Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/6/09

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/6/09 -- Canada; Wednesday 10/7/09 -- U.S.A.


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Phyllis: How's your dad?

Nick: He's resting. Mom's still at the hospital.

Summer: Daddy!

Nick: (Laughs) Hey! Mm. Look at you. Look at you. I think you grew, like, a foot at least.

Summer: (Giggles)

Nick: Look at you.

Phyllis: You missed Daddy, too, right, Sweetie? We missed Daddy a lot. Yeah. Hey, Summer, do you want to surprise him and show him what you learned in Switzerland?

Nick: Ooh. Surprises sure are awesome.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Hey, remember? Remember? I... love... You did it so well before. We practiced it on the plane, remember? I love...

Nick: Hey. It's okay. I'm just so glad you're home.

Man: Thank you.

Sharon: There you go.

[Sharon remembering]

Sharon: How can this be? This is a 5,000-square-foot house. It only has three bedrooms, and look. The kids' rooms are really tiny, and they're off on a wing by themselves.

Nick: Yeah, those kids will never visit their parents in the nursing home. And look at that staircase. I mean, do they even make baby gates that wide?

Sharon: Well, this is gonna be harder than we thought.

Nick: No, no, no, no. We'll find something.

Sharon: You know, all I want is a simple house that says, "All are welcome."

Esther: You know, Honey, it--it--it--it's just not right stringing poor Chance along just so you can make Billy jealous.

Chloe: Oh, ix-nay the ecture-lay, please.

Esther: I-I just don't know why you're being so negative about where Chance is taking you. I mean, you're always going on about retro this and retro that.

Chloe: Mom, there is retro, and then there's terminally hick. And any date that includes barnyard animals, uh, second option.

(Clicks tongue)

(Doorbell rings)

Chloe: (Sighs)

Esther: (Gasps) Chance.

Chance: (Chuckles) Hey, Esther, is my date ready?

Esther: Uh, yes, Honey. Come on in.

Chance: All right. Okay. I'm gonna get that for you.

Esther: Honey, look. Chance came to the front door of his own house so that he could pick you up like a proper lady. Isn't that sweet?

Chloe: Adorable.

Deacon: Chardonnay for the lady?

Gloria: It'll do.

Deacon: Well, I think we'll wait on the Cristal until we hear how things went in Detroit.

Gloria: You know how things went in Detroit.

Deacon: Do I?

Gloria: Uh-huh. Deacon, I am this close to having the Terroni.

Deacon: Meaning you don't have it yet.

Gloria: That painting is rightfully mine, Deacon, and I will make sure that my son understands that.

Deacon: Mrs. Bardwell, in the event that your son can't be persuaded--

Gloria: That will not be a problem. I will have the Terroni in your hands tonight, and you will have $5 million in cash for me.

Deacon: (Sighs)

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Kevin: (Sighs)

Daniel: Well, tonight's the deadline. Either we give Deacon the Terroni, or he gets Amber, and I'm pretty sure that there's no way in hell that that's gonna happen.

Amber: You know, if I have to marry Deacon to keep you out of prison--

Daniel: You know, we've already had this argument, and we're not gonna have it again. We give him the painting, we both get our freedom.

Amber: How about he doesn't get the painting, and we get our freedom and a lot of cash, hmm?

Kevin: Oh, that'd be a neat trick.

Amber: And I can't think of anyone who deserves to go down more than Deacon Sharpe.

Daniel: Yeah, well, not letting him have you, that would be the best revenge.

Amber: But why can't we have both?

Daniel: Because he's a sadistic freak, that's why.

Kevin: Well, you guys are gonna have to figure out another way to deal with this sadistic freak. The painting is going back to the Sheffer museum so I can collect my reward and hire a lawyer for Ryder.

Daniel: (Scoffs) That's nice, Kev. The guy totally screws you over, and you still want to help him over us.

Kevin: Well, you know what? Blood is thicker than-- than--than turpentine. Besides, look. Jana is gonna kick my ass if I don't get that painting back where it belongs.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Kevin: Come on, you guys. We're smart, okay? We can figure out a way to work together so that this becomes a win-win for all of us.

Daniel: Well, for everyone except for Deacon.

Amber: Guys, guys, later, okay? Please?

Kevin: And my mother-- we do not want her involved...

Amber: Will you just stop talking? Just be quiet.

Kevin: 'Cause she's only gonna help herself.

Amber: Just be quiet.

Daniel: Agreed. Of course.

Amber: Shh! Shh!

Daniel: Whatever we do, Gloria can't get her hands on the Terroni.

Amber: Shh!

Kevin: Right.

Michael: Does this mean you have it--the real one?

Kevin: The real one what?

Michael: Do not play dumb with me. (Sighs) There was no art show of Daniel's in Detroit, was there? Not unless they were selling multimillion-dollar stolen paintings. Now I would like a pithy, to-the-point explanation of how exactly you got your grubby little hands on that Terroni. And then I would like to know what you're planning to do with it.

Nick: Summer showed me all her workbooks from the clinic.

Phyllis: She made so much progress in Switzerland. I--you know, it's just hard to tell when she clams up like this. I just don't know what to make of it.

Nick: It's okay. I'm sure she's tired from working at it so hard.

Phyllis: Speaking of tired...

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah, it's been an exhausting week.

Phyllis: Yeah, losing a child on top of everything. (Sighs) Um, Jack told me why Sharon kept the results of the paternity quiet, that, uh, she wanted to-- to make it that-- that Summer had her daddy's undivided attention.

Nick: She did it for you, too. She knew we-- we needed to be strong for each other so we could get through whatever happened.

Phyllis: Yeah, I didn't understand why she was being so supportive, but that makes sense to me. I should go apologize to her, you know? For all the times I misjudged her. I should do that.

Nick: She's going through a lot right now.

[Sharon remembering]

Nick: Yeah, I mean, this could be where your mom stays when she comes to visit us.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Right there, that could be Faith's room.

Sharon: Faith?

Nick: Yeah, that's our baby. That was-- that was the name of our daughter that we had in that dream that Cassie came to visit me to show me what my life would be like someday.

Sharon: Oh, Nick.

Nick: So what do you think? Huh? Do you like that one?

Sharon: Yes.


Nick: Yes, you can have a pony. All right, she's-- she's sold.

Sharon: (Laughs)

Sharon: (Sighs)


Sharon: (Sighs)

Daniel: So what we're trying to do is we're trying to figure out a way that we can play Deacon so that way, he can't blackmail Amber anymore.

Amber: Or Daniel.

Kevin: Or Ryder, who's sitting in jail because Deacon is using him as a chess piece.

Amber: Any questions?

Michael: Um, is there any miniscule part of your low-functioning intellects that realizes how dangerous this is? These are real criminals. This is millions of dollars' worth of stolen artwork, but, you know, it's a wonder there's not a contract out on all your heads. But, hell, maybe there is.

Kevin: (Rubs hands together) We're just trying to do the right thing.

Michael: What-- what are you trying to do? Get yourself killed? Jeopardize your whole future? Didn't you learn anything from Minnesota?

Kevin: You know, if you would represent Ryder like I begged you to, I wouldn't be involved at all.

Michael: All right! All right! I will not allow my brother or my client or my client's girlfriend to get involved any deeper in this. This painting is going to be surrendered to the proper authorities.

Daniel: No, this painting is gonna be given to Deacon, and that way, she doesn't have to marry the pig.

Michael: We will use the law to stop Deacon.

Amber: Oh, really? That'll be a first.

Daniel: Yeah, the law hasn't always been my friend, Michael.

Gloria: Well, Michael. I hope you're telling these thieves to return my painting. As Tom's widow, I am legally entitled to everything that's in that safe-deposit box.

Michael: Not if it's stolen.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Michael: That painting belongs in a museum back east, and that is where it's going to be returned. Oh. Where is the canvas, by the way? In all this delightful chitchat, nobody's volunteered that information.

Gloria: They've hidden it someplace. Look at their faces-- guilty as sin.

Kevin: Oh, like you're not.

Michael: If that painting isn't found and returned to its rightful owners, when the police catch up with you, and they will, don't expect me to be your lawyer, any of you.

Amber: Never mind those two. Go get the painting. We'll give it to Deacon, but not before we get something first.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Amber: I'm talking about cash, Daniel. We are broke. We've been fighting this thing for so long.

Daniel: Okay, look, I'm not gonna complicate this thing with money. That's not the deal I made with him.

Amber: He is a slime ball, and he is gonna make millions off this painting.

Daniel: Yeah, but we are gonna finish this the way we agreed, all right? And after that, no more contact with that guy, okay?

Amber: Why should we let Deacon walk away richer than he already is? He framed you for murder, and me--he took advantage of me. He knew I would fight to save your life at any cost.

Daniel: Which is all the more reason you need to stay away from him. Look, I'm gonna handle this thing with Deacon, okay? I'm gonna do it alone. You don't go anywhere near him.

Chloe: (Scoffs) Who knew there was this much plaid in the world?

Chance: All right, you're still looking down your nose at us rubes, aren't you?

Chloe: Hey, listen. I told you last night that this is not my scene. And after I saw that goat competition, well...

Chance: (Chuckles)

Chloe: Yeah, what more can I say?

Chance: Well, how about "Cool is in the eye of the beholder"? That's what you could say.

Chloe: Oh, God. Goat.


Chance: What? Yeah, it's a goat. What about it?

Chloe: It smells.

Chance: It--it's supposed to smell. It lives outside. It's a prize-winning goat, to be honest with you.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: You're all about irony, right? I mean, what's more ironic than having an uptown girl embrace her inner square dancer? Chloe, loosen up, okay? We're at a fair. Immerse yourself, live a little, something!

Chloe: Oh, uh-- (Stammers) Okay, fine. Fine. You want immersion?

Chance: Yeah, I do.

Chloe: Fine. I am going to kick your ass at apple bobbing.

(Clicks tongue)

Chance: (Laughs) Okay.

Nick: Oh, man. It got so dark in here all of a sudden. Come here. (Groans) (Sighs) Man. So that movie's gonna be fun, huh? We haven't seen Fen or Michael or Lauren in a long time.

Summer: Mommy.

Nick: Um, Mommy is not here right now. But hopefully, she'll be back by the time they come to pick you up, so right now, you're just stuck with Daddy. You okay with that? Stuck with Daddy? Hey, why don't you try to say that? Can you say, "Stuck with Daddy"? That's okay. I know it was a long trip back from the clinic. And Mommy said you did so well over there. You made lots of progress. And I just want you to know your daddy's very, very proud of you, and I love you.


Daniel: I want you to do me a favor and tell me something. Just exactly how short is your memory? I mean, we're talking about a guy here who's trying to force you to marry him, and you think that he's gonna hand over a wad of cash for what? What? He's holding all the cards, Amber.

Amber: I know his weakness.

Daniel: What, his obsession with you? That's all the more reason for you to stay away from him.

Amber: Okay, but, Daniel--

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no. No amount of money is worth you degrading yourself again.

Amber: I would never do that.

Daniel: (Scoffs) Well, you say that now.

Amber: You don't trust me with Deacon.

Daniel: Should I trust you with Deacon?

Amber: I did what I did for you. (Sighs) I thought you understood that.

Daniel: (Scoffs)

Gloria: That painting is not yours to return.

Kevin: Oh, let me think-- um, obstruction of justice, grand theft, oh, and selling stolen property. And this one already said he's not gonna have your back.

Michael: You know what? Lauren and Fenmore are with the nanny waiting for me in the car. I just came in here for hot chocolates, not to get embroiled in your latest felony.

Gloria: Michael, would you please just--

Michael: Would you please just make the drinks to go, Gloria? Thank you.

Kevin: Snap to it.

Michael: Listen, Kevin, I want that painting back in the museum just as badly as you and Jana, but using the reward money for Ryder's defense is not s--

Kevin: Michael, you are not gonna talk me out of it. Please don't even try.

Michael: Brother or no, he is not a person to be trusted.

Kevin: Like I was? Look, I just want to give him the same chance to overcome his past that you gave me.

Michael: That's very noble. But my instincts told me that you could be rehabilitated. I don't have the same feeling about Ryder. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Kevin: Okay, fine. You're on record. But that money is mine to do with what I please, and that's what I'm gonna do. Will you mind being the go-between between the cops and the museum?

Michael: All right, Kevin--

Lauren: What in the world is taking so long?

Kevin: (Sighs)

Lauren: We're gonna be late to pick up Summer and Phyllis.

Michael: Okay, I got... (Sighs) I got sucked in to being a referee.

Kevin: I'm sorry, Lauren. It's important.

Lauren: Oh, it always is, Kev, isn't it? (Clicks tongue) And as much as I love you and your mother, it's always something.

Michael: I know, I know, I know, I know. Look, I-- I'm coming right out there. I promise you. I'm sorry.

Lauren: All right, well, wrap it up. I don't want to miss the previews, okay?

Michael: Okay. Okay.

Kevin: What are you going to s--?

Lauren: Bye.

Michael: Focus.

Kevin: Well, I'm just glad that we're both doing the right thing.

Michael: (Sighs) Yeah. Me, too. (Sighs) I will put out some feelers and assess the best way to handle this, but you'd better-- (Whispering) You'd better put that Terroni in a safe place.

Kevin: I will. I'll make sure that that one and Daniel can't get their hands on it.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Kevin: Everything okay?

Daniel: Yeah, everything's fine. Look, we gotta worry about heading Michael off. If he gets to the authorities, then we're all gonna be screwed.

Gloria: Yeah, well, even if he doesn't, how are we supposed to agree on what to do?

Kevin: She's right. We all want different things.

Daniel: I don't-- (Sighs) Look, I just need a little time, all right? You guys give me a couple hours. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna see Deacon. I'm gonna see if we can work out a new deal, you know? One where we all get to take something away from this, okay?

Gloria: (Sighs)

Daniel: And then I'll come back here, and we'll figure out a new plan. Thanks.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Gloria: Kevin, Angel, if you would just give me that painting--

Kevin: Are you high? No way.

Gloria: I deserve that money a heck of a lot more than your jailbird half brother does.

Kevin: (Scoffs) Tom made all of us suffer, Mom, not just you.

Gloria: After everything I've done for you...

Kevin: No.

Gloria: And Jana--

Kevin: No.

Gloria: How about I give you part of my share for Ryder's defense? Will that get a "Yes" out of you?

Kevin: No!

Gloria: How can you deny me this chance to get back on my feet again?

Kevin: For the gazillionth time, Mother, the painting is not mine to give. It belongs to a museum in Pittsburgh, and that's where it's going. Deal with it.

Deacon: Hey, baby. You know, I was just thinking about you. How's life in that tiny little room? You know, the one cluttered with easels and old pizza boxes?

Amber: I'm incredibly happy there.

Deacon: Really? Happier than you were in a place like this? Living the good life with a-a rich husband who loves to spoil you? You had everything here, and I got the spa and dining room bills to prove it.

Amber: I will always pick Daniel over you and any amount of money.

Deacon: Oh. Brava. Now say it like you mean it.

(Bell dings)

Chloe: Oh, my God!



Chance: (Sputters) (Laughs) Hey, stop--stop cheating.

Chloe: (Laughs)

Chance: Got it!

Chloe: (Gasps) Oh, my God! That's hard. You got it?

Chance: Whoo!

Chloe: No!

Chance: 5 to 0.

Chloe: Double or nothing!

Chance: Double or nothing? Chloe, you're soaked. You can stop this now.


Chloe: (Laughing loudly)

Chance: Here, you gotta let me help you with that. Oh, God, you're soaked.

Chloe: Oh. Oh, my gosh. I can't do it. Hey, when I said I'd immerse myself, I was not kidding around.

Chance: I noticed. You get big points for that with me, too. Okay, gives—


Chloe: (Laughs) All right, do I get a prize?

Chance: Oh, look at you. Here, let me help you with that. Yeah, you can have any prize you want.

Chloe: Any prize.

Chance: Uh, tell you what, can I grab the, uh, the-- the cheese hat? The--the block of cheese, please.

Chloe: (Sighs) I can't see.

Chance: Let me help you with it. You got it?

Chloe: Yeah.

Chance: You got it? Oh, that's all in your eyes. Thank you very much. Oh, this is gonna look perfect. Here. Wait, wait, wait. Turn around. Turn around.

Chloe: Okay.

Chance: Turn around. Oh, wow.

Chloe: Ahh.

Chance: And there we have it. Show it off. Show it off. All hail the cheddar queen!


Chloe: (Laughs)

Chance: Nice. Well done.


Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: Wow. You, um, you look hot as hell.

Chloe: (Laughs) (Sighs) Hmm.

Michael: Yeah, is Phyllis upstairs with, uh, Summer and--

Nick: Uh, actually, no. She's, uh, she ran out for a second. Hopefully, she'll be back soon.

Michael: Oh.

Lauren: Oh. Well...

Nick: I just wanted to thank you guys for offering to take the kids for a while. That was very cool of you.

Lauren: I mean, Michael and I figured after the week you had, the least we could do was give you some time to decompress.

Michael: And if you need any help over at Newman over the next couple of weeks, just, you know, don't hesitate.

Nick: Thanks. I think we're pretty well covered, though I'm not looking forward to the Savaneur meeting at all. Stockholders are freaking out about Dad.

Michael: Well, you know, the joys of corporate takeovers.

Nick: Yeah.

Lauren: All right, well, I don't mean to rush you guys, but we should really get this show on the road.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: Come on. Let's get the kids.

Nick: You know what? Why don't you take the kids, and I'll let Phyllis know that she should just meet you guys there?

Michael: All right. Where'd she run off to, anyway?

Nick: She went to see Sharon.

Lauren: In the psych hospital?

Nick: I guess you haven't heard. Uh, Sharon was released. She went into premature labor.

Lauren: You're-- you're kidding. H-how's the baby?

Nick: (Sighs) The baby didn't make it.

Lauren: Oh, my God.

Michael: Jack.

Lauren: Poor Sharon. I—


Michael: Poor Jack. I mean, with all this and Colleen, it's a tough time.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. Well, it, uh, it turns out the baby wasn't Jack's. It was mine.

(Knock on door)

Sharon: You know, this really isn't a good time--

Phyllis: I-I-I know. I know. I know it isn't, but, um, I-I just-- I just want to talk to you and tell you how sorry I am. What you're going through, it's just-- it's truly the worst thing ever.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Um, you know, when Summer was in the hospital...

Phyllis: I remember praying to God that if he decided to take her, please take me instead. I-if--if she died, I-I don't--I don't know if I would have survived it, Sharon. I mean, how does somebody get over that?

Sharon: (Sighs) You don't get over it. You just learn to live with it. You move on.

Phyllis: Well... (Sighs) My heart goes out to you. It really does. And especially after hearing what you were willing to give up for my daughter and our family. If I were in your shoes, I don't--I don't really know if I was a-- if I would be able to do the same thing.

Sharon: It's over now. It doesn't matter.

Phyllis: No, a-actually, it does matter to me. I-I just want you to know that I'm very grateful, very grateful. And, um, and I'm sort of ashamed that I misjudged you.

Sharon: Shame, regret-- are you sure that that's all you're feeling right now, Phyllis?

Gloria: If you turn that painting over to the police, it will really screw up Daniel's life. I mean, what's to say he hasn't grabbed it, and he's taking it to Deacon himself right now?

Kevin: I don't think he would do that.

Gloria: Really? With everything he has to lose? Come on, Angel. Friends are friends. But can you really afford not to check the hiding place?

Kevin: Close up for me.

Gloria: I'd rather go with you.

Kevin: I'm sure you would. Then you would know where it is.

Gloria: Psst, you're in charge.

Amber: I can't be bought, Deacon. And by the way, what kind of lowlife does that make you, wanting a woman who could be?

Deacon: Oh, we are so much alike, you and I.

Amber: You know, I-I don't even know why we're talking about this. That's now why I came here.

Deacon: All right, before we get into that, do me a favor. Just indulge me for a second. I have something for you.

Amber: Whatever it is, I don't want it.

Deacon: Trust me, Honey. You're gonna want this. It's your wedding gift.

Amber: (Scoffs)

Deacon: And we do know how you love your baubles. Exquisite, no?

Amber: It's gaudy.

Deacon: Oh, so much the better.

Amber: I said I can't be bought, Deacon, and I meant it.

Deacon: Well, then it won't be a problem trying it on. I mean, you know, since you, uh, can't be tempted or anything. Let's see. Oh, come on.

Amber: It's-- it's very sparkly.

Deacon: If you, um, need some sunglasses, mine are on the nightstand.

(Knock on door)

Deacon: Hey, Pal.

Daniel: Hey, we need to talk about the painting.

Deacon: Okay.

Daniel: I wanted to, uh, set up a time and place.

Deacon: Well, there's no time like the present. Um, Amber was just trying on her wedding gift.

Amber: (Sighs)

Chance: (Laughs) All right, what I want to know is how in the hell-- where did you learn how to shoot like that?

Chloe: (Chuckles) A trained marksman shown up by a fashionista-- how embarrassing.

Chance: Okay. All right.

Chloe: Well, if it's any consolation, you can get the moo-cow.

Chance: Great. You're far too generous.

Chloe: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Chance: I'm sure. You're also one hell of a polka dancer.

Chloe: Yeah.

Chance: Yeah.

Chloe: If you tell anyone about that, I swear I will cut you with my hat.

Chance: I'm sure you would, too.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Chance: That thing's, like, razor-sharp. It's, like, sharp cheddar.


Chloe: (Chuckles)

Chance: Look, I, um, I had a lot of fun with you tonight.

Chloe: Yeah. I did, too. I don't know, I-I like hanging out with you. I feel like I can be myself-- you know, all the different sides.

Chance: Well, that's-- that's good, 'cause so far, I like 'em all.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: Okay. I just thought I should acknowledge what you're going through. That's all.

Sharon: How, um, gracious of you. Um, but I'm sure that you must be feeling just a little bit relieved.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Relieved?

Sharon: Yeah, you know, um, Summer is improving, and that--that's good. And you and Nick, you're--you're solid now.

Phyllis: Yeah, we'll see how it goes.

Sharon: You know, um, there's nothing tying Nick to me anymore, so the odds just got better for you.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Okay. Yeah, I get it. I--given our history, I can understand how you would feel that way. But let me tell you something, it's not true. See, the baby you just lost happens to be the daughter of the man I love, and the sister of Summer and Noah. So there's no pleasure, no relief, no triumph in knowing that your daughter died. There's only sadness, Sharon. I don't wish this upon anyone, least of all, you.

Daniel: Amber, take it off now.

Deacon: Why, I think that should probably be up to the lady, Daniel, don't you?

Daniel: Give it back to him.

Amber: Daniel-- Daniel, these diamonds are real. They are worth a fortune.

Daniel: I don't care what they're worth. Take off that damn necklace, and give it back to him, and walk out of this room with me right now, or it's over.

Daniel: I can't believe you're actually hesitating.

Amber: Well, look at this from my side. We could--

Daniel: What are you even doing here now? You know, I guess it doesn't matter. I-I guess I have my answer. I mean, if--if a little bling is all it takes, you're welcome to her.

Amber: Daniel, no. Wha--I--

Daniel: You win. You win, Deacon. You can have her. As a matter of fact, the two of you, you deserve each other.

Deacon: Wow, thanks. That's nice of you to say, 'cause--

Daniel: The painting is gonna stay with me, okay? You want to frame me for murder, you do whatever you have to.

Amber: No, Daniel. Daniel, wait. Just wait-- I didn't mean--

Deacon: Okay.

(Key turns in lock)

Kevin: (Sighs)

Gloria: (Sighs)


Chloe: You...

Chance: Yeah?

Chloe: Are...

Chance: Mm-hmm?

Chloe: A fabulous kisser.

Chance: Oh, really?


Chloe: Yeah.

Chance: You are a fabulous e-everything.


Chloe: Thank you.

Chance: Mm.

Chloe: Mm?

Chance: Mm. Mnh-mnh.

Chloe: What?

Chance: Mnh-mnh. Mnh-mnh.

Chloe: What?

Chance: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Chloe: What? What? What? What's wrong?

Chance: Um, we're going a little fast here.

Chloe: Uh, not fast enough for me.

Chance: Well, I--yeah.


Chloe: (Chuckles)

Chance: Chloe, you're still married.

Chloe: Uh, on paper.

Chance: Yeah, but, well, I'm--I'm not—


Chloe: Oh, that.

Chance: Yeah, that. Look, this is not about you.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: Okay? This is--this is not about you at all. This is about me and--and-- and wanting to wait, okay? I hope you can understand that.

Chloe: Yeah, of-- of course I understand. I understand.

Chance: Yeah?

Chloe: (Groans)

Chance: Good.

Chloe: Well, whatever girl you choose to marry is going to be one lucky lady.

Chance: (Sighs)

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Chance: Good. (Sighs) Look, I, um, here. Give me your hand.

Chloe: (Giggles)

Chance: I had a lot of fun with you tonight, and I hope that we can do this again soon. Please.


Chloe: Okay, yeah, me, too.

Chance: Yeah?

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Chance: You sure? Positive? Okay. Come here. Good night.

Chloe: Good night.

Chance: Okay. (Sighs) Um, uh, oh, um--

Chloe: Yeah.

Chance: Jacket.


Chloe: (Giggles)


Sharon: That was so good of you to come.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Listen, I know we're never gonna be best friends, Sharon, but I will always be grateful to you for what you did for my daughter in the hospital. And if you need something in return...

Sharon: Thank you.

Phyllis: You're welcome. I mean it. Just ask.

Nick: So did you guys have fun playing upstairs?

Fen: Yeah.

Michael: Yay!

Lauren: (Laughs)

Nick: All right.

Lauren: That's great.

Nick: I'm really sorry I kept you guys.

Lauren: Oh, don't even worry about it. We'll just catch the next showing, right? Right?

Michael: Yeah, the Fenmore's birthday is around the corner.

Lauren: That's right.

Michael: And we're gonna get together then, and we're gonna "Pah-tee hah-tee," huh?

Nick: Oh, yeah, that sounds fun. Hey, so you have fun at the movies, okay? I'll tell Mommy to meet you there, all right? Bye-bye, Sweetie.

Summer: Bye-bye, Daddy. I love you.

Nick: I love you, too.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Billy: I've made my decision. I'm gonna resign from Jabot.

Ashley: It'll give us a chance to clear the air about that night of the storm.

Nikki: Let's get it all out in the open.

Sharon: I haven't heard from the funeral home.

Adam: Funeral home.

Sharon: The ashes.

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