Y&R Transcript Friday 9/18/09

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/18/09 -- Canada; Monday 9/21/09 -- U.S.A.


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Patty: Eeny, meeny, miny, mo. Who will be the one to go? My youth, my innocence, my dream of a child-- you know, you took that away from me, Jack, and you left me with nothing but pain.

Jack: I was young and stupid, and I didn't love you the way I should have. I know that now.

Patty: You know, I tried to make you pay, but I failed. You know, I-I-I guess I wasn't ready to lose you forever back then. But I'm ready now.

Victor: Patty, that man is worth nothing. He is not worth your love, not worth your tears. Think about it. If you shoot him, he'll pay. But what's gonna happen to you? You'll go to prison for the rest of your life. Is that what you want? You could have it so much better. I can have my helicopter be here in 15 minutes. They'll whisk you away, take you anywhere you want to go.

Patty: Okay, just--just-- just stop it. Stop it, Victor. This was all because of you! You know, you tried to buy me and own me-- a Newman subsidiary, huh? You know, you brought me to Genoa City and--and-- and you have been just giving me orders and orders and orders, and you still are giving me orders. I'm not gonna take 'em anymore. I'm not.

Victor: And you're right. This is your life. I have no right to interfere. I agree with you, all right? Just give me a chance. Put your life back to where it was.

Patty: Okay, back to where it once was? I mean, I had nothing then, and I have nothing now. I-I mean, Jack, y-y-you held me close and you made love to me. I-I became everything you wanted as Mary Jane. I was--I was--I was clever. I wa--I was worldly, desirable. A woman that you could love, right? So why didn't you love me?

Victor: Give me the damn gun!


Patty: Aah!



Victor: (Moans)

Victor: (Groans)

Paul: I'll call you back.

J.T.: Let's go. Let's go.

Traci: Paul!

Billy: Paul! Pau--they hung up.

Steve: What do you think?

Billy: It sounded like gunshots to me.

Traci: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, what happened?

Billy: No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Traci: (Sobs)

Nick: Is there any word from J.T. on how the search is going?

Victoria: Yeah, um, he called last night at 4:00 A.M. No--no sign of Colleen yet.

Nick: I'm pretty sure I was on the phone with Phyllis around that time.

Victoria: Oh, how is she?

Nick: Summer's doing great. She's making lots of progress. Once I told Phyllis about what happened to Dad--

Victoria: (Sighs) I can imagine how upset she was. You know, I'm still in shock that Dad brought Patty here.

Nick: Well, he didn't come right out and admit it, but it's pretty obvious what the truth is.

Victoria: (Sighs) I doubt that Dad would do anything to put his family in danger, Nick.

Nick: Sis, he built a ticking time bomb out of a very disturbed person who, big surprise, he ended up not controlling.

Victoria: (Sighs) Yeah, I know. Dad has done some things in the past that have gone too far, and this one really makes it hard to-- makes it hard to keep loving him.

Adam: Ash?

Ashley: Yep, what is it?

Adam: Well, I heard all the commotion in here. What--what's going on? You're not--

Ashley: I'm packing. I'm moving out.

Adam: What? No, you're not serious.

Ashley: I'm dead serious. I'm leaving Victor, Adam. When he gets home, I'll be long gone.

Patty: (Breathing rapidly) Oh, God.

Victor: (Groans)

Patty: (Gasps)

Jack: Victor? Victor? Victor?

Victor: (Groans)

Jack: Have you got a phone?

Victor: (Groans)

Jack: Here.

Victor: (Grunts)

Jack: Hold this. Hold this.

Victor: You help Colleen.

Jack: Okay. Okay.

Victor: (Groans)

Jack: (Panting) This is Jack Abbott. I'm at the south edge of the lake at Camp Cheveyo. Yes, I need an ambulance. There are two victims-- one's a drowning, the other's been shot. Female--drowning. Yeah, he's been shot. Three times. I don't know. She's barely breathing. She's barely alive. Please get here! Get over here as quickly as you can!

Victor: (Groans)

Jack: It's gonna be all right, baby.

Victor: (Sighs)

Jack: It's gonna be all right.

Paul: Jack! Jack!

Jack: Over here! Hang in there.

Paul: How long was she in the water?

J.T.: Is she okay?

Jack: No idea. No idea. She's barely breathing. Help him. Help him.

J.T.: What happened?

Paul: Look, it was Patty, wasn't it?

J.T.: Victor?

Jack: It was Patty. She's insane.

Paul: Where did she go?

Jack: She ran off that way. She panicked.

J.T.: Get her, Paul. Stop her.

Jack: She's limping. You can catch her. Go!

J.T.: He's in shock.

Jack: It's okay. It's okay, kiddo. Hang in there. Hang in there. They're on their way.

(Sirens wail)

J.T.: You hear that, Victor? Help's on the way. You just hang in there, all right?

Jack: They're on their way.

J.T.: Hang in there, Colleen!

Jack: Breathe. Breathe. Oh, oh, come on, baby. Breathe. Breathe.

Ashley: My own husband using a vulnerable, mentally unstable woman to get back at my brother. Do you have any idea what those words did to me?

Adam: Ashley, you're obviously upset. You should just--

Ashley: I'm beyond upset, Adam. And then the whole thing backfires, and he still doesn't tell me the truth.

Adam: Ashley, I think you should just calm down, okay?

Ashley: Aren't you angry? Because you should be. Do you realize that Patty was here on the property while you were confined to the house practically blind? What if she had attacked you? What would you have done to defend yourself?

Adam: Ashley, right now, my main concern is the baby, okay? And--and you're getting yourself all worked up. Why don't I take you downstairs, and I'll make you a cup of tea?

Ashley: Aah!

Adam: Talk about--

Ashley: I don't want tea! Don't even say "Tea" to me.

Adam: Listen, are-- Ashley, are you gonna throw away your marriage based on--on--on-- on what, rumors and false accusations? I mean, there is no proof. We have Jack and Paul's say-so.

Ashley: Wait a second. I never said anything about Paul.

Adam: He--he-- he stormed in here, and he confronted Victor about it.

Ashley: When was this?

Adam: Uh, it was after Patty had, uh, e-escaped the church. And, you know, he's going on and on about how he-- he knew--he knew that--that Dad was responsible for turning her into Mary Jane-- not a shred of evidence, might I add.

Ashley: So you knew about this, but you didn't think maybe you would want to tell me?

Adam: (Sighs) Yeah. Yeah. I didn't believe a word of it, Ashley, not a word. Why am I gonna come to you spreading lies? Listen, things are tense between you and Victor, okay? Even a blind man can see that. But you're gonna fill up a suitcase? You're gonna--you're gonna walk out with a baby on the way?

Ashley: Yeah, I am. I need to finish packing. Excuse me.

Adam: You know what, Ashley? You're right. You are right. It is your life.

Adam: Taylor, it's me. Uh, listen, we got big trouble. You gotta get down here now.

(Cell phone closes)

Billy: I tried J.T. I tried Paul. I called Jack. Nobody's answering their phone. It all went to voice mail.

Traci: Okay, then-- then that settles it. We're gonna have to go find Colleen.

Billy: Look, if someone calls, you're gonna miss it. You can't always get a signal up there.

Traci: I am not gonna stand around here doing nothing. My baby is out there! She could be shot. You stay here and wait by the phone if you want to, but I am going to find Colleen.

(Doorbell rings)

Billy: Traci-- look, I will get it. I'll get it. Oh, man, Chance. What's going on, man? What's going on up there? What?

Victoria: So are you gonna be at the magazine most of the day?

Nick: Yeah, that's the plan. It makes me think about Mom. I really wish she were here. I'd like to get her take on Dad and Patty.

Victoria: Yeah. Well, I, on the other hand, am dreading going into the office after what happened last night. Well, who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky and he won't come in today.

Nick: (Chuckles)

(Cell phone rings)

Victoria: It's J.T. hey. How's it going up there? No.


Adam: Tell her whatever you have to. You've just got to get through to her. We cannot let Ashley leave this house.

Dr. Taylor: "We" may not have the choice.

Adam: What, are you giving up on me now?

Dr. Taylor: Maybe it's time.

Adam: Have you forgotten what I have on you?

Dr. Taylor: (Chuckles) How I wish.

Adam: We have too much riding on this to let the truth come out.

Dr. Taylor: The truth is going to come out when no baby does. Face it, my friend. This is gonna blow up. It's just a matter of when.

Ashley: Dear Victor, this is good-bye. You can't begin to know how deeply it hurts me to write those words, but you've left me no choice. When I married you this time, I truly believed things would be different, that you would be different after everything you'd been through, but once again, I was being naive. The only thing that matters to you is beating down my brother. It's far more important to you than I'll ever be. If I ever needed proof of that, I got it when I learned about you and Patty Williams-- how you brought her to town to use as a weapon against Jack, then sat back and did nothing as she proceeded to wreak havoc on your own family. You allowed that woman to torture me, kill that sweet dog Zapato and severely injure your beloved granddaughter. How does it feel, Victor, knowing Summer may never be the same little girl again because of you and your actions, your reckless disregard for anyone who gets in the way of your vindictive games?


Nick: Hi, is there any word on my father Victor Newman?

Chance: Hey, uh, the ambulance is on its way. It should be here momentarily.

Victoria: Is there any idea about his condition?

Chance: Well, uh, at this point, both victims are alive, but that's all I've been told.

Nick: Come on.

Traci: Oh.

Victoria: Traci, hi. I heard about Colleen. I'm really sorry.

Traci: God, thank you.

Billy: Yeah, you never said. Did the police catch her? Huh? Are they bringing Patty in?

Chance: The suspect ran as soon as help arrived, but there's a manhunt that has been organized both in and around the woods surrounding the camp.

Paul: (Breathing heavily) Patty?

Paul: Patty, can you hear me?

Patty: Stay away.

Paul: It's me, Pattycake. It's--I-it's Paul.

Patty: Paul.


Paul: Yeah, it's me, Sweetheart. Uh, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna come closer, okay? You know I wouldn't-- it's just me. I was worried about you when you ran away, you know? I-I'm just glad you're alive.

Patty: (Sniffles) Not for long.

Paul: Why? What's the matter? Are you hurt?

Patty: I-I have a spider bite, a nor--northern widow. It bit me.

Paul: Oh, God, Patty, that-- I gotta call and get some help, okay?

Patty: No, no. Donít. Donít.

Paul: No, no, Patty. You need a doctor. Please.

Patty: No, I don't-- I don't want to live. I don't want to live, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, you do.

Patty: I know I've done horrible things. (Sobs) And I don't want to live without Jack. Please.

Paul: Come on, Sweetheart.

Patty: Please. Just let me die, please. Just--just let me die, Paul.

Doctor: I'm not getting a B.P. All right, let's open the I.V.S.

Victoria: Dad! Dad!

Doctor: Uh, type and cross for 4 units of whole blood, then prep for radiology and the O.R. Let's go!

Victoria: Dad!

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Traci: Oh, Colleen, your mom is here! Honey, I'm here.

Doctor: She's cyanotic. Pulse is thready. Pupils fixed and dilated.

Abby: Will she be okay?

Doctor: Let's get stat blood gases. See if you can remove that E.T. tube and get her into I.C.U. for a core temp.

Traci: (Sobs)

Steve: Give 'em room!

Chance: Good job, guys.

Traci: Colleen!


Steve: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Traci: (Gasps)

Victoria: J.T.!

Traci: (Sobs)

Traci: Jack.


Billy: How are you, brother?

Jack: I was just--it was-- the--the whole--

J.T.: They're alive. They've still got a chance.

Chance: Hey, wait, wait. Where--where's Paul?

J.T.: (Sighs) He went after Patty. Uh, she couldn't have gone that far.

Nick: I heard you pulled her out of the lake.

Jack: Yeah, not the--I mean, Patty wouldn't let me--I--

J.T.: He got her to shore, and he did C.P.R. until the ambulance got there.

Jack: I couldn't do it the whole time. I-I-I tried. She was--I couldn't--

Traci: Oh.

Jack: I couldn't do anything.

Traci: Oh, Jack.

Billy: What lake was it?

Chance: It was Lake Elizabeth.

Victoria: Oh, my God. Isn't that the lake--?

Abby: Where Daddy drowned.

Paul: Okay. It's okay. This is gonna counteract the venom, okay?

Patty: Donít. Donít. Donít.

Paul: Now there's no way in hell I'm gonna let you die, Patty. Come on.

Patty: (Gasps) (Whimpers) Aah!

Paul: There you go.

Patty: Aah!

Paul: It's okay.

Patty: (Sobs)

Paul: Can you imagine what Mom would do if I did, huh? Come on.

Patty: (Sobs)

Paul: Okay. It's over. It's all over, okay?

Patty: (Sobs)

Paul: Okay. We're gonna get through this, okay? I know I let you down before, but I'm gonna--I'm gonna take care of you this time, I promise-- me and your little kitty.

Patty: (Chuckles)

Paul: Okay?

Patty: Okay. But, Paul, I've been-- I've been very bad. I'm really sorry.

Paul: I know, Sweetheart.

Patty: I've hurt a lot of people.

Paul: I know.

Patty: (Sniffles) And I-- and I didn't mean to. I just--I just-- I lost control.

Paul: I know. Just relax. Just lie back and let the medicine work, okay?

Patty: They're gonna take me away--the police, aren't they?

Paul: Come on, Patty.

Patty: (Sobs) Don't let them take me away.

Paul: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Patty: (Sobs)

Paul: Shh, shh, shh. It's okay.

Patty: You said you-- you said you were gonna-- you were gonna take care of me, right?

Paul: I-I will.

Patty: You just--you make it all go away, Paul. You promise? You make it all go away.

Paul: I will.

Patty: Okay.


Jack: I watched Patty shoot him 10 feet away. Three bullets into his chest-- the same number she pumped into me. (Sighs) A monster he created turned on him. I will say this for him-- when he was lying there bleeding, you know what he said? Help--help Colleen.

Traci: I-I still don't get this, Jack. Why was Colleen in the lake?

Jack: I don't know. I don't know. When I got there, she was alone. Patty claimed she went off to get help.

Chance: Jack, how did you know even where to look?

Jack: I-I followed the path I thought Colleen would take. I kept finding little pieces of purple cloth and fabric, maybe from her scarf. I don't know what. They were all leading to the lake, so I-I looked across the lake, and that's when I saw the canoe turned over in the water.

Victoria: You must have been terrified.

Jack: I found a rowboat. I rowed out to her, and... (Sighs) That's when I saw her, facedown, floating in the water. (Voice breaking) I rowed back to shore. I tried to help her. I tried to do everything I could. It was-- I tried to give her C.P.R. I--

Traci: (Sobs)

Jack: I tried to help her.

Traci: (Sobs)

Chance: I'm sorry, but if you guys will excuse me a second, okay?

Traci: (Sighs) Doctor, how is she?

Doctor: Does anyone know how long Mrs. Carl--Ms. Carlton was underwater with no oxygen?

Jack: (Normal voice) No. No, but, uh, when I brought her to shore, though, I gave her C.P.R. her breathing was shallow, but she was breathing.

Doctor: Unfortunately, that's no longer the case. We had to put her on a ventilator.

Traci: But it jus--it's just temporary, though, right? I mean, she'll breathe on her own again.

Doctor: We're gonna do some more tests.

Steve: Can we see her?

Doctor: Of course. Uh, only two at a time, though. No more. Follow me.

Steve: Yeah.

Victoria: Doctor, how is our dad doing?

Doctor: We are waiting on a blood type and a crossmatch, plus the results of the cat scan before we send him into surgery.

Abby: Is he gonna be okay?

Doctor: He's made it this far.

Nick: Can we see him?

Doctor: Briefly, once he returns from radiology. Please excuse me.

Abby: He thinks Dad's gonna die.

Victoria: No, he didn't say that.

Abby: Where's Mom? Has anyone called her?

Jack: No, no, no, let's-- let's wait till we know more. I want to be able to give her some good news.

Ashley: When it suits your purpose, you lied to me as easily as you breathe. How many times did you insist that I couldn't possibly have seen Sabrina when a woman you'd hired to get at Jack was masquerading as her in front of our faces? You couldn't risk my finding that out, but you were willing to risk my trust in you, as well as my health, and, yeah, my sanity. Once I realized this, I knew I couldn't stay here any longer. I need to get away, go someplace quiet where I can have our baby in peace. I love you, Victor. But I don't have any faith in you. The way you so casually manipulate people--

(Knock on door)

Ashley: Who is it?

Dr. Taylor: It's Dr. Taylor. May I come in?

Ashley: Come in. Hi. What are you doing here?

Dr. Taylor: Adam called and said you'd had some upsetting news. He's concerned about the stress you're under.

Ashley: I'm fine. The baby's fine. You--you didn't have to come.

Dr. Taylor: Well, it's no trouble at all, but since I am here, uh, why don't I just get your blood pressure and make sure everything's okay? Would that be all right?

Ashley: I guess so.

Dr. Taylor: How have you been sleeping?

Ashley: (Clicks tongue) Not that great, actually.

Dr. Taylor: Do you still have any of those mild sedatives I prescribed for you?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. I-I'm sure I do.

Dr. Taylor: Well, why don't you take one of those, lie down and make sure you and the baby get a lot of rest? You can't be too careful, given your history.

Victoria: Daddy?

Nick: I don't know if he can hear us.

Victoria: I said I didn't want him to come into the office today. I guess I got my wish, didn't I?

Nick: Hey, come on.

Victoria: Why is this happening, Nick? What--what is this? This is his punishment because we were so hard on him?

Nick: I don't believe that, because in spite of everything that was said when we confronted him about Patty Williams, he loved us, and he knew that we loved him.

Victoria: You know, Nick, I promised that I would tell him that every day when he came back from Mexico, and I just sort of fell back into letting him push my buttons again.

Nick: Dad went back to being dad. I went back to butting heads with him again. But I don't care. Despite what he told us, I wouldn't trade our family for anything. And I know he feels the same way.

Victoria: (Whispering) Daddy, I'm so sorry.

Traci: Colleen, Sweetheart, Steve and I are here, and we love you so much.

Doctor: (Clears throat)

Steve: Dr. Snyder.

Dr. Snyder: Hi.

Steve: Have the test results come back yet?

Dr. Snyder: I've ordered an E.E.G. Now that's gonna measure the electrical activity in her brain.

Traci: So we'll know a whole lot more then, right?

Dr. Snyder: Yes. Yes, we should. Excuse me.

Traci: (Sighs) Dear heavenly father, we want to thank you for our beautiful Colleen. (Sighs) We love her so much.

Abby: She's a good person. She doesn't deserve any of this. Just--she fell in trying to help... (Voice breaking) Oh, God, just like Daddy, even in the same lake.


Traci: No, Sweetie, it's not the same. Oh. (Sniffles) Listen, it's not fair to compare them. They found Colleen before it was too late. It's not gonna turn out the same way. (Sniffles) Its okay.

Billy: This is all my fault. (Sniffles) (Voice breaking) I shouldn't have let you go to that cabin alone. (Crying) Just forgive me. And just, um, just open your eyes and tell me to shut up. (Chuckles) Just-- just wake up. Please, just wake up.

Nick: Hey. What did the scan show?

Doctor: One of the bullets hit the middle lobe of your father's right lung before exiting out the back. Now fortunately, in this case, the damage was minimal.

Nick: What about the other bullets?

Doctor: They shattered on impact. The fragments struck his ribs, sternum, and penetrated the left ventricle of his heart.

Victoria: Oh, God, no.

Nick: So you're saying he has bullets in his heart?

Doctor: I will know the full extent of the damage once we open him up.

Nick: Are you sure he's strong enough for that?

Doctor: It's possible that he will not survive the surgery, but it's an absolute certainty that he will die without it.

Dr. Taylor: Ashley, you're exhausted.

Ashley: I don't want to argue anymore, Doctor, please.

Dr. Taylor: You said so yourself. I really must advise against this.

Adam: Ashley, you really should listen to your doctor, you know?

Ashley: Adam, no offense, but I'm not interested in anyone else's opinion. I'm leaving the ranch, and that's that.

Abby: Hey, "Superman." How many times do I have to tell you not to stop bullets with your chest?

Victor: (Weakly) You should have... reminded me.

Abby: My bad. Uh, I'm thinking good thoughts, okay? Daddy?

Abby: What'd the doctor say?

Nick: They're taking him into surgery.

Abby: I think we should tell my mom and Adam. Uncle Jack wanted to wait, but I don't think we should anymore.

Victoria: I agree.

Billy: I'll take care of it. It's not something they should just hear over the phone, okay? Let's go talk to Jack.

Abby: I'll be back. I love you, Daddy.

Victor: I-- I love you, too.

Victor: I love you all, my children.

Paul: Patty, y-you can't keep running. You know that. You need help, Sweetheart. You need help, and it's a lot more than I can give you. So I'll go with you, okay, to turn yourself in, and I'll make sure the-- the police are kind to you. I won't abandon you, I promise. I promise, okay? But we--we've gotta go in.

Patty: Okay. Okay. (Sniffles)

Paul: (Sniffles) Okay. You stay right here, okay?

Patty: Yeah.

Paul: You take care of this little kitty.

Patty: (Laughs) Kitty Kitty.

Paul: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Chance: Paul, what is going on?

Paul: I've got my-- my sister, and I'm gonna bring her into the station, okay? She is alone and unarmed.

Chance: Wait, Patty's surrendering? Are you for real this time?

Paul: I-I give you my word. But, um, listen, I have a favor to ask. Can I--can I bring her in the back way? I-I would like to avoid the press, if you don't mind.

Chance: No. No--no problem at all. Uh, I'll alert my supervisor. How long before you're at the, uh, at the precinct?

Jack: (Sighs)

J.T.: It's over. Thank God.

Jack: If only he'd found her an hour earlier.

Chance: (Snaps fingers)

Paul: It's okay. It's gonna be fine.

Patty: (Gasps) (Sniffles) No.

Chance: Patty.

Paul: No, no, Patty.

Chance: Come here.

Paul: Come on. We talked about this in the car, right? Remember? You--you have to go with Phillip.

Chance: Come on.

Paul: Come on.

Patty: (Sniffles)

Chance: It's gonna be okay. There you go. There you go. Good.

Patty: (Sighs)

Paul: It's okay.

Patty: I'm scared.

Paul: (Voice breaking) I know you are. Me, too.

Patty: (Sobs)

Paul: She is-- (Clears throat) (Normal voice) She's hurt, so she'll probably--

Chance: We've already called the doctor.

Paul: Okay.

Chance: He's gonna take a look at it.

Paul: Listen, Phillip, um, she really has no idea what she's done.

Chance: I understand. Paul, your sister's gonna be held and evaluated in a hospital outside of Green Bay in the meantime, okay?

Paul: Okay.

Patty: Wait. Wh--wha--wha--what kind of a hospital?

Chance: It's a maximum-security psychiatric facility.

Patty: (Sobs) Paul, I don't want to be put in a straitjacket.

Paul: It's okay. It's okay. Patty, l-look at me. Look at me right now, okay?

Patty: (Sobbing)

Paul: Patty. Patty, look at me.

Patty: No. No.

Paul: Pattycake, they're gonna make you feel better, okay? They're gonna make you feel like--like yourself again, okay?

Patty: (Sniffles)

Paul: Come on. Look at me.

Patty: Okay.

Paul: You're gonna be fine. Phillip's gonna take care of you.

Patty: When will I see you?

Paul: Uh, I'm not sure. When--whenever-- whenever they let me, I'll be there, okay?

Chance: I'm sorry, but it's time to go now.

Paul: All right.

Chance: Come on. I need to take the cat away.

Patty: No! No! No!

Chance: It's gonna be okay.

Paul: I'll--I'll take it. I'll take the cat.

Chance: It's gonna be okay.

Patty: (Sobs)

Chance: He'll take-- he'll take the cat. It's okay. It's okay.

Paul: Patty, I-I'll take the cat. Give me the kitty. I have the kitty. Look at me. Patty, please.

Chance: Give him the cat.

Patty: (Sobs)

Paul: Patty, look at me, please. Here, I got him. Look. Look.

Patty: Bye, Kitty Kitty.

Paul: Okay, there we go.

Patty: Bye, Kitty Kitty. I'm gonna miss you. You take good care of him, okay?


Chance: Come here. This way. You're okay.

Patty: (Sobs)

Chance: (Whispers) Thank you.

Dr. Taylor: If you haven't been sleeping well, you shouldn't be driving.

Ashley: Dr. Taylor, thank you for everything. I will call your receptionist and tell her where to send the bill.

Dr. Taylor: All right. If you need anything, you have my pager.

Ashley: Good-bye.

Adam: Ashley, if anybody knows how Victor can be, it's--

Ashley: Adam, please. This is not your concern. It's between your father and me. Now if you don't mind--

Adam: Ashley, please. Listen, you're my lifeline, okay? I--have you forgotten how much we help each other out?

Ashley: I know. But your sentence is up, and your ankle monitor is gone. You're--you're free to come and go as you please, Adam. I suggest that you use your newfound freedom and, I don't know, go make some friends. I'll call you, okay? I gotta go.

Billy: Ashley!

Ashley: Oh, Billy.

Billy: I gotta talk to you.

Ashley: What are you doing?

Billy: What, are you going on a trip?

Ashley: I'm leaving, yes.

Billy: No, just come with me, please. This is important.

Ashley: What are you doing?

Billy: I don't want to tell you this standing in a doorway.

Ashley: What's wrong?

Billy: Um, it's--it's--

Ashley: What? Did you find Colleen? What?

Billy: Jack pulled her out of Lake Elizabeth, and she--she was drowning. She might not make it.

Ashley: Oh, my God, no. No. No, no, no.

Billy: And she's at Memorial. It, uh, there's more. Uh...

Ashley: What?

Billy: Patty had a gun. Victor's been shot, and he's in critical condition.

Ashley: Oh, God.

Adam: Shot?

Ashley: No.

Billy: I'm sorry. It's--

Ashley: (Gasps) No.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victor: (Weakly) I lied-- I lied to your mother... left town... she came by to tell me that she still loved me.

Victoria: I've always known that.

Victor: I-- I went after her to tell her that I felt the same, but she was gone. I want you to tell her that I feel the same.

Victoria: No, Daddy. You will tell her, okay? You're gonna tell her when you see her.

Victor: I want you to-- I want you to let her know.

Victoria: When she comes home.

Victoria: (Whispers) We have to find Mom.

Nick: (Whispers) Okay.

Jack: Listen, the doctor was very clear about two people at a time. I'm, uh--

Traci: No, no, no, no, no. Don't go anywhere. Colleen needs all of us here. Oh, the E.E.G.-- what did it show?

Dr. Snyder: We did get a faint reading of some electrical activity in the brain.

Traci: Oh, thank God.

Dr. Snyder: However, it's a very sensitive test. I can't rule out a false positive. So I've ordered a C.B.F., a cerebral blood flow study.

Jack: I think Dad might have gotten one of those right after he had the stroke.

Traci: Uh, how does that work?

Dr. Snyder: We'll inject a mild radioactive agent. It'll produce an image of Colleen's cranial space, showing us if blood's still flowing to the area. We'll be able to tell with certainty if brain death has occurred.

Steve: Brain death?

Traci: Uh, but there's still hope, though. You know, depending on the results of this test, Colleen could recover. She'll be just fine.

Dr. Snyder: We just don't know how long Colleen's brain was deprived of oxygen. But in my experience in cases like this, patients tend to suffer irreversible damage. I'm so sorry, Mrs. Connolly, but I think that you and your family should prepare for the worst.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Deacon: My name is Deacon Sharpe, and I think you and I may have something in common.

Adam: You need to live. You have to live.

Ashley: What did happen between Victor and Patty?

Jack: You really want to know?

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