Y&R Transcript Monday 9/7/09

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/7/09 -- Canada; Tuesday 9/8/09 -- USA


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(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Jack Abbott.

Jeff: You got the $2 million?

Jack: Yeah. Wait, don't tell me we're making the exchange here.

Jeff: This isn't the final drop. We needed to make sure you wouldn't get cute and try to set a trap.

Jack: Look, I don't know who you are. If you're jerking me around--

Jeff: You'll be given all the pertinent information-- where to leave the money and find Mary Jane Benson safe and unharmed.

Jack: When?

Jeff: When I decide the time is right.

Gloria: Told him, didn't ya? (Chuckles)

Jeff: (Chuckles) You're really loving this, aren't you, Sweet Cheeks?

Gloria: Yes. When I think of all the times Jack Abbott's gone out of his way to humiliate me...

Jeff: (Sighs) Payback's a beautiful thing.

Gloria: Look. The monitor.

Jeff: Hello.

Gloria: Victor Newman...

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: With a briefcase.

Jeff: Mm.

Gloria: Gee, I guess that can only mean one thing, huh?

Jeff: No, it could mean a million things, Buttercup, on top of Jacks 2 mil, all in cash.

Gloria: Mm.

Jeff: That ought to keep us in porterhouse steaks a good, long while.

Gloria: Well, come on. Tell Victor Newman what he's gotta do next.

Jeff: Eh, what's the rush? Let him stew a while. He'll get his precious Patty soon enough. (Laughs)

Patty: (Breathing rapidly) Please help me. Please?

Colleen: Oh, my God. What--who--who are you? What happened?

Patty: They kidnapped me, and they--they--they tricked me.

Colleen: Who--who did?

Patty: I don't know. And they gave me pills.

Colleen: They drugged you?

Patty: Uh-huh, they're-- they're gonna ransom me off to the highest bidder. Oh, can--can you-- can you check my little kitty in that basket?

Colleen: Uh, what-- what do you mean?

Patty: Right there in the inside.

Colleen: Yeah, he seems fine.

Patty: Okay.

Colleen: Can you just please, please hold still, okay?

Patty: Okay.

Colleen: These knots, they're--they're insane. Just wait. There you go. Okay.

Patty: (Sighs)

Patty: How can I ever repay you for your kindness?

Ryder: (Sighs)

Kevin: I have a kid brother.

Jana: Um...

Kevin: I have a kid brother. (Laughs)

Jana: May I see this-- the results? Thanks.

Kevin: Uh, yeah. You should post 'em up on a billboard. That's what you should do.

Ryder: I just--

Kevin: Here.

Ryder: I can't believe it.

Kevin: Look, I had my doubts at first, but seeing it here in--in black and white, this--

Ryder: Look, I-I'll take your word for it.

Kevin: Here, look. Here, Jana. Show--show Ryder. Look. Right there on the bottom.

Ryder: I mean, I-- I knew it already, but--

Kevin: Look, I am gonna be the best big brother to you. I promise. The kind of brother that Michael has been to me.

Ryder: It almost makes being in jail worthwhile.

Kevin: Oh, hell, no. We are gonna get you sprung now.

Jana: (Clears throat) Um, you know, I-I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Kevin: What, are you kidding? With Michael as his lawyer, he's as good as free, and we are gonna get him to change his mind about taking this case. I'm so glad you were here for this. Mm.

Ryder: It's incredible, isn't it?

Jana: Oh, yeah. That's the right word for it. Incredible. Almost impossible to believe, actually.

Ryder: Look, I know you have your questions. But I just-- I can't stop thinking about what just happened, you know? I woke up this morning, and I-I didn't have anyone-- no family, nobody who cared about me. And now I have a brother, and I have a sister-in-law. (Sighs)

Amber: You're proposing now? When the whole world is caving in?

Daniel: Yeah. Right now. I need you to decide right now, too.

Amber: Is this, like, a-a noble rescue mission, or are you saying that you want to marry me for real and-- and be with me forever the way I want to be with you?

Daniel: Amber, for once in your life, can you just not talk so much and just say, "Yes"? We can go. We can do this tonight. We'll find a justice of the peace. We'll make it nice and legal, all right?

Amber: (Sighs)

Daniel: We'll take care of everything.

Deacon: I tell you what. Why don't you let the poor guy down easy, Sweetie? Rejection can be a killer.

Jana: (Sighs)

Michael: Over here.

Lauren: What?

Jana: Oh, thank God you're both here.

Michael: Hey.

Lauren: You all right?

Jana: Um, I don't know. I just... (Sighs) I feel like I'm betraying Kevin. But he's just so over the moon about these lab results.

Michael: Hmm. I take it you don't share in his euphoria.

Jana: Something's just not right. I-- (scoffs) I've had my fair share of cons in my time, I know that, but--

Lauren: Is that what you think this is?

Jana: (Sighs) I'm just not buying-- I don't buy that this is all just a coincidence, that this young man just "Happens" to hear this chipmunk speech.

Lauren: Right, and then seeks out Kevin who just happens to be his half brother. Yeah, I hear you.

Jana: Yeah.

Michael: Well, fortunately, I'm married to one of the, uh, shrewdest judges of character on the planet.

Lauren: Thanks.

Michael: No one's gonna put anything over on us.

Jana: Michael, I hope that you can figure out what's really going on here before Kevin winds up getting really hurt.

Michael: We are gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

Jana: All right.

Michael: Let's go. Thank you.

Kevin: And the guy says, "But I don't drive."

Ryder: (Laughs)

Michael: Thank you.

Kevin: Oh, good, you're here. That was so quick.

Michael: Uh, hello, Ryder.

Ryder: Hi, Mr. Baldwin.

Kevin: (Laughs)

Ryder: Thanks for coming.

Kevin: "Mr. Baldwin," this guy. Come on, this is Michael. Mi hermano es su hermano, right?

Michael: (Clears throat)

Kevin: And this beautiful lady, who also happens to be one of my favorite people in the world, is Michaelís wife. Lauren Fenmore, this is my brother Ryder.

Lauren: Hi, how are you?

Ryder: Fantastic. So nice to meet you.

Kevin: (Clears throat)

Michael: Well, these are the, uh--

Kevin: These are the D.N.A. results, that's right, which change everything, so can we please get my brother out of this rat hole?

Michael: Mm, just hang on. Uh, unless you can convince me otherwise, I have no intention of taking this case.

Amber: Did you follow me?

Daniel: Forget him. He doesn't exist. Marry me tonight.

Deacon: Well, my bride-to-be seems to get it even if you don't, Danny.

Amber: Would you just stop and leave us alone?

Daniel: Ryder confessed. I am free. There's no reason that you should be trapped, too.

Amber: But I am.

Deacon: Oh, actually, you both are.

Daniel: What the hell is that?

Deacon: That's-- that's a letter addressed to Agent Grimes and the state's attorney general, and, uh, it's gonna be delivered if you force my hand. Uh, Ryder Callahan has written and signed a confession recanting his story about shooting Ray Elkins.

Daniel: So what? This doesn't matter. Ryder already confessed. That's still gonna be admissible at trial. I don't know why you think you can hold this over hour heads and force Amber to marry you.

Deacon: Well, that's-- that's simple. Because, you see, Ryder has an airtight alibi for the time of the murder.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Deacon: Yeah, come--come on. (Laughs) My--my young compadre didn't kill anyone. He was nowhere near that alley. But wait. You were. You-- you were in that alley all alone with a gun in your hand near the dead guy. Danny, you're gonna be the sole suspect this time, and now you're gonna be looking at hard time for murder.

Daniel: Why would Ryder confess if he didn't do it?

Deacon: (Scoffs) I don't know. He--he kind of does whatever I ask him-- you know, retract, uh, confess, do the "Hokey pokey." What--whatever I ask him to do, he just-- he seems happy to oblige. It's strange. I suggest that the two of you say good-bye to each other, especially since you didn't seem to have the guts to reach out and grab what you wanted when you had the chance. Now, Honey, come on. We've got a wedding to plan.

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: Yes?

Jeff: Very good. You're on time. I like that.

Victor: Now let's get on with it.

Jeff: Easy, Cowboy. We need proof that you're not about to screw us over yet again.

Victor: What are you talking about? What kind of proof?

Gloria: Smile, Victor. You're on "Candid Camera."

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Victor: Well, I'll be damned.

Jeff: (Chuckles) Oh, very good. You catch on quickly.

Victor: Now what?

Jeff: Uh, open that snazzy briefcase. Show us what you got inside.

Gloria: Isn't green a pretty color?

Jeff: Yeah. Even in black and white.

Victor: Yeah, what now?

Jeff: Okay, put the briefcase in locker 17. Deposit four quarters, open the door and remove the key.

Victor: Where the hell is locker 17?

Gloria: Oh, come on, Victor. You can scrounge up one more dollar, can't you?

Jeff: Very good. Now put the money inside and remove the key.

Victor: Now what?

Gloria: Go to locker 162.

Jeff: You'll be happy to know this one's a freebie.

Gloria: Open the locker, take out the contents and put the key to locker 17 inside.

Victor: Okay. Now what?

Jeff: Head north on Route 12. We'll call you with Mary Jane Benson's precise location.

Victor: Wait a minute. That was not part of our deal.

Gloria: (Whispers) Aw, isn't that sweet? Victor's so anxious...

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: To see his little friend again.

Jeff: (Laughs)

Patty: You know why I tied you up, don't you? It's the way you looked at me, like I was some evil, monstrous criminal.

Colleen: (Gasps)


Patty: You don't even know me.

Colleen: My name is Colleen Carlton. Jack Abbott is my uncle. He must really care about you, because he offered this giant reward for you, okay?

Patty: You're related to Jack? (Stammers) Why else would you have the key to this place? (Sighs) Oh, you know what? You don't even know who I am, do you?

Colleen: Mary Jane Benson.

Patty: No, no, no. She's gone. She's dead and buried.

Colleen: Then who are you?!

Patty: (Laughs) Oh, I'm someone you're terrified of, remember? (Sighs) My real name is Patty. Patty Williams. (Sighs) Oh, God. I have known your Uncle Jack for years and years.

Colleen: Oh, my God. You guys were married. I saw the pictures. You looked really different back-- I mean, you were really beautiful and everything, it's--that's not what I meant. It's--

Patty: Now are you sorry for being mean to me?

Colleen: If I had known, I would never have been afraid. I swear to you, okay?

Colleen: Patty, please. Just let me call my Uncle Jack, please.

Patty: I don't ever want to hear his name again. I donít. He was supposed to save me, and he lied to me. He lied, you know? And now I have to save myself. (Sighs)

Colleen: What are you looking for?

Patty: Something I wish I'd had before those idiots left me here and had me tied up. (Sighs) (Sighs) (Laughs) It's perfect.

Colleen: Patty. Patty, you don't need a gun, okay? You don't--

Patty: Okay, shut up! Just shut up. You don't give the orders around here. I do. (Sighs) Oh, look, and there's bullets. (Laughs) That makes things easier. (Sighs) Okay.

Colleen: Aah!

Patty: Enough. And it was nice of you to bring the getaway car, you know? (Laughs)

Jack: Okay, $2 million in cash. Happy?

Jeff: Ecstatic.

Jack: Which locker?

Jeff: 18.

Jack: I gotta put money into this thing now?

Jeff: (Chuckles) Why is it the richest are always the cheapest?

Jack: Okay, what now?

Jeff: Take the key to locker 163 and put it inside.

Jack: It's open.

Jeff: Lucky you. Open the envelope. Inside you'll find the location of the party you're looking for. Nice doing business with you.

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: Ooh, the Jack Abbott death stare. Run for your life!

Jeff: (Chuckles) Ain't irony grand? Jackie boy just realized his prize is at his very own cabin. (Laughs)

Michael: Kevin, it's not that I don't sympathize.

Kevin: Michael, you're my brother. He's my brother. We're family. Lauren, please help me out with this. This is important.

Lauren: It's up to Michael whether he takes Ryder's case.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Lauren: But quite frankly, after listening to this, um...

Ryder: Look, what-- what do you want to know? Ask me anything.

Lauren: (Sighs) Look, we know what it was like for you growing up with Tom. But what about your mom? Where is she?

Ryder: Came downstairs one morning, and she was gone-- no note, nothing.

Michael: So she left you alone.

Ryder: (Scoffs) Yeah, I-I wish she had. Growing up with Tom was, uh...

Kevin: They know.

Ryder: I hated her for it, but I could hardly blame her. Tom used to beat her up, too.

Kevin: He was the same with my mom. You know, Gloria wanted to protect me, but she wouldn't dare cross Tom. Michael, you know how that was. (Sighs)

Ryder: What else?

Lauren: You know, I guess my biggest question is why did you seek out Kevin? I mean, I know you heard him on the radio.

Ryder: I don't know. Luck, maybe. Or fate, if you believe in that kind of thing.

Lauren: And Tom never talked about another family at all, not even a hint that you had a brother?

Ryder: No. No. Sorry I-I can't remember him saying anything. And I-I know you're only asking because you're trying to look out for Kevin. I admire that. I mean, I wish I had somebody looking out for me. I don't know how this happened, but I'm just grateful that we found each other.

Lauren: Well, I guess that's it. I don't have any further questions.

Kevin: Great. Great, Lauren's satisfied. How about you? Can we please get my brother out on bail now?

Michael: (Sighs) Sorry, Kevin. I can't give you what you want.

Amber: Fine, let's go.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. Don't do this. Don't let him win.

Amber: He already has.

Daniel: I refuse to believe that.

Amber: The second you asked me to marry you, that is a moment I will treasure until the day I die, because for two seconds, I had the most amazing future. But it's over now. I'm not gonna risk your life being ruined.

Daniel: I'll risk it if you will.

Amber: No. No, Daniel. Deacon messed up your life because of me, and now I'm gonna end it the only way I can. At least I'll have the comfort of knowing you'll be free to move on with your life.

Daniel: (Sighs)

Daniel: (Clears throat)

Deacon: She's a keeper, isn't she?

Kevin: All right, hold on. Hold on. Did--did I miss something? Did you not just hear what he said?

Michael: I heard every word. I'm still not taking his case.

Kevin: He answered every single one of your questions. What do you want from the guy? Blood?

Lauren: Kevin.

Kevin: No! No. He's my brother. We're family. If--if you won't do it for him, will you do it for me, your own brother? Or does that not work for you either?

Michael: That's a cheap shot.

Kevin: It's like you're persecuting him, Michael. Why? That really hurts me.

Michael: I didn't say never.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Michael: I said let me check him out. Let me find out everything about him. Then maybe, maybe I'll decide to represent him.

Kevin: And you're okay with this?

Lauren: Kevin, he doesn't tell me how to run my business.

Michael: (Sighs) And I'm sorry this upsets you.

Kevin: No. No, you're not. I see it in your face. You're just sorry that you're being dragged into something that you don't want to be a part of. (Sighs)

Jana: (Sighs) I know. I didn't want to believe it either, but the D.N.A. matched.

Daniel: I don't care. Michael can't be the guy's lawyer. It's a scam.

Jana: What is?

Daniel: Deacon was just here. According to him, Ryder does whatever he's told, and the only reason he admitted to shooting Elkins was to let Deacon have an axe to hold over my head.

Jana: How?

Daniel: Well, I'm off the hook for murder right now because Amber agreed to marry Deacon. And if she decides to back out, well, then Ryder comes forward with a solid alibi, takes back his confession, and with no other evidence to convict him, well, guess who's back in trouble all over again.

Jana: Oh, my God. We've been bloody right about these two all along. Unless Deacon is lying about this whole thing.

Daniel: You know what? It's all a giant head trip with that guy. I don't know what's right, what's wrong, what's truth, what's fiction. I even tried to give Amber a way out of it, and--and she wouldn't take it.

Jana: Well, she canít. Not if she wants to protect the man that she loves.

Daniel: You know, screw anyone trying to protect me. I'm gonna get myself out of this mess. I'll get us all out. You watch.

(Cork pops)

Gloria: Ooh! (Laughs)

Jeff: (Laughs)

Gloria: We are millionaires again.

Jeff: Okay, as soon as the, uh, 9:00 bus from Des Moines gets in, there'll be enough commotion to cover us, and we can get our cameras back.

Gloria: Yeah.

Jeff: There you go.

Gloria: And pick up all that beautiful, beautiful cash.

Jeff: Um, triple what we would have gotten from Victor alone.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Why didn't we put a camera in the cabin? That way, we could have seen Jack and Victor's face when they both realized.

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: (Laughs)

Victor: Where the hell is she?

Jack: Don't tell me.

Victor: I guess we both have been had, right?

Jack: You paid the ransom money you promised, too. Double-crossing son of a-- leads me up to my cabin on this wild-goose cha-- whoever this is is having a pretty good laugh right now.

Victor: Well, they ain't gonna laugh much longer, Jack. I'm gonna find Mary Jane Benson.

Jack: There is no Mary Jane Benson. It's a fictional character that you created. The person you victimized is Patty Williams.

Victor: I've heard of your slander and innuendo.

Jack: You took an emotionally disturbed woman and turned her into a criminal targeted at me. Kind of backfired, didn't it?

Victor: You stand here and talk, what you do best. I'm gonna find this woman.

Jack: "This woman" or Patty Williams?

Victor: Whoever the hell she is, she's gonna pay. ~~

Patty: (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Colleen: Why have we stopped?

Patty: (Sighs) Are you okay, precious? Huh? You okay?

Colleen: (Sniffles) (Sighs)

Patty: Here you go. I bet you wish that we were someplace safe, huh? Just the two of us, nice and cozy place, none of this bad stuff happening.

Colleen: What's his name?

Patty: It's, um, it's Kitty Kitty. I found him in the, um, I found him in the church. (Sighs) He, uh, came right up to me.

Colleen: Like he knew you needed him.

Patty: (Sobs) He was my little miracle, you know that?

Colleen: When I was a little girl, I wanted a kitten more than anything. But we lived in New York, and my mom said it was impractical. Plus we were away all the time, so he would have been really lonely.

Patty: Being lonely is one of the worst things in the world. I'd know that.

Colleen: Aunt Patty? I can call you that, right? Since you were married to Jack and he was my uncle?

Patty: I don't--I don't-- I don't want to hear his name again. I told you that. (Sighs)

Colleen: (Sobs) He must have hurt you really badly.

Patty: We, um... (Sighs) We were gonna get married at the church the other night, but I could see in his eyes that, um, he really didn't want to.

Colleen: You must have been heartbroken. Listen, I told people that I was gonna call once I got to the cabin to tell them I was okay, and once I don't, they're gonna be really worried about me. And they're gonna start looking for me, and I would-- I would hate for them to misunderstand.

Patty: Misunderstand what?

Colleen: You seem like a really sweet and sensitive person who wouldn't intentionally want to hurt anyone.

Patty: (Sighs) And the point is?

Colleen: The point is, I would be happy to explain if we just drive back to Genoa City right now. I'm sure that there are some things that you regret...

Patty: (Sighs)

Colleen: And once you tell people that--

Patty: No, no, no, Colleen. I... there are no happy endings for people like me.

Colleen: I can see how sad you are, but there are people that love you, that want the best for you, and I'm willing to make things work if you are. I'll try, okay?

Colleen: (Sighs)

Victor: You should put your own judgment in question, Jack. If Mary Jane Benson was your ex-wife, then how the hell didn't your recognize her after taking her to bed over and over again? Are you kidding me? Who are you trying to convince of that?

Jack: The truth will eventually come out, Victor. The truth. And when it does, I wouldn't want to be you. Every one of her crimes is on your head. And for once, it won't be me or anyone else who's to blame for your undoing. No, you will destroy your world all by yourself.

Victor: You want to know about destruction? If you keep pushing, you'll experience destruction unlike anything you've ever dreamt of.

Colleen: (Sighs)

Patty: If I thought for a second that you were right... (Sighs) You know what? No. No, I canít. It's too risky. I can't go back there.

Colleen: Please. Patty, please.

Patty: Oh, no. I've already lost too much. What will be will be.

Colleen: I know you're not a bad person, but I'm really scared. Please don't hold me hostage. Please take me home. We can make this right. I know we can.

Patty: (Sighs)

Colleen: No!

Patty: Damn you! No! (Sobs) You tricked me.

Colleen: No.

Patty: You are no better than any of the others. You know, you Abbotts--

Colleen: (Screams) No!

Patty: You Abbotts are so selfish and deceitful.

Colleen: No!

Patty: Deceitful. Deceitful. You little-- (laughs) I'm so-- you get people to trust you, and then you just walk all over them, huh? No. No more.

Colleen: (Sobs)

Patty: No more. I-I-I know how to handle your kind now.


Colleen: Please, no. Please!

Amber: I hate you so much right now.

Deacon: I know, but you gotta admit, we're a great match, which is why I've wanted you all these years. And as a special pre-wedding gift, I have freed you from all the obligations-- all the stuff like, uh, you know, flowers, venue, justice of the peace. All you gotta do is just show up, look gorgeous, which shouldn't be hard, and say, "I do."

Amber: When?

Deacon: Tomorrow. It's exciting, isn't it?

Daniel: Give me your phone. Quick.

Jana: Wh--why?

Daniel: I think I figured out a way that I can get Ryder to spill his guts, and Deacon's whole plan's gonna fall apart.

Jana: Ryder's not gonna talk to you.

Daniel: Do you want to make a bet?

Jana: Daniel.

Daniel: Give me your phone. 9-1-1.

Jana: You rang the police?!

Daniel: No, you just did. You're gonna report a loud, obnoxious drunk who won't leave.

Jana: No, you di--you can't! They're gonna put you back in jail.

Daniel: Jana, I know. That's the point.

Jana: (Gasps)

Lauren: I know you don't like disappointing Kevin.

Michael: After seeing the expression on your face while you were speaking with Ryder, I'm not so eager to have him back on the streets any time soon.

Lauren: And I normally don't make snap judgments either, but there's something wrong with that young man. There was something in his eyes that made my blood run cold. I've seen that look before.

Michael: Where?

Lauren: Look, Michael, I need you to promise me that you are just gonna let this lie while I am in Toronto with Fen. Michael, promise me. I will cancel my trip if you're gonna get sucked into this.

Michael: All right. All right. I'm not gonna take Ryder's case. But I do need to dig into his background for Kevin's sake.

Ryder: (Sighs)

Kevin: (Clears throat) Look, Dude, this isn't over, okay? We're gonna find you another lawyer.

Ryder: And pay him with what? Our good looks?

Kevin: (Sighs) I don't know. We'll figure something out. There's gotta be some way to get our hands on some money.

Ryder: You know what really burns me?

Kevin: What?

Ryder: That Tom's probably laughin' at us from his grave right now.

Kevin: Yeah, no joke. Why bring up his name?

Ryder: You know, he used to talk about this painting. He said it was worth megabucks-- so he claimed. He used to taunt me with it.

Kevin: How?

Ryder: Well, he'd say stuff like, "Wait till I fence this puppy, you know? I'll be set for life. Leave you in my dust, kid." Like he was going to abandon me and never look back, which wouldn't have been so bad, you know, but still.

Kevin: What? You were just a kid. I'm sure that was scary as hell. So whatever happened to the painting? Was he able to sell it?

Ryder: I doubt it. I mean, he talked a big game, but I don't think he knew anyone who he could actually sell it to. I searched the house for it before I left, but I didn't find anything that would have led to a big stash of money or the Terroni.

Kevin: What? Did you say Terroni?

Ryder: Yeah, that was the artist who painted it.

Kevin: All right, Ray Elkins hired my buddy Daniel to forge a Terroni. That's how this whole mess got started. You're just saying that's some kind of coincidence?

Ryder: Well, no. I mean, y-you know, Dad was in prison with Ray. Tom might have mentioned something about the painting to him. That's where he got the idea to--to get his hands on it.

Kevin: Okay. You know what I just thought of? I got a--I got a box of Tom's stuff when he died. Most of the stuff I just pitched, but--but there was a key to a safe deposit box.

Ryder: Where was the bank?

Kevin: Um, it was the, uh, the Erie Federal Bank in-- in Detroit. I had a P.I. buddy of mine look it up a couple years ago. I was gonna go and get the stuff, but then I thought, I don't want to know Tom. I don't want any of his stuff.

Ryder: Do you still have the key?

Kevin: Um, yeah. Yeah, somewhere. You think the painting could be in the safe deposit box?

Ryder: Just waiting for us to find it. Do you know that thing's gotta be worth millions?

Kevin: Well, then this could be the answer we've been looking for.

Ryder: (Chuckles)

Kevin: (Chuckles)

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Is that the kidnapper?

Victor: Yes? Uh, kindly tell Mr. Scherholz that I'll call him back, all right?

Jack: Ted Scherholz, your banker. Well, you better have him on call. It goes without saying the kidnappers will make another ransom demand.

Victor: Possible.

Jack: A few million between the two of us. Boy, this is gonna add up to big money soon.

Victor: I wasn't about to be taken advantage of, Jack.

Jack: What, you think I'm a dummy?

Gloria: (Breathing rapidly)

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: (Sighs)

Jeff: So, ready for the big moment?

Gloria: I just can't believe we've waited so long.

Jeff: Yeah.

Gloria: (Inhales deeply)

Jeff: (Exhales)

Gloria: On the count of three?

Jeff: Yeah, one for each million.

Gloria: Okay. (Chuckles) One... two...

Jeff: Three. Oh, ho ho.

Gloria: (Laughs)

Jeff: Oh. Oh, wow.

Gloria: Oh, I think I'm gonna cry.

Jeff: Oh, it's been a long, hard road, but we made it. (Sighs)

Gloria: (Southern accent) As God as my witness, we shall never go hungry again. (Laughs)

Jeff: (Laughs) Oh, Honey bunny, you don't--you don't eat it, you spend it.

Gloria: (Normal voice) Oh, Honey, I wanna roll around naked in it if I want to.

Jeff: Mm.

Gloria: Mm. (Chuckles)

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Gloria: You know something, Jeffrey? I just want to touch it.


Jeff: (Sighs) Booby-trapped!

(Breathing heavily)

Gloria: Damn Victor. Damn Jack. Damn them.

Colleen: Please don't shoot me. It was an accident. My phone must have fallen out of my pocket. Please!

Patty: And dialed itself, huh?

Colleen: (Sobs) If the keypad isn't locked-- (Sobs)

Patty: Okay, just quiet for now. Just quiet, all right? I am so sick of being lied to and manipulated. Now we are gonna get out of this car right now.

Colleen: We're in the middle of nowhere. Please, no.

Patty: I'm supposed to care?

Colleen: If we just drive to Genoa City, you can drop me anywhere. Take the car. Take the car. I swear I won't tell a soul that we saw each other. I swear. I swear to you!

Patty: Okay, do you hear me? Did you hear me?! Huh? Huh?

Colleen: (Sobs)

Patty: I said we're getting out!

Colleen: Aah! (Sobs)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Traci: I didn't betray you. I thought he--no!

Ashley: You keep saying how Victor's controlling me, but you're all controlling me!

Daniel: Who told you Tom had the painting? Who told you Tom had the painting? Answer me!

Ryder: Help!

Billy: I'm sorry.

Jack: You should be sorry. Because of you, we may have just lost our sister for good.

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