Y&R Transcript Monday 10/5/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/5/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 10/6/09 -- USA


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Chloe: Okay, last one to the table buys the next round.

Chance: What? What are you doing? You're already at the tab--

Chloe: No, no, no.

Chance: What?

Chloe: (Laughs) Now what?

Chloe: Score!

Chance: Whatever. The only reason why you're sitting in that chair right now is because I'm a gentleman, and I let you sit first.

Chloe: Well, yeah. I was banking on that.

Chance: I'm sure you were.

Chloe: Um, hold my seat, okay? Hey, Mac?

Mac: Hey.

Chloe: Hi. Um, so Billy usually calls for a baby update at the end of the day, and I haven't heard from him yet. So either they reversed the ruling for using cell phones in the hospital, or Colleen's taken a turn for the worse.

Mac: It's been a rough 24 hours for the Abbott family.

Billy: Yes, Sir, I can get the deposit to you today. Okay, uh, that'll do it. Thank you.

Noah: (Sighs) I'm really sorry.

Jack: How are you doing?

Noah: I'm okay. Actually, I came to check on Abby. She was so upset last time I talked to her.

Jack: Yeah, Abby's still asleep. We were all so messed up when we got home last night.

Noah: Yeah, my dad and Aunt Victoria pulled a couple of all-nighters themselves.

Jack: Any word on Victor?

Noah: He was still being operated on when I left.

Billy: Is there anybody else I need to call regarding the funeral?

Jack: No, I'll make the rest of the calls. Thanks.

Billy: Okay, I'm outta here.

Noah: Guess I don't need to ask how he feels about Grandpa getting Colleen's heart.

Jack: Oh, don't worry about Billy.

(Cell phone rings)

Noah: (Sighs) Hello?

Sharon: Hi, Honey. It's me.

Noah: Hey, Mom. What's up?

Sharon: Um, do you have any plans for tomorrow?

Noah: I was actually gonna come up to the hospital for a visit.

Sharon: Oh, well, I-I'm glad I caught you, then, because I'm--I'm actually back at my room at the club.

Noah: Weren't you supposed to be there for a full 30 days?

Sharon: Can we just talk about this in person?

Noah: Sure, but are you oka--

(Dial tone)

Noah: Something's wrong with Mom.

Victoria: It's been too long. What's going on in there?

J.T.: I'll see what I can find out.

Victoria: (Whispers) Thank you.

Phyllis: Want some coffee, baby?

Nick: I don't need caffeine, but thanks.

Neil: Nikki. Nikki. Hi.

Nikki: Hi.

Neil: I just got back into town. Lily told me what happened with Colleen and Victor. How is he?

Nikki: Uh, we--we don't know. We're waiting to hear.

Neil: So when did you get back?

Nikki: Right after Victor was shot.

Neil: Where's Ashley?

Ashley: Could you please check and see if you can get some information on Victor Newman's surgery for me? Thank you so much. Hi, Sweetheart. Hi, Sweetheart. Hi. God, please. He has to make it. After everything my sister's been through and for the sake of my little girls, he has to be okay. Doesn't he, baby girl? Doesn't he, baby girl?

Chloe: Colleen and I were not close, and I'm pretty sure that she hated me for breaking up Lily and Cane. But... (Sighs) You know, she was really tight with Billy. I'm sure he's a mess.

Chance: Yeah. You could go see for yourself.

Billy: Hey.

Chloe: I'll be right back. (Clears throat) Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Chloe: Um, can I--

Billy: Yeah.

Chloe: Hi. I heard about Colleen. Are you okay?

Billy: Eh, what do you think?

Chloe: I just-- I don't know. I can't believe that Traci gave Colleen's heart to Victor of all people.

Billy: Yeah. Don't get me started, okay? Just to think that the guy who's responsible for Colleen's death is gonna end up with the best part of her, it, um...

Chloe: Yeah, I know.

Billy: It turns my stomach, you know?

Chloe: I-I understand.

Billy: What's weird is, um, I don't know. Now that it's happening, I guess this part of me wants it to work, you know? That way, she's not completely gone.

Chloe: Yeah, well, it would be torture, you know, after deciding to give up her heart, and then if it couldn't work for someone and help save someone else's life? Yeah, even if it's Victor's.

Billy: Thanks.

Chloe: For what?

Billy: I don't know. For getting it.

Chloe: Do you want to have a cup of coffee? Talk?

Billy: Can I-- can I just call you later or something?

Chloe: Yeah.

Billy: Yeah?

Chloe: Yeah.

Billy: All right. Hey, thank you.

Chloe: Bye.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Just give him a kiss and tell him that I miss him, too. Okay, bye.

(Sighs heavily)

Nick: You know, Vick, if-- if you need to go--

Victoria: No, I don't. Uh, Reed is just a little fussy. He hasn't seen much of me or J.T. lately. At least you don't have to worry about it. Your baby hasn't been born yet and doesn't know the difference. Nick? Is something wrong?

Nick: (Sighs) Sharon went into labor, and we lost the baby.

Victoria: (Sighs) Oh, my God. Nick, I'm so sorry. You... (Sighs) You should have said something.

Nick: With what Dad's going through, I didn't-- I didn't want to talk about it. Besides, she's gone. Faith is gone. There's nothing that we can do about it.

Nikki: Thank you, Michael. Yeah, I'll call you as soon as I know anything. Bye.

Phyllis: How are you holding up?

Nikki: Phyllis. Well, I was thinking the last time I was in this hospital, it was Summer. I don't think I had ever prayed so hard.

Phyllis: Well, I just want you to know I'm praying for Victor, too, despite what he did.

Nikki: Well, thank you. That can't be easy.

Phyllis: Well, it is if I chose to do it for Nick, and I am. So, um, I'm sure you know he suffered a lot of loss recently.

Nikki: So you know.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know. I mean, you are talking about Sharon's baby, and the fact that my husband's the father, right?

Nikki: I'm so sorry. I know how difficult that must have been to hear.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Nikki, Nick is hurting, and I would do anything to bring that baby back, just at least so he could say good-bye. He didn't get that chance. He never will.

Sharon: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Noah: Mom, are you there?

Sharon: Hi. You didn't have to come. Jack, what are you doing here?

Jack: Noah said you sounded upset on the phone.

Noah: I could tell you were crying.

Jack: Did something happen at the psych hospital? W-- wait a minute. You're not pregnant. Did you have the baby?

Sharon: She didn't make it.

Noah: Why? What happened?

Sharon: Uh, there were some complications, and sh-she just-- she never took a breath.

Noah: Oh, Mom. I'm sorry. I know how much that little girl meant to you. (Sighs) She was your baby, too.

Sharon: Uh, um...

Jack: Uh--

Sharon: I'm sorry I-- I didn't let you know sooner. It's just with everything going on, and then the judge let me leave before the 30 days were up after everything I went through.

Noah: I'm sure you guys want to talk. I'm gonna go call Dad, see if there's any word from Grandpa.

Jack: Why didn't you tell him I wasn't the father?

Sharon: Because I-I just didn't see the point. The--the baby's gone.

Jack: He could still find out, Sharon.

Sharon: He's not gonna find out!

Jack: You don't know that.

Sharon: Jack, I can't, okay?

Jack: Why not?

Sharon: Because I don't want him to hate me. I've already lost Cassíe. I've lost this baby. I don't want to lose him, too. He's all I have left.

Jack: Noah could never hate you.

Sharon: Well, he tried to get his emancipation from me. I can only imagine how he is going to feel when he finds out that I not only lied to you, I di--I-I didn't tell Nick that he was the baby's father. I know this is a lot to ask, but please, please, just let me do this my way. I-I promise I will tell him, just not today.

Jack: Fine, as long as you tell him. Sit down. Sit down. I assume Nick knows about everything?

Sharon: Unfortunately, he found out after the fact, and he was devastated, especially since neither of us were able to hold her.

Jack: Wait. How come?

Sharon: The doctor said that she was just in really bad shape, and he thought that it would be better off that we not see her. Only now I-- I just keep picturing her in my mind, you know? My little Faith.

Jack: Did you just say "Faith"?

Sharon: Yeah. That's the name I gave her before she was born. Why?

Jack: That's what Ashley named her baby.

Ashley: Faith, I would like you to meet our dear friend.

Neil: Hello there. Hi. Though I'm not sure your daddy considers me a dear friend since I started working for the competition.

Ashley: Oh, deep down inside, he knows he never gave you a choice.

Neil: Mm.

Ashley: Isn't she perfect?

Neil: Yes, you are. Yes, you're perfect.

Ashley: (Laughs)

Neil: Oh, my goodness, you know something?

Ashley: What?

Neil: She reminds me a lot of Lily when Lily was an infant.

Ashley: Oh, sweet Lily.

Neil: Yeah.

Ashley: I've been thinking so much about her lately with the cancer, losing her best friend. She must be going through hell.

Neil: (Sighs) Yeah, well, Ashley, yeah. She's been through a real rough time.

Ashley: Yeah.

Neil: But she's also shown incredible strength, you know? She's taught me a lesson or two about how to get through rough times with grace.

Ashley: Well, maybe I should have a talk with her about Abby. She's gonna go through some rough times once the dust settles.

Neil: Want to know my opinion?

Ashley: Sure.

Neil: Abby will be absolutely fine. She's got you, all right? And once Victor is on the mend, you'll be able to face things together.

Phyllis: You know, Nick barely had the chance to digest the fact that this baby was his before he had a chance to grieve it.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure whatever the reason was for Sharon not wanting to tell him, it had to be a difficult decision.

Phyllis: Okay. But that doesn't change the fact that she kept this important information from him. (Sighs) And then to tell him that it was destined to be this way, I just--that's crazy.

Nikki: And yet you're still not angry at him for not telling you?

Phyllis: Listen, I haven't forgotten about Nick and Sharon's history. I haven't forgotten about that. But this time, it's different. You know, he wasn't torn, like all the times before. What he did, he did for his family.

Nikki: It sounds like you two are in a good place.

Phyllis: Yeah, we are.

Nikki: There's J.T.

Victoria: What did you find out?

J.T.: Uh, I just spoke to a nurse who confirmed Victor's still in surgery, but she wouldn't give me any information beyond that.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nick: I think I'm gonna go see my new little sister.

Phyllis: Are you sure you're up for that?

Nick: Maybe when I see her, I'll know that one thing went right in the world last night.

Chance: So I was thinking for our next date, we could go more of a traditional venue, maybe like a, uh, small-town feel, perhaps.

Chloe: (Sighs) Talk about lame.

Chance: Or not. We can--

Chloe: Hey, you know what? I write Billy off for good, right? And then he walks in here looking like a beat-up puppy dog, and says that I "Get him," and then, poof! "Florence Nightingale" walks in, and he just forgets all about me.

Chance: It's unbelievable.

Chloe: I know. Tell me about it.

Chance: I mean, do you even hear me right now? I mean, you seem to be getting all bent out of shape about a guy who's not even your husband anymore.

Chloe: Well, that's not exactly true.

(Cell phone chimes)

Billy: (Groans) Great.

Mac: What? What?

Billy: (Sighs) A shipment of Jabot's retro line is stuck in de Gaulle.

Mac: Well, isn't there someone below you who can handle it?

Billy: Well, Honey, when you are stuck at the bottom rung, the only thing beneath you is the floor.

Mac: Come on, Billy.

Billy: Oh, no, I'm serious. I've spent my entire adult life pretty much working for this company, and the only thing I've been able to become is a glorified shipping clerk, which-- there. Maybe they can get that-- doesn't surprise me, seeing how I don't carry a single ounce of weight with this family in business or family matters. If I did, hey, maybe I would have a-a say in how my niece leaves this world. What do you think about that? Huh?

Mac: I think this is a really hard time for everyone.

Billy: Yeah, well, I don't know. Maybe this is just what I need so I can... (Clears throat) Face what my life really is. What do you think?

Jack: So what can I do to make things any better?

Sharon: I'm not your responsibility anymore, remember? Besides, you have a whole handful of grieving people you need to look after, especially Traci.

Jack: Sometimes I wonder how she even keeps moving.

Sharon: If she stops, she'll never get up again. I know that. You think it would help if I talked to her?

Jack: Yeah, it might. That'd be nice.

Sharon: What about you? Who's taking care of you?

Jack: I'm fine.

Sharon: Traci gave her daughter's heart to your worst enemy, and you're okay with it?

Jack: I will be okay with it. If Victor has Colleen's heart, a part of her will live on. Hey, I-I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't-- I wasn't thinking. I--

Sharon: (Sighs) You're right. Life does move on, and I need to remember that... (Sighs) Especially now.

Nick: Is this a bad time?

Ashley: No, of course not. You want to meet your baby sister? Come on in.

Nick: My God, Ashley, she's beautiful.

Chance: Even though you and Billy are living separate lives and clearly seeing different people, you're technically his wife?

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Chance: Man. What is--I mean, what's taking so long with the divorce? Why?

Chloe: Well, there has seemed to be a little, uh, glitch in the proceedings.

Chance: What kind of a glitch are we talking about?

Chloe: (Sighs) Like one of those red tape kind of thingies.

Chance: (Sighs) So... it doesn't bother Billy or Mac that--that technically, you guys are still married? It's not a problem? Everything's fine?

Chloe: I guess so. I mean, neither one of them have said anything to me about the divorce not being finalized, so, yeah, I guess it doesn't bother them.

Chance: Yeah, but does it bother you? I mean, come on, aren't you tired of going through all this crap?

Chloe: Yeah, yeah, I am tired tired of it, and I'm going--

Chance: So what are you gonna do about it?

Chloe: I'm gonna deal with it right away.

Chance: When?

Chloe: Tomorrow.

Chance: Tomorrow?

Chloe: Tomorrow.

Chance: You're gonna do it tomorrow?

Chloe: So what are you gonna do? Where are you taking me out?

Chance: (Laughs) You don't want to talk about that. Okay. All right, fine. Um, I didn't. I didn't say. It's a surprise.

Chloe: Ooh, are you gonna take me to that new club across town where you have to, like, wear all white? One of those white parties?

Chance: No, this is more of one of those "Come as you are" kind of surprises.

Chloe: Mm, come as you-- (Gasps) No, you didn't. Did you?

Chance: Did what?

Chloe: You convinced Katherine.

Chance: To?

Chloe: To get the company jet and fly me to New York for a night?

Chance: (Chuckles) Uh, no, I did not. I think this is actually a better surprise than that.

Chloe: What? Noth--nothing is better than autumn in New York, nothing.

Chance: (Inhales deeply) The harvest festival right here in Genoa City.

Billy: Go ahead. Tell me that I'm nuts, that I've got a good thing going with Jabot, and that I can't leave--thank you-- because, I don't know, the family is depending on me.

Mac: Hello. Hi. I gave up the corporate ladder to serve beer at a dive bar and soup at a shelter. I'm the last person to encourage you to stay in the family business.

Billy: You mean that?

Mac: You need to be somewhere that you are fulfilled and appreciated and happy.

Billy: Well, you know what?

Mac: Hmm?

Billy: I feel that right here with you...

Mac: Mm.

Billy: Right now. Mm.

Mac: Mm.

Billy: You know what?

Mac: What?

Billy: I love you.

Mac: (Laughs) I love you, too.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victoria: (Sighs) I can't stand this. I can't stand this!

J.T.: (Sighs) You want me to see if I can find out some more information?

Victoria: I don't see how it's gonna be any different. You asked them before. I-I doubt anything's changed. (Sighs) I'm sorry.

J.T.: It's okay.

Phyllis: Any word?

Victoria: No. He's still alive, as far as we know.

Phyllis: Listen, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about before. You were right. It wasn't the time or the place to bring up my issues with your father, and despite everything that happened with Summer, Victoria, you have to know that I want him to live. I want him to make it through, and I'm praying for that.

Victoria: I know.

Phyllis: Uh, I'm gonna call the sitter and check on Summer.

J.T.: That's a first.

Victoria: Excuse me?

J.T.: Phyllis apologizing.

Victoria: I understand why she would be upset. I mean, she trusted my father, and he-- he betrayed her.

J.T.: You know, um, between Colleen and your dad, we really haven't had a chance to talk about stuff. You know, I'm not happy with the way things are right now. I understand you got a little upset when you saw that picture of me and Colleen. But what I don't understand is why you didn't come and talk to me before you did what you did. I mean, I-I would never, never do that to you. And I didn't think you-- you could do that to me, either.

Victoria: I'm sorry, okay? J.T., Please. I know that we need to talk about this, but I just can't do it right now. Can we please just wait? Let's just wait until we know what's going on with my dad, okay? Please.

J.T.: Fine.

Victoria: (Sighs)

J.T.: We'll deal with this later.

Nick: Wow, when I look at her, all I feel is peace. (Sighs) Is that strange?

Ashley: No, it's not strange. Traci felt the same thing when she saw her. Maybe it's because there's been so much sadness surrounding Colleen and your dad, Nick. And a new life is what we all needed.

Nick: Yeah. If we could just hear that my dad's okay, then--

Ashley: Yeah, any word on him?

Nick: No, nothing yet.

Ashley: You know things aren't so great between us right now.

Nick: I know you can be angry with him. Hell, he's the reason that Summer has regressed the way she has. But if my dad makes it through this, I really hope that you won't keep her from him. There's nothing worse than not being able to be with your child.

Ashley: Nick, I would never do that. I mean, whatever problems Victor and I have, he's still her father, and nothing's ever gonna change that.

Nikki: Oh, no, don't go. Don't go.

Neil: (Sighs) I have spent way too much time in this chapel over the years.

Nikki: Yeah, you and me both.


Neil: You know, the last time I was here, I prayed that my daughter wouldn't have cancer.

Nikki: I'm so sorry.

Neil: No. Nikki, don't be. A lot of blessings came out of that diagnosis, the biggest being that our family has started to heal. Over the past year, it's been very rough. I have a feeling the same thing will happen with Victor.

Nikki: I pray you're right.

Neil: Well, if there's one thing I've learned over the past month, the man upstairs, he really does have a plan.

Nikki: Hey, Colleen's heart was a 5-point match. It can't get any better than that. But it's still no guarantee that it'll take. I mean, what if that's part of God's plan? That after all the pain that Tracie went through to give us this gift that-- what if it doesn't make it--

Neil: Nikki-- Nikki, come on. Who we talking about here, huh? We're talking about Victor Newman.

Nikki: But I've never seen him like this. Neil, he's so-- he's so tired and weak, and I-it's almost like the guilt that he feels for what he's done has taken away his will to live. (Sighs) I mean, you know, all these years, he's presented this bigger-than-life image. And maybe this is finally his way of proving he is only human, and it scares me to death.

Neil: I know. Come here. Its okay, baby.

Nikki: (Sobs)

Neil: It's all right. It's all right.

Nikki: (Sobs)

(Door opens)

Noah: (Sighs) I couldn't reach Dad, but I got a hold of Phyllis. She said Grandpa's still in surgery.

Jack: Well, I'd better be going. Let me know if I can help in any way. I--

Sharon: You just take care of yourself, okay?

Noah: Ma, are you okay?

Sharon: I will be.

Noah: Are you hungry? I can order us something from room service.

Sharon: Do you know how lucky I am to have you?

Noah: I'm not going anywhere. And I promise, from now on, I'm gonna take care of you.

Sharon: No, you're not. The last thing I want is you sacrificing your life for mine.

Noah: But I love you.

Sharon: I know you do.

Noah: I'm sorry if I ever made you think I didn't. You're my mom, and I'm always gonna be here for you.

Sharon: (Sighs)

Nick: It is hard to believe that Noah...

Ashley: Hey, Sweetie.

Nick: Was ever this small.


Ashley: What?

Nick: Wow. (Chuckles) Noah used to have the strongest grip ever. When I would put my finger in there, I'd swear-- I'd swear it was gonna fall off, he'd be gripping it so tight.

Ashley: I know. It's funny, 'cause it's just like this little one. I mean, the first time it happened, it really took me off guard, because Abby was such a gentle baby.


Nick: That's the Newman in you.

Ashley: (Chuckles)

Nick: Wow. She has a stronger grip than Noah. But we'd better not tell Noah that.

Ashley: Do you want to hold her?

Phyllis: Hey. What are you doing here?

Jack: Shouldn't you be in Switzerland?

Phyllis: Uh, I decided to come back. I--Summer was doing great. And, um, I got the feeling that Nick needed me. I had no idea how bad it was.

Jack: Yeah. It's been pretty excruciating.

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm sorry about Colleen. I know how close you two were.

Jack: Right now, I'm worried about Traci. I don't know how you make sense of losing your only child in such a senseless way.

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Jack: Yeah, I'm fine.

Phyllis: What are you doing in this depressing place?

Jack: I came to see Ash and the baby.

Phyllis: Yeah, I heard they brought her in last night at the maternity ward. It's on a different floor.

Jack: I also wanted to see if my sister's sacrifice was worth it-- if Colleen's heart was still beating.

Phyllis: I don't know. I haven't heard anything. I wish I could tell you.

Jack: (Cries) (Sniffles) It is so unfair, "Red." It's just not fair.

Jack: (Sighs)

Chance: We're gonna go bobbing for apples, and then we're gonna go over to the pancake-eating contest, which is a lot of fun-- filling, but fun. Followed by the 4-H stables, which is where they're gonna have all the blue-ribbon winners for the day.

Chloe: Okay, shh.

Chance: What?

Chloe: Shh. Shh. Hold it right there. Listen, buddy, the only festivals I attend are in Cannes, Rome...

Chance: (Sighs)

Chloe: And maybe Utah, and there is no way that I am risking my Manolos by walking through manure from those dirty little beasts.

Chance: (Chuckles) They're not dirty little beasts. These are prize-winning pigs we're talking about here.

Chloe: Okay, but what about prize-winning movies?

Chance: What about them?

Chloe: And--and appletinis?

Chance: (Sighs) They're good. They're fine. They're fantastic, all right? I've had fun, but we've been doing everything you wanted to do. And I'm just saying that maybe we should do something that, you know, I want to do.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Chance: Come on.

Chloe: Okay, so hanging out with Murphy and his cronies who wear funny hats and velvet robes is your scene? That's it?

Chance: I-I--you know what? Just give it a chance. You might actually-- you might-- you might actually like it.

Chloe: (Sighs) All right, but I am not wearing gingham. I'm not doing it.

Mac: So are you really gonna do it?

Billy: Well, I think, uh, after Colleen's funeral, I'm gonna hand Jack my letter of resignation. And then...

Mac: Mm-hmm?

Billy: You and I can talk about our future. Hmm?

Mac: Okay.

Billy: Okay. (Chuckles) Mm-hmm. Excuse me.

Jack: The best-laid plans, huh? I was grooming Colleen to take over the world... or V-Victor's world. I started this, Red.

Phyllis: Oh, come on.

Jack: I'm the one that got this--

Phyllis: Jack, don't do that. Don't blame yourself.

Jack: I called it all wrong-- with Colleen, with Sharon.

Phyllis: How is Sharon?

Jack: The baby--

Phyllis: Didn't make it, I know. It must be difficult for you to go through this, especially since you're not the father.

Jack: You know.

Phyllis: Nick told me.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Why didn't you? Why didn't you tell me? Remember, I asked you to tell me the truth? If Nick was the father, and you said no. You looked me in the eye, and you said no. Why?

Jack: I promised Sharon I wouldn't tell you.

Phyllis: (Sighs) That just makes no sense to me.

Jack: It made sense to her.

Phyllis: (Sighs) How could it make sense to her? I wasn't with Nick when she took the paternity test. I--she could have had him free and clear. I mean it-- none of it makes sense.

Jack: He wasn't free. Summer was in a bad way. Nobody knew if she was gonna live or die. Sharon understood that Summer would need her father's undivided attention if she was gonna make it.

Phyllis: Mm.

Jack: That his focus could not be split.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. Lovely. So what you're saying is she gave up the chance to be with the love of her life.

Jack: So that Nick could be there for Summer... and for you.

Noah: I, uh, ordered you fries, extra crispy, just how you like them with your favorite buttermilk dressing on the side and extra lemons for your water.

Sharon: You didn't have to do that.

Noah: I said I was gonna take care of you, didn't I?

Sharon: I might not deserve it.

Noah: Don't say that.

Sharon: It's true. I, um, I have done things that you don't know about.

Noah: If this is about that ring you took--

Sharon: No, it's not that. Come and sit.

Noah: Mom, what's going on?

Sharon: Okay, I, um, I had my reasons for not saying anything to you, and I will explain all of them to you. My only hope is that you will forgive me.

Noah: For what? What didn't you tell me?

Sharon: The baby--Faith-- she wasn't Jack's child. She was your father's.

Nick: You are definitely gonna melt your daddy's heart.

Ashley: Oh.

Nick: What'd you name her, Ashley?

Ashley: Faith. I named her Faith.

Nikki: Dr. Swift, how is he?

Victoria: He's all right, isn't he?

Dr. Swift: At the moment, he is being prepped for recovery.

Nikki: So he made it.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Nikki: He made it.

J.T.: Doctor, you didn't anticipate it taking this long. What happened?

Dr. Swift: The scar tissue from the gunshot wounds made mobilizing the donated heart difficult.

Neil: So could it cause complications in the future?

Dr. Swift: No. No, actually, it shouldn't.

Nikki: What now?

Dr. Swift: We wait to see if his body assimilates the new tissue.

(Pager beeps)

Dr. Swift: I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Nikki: Oh, my God. That's not about Victor, is it?

Dr. Swift: No, no, but I do have to take care of this. Um, I will check in with you later.

Nikki: Thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much.

Victoria: Thank you so much.

Dr. Swift: You're welcome.

(Door closes)

Nikki: There he is.

Victoria: Daddy, hi. I knew you'd make it. You're my hero. You always will be my hero.

Nikki: We're all here for you. We're all here.

Jack: Way to go, kid. Way to go.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Deacon: Amber was just trying on her wedding gift.

Sharon: There's nothing tying Nick to me anymore, so the odds just got better for you.

Chloe: I don't know. I-I like hanging out with you. I feel like I can be myself.

Chance: Well, that's-- that's good.

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