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Victor: What the hell are you doing letting her loose?

Jack: I'm calling the police right now.

Paul: Listen, just relax and listen to her.

Emily: Okay, I'm not Pat-- okay, I'm--I'm not Patty. My name is Dr. Emily Peterson. Patty was my patient in Minneapolis back when she looked like herself.

Paul: You can call the institution. They will tell you that Patty is still there.

Jack: My God. You gave Patty her own doctor's face?

Ashley: Excellent. Thank you so much. Okay. Well, my personal banker is cutting you a check, so you can pick it up on your way to "Restless Style."

Billy: Wow, uh--

Ashley: Uh-oh. You having second thoughts?

Billy: Oh, no, no, no. It's just, it's been a long time since anyone in this family has had this type of faith in me, so I'm a little--

Ashley: Oh, well, here's your chance to change all that, right? Especially with Jack. He ran the magazine. He knows how tough it can be. You're gonna be successful, and he's gonna be impressed.

Billy: Is that your ulterior motive? So Jack and I will play nice?

Ashley: Who, me? I'm in it for the shoes. You do get to keep the samples, right? Huh? Huh?

Billy: (Laughs) I don't know. Sure, yeah, I guess.

Ashley: Size 8.

Billy: You got it.

Ashley: Size 8.

Billy: Oh, you got it. (Grunts) Thank you.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. All right. Don't forget the christening.

Billy: I'm not. I'm off to buy a magazine. I will be there. I will be there.

Ashley: Okay. Okay. Bye-bye.

Billy: Thank you so much.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Adam: Faith is still asleep. Do you believe that?

Ashley: Oh, you know what? It's the CD that the nanny brought her. I just put it on auto replay. It goes over and over and over again.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. See, I don't need a CD. She's an angel with me. All I do, I tell her some stories about my mother, the farm, she nods right off.

Ashley: Aw, she feels safe in your arms. I'm so happy that she's gonna grow up with this kind of bond with you.

Adam: Yeah, it's kind of an unusual living arrangement, huh? Let's see-- her mother, her sister and her father's son from a previous marriage who's old enough to be her father.

Ashley: Yeah, well, there's all kinds of families.

Adam: Is that what we are?

Ashley: That's what we are.

Adam: (Chuckles)

Sharon: (Sighs) Faith, it used to be that when I talked to you, it was about how I was excited to meet you. It's gonna be a little while longer than we thought. But we'll get there one day, baby. One day, I will hold you in my arms. Cassie, I know you're out there looking after your two baby sisters. You're probably worried about me, but... (Sighs) I'm fine. I miss you. I miss all my girls. But I'm taking care of myself, and, um, I'm even looking forward to a few things like, um, the new house, and maybe even get a new job. (Sniffles) I'm meeting with this bereavement group, and maybe they'll have some ideas, show me how to get through this. I will get through this.

Chance: Here. Thank you so much. (Sighs)

Chance: All right.

Mac: Hey, Stranger.

Chance: Hey, how are you?

Mac: Good.

Chance: I haven't seen much of you lately.

Mac: Yeah, I'm probably off to the bar before you get home. What's this?

Chance: Uh, this, um, it's cannoli. (Chuckles)

Mac: (Chuckles) Either you did something wrong, or Chloe did something very right.

Chance: No, no, I-- I didn't do anything wrong. I, uh, just like to make her smile. So how about you guys? Everything go okay after the whole, uh, cabin fiasco?

Mac: What are you gonna do, you know?

Chance: Yeah, well, Billy is always... (Sighs) Gonna be part of Chloe's life. He is, after all, the father of her child, so...

Mac: Yeah, and now he's probably gonna be her boss.

Chance: What?

Mac: Chloe didn't tell you. Billy might be buying "Restless Style."

Chloe: "Celebrity pets we love."

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. It's fluff.

Chloe: Literally.

Phyllis: Yeah. What, you have a problem with it now? I like fluff.

Chloe: I--

Phyllis: Little fluffy Yorkie. It's very cute. Forget hard-hitting exposés. I've had a very tough year, you know? I want--I want brain candy, things like that. I can't be the only one in the world who feels like that.

Chloe: No, no, I think plenty of people want to move on from 2009.

Nick: Hell, yeah. Bring on a new year.                                                                        

Phyllis: Hi.

Nick: Hi. Mm. Any word from Billy?

Phyllis: No. Maybe he changed his mind.

Nick: Are you hoping that?

Phyllis: I don't know. Kind of, maybe. I know. I talked you into selling. It's crazy. I'm crazy. But look at this. Look at this. This is amazing. I did this. (Sighs) I know I was complaining about it being insane, but it was fun. Insane, but fun.

Nick: Yeah, that is your specialty.

Phyllis: (Exhales) So maybe I did the wrong thing. I don't know. (Sighs) What do you think?

Nick: Well, you know, I can't stop thinking about when we started this whole thing. You know, the four of us-- you, me, Jack and Sharon. We were so excited.

Phyllis: Yeah. It didn't really turn out the way we hoped.

Nick: Well, we've all kind of moved on, graduated.

Phyllis: Except me. I didn't graduate.

Nick: Billy Abbott is ready to hand you your diploma.

Phyllis: (Sighs) We'll see.

Nick: I think you should do it. I do. Then we can close this chapter of our lives and move on.

Pastor: So the Godmother holds the baby here with the Godfather, and you and your husband next to them here.

Ashley: I see. Well, actually, Mr. Newman won't be here. He's still in the hospital.

Pastor: Oh, what a shame. It's such a joyous occasion.

Ashley: Yeah. Sharon?

Sharon: Ashley?

Ashley: Hi, um, would you excuse us just for a second?

Pastor: Of course.

Ashley: Thank you so much. Hi. I didn't realize you were here.

Sharon: Yeah, there's a bereavement group...

Ashley: Oh.

Sharon: That meets just down the hall. Are you planning the christening?

Victor: What the hell are you talking about? I have no idea who this woman is.

Jack: Are you kidding me? You created "Mary Jane Benson." You paid for Patty's plastic surgery. You really expect us to believe a control freak like you let someone else decide what she would look like?

Victor: You believe whatever the hell you want. You will end up in a cell next to Patty's.

Emily: I wasn't involved in what happened.

Jack: Well, you are now, Sweetheart. Boy, your thinking was so twisted, you didn't care who went down, did you? Colleen, Patty, your own granddaughter, hell, your own wife. And now this poor woman who's never even met you before.

Emily: This "Poor woman" can speak for herself, thank you.

Victor: Why the hell did you come to see me?

Emily: I owe it to Patty. (Scoffs) She was making such progress, and--and you want to dismiss that, tell yourself she was irretrievably damaged, a ticking time bomb. I'm here to disabuse you of that notion. Patty spent months in intensive therapy. She was highly motivated to get well, and then she disappeared, and I can only assume that was your doing.

Victor: You'd better not assume anything where I'm concerned, all right?

Jack: Don't let him intimidate you.

Emily: (Sighs) I know who you are, Mr. Newman. You're a very wealthy and powerful man. But as I'm sure you've learned from recent experiences, there are some things even you can't control. And you can put me in that category.

Mac: Yeah, the sale might not even go through. Billy's having trouble finding investors. Chloe was probably waiting to tell you until there's something to tell.

Chance: Yeah, that's probably it.

Mac: Can you imagine them working together?

Chance: Well, did you tell Billy you thought it was a bad idea?

Mac: No.

Chance: No? Why not?

Mac: No, because I actually think it's a great idea, aside from the whole Chloe thing. Billy's found something he's really passionate about, and that hasn't been true at Jabot in so long.

Chance: (Sighs) Well, I can understand why you would want that for him. I mean, after all, that's what you have for yourself right now, so...

Mac: I do?

Chance: Don't you?

Mac: (Sighs)

Phyllis: It was easy for you to leave "Restless Style."

Nick: No, it wasn't.

Phyllis: Yes, it was.

Nick: (Sighs) No, it wasn't.

Phyllis: Yes.

Nick: But it was worth it.

Phyllis: Well, you had something to go to.

Nick: Look, Phyllis, you have a million other opportunities. You just have to ask yourself-- if this one right here, the one you have right now is one of those options, is it the one you would choose?

Billy: Hey, guys. I have your check. Is there a problem?

Ashley: I wanted to call. I wasn't sure if I should.

Sharon: I got your note. Thank you.

Ashley: I wish there was something I could do to help. I know after I lost Robert, there's not a lot that can ease the pain.

Sharon: It's hard.

Ashley: Yeah.

Sharon: Um, I'm getting through it, though.

Ashley: Yeah?

Sharon: Yeah. (Sighs) Congratulations on your baby.

Ashley: Thank you.

Chance: I thought you enjoyed volunteering down at the homeless shelter, though.

Mac: Yeah, I do, when I can get there.

Chance: Because of the bar?

Mac: Right. The plan was that the bar would bring in money to pay the bills so I could be at the shelter.

Chance: Right.

Mac: (Scoffs)

Nick: It'll and we'll get you whatever you need to keep it going. But if you are not feeling this anymore, then it's time to pass the torch to someone who is.

Phyllis: I know what I'm gonna do.

Victor: Have you had this woman checked out?

Paul: Dr. Peterson is a well-known, well-respected psychiatrist. She is on sabbatical from the teaching staff at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Victor: Well, your sterling reputation will be gone after this, I assure you.

Emily: Are you threatening me?

Jack: Subtlety was never his strong suit.

Paul: He doesn't want you telling anyone that Patty was doing well before he got to her.

Victor: Paul, with all due respect, your sister wasn't doing well. Your sister was a psychopath, all right?

Emily: Mr. Newman, you are not qualified to make those diagnoses.

Victor: Who the hell are you to talk about qualifications? She was your patient? You were her shrink? And you didn't realize how dangerous she was? You're either utterly incompetent, or you're lying to save your own ass.

Emily: I was aware of her violence. But at the time, there was no indication--

Victor: Stop B.S.ing me. Her best friend was a stuffed cat. What does that tell you? I'll have your license revoked.

Emily: Well, you are welcome to try, Mr. Newman.

Victor: You bet I will.

Jack: If he gets to be real trouble, you can come to me.

Emily: To you?

Jack: It's not easy taking on bullies like this. You may need a friend.

Emily: Oh, well, if I needed a friend, Mr. Abbott, you would be the last one I would turn to. See, Mr. Newman here... (Chuckles) May have taken advantage of a damaged soul, but you are the one who inflicted the damage.

Sharon: No, we just-- we bumped into each other.

Ashley: Yeah. Um, I should get back to the minister, so...

Sharon: Okay. Go ahead.

Ashley: Okay. Good to see you.

Sharon: See you, too. Good to see you.

Adam: I'll be right there.

Sharon: Oh, are you helping Ashley with the christening?

Adam: Uh... (Sighs) No, actually. I'm just, uh, getting familiar with the chapel. Don't need the Godfather falling flat on his face during the service.

Sharon: The Godfather?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Wow. That's exciting. That must mean a lot to you.

Adam: Yeah, uh, you know, it-- I feel more and more like a part of the--the family, you know? Not just the wicked stepson.

Sharon: Well, see? I told you things could change.

Adam: Yes, you did.

Sharon: And Victor? He must be pleased.

Adam: Uh, that I don't know. I haven't talked to him in a few days.

Sharon: Well, um, a little more advice, if you don't mind.

Adam: No, please.

Sharon: Why don't you just go and see him? I'm sure that this rift between you two has been hard on him, and it would be good for him to know that there's been some healing.

Adam: Yeah, I might just do that.

Sharon: Okay. Well, um, I gotta go.

Adam: Sharon, um, thank you.

Sharon: Sure.

Emily: Well, between the two of you, Patty never stood a chance.

Jack: I haven't forgotten what I did to Patty.

Emily: Really? It seemed to her you moved on with your life as if she never existed. She tried to do the same thing-- erase herself from existence, with a little help from him.

Victor: (Scoffs)

Emily: And now the woman that so many people loved may be lost to us forever.

Victor: Will you be involved in her treatment?

Emily: Yes. I'll be consulting with the doctors. (Sighs) I think I've taken up enough of your time, gentlemen. (Sighs) If you'll excuse me.

Jack: You know, you could have given us a little warning.

Paul: You're right. I could have.

Victor: What do you think you accomplished with this?

Paul: I'm gonna ask you a question, Victor, and I want you to give me a straight answer.

Billy: (Clears throat)

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: All right.

Phyllis: Billy, I think you have something that belongs to me.

Billy: So, uh, we're all good?

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: Yeah, we'll have to get with the lawyers, hammer out the details.

Billy: Okay, great. Well, I-I guess people need to be told.

Phyllis: Yeah, um, uh, let me do that.

Billy: Okay.

Phyllis: (Clears throat) Okay, so, uh, guys, eyes on me. Come down here for a sec. Eyes on me. Eyes on me. Um, so I just want-- I want to thank you, uh, for everything that you've done. Uh, this--this issue is amazing, and, um... (Clears throat) And everything that you've done the last few months, uh, when I was spending all that time with Summer-- I really appreciate it. You're like a family, which makes it very... difficult to say good-bye. (Clears throat) Um, I just realized that I can't be the mother that I want to be and give all this time to "Restless Style." So effective immediately, your boss is Billy Abbott. Yeah. Um, uh, a-and--and-- and your jobs are safe. I'm the only one who's leaving. Uh, but he knows he wouldn't last a minute without you, so help him out. Um, anyway, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much. Thank you for being my friends and coworkers.

Mac: Detective work not what you thought it would be?

Chance: When I'm out in the field making a difference, helping people, it's great. It's fantastic. I love it. When I'm stuck in the office filing stacks and stacks of paperwork, I don't get that same charge.

Mac: Sounds like my life.

Chance: Oh, come on. You can't tell me that those few hours that you do get to spend down at the homeless shelter-- I mean, that doesn't turn somebody's life around or give 'em an opportunity?

Mac: I'll figure it out one way or another.

(Cell phone rings)

Mac: Billy.

Chance: Go ahead.

Mac: What's up?

Billy: Hi. Get over to "Restless Style."

Mac: Are-- does that mean that--

Billy: Just--just get here.

Mac: (Chuckles) Okay, I'll be there.

Chance: Good news?

Mac: Sounds like it. He's at "Restless Style."

Chance: Great. That's great. Congratulations. Good luck to you.

Mac: Thanks.

Chance: You're welcome.

Mac: I'll see you later.

Chance: Yep. (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Chloe: Mm. Hey, hot stuff.

Chance: Hey, how's it going?

Chloe: It's--its good. It's--it's--it's a-- it's a good day.

Chance: Is work going well?

Chloe: Yeah.

Chance: That's great. Anything exciting happening?

Chloe: Um, not much, you know. Same old, same old.

Chance: Okay, well, tell you what, um, Chloe, I gotta go. Bye.

Chloe: Hello?

Chance: Here. Why don't you guys try that? it's good to meet you. (Chuckles) (Sighs)

Billy: Oh, hey.

Mac: Hi.

Billy: Is that for me?

Mac: I don't know. It's for the owner of "Restless Style."

Billy: (Laughs)

Mac: Congratulations.

Billy: Oh, thank you. Mm. Oh, I have to address my staff.

Mac: Okay.

Billy: My staff. I have a staff. How great is it to have a staff?

Phyllis: Okay, so we're out of here.

Billy: Well, no, no. Stay. We have some champagne.

Phyllis: Uh, nope. It's okay. It's your baby now. You know that.

Nick: Take good care of her, Billy.

Billy: I will.

Phyllis: Good luck.

Ashley: Basically, you're just gonna be standing here next to Traci, and then you'll take your cues from the reverend.

Adam: Simple enough. (Sighs)

Ashley: Yeah. Can I give you a ride home?

Adam: Uh, actually, Sharon suggested that I go visit Dad at the hospital. I think that's--that's probably a good idea.

Ashley: I didn't realize that you and Sharon were friends.

Adam: Yeah, you know what? I've, um, I've only met her a few times, but, um, she's easy to talk to, you know?

Ashley: Yeah. My heart breaks for her right now.

Adam: It's kind of crazy to think that she, uh, she's as sensitive and kind as she is and she was married to Nick, you know?

Ashley: Things aren't any better with the two of you?

Adam: (Chuckles) No.

Ashley: Mm.

Adam: I'm busting my tail at Newman, and it doesn't matter to him or--or Victoria at all.

Ashley: I'm sure that your efforts are appreciated by Victor.

Adam: Tomorrow's gonna be pretty tough for him, don't you think?

Ashley: I wouldn't worry about Victor too much. You know, he always manages to come out on top.

Adam: Mm. Yeah, but right now, he's flat on his back-- alone, probably miserable.

Paul: The face you gave my sister already belonged to someone else. Did you plan that?

Victor: Of course I didn't. You saw how shocked I was when she walked in here.

Paul: So you're saying that Patty was in complete control of her own actions? Which means that no one else could possibly be responsible, conveniently for you.

Victor: Wait a minute. Paul, you're not done here yet.

Billy: So, guys, Phyllis tells me that we have a whole lot of work left to do on our next issue. So for my first executive order, I'm gonna say, uh, forget about that. We'll do it tomorrow. Tonight, we're gonna celebrate, all right?

Man: All right!

Chloe: Nice. Oh.

Chance: Chloe.

Chloe: Oh! Hi! Hi. What are you doing here? You surprised me.

Chance: Yeah. I, um, I take it the sale went through.

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you heard.

Chance: I did. But not from you.

Chloe: Well, you know, I-I was--I was gonna tell you. I just... well, I knew that it might happen...

Chance: Uh-huh.

Chloe: And I, you know, I-- who actually thought that someone was gonna trust Billy with actual responsibility? Some sucker, huh?

Chance: Yeah, some people are good at that--

Chloe: (Sighs) I was gonna tell you.

Chance: When?

Chloe: (Stammers) I've been a little busy, and I--

Chance: Stop. You know what? Just--I don't-- I don't want to hear it.

Chloe: (Sighs)

(Doorbell rings)

Ashley: Sharon.

Sharon: Hi, um, I probably should have called.

Ashley: Oh, that's--that's-- that's-- (Chuckles) That's okay. Come on in.

Sharon: Oh, okay.

Ashley: Oh, go ahead. Have a seat.

Sharon: All right. Um, I had some things at home, and, um, you know, for--for the baby. And I thought that you might-- you know, maybe you might like to have them.

Ashley: Are you sure?

Sharon: Oh, yeah, I mean, they're just little things. You know, like, uh, bottles, and onesies and, oh, well, this from Noah. And, uh, but, I mean, you-- you don't have to have them. I-if you--if they're upsetting to you.

Ashley: No. No, it's--it was very sweet. I always thought that maybe our girls might-- I'm sorry. They might grow up together, you know? Like sisters. I'm sorry. It's--thank you.

Sharon: I-I would have liked that.

Victor: I want you to get in touch with Dr. Peterson, all right?

Paul: I'm not going to deliver your messages for you, Victor.

Victor: Not to deliver any messages. I want you to hire her to treat your sister.

Paul: Before or after you get her license revoked?

Adam: I'm sorry. I can--I can come back.

Victor: No, that's all right. You can stay. The fact that she changed her image to become Dr. Peterson, I think that's remarkable.

Paul: That's not the word I'd use.

Victor: Tell her that I want her to treat your sister. I'll pay her salary and living expenses, and she can stay at the Athletic Club, okay?

Paul: Oh, the same room you gave Mary Jane Benson? I don't get this, Victor. What's in it for you?

Victor: I want to help your sister.

Paul: Why? You feel guilty? This is as close to a confession as I'm going to get, isn't it? Well, you can keep your money... and your guilt.

Adam: Did I hear that right? There's some woman out there who looks just like Patty Williams?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Damn, I'd hate to be her right now.

Jack: Hi, there.

Emily: Hello. Did you follow me?

Jack: I just didn't like the way we left things before.

Emily: Okay.

Jack: Look, the person that Patty described to you, that's the man I-- the boy I was a long time ago.

Emily: And how would you describe him now?

Jack: Incredibly arrogant, selfish, cruel. To this day, I can remember the way I talked to her, the utter contempt. Makes my stomach turn. I sent Patty flowers once. (Scoffs) Once. Truth is, my secretary sent them to her. Anyway, you'd think I'd sent Patty a-a new house. Any little morsel, any little tidbit of affection, she could feed on for months. It took so little to make her happy. I couldn't have cared less. And I see her now, and she has that same look in her eye. It is. It's the same look-- sweet, desperate.

Emily: She told me you came to visit. I just thought it was another one of her delusions. If it, um, matters to you, I, uh, I do believe you're sorry.

Jack: It does matter.

Emily: Why?

Jack: I don't know. I think I just want to explain myself.

Emily: To me, or to this face? So, tell me how you met Mary Jane Benson.

Jack: My brother Billy hired her. Jabot--family company. And I was separating from my wife, and we started dating. It was never supposed to be anything serious.

Emily: I see. So instead of her being the wife, you cast her as the other woman. Different roles, same play.

Jack: No, no. Not the same at all.

Emily: Wasn't it?

Phyllis: Oh. Jack is drinking alone. What's up with that?

Nick: Mm, I don't know. Don't worry about it. We're celebrating.

Phyllis: Well, d--

Phyllis: (Sighs) Well, this morning, I owned a magazine, and now I own--

Nick: A very large check.

Phyllis: (Laughs) Sorry.

Nick: You all right?

Phyllis: I'm also very clumsy.

Nick: Yes.

Phyllis: (Sighs) This is so weird. I don't--I don't have to get up tomorrow morning really early to make a 9:00 A.M. layout meeting. I don't have to do that.

Nick: I have the day off, too. You know, for Faith's christening.

Phyllis: So we could stay up late and we could sleep in, and I think I'm liking my new life.

Nick: Mm.

Ashley: Nick told me you were gonna name your baby Faith. I think you should keep this.

Sharon: Um, yeah. Um, maybe you're right.

Ashley: It's not always gonna be this painful, Sharon.

Sharon: No, I-I know. I've been through this before.

Ashley: Oh, right. Well, if you ever need anybody to talk to...

Sharon: Thank you. Thanks a lot. I-I should get going.

Ashley: Thanks.

Sharon: Sure.

Faith: (Cries)

Ashley: Um... I should go get her.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Good night.

Ashley: Good night.

Chloe: You're not gonna make a big deal out of this, are you?

Chance: Chloe, just listen to me, okay?

Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: I made it very clear from the beginning that nothing would happen with us while you were still hung up on Billy.

Chloe: "Hung up"? Are you kidding me? I mean, the guy is insane.

Chance: (Scoffs) I'm not gonna argue that.

Chloe: You know what? I think it's a little cute. You are a little jealous. I think it's very, very cute.

Chance: I just--would you--

Chloe: It's actually turning me on.

Chance: Stop. You know what? I'm not jealous, Chloe. I'm done. I'm done with all of this. I'm done with the games.

Chloe: Are you serious?

Chance: Yes.

Chloe: Wow. All right. You're serious.

Chance: Chloe, you haven't even signed your divorce papers yet. You and Billy, you guys flirt like it's an Olympic sport.

Chloe: No, we do not flirt. We argue.

Chance: To the two of you guys, that might as well be foreplay. Chloe, I'm not blind here, okay? Billy loves the fact that you chase after him. For some reason, that-- that turns him on. He gets off on that. But that's it. That's all he loves. Chloe, he doesn't brighten up when you walk into a room. He doesn't think your smile's the most beautiful thing. Chloe, he doesn't think you're the one. I-- (Sighs)

Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: You know what? Enjoy, okay? Good-bye.

Chloe: (Sighs heavily) (Groans) Chance, I-- (Sighs)

Billy: Ooh!

(Champagne cork pops)

Billy: (Laughs) I own a magazine.

Mac: You do, so now what?

Billy: I don't have the foggiest idea what happens next. I have--I have one idea.

Mac: That's a good start.

Billy: Mm-hmm. (Growls)

Adam: The dead stuffed cat thing was weird, but this--this stealing someone's face? I'll tell you what, man, this Patty Williams, she's a bona fide freak.

Victor: Let's please change the subject.

Adam: Sure. Listen, I just, um, I just dropped in to see how you're holding up. I know times have been tough, and there's not too many people happy with you right now. Listen, I just want you to know that your--your kids are gonna stick by you... (Sighs) Just like you stood by me when I did some things I wasn't very proud of. And, uh, you know, you're gonna get past this, just like I got past what I had to deal with and--

Victor: As far as getting past what you have done, you haven't even begun to make amends, son. (Clears throat)

Adam: What? After everything I've done to--to pay for my crime? You're--

Victor: What do you mean "After everything you've done"? You served a partial sentence in the lap of luxury, for heaven's sake, and you've not paid me back a dime of the money you owe me.

Adam: What are you talking about? You just said the other day that I-I was making progress.

Victor: Never mind what I said. You've a long way to go before you have earned my trust, all right?

Adam: Yes, Sir. I'll continue to prove myself to you. I won't let you down.

Victor: Now leave me alone. I'm tired. I need the rest.

Victor: (Sighs)

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