Y&R Transcript Monday 9/14/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/14/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 9/15/09 -- USA


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Daniel: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Amber: You're still here.

Daniel: (Chuckles) Where else would I be, hmm?

Amber: Well, last time I was with you like this, it was a dream.

Daniel: Yeah? (Kisses Amber) Does this feel like a dream, hmm?

Amber: Mm, a really, really good one. (Giggles)

Daniel: (Chuckles) You know what?

Amber: (Makes kissing sound)

Daniel: Hold that thought, okay? We just burnt some serious calories, and I think I need to load up on some energy.

Amber: Oh, well, staying in bed all day will do that to you. (Giggles)

Daniel: You hungry?

Amber: What you got?

Daniel: Well, the leftovers.

Amber: Whoo! Flashing the neighbors.

Daniel: If you don't shut your mouth, I'll drop my pants for 'em.

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: (Sighs) We've got moldy leftovers. (Grunts) (Chuckles) You know what? This is gonna have to do, baby. (Sighs) I don't think I made it into my shirt.

Amber: (Giggles) Peanut butter, ooh.

Daniel: Peanut butter it is.

Amber: Yummy, yum, yum.

Daniel: Food of the champions.

Amber: Yes.

Daniel: Yes.

Amber: Lots of protein, ooh.

Daniel: Ooh, it's kind of runny.

Amber: Ah.

Daniel: Mm. Oh, you wanted that?

Amber: Yeah, uh-huh.

Daniel: (Chuckles)

Amber: Mmm.

Daniel: What time is it?

Amber: Mm, who cares?

Daniel: Where's the clock?

Amber: (Laughs) We knocked it off the table.

Daniel: Mm, baby, I got a plane I gotta catch.

Amber: Mm, right, Detroit.

Daniel: Yeah, Detroit. Detroit is a good thing, you know? If that painting turns up in Tom's safe-deposit box, then we can get our lives back, hmm? Hmm?

Amber: Okay.

Daniel: Okay?

Amber: Okay.

Daniel: (Chuckles)

Gloria: They've turned off the cell phones and then the cable and now the electricity. How are we supposed to get the rest of this dye off without hot water?

Jeff: Well, we make like the old days.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Jeff: Build a fire in the fireplace, and you can boil water in a kettle.

Gloria: This is not "The Waltons," John-boy.

Jeff: (Laughs) I'll figure something out.

Gloria: Yeah, figure something out, the way you figured out Mary Jane Benson, high-class hooker. I told you blackmail wouldn't work with Victor Newman.

Jeff: Well, look at the bright side, pudding -- things can't get any worse.

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Victor: They already have.

Jeff: (Sighs)

Gloria: And how did you get in here?

Victor: Phyllis has an extra key at her house.

Jeff: Where the hell's our money?

Victor: Where's Mary Jane Benson?

Gloria: She's at the cabin, like we promised.

Victor: No, she isn’t.

Gloria: Well, that's impossible. I tied her up myself.

Victor: I ran into your former stepson.

Gloria: Jack? And what was Jack doing there?

Jeff: Well, it's entirely plausible. I mean, it is his cabin.

Victor: You received payments from both of us, didn't you? Or so you thought. In other words, two payoffs at the price of one. You double-crossed me.

Gloria: No, Victor, you double-crossed us when you booby-trapped our reward money.

Victor: Are you out of your mind? Do you think I would give you $1 million without having Mary Jane Benson in hand?

Gloria: Hey, if she flew the coop, it's not our fault. We did our part, and we'd like our money.

Jeff: Yeah, and if you don't pay, we'll tell Ashley all about your involvement...

Gloria: (Scoffs)

Jeff: With Mary Jane and that she's really Jack's ex-wife Patty Williams, and that you're responsible for her reign of terror.

Victor: I don't think your idiot boyfriend knows who he's dealing with, does he? You tell him what will happen if either one of you come even near my wife.

Adam: Ashley.

Ashley: Hey.

Adam: Hey, I thought you were taking a nap.

Ashley: I was. I'm just feeling kinda restless. I'm gonna go take a walk down by the main road.

Adam: Any particular reason?

Ashley: (Sighs) Yeah, I keep replaying that night that I thought I hit Sabrina. I swear I saw Nikki standing out there in the rain.

Adam: I'll come with you.

Ashley: No, that's okay.

Adam: Well, look, I've got my ankle monitor off, so, you know, we can take walks together now.

Ashley: Yeah, that's great. Um, I just really don't feel like company, okay? So next time.

Adam: Sure, another time.

(Knock on door)

Sharon: Come in.

Nick: Hey, I come bearing gifts.

Sharon: Nick!

Nick: Yeah, I got you some corn chips...

Sharon: (Gasps) Oh!

Nick: Some fresh O.J...

Sharon: (Gasps)

Nick: This disgusting ranch and guacamole dip you like so much.

Sharon: (Gasps) Ooh, that's my favorite.

Nick: Yeah. I also got you your, uh, foot cream.

Sharon: You remembered that.

Nick: Well, how could I forget? When you couldn't see past your belly, I'd rub this on you every night. It smelled like apricots.

Sharon: Something wrong?

Nick: (Sighs) Have you seen the news lately?

Sharon: No, why?

Nick: Do you remember the woman that Jack was dating?

Sharon: Yeah, um, Patty Williams?

Nick: So you know about that.

Sharon: Yeah, Jack told me all about it. Why, did -- what happened? She hurt someone else?

Patty: (Sighs) (Sniffles) (Sighs) Hey, kitty.

Colleen: (Grunts)

Patty: Here you go, Kitty Kitty. Hi. Oh, Honey, you were thirsty, weren't you? Yeah.

Colleen: I'm hungry.

Patty: Yeah, join the club.

Colleen: We can't stay here forever.

Patty: (Sighs) Don't you think I know that? Look at me. I am such a mess. I mean, what if Jack saw me like this?

Colleen: Why did you change your face?

Patty: For Jack. I did everything for Jack.

Colleen: You must have loved him to go through all this.


Patty: What do you know about love? You're just a kid.

Colleen: I know more than you think.

J.T.: We think Patty Williams might have a kitten with her, and, listen, I know it's a stretch, but let's try, uh, pet stores, grocery stores. No, no, we got gas stations covered.

Paul: Okay.

J.T.: Yeah, you, too. All right.

Paul: Right. Thanks.

J.T.: (Sighs)

Paul: So how you doing, running on empty?

J.T.: (Sighs) Trying to keep my mind off other stuff. How you doing?

Paul: Uh, we got, uh, Colleen's make, model, license number out to everyone.

(Doorbell rings)

Jack: I got it.

Victoria: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Victoria: Any news?

Jack: Nothing.

Victoria: How's Traci?

Jack: Traci is a wreck. Billy's up with her upstairs, trying to help.

[J.T. remembering]

Victoria: He doesn't matter. I don't care about him.

J.T.: Who -- who was it?

Victoria: I thought you were with Colleen. (Sniffles)

J.T.: Who was it?

Victoria: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. (Sobs) His name is Deacon Sharpe. (Sobs)

Victoria: hey.

Paul: Hi.

Victoria: Hi. Sorry, I would have come sooner, but I was in meetings all morning.

Paul: Mm.

Victoria: Um, what can I do? I'd really like to help any way that I can.

Nick: So even with the reward that Jack and Dad offered, there's still been no sign of her.

Sharon: All those terrible things that happened -- Summer, Zapato’s death. You know, I wonder...

Nick: (Sighs)

Sharon: If she stashed Victor's wallet in my room and framed me.

Nick: More than likely.

Sharon: I just don't get it. I mean, she worked at Jabot and "Restless Style." Why didn't anyone check her résumé?

Nick: They did. It all looked good.

Sharon: She would have to be incredibly well-connected to pull that off, and all that plastic surgery -- where did she get the money?

Nick: Well, Phyllis has a theory about who would help her make all that happen.

Sharon: Who?

Nick: My dad.

Jeff: He's just trying to scare you, sweet cheeks.

Gloria: Yeah, well, it's working. Time to quit while we're behind and at least not behind bars. You do not have to worry, Victor. We have no reason to say anything to your precious Ashley.

Jeff: You are making a mistake.

Gloria: I hope this doesn't mean we can't do business in the future, though.

Jeff: (Sighs)

Jeff: Why would you grovel like that?

Gloria: Because it's over, and we lost.

Jeff: You know, for all we know, he's got Patty stashed away somewhere.

Gloria: Would you just get over it?

(Knock on door)

Gloria: What? What --

Jill: Hello, partners, I want my 100 grand.

Jeff: (Groans)

Jill: (Sighs)

Gloria: What 100 grand?

Jill: That this one here promised me.

Jeff: Yeah, she was asking too many questions about Victor and Mary Jane. I didn't want her coming between us and our payoff.

Gloria: Oh, so you bribed her. Huh.

Jill: I want what's due me.

Jeff: Well, you're gonna have to wait till we get ours.

Gloria: (Sighs) Oh...

Jill: Oh, boy, it looks like you already have.

Gloria: It's a new fashion statement. Didn't you know?

Jill: All right, I just saw Victor leaving here. What happened?

Jeff: Patty Williams and whoever helped her escape.

Jill: Patty Williams? Paul Williams' sister?

Jeff: Uh-huh.

Jill: She hasn't been back to Genoa City in over 20 years.

Jeff: News flash -- our meal ticket -- Mary Jane Benson -- is Patty Williams.

Gloria: Fooled everybody, even Jack.

Jill: Wait a minute. "Tough ice queen" Mary Jane is poor, pathetic Patty Williams? That's ridiculous.

Jeff: (Sighs)

Patty: I was only 18 when I was married to Jack. He was a little older.

Colleen: Like J.T. and me. (Scoffs) I was a sophomore, and he was a senior. My parents didn't like him. He had a rep as a ladies' man.

Patty: Yeah, same with Jack. Why didn't you and J.T. stay together?

Colleen: I didn't appreciate him. I miss him every day.

Patty: I believe that we have one great love in our lifetime.

Colleen: Did I mention that J.T.'s wife used to be my evil step mom?

Patty: (Chuckles) Wow, that must have been horrible. You poor thing.

Colleen: Yeah. Well, I did some pretty horrible things.

Colleen: I just -- I'm trying not to do that anymore, you know, to listen to that voice in my mind that makes me want to rip her head off. (Chuckles)

Patty: Um, hey, how, um, how did you -- how do you stop the -- the voice?

Colleen: I remind myself if I keep doing those things, J.T. will never love me.

Patty: Do you think that Jack feels the same way about me? I mean, would -- would you talk to him about it and tell him that I'm not this terrible person, that I just -- I don't know how to s-stop the voice sometimes, and... would you tell him for me, please?

Colleen: I can try.

Patty: (Sighs) (Sighs) Kitty. (Giggles) Guess what, kitty? She's gonna talk to Jack. She is. (Laughs)

Patty: (Sighs) Kitty.

J.T.: (Closes cell phone)

Victoria: You didn't come home last night.

J.T.: No, I haven't slept... (Sighs) Not until we find Colleen. Is that why you're here, to, uh, ease your guilty conscience?

Victoria: I'm just as worried as you are.

J.T.: Well, if you're so worried, why don't you start by asking your father where Patty is?

Abby: Uncle Jack, I need to talk to you.

Jack: Hey, Sweetheart, what's wrong?

Abby: I just found out what happened with Mom and Uncle Billy last night. Why are the cops here?

Jack: Listen, have you talked to Colleen recently?

Abby: Uh, not for a couple days. She was going up to the cabin. Did something happen?

J.T.: Colleen's been kidnapped.

Abby: What? Why? Who would do that?

Jack: Do you remember Mary Jane Benson?

Abby: That lady you were dating? She did this?

Jack: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Abby: What did you do to her?

Jack: That's difficult to explain.

Abby: So first you try to get my mom locked up in an asylum, and now your girlfriend kidnaps my sister?

Jack: All right, Abby, calm down.

Abby: Don't touch me. There's something seriously wrong with you. If anything happens to Colleen, I'll never speak to you again!

Jack: Abby.

Victoria: Jack, just -- just let her go for now.

Jack: (Sighs) We have to find Patty. (Sighs)

Amber: Mm. I wish you didn't have to go.

Daniel: Yeah, I wish I didn't have to go, too.

Amber: Mm.

Daniel: But you know what? I gotta do this, all right?

Amber: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. (Laughs)

Amber: Promise we'll pick up where we left off.

Daniel: Yeah, I promise. I promise. Mm... no, baby.

Amber: (Groans)

Daniel: Baby, no, I got so much stuff to do before I get on the plane. (Sighs)

Amber: What if you don't find that painting?

Daniel: You know, don't say that. (Sighs) Don't even think that, okay? Look, I have the biggest favor to ask. I-I got a bunch of stuff that I gotta take care of. Um, would you be the world's best girlfriend and go run some errands for me?

Amber: We haven't been together for months, and you're -- you're about to fly off, and you want me to be your errand girl?

Daniel: Please? I got a whole list.

Amber: (Sighs) Fine, whatever. (Groans) Mm.

Daniel: Thank you.

Amber: Mm-hmm.

(Door closes)

Daniel: That'll buy me enough time.

Gloria: We left Patty tied up in the cabin. She should have been there.

Jill: Okay, so let me get this straight -- you double-crossed Jack, you double-crossed Victor, and now you're double-crossing me.

Jeff: I was gonna pay you.

Jill: A measly 100 grand out of $3 million, partner.

Jeff: Look, I know if we put our heads together, we can figure out a way to get the money.

Jill: No, stop, stop. I am through scheming with the likes of you. The truth is I made it up from nothing once before, and I can do it again.

Jeff: At a nail salon?

Jill: Yeah, Jeffrey, at a nail salon, and I will own a string of nail salons by this time next year if that's what it takes.

(Door closes)

Jeff: (Sighs)

(Door closes)

Ashley: Adam.

Adam: In here.

Ashley: It's unbelievable. I found a cell phone the same exact place where I thought that I saw Sabrina.

Adam: So?

Ashley: Well, it could belong to the person that I hit, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, and it could have also belonged to the gardener, the farrier, that Mary Jane person, who knows?

Ashley: You know what? The battery's dead.

Adam: The battery's dead? Well, give it to me. I'll -- I'll get it charged.

Ashley: No, actually, I think I have one of those universal chargers upstairs. You know, with any luck, this could lead me to the truth.

Nick: The only thing I know... (Sighs) Is that if Dad was involved, that would mean he knew the entire time what kind of person we were dealing with. That includes when Summer was --

Sharon: You know, I don't think that Victor would be involved in anything that would harm his granddaughter.

Nick: (Sighs) Well, maybe not intentionally, but think about it. Patty was Paul’s sister. Mom was marrying into that family. I know Dad says he doesn't care, but it must have been tough for him to see Mom so happy with Paul.

Sharon: Well, Victor was married. He had moved on, and he would have never brought Patty here just to hurt Nikki and Paul.

Nick: Well, that was aimed at Jack. Mom and Paul was just an added bonus.

Sharon: I don't know. I don't believe it, not Victor, not this.

Nick: Yeah, I wish I had your faith in him, but the more I think about it, the guiltier Dad looks.

Paul: (Sighs)

Victoria: How are you doing?

Paul: Hi. Well, uh, I know that Traci's not coming down all day, because she doesn't want to see me, and I really don't blame her. You didn't know my sister Patty, but she, um, she really was the sweetest. Now they're hunting her down like an animal, and you know what? If it were anybody else, I'd be right at the front of the line.

Victoria: She's not a wild animal. She's your sister.

Paul: (Sighs) You know, I truly felt that I was getting through to her at St. Jude's. I mean, there were flashes of the way Patty used to be. I'm sure it's not easy being raised with three brothers. I mean, we used to tease her like crazy.

Victoria: (Scoffs)

Paul: She's just too trusting, my sister. She would always depend on me to protect her. I think I let her down.

Victoria: You know, she's the one that made the decision to leave Genoa City. (Scoffs) You had your own life to live.

Paul: I could have done more. I know she's still in there somewhere. I, uh, I honestly believe that I could get through to her if I have a chance. I'm just afraid I won’t.

Colleen: If you want to turn your life around, it's not too late. I mean, you were pretty back then, but now you're -- you're beautiful.

Patty: Thank you.

Colleen: And you're smart, and you had a successful job. I mean, I bet Uncle Jack fell in love with you the first time he saw you.

Patty: He did.

Colleen: You can go back to your life as Mary Jane.

Patty: (Sighs) I really loved my job at Jabot. I really did.

Colleen: Look, that's the kind of person Uncle Jack wants to be with, someone who's smart and strong and beautiful.

Patty: I could be. I could be her. I could be her again, right?

Colleen: You can start right now by untying me, and we can both go back to Genoa City together.

Patty: Untying -- untying you. (Laughs)  Oh, God. This -- this is just a trick. You don't want to help me. You want to escape.

Colleen: No, I --

Patty: Okay, you know what? You're such a liar.

Colleen: I swear.

Patty: You're such a liar! And I bet you lied about all the stuff about J.T., right?

Colleen: I swear.

Patty: Good -- ow! Ow. Ow! God! (Gasping)

Colleen: Are you -- are you okay? What --

Patty: No! Does it look like I'm okay? I just got bitten by a stupid spider. (Breathing heavily) Oh, my God. God, this shouldn't be happening. I should be with Jack, a-a-and not in the woods with a spider bite and a stupid, mean, little girl.

(Breathing heavily)

Colleen: I really do want to help you, okay?

Patty: You know, I really thought you understood me. (Breathing heavily) But you don’t. You're just like your Uncle Jack. You're both liars, and you know what? Ow. You're not gonna get away with this. You're not.

Colleen: (Breathing heavily)

[Colleen is cutting her rope with a broken glass she found and unties herself and grabs the gun]

Patty: (Sniffles)

Adam: Well?

Ashley: Oh, the screen's cracked. I can't -- there's no display. Maybe I can access the voice mail.

Victoria: Mom, it's me. Listen, I know you want to be left alone, but I'm really concerned. Nick said you haven't called to even find out about Summer, so call me so I'll stop worrying, please.

Ashley: It was Nikki. I hit Nikki.

Adam: Well, you don't know that for certain.

Ashley: I know that. I hit her. I remember she was there.

Paul: You know, I was just thinking what Nikki would say if she were here. After what Patty did to Summer, you know, if she didn't leave me at the alter, um, this would have come between us anyway.

Victoria: You know... (Sighs) For weeks, J.T. has been saying that Dad is responsible for bringing Patty to town. I just don't see how that's possible. I mean, after what she did to Summer, I think my dad would have said something. It seems like ever since J.T. was fired from Newman, he's had it in for my dad, but you're a fair person. You don't seem to, like, hold grudges or anything like that. What do you think? Do you think my father was responsible?

Paul: (Sighs) Victoria... (Sighs) Patty is an unstable woman. She has spent her life drifting from town to town, doing odd jobs and living in homeless shelters. She was f -- given a new name, a new life, a whole new persona, and she was unleashed at the man she tried to murder years ago.

Paul: There is no way an unsophisticated, blue-collar girl would come up with a scheme like this on her own. I don't think Victor did this, Victoria. I'm certain of it.

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart. I got your text. What's wrong?

Abby: I didn't know who else to call. I don't want to go home and upset Mom. This is the last thing she needs.

Victor: What happened?

Abby: Uncle Jack's girlfriend Mary Jane kidnapped Colleen. That freak is holding my sister hostage.

Patty: (Groans) I don't feel so good.

Colleen: What -- what's wrong with you?

Patty: (Groans) My stomach, and I'm -- I'm -- I'm -- I'm dizzy.

Colleen: Well, it's -- it's probably the spider bite. They -- they used to warn us at camp there were northern widows up here.

Patty: Oh, God. I'm just spinning. I'm spinning.

Colleen: Okay, you can -- you can die from spider bites. You need to go to the hospital.

Patty: Oh, my God, Kitty, Kitty Kitty. Oh, God, mommy's sick. Ow. (Crying) Mommy's sick. (Crying) 

Amber: (Southern accent) Your personal slave... (Normal voice) Has returned. What's going on?

Daniel: Um, I got inspired to paint.

Amber: So that's why you made me run your errands -- so you could paint.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, tell me what you think.

[Daniel painted on each side one word that spells Will you marry me?]

(Breathing heavily)

Daniel: (Sighs)

Amber: (Gasps)

(Bag clatters)

Amber: Is this for real?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, look, I know the last time we talked about this, it was to try and get you to keep you from marrying Deacon, and I-I mean, you deserve so much better than that.

Amber: (Breathing heavily) I -- this is -- this is really -- this is good. This is -- this is good.

Daniel: Yeah, this is good. You, um, you remember when we talked about having wheelchair races in the old folks' home, me and you, right? I want that. I want that. I want to grow old with you. I-I... (Sighs) Amber, I love you so much, and I just want to know if you would do me the honor of marrying me?

Amber: (Crying) Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, yes!

Daniel: Mm, mm, mm. Mm.

Amber: Yeah, oh, hell, yes, I will marry you!

Daniel: Yes?

Amber: Oh, yes.

Daniel: Mm.

Amber: Mm. (Laughing) Mm.

Sharon: You know how I feel about Victor.

Nick: (Sighs)

Sharon: He's been like a father to me, and I know that he would do anything to protect his family.

Nick: But the man is blind when it comes to Jack. I mean, think about it. How many times have those two gotten locked up, and how many people have gotten caught in the cross fire?

Sharon: Okay, but he would have said something the minute he realized that Patty hurt Summer.

Nick: You know, last night, I was lying in bed thinking about how different things would be for us if Patty Williams had never...

Sharon: (Sighs) Yeah. Well, you can't go there.

Nick: I don't know what to do anymore.

Sharon: Yes, you do. If you think that Victor was involved in this, then you have to confront him.

Victor: What makes you think that Mary Jane is holding your sister hostage?

Abby: The police are at Uncle Jack's, and J.T. said Colleen was kidnapped. Why? (Sniffles) Why would she want to hurt Colleen?

Victor: Sweetheart, because Mary Jane Benson is a very troubled woman.

Abby: (Sniffles) You have to help.

Victor: (Sighs) I'll see what I can do, all right?

Abby: (Cries)

Amber: Never... (Kisses Daniel) In a... (Kisses Daniel) Million years... (Kisses Daniel) Did I think...? (Kisses Daniel) We'd get back together. Mm.

Daniel: You know, I kept thinking about it, and...

Amber: Mm.

Daniel: I couldn't really picture my life without you in it.

Amber: Mm. (Sighs) I need to tell you something.

Daniel: What?

Amber: (Sighs) My past and all -- all the things I did, you just need to know everything.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. No, I don’t. No, I don't, because I don't care about that, all right? I mean, you're charming, and you're sweet, and you're beautiful...

Amber: Mm.

Daniel: And talented, and you are so hot.

Amber: (Laughs)

Daniel: You are so hot, and I never thought in a million years that I would ever say this to someone, but you are truly my soul mate, and I don't want to live a single day without you.

Amber: Oh. (Gasps)

(Alarm beeps)

Amber: Oh. (Sighs) Ohh, I wish you could stay.

Daniel: Yeah, I wish I could stay, too, but I promise -- I promise I will call you as soon as I land, okay? And you stay away from Deacon.

Amber: You know I will.

Daniel: Okay. I love you.

Amber: I love you.

Daniel: (Chuckles)

Amber: Mm.

Daniel: (Grunts)

Amber: (Grunts) (Sighs)

Daniel: (Sighs)

Amber: (Sighs) (Sighs) (Sighs)

Daniel: (Sighs) (Chuckles)

Amber: (Giggles)

Daniel: (Grunts)

Amber: Mm.

(Makes kissing sound)

Jill: Just pick a color. I'll be right with you. What, did you come back to humiliate me?

Gloria: I want a job.

Jill: To be a nail technician, you need a license.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Jill. I've been doing my own nails for years.

Jill: They won't give you a job without one.

Gloria: Fine, I'll be a receptionist.

Jill: No, we've got a receptionist.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Jill: But you know what? There is an opening that someone with your qualifications would be just perfect for.

Gloria: I'll take it. I'll take it.

Jill: Good, go to town.

Gloria: Like you said, from the ground up.

(Footsteps approaching)

Ashley: (Sighs) Here you go. I've been thinking about...

Adam: Thanks.

Ashley: What I should do next.

Adam: Well, there's nothing to do.

Ashley: I gotta tell Victor about Nikki, Adam.

Adam: So what are you gonna tell him, Ashley, you -- that, uh, you ran over Sabrina, but then you realized it was Nikki? You want him to think you're crazy again? They're gonna lock you up. I will not allow that.

Ashley: "You won't allow it"? It's the right thing to do.

Adam: Listen, what you said the other day, the, uh, family thing, I'm not gonna allow my baby sister to be born behind bars.

Ashley: I've made up my mind. I'm telling Victor everything tonight. I'll be in my room.

Nick: How many times have I been down this road? Yeah, I can confront him about this, but what's gonna happen? He'll never admit it.

Sharon: Never stopped you before. You need to know if Victor is responsible for what happened to Summer.

Nick: You're right. I'm going over there.

Paul: Well, they found Colleen's car.

Jack: Where?

Paul: On a dirt road near Twin Lakes.

Jack: Let's go.

Paul: Are you coming?

Victoria: Go, go. We can finish later. It's fine.

J.T.: Will you be here when I get back?

Victoria: (Sighs) I have to go see my dad.

J.T.: You know he did it.

Victoria: I want him to look me in the eye and tell me he brought Patty to Genoa City.

Abby: This is Uncle Jack's fault. If anything happens to Colleen, I'll never forgive him.

Victor: Sweetheart, I understand why you're upset. We will find her, all right? I promise you, okay?

Patty: (Crying)

Colleen: (Grunts)

Patty: (Crying) Oh, no. N-no, don't leave me. Don't leave me, please. (Breathing heavily) Help me. I don't want to die. I don’t. (Crying) Please, don't abandon me. Please. Please. Please.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: I would not do anything that caused pain to my family.

Colleen: Okay, you are totally burning up. If you don't let me go out there and get a doctor, you're not gonna make it.

Ashley: It's about Nikki. Something horrible happened.

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