.

Billy: Hey, Katherine?

Kay: Mm? Billy.

Billy: How are you?

Kay: Well.

Billy: Victor.

Victor: Excuse me.

Billy: (Laughs sarcastically) That son of a--

Kay: Save it. Save it. Save it until you're off of church grounds.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: Mom, how did you get Dad out of the hospital?

Nikki: Oh, please. You know how your father is. I had no other option but to just get out of the way, and I certainly did not encourage him.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nikki: Are you okay?

Victoria: Yeah, uh, everything's fine.

Mac: Hi.

J.T.: Hey. How you doing?

Mac: (Clears throat) Um, pretty soon, Faith and Reed will be thick as thieves.

J.T.: Oh, yeah. I'm sure he'll show her how to get in trouble.

Mac: I don't know why I was surprised when she said the name. I mean, "Faith Colleen"-- it makes total sense.

J.T.: Yeah. Well, if she's anything like Colleen, she'll be feisty, tough and gorgeous.

Mac: Colleen lived. She was always moving forward and taking chances, you know?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Victor: I'm your daddy, and you're a Newman. That's right. And all that goes with being a Newman. I'll teach you everything you need to succeed.

Jack: Don't worry. You're also an Abbott, and I won't let you or anyone else forget that. 

Kay: Hmm, hmm, hmm. Well, you did it.

Mac: It's all his.

Billy: Yep, the bills, the egos.

Kay: Oh, Billy, it's gonna take a lot of hard work. But, um, you have to know, every month, uh, some new magazine falls.

Billy: No, unh-unh, mnh, mnh, mnh, mnh. Not this one. Don't do that.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Kay: And Jack said that you would be back to Jabot.

Billy: Yeah, well, he's gonna get it eventually. I'm--I'm on my own now.

Kay: And it teaches him a lesson, more or less, is that it?

Billy: Well, there are perks.

Kay: (Chuckles) Ohh, you are so much like me-- guts.

Billy: Yeah.

Kay: Yeah.

Billy: Guts. Guts.

Mac: What's wrong?

Billy: Well, all right. Okay, look. (Clears throat) If I'm all guts, right? Like you.

Kay: Mm.

Billy: And here I am making my debut to the publishing world with little dogs. With--hold on. Look at this. Help me out here. Is this really, Katherine--?

Kay: (Clears throat)

Billy: Is this me?

Kay: You know, no. No. Um... (Stammers) Give yourself time. I-it's a smart angle. I mean, the world right now needs a distraction, and that's it.

Billy: Oh, I can give them a distraction that doesn't wear diamond collars.

Kay: (Laughs)

Billy: Uh, hey, look, Chloe, um, what would it take to change this?

Chloe: (Chuckles) Like the whole cover-to-cover story?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Uh, money we cannot spend, time that we do not have, and, oh, a lightning strike of creative inspiration. Meanwhile, we have to do all of that by the end of the deadline.

Billy: Perfect. So it's doable. Thank you.

Chloe: What, do you really think that someone's actually gonna open up this magazine and say that Billy Abbott has lost his edge?

Kay: In the meantime, I really must run, and I will see you, young lady, back home, and...

Billy: Mm.

Kay: Billy, once again...

Billy: Good-bye.

Kay: Congratulations.

Billy: Thank you.

Mac: I'll see you later.

Billy: Thank you. (Sighs)

Kay: Uh, that's mine, yes.

Mac: Oh, is it?

Kay: That one. That one.

Mac: Oh.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Mac: Faith is just a little ball of perfect, isn't she?

Kay: How did you get, uh, from "Restless Style" to ba-- oh, baby fever.

Mac: No.

Kay: Faith.

Mac: No, no, not--not-- not me. Not yet.

Kay: Yeah, but, um, I don't know, uh, babies are--are a life. They're, um, they mean our future. Take--take a look how Faith changed everybody's life just by coming into it. It works.

Billy: What are the sexiest words to say in a magazine office?

Chloe: "Ad revenue."

Billy: "Hold the presses."

Chloe: What?

Billy: That was an order. Hold the presses.

Chloe: (Chuckles) You're loopy.

Billy: No, I'm serious. Look, I do not want this garbage to be my debut into the publishing world. It's not gonna happen.

Chloe: Okay, and what cover story do you think we can just whip out while the printer waits?

Billy: An exposé-- a tell-all about a smug, old bastard who walked into a christening battery-powered by Colleen's heart. Yeah, the cover story will say, "Shocking news-- this man actually has a heart." And we'll lay it all out-- how Victor Newman basically had my niece killed and then he had the gall to take her heart.

Chloe: Okay, I'm sorry. Did you not just hear what Katherine said? The public-- they need distraction right now.

Billy: What's more distracting? Fur balls or megalomaniacs?

Chloe: (Sighs)

Billy: Chloe, come on. Look. This is what you and I do best-- laying the smack down on a jerk who deserves it.

Chloe: The printer's waiting for a go-ahead, as in right now.

Billy: Well, he'll get a phone call in a few hours after I write the story myself.

Victor: She has no idea how adored she is.

Ashley: I'm so glad you got out of the hospital today.

Victor: You look well.

Ashley: I am well. Holding her in my arms, the world is different. Thank you again for not fighting me about the ranch. You know, it's the perfect place for the girls to grow up.

Victor: Yeah.

Ashley: Isn't it?

J.T.: Take more than a heart transplant to slow down Victor.

Nikki: He just waved the doctor away.

Victoria: Is that safe? Should we bring a doctor here?

Victor: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Hi, Daddy.

Victor: The man has better things to do, and so do I.

Victoria: Are you sure you're okay?

Victor: Yeah, I'm fine.

Nick: So are you headed back to the ranch after this?

Victor: (Sighs) I imagine it doesn't come as a surprise to you that Ashley and I have agreed to a divorce. Abby and Faith will stay at the ranch.

Victoria: So you'll be, um, you'll be somewhere else?

Victor: Some serious thinking to do. Once I've made up my mind, I'll let you know.

(Knock on door)

Sharon: (Sighs)

Sharon: Adam. What are you doing here?

Adam: I, uh, I had my driver bring me by. I saw you at the chapel, what--what little I can see, and I could tell that you were upset.

Sharon: Well, come in. I'm fine. I mean, I'm a wreck. I don't know what I am. I was, uh, just leaving a one-on-one meeting with my bereavement group leader, and then I-I walked right in on the christening. And this, um, this bracelet was for my baby Faith. Actually, I-I--that's what I was gonna name her, too-- Faith. You can feel the engraving.

Adam: My God. So you're sitting here torturing yourself.

Sharon: Well, I mean, of course the thought is still in my mind. I mean, my baby's gone. And I just wonder, you know, if it was my fault. I mean, did she lose her chance at life because I didn't deserve to have her?

Adam: It wasn't you, Sharon. What the hell are these bereavement people telling you?

Sharon: Nothing. Uh, they're--they're-- they're wonderful people. They're really good. I-I'm just saying I-I think about the things that I've done, and I just wish I could take it back. If I could, I would change it. I really would.

Adam: Look, Sharon, shh. You have--you have nothing to be sorry for. The--the--the rest of us, we've done some things that we couldn't fix even if we tried.

Sharon: Wh-- you're always telling me not to be down on myself. What about you and your own guilt?

Adam: Sharon, you don't get it, okay? You just-- you don't get it. We're not even in the same universe.

Sharon: Well, you don't know.

Adam: No, you don't know, and you should know. You have to know now.

Victoria: No, Michael. That's fine. I understand. (Sighs)

J.T.: SEC's still not letting go?

Victoria: No. No, they're not. And the idea of you hopping on a plane during all of this-- you know, you used to support me.

J.T.: I'll be in New York for one day.

Victoria: What if they offer you the job? This is our home.

J.T.: (Sighs) This is your home.

Victoria: And you used to be okay with that. Look, I am not leaving, J.T. I won't. I can't. So how exactly are we supposed to deal with it?

J.T.: You're--you're just like your father.

Victoria: Oh, you-- you know, you're always saying that.

J.T.: Because it's true, and trust me, I have no desire to be married to Victor Newman.

Victoria: Well, you take that job, and you won't be.

J.T.: (Sighs) I'll call you when I check in. Kiss Reed for me.


Phyllis: Your father never fails to surprise me-- a new heart, a divorce, and now he's reconciling with your mother.

Nick: Yes, those two have never been able to stay away from each other for very long.

Phyllis: Hey, that was subtle. That was really subtle asking your dad if he was coming back to the ranch.

Nick: Well, I know it's been on your mind for a while, so if you would still like to look for a new place...

Phyllis: You know, it's so funny, um, because I no longer want to go house-hunting.

Nick: Well, then you might have time to read that.

Phyllis: Is that a love note?

Nick: It's a contract offer.

Phyllis: Ooh, that is hot. Is it for me?

Nick: Yeah, it's for you.

Phyllis: (Chuckles)

Nick: For a job here at Newman, if you can handle being around me every day.

Phyllis: Mm... I guess I can handle that-- maybe.

Nick: I mean, it's not a done deal yet. I still have to check out your résumé, you know, your references.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: Mm-hmm. Do a little background check.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. Really?

Nick: Mm-hmm. Then, of course, there's the, uh, one-on-one interface.

Phyllis: Oh.

Nick: It's very crucial to the process.

Phyllis: A one-on-one interface?

Nick: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Are we interfacing right now? Is that what we're doing?

Nick: We're about to.

(Objects clatter)

Adam: I have screwed with people's lives. I have caused real pain and real damage, the kind you can't just apologize for and make it all go away.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure whatever it is you've done--

Adam: Sharon, no. It's not okay.

Adam: Listen, I'm straight. And I seduced a gay man, my lawyer, to keep him on my side.

Traci: It's time. The car's waiting.

Jack: Come here.

Traci: (Chuckles) Mm. No, no, d-don't.

Jack: I didn't say anything.

Traci: I know. But you'd better not start now. (Chuckles)

Ashley: Traci.

Traci: Oh, Faith Colleen. Oh, you sweet thing. Take care of your mama. (Sniffles) You have no idea how much she and your uncles mean to me. Bye.

Ashley: Love you.

Traci: (Sniffles)

Ashley: (Sighs) Do you think she's ever gonna want to come back? All those painful memories.

Jack: She'll be back.

Ashley: (Sighs)

Jack: We need each other. She'll be back. Until she does, it's the three of us. Funny, I was just talking with Katherine about that earlier.

Ashley: About the family, or about business?

Jack: Kind of hard to separate the two. We've all got Jabot in our blood. We're a team. It's in our D.N.A.

Faith: (Fusses)

Jack: Listen, Billy is off on his own now, and I need you to talk to him to help bring some sense to him.

Ashley: Mm, I can't do that, Jackie.

Jack: Ash, if anyone can get through to him, it's you.

Ashley: I can't do it. It's too late. I already loaned him the money for the magazine, Jackie.

Jack: Wait. Why did you do that? We have to work together now more than ever.

Ashley: Jack, when it's time to let go, it's time to let go.

Victor: (Sighs) No more beds with rails.

Nikki: No. (Sighs) And I'll be right down the hall if you need anything.

Victor: (Sighs) I don't think I will need anything. I'm fine, Darling.

Nikki: Well, you won't be without your antirejection medication.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: (Sighs) God, do you even have a toothbrush?

Victor: They're sending everything over from the ranch.

Nikki: To a hotel.

Victor: (Sighs)

Nikki: (Sighs) You love the ranch. You should be at the ranch.

Victor: Sweetheart... (Sighs) The ranch is for the children. Time for me to move on. That's something I realized when I was in the hospital. When this divorce is final, I think you and I--

Nikki: Victor, no. Whatever it is that you're about to say, don't. Not yet.

Billy: Hey, if you're not into this, then, uh...

Chloe: Look, I-- I'm not saying that. I live for trash talk and gossip, Billy. But this--this we are dealing with delivery deadlines, okay? And I mean, and-- and the socialite on the cover is gonna freak out if she's pulled. Plus, our advertisers-- they want fun and hip. It just isn't it. It isn't it. I'm sorry.

Billy: When'd you become a buzz kill anyway?

Chloe: You'll wait? Really?

Billy: (Mockingly) I'll wait. I'll wait. I'll wait.

Chloe: (Sighs) Thank God. Thank you.

Billy: (Normal voice) It would have been incredible, but I'll wait.

Chloe: Okay. So then can I call the printer and tell them to go ahead with the dog?

Billy: You know, I should introduce myself, so I'll make the call. You just go home to Delia.

Chloe: Okay, well, thanks for the almost heart attack on your first day. That was fun.

Billy: Not a problem. Hey, printer, uh, he's on speed dial?

Chloe: Uh, yeah, pound-58.

Billy: Thank you. (Clears throat)

Billy: Hey, uh, Mitch? Yeah, no, it's Billy Abbott. Yeah, no, I'm-- I'm the new owner. No, actually, listen, there's been a change of plans. I need you to dump the cover story and I'll send you the new one soon, okay? Thank you, Sir. Okay, Victor. Come on. Let's have a little fun, huh?

(Computer keys clicking)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: You may think that you're about to get everything you want, but I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Nikki: The night that I left Genoa City, you came looking for me. But what did you want to say?

Jack: You want to bring down "Old Mumbles"?

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