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Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/16/09 -- Canada; Thursday 9/17/09 -- U.S.A.


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[Canoe is overturned and Colleen is in the water going down and she swims up and hits her head on a rock and goes back down to the bottom of the water]

Colleen: (Screams) (Splash)


Patty: Colleen! Colleen! (Sighs) (Groans)

Patty: (Breathing heavily) (Splash) (Sighs) Did you hear that, Kitty? (Breathing heavily) Colleen is gonna get us help. She's not gonna let me die. (Groans)

J.T.: (Sighs) (Groans) We've been searching for hours and nothing.

Paul: That's not true. We found Colleen's car. We know they're out there. You know, by 6:30, there's gonna be a lot more light. We'll load up on coffee, we'll take a breath, and we will go out there and find them.

J.T.: Yeah, Colleen's smart as hell and clever. People don't realize that about her, but it's like her secret weapon. If anybody's gonna get through to Patty, it's gonna be her.

Paul: Well, God bless her for that. The rest of us haven't done so well reaching my sister.

Jack: I assume you've heard about Colleen. My niece is now being held hostage by Patty Williams.

Victor: Abby told me, but not her mother, and I don't want her mother disturbed.

Jack: Agreed. One sister in hell is quite enough.

Victor: (Sighs) Come in.

Victor: I pledged my resources to the search. Authorities will have all the assistance they need.

Jack: What is that, a press release? Pretty cold, huh? Guess I shouldn't be surprised. For what it's worth, they found Colleen's car. No sign of the two women. Patty has a gun. One is missing from my family's cabin.

Victor: That's not too good, is it?

Jack: No. Conjures up all kinds of ugly visions, doesn't it? Innocent girl, an unstable woman with a loaded weapon-- how does it feel to know this is all because of you?

Victor: I'll support your family, but I will not tolerate your accusations, all right?

Jack: And that's it? You want me out?

Victor: You bet.

Jack: You've wanted me out for some time now. That's why you brought Patty to town, isn't it, to take me out permanently? You brought in an unhinged woman to do your dirty work. Who knew Victor Newman could be so gutless?

Victor: I asked you to keep it down. Do not awaken your sister.

Kevin: Hey. Uh... no kiss?

Jana: No.

Kevin: Come on.

Jana: Oh, I'm sorry.

Kevin: Uh, what--

Jana: I just need to reach over there. Excuse me.

Kevin: First, I don't get a kiss, and you walk right through me? Come here.

Jana: (Giggles)

Kevin: Mm. (Laughs) What was I doing? Okay.

Man: It's 6:20 a.m., and some big news going down. A Genoa City resident Colleen Carlton has been abducted. She was taken by Patty Williams...

Kevin: Did he just say Colleen Carlton?

Jana: Shh!

Man: A.K.A. Mary Jane Benson. An A.P.B. has been issued for Williams. She is believed to be armed and is considered dangerous.

Kevin: Holy crap.

Jana: (Whispers) Oh, my God.

Ashley: Hey, baby. Why are you up so early?

Abby: Couldn't sleep.

Ashley: Oh. Come sit. What's the matter, Honey? What's wrong? Tell me.

Abby: I can't. You're tired, and you've had so many things going on.

Ashley: Abby, I'm your mom. You're the one that matters. Now come on. Why are you so sad?

Abby: It's Colleen.

Lily: Well, I've seen a lot more sunrises since the chemo started, so that's something, I guess.

Cane: Well, the search team will have more to go on now that the sun's come up.



Lily: Yeah, I'm sure there will be word soon, or Colleen will just, you know, call herself, so...

Cane: Hey, hey, hey. Close your eyes, all right? Lay down and get some rest. If the phone rings, I'll call you. I'll wake you up.

Lily: No, Cane, I can't sleep, okay? I can't just sit here. (Sighs) I can't just do nothing.

Steve: Trace?

Traci: Steve.

Steve: (Sighs)

Traci: Oh.


Steve: I'm here. I'm here.

Traci: We still haven't heard any more news.

Steve: (Sighs)

Billy: Yeah, well, something will break soon, something good.

Traci: Boy, I hope you're right.

Steve: (Sighs)

Traci: Look. Look what I found. (Laughs) Colleen's favorite nursery rhymes.

Steve: (Laughs) Wow. And to think of all the Abbott hands that book has passed through.

Traci: (Laughs)

Billy: Yeah, well, the jelly stains aren't mine. I swear, they're not.

Traci: (Laughs) And when I think about the first time I read some of these to Colleen...

Steve: Yeah.

Traci: She just stared at me like...

Steve: (Laughs)

Traci: Like I'd shown her a magic trick-- you know, something remarkable.

Steve: You must have...

Traci: Oh.

Steve: You must have read that one about a hundred times.

Traci: At least a thousand. Um, she could recite this one by heart.

Steve: Yeah.

Traci: "Last night, while Mommy and Daddy were asleep, I crept into the playroom. I didn't make a peep. I opened up the dress-up box without a tiny sound...

[Traci remembering]

Traci and young Colleen: I looked inside at all my treasures, and here is what I found...

Young Colleen: A sparkly, wiry princess crown, which I placed upon my hair. Maybe this is what I will be-- a maiden gay and fair."

(Water swishes)

[Colleen unconscious and remembering]

Lily: It's always there, Colleen....

Lily: Every day, every second. Part of me is terrified. I'm not ready to die, not when there are so many things I haven't even done yet. And you know what I mean, because you're not ready, either. But I am fighting. I'm fighting, just like you said. Do you remember what you told me? That whatever the odds are, don't give up. And so I am telling you to fight, because there's no other way.

(Clock ticking) 

Young Colleen: "But then my crown, it tumbled down and broke in pieces on the floor."

(Water swishes)

Kevin: Man, did I screw up for what I tried to do to you. You had every reason to hate me, and you did hate me, for a really, really long time. (Scoffs) But finally, you got to a place where you were able to treat me like a human being, when I wasn't even sure that's what I was. You wouldn't let the hate you had inside make you as broken as I was back then.

Kevin: You forgave me. I'm not broken anymore, Colleen, and partly, that's because of you. I was this monster. (Scoffs) And you turned me into a friend. You know what that means, don't you? It means there is nothing that you can't make happen.

Jana: This is an absolute nightmare. Colleen's kidnapped?


Kevin: What the hell is wrong with this Patty person? First, she goes and messes with Danielís sister, and--and now she grabs Colleen to--to try and mess with her, too? But Colleen is tough. You know that. She is crazy tough.

Jana: Yeah. You know, we've seen it up close, haven't we? Didn't really give her much choice, did we?

Kevin: (Sighs) She was just trying to protect Lily, her best friend, and in my twisted mind, I thought that that meant she needed to be taught a lesson.

Jana: No, no. What--what--what I did... (Scoffs) To her, to both of you, in that walk-in freezer, I can't-- I can't even think about it. It's--

Kevin: Well, there are reasons why you did what you did.

Jana: You know, Kev...

Kevin: (Sighs)

Jana: We can say that we both have reasons-- my tumor, your past-- and this Patty/Mary Jane person, whatever her name is, I'm sure she's got some reason, too, but what does that reason even matter? Is that gonna take Colleen out of this danger? It's not. (Sighs)

Kevin: Well, she survived before. She did more than that. She forgave us. She's gonna survive this, too.

Jana: So does that mean that we have to forgive this woman once Colleen is back home safe? (Sniffles) I'm not really sure I can do that.

(Cell phone rings)

Billy: It's Ash. (Clears throat) Hey.

Ashley: Abby just told me about Colleen, and she was right to. She's my niece, too, Billy, and she's Abby's sister. I need to be kept in the loop.

Billy: You're right. O-okay, you're right, and--and--and you will be.

Ashley: Is Traci here?

Billy: Yeah, and, uh, Steve just got in.

Ashley: Okay. Well, I'll give them some time to get settled. I'll keep checking in, okay? Give them my love. And, Billy...

Billy: Yeah?

Ashley: Colleen's gonna be okay.

Victor: If I wanted you gone, you would be gone, and we both know that.

Jack: Oh, you want me gone, all right. I'm the guy you can't beat. That sticks in your craw, doesn't it? So what, you figured that you'd come at me from another angle? Bring in somebody I'd never suspect? You knew Patty would blow up eventually. That was the plan. Was it also the plan that your Goddaughter, your wife and your granddaughter were gonna be collateral damage? And after all that fallout, I'm still standing.

Cane: Okay, so what's the plan?

Lily: I am gonna make a scrapbook for Colleen's birthday.

Cane: Oh. Is it soon?

Lily: No, it's in a few months, but, you know, you can get pretty elaborate with scrapbooks these days. Perfect thing to get me through the chemo. I don't know how I'm gonna keep it a surprise from her, though. (Laughs) Wait, where-- where is that picture?

Cane: Okay. What, you're looking for a photograph? What does it look like? I'll help you.

Lily: No, it should be in here with these, because it was part of the same roll. It's--Colleen is wearing this, uh, red sweater, and J.T. has this blue print shirt on.

Cane: Okay, all right. Slow down. Slow down. We can just go through these slowly, okay?

Lily: No, Cane, stop. You're gonna mess up the piles. (Sighs) They look so happy together.

Cane: J.T. and Colleen, huh?

Lily: Yeah. He played it so cool, but he was crazy about her. (Sighs) I should have given this picture to Colleen years ago-- her first love. She would have hung onto this picture forever.

[Colleen remembering]

Young Colleen: "Then my dog, whose name is Max, nosed his way in the door. That's it. He will be my lion. I can be his tamer brave. He will jump and do what I say at my slightest wave."

(Water swishes)

J.T.: I'm a lion now? What, you just wave your hand and I roll over? Is that what you think? Oh, who am I kidding? You're right. (Laughs) You could talk me into almost anything. That's why I fell so hard for you. Willful, stubborn, a pain, but worth it, worth every second...

[J.T. remembering]

J.T.: Even the seconds that broke my heart. Hey, look at me. Look at me. It's okay. You know that. You couldn't still make me smile if it weren't. (Sighs) So come make me smile again, Colleen. Come back to me.

Paul: Okay, we will take this quadrant here, and the police and the rangers will take this area here, here and here. J.T.?

J.T.: Yeah. (Sighs) Uh, north. Got it.

Paul: You okay?

J.T.: Yeah. I'm--I'm fine. (Inhales sharply) I'm fine. (Exhales deeply) So was Colleen the last time I saw her, and she had just gotten this--this great job offer. She was really proud of herself, was looking forward to getting away and spending some time alone.

Paul: At the Abbott cabin on a collision course with Patty.

J.T.: That message she left-- Paul, she could have called anyone. She could have called the police, but she called me. That will not be the last time I hear her voice. (Sighs)

Patty: (Groans) (Sighs) (Groans) (Sobs) (Sniffles) (Groans) Oh, Kitty. (Sighs) My sweet, sweet kitty. You don't lie like Colleen does. (Sobs) She said she was gonna help. (Sniffles) She did, and she abandoned us. (Sighs) She probably went to the police. (Breathing heavily) So you know what? We're gonna have to get out of here ourselves. (Sighs) Oh, God. (Groans) (Breathing heavily) (Sobs) (Breathing heavily)

Jack: What, hiring a hit man wasn't interesting enough for you? You had to go after my mentally unstable ex-wife?

Victor: You never gave a damn about that woman. You drove her to attempt murder years ago. If she had killed you now, it's something you would have deserved.

Jack: Ooh, careful. This is starting to sound like a confession.

Victor: How dare you come into my home and make accusations? You know nothing. You have no damn proof, do you? Maybe we should've gone with him. out there, Victor-- proof that you brought Patty Williams to town to kill me. It must scare the living crud out of you that it's all about to come to light.

Victor: Are you the victim in this, Jack, or what?

Jack: Oh, you slapped a bull's-eye on my forehead and sent an unstable psychopath in my direction. What do you call it?

Victor: Uh, which is it-- poor Jack Abbott facing goliath Victor Newman, or is it the big man that I can't beat? You're the bastard who stole the company-- my company--out from under me. You're the bastard who left me for dead on my office floor. And you're the bastard who published a journal which accused me of murder for the world to see and for my children to read. And then you drag my son into the mire that you created.

Jack: Your son-- your son Adam? Your son Adam of whom you are so proud? Your son Adam, who you treated so badly, he was delighted to throw you under the bus? You got exactly the love and loyalty you earned from that man.

Victor: Why don't you and I do something, Jack Abbott? You take your sins and crimes, I take my sins and crimes, and we put them on a table, let them lie next to each other, and we'll compare them. And then we'll see who's left standing. How's that?

Jack: (Scoffs)

Kevin: You know what? Let's go. We don't have to open. We can drive up to the lake and help find this lunatic.

Jana: No, we canít. The--the--the reporter said she might be armed.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Jana: They're not gonna want civilians in the area. What if she starts bloody shooting or something?

Kevin: This is unreal.

Jana: (Sighs)

Kevin: (Sighs)

Jana: It's 23 past 6:00. It's too early to go by the Abbott house, isn't it?

Kevin: (Sighs) So what do we do? You know, do--do we freak out? Do we brew coffee? Do we pace? Do we freak out? What? I--

Jana: No. We're gonna find a way to help Colleen, even if it means we do it from here.

Kevin: Yeah.

Billy: Give me some news so my sister can breathe again.

J.T.: Look, Billy, the more sunlight we have, the better chance we have of finding Colleen quickly.

Paul: Yeah, Victor has allocated funds for professional search teams.

Billy: What, am I supposed to applaud? Does he think throwing money around is gonna get him off the hook for this?

Paul: Yeah. How are things going down there?

Billy: Traci's hanging in there--barely. Steve just got in from New York, thank God. I mean, he's a real champ, but the tension in this place... thanks to Victor and, uh... you know what? Never mind. Forget it.

J.T.: Oh, Billy, what--what's on your mind? Say it.

Billy: Paul, you had her, man. I mean, you had Patty, and you took her to a church. She could have been locked up, but instead, she gets out, and she grabs my niece.

J.T.: Billy--

Paul: No, let him talk.

Billy: Look, Paul, I know I'm out of line, okay? You--I'm sitting here on my thumbs waiting for the phone to ring, and you guys are covering ground, and I appreciate it, man, I do. I'm grateful. But, Paul, it never should have come to this.


[Colleen remembering]

Young Colleen: "But then, as I waved my violin bow to make Max do a trick, he rolled over on his back and gave my face a lick."

(Water swishes)

Billy: Come on, Tiger. You're drifting away from me, and that is unacceptable. You and me, even when we're miles apart, there's that connection. That's our thing. Faults, flaws-- okay, most of those are mine, but they don't matter, because we're a team, you and me, no matter what. So come on back with me. We'll take some names. We'll kick a little butt. We'll have a whole lot of fun. Come on. I'm waiting for you. Cock your head and say, "Okay, Uncle Billy," with that sassy smile of yours.

(Water swishes)

Billy: Come on. Say it. Don't leave me hanging.

Ashley: Come here, Sweetie. Rest. I'll be right here, okay? You can rest.

Abby: (Sighs) She hates us--Patty. (Sniffles) She used to love Uncle Jack, but now she hates all of us-- you, Summer, Zapato and now Colleen.

Ashley: She's just confused, and she's so lost, she doesn't know what's right and wrong anymore.

Abby: What about evil? Maybe that's what she is.

Ashley: When I knew Patty, she was--she was a kind and gentle person.

Abby: Well, she's changed.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, there's somewhere deep down inside she's still that person, and maybe somehow, Colleen can reach that person.

Abby: This feels exactly like when Daddy was missing. Everyone kept on telling me how strong he was and that he'd--he'd come home, but... he never did.

Ashley: Oh, Honey. It's not the same. Sometimes when people go, they do come back.

[Colleen remembering]

Young Colleen: "That's it! Instead, I will be a teacher. I will make my students learn. They will do just as I say. I will be kind, but stern."

(Water swishes)

Abby: Are you ready to go, because we can't stay here. I know you're the big sister, which means you're usually in charge, but you let me get my way sometimes, and I think now would be a really good time for that, 'cause here's the thing-- nobody remembers Daddy like we do. Nobody misses him the same-- just you and me. He's our dad, so as long as we're around, he's around, and I don't want him to be gone. And you can't be gone, either. I don't like it here, Colleen. I want to go home... with you.

Paul: (Sighs) Billy has a right to be angry. I had Patty right next to me. I knew what she had done, and all I could think about was, how do I keep her safe?

J.T.: Look, Paul, people do things for the sake of family. This isn't all on you. There's plenty of blame to go around.

Paul: When she was with me, there was no Mary Jane. She needs to be Patty again. That's all I could see. She needs to be Patty before things get any worse.

Patty: (Sighs) Kitty. (Breathing heavily) Oh. (Gasps) (Sighs)

Patty: (Sighs) Please... please, God, help me. (Sniffles) Please.

Jack: Comparing sins? I bow to the master. This game is over, pal.

Victor: (Sighs)

Jack: My niece, your Goddaughter, is in peril right now, probably scared out of her wits. I got one sister who's praying to God that he'll undo that mess you've made. I got another sister who you've already destroyed by sitting back and watching her fall apart.

Victor: You have no idea how I've cared for your sister.

Jack: You threw her in the attic and walked away.

(Sets mug on table)

Victor: Your sister has chosen to be with me. Your useless brother dragged her out of here, and she came back. What does that tell you?

Jack: Oh, yeah? How did that work out? How's she doing? Is she sane and happy, enjoying her pregnancy? Hard to tell who you screw over more-- the people you hate or the people you claim to love.

Victor: You hypocritical son of a bitch.

Cane: This the one?

Lily: Yes! Oh, my gosh. Thank you. You found it. Aw. Oh, Colleen and J.T.

Cane: Mm.

Lily: Look how happy they were.

Cane: They look blissful.

Lily: Yeah. This one is definitely going in the scrapbook.

Cane: So it looks like you guys have been friends for a long time, huh?

Lily: Yep. Walnut Grove, sophomore year. I got dragged here from Paris, and she got dragged here from New York. So, you know, we bonded over our "Disciplinary problems."

Cane: (Laughs) Dare I ask?

Lily: You know, Colleen just has this smile. It's like you can't help but smile back. (Sighs) I cannot believe how hard I was on her when she got offered the Fresh Face of Jabot after I left.

Cane: And you guys made up, what, two seconds later, because she loves you.

Lily: It's just that I need-- I need new pictures with her, you know? These old ones are not enough.

Cane: You're gonna get 'em. You'll get them, Lily. You'll get stacks, and you will get stacks and stacks of them.

Lily: (Sighs)

Steve: (Sighs) I'll be right back. Okay.

Billy: I don't know how you guys are holding it together. I just want to smash something.

Steve: Uh, it was worse in New York, hearing Traci's voice on the phone and not being able to hold her. At least now I'm this much closer to where Colleen is.

Billy: What, so this is the upside, all of us cooped up here together, huh? Well, at least we are together.

Steve: We'll be ready for Colleen when she's ready for us.

Victor: You come to my home and vomit garbage about your family, how much you love them and protect them. You are the one who manipulated Colleen to assume that seat on the board of directors. She was not qualified for that, and you knew it. She was in way over her head. You watched her sink. You didn't do a damn thing, did you? Your useless brother Billy came to help. You did nothing. And then there's fragile Ashley, with the depth of her despair, was not helped by you, not supported by you. She was cornered by you, pestered by you. Don't you come into my home and talk to me about family love and family values, you got that? If Ashley and my daughter were not upstairs right now, I would put you through the wall.

[Colleen remembering]

Young Colleen: "In the box, I found a ruler and an apple. I will be very smart. But being strict, a grumpy grouch, just isn't in my heart."

Victor: And Colleen knows damn well you hung her out to dry on that Newman board.

Jack: You set her up at that bar and watched the floor drop out from under her. That's why she took off. She never would have gone if--

Ashley: Stop it! Both of you!

Victor: Colleen went to your cabin, Jack, and what did she find? She found your ex-wife brandishing a gun. That makes it your fault.

Ashley: Colleen. Don't do this in front of her.

Victor: She's not some fragile flower. She understands. I can see it in her eyes. She isn't too proud of some of the things she has done.

Jack: None of us are. That's not the point.

Ashley: We forgive, and we're forgiven. Then we move on. That's the point.

John: Thank you, my beauty. I can take it from here. Ashley's right. It's all about moving on and letting go.

Jack: Moving on or going back-- what are you saying?

John: Colleen knows the answer, don't you, Sweetheart? She knows what she needs to do now. Maybe we should've gone with him.

Jana: (Sighs)

Jana: (Sighs) Protector spirits...

Jana: Please bring Colleen home safely.

Kevin: (Sighs)

(Clock ticking)

Paul: (Grunts) You ready to go?

J.T.: Yeah.

Jack: You're gonna put me through a wall, or you're gonna hire another woman to do your dirty work for you?

Victor: You want to fight?

Jack: I want my niece back. You hear me? I want my niece back. Take a look at her. See that girl? Beautiful young woman. Her whole life ahead of her. If she comes back hurt in any--

Victor: What?

Jack: I know where she is.

(Twigs snapping)

Mary Jane: (Gasps) Who's there? (Breathing heavily)

(Clock ticking)

Abby: Colleen!

Ashley: Honey, it's okay. You're okay.

Abby: I-I begged Colleen to come home, but she wouldn't answer me.

(Clock ticking)

Cane: It's a genius birthday present, and Colleen is gonna love this.

Lily: Yeah. I mean, I-I'll get her something girlie and indulgent, too, but this will make her cry, you know, happy tears.

Cane: Lily.

Lily: I just... got this... awful feeling.

(Clock ticking)

Traci: (Gasps)

Steve: Traci?

Billy: You okay?

Traci: You--uh, s-something's wrong.

(Clock stops ticking)

[Colleen remembering]

Young Colleen: "What is it I'm born to be? I peer deeper inside the box. A mommy? A wife? A friend? A sister? Gentle as a lamb? Sly as a fox? What should I put on to make me into something special and great?"

Traci: Sweetheart.

Colleen: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Traci: Oh, ho ho. (Laughs) Oh, it'll be okay. I promise you. I love you, my baby. We all love you...

Traci: Always and forever.

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Jack: Paul, its Jack.

Patty: Jack.

Ashley: What would Victor's motive be?

Billy: To finish the job that he started so many years ago to kill our brother.

Patty: Put down the phone!

Jack: You want to shoot me again? Fine. Shoot me!


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